Oreo Launches New Formats for Pinoys to Love The Cookie In More Ways

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The classic cookie can’t be beat, yet still, it’s adding more flavors and formats to its variety every year! And just this August, Oreo announced the coming of its Oreo Chocolate Coated and Oreo Wafer Roll to the supermarkets.

It was a delightful day to be at the launch event of my favorite cookie. All of my childhood memories with this special snack delicacy swirled back to my mind as soon as I got my hands on the new products. Decades already passed when I go to elementary with Oreo for my recess, but I still can’t resist indulging in to this cookie, whether I’m sipping my coffee or cold milk.

They are delicious, crispy, and crunchy. It is a cookie like no other with rich vanilla cream.

Ask anyone from anywhere in the world what their favorite cookie is, and I bet 8 out of ten will tell you it’s Oreo!

Since 1912, Oreo has had a simple recipe for success: two chocolate cookies with one layer of crème. The world has changed quite a bit since Oreo debuted over 100 years ago, and now the brand must change, too. That’s why the folks behind everyone’s most enduring cookie are constantly releasing different colored and flavored Oreo cookies and crèmes on supermarket shelves.

But Oreo has been very playful with the formats it launches. Now, to keep people more excited of taking their snack, Oreo and Mondelez Philippines, the maker of the brand, released two new formats with Oreo Chocolate Coated and Oreo Wafer Roll – and it’s no less delicious than its predecessors. It’s a real winner in taste!

Mondelez Philippines Marketing Manager Criselle Villafuerte, who believes their purpose is to empower people to snack right, said during the event about the 2 new varieties:

“People are looking for more exciting snacking experiences they can share with their friends or even their online followers. Consumers are also always on-the-go, travelling or commuting, and they need snacks for these moments in their lives, too. As a global leader in snacks, we aim to offer the right snack for these right moments in consumers’ lives.”

Oreo’s brand manager Kristine Enriquez was also present and shared about the products:

“Oreo Chocolate Coated combines two globally-loved things: Oreo cookies and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. All in one delicious cookie bite. It’s a great dessert or an indulgence late at night when you want to relax or be in the moment. The Oreo Wafer Roll is Oreo like you’ve never had before. It’s a thin and crispy wafer roll that comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. They’re perfect for on-the-go snacking or a light treat after a meal.”

In the past years, the world has been seeing different varieties of Oreo with so many flavors too. Watermelon, birthday cake, carrot, gingerbread, pumpkin, cinnamon bun, red velvet, marshmallow krispy, limeade, lemon, berry milkshake, chocolate chip cookie, mint, chocolate enrobed, and Oreo ice cream – there’s so much that the cookie brand has brought to delight the world.

Oreo released a lemon sandwich cookie back in the 1920s, but the company’s modern-day obsession with new flavors truly began in 2012, when it celebrated a 100-year anniversary by launching Birthday Cake Oreo (chocolate sandwich cookies with birthday cake-flavored creme). It was such a hit that it was launched as a permanent item. Like any savvy brand, Oreo took this as a sign that the market was ready for more of the same. So expect more exciting formats of our favorite cookie in the coming years.

Mondelez Philippines Biscuits Marketing Team (from left): Ramon Gabriel De Leon, HOST Justin Quirino, Igi Natanauan, Criselle Villafuerte, Nicole Rodriguez, Kristine Enriquez, Lubna Nassif and Elmo Baylon.

For more infomation visit mondelez website: or follow the company on Twitter at


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