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Langnese Honey Flavors Influences Your Mood and LifeStyle Needs the Right Way

Photo shows from (L-R): Fly Ace Corporation President Mr Jun Cochanco, Langnese Head of Sales and Marketing for Southeast Asia Mark Baumgartner, Mr. Ramon Daez, Fly Ace General Manager, and Fly Ace Marketing Head Ms Abbie Ng Reyes.

My idea of heaven is an evening cup of green tea with LangnesePure Honey! Who knew that a specific brand of honey would so impact my life?

Honey isn’t just delightful to the taste. More than that, honey has several qualities that make it a super food. High quality honey has so much use from consumption to beauty regimens. While it has always been so difficult to find pure honey here in the Philippines (with most of those sold in the market mixed with so much water), Langnese has brought good quality honey to the shelves of supermarkets.

Mark Baumgartner of Langnese Southeast Asia giving an insightful talk about the colorful 90-year history of the brand.

Langnese is a German brand that remains unrivaled when it comes to producing honey. It is a family owned business that started in the 1920s, and has since gained the bragging rights for its honey’s unadulterated quality. That means, Langnese has a honey that’s raw, unfiltered, and residue-free.

Langnese Honey in the Philippines is currently available in these 5 variants:

1) Acacia – Feel optimistic with this breakfast stable. Its sweetness isn’t the taste you’ll get tired of and would be a delicious partner to your pancakes, waffles, and cereals.

2) Golden Clear – This variant tastes raw. It has been around since 1927 serves to be Langnese’s signature honey. Perfect for your tea but can also blend well with your coffee.

3) Wild Flower – Feel delighted with this citrus-y and mildly sweet honey flavor. Langnese prefers to use it on salads so why don’t you try too, the next time you make your Caesar’s.


4) Lavender – Feel light with this honey that has no strong flavors. It’s a perfect sweetener for teas and cakes that won’t devour their taste.

5) Black Forest – is Langnese’spremium honey – it only comes from the Black Forest area of Germany. Its taste can be compared to dates or prunes. And if I didn’t know it was honey, I would have thought that it was a dates syrup. It is very flavorful, but very hard to cook with for traditional European recipes because of its strong flavor. But chefs recommend it for Asian stir-fries. Blend it with your food and feel strong with it!

Senior Product Manager of Fly Ace Corporation Emie San Beda shared about their honey products:

Ms Emie San Beda

“Langnese Honey enhances one’s mood when one knows the right variant that perfectly complements the food. It is known for its purity and versatility, which makes it a kitchen staple that can warm the hearts of Filipino consumers,Whatever your lifestyle needs are, there is a Langnese Honey for you.”

Currently, Langnese Honey products are in 45 countries including the Philippines. In fact, our country is one of the first Asian markets Langnese has selected to bring its topnotch harvested honeyto.

Meanwhile, Ramon Daez, General Manager of Fly Ace Corporation said about their commitment to distribute Langnese Honey in the whole Philippines:

“Fly Ace Corporation is committed to bringing the best of the world’s food and beverages to every Filipino home. We are proud for being the chosen partner of Langnese, which gives us even more opportunity to providea variety of top-quality products that Filipino consumers can easily avail and enjoy.”

Find Your Honey,” empowers consumers to choose the honey that matches their mood. Whether they are feeling relaxed (Golden Clear), optimistic (Acacia), delighted (Wild Flower), Light (Wild Lavender) or strong (Black Forest) there is a Langnese Honey for them.

Langnese Honey variants are available in supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit their website at Follow Langnese Honey Philippines on Facebook: and Instagram:


Theo & Philo Plus Tanduay? 2 Pinoy Brands Fusing to Create Unique Chocolates

Liquor-filled chocolates are a great idea, but too often they taste like sweet, waxy cough syrup. Thankfully, one of the top chocolatiers in the country is making boozy bonbons that are delicious, based on a template of delicious chocolate with a hit of quality spirit. So up your holiday gift-giving game by choosing Theo & Philo’s new chocolate creation!

Collaborating with 2018’s International Review of Spirits Gold Awardee, Tanduay Asian Rum Gold, Theo & Philo is proud to introduce another chocolate flavor to crave for.

Alcohol-infused chocolates have been a thing long time ago in other countries like Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and most European countries. Now, we have our own version to brag, thanks to Theo & Philo and Tanduay Asian Rum Gold which are both Filipino brands.

The new flavor is made up of 65% dark chocolate from the high quality cacao that Theo & Philo harvests in Davao. This will be filled with house-made caramel and Tanduay Rum which, in turn, is made from the premium sugarcane sourced and harvested in Bacolod.

In introducing the Theo, Philo, & Tanduay, Tanduay Distillers, Inc. chief marketing officer Paul Lim shared the idea behind the new flavor:

“We continue to create innovative ways for people to enjoy rum. The collaboration between two award-winning brands — Tanduay and Theo & Philo – gives us a truly Filipino product we can be proud of.”

Theo & Philo is one of the best home-grown Artisan Chocolates in Manila. They give dark chocolate a new definition and the packaging is too artistic that all of their collections are too adorable to even eat. Starting with just the traditional dark chocolate and milk chocolate, Theo & Philo now has several flavors like Toffee, Pili and Pinipig, Barako as well as the more exotic collections including Ginger, Calamansi, Labuyo, and Green Mango & Salt. All of which can be bought an affordable price of less than P100.

Meanwhile, Tanduay is a known affordable rum brand in the Philippines. Apart from the award it nabbed last year, it also received the Silver award from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and another Silver Award from the WSWA Tasting Competition. Prior to that, it received the Gold Medal from the Monde Selection, the 3-Star Superior Taste Ward from the International Taste & Quality Institute, the Gold award from the International Review of Spirits, Beverage Testing Institute—all in 2017.

Theo, Philo & Tanduay is exclusively available at the Tanduay Store at Century Park Hotel in Malate, Manila.


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Tiger Biscuit Provides What Mom Needs To Build #Innerstrength in their Kids

Celebrity host Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Celebrity mom and Tiger Biscuit KOL Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, Dr. Mary Ann Prudencio of St. Luke’s Medical Center-BGC, Kristine Enriquez and Margaret Mercado

Believe it or not, good parenting, parenting styles and general child care are actually a relatively new phenomenon. The interest in parenting or what is the best mode to raise a child’ has come about in recent years.

The responsibility of raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents. They’re bombarded with expert advice and societal expectations, yet often miss out on the informal support that parents half a century ago received from neighbors and extended family.

We often ask ourselves,“why is it so hard to parent today?” Was it always difficult?

Whatever the answers may be, there is no doubt that the standards of “good parenting” have changed dramatically.

Kids today have become more active than our generation. Kids going to school keep getting younger and younger that even 3-year-olders are already enrolling for Day Care, and Day Care also already changed from simple games and other fun activities to now having a curriculum and lesson plans to follow.

For parents, it might be difficult to let them go that early, but to go with the flow, they need to send them to school. Keeping them nourished while they are away from home has been one of their concerns but thanks to snack providers these days, children can already get good nutrients through their simple snacks they eat at school.

Tiger Biscuits by Mondelez International, the maker of Eden Cheese, is setting their record straight in making snacking right. It launched a campaign to help moms provide the important nutrients to their kids to keep them healthy even when they are away from home where full, cooked meals are served.

Through the movement  #InnerStrength, Tiger hopes to teach parents about the importance of inner strength in children and how to use it to overcome challenges in life as young as their kids are. Children are no exemptions to trials and it can be a bit difficult to make kids understand that at a young age, they can already experience hardships, most especially when they start interacting with the world by going to school. Tiger believes that the values of courage, humility, friendliness, resilience, and confidence will be their best armors to get through any challenges they’ll encounter as they grow.

Brand Manager of Tiger Biscuit from Mondelez Philippines Kristine Enriquez shares their company’s stand in this topic, saying:

“Today’s world presents many challenges that can break a child’s spirit. With inner strength, they will e able to withstand more effectively every obstacle, and thrive.”

While moms prepare their kids mentally and emotionally to face any kinds of trials, Ms. Enriquez believes their Tiger Biscuit can equip them with physical strength to face these challenges. She continued:

“Kids these days also have many activities in school and outside of school, through extra-curricular activities like sports lessons, art classes, among others. That’s why they need proper nutrition to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that come their way.”

Tiger Energy Biscuit isn’t unlike any biscuit. It is the only snack that contains 9 vitamins and 6 minerals which help provide the release of energy that children need for the day. Not only will moms love that it’s nutritious, it has a milky taste that kids will enjoy snacking on too!

We all know that kids need three nutritious meals a day, but are they getting nutritious snacks too? To support this campaign, actress, singer, and host Jolina Magdangal joins other moms at the event to share about her own struggles of being a mom who’s searching for the right snacks to give to her children. She shared at the event:

“Developing a child’s inner strength should start early. This is the time when parents help shape the overall well-being of their child.

It can be in the way you discipline them or as simple as the kind of food you serve them. I think I’m not alone when I say everything matters when it comes to our children.”

She added:

Celebrity Mom Jolina Magdangal-Escueta

“I want to make sure that my kids know that they have power over their mind, and whatever storms they go through, they can always reach deep down and find the inner strength to overcome them. I’m happy that Tiger sets things in motion to give importance to it.”

Healthy kids are the strongest kids. And when they are healthy, they gain focus to absorb their lessons and strength to enjoy physical activities. Proper nutrition has a big contribution too in a sound mind and inner strength.

Moms and kids can now rediscover nutritious snacking with the delicious taste of wheat and milk through Tiger Energy Biscuits. Tiger believes that “to create a brighter future for all, the world needs a new breed of resilient and confident children who can overcome challenges through inner strength.”



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Taiwan Excellence Brings Unimaginable Display of Technology in the Philippines

TTRobotix’sSeaDragon XLR

Taiwan is might seem to be just a little country on the map of the world but in it are bounty of things that will amaze you. Apart from its food hubs, temples, hot springs, and dramatic terrains, Taiwan should probably be more recognized for its excellence in developing new technologies.

This island country has been making name in the international microchip scene. It’s been producing more advanced and higher quality computer components compared to its biggest competitor, China. In fact, Taipei has been named as the 5th most high tech city in the world and 1st in Asia in 2017.

2018 hasn’t been different. The country has grown to be a global leader in innovating tech solutions that will cater to any modern problems most especially in the digital sector. In fact, among its clientele are Google, Apple, Microsoft, and IBM – 4 of the biggest tech companies in the world.

But not everyone is aware of these facts. So to connect Taiwan’s tech products with people from the Philippines, the Taiwan Excellence Awards was organized.

Tony Lin, deputy director of the Strategic Marketing Department of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) told about the Taiwan Excellence Awards 2019 set to happen this November:

“Products selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards serve as shining examples for the domestic industry. Apart from the distinction, these products and brands are also promoted by the Taiwanese government on many international stages.”

The Taiwan Excellence wards features innovative products that are useful in different industries including manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, smart living, green energy, and public service.

Mr. Lin added to his statement:

“Taiwan Excellence works to connect people through innovation and excellence,which they can feel in their lives every day.”

Taiwan Excellence displays amazing technological products that will leave you in awe. Brands under the umbrella of this organization are known worldwide for transforming what used to be just a visualization into reality.

Acer is one of the tech giants in Taiwan. It has been reported to develop self-diving cars with the software it’s building. It is partnering with Taiwain’s top car maker called Yulon Group.

Another noteworthy company to see in the Taiwan Excellence Awards is the TTRobotix’sSeaDragon XLR which is a remote-controlled robot and submarine. What it does? It dives deep down the ocean with a depth of 300 meters and aids in surveillance, rescue, or marine research.

Everest Display Inc. is also present, showing people how they’re able to update the way they learn in the classroom through their Cloud Touch Projector. Unlike traditional projectors, the device can be used independently with its built-in Android system and a range of unique functions and features.

When it comes to hygiene, Taiwan has Eleclean disinfectant spray that’s made of 100% pure water with no chemical additives. It electrolyzes water to create reactive oxygen species that are strong enough to kill most disorder-causing microorganisms, while remaining gentle so that it doesn’t cause skin irritation.

Edimax EdiGreen Airbox

Pollution is on the rise and it has been an impossible task to stop, minimize or prevent it. But with Edimax, they proved that they can. Its EdiGreen Airbox is a smart air quality detector with temperature and humidity sensors. It accurately measures the levels of harmful miniscule particulate matter present in the air, giving us a clear idea on how to clean our air.

AmCad Biomed, on the other hand, developed the AmCadUT Thyroid Cancer detection machine to automatically classify thyroid tumors. And do you know how it does that? It uses the power of algorithms!  According to Peter Wu, president of AmCad, the machine can analyze whether a tumor is benign or malignant. In addition, it has an average accuracy of 90 percent, 15 to 25 percent higher than that of the most superior experts.

There’s so much more in Taiwan that makes us feel as though we’re living in the far future where technology is flawless. And the country, with the help of Taiwan Excellence, just keeps on finding ways to improve our lives.

This time, Filipinos are getting the chance to experience some of this innovations through the Taiwan Expo which will highlight Taiwan’s experience and expertise in various industries such as technology, agriculture, design, medical care, education and tourism on November 8-9 at the SMX Convention Center, Davao.





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Avéne Thermal Spring Water with the 8 skin care treats

Who wants to have a amazing face? We often experience humid weather here in the Philipines and is not very friendly to our skin or not looking fresh all day long. AvéneThermal Spring Water’s will give us refreshing and soothing blast of fine mist on the skin is a gift from nature.

Originating from the beautiful mountains of Cevennes in France, this one-of-a-kind product contains minerals with healthy benefits and therapeutic properties proven to soothe, soften, and restore the natural balance of every skin type, especially sensitive skin. But over and above being a soothing, healing mist, Avéne is a beauty aid as well.

Here are eight amazing uses of AvéneThermal Spring Water for all skin types:

1) Skin toner after cleansing

AvéneThermal Spring Water can serve as your go-to setting spray for your everyday makeup look, leaving your skin with a natural, dewy finish. Right after applying your makeup, just spray a fine amount of Avéneon your skin, wait for a few minutes until it dries out and then you’re ready to go.

Not only can it help start up your day, the thermal spray can also be your end-of-day best friend. It’sa perfecttoner for sensitive skin after cleansing and removing makeup giving you a freshening finish.

2) Relieving discomfort after shave

Everyone knows the struggle of that after-shave feeling. Fear not, Avéne’s got your back and everything else. Its cooling sensation is great in providing immediate relief to skin after shaving or waxing, letting you feel only cool, soothing softness.

3) Soothing redness, rashes, and itch

From a baby’s sensitive skin to facial irritation, Avéne’s thermal spray can be extra soothing to stinging and itching skin in any place of your body. Spray on a fine amount on the itchy body part and dab-dry it after a few minutes to experience relief.

4) Caring for post-procedure skin

A few self-care regimens such as tweezing, threading, or waxing will surely bother your precious skin. What about laser treatments, skin peeling, and other similar procedures? Send Avéne Thermal Spring Water to the rescue! The spray will help soothe some of the pain as well as alleviate redness and burning that come after these procedures.

5) Refreshening after recreational activities

Sports, outdoor activities, and other recreational activities can make you feel sticky and haggard. But AvéneThermal spray, can make you feel refreshed like coming out from a shower. A few squirts on your skin will immediately give you that refreshing sensation you’ve been longing for.

6) Cooling sunburnt skin

Being exposed under the sun for only a few hours can cause sunburn, a type of skin damage which makes your skin red, swollen, and painful. Having sunburnt skin can be a big hassle and is not something to be taken lightly as this may lead to bigger skin problems. Spray a good amount of AvéneThermal Spring Water on the damaged part to cool it down and ease the sting of bad sunburn.

7) Renewing damaged skin/wounds

Wounds or scars take time to heal, especially deep ones. When renewing damaged skin, it is important to use a product dedicated and adapted for the most delicate and sensitive skin–this is exactly what AvéneThermal Spring Water is all about. Spraying the product on affected partshelpsrenew and bring comfort, whatever its origin.

8) Freshening up during travel

Travelling gives a certain kind of pleasure which we can’t get from other activities. But going on different adventures and exploring the corners of the world or even just the city would be even more pleasurable when you have Avéne Thermal Spring Water with you. Not only will it help to refresh you, it will help you attain fresh and glowing skin for your close-up photos and selfies!

Avéne Thermal Spring Water comes in different sizes, 50 mL, 150 mL, and 300 mL for P585, P750, and P1158 respectively and is available at selected Watsons stores, mall branches, and online beauty shops.


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Do your kid ready of their costumes this Halloween weekend? It doesn’t  matter if your kids are going as a policeman, a unicorn, or a fairy princess, lighted shoes give their outfit some oomph for the Halloween costume that is a little bit extra. Get them into a pair of Skechers to light up the streets with every step!

Check out these lighted shoes for a lit weekend for your little ones!


Heart Lights (P3,395)

Turbowave (P3,590)

Skechers, the leader in lighted footwear offers its  S-Lights collection in a variety of designs for every boy and girl. The Heart Lights come in a glitter finish with fun 3D sculpted hearts in the midsole that blink and chase with every step, meanwhile, the boys will enjoy the translucent wave shaped midsole panel for a brighter lighting effect.

Shuffle Brights – Sparkle Wings (PP3,495)

Twinkle Lite – Sparkle Gem (P3,495)

Get those heartbeats going with fun light-up style in the Twinkle Toes Shuffle Brights and Sparkle Wings. Glitter finish ombre rainbow color fabric upper with light-up side hearts and wings that glow and flicker will complement any whimsical costume with magic.

Ice D’Lites – Snow Park (P3,795)

Artic Tron Zollow (P3,890)

Light-up sneakers get a super cool new look and even brighter light-up fun in the SKECHERS Ice Lights Trans-clear “Ice Lights’ midsole fully encloses bright center-mounted LED lights in 5 colors – it’s like a party in shoes for boys and girls.


E-Pro III Glitzy Glow (P3,995)

E-Pro III (P3,890)

The E-Pro III Series have dual controls for sole and upper trim with bright colorful lights that can light up in seven different solid colors, blinking lights and color sequences for 11 different light up options – the version for girls has a glitter finish in the Glitzy Glow design, while the boys can have fun in fashionable white sneakers.

The metro is gearing for another Halloween celebration that gradually eases into the Undas weekend and that means several rounds in the village for some tricks, treats and fun halloween parties. Let your kids stand out among the costumes crowd with shoes that let the spaceman look like he’s floating, or the snow queen stepping on ice.

Check out the latest lighted footwear from Skechers Kids at Glorietta 2, Trinoma, SM North EdsaThe Annex, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, Gateway Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Ayala Malls The 30th, SM East Ortigas, Market! Market!, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Place Manila, Lucky Chinatown, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Dasmarinas, Robinsons General Trias, SM Lipa, Fairview Terraces, SM Fairview, SM Pampanga, Marquee Mall, SM Clark, Vista Mall Bataan, SM Cabanatuan, Robinsons Place Ilocos, Ayala Malls Legazpi, Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, SM Seaside Cebu, SM Bacolod, SM Iloilo, SM Davao, Abreeza Mall, Gaisano Mall of Davao, Limketkai Mall and Centrio Mall.  For more information, visit, like and on Instagram @SkechersPH.






The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to give yourself a dose of self-love by rewarding yourself to four new, rich, delicious desserts than you can enjoy any time of the day – McDonald’s all-new Dreamy Delights: the Rich Chocolate Pie, Coffee McFlurry with Oreo, Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls, and Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls. Dreamy Delights available at McDonald’s stores nationwide starting October 28, 2019. Make sure you don’t leave yourself out.

Enjoy McDonald’s NEW Indulgent Dreamy Delights:

1) Rich Chocolate Pie – Taking the main spotlight and imagine sinking your teeth into a cocoa-flavored pie crust with hot, thick, luscious dark chocolate filling. The filling is especially made from cocoa beans from Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Ghana, making this a perfect luxurious holiday treat for just P39.

2) Coffee McFlurry with OreoTry this equally rich which is sure to keep you feeling fuzzy and happy. Sweet and smooth, this is an indulgent combination of thick vanilla soft serve sundae mixed with mild roast coffee syrup and crushed Oreos. At P49, it’s a well-deserved gift you owe yourself this holiday season.


3) Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls – If you love brown sugar and pearls, then you absolutely need to try out this cup of thick vanilla soft serve sundae is topped with sweet brown sugar syrup, and chewy delightful brown sugar pearls. It’s amazingly affordable at P49 too.

4) Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar PearlsFor a quick holiday perk-me-up is a perfect choice. Pick from two flavors – a refreshing and sweet classic black-tea base, or a dreamy wintermelon tea base, with chewy brown sugar pearls topped with thick vanilla soft serve sundae. At P75, this milk tea can be enjoyed anytime.

Share with us your experience by using the hashtag #McDoDreamyDelights! For more details you may also visit McDonald’s Facebook page ( and Twitter and Instagram page (@McDo_PH).


First Samgyupsal Experience at SamgyupKing!

We’ve just been seeing it on television, on everyone’s favorite kdrama series. They look yummy over the grill and even yummier when dipped in that red hot ssamjang, topped with toasted garlic, onion, sprouts and later wrapped with Korean lettuce. I guess you know now what I’m talking about… Yes…the mouthwatering samgyupsal!

Samgyupsal or grilled pork belly or what we call in the Philippines barbeque has now become one of the biggest food trends in the Metro. Well, actually, it’s popular in other parts of the country too. Major cities have at least 5 restaurants serving this Korean cuisine. And for the first time in my life, I’m trying it!

I was invited recently to experience the unlisamgyupsal of SamgyupKing at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City. I was thrilled since it was my first time and I had a lot of expectations as I’ve seen Koreans on television eating grilled pork very enthusiastically. I’ve also heard a couple of colleagues talk about how it tastes so good so I really skipped the afternoon snack to prepare for this big feast.

Samgyupsal King – Price, Menu and Experience

Samgyupsal King is one of many restaurants that have jumped into the Samgyupsal trend.Just like their contemporaries in the business, they, too serve unlimited Korean BBQ.

They have the edge over other Korean restaurants though as their unli offer comes with a little more free treats that are not available on other restos’ packages.

For one, Samgyup King don’t serve pork and beef alone. Most of the Korean restaurants I heard about serve only pork and beef for their samgyupsal buffets. But Samgyup King went a bit further in experimenting variants of this popular dish by adding chicken in the menu.

Actually, I never thought that chicken would be a good meat alternative. It doesn’t blend well with the lettuce but having something unique to offer to the customers is what I am impressed with.

Second, their unli meal only costs P499 per head. It is a common rate for unlisamgyupsal restaurants but like I mentioned, Samgyup King has more treats that comes with the rate.

SamgyupKing unlisamgyupsal comes with a 1 time milk tea and 1 time ramen servings. Others would only offer free tofu soup as a complementary treat.

When it comes to side dishes, SamgyupKing is also a winner. They serve the usual partners of samgyupsal like kimchi, sweet potatoes, ssamjang, radish and carrots, egg roll, and unli Korean lettuce wraps.

My friends who are regulars on Korean restaurants told me that the kimchi is the most important side dish. So they told me that a good kimchi shouldn’t have a bitter after taste, shouldn’t be too sour, shouldn’t be too sweet and it would be nice if the leaves are still a bit crunchy (meaning it’s fresh). Kimchi, they said, is what makes for a good appetizer when eating a samgyupsal wrap and being a good judge of good food, I have to say, Samgyup King served a good batch of kimchi when we visited.

One more unique feature of the restaurant is their grill. Instead of the regular round grill placed on top of portable stoves, they have a custom-made grill where skewers can be positioned easily so cooking won’t be a hassle and for the meat to cook evenly too.

We had a chance to have a little chat with Operations manager and son of the owner Raymond Yuloque. He shared a bit of the restaurant’s history, saying they just started on food parks and later decided to expand hence opening their first restaurant just last October 5.

He assured us that they only use top quality meat which are actually still imported from Australia. He also told us that their kitchen staffs are meticulous in their preparing all of their ingredients.

Apart from their unlisamgyupsal, SamgyupKing also has ala carte offerings like beef, pork, and chicken bulgogi. They have grilled salmon too for all of you who love fish. An like their unli meal, all of these dishes come with side dishes too.

Finally, it’s time to taste this samgyupsal that’s much craved by many Pinoys. , The meat was finely seasoned but they were very thinly sliced so I had to place two or three in a wrap so I can taste it. The wrap was bulgy so it’s a bit awkward to fill it all in my mouth so I prefer eating the meat separate from anything else.

The beef was especially delicious. It’s a given since red meat is really juicy. As for the chicken, it tends to get dry so I didn’t really appreciate it.

Overall, my first samgyupsal experience was wonderful. The meat is the most important ingredient of any samgyupsal buffet and Samgyup King has one of the best seasoned pork and beef for grilling that I’ve tasted! I wasn’t a kimchi lover until I tasted their recipe. The food is definitely worth more than the price! Anyone in the Metro should try dining in here!

With the Owner of SamgyupKing, Mr. Willie Yulo Que,, Operations Manager of SamgyupKing, Mr. Raymond Yuloque and the members of the Bloggers Association of the Philipines led by Mr. Ver Garcia.

For those who want to try “the next generation samgyupsal experience,” Samgyup King is located at the 4th floor of Fishermall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

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Don’t miss the Markdown Madness of Skechers, Merrell, Sperry, Keds, Saucony, Pony, Polo Ralph Lauren, and No Fear up to 70% discount.  From Oct 29 – Nov 3, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Glorietta 2 Activity Center. Start shopping for your Christmas gifts for your relatives, friends and “ina-anak”.

For more information and updates, follow Markdown Madness on Facebook at and on Instagram @markdownmadness.


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Ginebra Named Sanya Lopez as the New Island Girl 2020

SANYA LOPEZ, as the world’s leading gin brand’s 2020 Calendar Girl

Ginebra San Miguel obviously has a high rate quality of taste when it comes to choosing its calendar girls. For the year 2020, the leading gin brand in the country chose Sanya Lopez as its newest “Island Girl.”

Announced today, October 24. 2019 at the Novotel in Quezon City, Ginebra San Miguel revealed the Kapuso actress as its new calendar girl. She joins previous holders of the title like Miss Universe 2015 PiaWurtzbach (2019), Kim Domingo (2017), Arci Muñoz (2016), and Marian Rivera (2009 & 2014), among many other Filipina beauties.

Sanya said about the rare opportunity:

“It is an honor and a privilege to be chosen as Ginebra San Miguel’s 2020 Calendar Girl. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. To be part of Ginebra San Miguel’s history, to be entrusted with this role as brand ambassador and to be the newest addition to the Ginebra San Miguel family is definitely a huge blessing.”

Sanya is an actress and host based on Kapuso GMA network who started appearing on television in 2012 when late German “KuyaGerms” Moreno, GMA star builder. But it wasn’t until 2016 when she finally rose to stardom after being chosen to play the role of Hara Danaya of the 2016 television remake of Encantadia.Today, she is among the respected actresses in the said network and I especially admire her for her being accommodating.

Embracing her new role as Ginebra’s Island Girl, Sanya revealed that she prepared for her calendar shoot – where she worked with BJ Pascual – seriously by going on a no carbs diet. She shared:

“I only ate fish and chicken. I also did a lot of cardio workout, mostly running, Muay Thai and boxing.”

But the 23-year-old actress wasn’t chosen for her beauty and body alone. Ginebra San Miguel Inc.’s Marketing Manager, Ronald Molina said they saw exemplary characteristics in Sanya, professing virtues of courage, resiliency, optimism, and “never say die” spirit. These traits, according to Mr. Molina, are representations of their GSM brand’s identity as a premiere gin maker.

Ginebra has been around since 1834 and it’s older than the Republic of the Philippines. In its 185 years of existence, it has already become a part of the Philippine history, being a brand that survived countless wars and revolutions. Today, its taste is still the same as its first gin, manifesting true resilience and preservation of history.

Sanya said about being likened to the company’s true character:

“I consider the challenges and struggles that I went through in life as motivation to never give up in pursuing my dreams. It is my family that inspires me to be ‘ganadosabuhay.’”

As a part of her role as Ginebra San Miguel’s “Island Girl”, Sanya will be joining the “Ginuman Fest” tour, which is the company’s annual series of music festivals that brings together gin lovers around the country in a long event dubbed One Ginebra Nation.

During the event, Sanya even got her own Ginebra San Miguel cocktail called “Sanya’s Island Mix”, a concoction of pineapple, buko juice and gin.

Additionally, Ginebra unveiled four new calendar layouts that feature the brand’s lines of products including Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue, Primera light brandy, and Vino Kulafu, the leading Chinese wine brand.

Sanya Lopez with her GSM Family

GSMI is also popular for its other products including GSM Blue Light Gin, GSM Blue Mojito, GSM Blue Gin Pomelo, GSM Blue Margarita, GSM Premium Gin, Don Enrique Mixkila, Antonov Vodka, Vino Kulafu, Primera Light Brandy and Anejo Gold Rum . For more details, like the Ginebra San Miguel official Facebook page or log on to