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November 2019


Oppo and Globe Collaborates for 2019 .GIFF Festival

Oppo just released its new Reno 2 series not over a month ago and it’s taken content creation to the next level with its advanced camera features. But more recently, it teamed up with Globe for the .giff Festival 2019 of New Cinema. The two-day art fair for video art projections and independent short films was held on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in three venues in Makati City.

The theme of the festival was to “break boundaries through elevating the way we see images and exploring contemporary ways how to narrate stories.” It has been an exciting run of events with a wide array of video art projections and independent short films presented to the audience. An electronic music festival also went down to emerge the viewers’ response with the evolving sentiment on the Festival of New Cinema.

But the more notable section of the festival is the innovation behind contemporary content creation via smartphones. The festival’s creative collaboration between OPPO Reno2 and Globe Studios led to the vertical short film competition which aimed to show how quality films can now be created using a quality smartphone like OPPO Reno2.

Vertical Cinema Filmmaking Competition

Smartphone are now very advanced and Oppo has been one of the international mobile phone creators that let Pinoys experience impeccable camera features that can compare to the more expensive phone brands. That said, it has allowed aspiring film creators to exercise their creativity without the expensive equipment used in actual film shooting.

And in the .GIFF Festival, all the ideas went down like a parade of professionally-made films.

The competition was crafted to truly bring out the storymaker in anyone. The vertical short film competition aims to show that quality films can be shot even with an everyday quality smartphone like that of the OPPO Reno2.

The first day of the festival (November 30) at the main hall at Illumination Studios, the vcinema.giffpresented the artwork called“Deorbit” produced byJapneseTakashi Makino. Works of Audio-Visual artists such as Annie Pacaña (V) x Baile (A), Mvltiverse (V) x Big Hat Gang (A), Dex Fernandez (V) x SimilarobjectsSublingua, Submachines, (V) x Tarsius (A), and Timmy Harn (V) x Auspicious Family (A) were also displayed.

The vcinema.giff competition featured 12 finalists who exhibited their works at the Vertical Cinema by OPPO Reno2. The winners received exciting prices like P50,000 plus a brand new Reno 2 phone for the winner of the Best Vertical Film Award; while the Best Director received P20,000 prize money and a brand new OPPO Reno2 smartphone to further push the artist to keep creating art through videos.

#RenoCollective: Antoinette JadaoneMasterclass

Meanwhile, Oppo invited the critically acclaimed filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone for a one day only masterclass. This is in line with the brand’s effort to continue pushing creative boundaries among Pinoy content creators. During the said masterclass, she delved on the fundamentals of filmmaking, emergence of new technologies in the film industry, and her experience of shooting her vertical film with her own OPPO Reno2.

AntoinetteJadaone’s vertical short film was even unveiled at the vcinema.giff to inspire new content creators.

Time to Level Up Your Camera Phone

Who said that a good camera phone should be expensive? Reno2 series is Oppo’s answer to affordable phone with highly capable camera. The Reno2 retails at PHP28,990  Reno2 and are available in Luminous Black and Sunset Pink. While the Reno2 F is at PHP19,990 and are available in Sky White, Lake Green, and Nebula Green.

This holiday season, OPPO is also treating everyone with exciting offers and freebies for the Reno2 series.


Mega Global Launches First PH National Sardines Day Celebration

The Mega Global, Nutrition Center of the Philippines and Brgy. South Triangle Representatives

Sardines have been around the world for centuries and in the Philippines, for decades. We certainly love those instant, canned sardines. It has been helping a lot of Pinoys make through their hungry times and chefs have been creative in re purposing the sardines, turning it into a classy cuisine.

In fact, I enjoy some recipes using sardines like the Pasta with Chili Sardines recipe or the Gisang Sardines and Beef with Ampalaya for lunch.

It’s always a pleasurable meal when there’s sardines around. And finally, the Philippines is having its very first National Sardines Day to honor everyone who’s been providing sardines in the country.

And of course, at the forefront of this celebration is the leading sardines brand in the Philippines, the Mega Global.

Mega Global is one of the 11 sardine canning factories in Zamboanga City, which is considered as the sardine capital of the Philippines. About one million metric-tons of fish are being caught in the

The company, founded by William Tiu-Lim, started its operations in 1995 and then opened its first canning plant in 1998. Starting from one fishing vessel, the company had expanded to 55 fishing vessels today. Now, it has one canning factory that produces about 300,000 cans per day in Talisayan and another office in Cawit that handles logistics, dry-docking, ship-building, engineering, and allied businesses. It also operates the Tawi-Tawi-based Bongao Hatchery, which is a joint enterprise of the national and provincial government.

Now, it has grown to be a powerful influence in the canned goods industry of the country. And it’s leading the National Sardines Day that was celebrated just recently.

Mega Global launched Mega SardiNation, the first-ever National Sardines Day celebration last November 24, 2019 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall headlined by no less than Mega Sardines ambassador Mr. Piolo Pascual with special guests Dimples Romana and Mike Enriquez.

The event highlighted the brand’s best -selling sardines.With its signature 12-hour Catching-to-Canning process, Mega Global ensures that its sardines are of the highest quality to give consumers the needed health benefits in each can.

Families and friends got together during the SardiNation where a fun-packed and interactive event with free health and nutrition consultations, taste tests, a fun claw grabber game, and other activities went down.

Emphasizing Mega Global’s aim to help Pinoys make healthier choices through proper meal planning, the event also featured a discussion on health and nutrition facilitated by Mike Enriquez together with the Nutrition Center of the Philippines. They discussed the nutritional benefits brought about by a can of sardines and the different factors that affect the health and nutrition of Filipino families.

To add to the fun in the event, Mega Global used virtual reality to make guests experience the company’s trademark 12-hour Catching-to-Canning process on board its Mega Barko. And to entertain everyone, daddy hunk and Mega Sardines’ brand ambassador Piolo Pascual was also present and talked about the meticulous 12-hour catching to canning process and his personal experiences with Mega Sardines.

Other special guest included Dimples Romana,who shared personal insights on how she appreciates the nutritional benefits and quality found in each can of Mega Sardines making it an ideal meal for the whole family.

William Tiu Lim, President and CEO, Mega Global

Mega Global Corporation, Mr. William Tiu Lim, President and CEO, thanked the attendees and special guests for making the first ever National Sardines Day a success. He shared about their commitment to improving Filipino lives and communities by partnering with the Nutrition Center of the Philippines (NCP) and the local government of Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City for a community health and nutrition program. This 40-day feeding program for undernourished children aged 3 to 6 years old received 2 full well-curated meals from NCP, with one meal using sardines. This initiative will conclude on November 30, 2019

Meanwhile, Mr. Marvin Tiu Lim, VP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global, said during the event:

“Filipinos love sardines. As the top sardines brand in the country, we decided to hold the first National Sardines Day celebrations to showcase not only Mega Global’s various initiatives but to also make everyone aware of the myriad health benefits of sardines.”

He added:

“Our CSR program with the NCP also helped us push for increased awareness of the importance of nutrition in every Filipino’s diet. We believe that with initiatives like this, we can truly make an impact and create sustainable change in the health and nutrition sector.”

Photo shows (from left): Marvin Tiu Lim, Piolo Pascual, William Tiu Lim, Dimples Romana, Michelle Tiu Lim Chan 

The National Sardines Day truly showed how this well-loved Filipino staple can improve the lives of families and communities through each can. It served as Mega Global’s way to make families realize the impact of better choices in meal planning to proper nutrition.

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Mondelez’s State of Snacking Report Reveals Snacks’ Role Beyond Nutrition

If we weren’t before, we are now officially a nation of snackers.

Look around the world and you can see that the types of foods we eat and the times at which we eat them are strongly influenced not simply by hunger but also by cultural and social factors that vary from region to region and country to country. Traditions and religious habits, the working culture and levels of disposable income all contribute to shape what we consume and the number of times we eat each day.

But despite our differences in our snacking habits, Mondelez believes that there is a right way to eat in between meals. And to teach us that and its value in our nutrition, Mondelez International releases its first-ever State of Snacking™ report.

The report reveals the data gathered from a global consumer trends study which examined the role snacking in meeting their consumers’ evolving needs. These needs include feeling full despite the busy modern lifestyles, the growing desire for community connection, and a more holistic sense of well being.

Mr. Toff Rada, Mondelez CGA Country Manager

Mondelez points out how the study “reveals the rise of global snacking, underscored by regional parallels demonstrating how snacks are helping lead the future of food by delivering on the spectrum of needs that exists in our day-to-day lives.”

To make the State of Snacking report more efficient, Mondelez Internationl partnered with the consumer polling specialist The Harris Poll. Thousands of consumers across twelve countries were involved in the study to gather valuable data on snacking as a growing behavior worldwide.

In summary, 6 out of 10 adults or 59% of the participantssay they prefer to grab small bites throughout the day instead of getting the traditional full meals. Meanwhile, more of the younger consumers (7 out of 10 millenials or 70% of them) say they prefer snacks over meals. The full State of Snacking™ report is available at

Key findings from the 2019 State of Snacking report include:

  1. The study reveals that our relationship with food is fundamentally changing.

Snacks play a vital role in helping us meet our daily nutrition requirement most especially for us who are always busy and on the go. Of course, this demographic also includes the kids who stay at school whole day and who couldn’t get the full meal they should be eating.

But this study reveals that snacking affects more than just a person’s health. Participants in this survey said snacks also take effect in their emotional wellbeing.

Here are some of the relevant points of this discovery:

  • In 8 out of 10 people, 87% says their choice of snacks is greatly influenced by convenience while 85% says they look more into the quality of the snack.
  • 80% of consumers go for healthy balanced snacks rather than junks but indulgences still play an important role in daily snacking routines.
  • 71% of the adults say grabbing snacks help them control their hunger and manage their calorie intake.
  • 80% of adults say they recognize the need for balanced nutrition through healthy snacks but also through indulgent snacks, depending on the moment of need.
  • 77% of consumers agree that there should be a time and place for eating healthy snacks and the same goes for indulgent snacks.
  • 71% of the adults say snacks play and important role in having a healthy state of mind and 70% believes it has a role in their emotional wellbeing too like how it influences their physical wellbeing.
  1. Snacking goes beyond nutrition as it identifies culture and traditions too.

As I’ve mentioned earlier culture and tradition have huge impact in our choice of foods. The study reveals how snacking is a way for people to connect with their culture and express their sense of identity with their communities and families.

To detail this, the State of Snacking™ report says:

  • 71% say snacking reminds them of home.
  • 7 out of 10 adults or 70% of them say they make it a point to share their favorite childhood snacks with others.
  • 8 out of 10 parents or 82% of them said they use snack time as a way to connect with their children.
  • 76% of parents use snacks to pass cultural snacking rituals on to their children.
  • Over 3 out of 4 parents (78%) say the snacks they choose for their children reflect who they are as a parent.

From these findings, Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International, said it is their goal to help people realize the right way of snacking nutritiously. He said in a statement:

“As the snacking market continues to grow globally, we’re living our purpose to empower people to snack right by constantly learning about the many different ways consumers around the world are snacking and evolving their relationship with food.”

He continued:

“We see that the average global adult now eats more snacks than meals on a given day, driven by a number of evolving demands largely associated with how we live today, including a growing need for convenience, yearning to share nostalgic and cultural experiences, expanded wellbeing preferences and the desire for choices that range from wholesome to indulgent.”

Mondelēz International commenced its first State of Snacking report a year after it announced a new business strategy and purpose. In the past year, the company showed how they progressed in carrying out their mission to provide the right snacks to their consumers and teach them the right way of making them as well as the right time to eat them. And to intensify their commitment to this mission, Mondelez expanded its product portfolio, adding a broader range of options and inspiring mindful snacking habits.

Following this, Van de Put continued:

“We embrace the fact that snacking habits around the world are as diverse as the consumers who enjoy them.

However people snack, they should not have to choose between snacking and eating right, or to worry about the impact their choices have on the world and their communities. That’s why we’re committed to empowering people to snack right.”

For more information: visit or follow the company on Twitter at and

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New Job Portal Workbank Launched with Surprising Features for Applicants

Present at the launch are (L-R) Workbank Country Head Reggie Fernandes and Fe Nuñez, Head of Digital Marketing

“Successful – That’s what I’ve always wanted to be.”

This are the lines that most Pinoy budding professionals tell an interviewer who asks them how they envision themselves 5 years or 10 years from now. But starting out in this over saturated world of employment can be very challenging. Getting a first job or hopping on to a better work seems so difficult of a task.

Deciding to apply to a job isn’t always an easy or straightforward decision. Because even if you’re pretty sure what job roles you’re looking for and in what location, there are so many factors that you might want to consider when applying to jobs such as the job description, job requirements, company reputation, or application process, just to name a few things. When things get confusing, some people just give up from getting jobs and looking for an easier way to make money.

But today, every Juan can now be confident about the job they are trying to apply for – that it’s legit and good paying and achievable – through the new job search engine called Workbank.

The new job board is believed to be a game changer in this job hunting dilemma as it was designed to put people first. Meaning they see to it that its features are relevant in ensuring applicants find their ideal job. And to prove that, Workbank partnered with Grab and Zalora to give job hunters favorable discounts as they go to their interviews and shop their outfits, respectively.

Furthermore, Workbank takes initiative in prepping job seekers for the job they are applying for by providing free training to scale up a job hunter’s chances at getting employed. And all of these is anchored on a virtue that is uniquely Filipino, malasakit.

Workbank has been introduced in a press launch earlier this month where its PH head Reggie Fernandes said:

“As a very young institution, we have a lot ahead to position ourselves differently. We are dynamic, we are agile, we have strong technology backing, and we have investors overseas that have put a lot behind what they believe is the story of malasakit. This is very important for us because we know how hardworking and talented Filipinos are.”

Applicants are given E-cards that mark exclusive perks like getting discounts at their partner merchants including ClassPass, Electric Studio, Urban Ashram and Wendy’s. Anyone who registers on the page and reaches a 70 percent profile progress can avail this E-Card in just a few clicks.

Beating all the conventional job boards that came before it, Workbank promises to continue to strengthen their users’ skill set and credibility by continuously developing their smart-match technology and making partnerships with relevant merchants. This, they said, will ensure that candidates are always provided opportunities for growth, not just through trainings but also through jobs that meet their skill and experience.

Fernandes concludes:

“Our philosophy is investing in people, so we operate in the principle of ‘Invest in good people and you get back in multiple fold for all the companies in our platform.’”

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Jack Daniels Lights Christmas Tree Barrel for the 3rd Time in the Philippines

Gabe Fajardo, Senior Brand Manager Philippines & Indochina

The world’s no.1 whisky brand started a new Christmas in the Metro by lighting its iconic whisky barrel Christmas tree. The event took place in C1 Park, 5th Avenue, High Street Central Square, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) on November 13.

Jack Daniel’s recently had the residents of Metro Manila buzzing when they raised their 2019 Christmas tree made of over 100 oak whiskey barrels stacked high and decked out with holiday lights. Each barrel was hand selected and reused for this very special purpose after having stored the smoky brown liquid that makes many of our holidays bright in another way. The beautiful recycled tree does not actually contain any liquor itself, but don’t you think it’s intoxicating nonetheless?

Standing more than 20ft tall, the tree at the heart of the Bonifacio Global Center is made almost entirely of Jack Daniel’s barrels stacked atop one another in layers. The 2019 tree is the first one of its kind in the Metro.

This year’s lighting ceremony was JD’s third in the Philippines. The tradition first started in 2014 in two cities of Metro Manila: Fuente Circle in Eastwood City and at The Fort Plaza in Bonifacio Global City. The barrel tree was a gift from the whiskey purveyor to the town of Lynchberg but it’s also the center of the brand’s 2019 holiday advertising campaign.

The tree lighting celebration also marks the launch of first ever pop-up bar in the Philippines called Jack Daniel’s Bar No. 7.This special Holiday run will let BGC goers a festive experience through the pop-up bar which features special JD Holiday cocktails including the JD Holiday Highball.

Apart from the BGC Christmas tree barrels, Jack Daniels is also set to spread a “spirited” Christmas in the North including lighting another Holiday Barrel Tree at Mile Hi Center, Camp John Hay in Baguio Cityon November 29, Friday until January 5, 2020.

Other special JD promos will also be initiated during the Christmas season like the JD yakitori feast that will culminate from November 16, 2019 until the end of December at the Jack Daniel’s Bar No. 7 in Bonifacio Global City.

For a limited time, people can try the Nanbantei of Tokyo’s yakitori sampler with the special JD sauce, paired perfectly with four (4) or two (2) Jack Daniel’s Holiday Highball drinks in an irresistible value deal for both solo and group orders.

Jack Daniels is an award winning whisky brand which originated in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA. The brand is famous for its Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Gold No. 27, and Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails.

For 18+ y.o. Gather merrily. Drink Responsibly.



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Valenzuela City Launched PH’s First Integrated Permit Application System

Present at the launch are: Department of Trade and industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez (center), Valenzuela City Mayor REX Gatchalian (to his right), Vice Mayor Lorena Natividad-Borja (to his left), and the City Council of Valenzuela.

The people of Valenzuela City who are hoping to start their own business will no longer have to wait for days or weeks or even fall in an endless line to apply for a permit. The city government of Valenzuela took initiative to include some technology in the process, making the business applications easier, faster, and more accurate.

Introduced last November 13, the city tested the first ever integrated permit application system called 3S Plus Valenzuela City Online Services. Through this, the city hall’s now able to provide a single platform for the application of permits and even the request for documents.  According to the city council, the 3S Plus is the first of its kind and recognized as the fastest applications system in the country.

Thanks to it, over 18,000 applicants swarming at the city hall will now be spared from unreasonable costs and time required to get important documents.

The new system dubbed “Paspas Permit” is Valenzuela City’s adoption of digital technology to help them to be in full compliance to the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) Law. The newly launched and now fully functional business permit application system reportedly takes only 10 seconds to issue a provisionary business permit. This makes the usual 15-30 minutes wait shorter by over 500%.

Mayor Rex Gatchialian, commends the system and says putting the service in streamline will greatly accelerate the usually long process in getting permits. He said in a speech:

“The new platform demonstrates the local government’s commitment to make services more efficient and innovative, which in turn can attract more investors and spur further development. Entrepreneurs are indispensable to our country’s growth and so we are empowering them through improved systems of service delivery.”

Valenzuela City is the first to use the type of technology to bring convenience to the thousands of business owners in the city. Mayor Gatchalian added:

“At this point, the adoption of digital technology has become essential to fostering growth.  The launch of 3S Plus Valenzuela City Online Services shows how we are leveraging on the innovative use of new technologies for better, faster services to our constituents.”

Apart from the release being shorter, the city government has made all other processes involved in getting permits much easier. To avoid the hassles of having to leave their shops to go back to the city hall and pick up their actual business permits, applicants now have the choice to have it delivered to them by Wide Wide World (formerly DHL Philippines) or Grab Express. It was said that the release of the actual permit only takes 3-5 working days.

Applicants also have more choices now on how they can pay the processing fee. Payments can now be done via Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, Bancnet or PayMaya to prevent the risks of bringing along some cash.

The city also assured that documentary requirements submitted through the platform are reviewed real-time between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Mondays to Fridays. But for those who fail to submit within those times, their documents will be reviewed promptly the next morning or the next working day when you submit during the weekends or the holidays.

The 3S Plus Valenzuela City Online Services accepts applications for:

  • Renewal or Application of New Business Permits
  • Building and Construction Permit application
  • Real Property Tax (RPT) payments
  • Requests for Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration, Tax Mapping Certificate, Certificate of Non-Improvement and Appraisal of Real Property
  • Requests for Certified True Copy of Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificate, and Court Decision

As for Provisionary Building and Construction permits, they will also be accepted through the system within 10 second upon confirmation of payment.  A provisionary permit will then be sent to the email of the applicant and can then start construction activities. However, applicants of these kinds of permits should still submit the original documents to the Office of the Building Official (OBO) within 15 days. Only then can they obtain theiractual permit.  Otherwise, their provisionary permit will be revoked after a certain number of days of doing construction.

Mayor Gatchalian concludes:

“Simpler and faster processes reflect good governance and this is what we want to achieve through our 3S Plus Valenzuela City Online Services. This platform is a one-stop shop for permits and documents needed by residents, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to do business in our city.”

Apart from the “Paspas Permit,” the city of Valenzuela is known for embracing other digital innovations to prosper its locality. As it upholds E-Governance, Valenzuela earned various recognitions from numerous reputable institutions. Among the awards it nabbed in the past for its stints to modernization is the Hall-of-Fame to the Most Business Friendly Highly Urbanized City award from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), which it won for several years including in 2012, 2014, 2015, and again, in 2019 after a mandatory three-year hiatus from the Search.

To register an account at the 3S Plus Valenzuela City Online Services and start applying for permits and documents, visit


McDonald’s Celebrated 40th Happy Meal Toy Anniv With Throwback Toys

Childhood for many kids has been happier and that’s because of McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys. From the Retro Mcdo toys to cartoon-inspired treats, we’ve been seeing so many cute stuff from the fast food chain for 40 years now! Yes, 40 years and it seems just like yesterday when the first Happy Meal Toy was introduced to the world.

And just recently, McDonald’s revealed fourteen (14) Happy Meal toys that are making a comeback in its much awaited Surprise Happy Meal! Started last November 21, Pinoys were able to reunite with some of the most loved Happy Meal Toys form the past 4 decades that it’s been spreading happiness to the world.

Filipino kids and their parents were able to participate in the surprise of guessing which throwback Happy Meal toy they’d receive when purchasing a Surprise Happy Meal as each one is packed in a blind bag, building up excitement that comes with unboxing a Happy Meal.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO said in a statement about the anniversary:

“Since the Happy Meal was introduced on the menu, it quickly became synonymous with our brand.

Today, this iconic red box creates delicious, lasting memories for billions of families annually across the world.”

Here’s a fun fact…The first Happy Meal Toy was introduced in the U.S. in 1979. Today, McDonald’s has grown into one of the biggest fast food chains in the world with over 38,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the globe. Just imagine the volume of Happy Meal Toys produced for all those stores.

In the Philippines, the iconic toy debuted in 1997. Since then, it has been bringing happiness to Pinoy children and still serves as a symbol of surprise, playfulness, and fun up to this day. I remember the puzzle burger I got back in the 90s which was very interesting to play with even for adults. Although it wasn’t one of the comeback toys, the 14 toys they released are still thrilling.

The 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys included the 1988 McNugget buddies; the 1989 and 1991 McDonald’s Hamburger and Dino Happy Meal Box Changeables; 1993’s McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird;1995 McDonald land Toys Hamburglar; 1996 Space Jam Bugs Bunny; 1997 Patti the Platypus;  1998 Tamagotchi; 1999 Furby; and 2013 Hello Kitty!

Christina Lao, Marketing Director of McDonald’s Philippines, said about the McDonald’s 40th Anniversary toy collection:

“McDonald’s Happy Meal has been surprising kids and families with shared moments of happiness, and it promises to do so once again by bringing in a touch of nostalgia with the Surprise Happy Meal.”

There’s indeed a limited edition surprise in every box. The promo ran only from Nov. 21-24 in the participating branches in the Philippines.Hopefully, there’ll be another run of this promo to give chance to those who want to feel the excitement that comes with unboxing a surprise Happy Meal Toy box but weren’t able to.


Jolly Mushroom Shares Recipes Turning Ordinary Ulams to Mush-Delicious


Turn your ordinary carbonara, soup, chopseuy, pancit, beef creamy stew, and so much more into special dishes by adding some mushroom from Jolly Mushroom. In fact, I have a thing for mushroom and would always add it to recipes where its taste blends. And instead of picking them on my own where they breed, I’d rather get them from the grocery!

Jolly is still the leading preserved mushroom brand in the Philippines. And now that it’s almost Christmas, moms will once again storm through supermarkets to get a can or two of this canned mushroom. But it’s not just during the holidays that Jolly Mushroom can be enjoyed as it can make every day dishes a more delightful one.

Like Jolly describes their product, their mushrooms are actually “kitchen hacks that can come in handy for meal preparation daily.”

With the regular 1 can of 400 grams Jolly Whole Mushroom, moms can play with recipes like Stir-fry beef with mushroom, Creamy Lengua with Mushroom, Mushroom Adobo, Chicken and Mushroom Salpicao, Burger Steak, and so much more! With Jolly any moms can now make more variations of their go-to recipes.

Marilou Acuña, Fly Ace Corporation group product manager for Jolly Food Line, shared about their interesting kitchen discovery which she’s confident can elevate any dish. She said:

“Jolly Mushroom can add depth and flavor to one’s cooking. It can be a hearty addition to your favorite ‘ulam,’ giving it an exciting twist for the whole family to enjoy.”

And to help mommies in solving their problem of finding what dishes to cook 3 times a day in a whole year, Jolly is sharing how recipes can be upped using their mushroom. Among their recommendations are the classic Pork Adobo, Chicken Afritada, Giniling, and Chicken Teriyaki among many others. All of these will be posted on Jolly’s Youtube channel so moms can have a guide in cooking these dishes.

Jolly Mushroom cans come in whole mushrooms and pieces and stems variants. They are available in leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information about the brand, visit Jolly Eats on Facebook and YouTube, and get access to tips and ideas on how to use Jolly Mushroom in your everyday cooking. Learn more at

Daily “ulam” recipes with Jolly Mushroom



1 can (400g)               JOLLY Whole Mushrooms 400g, drained

1 tablespoon                    oil

½ kilogram                     chicken, cut into 8 pieces

1 piece                               onion, chopped

4-5 gloves                         garlic, minced

2-3 pieces                         bay leaves

1 piece                                carrots, cut into cubes

1 piece                                 green bell pepper, sliced diagonally

1 cup                                     tomato sauce

1 cup                                      water

1 teaspoon                             ground pepper

1 teaspoon                             fish sauce

2 teaspoons                            Jolly Tomato Paste


  1. Heat oil in a pan. Pan-fry chicken for 10-15 minutes or until brown. Remove excess oil.
  2. Add onion, garlic and bay leaves. Sauté until fragrant.
  3. Add JOLLY WHOLE MUSHROOMS, carrots, green bell pepper, tomato paste, tomato sauce, water, ground pepper and fish sauce. Stir well.
  4. Let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes or until chicken is tender. Add water if the sauce becomes too thick.Number of servings: 7-8 servings




1 can (400g)               JOLLY Whole Mushrooms, drained

½ kilogram                     pork belly, adobo cut (about 2 inches thick)

2-3  tablespoons             oil

1 piece                                onion, chopped

1 head                                garlic, minced

1/2 cup                              soy sauce

1/4 cup                             vinegar

1 cup                                  water

1 teaspoon                        peppercorns

2 pieces                             bay leaf or laurel leaf


  1. Heat oil in a pan. Pan-fry pork for 10-15 minutes or until pork is light brown on all sides. Remove excess oil.
  2. Add onion and garlic, sauté until fragrant.
  3. Add JOLLY WHOLE MUSHROOMS, soy sauce, vinegar, water, peppercorns and bay leaves; let it simmer for 30-45 minutes.
  4. Add water if it becomes too dry.Add. Continue simmering until pork is tender and sauce is reduced. Adjust seasoning if needed.Number of servings: 6-8 servings



Shopee Welcomes Its 11.11 Big Christmas Sale With a Jose Mari Chan-Original Jingle

Shopee’s biggest sale of the year is happening right now, but even before it launched its 11.11 Big Sale, it gave its shoppers a big treat through a Philippine music icon’s masterpiece.

Master Christmas ballad hit maker Jose Marie Chan inked a special jingle exclusively for Shoppe. The track was officially unveiled at Shopee’s 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special which was aired on Sunday at the GMA Kapuso Mo Network.

Expected to become a new hit, the new original titled “A Wish on Christmas Night” enchanted audiences while welcoming the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale.  Composer and interpreter of the song Jose Mari Chan said about collaborating with Shopee for this year’s fun holidays:

“I am excited to be working with Shopee again to bring joy and laughter to Filipinos during this festive season. Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations in the Philippines and I am thrilled to be given an opportunity to work with Shopee to release a new jingle. I always have an enjoyable time with Shopee and hope my fans will look forward to what we have in store throughout the holiday season.”

But this is not the first time that the father of Philippine Christmas songs collaborated with Shopee and the biggest shopping site in Southeast Asia and Taiwan is so happy to have Jose Mari Chan on board for another year.

Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing, Shopee Philippines, said about working with the Pinoy music icon:

“We’re very happy to once again work with the Father of Philippine Christmas Music, Jose Mari Chan, for our new Christmas jingle. Last year, our Christmas jingle with Jose Mari Chan received great success, garnering over 19 million views online. This year, we are bringing him back with a new jingle to bring more fun and joy for our shoppers as we usher in the year-end celebration. Together with Jose Mari Chan, we look forward to celebrating the festive season and invite everyone to lookout for our upcoming Christmas sales.”

Along with Jose Marie Chan were a couple more of Kapuso stars that graced the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special to keep the shoppers awake while waiting for the start of the sale. Some of them included the much loved noon time duo Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

“A Wish on Christmas Night” will be aired on other media channels starting November 12.

Meanwhile, the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale is getting good traction from online shoppers because of Shopee’s irresistible offers like discounts of up to 95%. Expect this price cut from leading brands like Pampers, Silverworks, Bosch, Unilever, Maybelline, Olay, Pantene, Globe, Anker, Safeguard, Watsons, Huawei, and more. Viewers of Shopee Live can also tune in to a 12-hour livestream session with non-stop prizes including vouchers and iPhone 11 giveaways.

For a more detailed Shopee list of offerings in this 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, shoppers can expect:

  • Silverworks: Users can score up to 80% off on all Silverworks products including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Maybelline: Users can enjoy up to 60% off Maybelline best-sellers such as Maybelline Sensational Liquid Lipstick, Superstay Full Coverage Foundation, and Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara.
  • Unilever: Users can get up to 50% off popular products such as Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, Ponds Cleansing Balm and Surf Detergent Powder at Unilever Official Store.
  • Huawei: Users can anticipate exciting discounts and special bundles on Huawei products such as Huawei Band 4, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and more at Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale.
  • Bosch: Users can look forward to up to 55% off on Bosch power tools and accessories such as cordless drills, hammers, and more.
  • P&G: Users can watch out for discounts of up to 50% on favorite P&G brands like Pampers, Olay, and Safeguard.

Find out more about Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale at To avail these promos anywhere you may be, you can download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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Do you want to Age Healthy? Well. Healthy Aging is the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well being in older age. Functional ability is about having the capabilities that enables all people to be and do what they have reason to value and this includes a person’s ability to meet their basic needs; to learn, grow and make decisions; to be mobile; to build and maintain relationships; and to contribute to society. So aging is a topic that we would rather avoid rather than discuss head-on, as our latter years are often associated with the loss of independence, sickness, loneliness and social isolation. With Asia Pacific being one of the fastest aging regions in the world today, it’s only a matter of time that we, as individuals, have to look at aging in the eye, and consider with care, what we can do to live a longer and more fulfilling life into our golden years.


Want to Age Healthily? The Time to Start is Now by Dr. Zhen-Yu Chen, Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board Member. By 2050, older persons aged 60 and above will make up 24 percent of the population in Asia. At the same time, the Korea population is aging faster than the rest of the world, and the country is on track to become the world’s most aged society by 2067. This means that many of those in their 20s and 30s today would also have moved into the ranks of the elderly by then as life expectancy continues to improve with better quality care.

To become older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a slew of medical conditions or poor quality of life. It involves change, both negative and positive, but you can enjoy aging if you understand what’s going on with your body and take steps to maintain your health. Then how could we put ourselves on the path towards healthy aging earlier on in life? According to Herbalife Nutrition’s 2018 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, 97 percent of Koreans believe that active steps can be taken to help them age healthily. 81 percent believe that by this can be achieved by making better nutrition choices, while 74 percent believe that this can be achieved by engaging in more regular physical activity.

While many of you may be still enjoying life in the pink of health now, it is never too early to take steps towards healthy aging as your actions have cumulative effects in the long run. To help you along, here are seven positive lifestyle habits to kick start your healthy aging journey.

#1: Keep a Healthy Digestive System

Our digestive tract contributes to our well-being by absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste. .Unfortunately, many people suffer from abdominaldiscomfort and other digestive issues, and that may increase as we age.

To maintain a healthy digestive system, be conscious of what you eat. Supportingyour digestive health with a variety of different kinds of dietary fiber can help.It also helps to take regular meals and probiotics to aid digestion.Probiotics have been shown to benefit the intestinal microbiota, which recentscience has shown to be important in digestive and overall health. Exercising and drink plenty of water can help lower your risk too.

#2: Prioritize Your Heart Health

Our heart is at the center of everything that gives our body life – from the transportation of oxygen to the success of the immune system, maintaining a healthy heart is vital for our well-being as we age.

Be good to your heart by eating a healthy diet, performing regular physical activityby engaging in cardio exercises at least three times a week, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoid smoking. It is important to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape as we age, and thereis no better time than the present to start heart healthy practices includingstaying active and supporting a healthy diet with supplements that arebeneficial to your heart.

#3: Take Good Care of Your Bones

Our bone mass peaks in our 30s and 40s, before we start to lose calcium and other minerals. This is especially true for women after menopause, who will experience a rapid decline in bone mass in their later years.

Maintain healthy bones early by incorporating strength-training or weight-bearing exercises into your routine. You should also up your calcium intake byconsuming high-calcium foods such as milk or soybeans, or a calcium supplement daily.

#4: Preserve Your Joints

While age-related factors contribute to degenerative changes in our joints, taking active steps to preserve our joints can help maintain our mobility functions and joint comfort as we age.

Maintain healthy joints by incorporating flexibility and stretching exercises into your daily routine in the morning. You can also consume a glucosamine supplement for added joint support.

#5: Protect Your Eyesight

One of the first signs of aging is the reduced ability to see things clearly up close – a condition called presbyopia. You may also find it difficult adjusting to glare or distinguishing some colors as you age.

One of the key nutrients responsible for healthy vision is lutein, which helps eye cells filter harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. Consume more lutein by incorporating foods such as spinach, kale, carrots or a lutein supplement into your diet. Protect your eyes from UV by wearing sunglasses and practice good eye habits by taking a break from your devices every 30 minutes.

#6: Exercise Regularly

As metabolism slows with age, maintaining a healthy weight becomes a persistent challenge. Regular exercise can help to increase our body’s metabolism, build muscle mass and burn more calories.

Build a regular exercise plan with at least 30 minutes of moderate-intense physical activity each day. Incorporate exercises that you enjoy and reward yourself when you achieve your fitness goals to keep you motivated. For the time-strapped individuals, try sneaking in short walks throughout your day, park further away from the office or use a standing workstation to avoid being seated all day.

#7: Keep Your Mind Active

Beyond preserving our physical health, maintaining our mental health is also vital in keeping dementia at bay while enabling a fulfilling life into our golden years.

Maintain an active mind by engaging in activities that you enjoy – spend time in nature, pursue a new hobby or take up music classes. It is also important to get enough sleep to improve focus, concentration and reduce stress.

No matter how young or old you are, it pays to start taking steps towards healthy aging now. By making simple changes to your lifestyle early with the goal of improving your long-term health, this will put you on the right track towards living a long, healthy and fulfilling life.