Lacson wants to use education to help people get out of poverty

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson wants to alleviate the country’s severe poverty problem by allowing more people to attend school. In his most recent video, the presidential candidate, who has fought government corruption throughout his public service career, emphasizes that many young people are compelled to drop out of school due to the necessity to aid their families and the financial hardship of attending school. As a result, they remain impoverished since their opportunities are limited without a strong education, and they frequently have to settle for low-paying occupations.

He will launch an innovative Edukasyon Plus program if elected President that will provide free education and institute a government internship program. Each family will receive a P5,000 monthly allowance during their family members’ internship. Lacson believes that this arrangement will allow students to focus on their studies as they will not be under pressure to help their families.

“Even if education is free, young people cannot finish their studies because they have to help their families. If this vicious cycle continues, when will they be able to lift themselves from a life of poverty?” he says.

Studies show that among member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Philippines have the highest school dropout rate.

Lacson is convinced that education is the only way to give people the chance of a better future and to improve the lives of Filipinos, many, if not most, of whom still live below the poverty line. People remain mired in poverty, unable to get better-paying jobs, for lack of education, he stresses.

With Edukasyon Plus, young people can avail of free education and participate in a government internship program that will pay their families a monthly allowance. “They won’t have to choose anymore between education and work to help their families,” Lacson says. He believes the program will help many people leave behind lives of poverty.

“Edukasyon Plus is the real solution to the problem of poverty,” Lacson adds.

Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto, Lacson’s running mate, is campaigning with the slogan “Aayusin ang gobierno, aayusin ang buhay mo” (They will fix the government and put your life in order.) Follow Ping Lacson on Facebook at




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