Viva Magenta will make your Valentine’s Day even more special

The most recognized authority on color in the world, Pantone, has selected Viva Magenta as the year’s color for 2023. Viva Magenta, a vibrant, throbbing shade in the red color family, inspires feelings of happiness and optimism. Its liveliness makes it ideal for marking accomplishments and exhilaratingly beginning new chapters. The new Floret Valentine special collection 2023, fittingly titled Viva VDAY Magenta, brings all of this into play.

Under Rustan’s Flower Shop, Floret is a locally developed specialty flower shop brand. It provides pre-made and customized floral arrangements that give any event the ideal amount of vivacity. The day of hearts will once again be something to look forward to by lovers, moms, best friends, sisters, and all the self-romantics alike this month thanks to a team of committed florists and designers.

Featuring three stunning magenta flower arrangements that come in colors that epitomize love and romance: Aphrodite (magenta and blush pink flowers), Venus (magenta and reds), and Freya (magenta and whites), this collection encapsulates modern love in one of its oldest expressions. Each design comes in a bouquet and a vase version.

From February 1 to February 9, 2023, Floret will offer a 10% discount on pre-orders made online. For the client’s convenience and special requests, you may have the flower arrangements delivered to a specified address or you may also opt to pick them up in any of the three branches: 1120 House, Rustan’s Makati Marketplace, and Power Plant Mall Marketplace.

May this time of year be marked by a celebration of love everywhere, and may Floret’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Collection VIVA VDAY MAGENTA aid in capturing each feeling of delight and pleasure through lovely floral arrangements.

Place your purchases for Viva VDAY Magenta at right away!

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