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January 2023

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It’s a terrific start of 2023 with Toyota’s Great Deals

Bring in a brand-new, dependable Toyota as a new family member to kick off the new year in style! In all of the authorized Toyota dealers around the country, Toyota Motor Philippines has announced exceptional offers and fantastic prices for January. The best time to purchase your preferred Toyota vehicle through Pay Light, Pay Low, or Cash Savings choices is right now.

Pay Low, Pay Light, or save when you pay through cash!

Every Filipino should include improving their mobility on their list of resolutions for the coming year. Mobility gives people the freedom to roam, whether it be to increase city driving efficiency or to make the most of their rural lifestyle. Filipinos can now enjoy this independence thanks to Toyota models that are made simpler to buy.

Toyota’s Pay Low deal lets customers avail units via all-in cash out with down payment for as low as 15 percent, free one-year insurance and three-year LTO registration with no chattel mortgage at 60 months to pay. Participating models are the Vios, Corolla Altis, Rush, Innova, and Fortuner.

Witness festive Chinese New Year celebrations with the perfect family vehicle. The Innova 2.8 J Dsl M/T is available for only PHP178,650 down payment under the Pay Low deal. If your family is up for a drive out of town, treat them to a fun yet comfortable road trip with the country’s most popular SUV! Own the Fortuner 4×2 G M/T for only PHP265,500 down payment.

Worry less about monthly expenses with the Pay Light option. Get the Toyota Vios, Wigo, Corolla Altis, Avanza, Veloz, Rush, Raize, Innova, Fortuner, Hilux, or Hiace for low monthly plans at 50 percent down payment with 60 months to pay. Enjoy light payments when purchasing the all-new Veloz 1.5 G CVT at PHP13,210, Rush 1.5 E M/T at PHP10,724, and Wigo 1.0 E M/T at PHP6,256 monthly payments.

Lastly, under the Cash Savings option, customers who choose to pay in cash can get big savings for the following vehicles: save PHP50,000 when you purchase the Corolla Altis V HV and V, PHP45,000 and PHP8,500 on the Vios XLE CVT and XE CVT, respectively, PHP10,000 on all Rush variants, PHP10,000 on the Lite Ace pickup, and more!

Free Periodic Maintenance

Bringing more cheers and luck to you this year, Toyota offers Free Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) of up to 20,000 KMS for every brand-new Vios, Corolla Altis, Raize, Avanza, Veloz, Rush, Innova, Fortuner, Hilux, and Hiace. Customers may avail the free PMS within 18 months from the release date of the vehicle.

Lite Ace fans also get an exclusive treat of a Fixed Periodic Maintenance Package of up to 40,000 KMS during the promo period. Lite Ace owners will only need to pay PHP1,999 per service until their 40,000 KM maintenance check.

Trade-in Rebate, Free 1-Year Insurance, and Toyota Vios 5-Year Warranty

This new year is all about leveling up! Toyota vehicle owners who want to upgrade their cars can avail a trade-in rebate for every closed trade-in transaction with a purchase any participating model within the promo period. Customers get PHP35,000 in rebate when they trade in their Wigo for a Vios or PHP30,000 when they trade in their Vios for the Raize G CVT. The trade-in rebate can be used as cash discount when customers purchase a participating model during the promo duration.

On top of these special deals, all variants of the Wigo and Veloz, and select variants of the Vios, Corolla Altis, Innova, Hilux, Avanza, Rush, and Fortuner purchased from authorized Toyota dealers nationwide this month are entitled to a free one-year comprehensive insurance provided by Toyota Insure. The comprehensive insurance covers 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance, passenger auto personal accident insurance, 3-year CTPL, own damage (OD), loss/theft, excess bodily injury (EBI), Property Damage (PD), acts of nature (AON), and emergency roadside assistance. Terms and conditions apply.

Brand-new owners of the Filipino-favorite vehicle, the Toyota Vios, also receive a special free five-year warranty for the G, E, and XLE variants bought from authorized Toyota dealers.

Start the year with a bang! Treat yourself and the family to a year of better mobility with a brand-new Toyota. Promo runs from January 1-31, 2023 only. Check out the full mechanics, offers and participating units here:

Follow TMP’s official pages – Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram,, ToyotaMotorPH on Twitter, and Toyota PH on Viber – for regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements, and events.

You can view your desired Toyota model safely from a distance by visiting, where you can also choose your preferred dealership and submit a product question.

For all your Toyota needs, from car selection to auto care, maintenance, and upgrades, download the       myTOYOTA PH APP for Android and iOS.

Health and Wellness

The newest clean water technology development for revolutionary water purification

Join the Water Revolution with Aqua SmartGuard! Drinking water needs to be clean and pure since it helps the body regulate itself and because there are many diseases that may be contracted through contaminated water.

The most significant and essential component for human life is water. All bodily fluids, including the blood, lymph, saliva, digestive enzymes, urine, and others, are derived from pure drinking water. The regulator of all bodily processes is water. It is the primary means of delivering energy to all of the body’s cells. Since the brain is 80% water, extreme dehydration can cause mental instability and impair one’s ability to think rationally. The human body needs 6 to 8 glasses of pure water every day to function properly.

Why is it Important to Drink Only Pure Water? It is vital to our good health that our drinking water is pure because if it is not, the microorganisms and parasites that are in the water may make us very ill.

Impure drinking water could cause the following health problems: ·

  • Bacteria –  Bacteria in your drinking water could cause typhoid fever, which would present with the following symptoms: diarrhea, severe vomiting, enlarged spleen, and an inflamed intestine. Typhoid fever could be fatal if not treated. Bacteria could also cause cholera, which would present as diarrhea, severe vomiting, and dehydration. Cholera can be fatal if left untreated. ·
  • Viruses – Viruses in drinking water can cause infectious hepatitis, which causes fever, loss of appetite, a severe headache, jaundice, abdominal pain, and an enlarged liver. Hepatitis is rarely fatal, but it could cause permanent liver damage. ·
  • Parasitic Worms – Parasitic worms could cause schistosomiasis, resulting in anemia, a skin rash, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic general ill health.

Salmonella, E. coli, and COVID-19 are just a few of the bacteria, viruses, and cysts that Aqua SmartGuard guarantees to be protected against up to 99.99% of the time with its unique and cutting-edge Firewall UVC technology. The countertop unit from Aqua SmartGuard is now offered for PHP 1,490 per month plus a one-time installation fee!

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Mida Food, a seafood wholesaler, got a digital logistics platform with the help of Toyota Mobility Solutions PH

This customized system is meant to automate daily planning, which comprises delivery routing, loading optimization, vehicle assignment, and trip booking. For the daily management of company, TMSPH’s Logistics Platform also provides real-time delivery status tracking.

As part of the inaugural rollout of the digital platform, TMPSH has begun assisting Mida Food Distributors Inc. (Mida Food), a significant seafood importer, distributor, and processor in the Philippines, with its logistical operations. Through its retail brand, Pacific Bay, Mida Food offers high-quality frozen fish items to individuals, households, and enterprises in the food service sector.

In this initial phase of launching the digital platform, TMPSH has started supporting logistics operation of Mida Food Distributors Inc. (Mida Food), a leading seafood importer, distributor, and processor in the Philippines. Mida Food provides quality frozen seafood products for businesses in the food service industry, as well as individuals and households through its retail brand, Pacific Bay.

Through TMSPH’s Logistics Platform, Mida Food can address the limitations in its delivery operations, such as the difficulty in route planning due to various client restrictions, challenges with truck capacity vis-à-vis demand and product load, and lack of visibility in delivery status.

The Logistics Platform streamlines administration and generates the ideal route and loading plan that easily integrates the variable delivery conditions. This supports Mida Food’s goal to achieve optimal truck utilization, which is one of the considerations in lowering the delivery costs. Drivers are also equipped with a mobile application for real-time sending of delivery status updates to Mida Food.

Prior to the platform’s launch, TMSPH and Mida Food carried out a number of on-the-ground operations studies to enhance end-to-end operations, including order taking, warehouse management, and dispatch. Based on its vast expertise in manufacturing, warehouse management, logistics, and distribution in the Philippines, TMSPH utilized Toyota’s quality management concepts and efficient techniques in this process.

“TMSPH has been instrumental in modernizing the way we plan, manage, and track our goods movement during our last mile fulfilment. Their inputs, as we continue to improve our systems, have been invaluable, and together we are realizing efficiencies through their logistics platform”, said Mida Food President/Chief Operating Officer Enrique Miguel Valles. “We are thankful for TMSPH’s assistance in helping us continually add value to the products & services we offer our customers.”

This partnership is only one of the numerous initiatives that TMSPH has available to assist in creating prosperous businesses. TMSPH keeps improving its goods and services to assist Filipino entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses.

TMSPH is a corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with the primary purpose of providing access to mobility-related products and services for consumers and enterprises. For more information, visit


Pasta dishes for a delicious new year’s beginning

We make the same yearly request for our loved ones’ continued health. Try out new, healthier recipes and share them with them as one fantastic approach to achieve this.

You can feed your family wholesome food without sacrificing pleasure. You can also visit your neighborhood grocery store to buy inexpensive ingredients. Pasta is a quick and simple component you may use to make a substantial dinner for extra variety. Pasta or other “pastabilities,” which you may prepare every day, also offers countless culinary options.

Start 2023 off well with masarap, masustansya, and sulit recipes that use El Real Pasta as a high-quality component. The following recipes are sure to please everyone in the family:

Bet na bet na Pinakbet Pasta

Pinakbet is a Filipino ulam with pork and vegetables like squash, ampalaya, and tomatoes, which are all good sources of vitamins and minerals. You can change it up and make Pinakbet Pasta with El Real Healthy Pasta. The combination of crispy pork belly, hearty vegetables, and flavorful bagoong will give you a burst of flavors.

See the full Pinakbet Pasta recipe here.

Spicy and creamy Healthy Laing Pasta

Add a spicy kick to your El Real Healthy Spaghetti by adding laing and chilis to it. The taro leaves used to make laing are known to be rich in vitamins A and C. For the sauce, it’s made with coconut cream to make it thicker and creamier.

See the full Healthy Laing Pasta recipe here.

Go green with Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni

For a nutritious and filling macaroni dish, you can try making Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni. Made from basil, pesto is said to be a good source of vitamins, calcium, and iron, which makes it a great pasta sauce. Give your dish more flavor with some lemon juice and sour cream in the sauce, and top off your El Real Elbow Macaroni with chili flakes and parmesan cheese.

See the full Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni recipe here.

Healthy Sardine Spaghetti for your dose of seafood

Fish like sardines are an excellent source of vitamins B-12 and D, and other nutrients. Sardines can make a great pasta dish when mixed with oil, garlic, and a little lemon juice on top of El Real Healthy Pasta.

See the full Healthy Sardine Spaghetti recipe here.

Creamy Spinach Pasta for all ages

If you want a dose of iron and vitamins, you can try adding spinach to your meals. A delicious way of incorporating this into a pasta dish is by mixing it with cream and ricotta cheese. You’ll get a nice creamy sauce with hints of spinach with every bite of El Real Healthy Spaghetti or any type of El Real pasta.

See the full Creamy Spinach Pasta recipe here.

Sarap, sulit, and sustansya meals provided by El Real Pasta will help you start the year off well. Now you may treat your loved ones to wholesome pasta recipes on a regular basis or on special occasions.

Visit for additional recipes. For additional information, follow

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Sustainability Adventures from a Tropical Island

The Aquos Foundation

‘To nurture and protect biodiversity, threatened species, fragile ecosystems and the community’

A pair of fat Mantanani Scops Owls consider their next meal as dusk settles over the lush green canopy of the garden forest on Banwa Private Island. Following a busy day burying their eggs, a line of Hawksbill Turtles amble lazily through the scorching, white sand on their way back to the cool, clear water. Tabon Birds poke their beaks into the dense underbrush in the hopes of finding appetizing meals of seeds, shoots, and helpless insects. The reef is alive all around the island. Above beds of enormous clams, trevally, grouper, and cuttlefish dance ravenously. Clownfish, parrotfish, and angelfish all make an effort to avoid becoming prey. They are transformed into colorful diversions for a nursery of black-tipped reef sharks as they dart through the coral. Life is wonderful in northern Palawan as the sun dips its toes into the clear seas for its final hurrah of the day.

But it was not always this way…  

Banwa Private island is remote but not removed from the heavy hand humanity has had on nature. Banwa Private Island’s Aquos Foundation was established to turn this around. Aquos Foundation Guardian, Bernard Bonares says: “In 2016, when Palawan was supposed to have the best coral in the Philippines, I saw was rubble covered in algae, a few lonely fish looking hopeless, and a hungry Hawksbill Turtle picking at a sponge. I was heartbroken.” Something had to be done, so the Foundation was set up to restore and protect the environment. This has resulted in a growing list of now thriving (often endangered) wildlife, the lush habitat and also the island’s healthy surrounding reef. 

The Aquos Foundation is an NGO that works to ensure Palawan is preserved as “the last frontier of biodiversity” for future generations in addition to offering opulent lodging and first-rate service. The Foundation’s dedication to the environment is what distinguishes Banwa Private Island. The goal is to safeguard and enhance the diverse wildlife in and around the island’s marine reserve.

We hope to soon share with you more sustainability success stories.

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Shop for “pasalubong” at Kultura while also feeding the hungry

The Kultura at SM is the ideal location to purchase if you’re seeking for special and heartfelt presents or “pasalubong” for your loved ones this holiday season. Kultura is unquestionably your one-stop shop for all things Filipino, carrying everything from gourmet chocolates and regional coffee to eco-friendly barong, stylish Filipiniana, and handmade souvenirs.

Along with showcasing Filipino culture and talent and assisting local artists during this season of giving, using your SMAC to make purchases at Kultura will also feed the needy (SM Advantage Card).

The Hapag Movement, Globe’s technology-driven initiative to fight involuntary hunger, and SMAC, the loyalty card of retail behemoth SM, are happy to announce that they have partnered to assist put food on the tables of those in need.

Through the partnership, P50.00 will be donated to the Hapag Movement and other SM Foundation programs for every purchase of a new SMAC card.

On top of this, from December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023, SMAC members who shop for select items at Kultura can earn up to 1,000 extra SMAC Points. Half of the extra points they earn will then be donated to Globe’s Hapag Movement.

“Now is the best time to discover local artistry, so get your shopping list ready and head to Kultura! Not only will you find unique and meaningful ‘pasalubongs’ for your loved ones, but a portion of your points will also be donated to the Hapag Movement and other SM Foundation programs – a perfect way to spread some holiday cheer and give back to those in need,” said Jay Beltran, SMAC SAVP Head of Sales and Marketing.

“Whether you’re a balikbayan who wants to bring Filipino goodies overseas or a fan of local products, Kultura is the best place to get your post-Christmas shopping going. And through our partnership with SMAC, not only will you satisfy your shopping needs but also help the hungry,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

Globe’s Hapag Movement leverages on technology and collaboration to help 100,000 families experiencing involuntary hunger through supplemental feeding and livelihood support.

The program was started by Globe to aid Filipinos who had been severely impacted by the pandemic, the repercussions of which are still being felt today. Social Weather Stations predict that 15 million Filipinos experience involuntary hunger. ​

Shoppers can discover more about the Hapag Movement by visiting or downloading the SMAC app, as well as on the organization’s web page.

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BUY: Start 2023 off well with these footwear picks

Opportunities to go in the correct path present themselves with the start of a new year. It’s also a justification for getting new sneakers! To help you step confidently into 2023 with a new look, we’ve chosen some women’s shoes from your favorite brands.

Keds Kickstart Leather CNY 2023

With its limited-edition CNY Kickstart in Leather, the iconic women’s footwear company Keds is commemorating the Lunar New Year. Three pairs of laces—classic white, crimson, and glittering gold—rather than just one, are included with the shoe. In 2023, you can pretty much wear any outfit with your shoes if you switch them around whenever you want! Purchase this pair and the rest of the Keds Bounce collection at any Keds location nationwide or online at

Merrell Bravada Edge

If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby this year or just go for a quick refresh, try going on a hike or a walk through nature. Merrell, the leader in outdoor lifestyle has just released a stylish women-specific hiking sneaker that can easily go from the streets to the mountains (the Falcon colorway looks especially cute!). Check out the full Bravada Edge collection at and Merrell concept stores nationwide.

Sperry Bahama 2.0 Platform

Sperry’s latest spin on its iconic topsider is something you’ll want for your daily rotation. The platform version of their Bahama boat sneaker is a no-fuss silhouette you can pair with khakis, denims, and even skirts. Best of all, the upper is made with breathable 100% recycled cotton. Shop the Bahama 2.0 Platform and more at their official webstore and Sperry retail stores nationwide.

Polo Ralph Lauren Theron II

Dress in something bold yet still relaxed and sophisticated with Polo Ralph Lauren’s Theron II sneaker. The shoe features an embroidered Polo logotype that matches its retro tennis vibe. Navy and red accents add a nice touch to these vintage-inspired kicks. Check out these and more at and Complex Lifestyle Store nationwide.

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Celebrate special occasions at Max’s Restaurant with Home Credit

Allow the fun to begin! Pinoys are renowned for being food and entertainment enthusiasts who bring people together. Filipinos usually find a way to share their blessings and celebrate milestones and memorable occasions with friends and loved ones, whether it be birthdays, class reunions, or kiddie parties!

Home Credit Philippines, the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, has expanded its services and offerings to Food and Beverages, beginning with its relationship with Max’s Restaurant, to give Filipinos new methods to make their amazing celebrations memorable and affordable.

Customers can celebrate any special occasion at Max’s Restaurant with their loved ones and have a Sarap to the Bones experience without going over budget! Therefore, this is the signal to spend a little more on your family’s holiday gatherings.

Party Now, Pay Later

A staple in every Filipino’s childhood and adulthood, Max’s Restaurant has always been a venue for family gatherings, with almost 200 branches nationwide. Their themed party packages — from kiddie party with goodies and a mascot for children, elegant wedding package to christening package, enjoyable group meeting, or other fun event packages — are all-inclusive of a decorated venue and a wide selection of food and programs to serve their beloved customers. 

Good news! Celebrations do not have to put your budget to the max. Now with Max’s Party Gives offering, customers can enjoy any special occasion at select Max’s Restaurant through an affordable monthly installment plan with Home Credit. Get that well-deserved party time without a hassle by choosing and customizing the suitable party packages that fit your liking.

Home Credit Qwarta users can avail of an exclusive 5 percent off for any of Max’s party packages. Simply download the My Home Credit App via mobile, register, and enjoy this promo and other app-user benefits, such as paying your bills contactless with no extra charge and rebates when you scan-to-pay in-store.

Pinoys can also party now and pay later through Home Credit Card. Both Qwarta and Home Credit Card offer customers their last installment for FREE for consistent on-time payments of their Max’s Restaurant party package transactions.  

Why are you holding out? Come and have a blast! To take advantage of their most recent party promotion, visit any participating Max’s Restaurant. To find out more about Qwarta and Home Credit Card offers, download the My Home Credit App.

The   Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) have properly licensed and overseen the financing firm Home Credit Philippines. Visit the Home Credit Philippines website at to find out more about the most recent news. You may also follow the company’s official profiles on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok. Customers are advised to download the My Home Credit app from Google Play in order to learn more about the most recent promotions and discover what has recently appeared in the market.

More information on HCPH is available at