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With the announcement of Heart Evangelista as their newest brand ambassador, Genteel Home ushers in a new era of Filipino furnishings

One of the top producers of custom furniture in the nation, Genteel Home is dedicated to promoting the home furnishings sector in the Philippines and highlighting the extraordinary skill and inventiveness of Filipino artisans. They have teamed up with Heart Evangelista, the leading international fashion and style icon in the nation, to set the path.

Founder and principal designer of Genteel Home, IDr., passed away on March 14. Heart Evangelista has been officially named as the brand’s newest ambassador by Katrina Blanca de Leon. She views Heart Evangelista as a representation of the development and expansion of their brand. “We’ve been crafting beautiful furniture for over a decade, and now, with Heart on board, we’re blooming like never before,” Katrina stated. She went on to say that Heart Evangelista personifies all that Genteel Home values, including enthusiasm, pride in one’s Filipino heritage, and a commitment to leaving an impact on the world.

Looking ahead, Genteel Home is set on expanding its reach to international markets, showcasing the Philippines’ rich talent in home furnishings. Heart Evangelista’s global recognition, not only for her fashion sense but also her social media influence, makes her an ideal representative for the Genteel Home’s global aspirations. “Heart’s involvement with Genteel Home signifies our readiness to make our mark on the international stage,” Katrina emphasized.

Heart Evangelista, known for her global acclaim in the world of fashion and beauty, affirmed and expressed her admiration for the international quality of Genteel Home pieces, “Genteel Home is super at par with international furniture. Not a lot of people talk about it, that’s why it’s so nice that Kat and Genteel Home are here to show the world what we’ve got. Most furniture suppliers that you see in the global scene are actually from the Philippines. We are world class. It’s important that we’re trying to celebrate that,” she said.

Host Bianca Valerio, Heart Evangelista, Genteel Home’s Katrina Blanca de Leon

Genteel Home’s journey began in 2013, when Katrina received a special commission that ignited her passion for furniture design. Since then, the brand has been dedicated to crafting pieces that inspire beauty and creativity in every home.

Beyond design, Genteel Home is dedicated to community involvement and sustainability. By making an investment in a mahogany farm, they support local communities with employment possibilities and environmental preservation in addition to guaranteeing a consistent supply of materials.

Genteel Home Collection showcase, styled by Robert Blancaflor

Every piece of furniture made for Genteel Home is lovingly and thoughtfully constructed. A bright future is ahead thanks to their partnership with Heart Evangelista, which symbolizes a common dedication to quality, sustainability, and Filipino workmanship.

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