Pop-up café allows you to taste numerous Cream-O delicacies

Cream-O opens first pop-up event, Cream-O Me Time Cafe, to give Cream-Oholics a cozy space to enjoy various treats from the cookie brand.

Cafes can be a great place for folks who wish to unwind while eating sweets. Cream-O’s initial pop-up event, the Cream-O Me Time Cafe, aimed to provide customers with all of these experiences.

The cookie brand’s charming pop-up café, which was stationed at the Greenfield District Weekend Market from June 22 to 23, pleased guests with tasty goodies and fun activities. It was an immersive environment in which guests may relax in between errands while eating various Cream-O treats. They also praised the pop-up cafe’s pleasant atmosphere, which included peaceful music, educated e-books, and engaging games.

In case you missed it, look out for the next leg in the coming months. Here’s a closer look at the exciting activities during the pop-up event (plus a sneak peak at the next leg):

Cafe memories

Content creators Cy Canlas and Emilio Daez enjoying various Cream-O cookies, cakes and drinks

Social media has become a personal journal for many people, so Cream-Oholics were encouraged to pose with their Cream-O while enjoying the wide variety of cookies, cakes and drinks. Those who posted on social media were given a free Cream-O pack that they could take home. There was also a Freedom Wall where they could spread positivity and share their best me-time tips to other cafe-goers.

A variety of solo and group games

Guests who played the memory game received Cream-O goodies

The Cream-O Cafe’s Great Taste Memory Game tested visitors’ mental prowess. They were given 10 chances to match three consecutive logos within one minute. The prize was more snacks, such as Cream-O Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cream-O Brownie, and a twin pack of Great Taste Cream-O coffee.

Cream-Oholics were also free to try out various board games while enjoying their Cream-O snacks and drinks. They chose from traditional games, like chess and checkers, and popular group games. This brought a whole new meaning to bonding over board games.

Cozy time with books and music

Cream-O Me Time Cafe visitors enjoy a variety of Cream-O products

A cafe isn’t complete without a spot to read books and a chill playlist. The Cream-O Me Time Cafe offered a cozy space for bookworms to download and read public domain e-books via the Cream-O Library over delectable Cream-O cookies and coffee. Completing the experience was the Cream-Oholics Playlist, which curated visitors’ favorite songs to listen to while spending their me-time.

Overall, the Cream-O Me-Time Cafe provided many people with a place to unwind after a hard week. It not only made them feel calm, but it also provided “choco happiness” to Cream-Oholics seeking a pleasant atmosphere with delectable treats.

Stay tuned for Cream-O Me Time Cafe’s upcoming stops in the coming months. To stay updated on this, simply follow Cream-O’s official Facebook page.

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