Quan Bay Releases New Single “Miss Saigon”

Toronto-based indie dream pop / R&B duo Quan Bay have released their debut album’s lead single, Miss Saigon, via Singapore based indie label Umami Records on Friday, 27 March 2020.

Miss Saigon tells the story of an immigrant mother and her child in the new world they have taken refuge in, a world that is at once both beautiful and scary. “My parents were refugees of the Vietnam War. It’s hard to settle into a new country where you don’t speak the language, don’t have any friends, and barely a penny to your name.”, shares Tamara, “for Miss Saigon, while the skies are clear and her child’s dreams are lovely, there are also real things to deal with like struggling with money and never seeing your kid because you’re working all the time.”

Miss Saigon starts off with cheery melodies, accompanied by playful percussion on the dholak, a traditional Indian folk instrument often used in wedding festivities for children to sing and dance to, and culminating in an uplifting, (unexpected) dream pop chorus. This may at first seem at odds with the song’s theme of struggle and loneliness but you soon realise the song is really about optimism, hopes and dreams despite life’s hardships. Aniruddha shares: “The experiences, sacrifices, and learnings passed on from our parents helped bring this song together. As you listen, we hope that you sympathize that all around the world, people are changing constantly in search of a better life which is both beautiful and super scary at the same time.”

Quan Bay comprises Aniruddha Borah, a singer-songwriter/producer from Assam, India, and singer-songwriter Tamara, a Toronto native. They write and produce their own music, delivering a unique blend of dream pop and alternative R&B, often combined with classical elements from their Indian and Vietnamese roots. They are also composers for film and recently won Best Music Director at the SailadharBaruah Memorial Film Awards 2019 for their work on the acclaimed Assamese film Aamis directed by Bhaskar Hazarika.

Miss Saigon is the lead single of Quan Bay’s debut album Stay Like This Forever which will be released over 2020. It is a fusion of the music both Aniruddha and Tamara grew up listening to, and an expression of navigating the years of one’s mid-20s.

Miss Saigon by Quan Bay is available everywhere at this link: https://ffm.to/miss-saigon



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