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March 2020


FINALLY HERE Childish Gambino’s new album, 3.15.20

Grammy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning recording artist, actor and producer Donald Glover, popularly known in the international music scene as Childish Gambino, has finally released his first full-length album,3.15.20under Wolf+Rothstein/RCA Records.

The all-star release features guest spots from Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, and more. The 12-track LPfeatures pop superstar Ariana Grande on the cosmic bop “Time,” British rapper 21 Savage and new recording artist KadhjaBonet on the neo-soul jam “12.38,” and Glover’s son Legend on the laid-back track “47.48.”

The album is available in two forms on all digital streaming platforms – a continuous play version under “Donald Glover Presents,” and a standard track-by-track version under “Childish Gambino.”Click here to listen.

To promote a communal vibe, fans across the globe can experience the album simultaneously at for a limited time.

See full track list below:

  • 01 0.00
  • 02 Algorhythm
  • 03 Time
  • 04 12.38
  • 05 19.10
  • 06 24.19
  • 07 32.22
  • 08 35.31
  • 09 39.28
  • 10 42.26
  • 11 47.48
  • 12 53.49






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In time of enhanced community quarantine mandated by the national government, caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the essential services from Ortigas Malls will remain open to serve everyone. Like supermarkets, pharmacies and banks from Greenhills, Estancia and Tiendesitas are still in operation during mall hours. Check out their current schedule below.

Aside from the operations of the essential services, Ortigas Malls is implementing free parking at Estancia and Tiendesitas every time you get your basic essentials or visit the bank during the enhance quarantine period.

Meanwhile, Greenhills Mall implemented a 24hr parking services to accommodate everyone.

Lastly, select Ortigas Malls’ restaurants are still open for delivery during this quarantine period. As we stay at home and spend time with our loved ones, their bringing for you your favorite restaurants for delivery so you can enjoy them at the comfort of your own homes. Treat yourself with this wide selection of options. Check out these following well-loved restaurants that are open for home deliveries.




For more information you may check their official Facebook pages – Greenhills Mall, Estancia at Capitol Commons and Tiendesitas.










Ben&Ben launches online event to raise funds for COVID-19 relief

Ben&Ben is set to hold a massive fundraising online showcase entitled, “Puhon: A Ben&Ben FB Live Event for the COVID-19 Efforts.”

The nine-piece collective will be performing some of their biggest hits for a one-hour live stream show while staying in their respective homes.

The Facebook Live Jam will happen on March 27, 2020 (Friday) at 7:00 PM. It will serve as a launch pad for the band’s community-initiative website,, which aims to inspire, uplift and boost the collective morale of all the key stakeholders of the COVID-19 response through uplifting stories, music, art, and more.

The platform will also provide an opportunity for people to contribute to the ongoing efforts in helping the frontliners and urban poor community affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“As artists, we believe that in a crisis like this we are called to do what we can to help—may it be by sending messages of hope, making efforts in raising funds for this crisis, or others,” shares the band in a statement.

All proceeds from this project are to raise funds for COVID19 test kits, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and nutrition support for frontline healthcare workers, and relief goods for daily wage earners.

The upcoming online concert is in partnership with YSEALI, Limitless Lab, and the Asian Institute of Management – Team Energy Center For Bridging Leadership.



Owning your dream home with just a few clicks online just follow the 4 guides

Find out if you can afford the home of your dreams through Nook’s website.

Looking for a pre-qualified home loan in just minutes? And are you ready to fulfill your dream of buying your very own home? Chances are, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer thought of this undertaking, which is perfectly understandable given that it is a huge step. But fear not – purchasing your dream home has never been more exciting, given the wide options out there!

Here are four (4) tips to guide you as you begin your journey to owning your dream home:

1) Identify your “must-haves”

Before you start looking around, think about what you want in a house, and list these down. For instance, do you need a driveway? How many bedrooms are you looking for? Do you prefer a standalone unit or is a condominium more suitable for your purposes? Each option will have a different impact on the price of the property and therefore your monthly budget.  By knowing what these are, you can be able to streamline your search easily.

2) Determine your budget

This step is very important, as buying a house is a big financial responsibility and will impact your finances for the long term, especially if you are going to take out a loan for this. Know how much equity you have available and determine how much you can afford to pay in monthly amortizations. Typically, housing payments should take up no more than 30% to 40% of your monthly income. Once you know the price range you can work with, then your selection will be more focused.

This website also provides a loan calculator that can help you estimate how much you can borrow given your budget and how much your monthly loan will be.

3) Consider location carefully

You can never underestimate the importance of location, especially in light of the dreadful traffic situation in Manila. While it is understandable that you would want to be close to your present place of work, do consider your future plans and that of your family when choosing between locations. Consider proximity to important destinations, as well as access to transportation hubs. Keep watch on upcoming government infrastructure projects as well.

4) Compare bank offerings carefully

Banks provide different financing plans and options, which is why you should take a good look at what each one has to offer to know what works best for you. For instance, some banks have longer payment periods, while others do fixed interest rates. You should also consider the fees that various banks charge, and see how flexible their offerings are. Comparing carefully can save thousands or even millions of pesos over the life of the loan.

Get pre-qualified in minutes, not days! Given Nook’s partnership with top banks in the Philippines, they can easily guide you through your whole home loan process and endorse you to the right partners you need.

Once everything is set, Nook lets you browse through various options that are within your parameters!

You can have an easier home-buying process through the online platform, Nook, the first and only online mortgage broker in the Philippines. Designed to make applying for a home loan much simpler and easier, Nook has partnered with the eight of the top commercial banks in the Philippines to give home buyers a wide array of financing options that match their needs. The process can be overwhelming without some assistance but Nook helps borrowers through the whole loan process for free.

Nook lets you choose the home loan that suits your needs, and apply without any hassle. You can know the amount of monthly repayments you have to make, fees, and other banking requirements from each bank, and submit your requirements online – all for free.

Search smartly and save thousands for your dream home. With Nook, you can do just that! For more details and updates, visit Nook’s official website at







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Ricci Rivero, ambassador of Betadine Upper Respiratory Care Products including Betadine Oral Gargle, Betadine Throat Spray and Betadine Nasal Spray.

Summer time again and many people experience flu-like symptoms due to change of climate. Just what happened to me 4 days ago, I had a sore throat and flu. It’s good I had the Betadine throat spray for fast and soothing relief. Like me, Mr. Ricci Rivero, UP Fighting Maroon player cannot afford to get sick and he believes that prevention is always better than cure. Same thing with me he uses Betadine products for his first sign of flu or colds.

Since we have six common diseases that we need to watch out for this season and the best way to protect ourselves against colds and flu is by getting our daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals, as this helps keep our body’s immune system in tiptop shape, which in turn makes it more effective when it comes to fighting diseases.

Another way to boost your body’s immune system is adequate sleep. In 2019, researchers at the University of Tübingen in Germany found that a good night’s sleep improves the body’s T cells, which fight diseases caused by viruses such as colds and the flu.

Staying hydrated is also a great way to help your body fight off diseases. Because water helps carry oxygen to cells in the body, adequate hydration ensures that every organ in your body works properly, including those responsible for immunity such as the bone marrow, lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen.

Frequent handwashing can also help keep colds and flu at bay. Disease-causing germs can thrive on any surface we frequently touch like doorknobs or elevator buttons. The best way to prevent yourself from contracting disease this way is by washing your hands properly and frequently.

While prevention is better than cure, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Aside from taking these preventive measures, it also helps to stay ready with your own oral gargle, nasal spray, and throat spray in hand just in case the cold or flu hits, so you can fight it off before it gets worse.

BETADINE Upper Respiratory Care Products

For quick-acting oral protection against colds and flu, use Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Gargle and Mouthwash, which has been proven to kill a wide spectrum of viruses, fungi and bacteria in as early as 30 seconds. When on-the-go and you need a throat remedy that works fast, use Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Throat Spray, which can kill viruses in as early as 15 seconds. If you want to immediately recover from a cold, use BETADINE® Cold Defense Nasal Spray, which can reduce its duration by up to two days, when used at the first signs of colds.

Always keep these in hand and you’ll never have to worry about your gimmick plans getting ruined because of a cold or the flu!

BETADINE products are available in drugstore and supermarkets nationwide, as well as on Lazada and Shopee.



Singapore r&b trio brb. has released their debut album relationsh*t via indie label Umami Records. Featuring two previously unreleased tracks, ‘do me right’ and ‘better’, and with two singles ‘cool with it’ and ‘talking to myself’ already passing a million streams on Spotify, the EP encapsulates the evocative reflections and textures of a prolific young band rapidly establishing themselves in the r&b scene.

relationsh*t showcases the trio’s thriving repertoire of songs about the highs and heartbreaks of romance, unravelling the ambiguous and timeless motif of love into its progression from thrilling ambivalence to inevitable submission and/or extinction. The release highlights include ‘do me right’ and ‘better’, two new tracks that uphold and surpass the band’s platinum standard. The band in particular picks out ‘do me right’, as “a snapshot of the distinctive pain of the discovery process of a partner’s unfaithfulness, one that is its own kind and can never be derived from anything else”. The tracks echo brb.’s distinct brand of funk-pop electronica, distilling different musical varieties into their very own uniquely refined embodiment of R&B that has bewitched young fans everywhere since their debut just over a year ago.

The result is intoxicating. Infectiously groovy and shamelessly relatable, listeners will be inclined to abuse that replay button, inevitably turning to the poignant lyricism for a virtual friend each time they bid romance adieu again.

‘relationsh*t’ is available everywhere at this link:

Stay tuned for more from brb. and here’s the Tracklist:

  1. talking to myself
  2. do me right
  3. can’t tell
  4. whoops
  5. better
  6. cool with it
  7. undone



98 Degrees Philippine Tour Set Back on May 2020

The past few decades have blessed us with a lot of boy bands who inspired us, made us feel the “kilig,” and got us so hooked to music – which is probably the best part of idolizing an all-male group. Alongside other super hit boybands like Backstreet Boys, NSync,Boyzone, and Westlife, we have another 90s ultimate crushes – the boys of 98 Degrees.

Back then, there wasn’t a single kid, teen, and people in love who didn’t know about the songs “Because of You,” “I Do,” “Invisible Man,” and “Season of Love.” This American band definitely stole the spotlight in the music scene until we stopped hearing them sing together in 2002.

But after they got disbanded for a decade, they got back together and have been doing reunion tours up to the present. So here they are again, taking over the music world, to relive the greatest songs they’ve released which made so many people fall in love with them.

The 98 Degrees, one of the world’s most pop and R&B bands, is making their way to the Philippines so everyone’s excited to see them live on stage. And they won’t be doing just one performance but three! So be ready Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao because this quartet is coming to major cities in the three Philippine islands.

As a prelude, promoter Big Hits Events held  last March 5 where two Front Acts graced the gathering to give as a glimpse on the famous hits of 98 Degrees. The 4-time champion of the ABS CBN singing contest, “Tawag ng Tanghalan,” Christian Biando sang his own rendition of “I Do.” Also present was TNT’s All-Star Resbak Champ Mark Michael Garcia.

With Christian Biando and Mark Michael Garcia

Comprised of Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons, and Justin Jeffre, 98 Degrees will be at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City on May 16, 2020; followed by a show at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on May 21, 2020; and wrapped up by a concert at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu on May 23, 2020.

The band was initially announced to start their music tour dubbed as “An Evening with 98 Degrees” The Philippine Tour 2020 last February 2020, but due to the health concerns brought by the COVID-19, it was pushed back to May when it’s warmer.

Tickets are available on official ticket outlets at the following rates:

  • SVIP – P8,500 (w/ meet and greet)
  • VIP – P6,980
  • Patron A – P6,350
  • Patron B – P5,990
  • Lower Box A – P5,400
  • Lower Box B – P4,945
  • Upper Box A – P3,975
  • Upper Box B – P3,635
  • General Admission – P1,890

Tickets are still on-sale too at For more inquiries, please send a private message to Big Hit Events Management and/or call (02) 806-0058 / 0945-5921754.


Ben&Ben joins Eric Chou and other Sony Music Asia artists on “Forever Beautiful”

Ben&Ben takes part in a regional collaboration expressing solidarity and support for those affected by the outbreak of iCOVID-19 Coronavirus. The folk-pop collective joins Sony Music artists across Asia in delivering a spectacular take on Taiwanese superstar Eric Chou’s original track “Forever Beautiful.”

Featuring 15 artists from nine countries across Asia singing in both Chinese and English, including Chou himself, the collaborative remake titled “Forever Beautiful: All for One Version” conveys an important message through these touching lyrics: we may speak and sing in different languages and represent the many ethnicities and cultures of Asia, but we are all united with solidarity and support. In these challenging times, music can bring hope and peace along with the message of love and compassion.

“In this time of fear and uncertainty, it is important to remind people that they are not alone and that even the most dreadful things give way to new beginnings,” shares Ben&Ben vocalist and guitarist Paolo Benjamin. “It was cool to do this project with some of the most talented and generous artists across Asia.”

Set to make their US debut at the annual South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, Ben&Ben is one of the most successful Asian acts in the region—breaking records in the country with 9 songs simultaneously on the Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 chart. Their current single “Sa SusunodnaHabangBuhay” recently shot straight to number one with a million streams on the aforementioned platform, within 2 days of release.

The nine-piece act represents the Philippines as part of the vibrant and diverse roster of Sony Music Asia featured in “Forever Beautiful: All for One Version,” including Eric Chou (the original singer/songwriter) and singer Kelly Cheng from Taiwan; Wafa, a member from BahiyyaHaneesa (an acapella group), and R&B-pop singer NYK from Malaysia; music acts Benjamin Kheng, Narelle, and Sezairi from Singapore; HÀ LÊ, a vocalist from Vietnam; singer-songwriter and producer E.viewz from South Korea; singer Fatin from Indonesia; singer-songwriter Jocelyn C from Beijing; and artists Phil Lam, Jason Chan, and Cath Wong from Hong Kong.

Forever Beautiful: All for One Version” is now available globally on all streaming and digital platforms through Sony Music Taiwan. Proceeds from this song will be donated to relief efforts by 韓紅愛心慈善基金會 (Han Hong Love Charity Foundation) for those affected by the outbreak of iCOVID-19 Coronavirus.


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Ortigas Art Festival 2020 Exhibit over 300 pieces from Bocetos to Multimedia Art

Photo shows from(L-R) Atty. Mike Abundo III, VP and Head and Corporate Resources; Arch. Renée Bacani, Vice President of Ortigas Malls; Mr. Renato Habulan, social realist painter and curator of Ortigas Art Festival 2020; Mr. Jim 

Majority of us love art and every year looking forward the different dimensions of Art with the third run of the award-winning Ortigas Art Festival, which has expanded Filipinos’ art consciousness and masterfully brought art within the grasp of more people. Making art more accessible to ordinary people, this year’s art festival, that is again held at Estancia at the Commons, promises guests even more to enjoy this year.

For the first time, international artists have joined the exhibit, which was especially curated by the highly talented and multi-awarded Renato Habulan, resident curator of Eskinita Gallery. As an added plus, the festival is featuring bocetos through Papelismo Boceto, not only to highlight the artists’ creative process, but also to allow more art enthusiasts the opportunity to own the works of renowned artists at more affordable rates. Over 100 artists will be showcased at the exhibit.

Among the artists whose works are on exhibit are independent artists Arnel Borja, Richard Buxani, Allison David, and Sam Penaso. Joining them are Arnel Agawin, Julio Austria, Jeho Bitancor, Gala Caki, Justo Cascante III, Reynold dela Cruz, Michelle Dawson, Feliciano Gallardo, Processo Gelladuga II, Katrinn Hamann, Sahid Kazi, Leonor RS Lim, Alfonso Medillo, Dengcoy Miel, Rey Padernilla, Made Palguna, Manuel Rubio, Joel Soliven, Art Zamora, and Jose Zulueta. Also on exhibit are works from three galleries, among them, Eskinita Art Gallery, Kaida Contemporary Gallery, and vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery.

“We have always believed that art should be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and the best way to promote art appreciation is by bringing art exhibits right where people converge, which are malls. Over the past three years that we’ve had the art festival at Estancia, we were surprised to see the great and growing interest in art among Filipinos, both young and old. This is why we have continued with the art festival and added features which we think will be of added interest to more people,” said Arch. Renée Bacani, VP of Ortigas Malls. Complementing the exhibit are workshops by local and international artists for those who are eager to develop their skills. Seven workshops have been lined up for learners of all skill levels.

Get inspired by the sheer artistry and talent on show at the exhibit, which runs until March 8. Admission is free. And don’t forget to participate on the comment board by the entrance of the exhibit!

For more information on Estancia’s Ortigas Art Festival, visit their social media pages at and , and subscribe to their newsletter at .