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November 2021


Holidays are brighter with McDonalds and share the festive lights this season with exciting Christmas offers

The most wonderful time of the year in the Philippines is the holiday season with festive decorations up and holiday playlists on repeat. McDonald’s Philippines launches a slew of offerings and experiences to ignite the holiday spirit and give Filipinos a holiday celebration to remember with the advocacy of sharing the light to each and every one. Where McDo believes that happiness multiplies when shared with loved ones during the season of merriment.

Witness a light spectacle at McDonald’s Ride-Thru

Parol Holiday at McDo Savano Park, Icy Wonderland at McDo McKinley West, and Happyland at McDo Alabang West

As the country emerges from one of the longest quarantines in the world, McDonald’s welcomes customers back to their stores with an experience like no other with the Ride-Thru Christmas Light Show!

From November 29 to January 02, 2022, both the young and young at heart will be transported to a festive and vibrant wonderland in 3 of McDonald’s Drive-Thru stores. Witness the beauty of a winter wonderland when going through the Icy Wonderland Ride-Thru at McDonald’s McKinley West in Taguig, drive thru a factory of dreams at the Happyland Ride-Thru in McDonald’s Alabang West in Las Piñas, and celebrate a traditional Filipino holiday with the Parol Holiday Ride-Thru located at McDonald’s Savano Park in Bulacan. Customers will be able to grab a bite of their McDonald’s favorites while enjoying this unique light spectacle from the safety and convenience of their own rides. This new go-to destination will surely be an unforgettable bonding activity for family and friends alike!

McDonald’s favorites and holiday cheer delivered to your doorstep

For customers who prefer to celebrate the holiday festivities from home, McDonald’s brings the light to them with the help of McDelivery Santa Riders. Make sure to keep a lookout for them this December as Santa Riders deliver happiness onto the streets and into one’s home with every McDelivery. To see how a McDelivery Santa Rider adds to the magic of Christmas, watch McDonald’s latest online video here

Share the light to our fellow Filipino in need

McDonald’s Shares the Kindness with the Share-A-Meal card

Christmas isn’t complete if happiness is not shared with others, especially those who need it most. Through the McDonald’s Kindness Kitchen, McDonald’s commits to sharing a festive meal with nearly 7,000 chosen beneficiaries, while all its stores combined will donate 1 million Happy Meal books and toys to school beneficiaries.

But that’s not all – 12 days before Christmas, McDonald’s will also launch its Share-A-Meal program, giving its customers a chance to give back with the opportunity to send McDonald’s meals to their charity of choice with no purchase requirement! All a customer needs to do is to visit a McDonald’s store and fill out a Share-A-Meal card as McDonald’s will grant over 1,000 wishes and share over 18,000 meals come December 25! So, if you want to share your light and help give back to those in need, simply head on over to a McDonald’s store nearest you and give your chosen community a chance to enjoy these McDonald’s meals with the Share-A-Meal program!

“The holiday season is undoubtedly the biggest celebration in the Philippines, which is why our efforts revolve around making it easier, brighter, and happier for Filipinos to enjoy! Through these experiences, McDonald’s hopes to be a part of an experience that’s worth remembering,” said Oliver Rabatan, McDonald’s Philippines Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Channels.

Share the light this holiday season by visiting McDo stores or ordering via the McDelivery PH App or website because there’s no better way to celebrate the happiness of the holidays than to share it. That’s why McDonald’s invites Filipinos to create feel-good moments during this season.

For more information and share your McDonald’s holiday experience using the hashtag #McDoShareTheLight! And also follow McDonald’s Philippines Facebook page.






All Sogo employees have been fully vaccinated


As early as July 2021, Hotel Sogo’s New Normal campaign, “We are completely vaccinated, para kayo ay ProtekTODO,” boasts that every Hotel Sogo employees have finished two vaccine shots to ensure the safety of its guests.

“We have 41 branches nationwide and five more upcoming branches. There are thousands of employees working in all our hotels, and their safety is important to protect our guests. We are really grateful that our staff is fully vaccinated,” said Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Marketing Manager.

The management of Hotel Sogo is concerned about the well-being of its staff. They also think that having the vaccine is a simple way to help us return to normalcy and worry-free living. Hotel Sogo treats its employees as if they were family, as well as its guests. “I can tell that with the 11 anti-Covid innovations we installed in our hotels and fully vaccinated hotel staff, we are sure that our family and friends will be safe while staying at Hotel Sogo.” She added.

Indeed, Hotel Sogo is So Clean…So Good…So Safe.




With the music video “Lunod,” Ben&Ben advance the mental health issue

It doesn’t always have to be sink or swim when it comes to mental health. Ben&Ben create a sense of drowning in torrential sadness and fear in the music video for their new single “Lunod” shot by award-winning filmmaker Jerrold Tarog (Heneral Luna, Sana Dati).As they have their zoom conference, we have learned so much from the discussion on how they give value to mental health issues and how it relates to their new song. They also discussed their experiences while doing their newly released and played it during our zoom event.

Taken during the zoom meeting

“The music video is a deeply introspective and symbolic interpretation of the song, which is all tied in together from the concept and writing, down to the location,” lead vocalist, guitarist and Lunod chief songwriter Paolo Benjamin explains. “In the video, the song is narrated as the band, with Zild and juan karlos, move deeper and deeper into the tunnel slowly—losing breath, then in the latter half taking powerful strides to move out of it. This signals a ‘rebirth’ into a new, more mature version of the self.”

The cinematic visuals were shot at the El Deposito water reservoir, an underground location known for its historical significance to the events that lead to the Philippine Revolution, Philippine-American War, and World War II.

“Lunod” serves as the band’s reunion project with Jerrold Tarog, who helmed the music video for their 2018 track “Susi,” off the historical epic drama, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. “We love collaborating with visionaries in their fields, and so it was a dream working with him,” the acclaimed folk-pop group reveals.

Ahead of the music video release, the nine-piece collective dropped a live acoustic performance of “Lunod” last month. The version, which features collaborators Zild and juan karlos, strips down the bluesy, classic rock arrangements of the original for a more subdued take. The intimate interpretation of the song is part of an exclusive EP release featuring multiple iterations of “Lunod” in various formats, including an extended version of the track.

“The multiple versions for ‘Lunod’ were intended to bring a full listening experience to our listeners; for them to hear what more could be brought out of the song,” Ben&Ben shares in a statement. “We decided to release for streaming the acoustic jam of ‘Lunod,’ the extended version in the music video.”

Aside from the EP, ‘Lunod’ received a remix treatment from hip-hop artist Zelijah, who channeled his struggles with mental health on the production level, and even added a rap verse to convey the mental strains that he went through during the pandemic, and after being diagnosed as bipolar. The “Bipolar remix” of the track gives Zelijah the opportunity to put his own character into the song, and reinterpret it with ethereal sonic elements that blend trap, hip-hop, modern electronica, and rock music genres.

In addition to the ‘Lunod’ EP, Ben&Ben and its label, Sony Music Philippines, recently opened a Lunod-themed café at Latitude Bean+Bar in Malate, Manila, as part of Ben&Ben’s Kuwaderno Pop-Up Café activities, which will run from November 25 to November 27. A Lunod art piece inspired by Zelijah’s Bipolar Remix, as well as other creative activities connected to mental health, are featured in the pop-up café.

The Kuwaderno Pop-Up Café offers Liwanag and ordinary people a chance to immerse themselves in Ben&Ben’s highly lauded record and impending digital concert through a variety of activities. Jess + Pat’s in Maginhawa, QC, and Kale Café in Fairview, QC, are the two additional unique pop-ups.

Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert tickets can also be purchased at the three pop-up venues throughout Metro Manila. Ben&Ben’s upcoming digital concert, set to alter the concert-going atmosphere, will combine live music performance with several creative disciplines such as theatre, dance, symphony, and technology to create an audio-visual spectacular completely unique.

Ben&Ben’s “Lunod,” featuring Zild and juan karlos, is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines. Watch the music video:

“Lunod” collaborators Zild and juan karlos are also set to join Ben&Ben on Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert, happening on December 05, 2021 (Sun) from 8pm to 11pm. Get your tickets here.


























Southville and PCPPI have partnered to boost employee education

The official maker of PepsiCo products in the Philippines, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI), has partnered with Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) to assist employees who want to continue studying and advance their education.

The collaboration includes a tuition price reduction for PCPPI workers who enroll in Southville’s Flexible Higher Education Programs or blended learning courses that are done entirely online. Select courses from SISC and Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities are eligible for the discount (SISFU).

SISFU offers academic programs from foreign countries which are recognized for its high quality and standards. Graduates from these programs will also receive diplomas or certificates from the foreign academic institutions.

“PCPPI believes in developing talents from within. Through our partnership with SISC and SISFU, we want to inspire our employees to continue learning to achieve their personal and career aspirations,” said PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong.

The partnership also targets PCPPI employees who, due to life’s circumstances, were not able to finish their studies to finally get degreed. Since the programs are online, it gives them opportunity to combine education with work.

“This program reinforces our commitment to make PCPPI a great workplace to grow.  We thank SISC, a very reputable educational institution, for this opportunity to forward our people capability agenda and propel our talents’ education,” Ong added.

Apart from the tuition fee discounts, the partnership also comes with discounts on the use of Southville team building, planning, and sports facilities.

PCPPI is the official manufacturer of Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Milkis, and Aquafina in the Philippines.

PCPPI is committed to create a positive impact on society with programs focused on environmental sustainability, nutrition, education, and livelihood. For more information, visit





Lacson wants to use education to help people get out of poverty

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson wants to alleviate the country’s severe poverty problem by allowing more people to attend school. In his most recent video, the presidential candidate, who has fought government corruption throughout his public service career, emphasizes that many young people are compelled to drop out of school due to the necessity to aid their families and the financial hardship of attending school. As a result, they remain impoverished since their opportunities are limited without a strong education, and they frequently have to settle for low-paying occupations.

He will launch an innovative Edukasyon Plus program if elected President that will provide free education and institute a government internship program. Each family will receive a P5,000 monthly allowance during their family members’ internship. Lacson believes that this arrangement will allow students to focus on their studies as they will not be under pressure to help their families.

“Even if education is free, young people cannot finish their studies because they have to help their families. If this vicious cycle continues, when will they be able to lift themselves from a life of poverty?” he says.

Studies show that among member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Philippines have the highest school dropout rate.

Lacson is convinced that education is the only way to give people the chance of a better future and to improve the lives of Filipinos, many, if not most, of whom still live below the poverty line. People remain mired in poverty, unable to get better-paying jobs, for lack of education, he stresses.

With Edukasyon Plus, young people can avail of free education and participate in a government internship program that will pay their families a monthly allowance. “They won’t have to choose anymore between education and work to help their families,” Lacson says. He believes the program will help many people leave behind lives of poverty.

“Edukasyon Plus is the real solution to the problem of poverty,” Lacson adds.

Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto, Lacson’s running mate, is campaigning with the slogan “Aayusin ang gobierno, aayusin ang buhay mo” (They will fix the government and put your life in order.) Follow Ping Lacson on Facebook at




Health and Wellness

According to a study Bear Brand Adult Plus helps fill in the micronutrient gaps found among adults

Drink milk every day gives benefits to adult who want to take proactive steps in maintaining good health, science can supports this claim through the results of a recent study conducted with adults. No doubt that adults, day in and day out, face all kinds of challenges in pursuit of a better life, whether it’s for their family or for themselves. From waking up early, commuting to work, powering through the day’s demands, and preparing again for another day—a cycle of doing the same tasks everyday can give them the feeling that they’re not getting anywhere in life. But more often than not, they face one serious challenge: Lack of nutrition. This leaves many Filipino adults feeling drained, which keeps them from undertaking new challenges that can improve their lives.

To build the strength to try new pursuits and improve personal well-being amidst life’s challenges, it’s necessary to focus on nutritional intake and be proactive in managing one’s health. There are plenty of ways to take care of one’s health and well-being, such as good sleeping habits, a balanced diet, exercise, and more.  Another way to supplement the body with the right nutrients is by drinking milk. Many adults think that adding milk to a balanced diet is only for growing children, younger people, or seniors, however, it is also beneficial to adults.

The University of the Philippines – College of Home Economics (UPCHE) in partnership with Nestlé Bear Brand Adult Plus conducted 2020 study called “Effects of Fortified Adult Milk Drink Formula and a Stress Management on Work Productivity and Gut Microbiota of Filipino Adults”  shows that adults who drank Bear Brand Adult Plus every day during a 2-month intervention period were able to meet their daily nutrient needs as compared to those who were part of the control group that did not. The findings present that Bear Brand Adult Plus helps meet 100% of the daily nutritional needs of Filipino adults based on the Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI) of the essential nutrients such as, Vitamin C, Zinc, and B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12).

Start looking forward to a strong tomorrow, and have the confidence to give 100% in life, no matter what! Beyond taking care of oneself through exercise, sleep, and the right kind of food, drinking milk as a part of the daily habit can significantly improve health. It has the proper nutrients that provide strength to live better than yesterday and achieve small but consistent victories. Stop feeling drained, and start giving your 100% for a strong tomorrow. Drink Bear Brand Adult Plus — the milk that’s proven to help complete the nutrients the body needs.

Lastly, watch this video to know more about it:


Through its Guiding Light label, Lampara Books strives to foster spiritual formation and values education

Guiding Light, a new Philippine imprint introduced by Lampara Books, wants to inspire parents and families to be positive influences on their children’s lives. Through highly enjoyable but life – changing books written and designed by some of the world’s most promising and award-winning writers, illustrators, and personalities, the family-oriented and faith-based imprint focuses on promoting spiritual formation, values education, emotional growth, and community development. It’s refreshing to hear books that aim to help children develop an optimistic outlook in life. In our zoom meeting, Lampara Books launched its new imprints that delighted us. It will significantly help the young ones engage more in reading bible-based stories and actively enjoy it at the same time.

“It has always been our goal to inspire adult readers, most especially parents, to engage with their children on stories of inspiration, joy, and life lessons within a framework of Christ-centered beliefs and teachings,” says Segundo D. Matias Jr., the Chief Publisher of Lampara Books. “Our activity books create bonding moments between mom and dad with their kids through storytelling that put good values at the forefront of its principles, while inspiring everyone to become a better human being.”

For its premiere offering, Guiding Light has recently released its ‘Little Life Lessons on’ series—a collection of fun activity books that parents and their children can color, play around with, and use as a medium for purpose-driven instruction. Written in both English and Filipino, the series is made for childhood care providers and parents to help their kids learn important values in life. The ‘Little Life Lessons on’ catalog contains inspirational stories that depict kindness, obedience, respect, and love, among many others.

The motivational imprint also takes pride of its Family Bible Illustrated edition, which has 365 pages of bible stories, meditations, and prayers for the whole family to reflect on together, and The Comic Book Bible, which offers a treasury of stories, known and loved by generations of readers.

Classic Bible Stories, illustrated for pictures-and-words format by talented young artist Tommaso d’ Incalei, is for readers looking for a new take on a familiar story. This timeless anthology will inspire individuals to uncover the meaning behind God’s teachings in an entertaining and easy-to-read fashion, bringing stories to life for a new generation of readers. The Classic Children’s Bible, which is wonderfully drawn and presented to appeal to a younger readership, is another notable product under its umbrella.

Other titles currently available on the Guiding Light website include Rhona Davies’ The Life Of Christ, a beautifully illustrated book that “explains the Mass by linking the liturgy to scenes from the Gospels,” and Angela M. Burrin’s Welcome To The Mass, a beautifully illustrated book that “explains the Mass by linking the liturgy to scenes from the Gospels.”

The Guiding Light official website,, has both old and new titles.







Grab Philippines commemorates Buwan ng Tagapaghatid by honoring Grab’s drivers and delivery-partners

Grab Philippines has designated November as Buwan ng Tagapaghatid, a month-long celebration of the important contributions of Grab drivers and delivery partners that will culminate on November 28th, Sunday.

Grab Philippines has evolved into more than just a source of income for its partners. Grab Philippines has built a stronger relationship with each driver and delivery partner over time by assisting them in being the best at what they do and increasing their competitiveness in a digital-first economy.

Buwan ng Tagapaghatid is part of Grab Philippines’ broader range of programs and initiatives dedicated to its driver and delivery-partners. It highlights, recognizes, and celebrates, the different stories of modern-day heroism of Grab driver- and delivery-partners, while emphasizing their role in society and the economy.

“Mahalaga ang papel ng ating mga Grab driver and delivery-partners nitong pandemya, at mas mahalaga ang kanilang magiging gampanin sa ating economic recovery. Sa pamamagitan ng ating platform, patuloy nilang tinutugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng ating mga kababayan – ito man ay sa ride-hailing o deliveries; at sa pamamagitan ng ibat-ibang programa at initiative ng Grab, natutugunan natin ang kanilang mga pang-araw-araw na pangangailangan, at natutulungan natin silang paunlarin ang kanilang mga kabuhayan. Nagpapasalamat ako sa tiwala, dedikasyon, at pakikiisa ng ating mga Ka-Grab, at makakaasa kayo na patuloy na makikinig at aalalay ang Grab sa bawa’t isa sa ating mga partners” says Grab Philippines Country Head Grace Vera Cruz.

Biggest tribute to modern-day heroes

This year, Grab Philippines is making its Buwan ng Tagapaghatid more exciting and meaningful for its partners.

Renowned photographer Shaira Luna posing together with some of the viral and inspiring Grab driver- and delivery partners after their photoshoot.

  • Grab Philippines has launched Kwentong Tagapaghatid, Biyahe Serye Comics, and 5-Star Support Film to highlight the stories of drivers and delivery-partners from the perspective of merchant-partners and consumers.
  • Select driver- and delivery-partners were also shot by renowned photographer Shaira Luna, where they are aptly portrayed as modern-day heroes. These images can be seen on LED billboards along major thoroughfares across Metro Manila.
  • Driving community-wide participation and recognition for its driver- and delivery-partners in the Philippines, Grab is working together with Mastercard, Jollibee, Caltex, and other key brands and businesses for this year’s Buwan ng Tagapaghatid.
    • On November 28, for every tip made using Mastercard debit or credit card, Mastercard will match the amount – essentially doubling the tips received by the partner on that day;
    • Partners delivering Jollibee orders on November 28-30 will get FREE Jolly spaghetti.
  • The month-long celebration is also marked by an online concert and the Grab Papugay Awards, where top-performing drivers are recognized for their hardwork the past year, and they can get the chance to take home exciting prizes such as laptops, flatscreen TVs, and motorcycles.
  • Driver and delivery-partners will also receive exclusive promo codes and perks which they can use for meals and other necessities;
  • Grab offices were turned into 5-Star Ka-Grab Pitstops where partners can drop by to get freebies from Grab’s brand partners.

GrabExperience: Grab Philippines Leaders become delivery-partners for a day

Despite being one of the biggest tech platforms in the country, Grab continues to keep its ears to the ground to gain unique perspectives from consumers, merchants, and partners. To kick off this year’s Buwan ng Tagapaghatid, leaders from Grab Philippines took a break from their busy routine as they become delivery-partners for a day.

Throughout the journey, each leader was paired with a delivery partner, allowing them to get first-hand on-the-ground knowledge and build bespoke solutions to better serve Grab’s driver communities in their different roles.

(L) Grab Philippines Head of Deliveries Anton Bautista walks around the streets of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to deliver lunch to consumers; (R) Grab Philippines Country Marketing Head J-Anne Aruta chats with Marvin Ignacio, the delivery-partner behind the viral ‘lugaw’ incident, as they pick up orders in Taguig.

(L) Grab Philippines Public Affairs Head Booey Bonifacio and delivery-partner Michael Olaso prepare the food safely for their consumer; (R) Grab Philippines Country Operations Head RJ Cabaluna and delivery-partner Carlos Cecista Jr with their consumer.

Grab Financial Group and Grab Pay Philippines Head Martha Borja connects with delivery-partner Jonnelle Duran, and tackles how Grab’s financial products and services can better support delivery-partners in their everyday routine and needs; (R) Grab Philippines Head of Driver Services and Support Wayne Jacinto delivers a hearty lunch to his consumer.

L) On a back-to-back delivery run, GrabAds PH Head Wiwa Cajumban delivers lunch to his consumer; (R) Grab Philippines Head of Partner Comms and Training Cons Escamos and delivery-partner Cherrie Concepcion quickly receives their order from a merchant-partner

(L) Grab Philippines Head of People Operations John Calica readily pulls out his consumer’s lunch orders; (R) In between orders, delivery-partner Carlos Cecita, Jr. shares a few delivery pointers to Grab Philippines Legal Counsel Miguel Aguila

Visit to learn more about the happenings for this year’s Buwan ng Tagapaghatid.







Mega Global marks the third National Sardines Day with a spectacular Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, business updates, and the company’s first-ever Mega Sardines Piso Sale

As the Philippines celebrates National Sardines Day this year, Mega Global Corporation, the company behind Mega Sardines, the country’s leading sardines brand, commemorates the occasion by launching a program to help undernourished children across the country, all while focusing on innovations and expansions that will help the company grow. In the zoom meeting that happened, we got excited about their plans and program as they commemorate this special day. We learn new things about how they plan to expand and innovate their products to provide excellent service and help our countrymen.

Taken during the zoom meeting

Mega Global Celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day

Mega Global exhibited its numerous efforts that would assist boost not only the Philippines’ sardines sector, but the economy and people’s lives as well, at a roundtable discussion held on November 23 to start off the holiday celebrations on November 24. In addition, it has presented the positive outcomes of the Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, which was implemented in collaboration with Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP), demonstrating its profound concern for Filipinos.

Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim-Chan, Chris Fernandez, executives of the Mega Global conglomerate, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines were present in the event to discuss how the Mega Bigay Sustansya program will bring long-term gains to its program beneficiaries.

Mega Bigay Sustansya (MBS) is a CSR program led by the Mega Tiu Lim Foundation that hopes to give a meal planning and distribution program to over 881 children nationwide. The program has supported children in six provinces nationwide for sixty days. Children ages 4 to 12 have received house-to-house delivery of meals every day that included at least one sardines meal, made using Mega Global’s nutrient-packed high quality sardines.

“Mega Bigay Sustansya is one way for us to support communities who need us the most. Canned sardines is one of the Filipinos staple foods throughout the years and through this program that target to feed malnourished children all over the country, we hope to use the same staple product to nurture the health of these children, and sustain it through leave-behind materials that will help them prepare nutritious meals in the long run,” Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer of Mega Global said.

On top of the updates on Mega Global’s MBS program, Mega Global executives have also shared in the discussion how they strived to continue elevating the sardine industry through innovations and the building of new infrastructures. These expansions would maintain the double digit growth of the company in 2022, allow it to create a more sustainable avenue in producing their products, as well as create new products that will surely be a hit to its customers.

Host Shawn Yao with Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim-Chan, Chris Fernandez, executives of the Mega Global conglomerate, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines were the speakers for the event, who discussed Mega Global’s innovation for its flagship product, sardines, its CSR effort Mega Bigay Sustansya, as well as brand updates, and other pertinent information

For the past 46 years, Mega Global has been leading the way in supporting Filipino communities through its investments in the sardine industry, which has provided job opportunities for thousands of Filipinos. The company continued to upgrade its Zamboanga facility, where its state-of-the-art operations, including its can-making plant and offices, are based. As part of its sustainability endeavors, it is using solar energy for its warehouses.

Mega Global also discussed details about a new plant in Batangas that will be opened next year. Located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, it will house state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing using sustainable energy sources and is expected to help add dynamism to the economy as it continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Mega SardinaSaya: Game Show Bonanza

Mega Global will also be commemorating National Sardines Day on November 24 with an online game show bonanza. The online event, which will be aired live on Mega Sardines’ Facebook page and Shopee app, will kick off with an Instagram and Facebook challenge that will decide the players for the much-anticipated Pera or Sardinas game.

The game show bonanza will have three major segments representing the tagline of Mega Sardines: Sarap, Saya and Sustansya. For the Sarap segment, Mega Sardines’ ambassadress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo will do a cooking demo that will serve as an introduction of new dishes that mommies can easily create for their loved ones.

For the Sustansya segment, the audience can learn about the Mega Bigay Sustansya program, the company’s nationwide feeding program being undertaken in communities around the country with the help of its partner, Reach Out Philippines Foundation.

Lastly, there will be a series of virtual games for the Saya segment where fun games such as Pera or Sardinas, Call A Ka-Mega, and Trivia Game will be available for the audience to participate in. There will also be a grand raffle, where they have the chance to take home a wide selection of prizes.

Mega Sardines is also introducing a Tiktok Challenge, in which users can show off their moves and have some fun while recording films for a chance to win prizes. Mega Sardines is also having a piso sale on Shopee for Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Tomato Sauce with Chili Added, Corned Sardines, and Mega Fried Sardines in Tausi—certainly a deal that buyers will be eager to add to cart!

Prepare to celebrate National Sardines Day with Mega Global and have a good time! For additional information, go to Mega Sardines’ Facebook page.







San Juan’s BJMP Livelihood Program is supported by Sterling Bank of Asia

In photo (L-R): Raquel Bumbay, VP-Marketing; Arlene Siongco, VP-Compensation and Benefits, Ethel Peralta, VP-Management Support Services; JO2 Karl Julius C. Leano, BJMP representative; and Dan Guevara, VP-Center for Learning

Sterling Bank of Asia (SBA) has selected San Juan City’s Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) as one of this year’s beneficiaries of their annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the Kind Heart Gives Campaign.

The BJMP’s Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) of San Juan City showed their skill in their parol-making initiative, which also serves as a means for them to financially sustain themselves and their families. One of the most famous symbols of Filipino Christmas is the “parol,” which is a common fixture in most homes.

“The parol is a great expression of the Filipinos’ faith and hope,” said Cecilio San Pedro, SBA’s President and CEO. “We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our support to the PDL’s of San Juan City as we move towards a brighter Christmas celebration in these challenging times,” San Pedro added.

During the announcement of the activity, Sterling Bank of Asia employees also ordered their own parols to bring home and hang in their homes.

“It is inspiring to see how our fellow employees happily bought their own parols as a way of helping these persons deprived of liberty,” said Dulce Edillor, SBA’s Human Resources Group Head. “From a company-led initiative, our fellow employees voluntarily involved themselves in the project,” exclaimed Edillor.

Visit to learn more about Sterling Bank of Asia.