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January 2022

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Agap Agad with Bactidol helps quickly relieve a sore throat

It’s more vital than ever to stay well these days, especially while we continue to deal with the new normal’s concerns. Taking care of oneself normally entails eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly, but it should also include acting quickly when common problems arise. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an increase in the number of cases of sore throat, which should not be taken for granted because sore throat can escalate from mild to severe without effective treatment.

Sore throat is one of those illnesses that can strike when people least expect it, and is mostly the result of a viral infection such as the common cold or flu. It may also be an indication of a bacterial infection like strep throat or tonsillitis. Depending on the root, a sore throat can cause a scratchy feeling in the throat, pain that worsens when talking or swallowing, and hoarseness of voice.1 A red flag is that sore throat can also lead to complications such as kidney inflammation, rheumatic fever, and meningitis if left untreated.2

The good news is there are surefire ways to eliminate a sore throat at the onset. One of the most effective methods is to gargle with a medicated mouthwash such as Hexetidine Bactidol®, which has been proven to work in as fast as 30 seconds and protects for up to 12 hours against sore throat-causing viruses.

“Bactidol® Gargle’s effectiveness against sore throat has made it the number one sore throat gargle brand in the country,” said Chili Perez, senior brand manager for Bactidol® Philippines. “Using it at the first sign of sore throat will help provide immediate relief and protection against sore throat-causing viruses.”

Bactidol® Lozenges are comfortable to take, easy to carry around, and effective in killing sore throat-causing infections for folks who live on the go.

“With Bactidol® Gargle and Lozenges, it’s easy to keep sore throat at bay and help prevent it from getting worse,” added Perez. “Sa unang kati pa lang, agap agad with Bactidol®.”

Bactidol® Gargle and Lozenges will stop a sore throat in its tracks. It is available in renowned drugstores and through the Johnson & Johnson e-Pharmacy on Lazada and Shopee.

Watch the Bactidol TVC here:

About Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc.
At Johnson & Johnson, we believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. That’s why for more than 130 years, we have aimed to keep people well at every age and every stage of life. Today, as the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, we are committed to using our reach and size for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. We are blending our heart, science, and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. Learn more at Follow us at @JNJNews.

The Year of the Tiger is Croc-tastic! Gōng xǐ fā cái!

Crocs, a major player in creative casual footwear, is celebrating the new Water Tiger Year with fascinating Ang Paos that you may obtain for every regular-priced Crocs footwear purchased at any Crocs store nationwide or on the Crocs webstore from January 28 to February 28. (

Until February 28, 2022, present your receipt and redeem the Ang Pao at your nearest Crocs store. This month, each coupon corresponds to a different reward. You can get Php 100 off your next regular-priced footwear purchase, a free JibbitzTM when you buy another regular-priced footwear, or a Php 100 off any regular-priced flips, slides, or sandals purchase. In any transaction, only one (1) Ang Pao may be used.

Hurry, visit Crocs stores nationwide near you and get your Ang Paos:

  •   SM branches nationwide (SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Pampanga, SM Cebu, SM Davao)
  •   Ayala Malls nationwide (Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center)
  •   See the complete list here.

Please visit  Crocs official store ( or follow  Crocs Philippines Facebook Page    and  Crocs Philippines Instagram for additional information and updates on our global Come As You Are campaign.

Crocs is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, combining comfort and style with a value that consumers know and love. The vast majority of shoes within Crocs’ collection contain Croslite material, a proprietary, molded footwear technology, delivering extraordinary comfort with each step. In 2022, Crocs declares that expressing yourself and being comfortable are not mutually exclusive.


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Experts in data science and artificial intelligence from UnionBank explain the importance of client centricity and teamwork in banking

A webinar on collaborating with AI tools in financial services was recently presented by Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) and TripleBlind, a US-based data and artificial intelligence (AI) services provider. Dr. David Hardoon, the Bank’s Chief Data & AI Officer, and Dr. Adrienne Heinrich, the Head of AI Center of Excellence, emphasized the significance of client centricity and collaboration when it comes to offering data and AI-driven solutions to consumers.

Customer centricity, according to Dr. Hardoon, is a critical component of banking and finance since it allows banks and other financial solutions providers to produce more tailored products and services that answer consumers’ specific demands.

“Everything that we do—when we go buy a car, when dealing with insurance or healthcare, thinking of our future house—ultimately is situated and substantiated on our finances. So, how do we go about truly personalizing and accommodating one’s need? It’s important to really have that centricity,” Dr. Hardoon stressed.

He added that true breakthroughs in terms of solutions can be achieved through collaboration with players in other sectors, as doing so will bring in a vast amount of outsider expertise into the co-creation process. “Customer centricity has to be done through collaboration, and that naturally leads to the multi-sectorial approach, providing better, more specific products, better solutions,” Dr. Hardoon said.

“For us at UnionBank, it’s very important to put the customer at the center, and therefore, we seek to develop customer-centric AI solutions. Besides looking at AI solutions for banking-specific features, we’re also looking at innovative solutions beyond banking,” mentioned Dr. Heinrich.

She likewise noted that solutions providers should consider value-adds for clients to enable them to have customer relationships in a more holistic way. This would assist clients in their areas of interest or in what they want or need to spend money for.

“We can actually see that this is really a customer need when looking at major topics that come up in personal finance forums on the web. We can see that less than 20 percent of the conversations actually mention banking products or services,” Dr. Heinrich emphasized.

UnionBank is always looking for new ways to collaborate with industry or academic partners in order to give greater value to its clients. This, according to Dr. Heinrich, will allow the Bank to move quickly with fresh ideas. She then gave an example of AI in healthcare, citing a hypothetical scenario in which a bank could have access to a big pool of data on individuals with specific chronic conditions.

According to Dr. Heinrich, “By running machine learning models on this data, we can give financial advice for the coming months and years to be able to cover the cost for the treatments and have patients select their preferred life-enhancing products or services accordingly. And we can also easily enhance the data set with our own data of the customer, and that can be shared back to the care provider, if the patient agrees.”

There really are a lot of possibilities collaborating with AI tools in financial services.

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Scholastic Asia, a global publisher, has enlisted Mayani’s help in extending aid and supporting Baseco’s community library

Scholastic Asia, the world’s largest children’s book publisher, has partnered with agriculture marketplace Mayani to launch Project Aklat at Pangarap, which will provide relief and promote community literacy among the children of 196 indigent families affected by a massive fire outbreak in Barangay 649, Baseco.

The initiative’s centerpiece is the use of Mayani’s community campaigns skills and platform for the online distribution of food packs supplied from local farmers, with Scholastic Asia donating free books after the overall target food donations were met.

The endeavor also drew the support of volunteer group No One Left Out, outdoor advertiser HDI, and Sto. Nino De Baseco Parish, who led the on-ground relief distribution.

“As Scholastic celebrates its 100 years, it’s in our roadmap to strengthen initiatives that will promote learning and reading. We’re active in partnering with organizations with the same goals as ours when it comes to giving back to the community,” said Jane Tiongco-Aguirre, General Manager for the Philippines of Scholastic Asia. “Every Filipino child should be able to be given a chance to strengthen their love for learning and eventually live a life that they’ve built for themselves in the future. We are happy that Mayani sees this eye to eye with us.”

Scholastic is known to be the publisher of the children’s favorites Harry Potter and Clifford the Big Red Dog. They are an active partner of schools in the Philippines in strengthening student reading proficiency through their word class and effective Literacy Program, Prime English and their remarkable numeracy program, Prime Math.

“One of our platform’s broadened use cases is empowering our customers to give back to causes that they personally care about. As an impact-driven organization, we open our platform for a multitude of partners to anchor their social drives on and tap other value points in our ecosystem,” remarked JT Solis, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mayani.

The project has provided almost one metric ton of fresh produce and chicken, as well as 500 books and technology-enabled learning resources. The books have already been given to the Baseco children’s community, as part of a larger effort to supplement their alternative learning activities.

Mayani’s billboard collaborator HDI boosted the campaign as well. HDI Adventures President Raoul Buencuchillo stated, “We sincerely appreciate education and hold this strong belief in fostering grassroots literacy as a major priority.”





Tanduay’s New TVC Pays Tribute to Friends Who Help Us Stay Alive

Everything appears to be lighter when you’re around friends. Tanduay’s latest TVC, “All Light Lang,” is not only entertaining to watch, but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of having peers, especially in these trying times.

In the opening of the TVC, the main character is seen singing to the tune of Gloc9’s “Simpleng Tao” and the different stresses that he has to deal with everyday — from tech problems, to paying a lot of bills, to never ending household chores. Despite all of these, he is able to end his day with a smile because his friends are there for him.

“Masakit sa ulo, pero light lang tayo,” his friends sing to him as they unwind and share a drink of Tanduay Light.

Marc Ngo, International Development Manager and Senior Brand Manager at Tanduay, shared that during the concept development for the Tanduay Light TVC the brand direction was to convey the experience the product brings.

“We want a material that will make viewers feel happy. With everything that’s happening now with the pandemic, we just wanted to share a good laugh, a great drink, and a fun experience. For a moment, we want the viewers to set aside the negativity and focus on a light moment shared with friends,” he said.

As the song further cites, “Ang nagpapagaan ng lahat ng ito – ang tropa ko.”

The TVC comes to a quick end, reminding us that things will be smoother if we just reach out. “Gaan ng may kasama,” says the final copy.







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LBC Gets Closer to 100 Percent Inoculation Among Its Employees Booster Shots Have Been Fired

LBC’s objective of achieving perfect herd immunity among their ranks is nearing completion, as they proudly announce that 98 percent of their workforce has already received COVID-19 vaccination. This comes at a time when, in Metro Manila and adjacent provinces, tighter safety standards have been reactivated in response to a large increase in COVID cases following the holiday season and the spread of Omicron.

The LBC’s statewide “Bakuna sa Lahat” program, which began in August 2021 and ended in August 2022, has produced amazing results. The effort vaccinated 6,452 employees, their dependents, and truckers in the NCR, while 1,798 were vaccinated through their respective local government units (LGU), resulting in a 98 percent vaccination rate.

For provincial areas, spanning North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, an overwhelming 9,589 employees, dependents, and truckers were vaccinated-  giving LBC a 97% rate for all regions.

Apart from ensuring the health and well-being of their employees, LBC was also able to help the communities by making a donation of  498 vials covering 4,980 doses of vaccines to various LGUs in NCR and other nearby provinces.

To ensure that the program ran seamlessly and complied with the  Department of Health’s standards and step-by-step inoculation process,  LBC partnered with no less than 75 accredited hospital service providers to carry out the step by step inoculation process- from registration, to counselling, screening of a medical physician, immunization and monitoring.

LBC’s vaccine drive elicited positive response from its workforce-  owing to its comprehensive three-step process of Education, Encouragement and Engagement.

Initially, LBC tapped their  officers to disseminate relevant information to all their teams in huddles and meetings. According to Jhayner Bufi, LBC’s Chief People Officer, they engaged the company’s managers to be the spokespersons on the safety and effectivity of the vaccines -given their sphere of influence over their employees.

What followed were poster statements—with LBC President Miguel Camahort and other officers as main influencers. Organic HR and Admin employees were also tasked to organize, campaign, communicate, mobilize and roll-out the vaccine campaign seamlessly. To make the sign-ups easy, an in-house registration e-link was also established.

And while they are close to attaining 100% vaccination among their ranks, LBC continues to implement strict safety protocols in all their work spaces- specially in their branches which have remained open and operational without pause. In addition, Bufi reveals that booster shots for employees and their dependents are already underway amidst the Omicron spread. According to Bufi: “The way LBC has been servicing and moving commerce around, we’d like it to be handled by safe, healthy people”.

LBC feels that by stepping up their “Bakuna sa Lahat” campaign, they will be able to continue on with their aim of providing outstanding and safe service to Filipinos in the fields of express courier, cargo, and money remittance.







ArtBGC an uplifting modern scenery

What’s Your Culture by Glenford Lumbao
Location: W Global Center, 30th street corner 9th Avenue, BGC

Bonifacio Global City, or BGC as it is widely regarded, is preparing to put more art in the heart of the commercial district. As part of its recovery initiative to restore open spaces with parks and art installations, BGC’s Public Art program has lately painted new murals throughout the neighborhood through ArtBGC.

Numerous art installations and murals have been placed throughout the area as part of ArtBGC. The public can currently enjoy and experience 36 murals, 22 art installations, and 110 street furniture in and around BGC on a daily basis.

Atin ang Bawat Sandali by Deafeye Studio
Location: Kalayaan Flyover, 32nd Street, BGC

To set the tone for the collective mood for 2022 and beyond, BGC, through the help of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, has commissioned artists to create 7 additional murals on the walls of the city. With the theme “Rolling Out a Better World,” these murals depict a society where everyone is interconnected through empathy and compassion. These new murals were painted by Glendford Lumbao, Kankan Ramos, Patmai, Zoe Rosal, Deafeye Studio, Elie Quial, and Woman Create. These were all finished by the end of 2021.

BGC continued to roll out “better world” murals in collaboration with partners who believe in the power of public art to elevate community life. Last year, the first ever mural, “What’s Your Culture?” by Glendford Lumbao, was made possible with the support of Yamaha Motor Philippines. It utilized the concept of “weaving” to highlight how different narratives are intertwined together making it all part of a bigger picture. In line with the theme of moving forward for a better tomorrow, the mural shows a subtle hint of the Pinoy concept of “kapit-bisig” to visualize how everyone in the community, despite their different culture, could be of service to one another.

Atin ang Araw! by Zoe Rosal
Location: C1 MRF, BHS Central, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City

Apart from the first mural supported by Yamaha Motors, Globe Telecom supported other murals namely “Atin ang Love for All” by Patmai, “Atin ang Araw” by Zoe Rosal, and “Atin ang Bawat Sandali” by Deafeye Studio as “Rolling out a Better World” which also joyfully coincided with Globe Telecom’s ongoing campaign, “Atin ang Mundo” (“The World is Ours”).

Nurturing Ubuntu (Connected in our Humanity) by Woman Create
Location: 5th Ave. cor. 34th Street, BGC

On the other hand, “The Land We Walk On” by Elie Quial and “Nurturing Ubuntu” by Woman Create were sponsored by Boysen, the official paint partner for ArtBGC. Boysen provided all the paints used for all the new murals, and even held a seminar for the artists and BAFI staff on proper paints and products to use for different surfaces. Boysen has always strongly supported BAFI even when The Mind Museum was created.

Because of the new murals with various art works, designs, and animations via mobile devices via augmented reality, everyone visiting, residing, and working in BGC will perceive these “ancient” spaces in a new light. A virtual art tour is also available via to learn more about BGC’s public art, which invites people to ponder and discover new things about themselves and the world via art.

Donations are also being accepted by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. to enable them continue to support activities that promote the arts in the community. Interested donors can send an email to [email protected] or visit Check out the Bonifacio Global City and Bonifacio High Street Facebook pages for additional information!

Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that champions the arts and sciences and has spearheaded the following landmark endeavors: The Mind Museum, a globally recognized and awarded science museum; the BGC Arts Center for the performing arts; Art BGC Public Art and Mind S-Cool, its multi-media marketplace of science and art ideas for family learning.



Smile Train Improves Comprehensive Cleft Care for Filipinos in Need Throughout the Year

Smile Train – Providing hope all-year-round

As the global pandemic enters its third year, COVID-19 has unquestionably become everyone’s top health issue. However, because many people are still affected by the epidemic, Smile Train understands that children born with a cleft lip and/or palate face substantial health risks.

Smile Train has been compelled to become even more focused and persistent in its activities as a result of the pandemic’s problems. In 2021, it was able to perform 2,500 cleft operations, 750 more than the previous year. Smile Train enabled more medical practitioners to give telehealth consultations and speech therapy sessions by harnessing technology to ensure access to much-needed services.

“Throughout last year, we wanted our beneficiaries to know that Smile Train services are ongoing and have never stopped. We want our patients to know that hope is not lost. While we stay at home for everyone’s safety, Smile Train worked hard to innovate and create programs to reach more Filipinos in need,” said Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, Smile Train Vice President, South East Asia.

For many Filipinos, the pandemic caused a temporary disruption to their lives due to mobility restrictions. However, through the first Filipino Speech Therapy App by developed by Smile Train and its Speech Telehealth Program, patients can continue to receive their treatment and guidance from healthcare professionals in the comfort and safety of their homes.

The Speech Therapy App is a free mobile application, designed to help patients who have received surgery for their cleft palate. Since its launch in 2021, the application has reached an audience of 50,053 Filipinos for continued treatment and services. The app also features a wide array of educational videos and speech therapy sessions in Filipino, with features and content for young patients. The application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

On the other hand, Smile Train’s Telehealth program connects patients and guardians to healthcare practitioners for consultations, health education, and assessments via WhatsApp, Skype, and Zoom, on any device. This program has provided patients with more than 2,000 cleft care-related sessions, covering speech therapy, nutritional support, breastfeeding guidance for mothers of babies with clefts, pre-surgical consultations, and psychosocial care.

Aside from continued treatment for current patients, Smile Train endeavors to reach more cleft-affected individuals and their families in need. In the first quarter of 2021, the charity launched Cleft Con Philippines, the first-of-its-kind conference, streamed through Smile Train Philippines’ official Facebook page. Cleft Con was a  series of discussions from experts who discussed various aspects of cleft care, such as breastfeeding babies with a cleft, oral hygiene tips, surgery, the importance of speech therapy and building one’s self-confidence.

With the successful launch of Cleft Con Philippines, the charity, in partnership with RMN Foundation and Radio Mindanao Network, launched Cleft Con Radio, a series of discussions covering comprehensive cleft care that aired in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro.

Another milestone for Smile Train is the launch of its first Comprehensive Cleft Center in Cebu. Located at ARC Hospital in Lapu-Lapu City, the center aims to make cleft care services more accessible to individuals and families in the region.

While the charity organization expanded its reach and services, Smile Train Philippines also continues to support medical professionals involved in providing cleft care by offering them education and training opportunities for developing their skills further and exchanging best practices with other experts around the world. By supporting cleft professionals, cleft-affected individuals and their families can ultimately receive safe, high-quality, and timely care throughout the year.

“We’re coming into 2022 with the determination to help more people in need. Despite the challenges of the current times, Smile Train continues to innovate and improve access to comprehensive cleft care for the tens and thousands of Filipinos depending on us,” said Flaviano.

Smile Train has shown its unwavering dedication to a vision of a society in which Filipinos have free access to comprehensive cleft care and may enjoy a healthy life. With Smile Train Philippines, having comprehensive cleft treatment can be one less worry while the pandemic continues to alarm Filipinos.

Visit for more information and to donate to Smile Train’s global initiatives. Visit, follow Smile Train Philippines on Instagram @SmileTrainPh, and like us on Facebook at @SmileTrainPhilippines to discover more about Smile Train’s local activities in the Philippines.





Grab your luck and come to SM Supermalls to celebrate Chinese New Year!

As SM Supermalls celebrates the Year of the Tiger with fun-filled events and activities for its shoppers, 2022 will be a great year! Whether you choose to stay at home or shop safely at SM Supermalls, there are exclusive CNY bargains for everyone!

Dining Deals of the Day from January 16 to February 2, kick off the festivities with an enormous gastronomic feast with discounts and promotions. Shoppers can take advantage of Lucky Eats Deals from participating tenants, which can save them up to 22%. You may shop with ease using the SM Malls Online app, which allows you to schedule delivery or pick-up, or by phoning our SM Customer Care hotline at (02) 8876-111, 0917-876-111, or 0908-876-1111. At Chinese New Year-themed indoor and outdoor Lucky Eats Dining Spots, you can eat all of your favorite foods while staying safe.

Lucky Red Finds Bazaar. Boost your luck and find all the lucky red items from SM Supermalls’ partner tenants and affiliates in this Chinese New Year-themed pop-up market.

Lucky Tiger Park. Families will be treated to a dazzling Chinese New Year experience featuring an outdoor set-up with lighted 3D tiger art installations, Chinese lanterns, and Drive-Thru Lion and Dragon Dances and Fireworks Displays to welcome the year of the Tiger!

Lucky Paws. Show off your pet’s best CNY-themed costume and get a chance to win pawsome prizes when you submit photos of your pets online or take them to select SM Supermalls Paw Parks.

Lucky Forecasts. When it comes to ushering in good fortune, SM Supermalls knows how to help prepare shoppers for the positive energy this new year brings. By scanning the QR codes, you can check out your 2022 Chinese zodiac brought to you by Feng Shui expert Ms. Marites Allen. Plus, you can also get a chance to win exciting prizes and SM vouchers!

Additionally, SM Supermalls has also prepared other activities and promos for everyone to enjoy until February:

  • Lucky Plants.  Attract good luck all year round with lucky plants in your home! This Chinese New Year-themed green market in select SM malls features floras that are considered lucky like the lucky bamboo, money tree, Jade plant, mandarin orange tree, orchid, bamboo, and bonsai.
  • Lucky Finds on SM Deals. Check out CNY exclusive offers from SM Supermalls’ tenant partners and affiliates from Buy 1 Get 1 deals and 50% discounts.
  • Lucky22 vouchers. If you opt to stay at home during these festivities, don’t worry about missing out on these exciting deals because SM Supermalls has got you covered. SM Malls Online will be having Lucky22 vouchers– a special voucher offering a 22% discount on food and non-food items for stay-at-home shoppers like you!
  • Lucky in Red Pick-up at Curbside Promo. When you pick up your order at SM via SM Customer Care Hotline, SM will be giving away Php 200 worth of SM GCs on February 1 for those decked in red! So wear something red or drive by to pick up the items you’ve ordered in your flashy red car! This promo is for the first 22 customers only, so be sure to get there as early as you can.

Experience all of this and more this Chinese New Year when you celebrate your #LuckyDaysAtSM! So, boost your luck and securely celebrate the Year of the Tiger with SM Supermalls as it wishes you wealth, health, abundance, and continued good fortune!

Follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms for #SafeMallingAtSM.






Clients of UnionBank can now transfer money directly into their Shopee and Lazada wallets!

Clients of UnionBank can now perform their online shopping more easily through Shopee and Lazada, the country’s two largest e-commerce platforms, by directly cashing in their e-wallets. This new alternative gives Bank customers another way to conduct their online transactions in an efficient way.

Surely, buying essentials online has never been this easy! Shopee and Lazada buyers can now easily cash-in, in real time from their UnionBank accounts. Customers also enjoy discounts and added benefits with their online purchases, for every top-up transaction.

This was made possible with the collaboration of tech savvy ShopeePay, Lazada Wallet and UnionBank, combining the power of three digital leaders.

“These partnerships are timely especially now at a time when e-commerce and cashless transactions are exponentially rising. This ensures Filipinos can participate in the headwinds of innovation and a better, more seamless customer experience as a result.” shared by Erika Denise Dizon, UnionBank FVP and Head of Fintech Business Group.

This is how it goes. To use UnionBank Online Banking to cash in your ShopeePay, go to ShopeePay Wallet, select Cash-in, enter the amount, choose online banking as the payment method, and select UnionBank. After that, you’ll be taken to the Bank’s online banking to complete the transaction.

Click the wallet symbol in the upper right corner of the homepage to access Lazada Wallet. In the Cash-in Methods page, click the cash-in button, input the amount, and then click “Add UnionBank account.” After that, you’ll be taken to the Bank’s online banking site to confirm the transaction. Then have fun shopping!