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February 2023


To carry out its aim of supporting Filipino sports and other leisure pursuits, BingoPlus promotes the sport golf

In keeping with its promise to support Filipino sporting events and other popular Pinoy activities, BingoPlus, the country’s first and only live-streaming bingo site, now sponsors golf competitions.

BingoPlus has made golf its top priority for the month of February. The brand has been an active sponsor of professional basketball conferences, sports teams, beauty pageants, musical performances, and performers as well as traditional Filipino cultural festivals like the Sinulog in Cebu and MassKara in Bacolod.

BingoPlus is one of the Platinum sponsors of the 51st Golden Tee Invitational Tournament at Manila Golf and Country Club, which took place on February 9. This tournament aims to develop new collaborations. BingoPlus will also be one of the Titanium Sponsors of the Third Zamora Cup Invitational Tournament at the Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club on February 23 as a mark of commitment.

AB Leisure Exponent Inc. President Jasper Vicencio said BingoPlus is really trying its best to fulfill its mission of promoting the country’s different types of leisure activities because it wants to contribute to a society with a good work-life balance.

“The nature of our business is leisure and offering the Filipino ways to live a relaxed, well-balanced life gives us fulfillment in what we do. Golf is about the three C’s of camaraderie, connections, and charity. It is a strategic game as well as a game of skill, accuracy, and concentration that imparts many values. We want to give back to the community by participating in this mental, high-level game that allows us to contribute to charitable causes.”

Vicencio went on to say that BingoPlus is proud to be supporting the two elite golf competitions because it would enable the brand to connect with privileged groups and the causes they want to promote.

“Being part of these prestigious golf tournaments allows our brand to participate in the worthy causes that organizers contribute to. We look forward to further collaborating with them and fellow sponsors to promote the sport and align with their respective business inclinations as well. We see leisure fulfilling a deeper mission for the country. As a leisure company we strongly believe that creating a society of relaxed, happy individuals will ultimately result in a productive citizenry, ” Vicencio concluded.


Partnering with OWWA and Home Credit to Honor OFWs in Western Visayas

At the OFW Family Day Caravan in Western Visayas, Home Credit Philippines, the top consumer financing firm in the nation, in collaboration with the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA), paid tribute to the heroes of the modern era: the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Almost 2,000 OFWs and OFW associations from the provinces of Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo, and Negros Occidental participated in the two-week caravan. The program sought to offer an avenue for the OFWs and their families to reconnect and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Aside from family bonding activities, the caravan also opened conversations on financial literacy and education, addressing the common problems of OFWs spending years working abroad only to come home with little to no savings.

“Our main goal for the caravan was to show appreciation for the Filipino migrant workers. We want to empower them to make informed decisions on how to spend and manage their hard-earned money from working overseas. We at OWWA Region 6 support our OFWs all the way, and we want them to succeed and secure a better life for themselves and their families,” said Rizza Joy Moldes, OWWA Region 6 OIC director.


Throughout the caravan, Home Credit led the discussions on the basics of budgeting and saving as part of its advocacy program to promote financial literacy across the country. The OFWs were also given knowledge on safe consumer finance options they could explore while protecting themselves and their families from bad debts and financial risks.

“We at Home Credit honor the modern-day heroes of our country. They are an inspiration to many Filipinos as they serve as examples of strength and perseverance. As they strive to make ends meet for their families, we are committed to providing them with the proper knowledge to handle their finances to avoid financial mismanagement and risks. We will continue to support the OFWs and be their trusted ally Para sa Life,” shares Sheila Paul, Home Credit’s chief marketing officer.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the number OFWs globally has already reached 1.83 million in 2021, a three percent increase from the number released in 2020. With the growing volume of labor migration from the Philippines, it is expected that OFW remittances will also increase. The data likewise shows that majority of the OFWs are in the age group 30 to 34 years old, followed by 45 years and older, which can be read as parents and other breadwinners going abroad to support their families.

Home Credit is dedicated to offering more Filipinos financial options and knowledge so they can live more comfortably and securely. Wais sa Home and Alagang Home, Home Credit’s two premier CSR and financial literacy initiatives, will keep the company at the forefront of the movement to improve everyone’s lives and promote financial freedom.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)     have properly licensed and overseen the financing firm Home Credit Philippines (BSP). Visit Home Credit Philippines’ website at to find out more about the most recent news.


See the sci-fi-themed music video for “Palibot libot” by Rico Blanco

The music video for Rico Blanco’s current single, “Palibot libot,” released under Sony Music Entertainment, tackles science fiction themes.

The images, directed by Cris Escolano and Rico Blanco himself, tell a tale of humanity in a hopeless miserable world. Model Tuti Pon, robotic character “The Entity,” and actor Rico Blanco all appear in the music video.

Pon claims that she enjoyed portraying the female protagonist and embraced the nuances required to successfully portray her character. “I would do it again if I had the chance. It was definitely a new experience for me.”

Production Designer Justine Arcega-Bumanlag expressed enthusiasm in working with the team and conveying the fantastically imaginative vision of the material. She shares, “For this, Rico Blanco was aiming for a classic-looking music video that stands the test of time. He wanted to veer away from CGIs, so we started building a set that looks like a wreckage from an unknown planet, and using it all throughout the time.”

The character from a series that he filmed in La Union last year served as the inspiration for the song, which examines the ambiguity that exists between friendship and relationship. The narrative of the song, however one-sided, is “anchored precariously on someone’s steadfast loyalty,” and it is blunt about the fact that love is not always synchronized. It has drawbacks, but that is part of its allure.

The song “Palibot libot” will be on Rico Blanco’s upcoming fourth studio album, which Sony Music Entertainment will distribute.

Watch the music video of “Palibot libot” here.


A “reunion” performance and the release of the Tower Sessions Live record are also part of Barbie Almalbis’ 25th anniversary celebrations

With the official release of her Tower Sessions Live CD through Sony Music Entertainment and a reunion event involving her legendary bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle, Filipino singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis marks a significant milestone in music.

Both events commemorate her 25th anniversary in the Philippine music industry as a lady who effectively mastered Pinoy rock through emotionally stirring composition and uncompromising artistic freedom. It is indeed a wonderful event as we witnessed a great milestone that is full of love and light. She delivered all her songs with a grateful heart and we enjoyed it so well.

The Tower of Doom members Eric and Carlo Perlas produced Barbie Almalbis’ Best Hits live album, which has a fresh arrangement of her classic and contemporary songs. Kyle Cayton recorded the album, while Simon Durias mixed and mastered it. Along with more recent songs like “Days Are Long,” “Silaw,” “Tigre,” and “Kumpas,” the album’s first single, it will also include classics that defined careers, including “Firewoman,” “Torpe,” “Tabing Ilog,” “The Dance,” “Goodnight,” and “Just A Smile.”

“It’s always been a dream of mine to record our songs live, because we’re always rearranging songs as a band, and I think there’s something special that gets captured when the we play live together,” Almalbis shares. “My producers and collaborators did such a great job of making you feel like you’re at the gig. You can feel the power of the kick drum and the bass, and then have guitars blasting in your ear — in a pleasant way, of course.”

Aside from the release of Tower Sessions Live on digital platforms, Barbie Almalbis is set to headline her 25th Anniversary concert at 123 Block, Mandala Park on March 11 (Saturday), from 2pm onwards. Celebrating the impact of her music as a guide to many people’s journey in life, the show will reunite her with former bandmates in Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle.

Aptly titled Firewoman:25 Years of Barbie Almalbis, the mini-music fest will also feature sets by some of the country’s finest acts, including Sandwich, Gab Alipe of Urbandub, Clara Benin, I Belong To The Zoo, Kai del Rio, and Bird.

Reflecting on her career as an artist, Almalbis expressed gratitude to her fans who have been supportive of her endeavors through the years. “I didn’t have so many plans growing up, but always just dreamt of playing music. I’m so grateful that I get to do this and share the experience with others too. I’m always touched by the support of my fans and friends, and really humbled and encouraged by their words and stories about how these songs have also become part of their journey.”

Under Sony Music Entertainment, Barbie Almalbis’ Tower Sessions Live is now accessible on all digital platforms throughout the world.

You may get tickets for her forthcoming performance, Firewoman:25 Years of Barbie Almalbis, on TicketMelon. In collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, Backspacer Records, JB Music, Nova Health Shop, D&D, Smirnoff Mule, and 123 Block, the event is hosted by GNN Entertainment Productions.

Follow Barbie Almalbis on socials:Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Jolly Encourages Home Chefs’ Creativity in the Kitchen to Empower Home Cooks

They say the easiest way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. For many homemakers, especially moms, this is very much true the moment they enter the kitchen. When you take the time and care to prepare something special for the people who matter to you the most, one just experiences an indescribable emotion. Naturally, the same applies if you’re on the receiving end of such a selfless act.

While mothers are true culinary geniuses, there are often moments when creativity may be lacking. Fortunately, Jolly is here to help our home cooks overcome that difficulty. Jolly, the industry leader in packaged fruit and vegetable products, makes it convenient to have access to fresh ingredients right in our pantries. By delivering freshly packaged fruits and veggies right into our pantries, the brand—which was created with the purpose of empowering homemakers and unleashing their creative potential in the kitchen—has continuously made this possible. Jolly is a market leader in its sector and a top choice among home cooks thanks to its convenience and the high caliber of its products.

To prove this, we had some moms take on the challenge of creating something special for their loved ones using some of Jolly’s best-sellers. Stephanie Lontoc of StefTheMomma shared one classic dish that never fails to impress her family—Creamy Beef with Mushrooms made with beef sirloin and her go-to Jolly Mushrooms and Jolly Cream of Mushroom Soup! It’s the perfect dish to make if you want to impress without spending too much time in the kitchen as it can only take thirty minutes to prep and cook! Watch her quick recipe here to cop it.

(video link: )

Dyosa The Momma is another big fan of the tatak Jolly love. For her, she loves how she can still make healthy but also affordable dishes that never fail to be big hits for her family. One of her go-to recipes is Pork Picadillo which is perfect for all types of occasions . The dish is colorful, easy to make, and most of all, delicious and healthy. Go watch her recipe here

(video link:

For the recipe, she used Jolly Premium Sliced Mushrooms, Jolly Green Peas and Jolly Garbanzos to make sure that the dish is bursting with flavor and nutrition. More than the convenience and easy access to these ingredients, she also loves how Jolly makes everything easier for the budget.

“With a growing family, dapat mas mindful na tayo sa gastos. Kaya hindi dapat mahal ang delicious meals. Konting creativity lang, pwedeng i-level up ang delicious meal. Kapag nabibigay mo ang sarap at sustansya, yan ang Jolly Love.”

Versatility is also something that’s very important in the kitchen. Thankfully, with easy access to fresh ingredients, you will never run out of dishes to try. The Peach Kitchen proves this by creating her version of Ginataang Gulay using Jolly products . She shares, “Isa sa paraan natin ng pagpaparamdam ng pagmamahal natin sa pamilya natin ay ang pagluluto natin para sa kanila. Kaya naman as much as possible gusto natin na masarap at healthy ang hinahanda natin para sa kanila.”

Check out her recipe below: (video link: )

Jolly is a brand that was created by a family for families. Since its conception, it knows that when it comes to expressing love, Filipino households use the language of food to make connections and express their emotions. Still the undisputed leading brand of freshly packed fruits, vegetables, and other pantry essentials, it continues to fulfill its promise of empowering home cooks by expanding their creativity in the kitchen through its wide range of products. When you put your heart into every food you make and when you never run out of ideas in the kitchen, #YanAngJollyLove!

Buy online at Ace Market, Lazada, and Shopee or in reputable supermarkets across the country for your favorite Jolly items. For the most recent information on their news and promotions, make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram profiles.


Uniqlo U A Feeling of Ease Spring/Summer Collection Introduce on February 17

The release of the Uniqlo U 2023 Spring/Summer collection will begin on February 17, according to the international clothing shop UNIQLO. The new collection, A Feeling of Ease, was created by UNIQLO R&D in Paris under the direction of Creative Director Christophe Lemaire and focuses on clothing that makes living easier.

A comprehensive collection of flexible basics with frequently unexpected, always carefully studied proportions is created by layering pieces in smooth, matte cotton and invigorating AIRism cotton meeting airy utilitarian outerwear. Understated neutrals, rich blues, and beiges are combined with vibrant splashes of green, orange, yellow, purple, and pink to create a fun yet beautiful color scheme. I really do like their newly launched pieces, since it is comfortable to wear, very fashionable and comes from unique feels every time you wear it. I’m such a fan of this brand for it never feels I’m out of the game as it has ways that caters the needs of all ages and still give you comfortability and fashion. Their summer collection is really perfect for all our needs. We can mix and match with their colorful tees and pair it with our favorite sneakers. I just love their new collection and it is a must have to have yours now.


Women’s clothing is adaptable; stylish, seamless activewear can be worn for both workout and daily activities. Tailoring is gentle and simple. A trendy staple is a matte-finish cotton transparent shirt with patch pockets. The new jeans have a fitted leg and a modest curve to give them a modern look.


A full selection of adaptable staples for a chic yet classic style. Wide-cut cotton shorts and seersucker striped tees provide a simple summer silhouette. An innovative outerwear proportion is an enormous utility jacket. The boxy cut has further improved the crew neck 3/4 sleeve T-shirt. With adjustable drawstrings at the hem, parachute pants are simple, practical, and easy to wear.


BLOCKTECH hats and jet caps, and a new bucket bag in two sizes marry form and function, while the beloved drawstring shoulder bag returns for another season.



The lineup includes 27 items for women, 23 items for men, and 7 items for accessories

Lineup and Pricing Items

Special Website:

UNIQLO R&D Centers

Uniqlo U is a collection of “Future LifeWear Essentials.” The world-class designers and patternmakers in the Paris design team reimagine everyday clothing using innovative materials and new, contemporary silhouettes. Each season is designed with the highest precision and in pursuit of a simplified, modern wardrobe.

UNIQLO R&D Centers are places for experimentation, spaces to try new ideas, innovate and create. The Paris R&D Center complements other UNIQLO R&D Centers in Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, and Los Angeles.

Christophe Lemaire

Christophe Lemaire has been designing his namesake collection since 1991. He has also served as Artistic Director of Lacoste and Artistic Director of women’s ready-to-wear at Hermès. In 2015, he partnered with UNIQLO, resulting in the UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE collaboration collections for Fall/Winter 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016. Christophe Lemaire was appointed Artistic Director of the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center in 2016, where he and his handpicked team of designers create the Uniqlo U collection.


“Is love still a thing? From the Dawn will make you Listen, Think, and Feel

This might very well be a verse from a love song. Yet The Dawn, one of the nation’s pioneering rock bands, poses this query in their brand-new song, “Earth.” The song “Earth,” famous for its anthems like “Salamat” and “Iisang Bangka,” poses the existential query, particularly in light of the current political, societal, and even personal concerns.

It’s been a struggle to be a human. There’s always the question, can we go on like this? Is this how we’re supposed to deal with things? Is there a better way, says The Dawn frontman Jett Pangan. “We, as human beings, when we’re faced with troubles that seem insurmountable, we tend to look the other way. Maybe not to say we’re in denial, it’s more of the fear of the unknown.”

He pointed out that it’s not condescending but, in fact he asks himself the same question. The pandemic also raised that big question. “We’re all hoping that after all these we become better people,” he said.

Trust The Dawn to come up with a song that is timely and relevant. The society has seen a rise in mental health concerns among the youth. In fact, in a study by the University of the Philippines Population Institute (UPPI), it highlighted that between 2013 and 2021, there are twice the number of young Filipinos who felt loneliness, sadness, and being disliked.

One of the band’s guitarists Rommel “Sancho” Sanchez, emphasized that “Is love still a thing,” can also be read as “is empathy still a thing?” Sanchez said that with the mode of communications now, it’s easy to be snarky. Their hope is that through this song and with this one powerful line, people will pause, reflect, and hope that they can be a little kinder.

Apart from the significance of its lyrics, there are a lot of reasons that make “Earth” distinct.

It was recorded during the pandemic and every member of the group had to record individually. The Dawn drummer JB Leonor shared he made a story with the drum parts alone. There’s a reason for every note of the drum.

“Earth” is the last song that their bassist Mon Legaspi recorded before he passed away. And it was an ode to him that they committed to finish the track.

Sanchez was the last one to record the guitar parts. “I lost the recordings when my hard drive failed. We had to ask permission from Mon’s sister and asked a friend to help extract his parts. It was really difficult for me to record my parts,” he said.

The song itself went through a lot and now that it’s here, it is definitely a treat not only to the loyal fans of The Dawn but to everyone who appreciates great music.

The band is motivated to continue by the response to “Earth.” Francis “Kiko” Reyes, one of the guitarists, deserves credit for claiming that the band’s creative connection persisted throughout the pandemic. With all of his rally cries and the response to the new song, Pangan exalted that an EP, or new collection of songs, was imminent.

The Dawn wishes to be a part of the music scene since they are aware of how dynamic it is nowadays. He continued by saying that people are more accepting of music today because of the blurring of genre and label boundaries. They don’t say whether the music is too hip-hop or too rock. There’s no border to cross now that music has merged in all genres, and The Dawn has been blessed with a platform to be heard over the years. This time, it’s their new song “Earth.” The Dawn is a band with a lot to offer, and like the true rockstars they are, they follow their musical inclinations. No categorization, just genuine love for music. Play The Dawn’s Earth music now on Spotify and Youtube.


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Publishers, student academic organizations, and intellectual property law enforcement sign a statement of cooperation against content piracy

A recent press conference organized by Rex Education brought together important groups dedicated to spreading awareness of piracy and preventing the unlawful copying and distribution of protected information.

Present at the event were leaders and representatives from the Philippine Association of Law Schools, the Association of Law Students of the Philippines, , the Legal Education Board, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, the National Book Development Board, the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations of the Philippines, the National Bureau of Investigation, Association of Administrators in Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institution, the Philippine Librarians Association, the Philippine Council of Deans and Educators in Business, the Philippine Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators, Professional Criminologists Association of the Philippines, Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities and the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association.

The illegal reproduction and dissemination of copyrighted works, such as but not limited to music, movies, and other media, is known as piracy. The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, Republic Act 8293, which safeguards and defends the exclusive rights of scientists, inventors, artists, and other talented persons to their intellectual property and works, strengthens anti-piracy laws in the Philippines.

The press conference is a part of REX’s anti-piracy campaign, which was launched last September 16, 2022 at the Manila International Book Fair. The primary objective of the campaign is to curb, if not eradicate, content piracy by educating, communicating, and instilling among our colleagues, families, and children a true appreciation of the value of one’s own work. REX’s efforts in this direction are also in recognition and support of the relentless hard work of intellectual property law enforcement agencies in the country.

“We should continue to educate, communicate, and instill among our colleagues, families, and children a true appreciation of the value of one’s own work. In this sense, we are all duty-bearers. But above that, we are Filipinos,” said Atty. Dominador Buhain, chairman of Rex Education. “ Aside from our laws, what also binds us are our values, our sense of pakikipagkapwa, of pagpapakatao, our pride in our own work, and our respect for each other and of each other’s work.”

The initiative has captured the interest of other organizations with like-minded ideologies during the past year. Consumers, students, and stakeholders from the education sector have all gathered to show their support for the campaign. Above all, there is a call to safeguard all of the creators’ intellectual property.

“Throughout our rich history, we recognize and respect one truth about what we do: We are able to accomplish so much because of our people. REX has immense pride for the talented and hardworking individuals who pour their creativity, knowledge, and skills in the development of our learning materials, and these are not limited to books,” said Atty. Dominador Buhain, chairman of Rex Education.

Please feel free to see the watch the “Proud Ako” anti-piracy campaign video, which was introduced at MIBF 2022, for additional details about REX’s efforts. To assist Rex Education in its efforts to safeguard the publishing business, go to


Three strategies to turn handling money into a self-loving act

Who said the season of love is just about sharing a fleeting moment with your special someone? Your all-in-one digital bank, Maya, serves as a welcome reminder that self-love merits equal attention and celebration just in time for Valentine’s Day/single awareness day fever.

Maya demonstrates how taking control of your financial situation is one approach to embrace an empowered you. The nation’s top digital bank and finance app, which is breaking the norm in the banking industry, making managing your money simpler with just one app, boosting your financial confidence.

Here, we break down three ways on how to foster self-love through Maya’s exciting deals and promos designed to give you more ways of having mastery over your own money.

  1. Personalize with love

The best way to give yourself that much deserved love is taking care of yourself. And taking care of our financial needs and goals to get that much needed financial freedom is top of mind for most of us. Thanks to Maya, achieving those savings goals has never been this easy!

So, start saving for an emergency fund or for that much needed vacation, new wardrobe, or phone by opening Personal Goals at Maya Savings and enjoy up to 6% p.a.!

With Maya, you can create as many as five goals simultaneously and have each goal personalized with your own preferred name and set it up for 180 days. The 6% p.a. guaranteed interest will definitely give you a serious boost with your money with deposits up to P1 Million.

And not just that—Maya also offers a sign-up and save promo. Simply sign up, upgrade your account, and start saving – and you will get as much as ₱60 (₱20 when you register, another ₱10 upon upgrade, plus an additional ₱40 for your first transaction.)

Here’s another way to personalize with Maya, use your name and create your unique @username when sending or receiving money. The first to bring this new, game-changing feature to the Philippines, Maya allows users to keep your personal data private, such as their account name and mobile number. Say goodbye to QR codes and long numbers, with Maya you can personalize your @username by simply following these steps:

1. Open your Maya app

2. Tap the “Profile” icon on the upper left corner

3. Tap “Get Started” to create your @username

4. Key in your preferred @username and hit “Confirm.”

5. Finish off by keying in the One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

A username is unique to each Maya account holder.

You can also customize your Maya card with your new @username! Simply order a physical card on your app’s Cards section, personalize with your @username, and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep!

  1. Pick a store, any store

You deserve all your heart’s desires this season of love and beyond. With Maya, you can shop for what you want with the best deals and discounts.

For instance, you get a cashback when you pay with Maya at Robinsons until April 15. New users can get up to ₱200 cashback upon completing a transaction via Maya QR with a minimum spend of P1,000, while existing users get up ₱150.

If you scan to pay via Maya QR at SM Store until March 31 with a minimum spend of P1,000, you get one raffle entry for a chance to win exciting prizes. This includes ₱3,000 Maya Credits, Apple Airpods Pro 2, and Apple iPhone 14.

Eyeing a relaxing staycation? If you book now at Agoda until March 14, you will receive a 7% discount sitewide by paying with Maya at checkout and using the promo code “MAYA7JAN.”

You also get the best deals by paying with Maya at Flowerstore, Boozy, Edamama, Google Play, Codashop, Aipaz, Bills Pay, PLDT, MetroMart,, Qatar Airways, and Mobile Protect.

While roses and chocolates may be the popular gifts for couples this Valentine’s Day, give yourself added wealth minus the charges by topping up with Maya.

Maya allows you to cash-in for free in several ways. One option is via linked banks and OTC channels up to ₱8,000 per month. You can also cash in directly for free, with no limit via BPI, RCBC, UnionBank, and Chinabank. If you’re cashing in from other banks, you can get your InstaPay fee as cashback of up to P25 when you cash in a minimum of P1,500. Another option is via Maya Centers, with lower cash-in service fee of 1%, while you receive a 100% cashback on the fee, capped at ₱150 per customer. The offer runs until February 28, 2023.

  1. Spread the value of self-love

What’s more? Spread the love and stay connected with close friends and family here and abroad by loading with any network using Maya.

You can get 5% cashback (Php25) for every 500 accumulated load spend until February 28. If you are a Smart or TNT subscriber, you receive 20% cashback at a maximum of 50 per user.

Maya offers a feature-rich money app, a comprehensive digital bank, and everything else you need to manage your money from your smartphone, including the ability to save, borrow, spend, and invest.

Maya Bank, Inc., a digital bank under BSP supervision, powers Maya’s online banking services. The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) insures deposits up to PHP500,000 per depositor. Visit and to learn more. Follow Maya on Twitter at @mayaofficialph and on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok at @mayaiseverything.


With Mayani, WalterMart plans to expand UNLI-Fresh and introduce Palengke Day

Through its different shopping formats in 2023, including its flagship innovation UNLI-Fresh 399 with quickly expanding agri-fisheries firm MAYANI, leader of the supermarket chain WalterMart is increasing its shopper relevance and casting a wider community reach.

By announcing its provincial and Metro Manila caravans for the first quarter of this year—Cavite, Batangas, and Bulacan for February, then Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Muntinlupa, and Calabarzon region in March—WalterMart has already institutionalized this anticipated weekend shopping bonanza, which now moves metric tons of harvest per day.

Building on this enthusiasm for shopping, WalterMart Muntinlupa will host the first-ever “Palengke Day” from February 17 to 19, which aims to modernize the idea of “bagsakan” and give even the neighborhood “palengke” vendors access to freshly sourced everyday local products like onions and eggs, two of the most in-demand staples right now given the recent supply issues.

“We will provide value to our customers and to our community through: FRESH – commodities of utmost quality, reasonably priced, sourced from our local farmers and cooperatives with our alagang WM personalized service; SAVINGS – everyday savings with competitively-priced merchandise and options for private labels and house brands; and CONVENIENCE – provide complete assortment in a clean, safe, and comfortable one-stop shop with fast transactions both offline and online,” says Rose Caalam, General Manager of WalterMart Supermarket.

“Sharing the same vision with MAYANI, we always aim to bring good value products to our customers and provide a better life to our partner farmers.”

Since its humble beginnings as a small neighborhood store in 1992, WalterMart has grown to offer more than 20,000 items at low prices as well as significant consumer-focused achievements like mounting Palengke Fresh with MAYANI at the height of the lockdown, its 5S Safe Shopping Program, and its CallMeWally same-day grocery delivery service — all under the banner of its service campaign, “More to Love at WalterMart.”

“We will continue to innovate our joint offerings with WalterMart while being steadfast in our mission-first approach of strengthening those institutional market linkages for our smallholder growers and producers,” said Robert Esquillo, Partnerships Manager of MAYANI.

“Agriculture is a foundational and priority sector for the country, and we are optimistic that with the ecosystem of partners we developed over the years, MAYANI can drive more value for shoppers while creating positive social good across our agri-value chain.”