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Meet this SM partner who is currently providing possibilities for rural handicraft artisans

Eloisa Bautista-Flores, owner of Kea International, began her partnership with Conrad Manila by consistently producing quality results.

One of the hotels managed by SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. is the Conrad Manila.

With years of experience in the hotel sector as a handicraft supplier, Bautista-Flores knew what had to be done to provide goods to SM Hotels. It is done to highlight their crafts’ superiority.

She said, “We were directed to Conrad Manila by buyers of baskets because we have been a long-time supplier to SM. The decision led to increased success for Kea International as well as the rural handicraft communities. From there, we exhibited our production capability. “

Since its founding in 2010, Kea has produced a variety of handmade goods for the home, such as storage containers, gift boxes, furniture, and woodcrafts.

“I supply Conrad Manila with leather-made guest amenities. This includes holders of notepads, TV remotes, and directories. These are being produced in our main warehouse in Batangas. We have in-house production that creates 100% handmade accessories. Everything is hand-sewn, hand-wrapped by skilled box makers in our province,” Bautista-Flores further shared.

Going beyond guest amenities, Kea also supplies Conrad Manila’s kitchen with pantry trays and wood boards. “For woodcraft like boards and trays, we have satellite factories in Tarlac where these are being produced,” she shared.

Her products’ presence at Conrad Manila also led to better and brighter things for her company: “While I was supplying Conrad Manila, I met one of the executives and he asked me to approach SM Store. We presented our Buri Hamper Set. This was the first item we sold to SM Store.” 

Bautista-Flores further shared that from usually selling 100 sets, it grew to about 1,000 a year. In her journey with SM, she shared that there were a lot of learnings along the way.

“One thing I admire about SM is that they truly treasure the partnership, and I am proud to be one of their suppliers. They are with me every step of the way. I am just amazed at how systematic their operations are attending to thousands of suppliers. Being in the handicraft industry where low-income workers are thousands, orders from SM have brought good livelihood to the countryside,” she said.

The expansion of Bautista-Flores’ business coincides with the expansion of her team.

Amidst the elegance of Conrad Manila are wonderfully crafted handicrafts manufactured by employees that take joy in what they do. Forbes Travel Guide 2023 Star Awards, the world-renowned authority on quality in hospitality, has this year declared Conrad Manila a verified luxury hotel.

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Throughout its 45 years in the country, Yakult Philippines, Inc., has exercised its muscles to reach as many customers as possible and promote good health through probiotic products built in 1978. Indeed, it has become entrenched as part of the Filipino consumers daily health regimen.

After several decades, the Shirota-ism movement, which got its start in Japan, has spread throughout the world. As its flagship product, Yakult’s Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) has attracted a loyal following as a significant development in preventive medicine, promoting the significant health benefits of Probiotics globally. The foundation of this movement is the idea that “a healthy intestinal tract leads to a long life”. The intestines, where nutrients are absorbed into the body, are strengthened with Yakult Probiotics. The result is that Yakult’s devoted customers live long, healthy lives.

The Shirota-ism movement has become such a far reaching breakthrough. The father of Shirota-ism himself, Dr. Minoru Shirota of Japan, has long perfected the product that promotes disease prevention the “Probiotics way’, reach the intestine alive, safe, affordable price, produce a reliable effect and can be ingested as food. The probiotic product carrying the Yakult brand is made up to 8 billion beneficial bacteria of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) alive and fresh in every bottle, ready to fight bacteria that trigger intestine-bred diseases. This health drink, taken in adequate amounts, maintains intestinal health and helps to prevent disease. The Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) suppresses harmful bacteria in the intestines and improves the immune system of the individual.  Affordably priced so every consumer whatever of age and income bracket can afford to partake at least a bottle a day.

Probiotics are live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts, confer great health benefits to the consumers.  This is why, one bottle of Yakult taken every day at any given time will help improve one’s immunity and digestive system. They are safe at any age, preferably from the onset of the pre-school age.  They can actually be ingested as food or wholesome tasting drink with reliable effects on health.

A third party conducted and assessed several studies and research projects on Yakult and the theories that went into its development in Japan and other nations across the world. In reality, numerous research was carried out to demonstrate Yakult’s effectiveness as a probiotic and to confirm the soundness of the foundation upon which Yakult’s R&D endeavors were based. There have been over 1,005 research studies on Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS), in addition to 129 studies on Yakult’s “intestinal function,” 177 on “immunomodulation,” and 107 on “defense mechanism against infection.”

Products from Yakult are sold in 40 nations and areas, including Japan and 27 factories abroad. Each Yakult bottle sold in the Philippines contains exactly the same amount of probiotics as bottles packaged and sold in other nations.


Let your kids engage in these entertaining, bizarre activities

Make your family bonding moments more enjoyable with Lush candies.


Different strategies are used by parents to brighten their children’s days. Their little ones are typically released to take a break and engage in enjoyable activities once they have finished their classes and assignments.

Kids can engage in a variety of unique and imaginative activities at home with their parents or siblings. They can reward themselves to a pack of Lush candy while having fun or working on something fantastic. You might attempt the following fun and inventive after-school activities with your kids:

Create vibrant bracelets

Make beaded bracelets with your kids, or have them create other trendy accessories. To make unique bracelets with your children, all you need is a set of vibrant beads and strings.

Do energetic TikTok dances

Different TikTok dances are currently in demand. You can participate and even practice dance moves with your children if they wish to record a humorous TikTok video.

Make slime from scratch

Slime is essentially a squishy toy that you can make at home with kits from the shop or with supplies you already have while following an internet video tutorial. The end product is a soft toy that is pleasurable to the touch and has a flexible consistency. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Create a cozy pillow fort

Pillow forts are a wonderful way to encourage your children’s creativity and instill in them the importance of cooperation. These cozy hiding places can be used for playtime with parents and kids or as a place to unwind after a long day at school.

Similar to these enjoyable activities, the soft, chewy texture of Lush candy can make kids and even parents happy. It is available in two delectable tastes that will please everyone’s palates: strawberry milk and chocolate.

Children and parents alike will enjoy chewing on Lush wherever they go, whether they are at home or school. For only Php38.00 each pack of 50, Lush is offered at your neighborhood grocery, sari-sari, and URC’s Shopee and Lazada stores.


Pawssion Project and ADM Cares collaborate to enhance pet welfare in the Philippines

The Pawssion Project, a non-profit group devoted to pet rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming, has collaborated with ADM, a world leader in human, pet, and animal nutrition, to enhance pet welfare in the Philippines.

ADM’s contribution is aiding in the construction of a special 25 square meter area within Pawssion Project’s shelter specifically for paraplegic dogs and cats through ADM Cares, the company’s corporate social investment initiative. To help with the rescuers’ rehabilitation efforts, a hydrotherapy facility will be housed in this special area. It will boost all pets’ nutrition at the same time. ADM Pet Nutrition will donate comprehensive and balanced petfood, including Minino®, a high-quality cat food for cats of all ages and sizes, and Ganador®, a high-quality dog food suitable for all breeds and life stages.

“At ADM, we truly believe in the power of community and compassion. Our partnership with Pawssion Project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the communities where we are present,” said Clare Torralba, Director, Pet Nutrition, Asia-Pacific excluding China (APeC). “Pawssion Project has an excellent track record in providing care and homes to rescued pets since 2018, and we were inspired to support their purpose and mission, so they can continue their important work to help improve pet welfare in the Philippines,” added Torralba.

ADM CARES AND PAWSSION PROJECT PARTNERSHIP. ADM Philippines lead by Clare Torralba, Director, Pet Nutrition, Asia Pacific excluding China, Raymond Molina, Trade Marketing Manager, APeC, Johanna Emata, ADM Philippines Business Development Manager – Pet Nutrition, Dr. Aileen Guerrero, Marcomms and Brand Experience Manager with Malou Perez, Founder, Pawssion Project Rescue Shelter and members of the media during the turnover ceremony held at San Jose Del Monte Bulacan.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. ADM representatives Clare Torralba and Raymond Molinamingling with some of the dogs and cats in Pawssion Project. These rescued animals will get to enjoy Ganador Premium Dog Food and Minino Yum Cat Food

ADM Cares is committed to improving the lives of people and animals in the communities where ADM operates, through monetary contributions and volunteerism to initiatives and organizations that are driving meaningful social, economic and environmental progress worldwide. This timely contribution will support Pawssion Project’s vision of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused and neglected pets.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. More than 300 dogs and 50 cats will get to benefit on the donation made by ADM Cares to the rescued animals in Pawssion Project.

Pawssion Project, that relies on donations to run its operations, will benefit greatly from the ADM Cares donation. With their support and the donation, we are now able to fulfill our dreams for these pets, said Malou Perez, the founder of Pawssion Project. “We are incredibly grateful for the generous contribution from ADM Cares to support our mission to give stray animals a second chance at a happy life. With their partnership and the donation, we are now able to make our dreams for these pets come true.

ADM Philippines Business Development Manager for Pet Nutrition Johanna Emata reiterates the firm’s dedication to helping charities like Pawssion Project. Raymond Molina, Trade Marketing Manager, APeC, added, “We will continue to support organizations that strive for a meaningful cause, and we hope this paves the way for a brighter future for our four-legged friends.” Raymond Molina said, “We believe that all animals deserve to be treated with love, kindness, and compassion, and we want to help ensure that these shelters have the adequate resources to take care of the pets in their custody.”

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Quezon City and Ronald McDonald House Charities collaborate to promote children’s literacy

From left to right: Ronald McDonald House Charities’ (RMHC) Executive Director, Marie Angeles, McDonald’s Philippines Managing Director and RMHC Vice President, Margot Torres, Quezon City Mayor Maria Josefina ‘Joy’ Belmonte, and Schools Division Office’s Chief on Curriculum Implementation Division, Dr. Heidi Ferrer
during the MOA signing for the Ronald McDonald Read to Learn Program last August 14, 2023

With its reading program, which is expected to help 4,750 students in Grade 1 at 95 public elementary schools in Quezon City, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), the charity of choice for McDonald’s, strengthens its commitment to promoting children’s literacy. Earlier this year, on August 14, 2023, a MOA was signed, formally establishing the cooperation.

In collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Adarna House, RMHC offers a beginning reading program called Ronald McDonald Read to Learn.

Ronald McDonald Read to Learn seeks to raise the reading proficiency of first-graders in Quezon City public schools by giving them access to the right reading materials and giving instructors the tools they need to introduce pupils to reading.

From left to right: Ronald McDonald House Charities’ (RMHC) Executive Director, Marie Angeles, McDonald’s Corporate Relations and Impact Assistant Vice President and RMHC Board of Director, Adi Hernandez, Quezon City Mayor Maria Josefina ‘Joy’ Belmonte, and McDonald’s Public Affairs Manager, Austin Torres holding up the big books that are part of the Read to Learn Kits given to public school partners under the Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program.

“RMHC continues to champion the well-being and happiness of Filipino children through Ronald McDonald Read to Learn. We’re excited to extend this initiative to the public school students in Quezon City to further address their learning needs and supplement the formal basic education curriculum,” said Marie Angeles, RMHC’s Executive Director.

Added Support for Public School Teachers

The Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program promotes a genuine love for reading, critical thinking skills, grammar and oral language development, crucial to a child’s fundamental stage of learning.

“By providing grade school teachers with valuable training that strengthens their instructing competencies, they will be able to further develop the critical thinking skills of learners and help them master reading skills,” said Angeles.

To date, the Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program has reached 12.9 million public school children and has partnered with 10,842 schools nationwide.

Committed to support Quezon City

McDonald’s has pledged to support Quezon City in a variety of ways, including the cooperation between RMHC and the city. Along with promoting education for kids, McDonald’s and the Quezon City Administration, headed by Hon. Josefina Belmonte and Michael Alimurung, the city administrator, also formed a collaboration that will help people with QCitizen IDs.

According to the agreement, Qcitizen ID holders will be qualified to receive 5% discounts for a minimum purchase of P200 on weekends for three months, beginning on August 19, Quezon City Day.

For more information on RMHC’s programs and initiatives, visit its official website and the online donation portal at

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Toyota Motor Philippines hosts the GAZOO Racing Festival to honor fans’ love of automobiles

Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman Akio Toyoda visited the Philippines 
to showcase his excellent racing skills alongside other international and local pro racers

The two-day pulse-pounding TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival) at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila had racing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies yelling, “I love cars!.”

This motorsports event, which Toyota Motor Philippines has named its “greatest gathering to celebrate all things GAZOO Racing,” is a gift to consumers and supporters who have continuously expressed their love and support for the brand over the years as part of the mobility company’s 35th anniversary celebration. More than 6,000 people attended the TGR Festival in person, while up to 2.6 million people watched it live online.

Meet Akio “Morizo” Toyoda, GAZOO Racing’s Maestro

At the #TGR Festival, Akio Toyoda, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation (better known as the racing alias Morizo), displayed his driving and drifting expertise while operating a variety of Toyota race cars.

To kick things off, Morizo wowed the crowd with his mastery of the Toyota GR Yaris WRC rally car, where he entertained the crowd with donut maneuvers. Morizo also joined the Gymkhana challenge where he drove a Toyota GR 86 which allowed the audience to witness his expertise with a GR performance car that’s available for local customers. He moved through a challenging course showing off the finesse of a seasoned racer. Morizo also took lucky passengers for adrenaline-pumping rides, giving them a taste of what it’s like to experience the track from the perspective of a racing master.

“I developed a car because I wanted to see the smiles of the people. You ask people and you give them what they want.” Morizo believes that the best way to develop Toyota cars is by doing it on the road– driving and drifting these cars. “It’s because of the smiles and the cheers that is why I’m here,” he added.

Legends on and off the track

Another highlight of the event were the performances of Japanese champion racers from the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing team Norihiko Katsuta and Masahiro Sasaki who were both present for the course of the two-day TGR Festival 2023. They brought along their legendary race cars Toyota WRC Yaris and Red Bull GR Corolla which conquered the rally courses of global racing events. 

The transformation of the GR Yaris from the Toyota WRC Yaris led by Morizo was a remarkable feat. The Red Bull GR Corolla, on the other hand, also has a memorable page in history being remembered as the car that powered Calle Rovampella to victory in the Formula Drift Japan competition.

Of course, Toyota GAZOO racing would not be complete without the participation of the country’s home-grown Filipino star racers! Local racing stars Alex Perez, Luis Gono, Marlon Stockinger, and celebrity-racer Ryan Agoncillo participated in the event with TGR performance cars such as the GR Supra, GR Yaris, and GR 86. Japanese and Filipino drivers joined together as well in Gymkhana Driving Challenge with Marlon Stockinger being declared as Day 1’s overall winner. 

“It’s loud, it’s crazy, a lot of tire burning, the smells– you just feel like you’re at the race track, even if we’re here at Quirino Grandstand,” Stockinger said.

Local racers owned the track too and ultimately showcased a clash of skills for one of the most-awaited highlights of the event – Gymkhana Time Attack and Drifting Competition. The Gymkhana Time Attack tested the competitors’ agility and precision where they navigated a maze of cones and figure eights with finesse. After a fierce battle, the following winners emerged: For Day 1, the winners of the Gymkhana time attack were: Angelo Magtoto – 1st place, Jason Chuang – 2nd place, and Christopher Co – 3rd place. For Day 2, John Erik Barrera was 1st place, Mickey Carbonell – 2nd place and Matt Frederic See – 3rd place for the first batch. Second batch was Andre Tan – 1st place, Russel Cabrera – 2nd place and Makol Pasumbal – 3rd place. 

In the Drifting Competition, local racers had spectators on the edge of their seats as they unleashed their horsepower and slides. Ultimately, the following took the trophies in the Drifting Competition for Day 1: Hans Jimenez – 1st place, Paolo Agregado – 2nd place, and Bryan Revilla – 3rd place. Winners may have left tire marks on the battleground, but will for sure make an unforgettable impact on the crowd.

Non-stop thrills with live performances The fun and excitement didn’t stop with the exhibitions and racing competitions because there was tons of GR memorabilia all across the festival grounds, including hats, shirts, jackets, and other trinkets! For those who wished to experience what it would be like to stand at a podium finish, photo booths were also available.

The two-day TGR Festival 2023 included an incredible schedule of live performers, so there was never a dull moment! The festival grounds were rocked by the top-notch performances of BGYO, Ely Buendia, Ben&Ben, Parokya ni Edgar, and Kamikazee from dawn until day with heart-pounding sound and pace.

Did you miss the live action, or are you just dying to experience it again? The webcast is always accessible at TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.

Non-stop thrills with live performance

Fun and excitement did not end with the exhibitions and racing competitions as the festival ground was adorned with loads of GR merchandise such as caps, shirts, jackets, and other souvenirs! Photo booths were there too for those who wanted to feel what it’s like to stand at a podium finish.

There was no dull moment during the two-day TGR Festival 2023 as the crowd was treated to an electrifying lineup of live performances! From day to dawn, the festival grounds were ignited with heart-pounding sound and speed by top-notch performances of ​​BGYO, Ely Buendia, Ben&Ben, Parokya ni Edgar, and Kamikazee.

Did you miss the live action or you’re simply longing to relive the event? You can always watch the livestream at  TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines Facebook Page or visit for more racing updates.


‘Befriending My Tears’ concert by Clara Benin will take place in September

Clara Benin

On Friday, September 22, 2023 (starting at 8 p.m.), Clara Benin performed a significant concert at the Music Museum to mark the release of her second studio album.

The event, aptly titled “befriending my tears, a Clara Benin concert,” charts Benin’s development as a musician as she learns to accept herself and find healing while exhibiting her artistic maturity gained through years of practice and development.

“Headlining my concert at the Music Museum feels incredibly exciting and a bit nerve-wracking,” the Filipino singer-songwriter shares. “I think that the venue’s classic charm and quality acoustics make it the perfect place to perform my new album! I really want my fans to be comfortable and fully immersed in my music, so choosing a seated venue was very important to me.”

Following a two-night engagement at Teatrino Greenhills in 2016, “befriending my tears, a Clara Benin concert” is her second significant performance. This time, the Parallel Universe performer will play all the songs from her recently released album in addition to crowd favorites from her back catalog.

“I haven’t performed a very long set in a while,” Benin explains. “You can expect to hear all the new songs from my album and, of course, some old favorites.”

A tribute to an album that honors Benin’s newfound artistry and emotional strength, don’t miss your chance to be part of this show-stopping concert.

CNCA Media Concepts Inc. is presenting “befriending my tears, a Clara Benin concert,” in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and GNN Entertainment Productions. Soon, tickets can be purchased from Ticketworld or Music Museum.

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Release of Miley Cyrus’ pensive new song, “Used To Be Young”

The song “Used To Be Young” by Miley Cyrus has been released, and you can listen to it and watch the video here. When discussing “Used To Be Young,” Miley explains that the song is about celebrating our future selves while still honoring who we have been and who we are. When I think back on my past, I feel proud, and when I consider the future, I feel optimistic. I’m appreciative of my loyal fans who help me realize my goals every day. I genuinely appreciate the consistency of your steadfast support. The song is for you.

In regards to the video, Miley said, “It’s really emotional because I’m kind of like a little version of my mom and I could see her inside the camera using a technology where I could livestream with my mom from inside the camera. We could see each other, and when she danced, it made me cry, laugh, and feel so many other real emotions. I believe this is allowing people to experience authentic emotion, which I don’t think we often see these days.

In celebration of the release of “Used To Be Young”, Miley shared stories and insights from the many chapters of her life within the TV special event Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions). Reimagined from the version which originally aired on Disney+, the special features a brand-new interview as well as music from her latest release Endless Summer Vacation and aired on ABC just hours before the release of “Used To Be Young”. The new, reimagined special is now streaming on Hulu.

“Used To Be Young” is Miley’s first new music offering since the release of her critically and commercially acclaimed album Endless Summer Vacation which featured her hit single “Flowers” and twelve additional tracks. A true worldwide smash, “Flowers” spent 8 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100  – a personal best for Miley. “Flowers” was #1 on US Pop Radio for 10 weeks and is the fastest running song in nearly a decade to achieve the position. “Flowers” has streamed four billion times and was the fastest song in history to hit 500 million streams on Spotify. It’s officially the longest running UK #1 single by a female solo artist. 

The release of “Used To Be Young ” also coincides with September’s 10th anniversary of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz, a 3x Platinum album. Bangerz was a landmark album that gave rise to beloved original classics including “Wrecking Ball,” “We Can’t Stop,” and “Adore You.” To honor the anniversary, a limited-edition vinyl with redesigned packaging that includes never-before-seen images and the bonus track “23” with Mike WiLL Made-It will be released. Preorder right here.   

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Reclamation of coastal land: A look at contemporary urban development methods

In areas where there is urban growth, coastal land reclamation is growing, will continue to increase, and is a common urban strategy.

According to a research titled “Mapping 21st Century Global Coastal Land Reclamation,” which examined landsat satellite pictures from 2000 to 2020 to quantify the spatial extent, magnitude, and land use of urban coastal reclamation in 135 cities throughout the world with populations greater than one million, the reclamation of urban coastal land has been occurring. Key data show that 253,000 hectares of new land, or the size of Luxembourg, have been created by reclamation in 78% of these cities in order to make more space.

The process of reclaiming land involves reclaiming seabed for new land. In areas with limited land and dense populations, it is frequently employed for a variety of purposes. Cities in these nations, ranging from Western Europe and West Africa to the Middle East, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, reclaim land for port extensions, residential and commercial development, and industrial use with the goal of generating tourist and green space. These towns want prominent place-making initiatives and improved international reputation for the next stage because key factors like global trade and growing urbanization are already pervasive.

“Coastal land reclamation is a forward-looking approach to urban development,” says Architect Ian Fulgar, the principal architect of Fulgar Architects. It allows cities to preserve valuable ecosystems and resources from urban sprawl by expanding spaces without encroaching on existing natural land. More importantly for architects, urban planners, and modern city dwellers, it presents an opportunity to have purpose-built urban environments specifically designed to meet their needs.

“Architects and urban planners can design sustainable and efficient infrastructure with a blank canvas, incorporating the latest technologies and best practices in urban planning. This approach can lead to more resilient and adaptive cities capable of mitigating the effects of climate change and other environmental challenges,” adds Architect Fulgar.

Cities that lead coastal land reclamation

Photo credit to Anastasia Yudin. An aerial shot of Flower Dome in Singapore. 

Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong, says Architect Fulgar, are some of the world’s most notable cities with impressive urban reclamation projects. “Not only have they transformed their respective landscapes but also captured global attention,” he says.

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay are testaments to the city-state’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The former is a luxury integrated resort famed for transforming Singapore’s coastline and city skyline, whereas the latter is a spectacularly unique horticultural destination that combines art, science, and nature. These reclaimed land developments further boost the country’s international reputation and real estate value around the area.

For some parts of the United Arab Emirates, coastal land reclamation has significantly changed its geography. Dubai, which has completely transformed into an ultramodern city, features ambitious projects now known as some of the most recognizable developments in the world like Palm Jumeirah and The World. “They have reshaped the coastline and established the city as a leader in innovative development, significantly elevating Dubai’s real estate value and worldwide interest,” says Architect Fulgar.

Photo credit to Abid Bin Nazar. An aerial view of Palm Jumeirah. 

Palm Jumeirah is an awe-inspiring artificial archipelago shaped like a palm tree when viewed from above. It houses some of Dubai’s luxury hotels, residences, and entertainment venues. Likewise, The World is a groundbreaking project composed of small artificial islands in the shape of a world map.

Lastly, Hong Kong’s commitment to preserved art, culture, and ongoing sustainable urban development is exemplified by its West Kowloon Cultural District. It is a 40-hectare reclaimed site along Victoria Harbour’s waterfront designated as the city’s vibrant cultural quarter where the local arts scene can interact, develop, and collaborate throughout its sustainability principles.

Architect Fulgar, who firmly believes in creating spaces that foster belonging and unity, highlights that Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong share common denominators in their successful urban reclamation projects. These are innovative design and planning, focus on sustainability and commitment to cultural and societal development, and the subsequent increase in real estate value.

“These projects have created iconic and visually striking landscapes by pushing the boundaries of engineering and urban design. Sustainability is often at the forefront, integrating practices and technologies that minimize environmental impact and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors,” says Architect Fulgar on these cities’ commitment to sustainability atop function and aesthetics.

Best practices of coastal land reclamation

Despite recognition of world-class reclamation projects, one of their primary challenges is facing criticism and potential issues over sustainability concerns. Architect Fulgar shares that the solution is through the responsibility of vital stakeholders to adopt a collaborative approach and adaptive strategies in implementing best practices, such as prioritizing sustainability and disaster resilience goals in waterfront developments.

“The future of city development, especially in coastal areas, rests with stakeholders prioritizing sustainability and disaster resilience. By adopting a comprehensive, collaborative, and adaptable strategy, they can transform the design, construction, and management of waterfront development – ultimately creating more sustainable, resilient, and prospering urban environments that benefit both people and the environment,” adds Architect Fulgar.

Additionally, Architect Fulgar emphasizes the importance of a carefully thought-out project that starts with the developers’ in-depth investigation and analysis of the chosen place in regards to potential environmental repercussions, disaster risks, and local community needs. To lessen the development’s environmental impact, architects and engineers must incorporate sustainable design concepts and green and blue areas.

“Trends and insights on global reclamation illustrate the potential of reclamation projects in addressing various urban development, environmental conservation, and community well-being needs – leading to more sustainable and resilient urban planning worldwide. By adopting these lessons and focusing on sustainable growth, the Philippines can capitalize on its potential and carve a path to a brighter future.”

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The SM Foundation introduces rainwater collection for long-term benefit

SMFI Health and Medical Programs Senior Project Manager Albert Uy inspects the water catchment to ensure it reliability.

The SM group, through the SM Foundation, recently installed a rainwater collection system at the Brgy in keeping with the SM Green Movement. Palawan’s Puerto Princesa City is home to the Irawan Birthing Facility. The project strives to strengthen their mission of safeguarding future generations’ health and well-being while protecting the environment.

The system collects rainwater from the roof and gutter and passes it through vinyl-coated mesh filters to assure water purity in order to improve water conservation and management in the building. The facility uses the gathered water for non-potable purposes including toilet flushing, cleaning, and watering plants. It has an 800-liter storage capacity.

Faucets connected to the rainwater catchment are duly marked to help guide the community.

The equipment for collecting rainwater runs without electricity and has faucets with labels for simple recycling of water.

The facility will enable them to lessen their dependency on the city’s water supply systems, according to the institution’s midwife Narcisa Jagmis.

Midwife Narcisa Jagmis observes as the system collects rainwater from the gutters.

“Mahalagang hindi kami nawawalan ng tubig sa center, lalo na po pag nagsimula kaming magoperate bilang birthing clinic. Ngunit minsan po, walang dumadaloy na tubig at wala kaming mapagkukunan,” Jagmis shared.  

“Kaya napaka laking tulog po ng natural na tubig mula sa rainwater catchment system na. Madali namin itong naaccess upang gamiting panglinis o pandilig dahil konektado ito sa mga gripo. Ang tubig naman mula sa main line ay maitatabi namin para sa aming sterile operations,” she said.