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With a strong barcode system, GS1 Philippines introduces “GS1 Activate” to accelerate digital transformation in the retail industry

Aims to introduce to over 30,000 retailers nationwide by the end of 2024

The photo features representatives from GS1 Philippines present during the organization’s Annual Conference and General Membership Meeting (from left to right): Public Relations Officer Teodoro Padilla, representing the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines; Corporate Secretary Anna Marie Anastacio, representing the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines; Trustee Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr., representing the Philippines Exporters Confederation; President/CEO Roberto Claudio, representing the Philippine Retailers Association; Chairman Atty. Pablo Gancayco, representing the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Vice President Comm. Joseph Ross Jocson, representing the Packaging Institute of the Philippines; Carlos Cabochan, representing the Philippines Consumer Centric Association; and Trustee Antonio Sayo, representing the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization.

The premier organization for local barcode standards, GS1 Philippines, recently unveiled GS1 Activate, a web-based tool designed to make barcode generation and symbol creation easier for companies and transform the retail supply chain through digitalization.

GS1 Activate was introduced on January 30, 2024, during the GS1 Philippines Annual Conference and General Membership Meeting. It simplifies the process for businesses to generate barcode numbers and symbols, digitizing product data and identification and enhancing the visibility and efficiency of supply and demand chains both internationally and across sectors.

By adhering to GS1 standards and services, GS1 Activate enables businesses to achieve accurate product identification with global trade item numbers (GTINs) and seamless data sharing, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency. With GS1 Activate, businesses can easily obtain barcode numbers for their products, allowing for their global distribution. Additionally, the service provides expert guidance on printing and placing barcode symbols to ensure optimal scanning performance. By leveraging GS1 Activate to share product data, companies can expand their reach to retailers and marketplaces worldwide, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of their products on a global scale.

GS1 Philippines targets to introduce GS1 Activate to over 30,000 retailers nationwide by the end of 2024. They are currently serving over 5,000 retailers.

“In an economy where the Philippines’ e-commerce market is estimated to reach $24 billion (approx. Php 1.3 trillion) through 2025, GS1 Activate is a game-changer. This new service revolutionizes business barcode generation, reducing the time required compared to traditional product identification methods and eliminating common errors, saving costs on label reprinting and minimizing the need for extensive personnel training. By dramatically simplifying the process, GS1 Activate also enhances efficient data sharing, crucial for strengthening both local and global trade. This launch is a testament to our dedication to advancing digital integration within the Philippines’ supply chain ecosystem, reinforcing our role in the global economy,” GS1 Philippines, and Philippine Retailers Association President Bobby Claudio said.

Aligning with the annual gathering’s theme, “Unified Unlocked: Activating Integrated Digitalization,” GS1 Philippines’ conference marked the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the barcode system and highlighted GS1’s focus on shifting to the 2D migration of barcodes to QR codes while calling for global retail Point of Sale (POS) scanners to be capable of processing 2D barcodes by 2027.

In his remark, GS1 Philippines Chairman Atty. Pablo Gancayo shared, “We are now focused on evolving the barcode into the next level we call the 2D migration, which is expected to revolutionize further commerce. GS1 will guide the industry towards 2D migration, which it hopes to achieve and implement comprehensively by the year 2027.”

The annual gathering hosted insightful discussions, networking, and collaboration opportunities among key government figures, industry players, and GS1 members. Among those present was Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Undersecretary Mary Jean T. Pacheco, who emphasized GS1 standards’ pivotal role in enhancing supply chain efficiency and visibility for Philippine industries competing globally. During her talk, she discussed the government agency’s three-year food logistics action agenda aimed to revolutionize the food distribution system by addressing critical supply chain gaps and integrating ICT to enhance logistics performance. Undersecretary Pacheco expressed eagerness for collaborations with GS1 Philippines to achieve these goals.

Other government leaders and industry experts also shared their perspectives on the impact of global standards in the digital age, including Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Secretary Ivan John Enrile Uy; De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Environment and Design faculty member and packaging designer and consultant Prof. Ana Maria Veronica Solano; and CLASSchool Founder and Nutraways Manufacturing Corporation General Manager Love Emmanuel Agudo.

GS1 Global Office President and CEO Renaud De Barbuat, GS1 Philippines Trustee and Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT) President Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr., and GS1 Global Office GS1 Registry Platform Global Deployment Lead Joe Horwood were among the dignitaries who graced the occasion.

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA), Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization (PHILFOODEX), the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines (PHAP), the Philippine Consumer Centric Traders Association (PCCTA), the Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP), the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines (CCIP), the Soap and Detergent Association of the Philippines (SDAP), and the Beverage Industry Association of the Philippines were among the notable industry groups in attendance at the conference.

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Fujifilm Increases Presence in Cebu City with New Office

L-R_ FUJIFILM BI PH Hideaki Kato and FFPH President Masahiro Uehara at the ribbon cutting ceremony

FUJIFILM Philippines Inc. (FFPH) and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines Corp. (FUJIFILM BI PH) have announced that they would be moving to a larger location in Cebu City due to the increased demand for their goods and services.

For the world’s leading innovators, the new office, which is ideally located at Mercedes Benz Tower, Mindanao Ave. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, represents a major step. With this growth, Fujifilm hopes to solidify its position in the area and improve customer satisfaction by better serving the local market.

L-R_FFPH President Masahiro Uehara, Cebu City Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia, and FUJIFILM BI PH Hideaki Kato, at the ribbon cutting ceremony

The Cebu City office will serve as a hub for after-sales support, featuring a local repair center for digital cameras and endoscopy products. Additionally, it will host a showroom showcasing advanced cameras, cutting-edge printing machines, and business software solutions, offering customers an interactive experience with Fujifilm’s latest innovations in imaging and document management technology.

Mr. Masahiro Uehara, President of FFPH, expressed confidence in the strategic move, stating, “This relocation reinforces our commitment to swiftly expand our local operations, making our products and services more accessible to the southern part of the country.”

Adding his perspective, Mr. Hideaki Kato, President of FUJIFILM BI PH, mentioned FUJIFILM BI PH has almost 60-years’ experience in the Philippines and continuously provides document process innovation for Cebu customers. He also highlighted the synergy between the two entities, stating, “We are proud to unveil this new office, bringing us closer to our customers in Cebu and emphasizing the collaboration between FUJIFILM Business Innovation Philippines and FUJIFILM Philippines.”

Fujifilm, known for its unwavering commitment to technological innovation and customer-focused solutions, uses its knowledge of the photographic industry to propel growth in the fields of materials science, healthcare, and business innovation. “Giving our world more smiles,” the company’s new group purpose, highlights its dedication to building a more promising future for society.

Go to & for additional details.

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Esti Lestari Named United City FC’s Chairman

With immediate effect, United City FC (UCFC) is pleased to announce Esti Puji Lestari’s appointment as the club’s chairman. As the UCFC begins an exciting new chapter in its history, Esti’s confirmation of her commitment in the club is an important milestone.

Esti Puji Lestari, an Indonesian native, brings a plethora of experience and knowledge to her new position at United City FC (UCFC). Throughout her distinguished career in the sports sector, Esti has occupied pivotal leadership roles—including majority ownership—in her capacities as CEO of QD Red Lions China and president of Persijap Jepara. In these capacities, she has contributed significantly to the expansion and prosperity of her organizations.

“Reviving United City FC is my mission. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of a club with such a great tradition and long history, and my aim is to match the outstanding achievements of the past with similar ones in the future.

I feel I have unfinished business in football, and as an esports owner, I intend to add value to the club off the field as well as on it.

I am grateful for this opportunity and know that the Philippines football landscape is very supportive of not only the men’s game but also the women’s with their participation in the recent World Cup.

In the spirit of ASEAN cooperation, I would also like this to be a pathway for both men and women from Indonesia as well as Philippines to gain valuable experience and benefit from the synergy between two nations.” states Esti Lestari.

In Indonesia, as the only female owner of a Football Club that has a 63-year history, Esti led strategic initiatives to enhance the club’s brand visibility, optimize revenue streams, and foster community engagement, solidifying its position as a sustainable football club in Indonesia that continues to exist. Additionally, she has been a prominent advocate for women’s football, championing initiatives to support and develop women’s football at all levels.

In China, as Red Lions’ CEO, Esti brought her dynamic leadership and strategic acumen to oversee the club’s administration and development. Her visionary approach and dedication contributed to the growth and success of QD Red Lions during her tenure.

“We are privileged and proud to have such an esteemed investor and seasoned football expert join our Club to catapult the development of UCFC forward. Esti has been a long-time personal friend, and I am pleased to work alongside her as I know what she will bring to the Club. Our project and mission of UCFC have never changed, even when we took a break from football in 2023, but now we are back, and with Esti’s support, we will continue the legacy of the club and raise the bar once again for the gold standard of Philippines football.” – Eric Gottschalk, President of United City FC.

As UCFC enters this new era under Esti’s leadership, the club reaffirms its commitment to excellence both on and off the field. UCFC’s goals include:

  1. Achieving Sporting Success: United City FC aims to compete at the highest level of Philippine football, striving for championships and representing the country internationally.

2. Community Engagement: United City FC is dedicated to fostering strong connections with its fans and the local community, organizing outreach programs and initiatives to promote the growth of football at the grassroots level.

3. Youth Development: United City FC recognizes the importance of nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for aspiring footballers to develop their skills within a professional environment.

4. Commercial Growth: United City FC seeks to maximize commercial opportunities, leveraging Esti’s expertise to enhance revenue streams, attract sponsors, and expand the club’s global brand presence.

5. Women’s Team Establishment: United City FC is committed to promoting women’s football by establishing a dedicated team, providing opportunities for female athletes to compete at the highest level, and inspiring the next generation of women footballers.

With Esti Puji Lestari’s appointment, UCFC enters an exciting new chapter in its history. The team is eager to use her experience and vision to reach new heights of success on and off the field.

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Wealth-Building Product’s Availability Extended by Allianz PNB Life, Step Up 7

With the state of the nation’s economy right now, protecting and growing money are two crucial factors to take into account. To be prepared for their future demands, Filipinos should increase their savings and make sure that their assets grow.

With its STEP UP 7 financial product, Allianz PNB Life (AZPNBL) is still dedicated to its goal of guaranteeing the financial future of more Filipinos by assisting them in accumulating wealth for their families and as a means of protection. The acronym for the Short-Term Endowment Plan with Uniform Payouts is STEP UP 7. It is a seven-year-maturing, single-pay, non-participating endowment life insurance plan. Stable income stream

Stable income stream

The STEP UP 7 is ideal for individuals who want to add another stable and guaranteed stream of income to boost their savings while enjoying the benefits of insurance coverage. The plan offers guaranteed protection, maturity benefits, and an additional annual payout of 3.25% for 7 years.

Since its launch in 2019, it has garnered the attention of customers becoming one of the most availed products of AZPNBL. Its popularity among customers led to the roll-out of the product’s third tranche with an allocation of 2 billion pesos.

AZPNBL opened the third tranche in May 2023 with an adjusted coupon rate to adapt to current market trends and prevailing yield rates. It garnered even faster sales due to the attractive coupon rate offered to both new and repeat customers.

Opportunity to build a legacy

Given its success, AZPNBL has decided to extend the STEP UP 7 offer starting January 15, 2024, until supplies last. This extension allows more customers to avail of this plan and take advantage of its benefits of boosting their savings.

Allianz PNB Life Chief Product Provider Officer Leo Tan, Jr. says, “I am immensely proud and excited to reintroduce our special proposition, STEP UP 7. It is tailored specifically to the unique financial needs and preferences of Filipinos and is designed to provide guaranteed savings and protection for those seeking medium to long-term financial solutions.

Our proposition includes a guaranteed payout feature that allows customers to save up over time with the additional payout every year, while providing a level of protection with insurance coverage. This ensures that Filipinos can achieve financial stability and security while they work towards their financial goals. We understand the importance of financial security for Filipinos, and we have designed the STEP UP 7 propositions with this in mind. We take into account the long-term outlook and affinity of Filipinos towards financial planning, ensuring that our proposition aligns perfectly with their needs.”

Customers of PNB get exclusive access to the STEP UP 7 product. Visit the closest PNB branch to learn more about the product through AZPNBL Life Changers.

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We can’t get enough of the LGBTQIA+ couples in Quezon City who are “preposing” to each other with Right to Care Cards

Although conventional rings can be used by any couple to express their commitment to one another, the LGBTQIA+ community is not influenced by this since marriage equality is not yet legalized in the Philippines.

Nevertheless, a few same-sex couples in Quezon City are making a difference and are genuinely taking the next step forward by “preposing” to their partners using a Right to Care Card!

Similar to typical prenuptial videos, each couple has shared videos on social media demonstrating how they proposed to their partners using a Right to Care Card, which formally enables LGBTQIA+ partners to make decisions for their partners in the event that they are hospitalized or require medical attention. Previously, this right was only available to heterosexual married couples, if they were not their immediate family.

Rea Leen shared the preposal video of her long-term partner via Facebook post, thanking Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte for giving them an opportunity like this. “For [those] outside Quezon City, I hope your city will have this too soon, and maybe in entire Philippines. Let’s spread love and enjoy!”, she shares.

Watch Rea’s Preposal here: []

Winch, who also shared their preposal to their partner, Anne, also expressed similar sentiments while thanking the Quezon City government for this initiative. “Isa itong malaking step para sa lahat ng LGBT couples na magkaroon ng karapatang legal na maalagaan ang aming mga partners,” they said through the caption posted.

Watch Winch’s Preposal here: []

Both couples also attended the fourth iteration of Quezon City’s commitment ceremony, with over 200 LGBTQIA+ couples participating. Mayor Joy Belmonte reiterated during the ceremony that this is a way to fulfill the city’s promises since it passed the Gender-Fair Ordinance a decade ago.

Fifteen couples received their Right to Care Cards during the event, marking the first time they had done so since registering a year ago. More information will be dispersed shortly, according to the Gender and Development Office in Quezon City. In the meanwhile, individuals who have not yet received their card can provide a copy of their Special Power of Attorney contracts at hospitals.

Being the first city in Asia to do so, Quezon City created a stir when it introduced the project during Pride month in 2023. Over 700 LGBTQIA+ couples had registered for the Right to Care Card as of February 2024. You can register for the card online or at the Quezon City Gender and Development Council office.

More proposal videos:

For Additional reference and postings:



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Security Bank uses Avaloq to spearhead the digital revolution of the wealth management industry

One of the best-capitalized private universal banks in the Philippines, Security Bank offers a range of services including asset management, leasing, foreign exchange, stock trading, and customized finance. The bank increased its clientele by a CAGR of 40% and increased its wealth management assets under administration by a CAGR of 44% since establishing its wealth management division in 2017. Based on these findings, Security Bank has been named Best for HNWs (high net worth) in the Philippines by Asiamoney for three years running (2023, 2022, and 2021). Security Bank has teamed up with Avaloq to advance the bank’s digitalization, streamline its front office, and lay the groundwork for long-term growth in response to the growing demand for customized wealth management services.

With the help of its new wealth management platform, Security Bank will be able to provide its wealthy and high net worth clientele with a comprehensive range of customized investment advising services and products by automating and standardizing operations. Security Bank will see increased operational efficiency as a result of high straight-through processing (STP) and service accuracy rates for payments, securities, and money processing provided by the Avaloq Core Platform’s native automation capabilities. As a result, Security Bank will have greater resources to devote to offering individualized service, developing fresh, cutting-edge products, and branching out into new markets and customer groups.

Avaloq’s intuitive RM Workplace solution will provide Security Bank’s relationship managers with a complete overview of client profiles and portfolios, ensuring more targeted communication and simpler transaction management to boost productivity and foster closer client relationships. This will also enable the bank’s relationship managers to offer tailored investment advisory services to a larger, more diverse client base. The solution can be fully customized based on the bank’s needs and is seamlessly integrated with the Avaloq Core Platform.

Arnold Bengco, Financial Markets Head at Security Bank, said: “The bank’s strategic partnership with Avaloq will strengthen our wealth management capabilities even further. We continue to innovate our financial markets products to meet the evolving needs of our clients. With this acute focus to deliver tailored solutions and distinct BetterBanking service, we’re confident our new platform will attract incremental investment AUM and help deepen customer relationships with our Bank.”

Lucose Eralil, Executive Vice President Head Enterprise Technology & Operations at Security Bank, said: “This new partnership with Avaloq reflects our commitment to digitally transforming our bank to deliver exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders and to become the most customer-centric bank in the Philippines. With Avaloq’s specialized wealth management platform and RM Workplace solution, we can further expand our wealth management business to help individuals and businesses in the region grow and preserve their wealth. I look forward to strengthening our partnership with Avaloq over the years to come.”

Pascal Wengi, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa at Avaloq, said: “We are firmly committed to supporting Security Bank on its digitalization journey across the front, middle and back office. By automating end-to-end processes, from order entry to reporting, the Avaloq Core Platform will provide the operational foundation for the future growth and success of the bank’s wealth management business. At the same time, our RM Workplace solution will empower the bank’s relationship managers, helping them to build lasting relationships with their clients. We are proud to work closely with Security Bank to support the growth of the Philippines’ wealth management sector.”

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The town now has a new night market! Estancia’s Mercato Centrale and The Strip Circulo Verde open

The weekly food market you love is now located at Ortigas Malls. Mercato Centrale is now open at Capitol Commons, Estancia, and The Strip at Circulo Verde.

Mercato Centrale, widely regarded as the nation’s top food and lifestyle night market, serves as a central location for entrepreneurs to showcase their goods to food enthusiasts worldwide. Customers at The Strip and Estancia Mall may now savor a variety of foods and beverages all day long as of this month.

The schedule for Ortigas Malls’ Mercato Centrale is as follows:

  • The Strip at Circulo Verde: February 8 to 29, every Thursday to Sunday from 3pm to 11pm (If you purchase a bucket of Heineken Silver, you’ll get a free 0.0 Heineken Cap)
  • Estancia, Capitol Commons: February 14 to March 10, every Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 11pm

Visit Mercato Centrale in Estancia and The Strip if you’re looking for a place to relax with your loved ones throughout the weekend or during your lunch break. Allow Ortigas Malls to contribute to your “Larger Than Life” eating encounter.


The Ortigas Malls app is your one-stop shop for all your larger-than-life experiences. Register for the Ortigas Community Card to receive exclusive offers, discounts, and benefits.

Make sure to like and visit the Greenhills Mall, Tiendesitas, and Estancia Mall official Facebook pages for additional details and updates on the activities held by Ortigas Malls.

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Enercon Asia Presents Energy Solution with Smart and Renewable Remote Energy Monitoring to Help with Reporting and Carbon Reduction

(L-R) Enercon Asia Executive Chairman Dr. Azhar Othman, Enercon Asia CEO Roland Lim, and Enercon Systems International Philippines Corporation Country Manager Dexter Carinugan

In response to the increasing market demand for sustainability innovations, Enercon Asia, a premier supplier of all-inclusive energy and power system integrator solutions, is happy to announce the expansion of its services into the Philippines and the launch of an advanced smart energy assessment and monitoring system.

Businesses all around the world are adopting more energy-efficient technologies to reduce their use of energy in the face of the global issue of achieving energy sustainability. Since the Philippine Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has acknowledged the need for more energy-efficient usage, this trend is particularly noticeable there.

Enercon has launched its Remote Energy Monitoring System in response to the pressing need for cutting-edge energy saving solutions. The power grid, solar panels, batteries, generators, and other energy sources are all easily connected to an Internet of Things (IoT) power monitoring system. It also comes with a data-driven platform to help organizations become ready for sustainability reporting and management.

Dr. Azhar Othman, Executive Chairman, Enercon Asia, “Our goal is to advance towards a more intelligent and sustainable energy landscape while assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of energy efficiency. We aim to empower businesses to actively monitor their energy consumption, address challenges in establishing carbon reduction goals, and most importantly, achieve a significant reduction in power consumption costs.”

In addition to catering to commercial and industrial sectors, Enercon strategically positions itself to support rapidly growing industries such as microgrids and data centers. Projections from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) indicate a fivefold increase in data center capacity by 2029. Enercon’s timely launch of the Remote Energy Monitoring System, combined with their proficiency in integrating Data Centre Power system solutions, is well-positioned to support businesses in adapting to the ever-changing landscape of energy consumption efficiency.

“Recognising that power consumption constitutes a significant operating expense for many facilities and building owners, we are committed to helping them better manage their energy usage. Through site verification, measurement, monitoring, and analysis with state-of-the-art smart energy monitoring equipment, our teams ensure that clients have a thorough understanding of their energy consumption patterns, on top of meeting compliance requirements. By incorporating preventive and predictive measurements, our solution furnishes businesses with insights into their energy consumption patterns. Moreover, it facilitates remote monitoring of facilities’ energy usage, empowering businesses with enhanced control and efficiency in overseeing their energy resources,” said Roland Lim, CEO of Enercon Asia.

Enercon has been a leader in power generation and control for the commercial, industrial, and rising sectors for the last fifty years. Enercon provides more than just energy audits; its services also include asset management, which includes routine preventive maintenance, updating and retrofitting electrical equipment, as well as comprehensive commissioning, testing, and training. Power systems’ continued longevity and efficiency are guaranteed by this all-encompassing strategy. With the support of a group of energy experts and auditors, Enercon is already an ESCO registered business in the Philippines, helping businesses adhere to RA-11285, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act.

For more information, visit

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Schneider Electric implores PH data centers to reduce energy consumption by implementing sustainable and intelligent solutions

Schneider Electric recently gathered leaders in the data center industry for a roundtable discussion on how data centers can accelerate energy transition and a golf match at Manila South Woods Golf and Country Club, Cavite.

In order to future-proof operations and reduce carbon emissions, Schneider Electric, a leader in energy management and digital automation, emphasizes the significance of a green approach to data center architecture and operations. As a result, the sector will become more resilient to rising demand and sustainable.

Power Up: Fuel Your Path For Success was an event held by the corporation recently to address the difficulties and current state of the data center market with players in the field.

The worldwide data center research group Uptime Institute projected a 500% increase in global data generation between 2019 and 2025. Because data centers require a lot of energy to operate, their sector is thought to be responsible for 1% of the world’s electricity usage.

“Data centers have become integral to our rapidly growing internet economy. The need to transition to sustainable operations has become more pronounced,” said Carlos Leviste, Business Development and Marketing Director at Schneider Electric Philippines. He added that industries have previously leaned heavily on fuel alone to run their operations. As data center facilities are energy-intensive, data centers play a pivotal role in sustainability. The most efficient way would be to shift to electricity and digital.

However, there is a growing preference across industries for maximizing energy management systems and digital tools, which not only drive operational efficiency but also promote sustainability. Data centers, equipped with smarter operations, can optimize costs, speed, and capital to prepare them for future technological integrations and risk mitigation.

Schneider Electric is at the forefront of this advancement with its extensive suite of digital solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of data centers. For instance, APC, Schneider Electric’s flagship brand, offer high-efficiency uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cooling units, and monitoring systems to foresee any unwanted downtime within the data centers and pinpoint inefficiencies to their operations.

In particular, the oil-free cooling centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings chiller systems that Schneider Electric utilizes allows data centers to consume power more efficiently and sustainably.

Similarly, Schneider Electric provides renewable Power & Grid solutions that can help produce electricity sustainably to fuel data center facilities’ increasing needs.

“Through these solutions, data center facilities can reduce operational costs in design and engineering, function using grid-compliant assets and software with reduced cybersecurity risks and ensure proactive maintenance of assets to maintain optimum uninterrupted performance,” said Sara El Fanidi, Power and Grid Sales Leader of Schneider Electric APAC.

Schneider Electric has expanded its EcoXpertTM Partner Program to include new industry certifications, further demonstrating its dedication to sustainable digital transformation. By enabling partners to become dependable consultants on data center and critical infrastructure solutions, these certifications hope to ensure that data centers are not just resilient and efficient, but also sustainable.

Schneider Electric is redefining the data center industry by leveraging the power of digital transformation and linked infrastructure to create a new standard that puts sustainability, dependability, efficiency, and resilience ahead of quickly shifting needs.

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Eastern Communications turns on the PDSCN “Express Route” submarine cable, enhancing dependable communication in typhoon-prone areas

Eastern Communications lights up Express Route in the joint Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN) project.

The Philippines’ connectivity reliability has been improved with the completion of Eastern Communications’ “Express Route” project, which was part of the joint venture that is the Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN). The initiative’s goal is to provide robust and inclusive internet connectivity, with an emphasis on improving services in regions that are frequently affected by typhoons and natural calamities.

Lucena City, Quezon; Boac, Marinduque; Calatrava, Tablas Island, Romblon; Roxas City, Capiz; Placer, Masbate; Palompon, Leyte; Lapu-Lapu, Cebu; Talisay City, Cebu; Tagbilaran City, Bohol; and Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental are locations covered by the PDSCN Express Route, which went into effect on February 9.

With the PDSCN Express Route active, Eastern Communications is ready to facilitate on-ground connections and offer improved bandwidth to meet the varied needs of Filipinos, particularly in areas prone to cable faults, typhoons, and natural disasters.

“We celebrate the completion of Eastern’s PDSCN Express Route with all Filipinos. Together, we welcome a new era of possibilities and build a more reliable connectivity infrastructure for all,” said Delfin Lopez, Eastern Communications’ AVP and Head of Network Planning, Engineering and Implementation.

The PDSCN Express Route is a 1,000-kilometer network of submarine and terrestrial fiber optic cables connecting South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The route was strategically designed to be composed of at least 80 percent of cables laid via submarine and less than 20 percent of cables laid in-land. By minimizing the terrestrial fiber network, the Express Route aims to reduce the likelihood and frequency of network faults caused by cable cuts on road networks.

“While roadwork development is in place in these areas, the completion of the PDSCN Express Route becomes pivotal in laying a solid groundwork for a more reliable connectivity and driving digital empowerment nationwide,” said Eastern Communications’ PDSCN Consultant Albert Tuason.

The entire PDSCN initiative, which commenced last July 2022 in Subic, Zambales, has been a collaborative effort with co-owners Globe Group and InfiniVAN Inc., and spans a total cable distance of 2,500 kilometers, with landing cables established in 32 Point of Interconnect (POI) sites.

As the PDSCN initiative continues to unfold, it holds the promise of transforming the digital landscape of the Philippines, paving the way for a more connected and resilient nation.

Building a digitally empowered Philippines

Eastern Communications’ winning entry at the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards, entitled “Eastern Communications Strengthens Infrastructure & Product Portfolio to Swiften Digitalization of Philippine Businesses,” highlighted the PDSCN project as one of the infrastructure and product expansion efforts recognized. The winning entry highlights Eastern’s support for digitizing cities and urban centers primed for rapid growth and opportunities. The B2B Client Initiative of the Year award went to the submission.

Additionally, at the 2023 Asian Experience Awards, Eastern Communications received recognition as the recipient of the Philippines Customer Experience of the Year award in the Telecommunications category. The company highlights its commitment to satisfying client demands and providing “high-tech and high-touch service,” and as it grows across the country, it hopes to recreate its unique and genuine customer experiences.

For additional information regarding business-grade ICT and internet solutions offered by Eastern Communications, please visit or call 5300-7000.