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July 2020


Exclusive: SB19 drops their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Get in the Zone’

Get in the Zone, debut full-length of the pop music SB19 and out today on all digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music.  Mashing together various music influences with top-tier production and global appeal, the nine-track release features six original compositions, along with the EDM version of “Love Goes” and two instrumental songs.

Thematically speaking, Get in the Zone maps their creative and personal journey. “It hasn’t been long since we released our debut single ‘Tilaluha,’ but prior to that, we have been training for years already,” says Sejun. “We wanted to incorporate all the things that we have experienced during trainee days into this album by putting all the emotions that we went through into our music. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but we pulled through and we hope that we get to inspire people with our story.”

SB19’s first album kicks off with the two-punch knockout of “Alab” and “Go Up”—both chart-topping singles that bask in electronic grooves, pulsating hip-hop rhythms, and technicolored beats. These songs not only exude outsized charisma, but it also showcases SB19’s potential as a phenomenal pop group capable of defying trends and trailblazing a new movement in the international music arena.

Get in the Zone takes a more somber turn with “Tilaluha,” a stripped-down ballad that tackles one’s remorse over reciprocated romance. It’s a refreshing misnomer in a record filled with upbeat jams and shiny pop tunes, and one that blows the roof off, vocal performance-wise.

The winsome streak continues with the R&B-infused “Love Goes,” a song that talks about one’s suffering over a lost loved one, and its sequel, “Hanggang Sa Huli,” which allows the broken person to heal and find comfort in a kind of love that lasts a lifetime. The sonically adventurous album also includes “Wag MongIkunotAngIyongNoo,” a Filipino adaptation of the Korean ‘90s smash “SarangeunYaYaYa,” as well as an EDM remix and two bonus tracks.

According to Sejun, what sets Get in the Zone apart from other contemporary releases is the collaborative synergy between K-pop producers and Filipino talents, resulting into an exciting yet compelling final product. “It’s a great thing to get all the good traits from Korean and Philippine music/culture, and put them together into one. If you’ll dive deep into it, you’ll find a whole new sound rich in both cultures.”

As for the creative process, SB19 members Justin, Sejun, Josh, Ken, and Stell are very hands on when it comes to writing songs and creating melodies. Justin shares, “In this album, we didn’t collaborate with any other artist. We also wrote the lyrics for all the songs ourselves, but we’ve worked with Korean Producers who have also worked with famous artists in Korea already. It was a different experience for each producer since they have different styles, but overall, everything was fun and exciting.”

The award-winning band dedicates their new album,Get in the Zone to every single one of their A’TIN fans who have relentlessly supported their music through thick and thin. “All our achievements to date would not have been possible without you,” says Josh. “So in return we will work harder and continue to uplift you with more music and content so that we can give back the love we’ve received from you.”

Check out SB19’s Get in the Zone here.



Barbie Almalbis music video “Umagang Kay Ganda” shows the heroic deeds of the frontliners

Filipina rock icon Barbie Almalbis release of “Umagang Kay Ganda,” the third single of her upcoming new album under Sony Music Philippines,  hopes to encourage and inspire listeners to rise above the extraordinary times. The Dahilan singer-songwriter uses her platform to pay tribute to the courage and optimism of the Filipino people.

Barbie Almalbis said, “The current situation has made so many of us experience such a profound sense of loss, and it has also given us a rare chance to stop and reassess our lives and consider the things that we really value. I hope Umagang Kay Ganda will be a blessing especially to our frontliners. It is our little way to say thank you for the selflessness that they have continually shown and the sacrifices that they have made to help us get through this together.”

With the help of constant collaborators, Barbie and her bandmates put a creative stamp in reimagining “Umagang Kay Ganda,” while making sure that its empowering message shines through the intricate arrangement. “Karel and I initially jammed it and he wrote lines for the instrumental section, then we arranged the rest with Nikko on keyboard and Jonard on drums. We were able to record the rhythm section just a few weeks before the lockdown.”As a result, the new version conveys the timeless appeal of the original, while exuding a warmer approach in terms of production details.

Inspiring music video

The official release of Barbie Almalbis’ latest single comes with an accompanying music video that brings to light everyday stories of hope and love for the country amidst the global health crisis.

Interspersed with scenes of the new normal, the visuals for “Umagang Kay Ganda” also showcase the heroic deeds of our frontliners and several acts of compassion and resilience from ordinary Filipino folks.

Barbie adds, “Although some people consider music and visual arts as non-essentials these days, I’ve found that many are actually turning to the arts as a way of coping and feeling connected to others. We want to remind people of the real hope that we have and can hold on to, even as we confront the invisible enemy on a day to day basis. We’ll be able to stand above difficult situations and hurdle these atrocities with the gift of love and compassion.”

The music video is also part of Magnolia Dari Creme’s campaign reminding us that in extraordinary times as in the normal times, tomorrow always brings us new chances for a brighter day as long as we are with the ones we love.







Sponge Cola releases new song “Lumipas Ang Tag-Araw”, a love story during this difficult times

Sponge Cola, the award-wining band mark this return released a new single “Lumipas Ang Tag-araw,” out now on all digital platforms worldwide under Sony Music – the record label that released their debut album, Palabas.

Capturing the essence of a belated summer anthem in less than four minutes, Sponge Cola’s latest single soars into the fast lane with verses that turn romantic yearning into an inescapable sing-along, and a power pop surge that packs a ton of punch.

Connection in separation

The captivating and relatable lyrics echo the collective frustration of not being with the people we deeply care about and love. But on the other side of the narrative, the song presents an opportunity to weather the insurmountable odds through perseverance and resilience to get through life—thanks to the support and kindness of friends and family. “It’s a story of connection in separation, and how we can be a source of comfort for each other during difficult times,” guitarist Armo Armovit adds.

Vocalist and guitarist Yael Yuzon fondly recalls the inspiration behind “LumipasAng Tag-araw” after driving his wife to work one morning under the new normal. He remembers becoming intensely emotional out of nowhere. “It was a strange feeling: a realization about everything that has or hasn’t happened since Covid-19, which yanked us away from our usual. And at that moment, this bright and happy melody just came to me, then some words and harmonies. When I got home, I fleshed everything out and recorded a demo within a few minutes. I guess I just needed to uplift myself, so I wrote something uplifting– something that doesn’t highlight the struggle everyone has been trying to deal with during the pandemic and the lockdown.” The creative and emotional surge led to writing the initial draft of “LumipasAng Tag-araw”—a love song that deals with the struggles of physical connection in the time of pandemic.

“Virtual” recording

The upbeat pop-rock tune is the first song that the band arranged and recorded in the comforts of their home, without being together in the same place. Armovit shares the challenging process that transpired during the preliminary stages of the recording. “We sent demos and voice memos to each other back and forth, tweaking parts, creating variations, until we all agreed on a final arrangement. Everyone then had to record their own parts at home and send it to a communal online drive for the producer, AngeeRozul, to bring everything together for the final track.”

Under normal circumstances, Sponge Cola would usually write the song, arrange it in a rehearsal space, and record it together in a studio. But due to the nationwide lockdown imposed in the previous months, the alternative rock quartet decided to use the time and resources available at their disposal to record individually at their own place. “There was a lot of self-editing because you’re not being policed by your bandmates or a producer constantly keeping tabs on possible mistakes or improvements, at least in person,” says Yael Yuzon. “It was all about laying in your parts when the song was passed on to you, and you had the responsibility to keep things right and easy for the next guy to add on to.”

Music video

According to Armovit, the lockdown-inspired music video of “Lumipasang Tag-Araw” takes an intimate look into the fictional and real-life character’s personal worlds—their bedrooms, living spaces, confined homes—and the routine that they’re up to, in hopes of coping with the situation under quarantine. “It was also our first time working under special conditions, where we had to film all the scenes ourselves with our own phones and cameras.I’m very thankful for the help and guidance from King Palisoc, our director, and the creative ideas from his team.”

The music video will be released on August 1, Saturday via the band’s official YouTube page.




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Bonifacio Global City offers the businesses various options for a safer city

When more businesses resume operations, Bonifacio Global City has been doubling its efforts to ensure safety within the city through various new normal alternatives. To equip companies and employees as they adapt to this new reality, BGC customized new offerings and services to help its locators ease back seamlessly and safely into their workplace.

BGC buses as private shuttle services

Recognizing that transportation and mobility remain as one of the pain points of workers and businesses alike, BGC buses have been utilized as private shuttle services, offering EXCLUSIVE trips to BGC companies.These buses can take employees from established pick-up points directly to their office lobby, providing a convenient and safer alternative to mass public transportation. To ensure smooth operations, BGCbuses are fully compliant with the IATF-established guidelines which include enforcing strict social distancing measures through visible markers to identify seating areas, and regular sanitation of buses in between trips. A ‘no face mask, no entry’ rule applies and cashless transactions are also beingimplemented to minimize the risk of infection.

Safe and affordable living arrangements at The Flats

For companies looking for alternative ways to safeguard their workers, The Flats is providing affordable staff housing solutions strategically located in the heart of  BGC. Flatmates can enjoy flexible co-living arrangements in a prime location that is just a 5-minute walk to Bonifacio High Street and other essential establishments. At The Flats, employees can conveniently walk to work and come home to a safe space.

Flexible workspaces at Clock In BGC

Clock In BGC offers flexible and safe workspaces perfect for freelancers, startups, and other businesses. This is also fit for companies looking for secondary offices in order to effectively practice physical distancing and those who are clustering their teams to ensure business continuity. Best of all, members do not need to set-up anything anymore as they are provided with everything they need such as 24/7 access to areas that can range from meeting rooms to private offices, 50 MBPS high speed internet, along with free flowing beverages, and other amenities.

Being a shared space, Clock in wants to continue encouraging a culture of collaboration while keeping everyone’s safety as its top priority through its implemented protective protocols such as social distancing markers, one-way scheme, daily workspace deep sanitation, and a lot more.

Safe and convenient bike lanes for easy connectivity

[Photos courtesy of Tim Vargas and MNL Moves ]

Since safety is a community endeavor, BGC has taken further steps to ensure that BGCitizens caneasily traverse within the city with the help of the established Personal Mobility Device (PMD) lanes. These designated lanesoffer an eco-friendly alternative which residents and employees can use as their last mile connectivity solution to get to their offices and move around the city.

With these new normal solutions, Bonifacio Global City aims to create a safer and more productive environment for its BGCitizens.

For more information on these initiatives, please feel free to reach out to our representatives: BGC Bus: Mike Obias – [email protected]Clock In BGC: Trisha Solis – [email protected]The Flats BGC: Sarah Arellano [email protected]

Stay updated by visiting Bonifacio Global City’s Facebook page at



Making a Comeback Post-COVID, Jasper Ong on business insights

Mr. Jasper Ong, President of Hanabishi Philippines – one of the leading appliance makers in the country would like to share regarding the article that enumerates some key business insights that could help other companies adapt to current pandemic conditions and recover faster post-COVID.


It is a testament to the resilience of Filipinos to find opportunity in adversity. Consumption shift has been evident in the past months since the quarantine period started, with more Filipinos finding ways to create an economic activity to adjust to the conditions dictated by the pandemic. From this and the current consumer behavior, we have learned the following to help our businesses thrive post-COVID.

Optimizing E-Commerce

From small households selling home-cooked meals through Facebook and big companies establishing their own online shopping sites, businesses have turned to e-commerce to reach customers. At Hanabishi, we quickly put a system in place once the quarantine period began. In less than two months, our e-commerce facility was up and running through our website, We also provided our customers the option to have their orders delivered or picked up at our warehouse.

Recognizing Your Company’s Strengths and Capabilities

Our business may not be directly about health and safety, but we we were able to adjust to the new normal by relying on our strengths and capabilities.

We noticed that more households are making their homes the center of their lives, that they are finding ways to make their lives comfortable. They have started to pursue their passion for the arts, baking, cooking, among others to make their lives less stress-free and more comfortable. Having the best home experience became their goal.

When we learned that interest in baking products has increased, we knew that our baking equipment will be in demand so we made sure that they would be readily available through our website. The same thing goes for our cooking equipment when we noticed how Filipinos have started to bring the Samgyupsal experience to their homes.

We considered all these in reviewing our operating model. We relied on our strength as an appliance manufacturer and boosted our capability to supply what the market demands.

Implementing Short-Term Interventions and Streamlining Non-Core Assets

Cutting costs, securing liquidity, and adjusting production have helped us maintain our operations during this period. Conserving resources can help businesses last longer.

Reinventing value chains must also be considered as the pandemic has greatly disrupted the supply chain of global trade. Businesses must learn to streamline their non-core assets and activities.

Learning to Adapt

As I mentioned before, we saw Filipinos flex their entrepreneurial skills in the past months. We saw them selling their own recipes online, creating new businesses to augment their income. It is inspiring to see how quickly our kababayans adapted to the new normal. Speed and adaptability are the competencies we need during a time of crisis.

Creating a Recovery Plan

Once consumer confidence returns, we must be ready to respond. Have recovery plan that should be able to address what happens the pandemic. Re-engineer your business to provide clarity and genuine stability amid the chaos and take time to improve the skills of your people. Our managers should be able to envision our objective. To do this, we business owners must provide them with the necessary knowledge and confidence to further their execution skills.

Recognizing That Recovery Will Be Gradual

There’s no quick-fix solution to the challenges that businesses face today. As the world adapts to the changes brought about by the pandemic, businesses should  be mindful of consumer sentiment.

We have learned from past crises that it takes months and years to return to what we deem as the normal way of doing things. Recovery from the 2003 SARS pandemic, the 9/11 attacks, and the 2008 financial crisis took some time, and we can expect the same thing with the COVID situation.

More importantly, we have learned from these crises that we will eventually recover. Getting there may take some time, but we will get there. Our resilience and faith in our abilities and in one another will see us through.

About the Author:

Jasper Ong is the president of Hanabishi, one of the country’s leading appliance brands. He took over the day-to-day business and management of the brand when his parents retired in 2006. He is credited for growing Hanabishi’s sales revenue by 30% year-on-year following its nationwide expansion and introduction of new product lines. He is a graduate of Manufacturing Engineering and Management at De La Salle University.

For more information about Hanabishi, please visit like them on Facebook:



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Enjoy newly-reopened stores, active lifestyle spaces and convenient online services at Ortigas Malls

When Metro Manila place under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), many have already gone to their most-frequented malls to visit their favorite restaurants and shop in their favorite stores. And to give you updates on Ortigas Malls’ Celebrate Life campaign aims to bring positivity and optimism despite the situation the world is currently in as they reopen their doors to all shoppers are as follows:

Re-opening of salons and dine-in restaurants

With people eager to have their hair cut after being in quarantine for almost three months, salons in Ortigas Malls finally opened their doors to mall goers with strict sanitary measures and 50% capacity, making more room for those who are in need of a haircut, hair recoloring, or a pedicure.

Well-loved restaurants in Ortigas malls such as Kimpura, Gloria Maris, Manam and Wildflour have already started accepting dine-in customers. They don’t only provide safe dine-in options with acrylic dividers and observe allowed maximum capacity with social distancing, but also offer exciting deals to guests!

Cashless Parking and Car Wash Service

Customers can now enjoy worry-free parking transactions as they visit Ortigas Malls as payment is made more convenient with PayMaya terminals accepting Bancnet, Mastercard & Visa cards.

You can even save time by getting a car wash while completing your shopping with Greenhills’ Shop N’ Wash. Mall-goers can request for the carwash service upon entering the parking ground of Greenhills Mall.

Click & Collect and My Personal Shopper Online Services

For those who prefer to order online and pick up their own goods, they can still do it safely by collecting all their essential needs from designated pick-up areas through the Click & Collect program available in Greenhills, Tiendesitas, and Estancia from 9AM -8PM daily.

For those who need extra help in shopping for essentials or completing transactions, Ortigas Malls partnered with MyKuya app to provide personal shopping services for its patrons. Through the app, you can easily pay your bills, shop for your groceries, medicines, food and other essentials from Greenhills, Tiendesitas and Estancia at the safety of your homes.

Catch your favorite sellers at Live Studio

In an effort to support all tenants as they bounce back from the health crisis, Ortigas Malls is providing an avenue for them to maximize their online presence through the Live Studio  – a content creation

hub located inside the mall for all tenants to showcase different products and explain their features in a live feed. Each studio will be equipped with a complete camera and lighting setup for them to shoot their updates, latest deals and newest products that consumers can watch safely at home.

Active Playground for a healthier shopping experience

Greenhills will also be pioneering the launch of an Active Playground that promotes a convenient space for bikers, joggers and people who want to have a leisurely workout throughout the day!

Greenhills will have dedicated bike lanes and bike parking with signages placed throughout the complex to guide bikers and to lead them to the designated parking spaces where they can lock their bikes before shopping. For those that bike for fitness, every day from 6 AM to 8 AM, Greenhills will be implementing “Bike Priority” lanes for bikers.

To encourage mall goers to stay fit and active while going around, there will be pop-up challenges in different areas of the mall, encouraging patrons to jump, hop, balance and have fun.

For more information you may check their official Facebook pages –Greenhills, Estancia, Tiendesitas, and Industria.




NAST PHL Conduct First Virtual Paper Presentation of NESA 2020 Winners

The National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NAST PHL), together with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), conducted it’s first ever Virtual Paper Presentation of the winners of NAST Environmental Science Award (NESA) 2020 via Zoom and Facebook Live last July 24, 2020.

DR. EMILY Q. ESPIRITU has contributed with great impact to environmental science throughout her career. She is a known expert in water quality and water pollution and is a pioneer in the field of Ecotoxicology in the country. Her researches on different environment pollutants, particularly microplastics, have raise awareness and insights in its effect to the environment.

NESA 2020 winner, Dr. Emilyn Q. Espiritu of Ateneo de Manila, presented her winning research entitled, “Assessment of quantity and quality of microplastics in the sediments, waters, oysters, and selected fish species in key site along the Bombong Estuary and coastal waters of Ticalan in San Juan, Batangas”.

DR. ANTHONY F. CHIU made significant contributions to the country and to the international community through his environmental expertise. He pioneered the Philippine and Asia Pacific eco-industrial park development and developed the Asia Pacific EID Continuum Concept through UNEP-UNDP-DTI. As early as 2000s, he placed Philippines in the radar of social mapping of EID publications worldwide. He has presented his authored publications in global resource material flow assessment and stock (MFA), decoupling theory, energy, and urbanization, and energy transportation to the Head of State at UN Environmental Assembly.

DR. IAN A. NAVARRETE has made significant contributions particularly in his studies on the understanding of the carbon stock of mangrove forests, which is an important focus of conservation initiatives and climate change studies. Aside from this, he is exceptionally productive in his scientific
career with his published influential journals
in the field of environmental soil science
and agriculture. He is an Editor-in-Chief
and member of an editorial board in a
journal in tropical research in the country
and as referee for high impact international

This year’s NESA Special Citations, Dr. Anthony S.F Chiu of De La Salle University and Dr. Ian A. Navarrete of Southern Leyte State University – Hinunangan, also presented their papers.

Dr. Chiu’s paper is entitled, “Resource efficiency of the Philippine economy: A material flow accounting perspective (1955-2016)” and Dr. Navarrete’s paper is entitled, “The role of reactive iron in long-term carbon sequestration in mangrove sediments: Implications on “blue carbon” estimates in Philippine mangroves”.

NESA, formerly known as NAST-Hugh Greenwood Environmental Science Award, was first established in 2001 as part of the celebration of the World Earth Day. It’s also the Academy’s answer to the rapid pace of environmental degradation and the possible eventual depletion of natural resources by recognizing outstanding scientific and technological research works that have significant contributions to environmental protection and conservation in the country.

Lead by the efforts of National Scientist Perla D. Santos Ocampo, the late NAST PHL president, NESA was established through the help of philanthropist and founder of the Children’s Research Fund, Dr. Hugh Greenwood.

NAST PHL President and Chair of the NESA Board of Judges, Academician Rhodora V. Azanza and Member of NESA Board of Judges, Academician Guillermo Q. Tabios III, also joined the Virtual Paper Presentation.

The event was moderated by 2019 Outstanding Young Scientist, Dr. Patricia Ann J. Sanchez.

Dr. Espiritu received a plaque, cash incentive from the NAST PHL, and is also entitled to 2 Million pesos research grant from the DOST. The special citations also received a plaque and cash incentive from NAST PHL.


“LalabanTayo,” dedicated for frontliners and out now on digital platforms worldwide!

UE Jam Sessions’

UE Jam Sessions’ collaborative song LalabanTayo” reach more than 120,000 views on Facebook in less than a month and finally available on digital and streaming platforms worldwide via MCA Music, Inc. It was also written by Jenny Legaspi as a tribute to the unsung heroes of the pandemic era: the frontliners that tackles the invaluable dedication and unwavering efforts of the medical workers and volunteers in the thick of the battle against an invisible enemy.  This song also recorded and filmed in the respective homes of participating members during the quarantine.

To date, the music video has received acclaim form various media outlets in the country.Business Mirror’s Tony Maghirang praised songwriter Jenny Legaspi’s lyrics, taking note of how it “reflects that feeling of connection with the frontliners who risk their lives on the line for others day in, and day out.” The veteran music writer adds, “It’s the kind of perception that’s a vital shot in the arm. It should fortify every listener’s optimism that brighter days are just around the bend, nearer than what the statistics would make us believe.”

ABS-CBN News Online’s Jackie Dosmanosalso commend LalabanTayo for giving people something to hope for. According to her, the song “came out fighting for its right to be a notch above the plethora of pandemic-related OPM this summer.”

“LalabanTayo” was arranged by Choi Felipe, and executive produced by Tommy Tanchanco. It features more than 30 participating singers and artists from the University of the East’s premier music organization.







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Honda Philippines Donates Water Pumps in Preserving the Japanese Garden at Rizal Park

In time with the Philippine-Japan Friendship Day last July 14, 2020, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer and distributor of Honda’s power product in the Philippines. Donated Honda power products, WX10T and a WL30XH water pumps to help restore and maintain the Japanese Garden at the Rizal Park, Manila.

The Japanese Garden is found in the middle of the Rizal Park (Luneta Park), built to promote the friendship between Japan and the Philippines. Known for its lagoon and a bridge, the Japanese Garden brings serenity and beauty to the bustling city of Manila.

“Through this initiative, Honda aims to show our support in maintaining the Japanese Garden, which is not only a national attraction but also one of the symbols that represent the ties between the Philippines and Japan,” Mr. Susumu Mitsuishi, HPI President said.

The donation is also part of HPI’s thrust of serving people worldwide with the “joy of expanding their life’s potential” through Honda Power Tools like the WX10T and WL30XH pumps—both models will help the Japanese Garden caretakers in doing their daily tasks to maintain the area.

The Honda WL30XH has high power output and superb fuel economy for maximum pump performance and a carburetor that can be removed and reinstalled while the frame is attached.

The Honda WX10, on the other hand, is lightweight, compact, and easy to use with a durable Honda GX series commercial grade engine for easy starting and provides ample power for the toughest conditions.

To know more, please follow Honda Philippines, Inc.’s Facebook page, and Instagram account at @hondaph_mc, or check their official website:




OnlyM and Blahza Teams Up on ‘Perfect’

Malaysian lo-fi producer OnlyM and Los Angeles-based Asian-American hip-hop artist Blahza have collaborated on a brand new single ‘Perfect,’ released via Singapore-based indie label Umami Records. ‘Perfect’ envelopes the listener in waves of serene melancholic vibes while it laments the pain and struggles of life and love. Perfect for crying yourself to sleep to, the emotional rap tune wistfully recalls memories of young love with fondness and newfound wisdom.

Blahza shares in a statement, “This song is inspired by the relationships I had in high school. Love isn’t perfect, and leaving a relationship is okay if both of the people in the relationship are getting hurt in the process. Sometimes it’s actually selfish to stay in a bad relationship.”

“I wrote the melody imagining myself in space. I felt like the very emptiness of space was like the emptiness of a person who has been through a lot in their life. Everybody has to go through feeling empty at some point and that inspired me to do the beat.”, said OnlyM, the 20-year-old bedroom producer from Malaysia. This was his first experience collaborating with another artist. “Blahza perfectly elaborated and delivered the emotion and very chill, sad vibe that I was looking for,” the underrated electronic musician shares.

OnlyM and Blahza will be putting out 2 more tracks together this year, and Blahza will be releasing his LP, Sad Songs For Happy People over the next 12 months.

Listen to Perfect by OnlyM and Blahza everywhere at this link:

About Blahza

Los-Angeles based Asian-American hip hop artist and producer Blahza makes music with a larger than life sound about his afflictions, aspirations, and accomplishments, inspired by the American counterculture of the late 1960s and music from the early 2000s.

Blahza recorded, mixed and mastered Blueface’s record ‘Next Big Thing’ in 2018. In 2019, Blahza opened for Members Only at the first stop of their album tour, and released his EP ‘Bloom’. Blahza has been featured on major playlists including Spotify’s Beats & Rhymes and New Era: Asian Hip-Hop.

Born and raised in Van Nuys, of Chinese and Puerto Rican parents, Blahza grew up surrounded by music and diversity. He fell in love with rap music and especially how it bridged different cultures.

Blahza is currently working on his full-length debut album ‘Sad Songs For Happy People’ slated for release later this year.

About OnlyM

Malaysian lofi bedroom producer OnlyM makes music which is a combination of Flume meets Kanye West with a heady dose of chill hop. The 20-year-old started producing and selling beats on social media when he was in high school and used the money to buy his first MIDI keyboard. OnlyM wants his music to be like your coffee in the morning, to get you going and do what you want to do throughout the day while being inspired.