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Working to Make the Philippines More Nutritious and Sustainable

From left to right: Iya Villania-Arellano, Dr. Jansen Calalan lifestyle medical doctor, Ms. Deborah Fajarda Nutrition Advacement Manager of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation, Ms. Roann Co General Manager for Public Relations and Corporate Planning Department of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation, and Chef Sau Del Rosario.

At the media forum Eat Well, Live Well Towards a Better Tomorrow, held on September 20, 2023 at Shangri-La The Fort, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) discussed their vision for the Philippines.

The 65th anniversary celebration of the corporation included the event, which was hosted by multi-hyphenate power mom Iya Villania Arellano. It highlighted how APC hopes to continue to be a vital ally of Filipinos for many more years to come by encouraging sustainable living and good nutrition. I really do like it because we learned from them. They teach us how to properly manage a healthy lifestyle without compromising our wants to eat delectable meals. It is also beneficial because they give us insight for those in a diet to know what to eat properly and to know the right seasoning for food.

With the host, Ms. Iya Villania Arellano

The Ajinomoto Group has expanded to become the world’s largest manufacturer of amino acids with operations situated in 36 countries and regions worldwide thanks to the discovery of umami, the fifth basic taste, which paved the way for the production of AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning in 1909.

Its first landing in the Philippines was in 1958 and since then, the company has become a staple in Filipino household kitchen making delicious meals with products such as such as Ajinomoto Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix, Crispy Fry® breading mix, and Sarsaya® oyster sauce to name a few. Leveraging its amino science expertise, Ajinomoto has helped hundreds of thousands of Filipinos cook more flavorful—and more nutritious—meals.

“Since the discovery of umami, the journey of Ajinomoto Group to contribute to the well-being of society has begun.The original aspiration captured with our corporate slogan “Eat Well, Live Well” remains true to present times.”, shared by APC President Koichi Ozaki.

Mr. Koichi Ozaki, APC President

One highlight of the event was the “The Umami Experience” where media guests were treated to a sensorial sampling of umami-rich foods to appreciate its difference from the other basic tastes like sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.  

In line with Philippines nutrition challenges, which was the focal message of keynote speaker Miss Eloisa Villaraza, Nutritionist-Dieticians Association of the Philippines (NDAP) president, a fireside talk on power of nutrition followed suit.  This was participated by Dr. Jansen Calalan – lifestyle medical doctor, Debbie Fajarda RND – registered nutritionist-dietician and APC Nutrition Advancement Manager,  Roann Co – APC General Manager for Corporate Planning and Public Relations and Chef Sau del Rosario – renown chef.

Opening the segment on sustainability was a special message from Mr. Crispian Lao, President of the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS).  This was followed by presentation from APC Chief Sustainability Officer Ernie Carlos detailing APC’s roadmap towards more environmentally responsible practices.

“As the global movement towards sustainable and equitable development accelerates, companies are faced with the challenge of adopting their own sustainable initiatives. At APC, guided by the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Values ASV) Principles, we see this as an opportunity to foster environmental stewardship among Filipinos in order to build sustainable communities.” – shared by E. Carlos.

The head of APC Research and Development Department Madelin Dofiles gave a presentation to wrap up the event on the special value of Ajinomoto’s technology in terms of food ingredients helping to enhance the food industry’s health and wellness and sustainable procurement.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation has firmly established itself in Filipino culture by serving as a reliable kitchen companion for 65 years. APC is laying the groundwork for even more successful years to come with new initiatives planned to assist Filipinos in living in healthier environments and improving their nutritional well-being.

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Public Relations Society of the Philippines signs partnership with The Pod Network

The agreement was signed by officers of PRSP Education Committee & The Pod Network (seated L-R): PRSP Trustee Joe Zaldarriaga of Meralco, PRSP Trustee & Education Committee Chair Aye Ubaldo, PRSP President Harold Geronimo of Megaworld, The Pod Network CEO & Co-Founder Alan Fontanilla and TPN CFO John Philip Co. Also present were committee members (standing L-R): Abigail Mendoza of Meralco, Judy Villaroman-Aguilar of Evident Communications, Rudy Villar of TOG Integrated, Riza Myfel Del Rosario, Podcast Manager of TPN and Joselle Jamison, Head of Data of TPN.

The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) signs partnership with The Pod Network (TPN) for the PRSP Education Committee Breaking Down the Buzz, a 12-episode PR Students and Young Professionals Congress Podcast Series. Previously a students’ congress, it has evolved into a podcast for academe and young professionals for this year. The partnership includes the development of evergreen and topic-based content for students and young practitioners to have access to continuous and experience-based learnings via easy access to a platform favored by its target audience. This is a pioneer event in the PR industry and for allied industries in using craft and technology for innovative and sustainable activations.

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Heading to SMX, the Hotel and Foodservice Suppliers Show promotes the farm-to-table the uprising

The Hotel and Foodservice Suppliers Show, formerly known as the Hotel Suppliers Show, will be held at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City on September 21–23 after a successful run of its Visayas and Mindanao editions last July in Cebu.

The main objective of the program is to act as a top venue for bringing together individuals and organizations from the hospitality and foodservice sectors. It will promote networking, provide a wide range of goods and services pertinent to various industries, and offer a venue for business executives in the field to learn about emerging trends, innovations, and possibilities. The ultimate objective is to encourage expansion, cooperation, and quality within the hotel and food service sectors.

Alongside its major rebrand is the expansion of its value architecture by partnering with Mayani, the country’s leading agri-fisheries platform working with farmers and fisherfolks, to underscore the event’s championing of the local agri-food sector and its large part in the supply chains of the hotel and foodservice industries.

“Partnering with Mayani and supporting the farm-to-table movement can yield several significant advantages for the event. It makes us more relevant to today’s industry trends and consumer preferences by showcasing products and services that cater to the growing demand for local, sustainable, and fresh food options,” says Patrick Lawrence Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Global Link MP, the event’s chief proponent and organizer.

Initially founded as an agri-ecommerce player with a supply base in Calabarzon focusing on lowland produce, Mayani now carries a multitude of agri-food categories linked to the broad supply chain requirements of hotel brands and restaurant chains: highland and lowland vegetables, grains, eggs, dairy, poultry, seasonal fruits, and sustainably-caught seafood.

It boosts crop and catch marketability of smallholder farmers and fisherfolks coming from different regions in Luzon, including communities in the fishing province of Palawan and highland crop growers of Northern Mindanao.

Tan points out that the involvement of Mayani can encourage networking and collaboration between suppliers, chefs, and restaurant owners – potentially leading to partnerships and new business opportunities within the farm-to-table ecosystem.

The tourist and hospitality industries are currently exhibiting remarkable recovery as a result of the removal of pandemic-related travel restrictions. The Philippine Statistics Authority estimates that the contribution of tourism direct gross value added to the nation’s gross domestic product will be 6.2%, or P1.38 trillion, in 2022, indicating the revival of the local economies in the vicinity of popular tourist destinations and the return of rising hotel occupancy rates.

According to Statista, the food service sector is seeing a growth trend, with revenues expected to reach $8.37 billion in 2021. These advances will be discussed in technical seminars and industry overview lectures at the Hotel and Foodservice Suppliers Show. Visitors can sign up without cost at

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Eight corporate foundations are honored by the 4th CSR Guild Awards for their excellent CSR initiatives

What they sowed, they reaped. Eight corporate foundations were recently honored for creating excellent CSR projects that had a beneficial effect on the communities they serve as part of the League of Corporate Foundations’ (4th) CSR Guild Awards.

Eight awards were presented in two major categories following a rigorous nomination, screening, and judging process by a panel of judges: seven Program Awards (Arts & Culture, Enterprise Development, Environment, Education, Health, Financial Inclusion, and Disaster Resilience) and one Collaboration Award, which recognized projects that involved two or more LCF members or partnerships.

The winners are Telus International Philippines Foundation for Oustanding CSR Project in Arts and Culture for their Art Weave: Artistic Textile Manipulation through Traditional Weaving Techniques program; Aboitiz Foundation for Outstanding CSR Project in Disaster Resilience for their Project Banca; Energy Development Corporation for Outstanding CSR Project in Education for their Honing nation-builders through KEITECHS’s values-based technical-vocational education program; Knowledge Channel Foundation for Outstanding CSR Project in Environment for their EcoProject: Kilos Kabataan para sa Kapaligiran; Pilipinas Shell Foundation for Outstanding CSR Project in Enterprise Development for their Palawan Eco Agro Park (PEAP) El Nido Food Terminal Project; BDO Foundation for Outstanding CSR Project in Financial Inclusion for their Fish N’ Learn: Securing the financial future of the Filipino Fishers program; Pfizer Philippines Foundation and Outstanding CSR Project in Health for their Pfizer Medical Drone Project: Last mile health service delivery; and Manila Water Foundation and One Meralco Foundation for Outstanding CSR Collaboration Project for their Light Up to WASHup! Beaming Forces for Good in the IPO Watershed.

The CSR Guild Awards is an annual recognition of outstanding CSR programs, collaborations, and other initiatives that have achieved sustainable impact upon the communities and institutions served.

The contribution of Honorable was also highlighted at the 4th CSR Guild Awards. The keynote presentation was given by Rex Gatchalian, Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and H.E. Finland’s ambassador to the Philippines, Juha Markus Pyykkö, addressed during the ceremony’s culmination.

The CSR Guild Awards were presented at the recent 2023 CSR Expo, which took place in conjunction with National CSR Week, which LCF is the lead organization for.

Pilipinas Shell Foundation and LCF both co-presented the Expo. Additionally supporting it are the Henry Sy Foundation, Felicidad T. Sy Foundation, SM Foundation, Aboitiz Foundation, BPI Foundation, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, and Vivant Foundation.

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BEXCS Continues Expansion Across the Philippines with opening of West QC Super Hub

 Ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of BEXCS West Quezon City branch

The opening of BEXCS Logistics Solutions Inc.’s newest flagship branch in Quezon City is announced with pride. This tactical choice represents an important milestone in the company’s ambitious plan to open 278 offices throughout the Philippines. I am also very delighted to know more about BEXCS, and how the business works and its relevance. Additionally, it is also near to my place so I can just easily inquire and I know a lot of people can have access to jobs because of BEXCS.

BEXCS Logistics Solutions Inc. founders Rodel Rubio and Marjorey Rubio

Contract signing of Marjorey Rubio and Anna Magkawas, owner of the new BEXCS West Quezon City branch

BEXCS Logistics, which was established in 2019 and primarily serves the requirements of online sellers and suppliers, has quickly established itself as a major player in the logistics sector. The business is currently establishing itself as a pioneer in fifth party logistics in the Philippine market. Since its founding by the visionaries Rodel and Marjorey Rubio, the business has never wavered in its dedication to quality and client satisfaction, propelling it to the forefront of the industry. On September 13, 2023, the business debuted the newest member of its expanding family, the Anna Magkawas-owned West Quezon City branch.

BEXCS franchisee Anna Magkawas and BEXCS founder Marjorey Rubio

In addition to the expansion of its branch network, BEXCS Logistics is set to unveil major hubs in key regions across the country. With plans to introduce 3 Central Exchanges Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao along with 37 sorting facilities strategically positioned throughout the Philippines, the company envisions a network of over 1,300 branches that will blanket the entire archipelago.

Presently, BEXCS Logistics boasts an impressive portfolio of over 10 branches serving Luzon and Cebu, ensuring efficient logistical solutions for its valued clients. The company’s global reach has recently expanded further with the opening of offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Anna Magkawas at the new BEXCS West Quezon City branch

The BEXCS Ecosystem operates under three distinct business lines: BEXCS Franchise, BEXCS Logistics, and BEXCS Worldwide. These divisions offer a wide array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, including market research, digital marketing, sales channel management, and comprehensive legal and business compliance solutions and Franchise.

Moreover, BEXCS Logistics takes pride in offering world-class logistics solutions, including Express Delivery, Door-To-Door Delivery, International Shipping, Land/Air/Sea Cargo services, Warehouse Inventory and Management, and Dropshipping services. These offerings are a testament to the company’s commitment to providing holistic and efficient logistics support.

The Franchise Super Hub, is a multi-revenue stream business which aims to provide sustainability and scalability for the Filipino communities and aspiring business owners. The Super Hub is BEXCS’ frontstore which provides a wide array of services from Retail, Shipping to Warehousing. The BEXCS Franchise Super Hub is the first and only “Hybrid Social Commerce combined with Logistic Solutions” providing a seamless flow of transactions for live sellers. It is designed to provide employment and support to SMEs who are in need of a warehouse, live selling studio and supplies in order to provide for their families. Payment and money remittance is another source of income for the BEXCS’ franchisees as BEXCS partners with DA5 for the said ad hoc services.

She Bolisay of Absha Construction & Dev’t Inc., Anna Magkawas, Michelle Garcia-Arce of Storytellers, and Pinky Fabro of BEXCS Logistics Solutions Inc.

Even as BEXCS grows its business, it stays committed to its key principles of dependability, innovation, and client-centered service. The company’s journey has reached a turning point with the establishment of the new branch in West Quezon City, reflecting its dedication to assisting companies throughout the Philippines and abroad.

Visit for more details about BEXCS Franchise Solutions Inc. and its services.

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Four brands of Coca-Cola Philippines are now in packaging made from 100% recycled plastic: Coca-Cola 190ml, Coca-Cola 390ml, Wilkins 500ml, and Sprite 500ml that was introduced to the market in 2019

Coca-Cola Philippines is launching additional bottles made entirely of recycled PET plastic (rPET), omitting caps and labels, as another significant step toward a circular economy for plastic packaging. In addition to Sprite 500ml, which was released in 2019, the rPET container is now available for Coca-Cola Original in 190ml and 390ml as well as Wilkins Pure in 500ml.

More than 40 nations throughout the world, including Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, have seen the introduction of at least one Coca-Cola brand in bottles manufactured entirely of rPET. Coca-Cola’s rPET bottles uphold the high standards that customers have come to expect from the brand and adhere to both local laws and The Coca-Cola Company’s stringent international standards for food-grade rPET packaging.

Additionally, more than 2,800 recycling drop-off locations have been set up by Coca-Cola Philippines all around the nation to make it easier for customers to return their empty bottles. The program helps small-business owners expand their operations, recruits customers to join recycling campaigns, and keeps plastic garbage from winding up in unintended places.

Additionally, the company’s collaboration with Plastic Bank Philippines has led to the activation of 38 recyclable waste collection branches in Cavite and Laguna. Since 2021, the partnership resulted in the collection of 546,000 kilograms of post-consumer bottles for recycling while also enhancing the livelihood of informal waste sector workers. 

“Coca-Cola recognizes that the plastic waste problem in the Philippines is both urgent and complex. Therefore, it will take a collaborative effort to solve this issue. In line with our commitment to helping build a circular economy in the country, we are working to offer innovative packaging design, expand collection and recycling programs, and forge strategic alliances with stakeholders—including government agencies, industry partners, and local organizations,” Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario said. 

“We will also use our brand power to engage consumers in collection and recycling initiatives and build awareness that used plastic bottles can have many lives,” he added. 

Coca-Cola Philippines is working to further increase the amount of recycled content used in its plastic packaging by building a sustainable pipeline of high-quality recycled material. Its bottling partner, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI), established PETValue Philippines through a joint venture with Indorama Ventures, a global leader in green technology and packaging solutions. This pioneering bottle-to-bottle recycling facility started operations in October last year and is expected to recycle 2 billion pieces of collected post-consumer PET plastic bottles per year. 

These initiatives are aligned with The Coca-Cola Company’s ambitious sustainable packaging strategy, where it aims to make 100% of its packaging recyclable globally by 2025, use at least 50% recycled plastic in its packaging by 2030, collect and recycle the equivalent of every can and bottle it sells by 2030, and bring people together to support a healthy, debris-free environment. 

CCBPI proudly shared its growing plastic bottle collection network through the strong support of its partners— “Tapon to Ipon: Basta Klaro, Panalo!” has already reached 170 cities and municipalities and is growing. CCBPI has inked partnerships with more local government units, including the Province of Iloilo, Davao del Sur, and Camiguin for large-scale collection.

“At CCBPI, we always say that we are only as strong as the communities we serve. Everything we do builds on our promise to create a more sustainable future for Filipinos,” shared Gareth McGeown, President and CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. “We always strive to set higher standards for the industry, but more importantly for ourselves—because we know we need to do more, and you have our commitment that we will do more. We are thankful for the support of our partners in helping give our bottles many more lives.”


On top of the announcement of the new Coca-Cola Original and Wilkins Pure 100% rPET bottles, the company has launched “May Ikabobote Pa”, its new consumer engagement initiative to inform and engage consumers about the actions they can take to recycle their empty plastic bottles. 

May Ikabobote Pa will be brought to life through the following activities, which are also intended to inspire action from consumers and like-minded organizations: 

  • New rPET labels: Coca-Cola and Wilkins Pure bottles made from 100% food-grade rPET, excluding caps and labels, now have a call to action “Recycle Me Again” message on their labels. A QR code that will lead to information about the company’s recycling program is also included on each label. 
  • Enhanced consumer recycling experiences: Engaging activities on recycling will be featured at Coca-Cola’s on-ground events. 
  • Digital-led communications for consumers: Coca-Cola Philippines will partner with groups and community leaders to co-create educational content for a wider audience and advocate for sustainable practices. 
  • Partnership with 7-Eleven and Shell: The company is partnering with 7-Eleven stores and Shell stations to create programs that make recycling more convenient and rewarding for consumers. 

Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario announces the launch of “May Ikabobote Pa”, the company’s newest consumer engagement initiative that aims to make recycling more convenient and engaging in the Philippines. Coca-Cola Philippines has more than 2,800 collection drop-off points across the country where consumers can return their empty bottles for recycling. An on-pack QR code that will lead to the Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub is also included on the labels of the new Coca-Cola bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. 

These events are intended to promote community building and serve as a reminder to customers that #MayIkabobotePa (Bottles Can Have Many Lives) emphasizes the value of recycling their empty plastic bottles.

From left to right: Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Incorporated President and CEO Gareth McGeown,
Sustainability Champion Andi Eigenmann, Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario, Ms. Universe Philippines 2018 and Environment Advocate Catriona Gray, and DENR Undersecretary Juan Miguel Cuna leading the launch of
 “May Ikabobote Pa” consumer engagement initiative


In line with Coca-Cola’s global commitment to sustainability, Coca-Cola Philippines has launched an employee engagement program, “Tapon to Reborn”, to encourage and enable its employees nationwide to become active participants in helping address the plastic waste problem in the country.  

“Tapon to Reborn” encourages employees to collect, segregate, and bring their empty PET bottles, cans, and beverage cartons to the office for recycling. The bottles are then sent to partner recycling facilities, including the CCBPI-supported PETValue PET bottle recycling plant, where they can become new bottles.  

The initiative aims to collect and sell 500 kilograms of PET bottles and cans. The proceeds of the collection will be used to support reforestation efforts in the Lagadlarin Mangrove Forest and Sierra Madre Forest. 

For more information on the sustainability initiatives of Coca-Cola Philippines, visit the Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub at or follow the company’s social media channels: @CocaColaPhilippines on Facebook and @cocacolaph on Twitter and Instagram

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Hassle free travel in Banwa Private Island and be amaze with it

Eliminate the trouble of traveling!

Sunlight Air has been adding flights to its schedule steadily lately, and they are getting closer to their pre-pandemic frequency of almost daily flights from Manila to San Vincente airport in Palawan.

Enjoy our VIP meet-and-greet and fast track service at the Manila International Airport, a quick transfer to Sunlight Air’s private lounge, and a thrilling one-hour flight on an ATR 72 aircraft to the center of Palawan.

From there, take pleasure in a one-hour scenic ride through Palawan’s breathtaking tropical interior to the quaint coastal town of Roxas while being pampered in luxury. For a relaxing 25-minute trip to Banwa Private Island, you will board our amphibious Iguana Commuter Yacht here.

Contact the reservation team by phone or WhatsApp at +639178882864, send an email to [email protected], or visit their website for additional details.

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By signing agreements with BEST, Envirotech, Plastic Credit Exchange, and Republic Cement, Ajinomoto Philippines Corp strengthens its efforts in sustainability and environmental responsibility

Photo shows (left to right): Mr. Ernie Carlos, Chief Sustainability Officer for APC, Atty. Angela Edralin-Valencia, ecoloop Director of Republic Cement, Mr. Jan Vincent Mercado, Senior Vice President for Business Development of Basic Environment Systems and Technologies Inc., Mr. Marcelino Fronda, Manager for Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc., Mr. Rudi Ramin, Commercial Director for Plastic Credit Exchange, Mr. Koichi Ozaki, APC Group President, and Mr. Hironori Aoki, APC Group Director for Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) has forged new alliances with four leading Filipino waste management companies as part of its most recent effort to comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 (EPR Law). At a Memorandum of Agreement signing ceremony with Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies (BEST), Envirotech, Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), and Republic Cement last September 1, 2023, at APC Makati headquarters, the food industry giant formally reaffirmed its dedication to a more sustainable future.

The EPR Law requires businesses to assume greater responsibility for the post-consumer waste management component of product disposal and recycling throughout their life cycle. Obligated businesses like APC are required to make sure they contribute to the recovery, diversion, and recycling of plastic waste produced by the usage of their products. These regulations seek to reduce and control the overall consequences and environmental impact of post-consumer plastic trash.

APC saw the enactment of the EPR Law as an opportunity to supplement their current environmental stewardship projects. The company immediately sought partnerships with organizations that would not only help make their sustainability efforts more feasible, but also inspire new initiatives for a more environmentally sound future for the Philippines.

To aid with the collection of post-consumer packaging, APC tapped BEST, a waste management consulting company established in 1999. BEST founded the Trash-to-Cashback program operating in different parts of the Philippines and the MyBasurero App that encourages waste collection through an incentivized system.

Since 2010,  Envirotech has built multiple materials recovery and processing facilities nationwide, with facilities that turn low-quality soft/flexible plastic waste into construction and furniture grade materials.

PCX is widely known for pioneering the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard, which allows for the management of pledges from companies and institutions to clean up their plastic footprints and be awarded Plastic Neutrality Certifications for their efforts. Their aim is to protect the ocean by collecting and processing solid waste found in our waters, while providing livelihood opportunities to women in vulnerable communities through their Aling Tindera Program.

Completing APC’s new set of collaborations is Republic Cement, who launched the Ecoloop program that encourages waste recovery and processing from collecting, segregating, and shredding of viable solid waste to be used as Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF).

(From left to right): Mr. Jan Vincent Mercado, Sensior Vice President for Business Development of Basic Environment Systems and Technologies Inc., Mr. Marcelino Fronda,Manager for Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc.,Mr. Koichi Ozaki, APC Group President,Mr. Rudi Ramin, Commercial Director for Plastic Credit Exchange,and Atty. Angela Edralin-Valencia, ecoloop Director of Republic Cement.

During the ceremony, Mr. Ernesto Carlos, APC’s Chief Sustainability Officer further assured that APC, alongside its partners who signed the Memorandum of Agreement, will put up unwavering efforts for future generations of Filipinos.

“We encourage all companies to embrace the EPR Act and take a proactive approach to managing their plastic footprint,” Carlos said. “By working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future for all.”

APC has been actively looking for ways to reduce plastic waste in order to achieve its aim of minimizing environmental impact by 2030. The AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning 45g, which is created from natural and renewable paper that can be planted, grown, harvested, and replanted, is the first seasoning product ever to be sold in paper packaging. While the company has developed programs that were made easier by their production processes, it has also incorporated sustainability education through the #IlabasAngSustainAbilidad campaign, which makes use of the social media following of Ajinomoto Philippines.

The adoption of APC Group’s sustainable practices and the promotion of eco-friendly lifestyles are now being done on a broader scale toward creating sustainable communities thanks to the expertise of their four new partners.

To learn more, visit

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The Venice International Film Festival marks the debut of the Infinix ZERO 30 5G and invites vloggers to “Capture Your Own Story.”

Actress Rhian Ramos stuns in a custom Mark Bumgarner ball gown while flaunting the all-new Infinix ZERO 30 5G in Golden Hour at the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

At the ‘Story On’ event in Venice, Infinix unveiled its newest addition to the Infinix ZERO Smartphone series, the Infinix ZERO 30 5G, and the company’s top-tier ZERO BOOK laptop.

Leading vloggers and personalities from around the world were invited by Infinix as a partner in organizing the panel session “New Image, New Lifestyle. Cinema in the New Media, “Capture Your Own Story,” held on September 1, 2023 at the Italian Pavilion in Venice, to celebrate and explore the technological advancements in smartphone camera technology and the democratization of filmmaking. Representing the Philippines was actress and content creator Rhian Ramos, who walked the red carpet.

The Mobile Vlog Awards (MVA) titled “Capture Your Own Story,” which invited vloggers from all over the world to contribute to the development of mobile imaging, also featured fan documentaries that documented life using Infinix brand smartphones.

Italian Pavilion Forum “New Image, New Lifestyle. Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story”

Global press and media including Forbes, Digital trends, GSMArena, GBA temp, Yanko Design, and MakeUseOf attended the Italian Pavilion Forum “New Image, New Lifestyle. Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story.” They represented leading voices in worlds of tech, lifestyle, photography, and cinematography.  Attendees were invited to celebrate and explore an exciting new era where mid-tier smartphones like the new Infinix ZERO 30 5G offer best-in-class Ultra HD (4K/60FPS) front camera video recording.

‘Capture Our Own Story’ – Mobile Vlog Awards

The Mobile Vlog Awards of Infinix (MVA) – ‘Capture Your Own Story’ was also launched, inviting users around the world to compete for prizes by sharing their own cinematic vlog creations. Attendees were also shown an exclusive documentary created by Infinix fans, demonstrating the incredible potential of smartphones for professional, cinematic-style filmmaking. Inviting vloggers of all types, and backgrounds to contribute to the evolution of mobile imaging, the Mobile Vlog Awards of Infinix (MVA) encourages young creators worldwide to harness the advanced video capabilities of Infinix smartphones.

Infinix ZERO 30 5G Launch Event: ‘Story On’ in 4K/60FPS

It proved to be the perfect time to give the world its first glimpse of the all-new Infinix ZERO 30 5G smartphone on the occasion of the Venice International Film Festival. Designed for the creation of professional-grade vlog videos, ZERO 30 5G defines a new category of mid-range smartphone. Integrating a front camera with support for 4K/60FPS video recording with comprehensive photography tools and filters, ZERO 30 5G boasts best-in-class performance in a strikingly attractive design.Furthermore, Infinix has successfully pioneered a groundbreaking technology known as the “Explorer Satellite Communication Technology,” based on a Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) satellite system. This revolutionary system is set to lead a communication technology revolution in the latter half of the year. As a brand dedicated to the youth, Infinix has always upheld the belief in providing emerging technologies and innovative experiences for young individuals, creating more possibilities and opportunities.

Anish Kapoor, CEO of Infinix India (Middle)

Infinix CMO Lake Hu gave a general overview of the company’s aim for smartphone development after a masquerade dance opening ceremony to debut the Infinix brand. She also introduced the “Story On” concept. The CEO of Infinix India, Anish Kapoor, then revealed the new Infinix ZERO 30 5G on stage.

“This collaboration with the Infinix and the Italian Pavilion Forum ‘New Image, New Lifestyle. Cinema in the New Media, Capture Your Own Story’ has been a truly landmark event which synergizes the advancements of technology, and humanity’s natural urge to create, self-express and capture life as it really is,” commented Infinix CMO Lake Hu. “It was fantastic to see the Venice Debut event bring together world-leading vloggers, filmmakers and technologists under one roof, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, to celebrate the future of cinematic storytelling.”

“We created the Infinix ZERO 30 5G to challenge the definition of mid-tier smartphone photography and video, making professional grade hardware and software more accessible to more people than ever,” said Infinix India CEO, Anish Kapoor. “This fusion of features provides young people on a budget with the tools to create ultra-high-definition video content that moves far beyond selfies, to achieve new heights of creative expression.”

For more information, please visit:

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Hello Coffee Addicts! With this modern espresso maker, you can quickly make coffee of third-wave quality at home

If this explanation of the circumstance rings a bell, please let us know. You wake up to your alarm and realize that you have just enough time to prepare for the day’s activities. The only issue is that, despite being on time, you can’t really allow for a few more minutes to prepare your own coffee. What type of coffee enthusiast can survive without a cup (or two) of caffeine to keep them going for the rest of the day, am I right? So this is an extreme emergency. No, not you.

Pictures during the Breville Event

If you frequently find yourself in this situation, you undoubtedly belong to the group of people who always turn to their go-to commercial coffee shop chain for their daily fuel. It is, after all, simple and quick. But what about flavor and quality? That’s something that might be hit or miss, though. As a coffee lover, I was so excited to be there at their event. I was so thrilled to know how the machine works and what its great qualities are. I learned so much about the products and more about coffee. I also had the chance to taste the scrumptious coffee they made. Additionally, I also made my own coffee and designed it myself.

The Barista Express Impress is the newest model from premium home lifestyle brand Breville Philippines. From its design to its features, the espresso machine is created to fit the lifestyle of those who want to get the most out of their coffee experience but do not have the luxury of time to make one. The model’s product DNA speaks for itself. As Breville’s first assisted manual espresso machine, the Barista Express Impress is the definition of convenience, quality, and simplicity.

One of the star features of the model is its Impress Puck System which helps craft the best cup for you. The system involves intelligent dosing which automatically calculates the dosage you need. From there, the machine will precisely tamp with a 10kg impression and 7-degree barista twist for a polished puck. The system also gauges when the correct level is achieved and makes sure to use this for your next brewing.

Similar to the other impressive models of espresso machines of Breville Philippines, the Barista Express Impress also delivers Third Wave Specialty Coffee using the four keys formula which, other than providing the ideal dosage, also sets the right temperature, optimal pressure, and sufficient steam for your coffee.

Quality, practicality, and knowledge. The Breville Barista Pro, designed for the fuss-free coffee connoisseur, will provide you with these three things. This is the ideal product for you to get if you’re prepared to usher in a new age of coffee enjoyment—one that is based on your terms and time. If you already own other Breville espresso machine models, you can trade up to this model, which has a suggested retail price of P79,999.

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