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Learn how this Takoyaki franchise concept grew to over 40 locations in less than a year

When the epidemic struck, many industries were severely impacted. The food industry was not immune, and entrepreneurs were forced to reconsider their strategies and business models. Hopeful stories were hard to come by, but some people had the fortitude to start during this trying time. This comprises a group of young entrepreneurs who are united in their desire to bring Japanese cuisine closer to people’s homes.

What began as a small takoyaki bazaar stall in Iloilo has developed into a popular merienda with locations all throughout the Philippines. Otako Monsta is proud of its one-of-a-kind business concept, which was created to appeal to and benefit future partners. The team focused on designing a franchisee package with strong profit returns because they understood they wanted to grow their firm through expansion.

Otako Monsta has made franchising less intimidating by removing royalty and marketing fees. Low capital investment also makes the brand a good option for young entrepreneurs who want to invest their money. On top of this, partners enjoy a 125% capital margin and will reap their return on investment (ROI) within 1 year.

Co-founder Gian Franco Go believes that their guiding principles in running their Japanese street food empire are keeping a wide range of food options, competitive pricing, and fostering a passionate team that will always have their partners’ best interest in mind. In keeping these beliefs as their core, they make sure they’re always a step ahead from similar food concepts. Otako Monsta takes pride in its wide variety of Takoyaki flavors which can be enjoyed for as low as P99 for 6 pieces. Their best-selling seafood-filled takoyaki Monsta, finished off with their matcha dessert balls, will surely keep you coming back for more.

Taking into consideration foot traffic and competition in the vicinity, Otako Monsta has aggressively expanded across Visayas and Mindanao and has recently started opening branches in Luzon. They closed 2021 with over 40 branches, and are continuing to build this number in the months to come.

Contact to begin your franchisee journey if you share the same passion as the Otako Monsta team and have ideas for more locations.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information. @OtakoMonsta on Facebook: Instagram: otako monsta (





This Father’s Day, make your love language food. Fathers’ Evolution

Fathers’ duties have evolved beyond being the family’s primary breadwinner. Building good relationships and being actively involved in child care interests and responsibilities are equally vital in maintaining the family’s welfare.

Such great fathers, who literally become our rock and do everything they can to protect us. Some fathers may not be huggers or emotionally aware of their children, yet you can tell they care deeply by their love language. We are extremely fortunate to have had fathers and father figures in our lives who have helped shape us into the people we are now. On this auspicious day, we salute these “men.”

Nothing beats whipping up something sweet from the heart. Make your love language food. Make this utterly #Madalicious treat, Cerveza Negra Chocolate Balls, made with Magnolia Devil’s Food Cake Mix combined with Cerveza Negra. It will pleasantly surprise your taste buds too.

Preparation Time: 40 min

Baking/Cooking Time: 25 min

Main Ingredient:

  • Eggs
  • Flour


Ingredients & Preparation HH Measurement Measure

  • 3 (50 g each) pc MAGNOLIA BROWN EGGS
  • 1 (330 mL) bottle CERVEZA NEGRA
  • 1 (120 mL) cup coconut oil


  • 1/2 kg dark chocolate, chopped
  • 100 grams pistachio nuts, chopped
  • 1 (120 g) cup cocoa powder
  • 1 (80 g) cup desiccated coconut
  • 100 grams white chocolate, melted (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 176.7°C (350 F). Meanwhile, line and grease one (1) 12×16 inch square pan with baking/wax paper. Set aside.
  2. In a bowl, combine cake mix, eggs, cerveza negra and oil. Mix until smooth in consistency. Pour into prepared pan.
  3. Bake for 25 minutes. Let cool and then crumble cake and form into 1-inch balls.
  4. Prepare dark chocolate by melting it for 10-15 seconds in a microwave oven over high setting.
  5. Dip each ball in melted dark chocolate and then roll each ball in pistachio nuts, cocoa powder or desiccated coconut. Drizzle with some melted white chocolate placed in a piping bag, if desired.

Makes 40 pieces.

(Yield: 40 pc (30 grams per ball) /4 pc per serving )


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For the first quarter, Flash Express dominated the logistics industry

L-R: Flash Express Marketing Director Dave Khodr; Flash Express Finance Director Carolyn Cao; Flash Express Brand Ambassador Robi Domingo; Flash Express Head of Legal & Compliance Atty. Sherry Lou Bernabe; Flash Express Reyjim Timoteo and Flash Express PR & Media Relations Manager Reginald Rex Pumihic

Flash Express, the Philippines’ fastest-growing logistics and courier services company, just established its first three (3) Flash Shop locations in Divisoria Mall, 999 Mall, and Manila Textile, as well as the country’s first batch of branded vehicles.

Flash Express has remained at the forefront of the logistics market after only eight ( months in business. Flash Express has also been the most favored business logistics partner to date, owing to the fact that it has successfully completed all of its business plans from its inception in the Philippines. It successfully launched its business offerings, including Flash Express, Flash Home, and Flash Shop, using its world-class logistics and business model ecosystem.

Customers can mail and pick up their packages at actual locations within malls and businesses using Flash Shop. Within the next year, Flash Express plans to open 112 Flash Shop locations around the Philippines.

Flash Home is a business offering that aims to help Filipinos to jumpstart their business by partnering with Flash Express or those entrepreneurs who want to utilize their commercial spaces as Flash Express’ delivery drop-off points which will only involve minimal investment and requirements.

Just recently, Flash Express inaugurated the first batch of branded trucks to be deployed nationwide to cater for the growing customer base of Flash Express.

Flash Express’ customers are expected to experience worry-free delivery transactions given that Flash Express offers free door-to-door pick up, low COD rates, 365 days operations (including holidays and weekends), and 24/7 customer service.

Flash Express Marketing Director said that Flash Shop will complete the host of delivery services for Flash Express’ customers as they can do walk-ins in nearby Flash Shops to send and receive their parcels.

“We are very positive that Flash Shop will further speed up the business logistics experience of all our customers, especially those who are looking for physical branches of Flash Express inside business establishments such as malls and retail stores near them”, Khodr said.

Flash Express’ Head of Legal & Compliance, Atty. Sherry Lou Bernabe, said that the company is faring very well in terms of the fulfillment of all its business plans and promises to its customers. In fact, Flash Express continues to double down its efforts in order to be the most trusted business delivery partner and to be a household name in the logistics industry.

“With the combined efforts by our leaders, business partners, and employees, we are delighted to say that Flash Express continues to permeate the logistics industry and to enhance the experience of its customers. Our Filipino customers deserve a world-class courier and logistics services partner and that is what Flash Express is doing since day one”, Bernabe said.

Flash Express is still dubbed as the fastest-growing courier and logistics services company in the Philippines to date especially considering the surge in its distribution centers (Flash Express has 368 distribution centers as of this writing), as well as its continuous roll-out of Flash Shops and increasing number of Flash Home partners nationwide.

Visit for more information about Flash Express, or contact their customer care at [email protected] or (02) 8539 4002.



The most awaiting sequel of Top Gun Maverick is now out in the SM Cinemas

Top Gun Maverick was released by SM Cinema on May 25, 2022, at SM City Sta. Mesa’s newly opened Director’s Club hosted a Fan’s Screening Night, which was attended by representatives from Metro Manila’s major media agencies, as well as some of the generation’s most notable social media influencers, Pilot Chezka Carandang and Kim Uy of Support Local MNL PH.

The new Director’s Club at SM Cinema Sta. Mesa officially opened its doors on May 20, 2022 at the 4th Level of SM City Sta. Mesa. The theatre features super-soft, deep cushioned foam, Opus gliding seats by Ferco, laser projectors for crystal clear images, and Dolby surround sound for rich movie audio. On top of that, a butler service that adds up to the convenience of our movie-goers.

With the Pilot

Tickets are available for purchase online at or at the SM Cinema Sta. Ticket booth in Mesa. Block screenings are also available, with seating for up to 40 people.



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The significance of community-based initiatives Disaster Risk Management and Reduction

File photo: Flooding brought about by Typhoon Ondoy 2009

The disaster preparation of a community determines a person’s safety during a disaster. No matter how well prepared they are for all possible disasters, all of their efforts will be for naught if their community is unable to respond effectively.

This is why a CDRRMP (community-based disaster risk reduction and management plan) is so important. It assigns the responsibility of disaster preparedness to the entire community, ensuring that organizations, homes, and individuals may work together to make their community more resilient in the case of disaster.

CBDRRMP is critical, especially for countries like the Philippines that are very vulnerable to catastrophes. The Philippines is prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons due to its location within the Pacific Ring of Fire and typhoon belt. In the 2020 World Risk Index, the country was placed 9th in the world in terms of disaster vulnerability.

One of the most common events experienced by the Philippines is flooding, which underscores the importance of effective floodwater management. There are many ways that local government units are doing this. Efforts range from structural measures such as sizeable underground drainage systems, floodways, pumping stations, flood warning systems, and urban greening to non-structural measures such as minimizing plastic waste, a primary culprit in urban flooding.

With the country situated on five active fault lines, Filipinos must also prepare for earthquakes. It is why many buildings are equipped with earthquake-resistance features. Taking earthquake resilience in the country further are the periodic earthquake drills implemented at the national and organizational levels.

These are good examples of effective CBDRR, where both the authorities and the citizens work together to ensure the safety of life and property in their communities.

SM City Masinag has a rainwater collection tank that can store 17,681 cubic meters of water.

As a trusted and responsible developer of integrated properties, SM has always been committed to promoting Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) in its communities, which is evident in many of its malls that employ infrastructure design centered on disaster resilience. SM allocates 10% of its capital expenditures to incorporate disaster-resilient features, of which installing water management design features is one of them.

Artist’s illustration of SM’s rainwater collection facility in 22 SM Malls nationwide.

A few examples of these are SM City Marikina, elevated by several rows of concrete stilts to protect tenants and mall-goers during extreme floods. SM Mall of Asia was built with a storm surge barrier for added protection during storm surges, and several malls employ catchment tanks for recycling rainwater.

Across the country, there are 22 SM Malls that have rainwater collection tanks under the mall. All these malls combined can catch and store 79,880 cubic meters of rainwater, equivalent to 32 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

“Wherever SM is, we try to help our communities become resilient to changing weather patterns,” explains Arch. Fides Garcia-Hsu, Vice President of SM Engineering, Design and Development.  “Nationwide, we have 22 malls equipped with rainwater catchment facilities that help rain water management to avoid flash floods for surrounding communities.”

SM City Olongapo Central’s rainwater collection tank can hold up to 14,580 cubic meters of water.

Supporting these are several initiatives focused capacity-building for its stakeholders. It includes workshops & learning sessions on Disaster Risk Resilience Management and regular participation in the quarterly national simultaneous earthquake drills for its employees, and the annual Emergency Preparedness Forum for persons with disabilities and the elderly, two of the most vulnerable sectors of society during disasters.

SM Prime has also created long-term ties with organizations that push for a disaster-resilient Philippines, in keeping with its multi-stakeholder strategy. Collaborations include, among others, ARISE-Philippines, the National Resilience Council, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, the Office of Civil Defense, and the Bureau of Fire Protection.

SM City San Mateo’s rainwater collection tank can collect 10,800 cubic meters of potential floodwater.

Visit their website at for more information on SM Prime Holdings and its other programs towards disaster preparedness


SM Prime, one of the leading integrated property developers in Southeast Asia, remains committed to its role as a catalyst for economic growth, delivering innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities, thereby enriching the quality of life of millions of people. Sustainability and Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience form part of SM Prime’s core business strategies. It ensures that its risk-informed investments catalyze sustainable development and positive change in the communities where it operates.











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Until May 31, Hanabishi, Mega Prime, and Gourmanok are offering rice cooker and food bundles

Hanabishi Appliances teamed up with Mega Prime and Gourmanok for a month-long celebration displaying their latest line of high-quality rice cookers in honor of Mother’s Day.

Only until May 31 can you get these mom-favorite bundles. Hanabishi rice cookers and Mega Prime and Gourmanok food products are among them.

“With these bundles, we hope that we can help our customers in their search the best gifts to give their moms,” said Cherish Ong-Chua, Vice President for Marketing and Finance of Hanabishi Appliances. “Every day can be Mother’s Day. Show your love an appreciation for your mom as often as you can.”

Available on LazMall and Shopee Mall

On Hanabishi Appliances’ official LazMall store and Shopee Mall store, you can find the following:

  • Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRC10WHT (1L 5 cups) with Free Mega Prime Products
  • Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRC18WHT (1.8L) with Free Mega Prime Products
  • Hanabishi Low Sugar Rice Cooker HDESUGAR18MFRC with Free Mega Prime Products
  • Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRC10BLK (1L 5 cups) with Gourmanok Freebies
  • Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRC15BLK (1.5L 7 cups) with Gourmanok Freebies
  • Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRC18BLK (1.8L) with Gourmanok Freebies
  • Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRC28BLK (2.8L) with Free Mega Prime Products
  • Hanabishi Low Sugar Rice Cooker HDESUGAR18MFRC with Free Mega Prime Products

Visit Hanabishi’s official store on LazMall and Shopee Mall for more information about this deal.

Hanabishi items can also be found at and in major appliance retailers across the country. Or for more information about Hanabishi, please visit

Follow their Facebook:, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to stay up to date on their latest items and specials.


About Hanabishi:
Sa Bahay at sa Business Mo, Hanabishi! Hanabishi is a Filipino household name for appliances for over 35 years. It is a brand engineered to fit the lifestyle of the Filipino both for homes and businesses. Hardworking, durable and resilient, are the attributes that personify Hanabishi making it the brand of choice of every Filipino mom and businessman when it comes to value and practicality. Hanabishi is the mark of quality that grows with you through the years. Built with passion and an impeccable desire to uphold the quality of life in every Filipino home, Hanabishi will remain to be the PRACTICAL choice and KAPARTNER, today and for the many years to come.



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Tanduay Receives Platinum Award for Innovation SIP Awards, judged by the public

Four Tanduay Rum brands won top awards at the SIP Awards in 2022, the only wine and spirits competition with a consumer-led judging panel.

“The customer is your most important judge,” the SIP Awards stated on its website, “which is why we remain committed to offering one of the most trustworthy measurements of beverage quality rating in the world” (

Tanduay Distillers, Inc. is a company that produces distilled spirits. Executive Vice President Kyle Tan, who oversees the company’s export operations, expressed gratitude for the positive feedback from both consumers and critics.

“This goes to show how we pay much attention to the quality of our rums and we are proud to say that all its ingredients are sourced from the Philippines where the tropical weather contributes to its fine tastes,” he said.

Tanduay’s Winning Rums

Especia Spiced Rum and Tanduay Asian Rum Silver both received the competition’s Platinum Award. The award is given to spirits that “represent a distinguished class that earned exceptional marks from consumer judges.”

The former is the newest product from Tanduay. Introduced to select markets only last March, it also received a double gold in the San Diego Spirits Festival.

Tanduay Asian Rum Silver, meanwhile, is one of the rum brand’s most-awarded products. It has received honors from top international spirits competitions and has 12 Monde Selection medals to its name.

Another favorite in international contests, Tanduay Double Rum, received the Silver and Innovation Awards. SIP’s Innovation Award is given to spirits with an interesting and unique taste profile or design.

Tanduay Asian Rum Gold also received the Silver Award from the contest.

Further Boost to Growing Export Business

“We would like to thank the SIP Awards, especially the consumer judges, for recognizing the quality of our rums. This gives our international expansion a big boost,” said Tan.

As of this writing, Tanduay has entered the rum markets of 12 U.S. states and the territory of Guam, the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

“Tanduay has been loved by Filipinos for decades. It’s time to let the world know about it as it is a product that showcases the country’s best local ingredients and its people’s craftsmanship and ingenuity,” Tan said.

Tanduay is a Southeast Asian heritage brand noted for its stunning beaches and welcoming people. It was founded in 1854 and is one of just a handful Filipino businesses to celebrate its centenary year. The rum brand has won awards from international spirits competitions since the 1800s.






Celebration of Flores De Laguna 2022

Flores de Mayo is a Filipino festival that honors the Blessed Virgin Mary as one of the May devotions. It is observed throughout the month of May. This festival culminates in the Santacruzan, a religious and cultural beauty pageant. Attending this feast is so much fun because I reminisce about those good old days in our province, there are a lot of fun activities and so much more. I also enjoyed the amazing rides and different events in the place. One of their events is the parade and the showcasing of their fine gorgeous ladies with their beautiful gowns.

This celebration culminates with a religious and cultural beauty pageant—the Santacruzan. Last May 22, 2022, Enchanted Kingdom brings back their own twist on the Filipino tradition, Flores De Laguna 2022, in partnership with The Designers Circle Philippines (DCP) – Laguna. Flores De Laguna is a celebration of our motherland and the Filipino creativity and beauty.

This event is an opportunity for 20 of the most promising local designers and loveliest ladies to showcase their passion for fashion as they sashay the catwalk, celebrating the meaningful religious tradition of flower offering and celebrating the culture of the Philippines.

Enchanted Kingdom’s events aim to showcase not just its rides and attractions, but also Filipino culture and pride, as brilliant Filipino designers and models show off their original creations.

Visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website,, for additional information about promos, ticket reservations, and bookings. or the official Facebook page





Top Gun: Maverick 2022 at SM Cinema


I was so fortunate that I was invited to watch this amazing masterpiece. It is indeed a great movie to watch, very entertaining and such a great action filled one. It is a must watch since the first Top Gun movie hit the theaters in 1986, it was a blockbuster and surely a lot is waiting for the sequel and here it is in which Cruise returns to train a new generation of pilots.

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is back on the scene of the US Navy’s elite flying school – called Best Gun – after more than 30 years of duty as one of the Navy’s top aviators. Maverick is tasked with training a detachment of the “best of the best” pilots for a special operation, and it’s up to him to get the unit ready for a dangerous mission that will put everyone to the test.

Prepare to meet Hangman (Glenn Powell) and Phoenix’s next class of aviators (Monica Barbara). Maverick also meets Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), sometimes known as “Rooster,” is the son of Maverick’s late friend and Radar intercept Officer Lt. Nick Bradshaw, also known as “Goose.” Pete is also reunited with his old flame Penny (Jennifer Connelly). Will the chemistry and history between them be rekindled? Prepare for high-altitude and highly fast passages that will have you reclining back in your cinema seats as you traverse the mountaintops.

#YourCenterpoint’s Director’s Club The new Director’s Club at SM Cinema Sta Mesa offers extraordinary comfort. Enjoy the super-soft, deep-cushioned foam of Ferco’s Opus gliding chairs. Laser projectors for crystal clear images and Dolby surround sound for rich movie audio will elevate your viewing experience. Oh! And you requested 0 Director’s Club Cinema, complete with your favorite reclining seats, Dolby Atmos, and Laser Projectors? It’s a YES!

Visit to see the most anticipated blockbusters and reserve your tickets with ease. SM City Sta. Mesa’s newly opened Director’s Club Mesa may also handle block screenings with up to 40 guests and can be reserved at SM Cinema Sta. Contact Abby Acasio at 0977 751 6025 or go to the Mesa ticket desk.


Finish the summer on a sweet note with a tasty Subway® treat.

Savor our delectable Cinnamon Raisin Cookies for only Php 26 per piece! Grab one or two at the nearest Subway® store near you and join the lucky ones to enjoy this fantastic deal. It’s definitely the #BetterChoice as we end this Summer season and welcome the Rainy Days! Available for dine-in and takeout transactions and or Grab delivery orders. This limited-time-offer cookie is available up to 5 July 2022 or until supply lasts.

Summer is coming to a close, but the memories we’ve made will last us till the end of the year! As we approach the rainy season, sweet foods never fail to bring a smile to our faces, so reminisce about the flavors of summer with our delectable Cinnamon Raisin Cookies, which you can definitely share with family and friends! This crispy delicacy will brighten you up and make you feel wonderful if you’re feeling low.