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Sony Music Entertainment Launches New Philippines Office

In order to support the Company’s efforts to identify and nurture the upcoming generation of Filipino artists, Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Philippines today announced the launch of its new office in Manila.

The new Office will be the home of SME Philippines and The Orchard Philippines, housing experts in A&R and digital marketing to support SME Philippine’s roster of more than 70 local artists, discover and develop up-and-coming musical talent, and promote music from the country. Pasig City is a significant business, entertainment, and cultural hub.

SME Philippines is home to some of the most well-known artists and musical groups in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, including Ben&Ben, SB19, NOBITA, Ace Banzuelo, and Clara Benin.

The opening event was attended by Pasig City Deputy Mayor Dodot Jaworski, as well as senior executives from Sony Music Group, artists, and business partners. Guests enjoyed performances by local SME stars Ace Banzuelo, I Belong to The Zoo, Alex Bruce, Clara Benin, Young Cocoa, and Of Mercury.

“The Philippines is a music-loving nation. It is exciting to witness the growth of the local music industry and see local musicians making it big regionally and internationally. We are heartened to see that Sony Music Philippines is calling Pasig City its home,” said Vice Mayor of Pasig City, Dodot Jaworski.

“Here, in the Philippines, the vibrant cultural fabric of the country has given rise to a new generation of artists who are pushing boundaries with their music and showcasing the best of local music,” said Shridhar Subramaniam, President, Corporate Strategy and Market Development, Asia and Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment. “The cultural diversity and creativity in the Philippines coupled with the pace of digital adoption presents enormous opportunities for artists to create and share their music, and we are committed to supporting their efforts.”

“Over the years, we have worked closely with musicians, creators and partners to build an impressive roster of local artists and provide each of them with best-in-class support,” said Roslyn Pineda, General Manager, Philippines, Sony Music Entertainment. “As a result, we’ve created numerous international hits and local favorites, as well as making our mark as the only music company with a Christian music sub label in the country. Looking ahead, we are ready to further our efforts to support Filipino music both in the country and beyond.”

Among the homegrown artists who have made a name for themselves regionally and internationally are Ben&Ben and SB19.

“Sony Music has been a lovely partner in helping us reach out to our fanbase, Liwanag, with our music,” said Ben&Ben. “They have opened so many doors for us, making it possible to bring the emotions and messages of the songs we’ve made to the people who need it. They have constantly given us renewed energy to keep pushing boundaries and keep moving forward, no matter what direction the wind blows. It’s an honor to be working alongside an organization full of passionate and dedicated people. As we embark on a new adventure with our first North American Tour, it’s sad that we’ll miss the opening of the new office, but we’re proud to see how far Sony Music Philippines has come.”

Five-member sensation SB19 debuted in late 2018 and has received widespread recognition with their singles, “What?”, “Alab (Burning)” and “Go Up”. The pop group was nominated for “Top Social Artist” at the 2021 Billboards Music Awards and has the longest-running number one hit in the history of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart for “Bazinga”.

In a statement, SB19 said that “Sony Music has been a critical and essential partner for us over the years, helping us reach our fans and audiences through their large and comprehensive network.” “We couldn’t have asked for a finer team to work with on our first album, support us on our just released international song “WYAT,” and assist us with our impending globe tour. We want to express our sincere congratulations on the launch of their new office.


KAIA, a P-Pop female trio, shifts to a more R&B-oriented style in their new song “Dalawa”

In their latest single, “Dalawa,” published by Sony Music Entertainment, P-Pop girl group KAIA takes a more R&B-leaning turn.The five-member act’s smooth groove stands out in stark contrast to their earlier works and relates to the idea of expressing affection in the most comforting, impressionable manner.

The diverse pop quintet says that “Dalawa is a song that conveys a story familiar to many: catching unrequited feelings for someone close to you.” “This specific material sticks to our strengths as a girl group, even though it deviates from the cheerful, dance-pop melodies that we’ve been giving out since our debut.”

Brimming with 2000s-indebted R&B melodies and whimsical beats, “Dalawa” embraces stylistic adventurousness with effortlessness that doesn’t overwhelm the vocals. The track is written and produced by Jayson Franz, who brings a mellow yet groovy direction to the Filipino group’s sound.

“I wanted a different approach for KAIA this time around, but I made sure to take into consideration their individual and collective personalities,” shares Franz. “I’ve added some string instruments and other sonic elements to help elevate the arrangements. But more importantly, the groove that I was trying to achieve was leaning towards Y2K R&B: simple, yet melodically interesting.”

According to Franz, KAIA was also heavily involved with the demo recording, making sure to relay their own inputs on vocal arrangements and the overall vibe of the song. “One of the memorable moments during the recording of the track was the first run of every member of KAIA,” adds Franz. “It was that moment when everyone knew that the song was really made for them. Each one of them has an own personality or taste in terms of the delivery of their lines.”

Dalawa” by KAIA is currently available on all digital music services in the world thanks to Sony Music Entertainment.




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New Digital Series WIKO 10 is released by WIKO

WIKO Buds 10

Using the WIKO 10, the smartphone for contemporary entertainment, you may reach your full potential. A company with French roots, WIKO aims to influence entertainment’s future through the fusion of technology and aesthetically pleasing design. Together with the introduction of WIKO Buds 10, WIKO 10 aims to provide users with a seamless musical journey through the use of advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology and up to 30 hours of playback time with a charging case. It also offers customers around the world distinctive features and elegant designs.

The first smartphone in WIKO’s new digital series is the WIKO 10. With its flawless design that conveys French elegance in the language of technology and serves as the contemporary accessory for the Generation Z digital natives, WIKO 10 represents the marriage of attractive design and cutting-edge technology.

Customers can enjoy using the WIKO 10 with its top features including a 6.74-inch large

screen and 90.69% screen-to-body ratio for immersive video viewing, a 5000mAh battery with 22.5W WIKO SuperCharge and reverse charging supporting intensive usage throughout the day, a 128GB large storage to store everything on the phone, and 50MP Triple AI camera with versatile camera functions that was catered for recording beautiful moments in life. It is a highly functional device, meanwhile a masterpiece bewitching to the eyes.

WIKO 10 is specifically created for young users who are stylish, trendy, tech-savvy, and passionate about expressing their individuality. It offers them a flawless experience with a fresh and elegant design that reflects the latest trends among Generation Z and accessorizes their everyday look with style. With the one-of-a-kind designs that reflect the latest trend among younger generations and their predilection for the individuality of product appearance, WIKO 10 reinvigorates the design with unique personality.

WIKO wants to make smartphones à la mode accessible to all. Our users worldwide tell us that they love the French aesthetics conveyed by our products, and these phones help to showcase their favor in simplicity, elegance, freedom and enthusiasm.

Distinctive Finishes with Iconic Colors

WIKO 10 in iconic Klein Blue, Silver and Black

WIKO 10 has three options of stunning finishes: Klein Blue, Silver and Black. The iconic Klein Blue creates a stark visual contrast with the environment, showcasing the personal style and individuality of its owner. The alluring Silver resembles ashen hues of classic European architecture like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, where Black is a ray of bright light which disrupts the tranquil yet mystique pitch-black night, colliding decorative art with architectural structures. WIKO 10 is all you need to garner the attention of the crowd.

Impressive Visual Display with Refined Designs

WIKO 10 is a fabulous smartphone designed for immersive entertainment experiences and incredible visual enjoyment brought by its 6.74-inch 20:9 large full-screen LCD. The incredible 90.69% screen-to-body ratio is exceptionally competitive compared to other smartphones at the same price level. It also supports 16.7 million colors and a resolution of 720*1600, while the pixel density can reach 260PPI.

Aside from its mesmerizing colors, WIKO 10 features a 6-layer optical texture design. By virtue of the emergency of the fuselage materials, not only does it enlarge the reflective surface of a crystal and heighten its brilliance, but it also ensures a fingerprint-proof and dirt-proof surface with its strong hydrophobic capability. As for the thickness, WIKO attempts to visually lessen the width of the phone with a light and matte integrated surface of the middle frame. It also combines the fingerprint sensor and power switch, which is an optimum choice of design, both functionally and aesthetically.

The embedded rear cameras are typically destructive of the aesthetics of a traditional smartphone design, yet it asserts character and individuality at the same time. WIKO 10 innovates on its original design, resulting in a complex yet sleek aesthetic that represents a more vivid individuality expression.

Versatile camera to capture the best moments

With WIKO 10’s 50 MP Triple AI Camera, users can capture portraits which equate with high-quality studio pictures with a mere tap of their finger. To begin with, the 50MP Triple AI camera can bring you fine details with its 50 MP resolution, f/1.8 aperture, 1/2.76-inch JN1 sensor that has a unit pixel area of 0.64μm. Photos of high color fidelity and resolution are guaranteed. The Smart HDR feature with its fusion of double exposures brings you a well-balanced photo in detail even in backlighting environments. Moreover, users can take bokeh portraits based on the 5-layer imaging optimization algorithm. For fashionistas and selfie addicts, WIKO 10 has an 8MP high-definition f/2.0 front camera, its natural beauty algorithm allows them to confidently take beautiful selfies.

Top-tier Battery and Storage Performance

One of the most attractive features of WIKO 10 is the 22.5W WIKO SuperCharge. After charging for 10 minutes, users are able to watch videos for two hours. Besides its fast-charging ability and large battery capacity, WIKO 10 also supports wireless reverse-charging for other devices. A quick 10-min reverse-charging can cover 40% of a headset or 25% of a sports bracelet’s full power, which only takes up 1-2% power cost of WIKO 10.

Moreover, WIKO 10 provides users with the most carefree experience ever, a multi-stage overheating current control mechanism is incorporated, so gamers will no longer fret about overheating pauses after a whole day of usage. Together with a large and sustainable 5000mAh battery as well as a storage space of 128GB and 4GB RAM, it guarantees a long-lasting phone running from morning till night and more virtual memory, faster loading speeds and minimum lagging.

Updated OS, For an Updated Experience

Android 12 delivers an even more personal, effortless, and safer experience for your device. Featuring a comprehensively reimagined UI that can be personalized to your liking, as well as new privacy features designed to grant you total safety without taking control away from your hands

WIKO Buds 10 – endless music journey

Alongside the launch of WIKO 10 smartphone, WIKO is also presenting WIKO Buds 10, a set of earbuds with advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology powered by BES to ensure instant and stable connectivity, capable of producing stereo and deep bass loud sound. Offering a maximum operating time of 6 hours from a single charge and up to 30 hours with the charging case, WIKO Buds 10 allows users to enjoy an endless music journey. Users can now surround themselves with flowing melodies and dive into the world of music without noises. Embracing positive vibes brought by your favourite songs in daily life with WIKO Buds 10.

The WIKO Buds 10 have undergone an unique modification in which the 12 mm dynamic driver has been altered, enabling the delivery of high-quality music with a distinct distinction between vocal and instrument while upholding a design tailored towards users’ comfort. In order to provide a crystal-clear audio chat and calling experience, a combination of dual mics for voice capture and ENC noise cancelling algorithm support is also effective in filtering out external disturbances. Furthermore, the WIKO Buds 10 weighs only 4.2g and is IPX4 water resistant, making it safe from splashing water while being ideal for exercise and amusement.

Price and Availability

WIKO 10 will be available from September 25, 2022 for P8,990 at Shopee, Lazada, and authorized WIKO stores and kiosks.

WIKO Buds 10 will be available from September 25, 2022 for P1,499 at Shopee, Lazada, and authorized WIKO stores and kiosks.

See full pricing and availability below:

For more information, please visit:




‘Satellite’ by Khalid has a futuristic music video

(To Download Artwork & Press Photo Click HERE)

Khalid, a multi-platinum-selling international sensation, releases “Satellite,” a new song, and a music video through Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records. The dynamic pop sound, driven by Khalid’s lyrical lyrics, comes to life in the glistening, futuristic video, which was shot by Levi Turner.

 “Satellite is a visual portrait of my growth as a human being & the self-love journey I have experienced in my life,” said Khalid.

The video sees Khalid embracing a futuristic world, being one with the planets and other incredible advancements.

At the MTV Video Music Awards last month, Khalid and Marshmello performed their most recent track, “Numb.” The two artists have worked together again after their 6x platinum blockbuster single “SILENCE,” “Numb.” Khalid released the ethereal song “Skyline” earlier this year, coupled with a vibrant music video.

(Photo Credit: Ro Lexx)

Khalid’s “Satellite” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records/Sony Music.

To Buy/Stream/Watch “Satellite”:

Multi –

Music Video –

Follow Khalid:

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Learn more about our creators and labels here.







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San Miguel Beermen Victory Party is held by BingoPlus

The Philippine Cup Victory Party of PBA champions, the San Miguel Beermen, was sponsored and presented by BingoPlus, the official bingo partner of the 47th season of the PBA, on September 5 at Robinsons Galleria. There were ardent PBA and SMB supporters at the occasion. Leo Austria, the head coach of the SMB, Gelacio “Gee” Abanilla, the team manager of the SMB, the BingGirls, BingoPlus’ official dancers, and BingBing, the company’s mascot, all attended. During the victory party, 100 fortunate fans got to interact and dance with the San Miguel Beermen.

“BingoPlus’ main objective is to give entertainment and happiness to Filipinos, which perfectly aligns with that of the PBA,” said Jasper Vicencio.

To date, BingoPlus has had a payout of more than 20 billion pesos since its launch in January 2022. For more updates, visit




Grand Opening of the Enchanted Kingdom DTI OTOP (One Town, One Product) Hub

On September 15, 2022, Enchanted Kingdom and DTI Laguna hosted the EK DTI OTOP Hub’s Grand Opening at the Jungle Outpost Zone. As part of Enchanted Kingdom and DTI’s efforts to promote our local entrepreneurs and their goods, the hub will feature well-known Laguna delicacies. In addition to the culinary items being sold in the Jungle Outpost Zone (next to the Jungle Log Jam ride), the Cultural Village zone’s Pugad Shop also sells locally made bags and accessories, coffee and tea gift packs, and coffee and tea gift sets. Included among the prominent homegrown brands are Harito’s Food Products, Raymar’s Peanuts, Switsis, Piana Gourmet, Cocoplus, Mama Mia’s, Romalyn’s Ube Halaya, MCA Mushroom, Vegetari, Yollie’s Alamang, Daisy’s Kropek, Kitchen Angels, Dairy Deluxe, Sano, Zennie’s, Amazing Foods, Likhaya, Brics Turmeric, Calle Arco.

OTOP Philippines Hub is a retail store or space where OTOP offerings can be found. DTI and LGUs with private partners and associations/cooperatives embark on transforming pasalubong centers and souvenir shops all over the country as a market access platform for mainstream consumers and buyers.  OTOP (OTOP Philippines One Town, One Product) is a priority stimulus program where products rooted in local culture, resources and competitive advantage are determined, curated, developed, supported and marketed.

In attendance during this special occasion were Mr. Cesar Mario O. Mamon, Enchanted Kingdom Chairman and President, Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon, COO and the rest of their Execom, Hon. Mayor of Santa Rosa, Laguna Arlene B. Arcillas, DTI 4A OIC-Regional Director Marissa C. Argente, DTI Laguna OIC-Provincial Director Cesar German Gerpacio, Mr. Peter Jaynul V. Uckung, OIC, LTCATO, along with the other Provincial Directors from CALABARZON. Also present were our homegrown OTOPreneurs, the MSMEs enrolled under the One Town, One Product Next Generation (OTOP Next Gen) Program. Their products underwent product development through OTOP Next Gen to help them level-up their products, widen their market reach, and prepare them to penetrate the international market.

The first flying theater in the Philippines, “Agila the EKsperience,” which transports passengers on an exhilarating adventure through the gorgeous mountains, breathtaking beaches, and spectacular islands of the Philippines, was also available to the guests. This partnership with DTI is just one example of how the Enchanted Kingdom continues to take pleasure in the beauty of the Philippines—its destinations, goods, and people.



With the disco-pop smash “WYAT,” P-Pop leaders SB19 solidify their position as a rising powerhouse on the world stage

SB19, a five-piece boy band from the Philippines, soars even higher as their current hit “WYAT”   continues to gain popularity both domestically and overseas.

In less than a week, the disco-pop track has peaked at No. 1 on iTunes Chart in several countries and territories, including the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, and UAE. It has also charted in 9 countries outside the country: No. 2 in Bahrain and Antigua & Barbuda, No. 4 in Saudi Arabia, No. 8 in New Zealand, No. 20 in Canada and Cambodia, No. 54 in Azerbaijan, No. 55 in Malaysia, No. 70 in the US, and No. 74 worldwide.

The retro-modern tune, which documents the hitmaking quintet’s efforts to reconnect after a tumultuous phase in their personal lives, further cements their status as a global powerhouse. In a recent article by Billboard Magazine, SB19 gained acclaim for their vision to “push the country’s current pop renaissance” to a bigger, broader level. Pop culture critic Jeff Benjamin writes, “With its wider pop ambitions thanks to an undeniable chorus and multiple visual access points thanks to the video and styling, WYAT (Where You At) puts SB19 in the best position to grasp the international spotlight.”

To date, “WYAT” has amassed more than a million views on YouTube in less than 3 days, trending as high as No. 4 on the platform upon its release. Over at Twitter, the song has trended at No. 1 on Trending Topics Philippines, and No. 2 Worldwide, maintaining its impressive stats for days.

Lead rapper and sub-vocalist Josh credits the success of the envelope-pushing single to A’TIN—the fandom responsible for ensuring their mercurial rise to commercial prominence. “We’re very thankful and overwhelmed, especially to our A’TIN. We didn’t expect it to top in various charts not only in the Philippines, but different parts of the world. This was truly unexpected as we haven’t been around for a while. Hopefully, this release isn’t the only one that will turn out successful, but the tour as well.”

To further promote the beginning of their new music era via “WYAT,” the P-Pop phenoms are set to embark on their biggest local and international tour to date. WYAT [Where You At] Tour kicks off on their sold-show concert at Araneta Coliseum on September 17, 2022, to be followed by a series of shows in Clark, Cebu, Davao and more. In the following months, the tour extends globally as SB19 heads to multiple countries – US, UAE, and Singapore to name a few. International A’TIN can expect SB19 to drop by their city starting October 2022.

When asked about what to expect on their upcoming global tour, main vocalist and dancer Stell confirms that music listeners will be seeing a different SB19 this time around. “The same passion is there, the same dedication is there, but we’re just going to give more for this tour. Like we usually do, we try to level up and improve every time.”

Justin, a sub vocalist and the creative director of WYAT, stressed the rigor of their preparations for raising the bar in terms of quality. “This is the first time that dancing and voice teachers have assisted us in getting ready for a concert. So the enhancement of our singing and dancing abilities is something the fans can anticipate.”

Check out the updates on SB19’s social media sites for more details regarding their lineup of performances.





SB19’s “WYAT” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the music video here.







A Renowned Circus to Arrive in Manila in December

Finally! Pinoys are once again able to celebrate the holidays in a fun, traditional manner after years of being restricted. This includes taking in the Christmas extravaganzas and attractions that we greatly missed!One performance that ought to be at the top of our list is the upcoming Super American Circus, which will debut in Manila, Philippines, in December.

Super American Circus is a two-hour super power packed entertaining arena show made for the whole family. It recently completed its tour of Hawaii and Guam.The incredible show will feature well-known performers from many industries performing life-threatening aerial stunts that are sure to amaze everyone.

Aerialists, acrobats, motorcycle madmen, live music, and talents from around the world will come together in this one breathtaking and jaw-dropping show to give Pinoy fans another once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Details of the Super American Circus including additional attractions and performers, tickets availability, venue, and run dates will be announced soon through our official social media pages:

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Socmed Copy

Finally! After years of being locked down, a grand extravaganza will be coming to Manila this December! Celebrate your holiday with Super American Circus!

Aerialists, acrobats, motorcycle madmen, live music, and talents from around the world will come together in this one breathtaking and jaw-dropping show to give Pinoy fans another once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Details of the Super American Circus will be announced soon through our official social media pages:

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As “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 moves into the semifinals, tougher competition is evident

The goal of becoming the next overall champion of the virtual singing competition “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 becomes closer after weeks of selecting from among hundreds of contestants who will advance to the next stage.

However, the “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 semi-finals stage is no picnic, so anticipate the competition’s semifinal round to get harder and tougher as the judges select the best among the best. As they compete to advance to the competition’s pinnacle—the Grand Finals—the grind-out semifinals will undoubtedly bring out the best in each hopeful.

But first, whether they are in the Ballad, Acoustic, or Rock categories, they must go past the semifinal round.

The Top 10 Semi-Finalists for “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 under the “Ballad” (#HeartsAtHome) category are:


As for the “Acoustic” (#FreshVibes) category, the Top 10 Semi-Finalists are:


Finally, for the “Rock” (#EpicRock) category, the Top 10 Semis competitors are:


So just how tough is the semi-final stage of “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2? Only the Top 3 singers out of the Top 10 semi-finalists in each category will move on to compete during the Grand Finals.

For the semi-finals, the tough criteria for judging is 60 percent of total judges’ scores, with 40 percent coming from online voting.

The #HeartsAtHome semi-finals episode will premiere on September 11, 2022, and the deadline for voting will be on September 16, 2022. The names of the grand finalists for the Ballad category will be announced on September 20, 2022.

This will be followed by the #FreshVibes or Acoustic category semi-finals, happening on September 21, 2022, while deadline for voting is on September 26, 2022. The names of the Top 3 grand finalists will be announced on September 30, 2022.

Finally, the #EpicRock or Rock category semi-finals will be shown on October 1, 2022, with deadline for voting on October 6, 2022. Those who will go to the Grand Finals will be known on October 10, 2022.

And then, the much-awaited Grand Finals for “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 will happen on October 30, 2022. It will be a slam-bang musical fest among the best of Filipino musical talent that everyone should not miss.

A whopping P1,000,000 worth of cash and products combined await winners in all categories, plus, a major recording deal with Ivory Music, one of the biggest independent record labels in the country, to help jumpstart the winners’ recording career.

Voting is easy. Just type the official hashtags for each category, whether #HeartsAtHome for Ballad, #FreshVibes for Acoustic, or #EpicRock for the Rock categories, on the Comments section of the posted episode. Make sure your votes will count by including the “#YourSongOfExcellence2022” hashtag on all comments. If there’s no “#YourSongOfExcellence2022” hashtag, the vote will not be counted, and it would be such a waste for it will hurt your choice’s chances of making it to the Grand Finals.

“Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 is organized by Taiwan Excellence, with premier brands Aromase PH, Asus PH, and Predator Gaming as sponsors, with Ivory Music as music partner and Far Eastern University as performing arts partner.

Major brand partners include Acer Philippines, Annie’s Way 安妮絲薇果凍面膜第一品牌, FECA PH, Johnson Fitness Philippines, LUFTQI空氣淨化專家, Transcend Philippines,, Dacian, and Tatung.

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Catch the final call for the Great Samsung TV Sale!

Fantastic prices on Samsung’s 4K Smart TVs, don’t miss it!!!

Our TV habits have evolved from regular channel surfing to streaming platforms, playing games, and browsing social media with a click of the remote thanks to smart feature upgrades But not all smart TVs are built the same. Samsung’s best-in-class TVs up the ante with its superior picture and audio quality, and stylish form factor.

Upgrade your home theater system with Samsung at the Great Samsung TV Sale, and don’t miss the best deals from the Global #1 TV and Soundbar brand. Until September 30, snag up to 40% off on the 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV and over 30% off on premium soundbars. It’s Samsung’s biggest TV event of the year, which means it’s the best time to upgrade your home entertainment system.

Here’s how you and your family can enjoy TV time when you upgrade to a Samsung TV and Soundbar today:

Enhanced visuals for all media

Your favorite movies and series get a boost with more lifelike color, thanks to Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Color feature. Get a different level of picture quality with one billion shades of color, delivering every subtlety and detail in whatever you’re watching. The TV’s 4K picture takes realism to the next level – don’t be surprised if you or your kids reach out towards the screen on your next movie night.

Play like a pro

Access your favorite content with just a click of a button with Samsung’s improved Smart Hub. With artificial intelligence, Smart Hub learns your preferences so you and your family spend less time searching and more time bonding over streamed movies, shows, and other content you enjoy. Gaming with Samsung’s BU8000 Crystal UHD TV is also now more enjoyable with enhanced game motion features.

Seamless addition to your home’s aesthetic

With Samsung TV, you don’t need to sacrifice form for function. The Crystal UHD TVs are sleeker and slimmer than ever to blend in beautifully when wall mounted or displayed on a TV console. Whether placed in the living room, the family room, or the bedroom, the Crystal UHD TV will complement any space.

Cinema-quality sound

Complete your viewing experience with the best sound with Samsung’s Q-Soundbar. It is built with Dolby Atmos technology for cinema-quality audio, and when paired with a Samsung TV, the Q-Symphony feature allows audio to be played from both TV and Soundbar speakers for better sound quality and immersion.

Get that much-deserved home theater upgrade at the Great Samsung TV Sale from now until September 30.

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