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LOOK: The Cutest Collaboration Merch Is Being Released by POP Boy Group Alamat and DITO Telecommunity!

DITO surprised the Magiliw to an exclusive fan meet and greet event with Alamat and launched the perfect merchandise that highlights Filipino talent!

Exclusive DITO x Alamat Fan Meet and Merchandise Launch Event stickers and posters

There must be a buzz in the air because Ppop songs and artists are taking the world by storm! With yet another thrilling campaign, the distinctively Filipino POP group Alamat is also extending and fortifying their partnership with DITO Telecommunity! As part of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign, the boy band has officially revealed their newest special gear in collaboration with the telecom firm.

The fan meet was accompanied by a unique online giveaway that was only available to DITO subscribers—especially those who like Alamat. The DITO x Alamat partnership has received an immense amount of love and support from Alamat’s supporters, known as the Magiliw, since the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign was introduced on February 12 of last year. In order to rally the fan base in support of the campaign, the Magiliw coordinated online events and trending hashtag campaigns.

From May 6 to 22, 2024, active DITO Mobile Subscribers registered online for a chance to be one of the 300 lucky Magiliw attendees at the Alamat Fan Meet. Thousands of entries from fans and everyone alike who were excited to see the boy group in person were received online!

DITO x Alamat Fan Meet and Merchandise Launch Event Key Visual

Ms. Evelyn Jimenez, DITO Chief Revenue Officer for Consumer Business, said that the merch collaboration with Alamat is something that came from the organic support of the Magiliw for the PPop boy group ever since they were launched as the main talents of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign. “When we launched #GalingDITO 2024 last February, Alamat performed the official song and music video because with their multi-ethnic and multi-lingual musical artistry, they embody the campaign’s goals of highlighting Filipino talent from across the Philippine regions. We did not expect such huge support from Alamat’s fans, the Magiliw, as well as PPop fans. Thank you so much to all the Magiliw for the big wins and the big love that you give us at DITO Telecommunity and of course, Alamat. We can only give back with these collaborations between DITO and Alamat as we continue to uplift Filipino talent.”

#DITOTayoMagiliw Fan Meet

The merch collaboration was launched in a fan meet and greet event held this May 26 at SM Megamall. Hundreds of lucky Magiliw were the very first ones to get their hands on the special merchandise of ​​ten (10) photocards consisting of six (6) member solo photos, two (2) subunit photos, and two (2) group photos! Up for grabs also were exclusive items that were not for sale to the public such as stickers, posters, and button pins, some of which were designed by a talented Magiliw, Gelai Manabat!

DITO x Alamat Event Displays

The Magiliw who joined the event enjoyed special performances from Alamat, including a thrilling live version of “Ang Galing DITO”, their collaboration song with DITO Telecommunity and the main theme of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign.

Truly showcasing their “galing”, Alamat’s talents shone through with lively performances of hit songs  “Maharani”, “Day and Night”, and “Dayang”.

Passionate Magiliw got the chance to meet their favorite 6inoos (ginoo) Taneo, Mo, Tomas, R-ji, Alas, and Jao, all while enjoying their interactions with the boys and having their DITO x Alamat merchandise signed.

Alamat performing “Ang Galing DITO”, the collaboration song with DITO Telecommunity

The group expressed their gratitude for the continued collaboration with DITO and the company’s support for their music and said that, “Being part of the #GalingDITO campaign this year has helped us a lot as artists because one of Alamat’s mission is to promote Filipino culture, and it perfectly aligns with DITO’s goals. The campaign further amplified what we want to do as Alamat so thank you so much to DITO Telecommunity for welcoming us into your family. We feel like they’re one of the first big brands who really trusted us so we’re so grateful for them and we promise that we won’t let you down.”

Alamat and the Magiliw enjoyed interacting with each other in the photo and merch signing opportunity

Alamat also conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to all their Magiliw who are supporting them and their campaign with DITO. “Thank you is not enough, really, because from the very start you all have been there and we see more Magiliw joining us. We hope there will be more Magiliw, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you and we love you,” said Alamat during the Fan Meet interview.

Get your own #DITOxAlamat Merchandise

Don’t worry because even if you missed this fan event, you still have the chance to get your own DITO x Alamat Exclusive Merchandise, coming soon! The DITO x Alamat photocards are exclusively bundled with the DITO Level-Up SIM Bundles or the DITO Level-Up Socials promo so just purchase these great deals to get the exclusive merchandise!

Available soon on-ground at DITO Experience Stores when you purchase the DITO Level-Up Socials promo, and online at the DITO eShop, and DITO’s official stores in Lazada, Shopee and, TikTok when you purchase the DITO Level-Up SIM Bundles – collect all photocards of Alamat and your favorite 6inoos:

  • Get one (1) Solo Photocard of your choice or get up to ten (10) Photocards inclusive of six (6) Solos + Two (2) Group photos + Two (2) Subunits depending on the DITO Level-Up promo you will purchase
  • Get exclusive bonus merch when you purchase the DITO Level-Up Socials promo in-store or at on-ground events

You can also select the photocard you will receive when you purchase the DITO Level-Up Socials at the DITO Experience stores or at upcoming DITO events, in addition to receiving additional merchandise! Customers who purchase the DITO Level-Up SIM bundles online will receive random photo cards because there cannot be a choice.

Be cautious and don’t pass up the opportunity to finish the exclusive DITO x Alamat photocards when you buy these affordable telecom promotions from DITO!

Visit or follow @DITOphofficial on Facebook and Instagram for additional details and updates.

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Infinix soars to new heights in Q1 2024 with exceptional growth in its global market share

Achieving Highest Year-on-Year Global Market Share Growth in Q1 2024

Trendy tech company Infinix, designed for younger people, reports remarkable growth in the first quarter of 2024. Among all the major smartphone brands globally, Infinix has the biggest year-over-year rise in global market share, according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. In Q12024, Infinix’s year-over-year rise in market share jumped from 1.7% to 3.7%, and its shipments of smartphones worldwide climbed by an astounding 150.6%, marking four quarters of steady and fast growth.

“We are absolutely thrilled with our exceptional performance in the first quarter of 2024,” said Tony Zhao, General Manager at Infinix. “Our entire dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring young, tech-savvy consumers around the world the very best products at attainable price points. The launch of our highly acclaimed Infinix NOTE 40 Series and Infinix GT 20 Pro this year has been instrumental in our success, as we have strategically focused on addressing key consumer pain points, particularly in areas of charging capabilities and gaming performance. This has helped Infinix earn widespread positive acclaim and cement our position as a leading innovator in the global smartphone market.”

Infinix’s parent company, Transsion Holdings, has also benefited from the brand’s success, now ranking 4th in global smartphone shipments with an estimated 10% market share. Infinix’s exceptional performance has been pronounced in key markets such as Africa and Southeast Asia, and the brand has secured top 5 positions in smartphone market share in over 20 countries around the world and recorded impressive year-over-year growth rates. This remarkable achievement underscores Infinix’s unwavering commitment to making advanced technology accessible to a broader global audience.

Strong Regional Performance

Infinix’s exceptional performance has been pronounced in key markets such as Africa and Southeast Asia, and the brand has secured top 5 positions in over 20 countries around the world and recorded impressive year-over-year growth rates. In the Philippines, a key market in Southeast Asia, Infinix achieved a remarkable 27.1% market share in Q1 2024, ranking first amongst all the smartphone brands. This is a significant increase of 19.7 percentage points year-on-year. The brand’s success is driven by its active engagement in creative marketing, celebrity endorsements, and cross-industry collaborations, bringing new energy and competitiveness to the smartphone market.

Leading the Market with Q1 2024 Triumphs

In 2023, Infinix earned a spot in Kantar and Google’s Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders Report. Additionally, Fast Company ranked Infinix sixth in the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024 within the Asia-Pacific sector, making it the only smartphone brand on this prestigious list.

Behind Infinix’s robust global market share performance lies its alignment with the preferences of young individuals, evidenced by its innovative products and creative marketing. During the first half of 2024, Infinix captured significant attention from young people and gaming enthusiasts worldwide with the launch of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series and the GT 20 Pro.

These offerings included the introduction of the All-Round FastCharge 2.0, which aimed to address consumers’ demands when it comes to charging capabilities. Some of these remarkable features include 100W Multi-Speed FastCharge, Wireless MagCharge, and the Cheetah X1 chip supporting multi-functioning charging modes. Infinix GT 20 Pro, being the only smartphone in its price segment that offers a dedicated gaming display chip, strives to offer users an immersive gaming experience.

Looking Forward

The outstanding results Infinix achieved in the first quarter of 2024 are a testament to its dedication to providing cutting-edge and reasonably priced goods, utilizing a multipronged marketing strategy, and advancing technological developments. The brand’s outstanding performance and reputation around the world are a result of its varied and youth-focused marketing techniques. Infinix wants to provide people better products and services going forward. It will also be establishing new standards and aiming for even more success in the upcoming quarters. The Infinix GT 20 Pro, the greatest reasonably priced option for gamers of all skill levels, is also soon to be released. It boasts a vibrant 144Hz display for fluid gameplay and breathtaking visuals

For more updates on the Infinix Series, check out Infinix’s Facebook page and Facebook Community.

For more information, please visit:

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ICT Enablement Sessions Lead the Way in Digital Transformation for Eastern Communications

Aiming to elevate the Philippines’ below-average rank of 60% in the UN ICT Development Index

Eastern Communications Product Manager Jovee Gecha discusses ICT trends at the 2024 Access Eastern run in Clark Pampanga.

In the Philippines, digitalization has emerged as the key to company expansion. The International Data Corp. (IDC) estimates that in 2023, Asia-Pacific would spend $1.3 trillion on information and communication technology (ICT) services. The first telecom company in the Philippines, Eastern Communications, is currently spearheading the nation’s ICT solution integration to support entrepreneurship and economic growth in the digital age.

The Philippines is facing difficulties even if the IDC also notes that the region is becoming more and more dependent on emerging technologies, with an average growth rate of  4.6% until 2027. According to the UN’s ICT Development Index, the nation has a score of 65 out of 100, which is third lowest in Southeast Asia and lower than the global average of 72.8.

The aforementioned statistics highlights the imperative nature of Eastern Communications’ efforts to bridge the digital divide for Filipinos by augmenting its network reach and improving ICT awareness.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Eastern Communications understands that businesses in the Philippines vary significantly in size, scope, and requirements. Therefore, it has developed a range of ICT solutions that cater to the unique needs of each enterprise. From small startups to large corporations, Eastern provides comprehensive services designed to optimize operations through boosting efficiency and innovation.

“Empowering businesses beyond internet connectivity, we’re elevating Eastern Communications’ role to a managed services provider across various industries. This year, we’re committed to delivering comprehensive ICT solutions that streamline operations and empower Filipino entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s digital era,” said Eastern Communications’ AVP & Head of Marketing Jed Estanislao.

Eastern’s Network Solutions offers seamless access points that are adaptable to any business setting. By having network tools equipped with cutting-edge security features like the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Security Service Edge (SSE), Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), and Managed Endpoints, businesses can operate confidently, knowing their networks are safeguarded against evolving threats. The company was recently recognized by Cisco as its Top SMB Partner, highlighting its dedication and expertise in delivering innovative Cisco solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

With cyber threats rising, Eastern’s Cyber Defense Suite provides innovative security solutions integrated into connectivity solutions, such as its DDoS Protected IDS & Zero Trust Network Access, and offers more advanced security options through Point Solutions and Eastern as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Eastern Communications was recently granted Sophos’ Platinum Partnership status, becoming the first telco provider in the Philippines to receive this honor in May 2024. This achievement highlights its pivotal role in driving sales for Sophos’ hero products, including XGS Firewalls and Endpoint Security, underscoring its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies to safeguard businesses against evolving cyber threats.

Eastern Cloud services cater to the varying needs of remote work environments. Innovations include cloud-hosted infrastructures, development platforms and testing environments, business continuity, and backup solutions, enabling businesses to operate seamlessly and securely from anywhere.

Continuing its vision to position the Philippines as a regional hyperscale hub, Eastern has enhanced its Data Center Services. Offering hyperconverged infrastructure, hyperscale colocation, and partnerships with industry leaders like Huawei and Asus, Eastern ensures optimal performance and reliability. Multi-tenancy options further maximize resource utilization, making Eastern’s Data Center Services a cornerstone for businesses’ digital infrastructure.

Access Eastern: Bridging the Digital Divide Across the Islands

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity in the digital age, Eastern Communications extends its reach to regional cities through its “Access Eastern” thought leadership runs. Starting in May 2024, these initiatives will cover key locations such as Clark, Laguna, Cavite, Baguio, Dumaguete, and more areas to follow. By engaging with businesses in regional hubs, Eastern Communications aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all enterprises, regardless of location, have access to transformative ICT solutions.

Through its tailored ICT solutions, strategic partnerships, and commitment to sharing its valuable expertise, Eastern Communications is not only fuelling the growth of businesses but is also building a culture of digital empowerment for Filipinos. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the digital era, Eastern Communications remains a trusted “Partner in Progress,” empowering them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Empowering Filipinos Through Education and Thought Leadership

Beyond offering cutting-edge ICT solutions, Eastern Communications recognizes the importance of knowledge democratization in driving digital adoption among businesses. In line with this vision, Eastern Communications is set to launch pocket ICT Enablement Sessions and its biggest thought leadership event of the year entitled, “Transcend Technology Summit: Forging the Future of Business.”

The goal of Eastern’s ICT Enablement Sessions is to provide organizations with essential knowledge about Network Solutions, Cybersecurity, Cloud Solutions, and Connectivity—as well as insights from industry experts such as Cisco, Huawei, and Fortinet.

These projects, which are expected to launch in the latter part of the year, are the most important thought leadership events to be aware of from Eastern Communications. Eastern hopes to empower Filipino enterprises around the country by collaborating with leaders and specialists in the tech sector and arming them with the resources and know-how required to prosper in their specific sectors and locales.


22 minutes spent on five activities while your Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is charging

We use smartphones on a daily basis. We use our smartphones to check for updates and amuse ourselves from the moment we wake up until we finally go to sleep. But when the battery runs out of power, the fun ends.

With the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G, you can charge your phone to 100% in just 22 minutes thanks to its 100W Fast Charge + 20W Wireless Charge capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery life.

While your phone is charging, you can also use the time to watch something or run a quick errand. Even while 22 minutes may not seem like much, it’s plenty to do tasks like:

Watch an Ivana Alawi video

Vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi loves to share her adventures, challenges, and celebrity interviews with her 17.7 million subscribers on YouTube. As the newest Infinix brand ambassador, it’s only fitting that you watch an Ivana video on your laptop, which is usually about 20 minutes long, while charging your Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G.

“I do everything on my phone, as in! Sobrang ganda ng Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G kasi I can do everything,” Ivana Alawi says of the new Infinix phone’s fast-charging capabilities.

Make a one-pot rice cooker meal from TikTok

Rice is life, and preparing a quick and easy meal using a rice cooker has grown in popularity on TikTok. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to prep the rice and ingredients, and cooking them in one pot. So, you’ll get a fully charged phone and a freshly cooked meal–it’s a win-win.

Get glammed up

The time spent to do a full face of makeup depends on the person. Surveys reveal that the average time for a woman to do her makeup is 30 minutes or less (it’s 20 minutes for guys), so pick up that makeup brush and get glammed up. Once your Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is charged, you can start taking selfies!

Listen to “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version) twice

If you’re a true Swiftie, you won’t get tired of listening to the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” The breakup track is said to be one of Taylor Swift’s best songs, as she takes listeners through the journey of a relationship from the beginning to the heartbreaking end. The 10-minute version is 10:13 long, so you can play it twice and be #senti while waiting for your Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G to charge up.

Work out and catch up on steps

This is ideal for when you’re charging your Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G at home or in the office. If you haven’t reached your 10,000 step goal for the day, you can catch up by walking around the house, office, or outside for 22 minutes. Both you and your phone will be recharged afterwards!


Using the fast charging capabilities of the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G, you can power up your lifestyle and live without worrying about your battery running out of power quickly. Three charging modes are available with the 100W Fast Charge: Hyper Mode, which can fully charge a phone in 22 minutes; Low-Temp, which maintains the phone’s temperature; and Smart, which combines the two other modes. These enable you to maximize your days without spending endless hours connected in. Additionally, the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G has a MagKit (MagCase and MagPad) with up to 20W wireless charging if you’re searching for a flexible wireless charging solution.

The Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is a gorgeous phone that charges quickly if you’re in the market for one. Get this on Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop  for just P13,999. For P10,999, the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro is exclusively offered on Shopee.

Follow the Facebook page and Facebook Community of Infinix Philippines for additional news and updates.

For more information, please visit:


MMDC elevates its working student IT program by fusing IT and business education

From left to right: Engr. Dennis Tablante,  MMDC Executive Director; Mr. Noel Torregoza, MMDC Head of Academics; Ms. Tonichi Achurra-Parekh, Vice President for Service Delivery, Concentrix; Ms. Bianca Gonzalez; Ms. Jenny Chua, MMDC Vice President for Marketing; Mr. Joshua Aquino, Guest Speaker Global Head for Communications, Microsoft; Ms. Ana Cua, Product Business Manager, GCash; and Mr. XP Villa, Head of GGives, GCash

Conventional educational approaches are inherently limited. Prolonged lectures and heavy reading assignments frequently cause students to get disengaged, which limits the effectiveness of the program’s ability to effectively prepare them for the careers they want. For working students who want to complete their college degree but can’t follow traditional models, this is especially difficult. As we attended the event, we learned so much from them about how useful these courses are for students, especially in our modern world, where we use so much of our technology. They also instilled in us the importance of safe use of technology. Additionally, a lot are still conducting online classes for various reasons and it is still relevant today even though we are slowly returning to normal; hence, IT education is such a significant learning for students.

In subjects as dynamic as information technology (IT), the shortcomings of conventional educational institutions are painfully obvious. Rapid technological advancement means that acquired skills and information can quickly become outdated. Furthermore, given the continuous integration of businesses and technology, the growing prominence of AI and machine learning in the workforce highlights the need for IT learners to stay competitive over the long term.

Empowering College Education

In pursuit of evolving education, Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC), the premier digital-first college in the Philippines with a core focus on the application of technology in business under Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna, has leveled up its IT degree program to provide progressive training in line with the demands of today’s professional landscape. Launched in an event held in Rockwell, Makati, MMDC’s new IT program now features two tracks, each with their own range of specializations.

Learners under the Development-focused IT program can choose between earning degrees in either Software Development or Network & Cybersecurity. On the other hand, the Business-focused IT Program offers three specializations focused on the strategic application of technology in businesses across various sectors – Marketing Technology, Entrepreneurship Technology, and Data Analytics.

“In this digital age, businesses are harnessing technology to make better decisions and market products and services at a faster pace and in more personalized ways,” said Engr. Dennis Tablate, Executive Director at Mapúa Malayan Digital College. “Our leveled-up IT program equips students with the technical and soft skills to leverage today’s entrepreneurship, marketing, and data analytics tools,  opening them up to more avenues where they can establish and build thriving careers locally and globally.”  

Digital Education, Real-World Experience

To help prepare students for the real world, MMDC’s unique Projects, Problems, and Cases (PPC) learning model emphasizes hands-on experiences, problem-solving, and analysis of local and global cases – mirroring the dynamics of modern workplaces. Instead of relying solely on traditional testing methods, this approach prioritizes outputs, aligning with the evolving demands of today’s industries. Designed to cater to all types of learners, including working professionals, this educational model unlocks future career opportunities by fostering creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. Learners can expect a challenging yet collaborative curriculum that equips students with the skills essential in navigating complex situations confidently.

In a discussion among Ms. Bianca Gonzalez, MMDC Instructional System Design Director Noel Torregoza, and Working Student Nico Lim during the launch event, attendees discovered multiple perspectives on how the PPC model develops both the technical and soft skills needed by professionals today.

Ms. Jenny Chua, MMDC Vice President for Marketing during the couch discussion

“Educational experiences that are active, social, and engaging lead to deeper learning. On top of developing knowledge and technical abilities, our PPC learning model was designed to foster higher-level thinking, communication, self-management, and leadership skills which are all highly desirable traits to have in the workplace,” said Torregoza.  

Stepping Up Together

From left to right: Mr. Nico Lim, BS IT Data Analytics Working Student, Mapúa Malayan Digital College; Ms. Bianca Gonzalez; Mr. Noel Torregoza, Head of Instructional System Design and Academic, Mapúa Malayan Digital College

In celebration of working students across the country, MMDC relaunched Step Up sa Pangarap – a movement that empowers and encourages working students to accomplish their professional and personal goals. Now in its second year, Step Up sa Pangarap aims to showcase the continuously growing community in support of working students across the country.

The movement continues to grow thanks to the efforts of partners across various industries who share the goal of helping working students finish college and get a degree. Through one of MMDC’s partners, Concentrix, new MMDC students can benefit from an exclusive Work and Study Program, offering part-time jobs alongside part-time study opportunities. With salary deduction options aimed at helping learners sustain their education until graduation, the program is designed to provide working students with the support they need to balance education and employment demands.

To help more working students effectively navigate both their professional and student life, MMDC is looking forward to collaborating with more companies in the country for its Work and Study Program.

MMDC and GCash have teamed to offer Study Now, Pay Later options through GGives, an installment payment program, with the aim of making quality education more accessible to working students. Students now have up to 24 months of flexible payment choices. Based on the average number of monthly active users, the connection between MMDC and GCash has also made internship and job possibilities for students in the #1 Finance Super App conceivable.

With the host Ms. Bianca Gonzalez

The goal of MMDC is to improve the college experience by recognizing the needs of modern professionals and students, as well as the obstacles preventing them from reaping the rewards of a top-notch education. This objective is the foundation for all of the organization’s activities and projects. MMDC seeks to assist working students in their attempts to contribute to nation-building initiatives targeted at developing a stronger economy and establishing a better nation by consistently innovating, modernizing learning methods, and improving access to learning and development opportunities.

Visit for further information.


GS1 Standards Week 2024 will highlight the most recent developments in barcode technology and the global movement to switch from barcodes to QR codes

This year’s GS1 Standards Week 2024, which will take place from April 23 to 26, 2024 Philippine time, will feature a global discussion on the newest barcode technology and the push for the switch from the traditional linear barcode to the 2D QR code. GS1 Philippines, the leading organization on local barcode standards, is set to join industry experts and stakeholders in supply chain and digital transformation.

Over 5,000 member organizations from GS1 Philippines and several of GS1’s global partners will be present at this three-day virtual conference. A number of industries, including retail, marketplaces, consumer packaged goods, fresh foods, healthcare, and transport and logistics, will be covered in a series of educational seminars that will highlight the most recent advancements in barcode technology.

A key highlight at the GS1 Standards Week 2024 will be the opening plenary session focused on the global push for the adoption of the 2D barcode, most popularly known as the “QR code.” The next generation of barcodes will leverage web technologies and the current barcode system to store extensive product information in just one scan, promising limitless possibilities set to further improve operational efficiency in the supply chain industries and benefit brand owners, retailers, and consumers.

By 2027, GS1 Philippines aims to have prepared all sectors nationwide for a complete transition to 2D barcodes, anticipating that all global retail POS scanners will be equipped to read and process these advanced codes, supported by widespread adoption among brand owners.

“GS1 Standards Week 2024 marks a transformative milestone in our mission to drive the global supply chain industry forward. Amid rapid technological advancements, we are spearheading a new era of digital integration where enhanced barcode connectivity significantly boosts efficiency and sustainability worldwide. Join us as we chart the course for tomorrow’s industry standards, celebrating groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping how the world does business,” said Roberto “Bobby” Claudio, President of GS1 Philippines and the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA).

In addition, GS1’s Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) working group sessions will be held throughout the event. These sessions aim to bring together global thought leaders from diverse sectors. These talks will explore innovative, industry-wide standards, policies, and solutions, giving participants insightful knowledge.

Featuring a distinguished roster of GS1’s top specialists along with other prominent industry personalities, the occasion is expected to cultivate a cooperative atmosphere with the goal of transforming retail supply chains using globally acknowledged barcode technology.

GS1 Philippines currently has 5,000 member organizations, but by the end of 2024, it hopes to have 30,000 firms nationwide.

Visit the event’s official website to register and find out more about GS1 Standards Week 2024.


Celebrate 30 Years of the Philippine Internet with Eastern Communications: Pioneering Innovations and Inclusive Connectivity

Photo of fiber optic subsea cables transferred in the cable ship of Eastern Communications’ most recent joint infrastructure project, the Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN)

Eastern Communications, a trailblazing telecommunications business with a rich 145-year history, proudly celebrates this momentous milestone alongside the country as it honors the 30th anniversary of the Internet in the Philippines. Eastern Communications, which has a history of providing ICT solutions and inclusive, dependable internet connectivity, reiterates its commitment to becoming a Partner in Progress for every Filipino.

In the Philippines, the internet was first introduced on March 29, 1994. The combined efforts of public and commercial entities allowed for this important transition into the digital era. This ground-breaking accomplishment made it possible for the Philippines to join the global internet community, which revolutionized commerce, education, and communication throughout the country.

Since the internet’s inception in the Philippines, Eastern Communications has been at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring that communities across the nation have access to the tools and resources needed to thrive in a digital age. As we celebrate three decades of internet connectivity, Eastern Communications is more committed than ever to delivering groundbreaking solutions that meet its customers’ evolving needs.

“In a world where the internet has become a cornerstone of daily life, Eastern Communications is honored to have played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the Philippines,” said Edsel Paglinawan, Vice President and Head of Product and Innovation of Eastern Communications.

“Our journey over the last 145 years has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. As we celebrate this milestone, we are excited to continue our mission of connecting Filipinos and empowering communities through advanced and reliable ICT solutions,” he added.

Testament to this is the company’s continued expansion efforts and the completion of its latest Philippine Domestic Submarine Cable Network (PDSCN) Express Route, a joint venture project of Eastern Communications, Globe Telecom, and Infinivan Inc., aimed to bridge the digital divide and foster a more connected society.

Bolstering innovative solutions and sustainable digital transformation nationwide, Eastern has maintained longstanding partnerships with the Philippine Network Operators Group (PHNOG), alongside other digital and carrier organizations.

Additionally, the telco actively engaged with Filipino communities, offering free internet access through the MNLKonek kiosks in Manila, and donating routers to universities and Mayon Volcano evacuees in Albay, Bicol, thus expanding support and connectivity to underserved areas.

“Eastern Communications’ vision extends beyond providing superior internet services. We are deeply committed to being an integral part of the nation’s progress, ensuring that every Filipino has the opportunity to benefit from the digital revolution,” added Paglinawan

Eastern Communications is eager to introduce new partnerships and technology that will further influence the Philippines’ digital landscape as it looks to the future. For future generations, Eastern Communications is well-positioned to spearhead the development of a more digitally connected and inclusive Philippines, owing to its unwavering dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and dependability.

For additional information regarding Eastern Communications’ offerings, reach out to them at 5300-7000 or at their website,

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On World Autism Awareness Day, the Mylo Speech Buddy app was released to help autistic children develop their speech faster

This tech platform, utilizing a video modeling method, aims to complement the efforts of speech therapists and medical professionals in accelerating the speech development of individuals within the Autism spectrum

Photo Shows from left: Worthy Habla, Vincent Rocha, Katherine Tiuseco and Dr. Francis Dimalanta

Mylo Speech Buddy, a groundbreaking speech development system created to help people with speech impairments and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), formally debuted in connection with World Autism Awareness Day.

With the goal of helping nonverbal kids go from having no words to saying their first word, the app uses video modeling and gives parents precise enunciation instructions so they can support their child’s speech development while they’re at home.

The app worked closely with speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and other medical specialists who prioritize the special requirements of people on the autistic spectrum to assure its efficacy in further assisting ASD and speech delay. Its team is made up of parents with substantial experience in developing preschool and special education curriculum, as well as firsthand knowledge of raising children with autism spectrum disorders.

Vincent Rocha, President and CEO of Mylo Speech Buddy, emphasized the app’s pivotal role within the autism community, “Mylo Speech Buddy is a powerful platform that enables parents to actively support their child’s speech development right at home. It enhances and works alongside the valuable contributions of speech therapists and medical professionals, adding to a holistic approach to speech development rather than substituting professional care.”

Rocha also recalled his personal struggles and the app’s efforts to improve for the autism community. “As a parent of a child with autism, I draw inspiration from the challenges my son, Noah, faced when diagnosed at the age of two,” he explained. “Our mission is to bolster individuals with autism in developing verbal abilities and to foster genuine support within the autism community.”

ASD, commonly known as autism, is a global condition affecting approximately 1% or 75 million individuals worldwide. In the Philippines, around 1.2 million cases of ASD are reported and approximately one in 100 children is diagnosed with autism. This underscores the scarcity of accessible and affordable occupational and speech therapy services for Filipino parents with children diagnosed with ASD. With this, Mylo Speech Buddy wants to emphasize that early intervention is crucial for enhancing learning, communication, social skills, and fostering positive changes in underlying brain development.

The tech platform will release a series of “Ausome Stories” videos on social media starting on World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2024. These videos will feature 10 real-life families with members on the autism spectrum, showing glimpse into their daily lives, challenges, journeys, instances of happiness, along with the stereotypes and societal judgments they encounter.

Rocha also highlighted the importance of storytelling in fostering understanding and empathy, “Ausome Stories allows us to share the diverse experiences of individuals with autism, celebrating their strengths and achievements.”

Co-founder Enrico Aquino also stressed the significance of supporting autism communities, stating, “The launch of Mylo Speech Buddy represents a significant milestone in raising awareness, understanding, and supporting individuals with autism, particularly as the world observes World Autism Awareness Day.”

By leveraging the power of technology and compassion, Mylo Speech Buddy aims to pave the way for a brighter future, serving as a collaborative partner in therapy and support.




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LOOK: Galing is coming to NYC thanks to Alamat and DITO Telecommunity!

A huge digital billboard in New York City is featuring the PPop boy group Alamat and their collaboration with the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign

DITO Telecommunity x Alamat is featured on a huge digital billboard in New York City as part of the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign.

We went to New York City! With the help of a massive digital billboard, the distinctive PPop boy band Alamat and DITO Telecommunity are creating waves in the Big Apple!

The DITO Telecommunity billboard, located in Times Square, the center of New York City, one of the busiest and most famous cities in the world, is truly bringing Filipino “Galing” and talent to the international arena. A portion of the official music video for the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign, Ang Galing DITO, featuring Alamat, is included on the billboard. Clips of every #GalingDITO 2024 talent are also included.

#GalingDITO 2024 highlights Filipino excellence with a diverse set of talents, including surfing, textile weaving, tattooing, visual arts, and more.

Check out DITO Telecommunity x Alamat’s collaboration here on YouTube: DITO Telecommunity x Alamat | Ang Galing DITO.

Launched last February 2024, the #GalingDITO 2024 campaign brings together talents from across the Philippine islands. The roster of the 20 talents hails from all over the country, from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, each representing “Galíng” in a diversity of pursuits and crafts from music, dance, fashion, visual arts, craftsmanship, and more. Truly, Filipino excellence stands out when the excellence of diverse regional cultures comes together.

The noteworthy list of talented Filipinos includes:

1. Grace Palicas, Tattoo artist Gáling Kalinga, Galíng ng Cordillera

2. Nhoda Muñoz, Miniature Artist Gáling Pampanga, Galíng ng Central Luzon

3. Cid Cempron, Blacksmith Gáling Bohol, Galíng ng Central Visayas

4. Joneil Severino, Leaf Artist Gáling Samar, Galíng ng Eastern Visayas

5. Nurainie Ampatuan, Designer Gáling Sultan Kudarat, Galíng ng Bangsamoro

6. Bea Vega, Surfer Gáling Siargao, Galíng ng Caraga

DITO Telecommunity is promoting Filipino “Galing” even internationally with their #GalingDITO 2024 campaign!

Full list of talents can be found on the Galing DITO website: Napakagaling Talaga Ng Iba’t Ibang Galing DITO!

DITO Telecommunity offers the PaGALINGan Dito Promo with prizes up to 3 million pesos in addition to the official song video! All subscribers need to do to enter to win thrilling cash prizes and thousands of DITO reward points is to show off their “Galing” and post a video to TikTok. Visit to learn more and join the PaGALINGan Dito Promo.

Visit or follow @DITOphofficial on Facebook and Instagram for additional details and updates.

DITO Telecommunity Links:  


Instagram: @ditophofficial

Twitter: @DITOphofficial  

Tiktok: @ditophofficial

Viber: @ditophofficial

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Auto Tech and Association for Mobility Inc. Declares New Leadership Group at AIM-DBI Roundtable ATM in Makati

Auto Tech and Mobility Association Officers: Mr. Mark Saberola, Chairman and President, Ms. Odessa Escartin, Treasurer, and Atty. Marlon Valderama, Corporate Secretary.

At the highly anticipated Roundtable ATM [AutoTech and Mobility] event held at the Asian Institute of Management – Dado Banatao Incubator (AIM-DBI), Makati City, The Auto Tech and Mobility Association Inc. (ATMAI), a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to pioneering advancements in the auto tech and mobility sectors, proudly introduced its new slate of officers.

David Almarinez from PeekUp and Alan Cheah from Carsome delighted the visitors with their engaging keynote addresses at the most recent roundtable. A significant milestone for ATMAI was also reached at the event when they signed a formal agreement to collaborate with Asia Events Group. This collaboration exemplifies ATMAI’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the automotive technology and mobility sectors and paves the way for the upcoming Future of Automotive conference, which is slated to take place in Pasay City. The event served as a great platform for introducing ATMAI’s new leadership team, who are equipped to lead the company into a bright future.

Mr. Mark Saberola, a seasoned auto industry professional with over two decades of experience, was elected as President and Chairman of ATMAI. A diverse group of officers who each bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment to the association complement his leadership, to wit:

Ms. Odessa Escartin, Treasurer, brings her insightful experience from the event management and insurtech industries to oversee the association’s financial health.

Atty. Marlon Valderrama, Corporate Secretary, a startup lawyer and a legal tech founder, lends his extensive legal expertise to ensure governance and compliance.

This dynamic team is further supported by a board of directors comprised of Mr. Jayvee De Leon of Forent, Ms. Olive Escartin of Oseas Tech, Mr. Kevin Abalos of AutoServed, Mr. Zes Martinez of Fame Technologies and Mr. Homer Nievera of Negosentro Group, all distinguished professionals from various sectors within the auto tech and mobility industry, all committed to driving forward the association’s mission.

“The introduction of our new officers at the Roundtable ATM marks a historic moment for our association, signaling the beginning of a new era of leadership committed to pioneering innovation in the auto tech and mobility space.” said President Mark Saberola. “With the collective expertise and vision of our leadership team, ATMAI is poised to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future, making significant contributions to the industry.”

The Roundtable ATM event provided an engaging platform for discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and advancements in the auto tech and mobility sectors, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the industry forward.

In addition to expressing its gratitude to the Roundtable ATM participants, ATMAI urges all parties involved in the automotive technology and mobility sectors to collaborate with it in its efforts to innovate and promote sustainable mobility and technological excellence in the future.

Go to to learn more about ATMAI and how to get involved.