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Vitress’ Action-Packed Commercial Shows How Solenn Braves A Stressful Hair Day………… Watch how SolennHeussaff fights a woman’s hair-enemy in this Vitress action-packed commercial.

Vitress endorser, Solenn Heussaff

There’s little women won’t do in the name of beauty. Killer heels? Bring it on! Near constant plucking and preening of facial hair? No biggie. We go through a lot to look beautiful but little do we realize, it’s our hair that’s our crowning glory.

Your hair symbolizes femininity, health and personality and can tell people a lot about you. After all, our hair is the crown we never take off – so we’d better make sure it’s looking preened, polished and gorgeous at all times just like Solenn Heussaff who showed how a woman can still look graceful amidst a stressful situation if she just keeps her hair looking stunning with the help of Vitress.

Girls on the go often get stuck in traffic or have to lunch out on bar and grills. The smoke and dirk from these settings make the hair look stressed out and worse, smelly!

Thank goodness Vitress launched its Hair Freshener. Now, women don’t have to spray their perfumes on their hair which can harm the roots or dry the hair because of the chemicals they contain.

In a new advertisement, Vitress released a unique commercial featuring an action thriller short film where its endorser for 8 years starred. Solenn Heussaff surely stunned everyone as she displays her martial arts prowess to tame her tresses, with the help of Vitress Hair Freshener.

The action kicks off in what looks like a typical neighborhood food park surrounded by grills and restaurants. Solenn, stunning with her shiny fresh flowing hair, is cast as an ordinary diner out to enjoy a quiet meal. Suddenly, a smelly and smoky presence permeates the air, threatening to take Solenn into its grip as it possesses her hair with its bad odors.

Our heroine then rises to the occasion, using a wok and a mop as she gamely engages the enemy in a furious battle to protect herself against her monstrous possessed hair. After a valiant fight, Solenn eventually takes hold of her secret weapon tucked away in her handbag – a bottle of Vitress Hair Freshener. As she quickly sprays the liquid onto her hair, the noxious enemy is tamed as it comes into contact with Vitress Hair Freshener.

It was a spectacular moment to see Solenn doing some action stunts and in this new Vitress commercial. I used to see her doing sexy roles so this one is really unique.

Pam Sulit, VP for Marketing and Brand Development of Vitress, said about the new product and commercial:

“We want to show something different. Solenn’s action film debut beautifully captures how Vitress Hair Freshener can fight bad odors that we’re often exposed to and keep it smelling fresh all day long. Unlike the glamorous hair ads, Vitress Hair Fresher opted for an action film to demonstrate its power in quashing hair odor giving you that instant shine and freshness.”

Dryness, dullness, frizz, and split end are the common hair problems that most Filipinas experience in their everyday life. Although the hair industry has developed different formulas to address these, they sometimes forget that the fragrance of our hair matters too. Vitress wants to fight bad odors and has taken on the role to create a spray-on fragrance that makes your hair shiny and leaves your hair smelling fresh all day long.

A lightly scented spray-on product for the hair, Vitress Hair Freshener deodorizes bad smells with its encapsulated InstaFresh technology that releases a fresh, fragrant, and long-lasting scent. It effectively fights the smell that sticks to one’s hair, including the smell of food, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, and sweat. Just like Solenn does in the action film, all that one has to do is reach for a bottle of Vitress Hair Freshener to achieve #ShinyFreshHair anytime, anywhere.

“Vitress Hair Freshener is my lifesaver. I have one in every bag. It knocks off awful smells like smoke or sweat especially during tapings when I’m under the sun. It’s a quick fix with long-lasting results,” says Solenn.

Take part in the action and see Solenn knock out the hair-enemy. Check out Vitress’ official Facebook and Youtube pages for real action and to know how your hair can brave any day with Vitress Hair Freshener. I highly recommend this product to all women on the go like me.

Official link of the film – Fight Bad Smelly Hair with Vitress Hair Freshener


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Beauties for a Cause – Connext Holdings Sponsors Miss Philippines Earth 2019 Beach Wear Competition

On a vast stage with flashing lights and blaring music, 40 beautiful women twirled and pranced in choreographed unison at the Matrix Creation Events Venue. In their gorgeous beach/swim wears, the whole crowd cheered for their bets.

Welcome to yet another beauty pageant, a regular spectacle in the Philippines which often draws crowds by the hundreds.


Just last June 28, Miss Earth Philippines 2019 held its Beach Wear Competition at Diliman, Quezon City. The event was successful, thanks to its partner, the most competitive insurance agency in the Philippines, Connext Holdings. And as another pageant fanatic, I couldn’t miss the opportunity and went there to watch the competition segment live!

Many of us have had the experience of watching bigger competitions like Binibining Pilipinas on television and thought about how much fun it would be to do a pageant. All the girls look so pretty and confident and they get to wear such gorgeous clothes. We fall in love with the fabulous fashion from the adorable opening number outfits to the unbelievably beautiful beach wear. We feel drawn to certain contestants and we become invested in them so much that we want them to win.

Just like how I rooted for Leyte bet, Emily Brumby. She caught my favor when she was constantly smiling despite the obviously straining activities and the pressure from the judges and audience. But I was right with my candidate choice as she won silver place for this round of the pageant. She was behind another Visayan-candidate, gold medalist winner Chelsea Fernandez of Tacloban City.

Now on its 19th year of pageantry, Miss Philippines Earth 2019 will see a new platform of beauty competitions. Spearheaded by the Carousel Productions Inc., the organizationbelieved when it started that beauty queens would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes.

So to give life to this vision, Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched in 2001 the MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d’etre was to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.

Together with the Miss Earth Foundation, Inc., MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH aims to give a strong emphasis on environmental awareness programs. The five titleholders will serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns in the country.

MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH represents the Philippines to one of the biggest international beauty competitions – the MISS EARTH Pageant.

Several sponsors take part to the pageant to make the series of competitions a success. And as mentioned, the competition last Friday night was sponsored by the insurance agency, Connext Holdings.

Connext Holdings for Beauty with Advocacy

Connext has always been an advocate of better living and better Philippines. These are the very reasons why Connext Holdings participate in the Miss Philippines Earth contest every year.

Like MPE, Connext Holdings aim to raise awareness to improve the quality of living of the Pinoys – only through insurance.

Connext is your one-stop shop when it comes to life and non-life insurance policies. While many Filipinos are still close-minded to the platforms it offers, more kabayans are already knowledgeable of the benefits of applying for policies.

Protection is still its top benefit but it also has been reinvented so that we can earn from the investment too. It’s basically securing your finances while securing your life.

Connext Holdings’ products include:

And for those who are doubtful, Connext has several companies under its sleeve, proving that it is stable enough to support your financial needs. These include:

  • Black Knight Logistics Inc.
  • Connext Biz
  • Xypher IT Solutions Company
  • The Chamber
  • Dialex

For more information of Connext Holdings go to their website: or click the following:



Connext Holdings main office is located at 2F MC Rillo Bldg. 1168 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Brgy. Mariana Quezon City, Philippines 1112. For insurance inquiries, you can call (02) 820 3345.


The Beauty Empire Launches Its Biggest Branch In The Metro

Dr. Alvin and Mrs. Dorothy Joy Matulac

Bigger branches means more beauty sessions for the skin-care maniacs in Metro Manila.

Amidst the heavy pollution pestering Metro Manila, husband-and-wife duo Dr. Alvin and Mrs. Dorothy Joy Matulac led the recent soft opening event of the newest and yet the biggest clinic of the Beauty Empire Face and Body Center. This means another hangout for the stressed out urbanites that are in desperate search for a dose of self-care regimen.

The branch at San Franciso del Monte, Quezon City boasts a colossal facility where the brand’s beauty experts can provide world-class services to more clients. And I was lucky enough to be invited during the opening to witness this new offering in the Metro.

The Empire Face and Body Center Tour

The facility alone will tell you that it’s the right place to get the skin care services you are looking for. Walking through the beauty center, I was impressed with the interior design and the color schemes that invoke tranquility. The overall vibe that the palatial-like, gold-colored interior of the center is definitely perfect to match the various specialty treatments they offer.

Apart from the impressive structure, Beauty Empire also features exceptional beauty equipment that lets clients experience the latest beauty treatment technologies without breaking their banks. Their services all priced within reach yet guarantee favorable and successful results that exceed expectations.

Unparalleled Beauty Services

Beauty Empire offers a wide array of beauty treatment services, enhancement procedures and beauty products to both men and women. It takes pride in its line of treatments that represent the latest breakthroughs in beauty trends and technologies. These include their popular services like Empire Popular Facial, Celebrity Facial, Diamond Peel, Oxygen Infusion Facial, Empress Glass Skin, Hydra Facial, Jetpeel Facial, Hydra Peel Facial, Biolift Facial and Acne Control.

Of course, I won’t let the event slip away without really experiencing the Empire Beauty. And so, I chose the Oxygen Infusion Facial for my free treatment and I must say, it’s different from other derma clinics! I am not a pro at beauty regimens but I have a knack identifying good results from fails.

Definitely, I will return here to try all their other services.

Other services are also available like Carbon Laser, Ndyag for Melasma, Maxilight for Underarm, IPL Underarm, IPL Legs, Cavitation (Arms, Thighs, Abdomen), Radio Frequency (Face, Face and Neck, Arms, Abdomen, Thighs), Electro Muscle Simulator (Arms, Abdomen, Thighs), Microblading (Eyebrows), Intense White, even Lip Tattoo.

These procedures are done by The Beauty Empire’s partner-doctors that include some of the most reputable dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in the country that everything is guaranteed safe.

For services fit for royalty that goes well beyond expectations, try The Beauty Empire Face and Body Center. The new and bigger branch is located at 23 F. Bautista Street, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City. The Beauty Empire Face and Body Center main branch, on the other hand, is located at 35 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.



Integrating the Whole Child Approach with K-12: Steps Towards a Future for Holistic Learning

Like technology changed the world, the new platform of education will change the future too.

Traits and skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, persistence, and self-control—which are often collectively called non-cognitive skills, or social and emotional skills—are vitally important to children’s full development. They are linked to academic achievement, productivity and collegiality at work, positive health indicators, and civic participation, and are nurtured through life and school experiences.

Developing these skills should thus be an explicit goal of public education. This can be achieved through research and policy initiatives involving better defining and measuring these skills; designing broader curricula to promote these skills; ensuring that teachers’ preparation and professional support are geared toward developing these skills in their students; revisiting school disciplinary policies, which are often at odds with the nurturing of these skills; and broadening assessment and accountability practices to make the development of the whole child central to education policy.

Making Whole-Child Education a Norm in the Philippines                                                                                                                            Statement From Philippines’ Leading Book Store

When we talk about holistic learning, it always entails the progressive pedagogy called the Whole Child Approach (WCA). Initiated by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), this approach is a fresh take on what holistic education means, taking into consideration all the aspects of a young learner´s journey towards long-term development and success. With its tenets, the Whole Child Approach seeks to create challenging and sustainable learning environments for young learners, shaping them into well-rounded individuals.

Recently, particularly in early-childhood education policy-making and practice, the idea that the WCA represents an incomplete methodology has proliferated. Policy-makers who are against the whole child approach often argue from a practical standpoint: they look at a child and see their education as a sort of investment. This is how they think: if the process of “investing” in a child’s education takes too much resources, it should be accelerated in such a way that it fits the demands of the working sector. They see education merely as a preparation for a child to join the workforce. Hence, they see any attempt to create spaces for holistic learning as a waste of time and resources.

Proponents of the Whole Child Approach, on the other hand, agree with this criticism on the same basis, but for a different purpose. Yes, WCA advocates agree that time and resources should not be wasted with purely academic pursuits, instead, a growing child’s formative years must be spent on exactly what matters: their childhood, and the many wonders that they encounter with a sense of curiosity and excitement about learning new things each day, treating each day in school as a great adventure to look forward to instead of a boring routine.

While such a criticism against the Whole Child Approach is not without its merits, it is largely based, however, on a misleading or poorly informed understanding of what the Whole Child Approach actually brings. Proponents of the WCA believe that social-emotional learning and psychosocial development have a profound impact on a young learner´s journey towards holistic learning.

With the Whole Child Approach, key learning outcomes shape a young learner to become independent and responsible early on. These two characteristics reflect their intrinsic value as the young learner later proceeds into their adult life as working professionals. Hence, the whole child approach actually prepares young learners to become better, well-rounded, and efficient workers because they carry soft skills and result-oriented values (such as critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving) that were not fully developed or honed in the traditional approaches to education. These differences between the traditional pedagogies and the progressive perspective should not, however, be construed as separate and mutually exclusive as it would result into a false dichotomy. Both approaches have their merits, but it is important to note that the latter also retains some of the characteristics of the traditional view. The key difference, therefore, is that WCA approaches assessments, results, and long-term goals with a different lens, one that hopes to see the young learner not just as a unit of investment within a batch, but as a whole person, a human being, nurtured, connected, and actively involved in their learning communities.

The WCA forms a critical cornerstone in achieving a progressive future for education in the Philippines. With the implementation of the K-12 curriculum, a shift in Philippine education policy was introduced, one that has divided many educators. At first, opposition to the K-12 system was rife with the same set of misguided arguments pitted against the whole child approach: that it will turn student´s efforts to learn in school into cheap labor later on, that it will only prolong the process of education in such a way that parents could no longer afford it, that the current economic infrastructure cannot sustain its implementation.

Such arguments are, again, not without their respective merits. However, these arguments represent a tautology: they only repeat the same things without substantively addressing the actual problems present within our educational system. What we need to change in the educational system is not just its priorities, but also its degree of commitment to the whole child, the young learner who would, as the future approaches, contribute to our efforts of building a just and equal society based on progressive values such as critical thinking and collaborative action.

The Whole Child initiative is the first step we should take as we shift and look to the future. Integrated with the K-12 system, the whole child approach will radically reshape the horizon of education with its critical perspective on holistic learning, producing and honing young learners who are ready to face the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution, helping build the nation forward into the 21st century and beyond.

Learn more about whole approach to education  here:






Tim Hortons© Launches TIMDESAL Specialty Sandwiches

The Philippines’ favorite breakfast staple, the sweet, soft and fluffy pandesal, makes its way to Tim Hortons as it celebrates the country’s Independence Day last June 12. Calling it TIMDESAL, the limited edition breakfast sandwich will be available in all Tim Hortons branches from June 11 until August 2019.

Guests will surely enjoy the SmokeyBacon with cheese and garlic aioliserved with chipotle sauce in panini-pressed pandesal.

“As our way of recognizing the significance of Independence Day, we at Tim Hortons wish to offer this breakfast favorite, reminiscent of its Filipino homey taste,” said Stephanie Guerrero marketing director for Tim Hortons Philippines.

The warm Timdesal, with an SRP of P75, is best paired with the signature Tim Hortons Iced Coffee.

Trivia (Did You Know?) –

The Declaration of Philippine Independence from Spanish rule was declared by General Emilio Aguinaldo on June 12, 1898 at Kawit, Cavite.

Pandesal, or “bread of salt,” which was introduced in the 16th century, is relatively sweet, and is unofficially the Philippine national bread.

For more information and updates about Tim Hortons Philippines’ new products and offerings you may visit or follow them on facebook @TimHortonsPhilippines and instagram @timhortonsph

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Oppo Brings Its New Flagship Series To The Philippines: Reno and Reno Zoom 10x Edition


Photo shows, from left: Andre Chang; Daryl Chang; Treb Monteras; OPPO Philippines Product Training Head, Daniel Lardizabal; OPPO Philippines Vice President of Marketing, Jane Wan; OPPO Philippines CEO, Damon Huang; OPPO Philippines Channel Sales, Zen Han.

OPPO launched its Reno lineup in the Philippines last week, consisting of the standard Reno and the Reno 10x Zoom Edition.Both are designed to level-up phone photography, video and audio capturing among many others. These models will serve as the mobile company’s newest flagship, tossing over the OppoFseries.

Along with its unveiling, OPPO also introduced its newest brand ambassadors consisting of artists and creatives of different fields, the Reno Collective. These artists include fashion-forward sibling duo Daryl and Andre Chang, film director TrebMonteras, contemporary artist Dex Fernandez, photographer Magic Liwanag, and band IV of Spades.

OPPO’s F series put the company on the map and brought it rapid commercial and critical success over the past few years. But it’s the Reno 10x Zoom Edition that establishes it as a worthy rival to Apple and Samsung.

Why do we think so?

Oppo Reno and Oppo Reno Zoom 10x Specs

The OPPO Renofeatures a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with a 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution. It comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for added protection.

This unit model is powered by Snapdragon 710 and coupled with Adreno 616 GPU. It runs with 6GB RAM, making internet browsing smother and faster. Another feature worthy of mentioning is the expanded storage capacity of 256GB.

When it comes to camera, Oppo never fails to surprise its fans. It comes with a 48MP main + 5MP depth camera, while it has a 16MP front camera housed in the shark-fin design pop-up mechanism.

Other features include a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, face recognition, in-display fingerprint scanner, 3,765mAh battery capacity with VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, and runs on ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 Pie.

On the other hand, the Reno 10x Zoom Edition has a larger screen size at 6.6 inches with a 2340 x 1080 FHD+ AMOLED display. It is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

Unlike the regular Reno, the Zoom 10x Edition is powered by Snapdragon 855 and paired with Adreno 640 GPU.

Of course, being the higher model, it boasts a faster 8GB RAM, while the storage capacity remains the same with the regular unit at 256GB. But it has more bonuses for those who opt to buy the higher model as it comes with triple rear cameras, namely 48MP + 13MP + 8MP shooters, while the shark-fin pop-up mechanism houses the 16MP front camera.

Other features include a USB-C port, in-display fingerprint scanner, face recognition, Dolby Audio, a 4,065mAh battery with VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, and also runs on ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 Pie.

The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition ticks the right boxes and comes with a couple of hallmark features of its own. Most notably, the camera, while not class-leading overall, can zoom farther and offer a clearer picture than pretty much any camera phone out there. The display is big, has almost zero bezels, and is easily the best OPPO has put in a smartphone, while the Snapdragon 855 and battery backup won’t leave you wanting.

How to Get it

The OPPO Reno is priced Php26,990 while the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is priced Php45,990.

Pre-order for the OPPO Reno starts from June 15 to June 20 and will be officially available in 500 select OPPO stores starting June 21; while pre-order for the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom starts from June 21 to June 30 and it will be initially available in 100 select OPPO stores on July 1.

Besides exclusive pre-orders at Lazada from June 21 to 30, the Reno series will also be available through Smart and Globe starting July. The Reno will also be available via Home Credit with 0% interest on 9 and 12-month installment plans, and 0% interest on Metrobank for 12-month plans. The Reno 10x Zoom is also of 0% interest on Metrobank payable in 24 months.

As for freebies, those who pre-order the standard Reno will get a free Rock Space Muse Bluetooth Speaker worth PHP 2,499. As for the Reno 10x, each pre-order will be a free Gimbal Stabilizer worth PHP 5,999.




Syd Hartha Takes a Pro-Women Stand on new single “ayaw”

Syd Hartha, Musical artist

Upcoming singer-songwriter Syd Hartha breaks out from the mold with the release of her new single, “ayaw.”

Known for her intricate folk-pop sketches and disarming vocals, the 17-year-old artist  takes a step back from her confessional musings to affirm her stand against sexual harassment and abuse towards women in general.

The empowering number, which Syd Hartha wrote as a reminder for people to respect boundaries, delivers an inspiring message that puts into light the importance of consent. “It is undeniable that sexual harassment continues to be a prevalent issue that we face today,” Syd Hartha points out. “I feel for the victims of catcalling and rape, and understand how hard it is to talk about their experience. As a musician who some people look up to, I know I have to use my voice in behalf of all the victims and survivors. This inspired me to write ayaw.”

A well-conceived effort that embraces her newfound strength as a singer-songwriter, “ayaw” suggests lyrical confidence and maturity that’s beyond her age. Production-wise, it’s her most sonically adventurous release to date: an excursion to a more bluesy territory, a more organic vibe that gives her personality the spunk and edge it needs.

“ayaw” is Syd Hartha’s third single, and her first official release under Sony Music Philippines. The song is now available on streaming and download platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes store and Deezer.



Philippines’ Most Comprehensive Car Insurance Provider Turns 5

Philippines’ leading car insurance provider Moneymax celebrated its 5th year anniversary last Tuesday, June 21 with a big event. Titled “Thrive at Five,” Moneymax went down memory lane, looking back at the years they helped Filipinos “lead healthier financial lives.”

It isn’t as old as other financial assistance organizations but Moneymax already earned its bragging right after the award-winning half of fame automotive journalist, social media influencer, road safety advocate and TV host at CNN Philippines James Deaken attested to the company’s unbeatable insurance offers. And as he swears by the goals of Moneymax, he was one of the VIPs who graced the event along with the bank and insurance partners of the company.

Country Manager, Moritz Gastl, shared Moneymax’s 5 years journey in building a strong presence in the financial industry and how it got its over 2 million insurance subscribers. Employees also talked about how Moneymax changed their lives. Also in the video presentation, many attested to the comprehensive offers of the company which makes it the preferred insurance provider of most Pinoys. All the positive notes just kept on coming.

The Role of Car Insurance in Pinoys’ Road Safety and Financial Freedom

Most Filipinos now have the capability of owning their own car because of the more flexible paying terms offered by most car companies. But Pinoys fail to recognize the importance of insuring their cars and skip insurance altogether.


A lot of us think car insurance is just another unnecessary expense when we already have the amortization and gas allowance to take care of every month.

But like another author said, “buying car insurance is a lot like buying a fire extinguisher: you pray that you’ll never need it, but you feel better knowing it’s there anyway.”

It’s only when we get into an accident that we realize how important car insurance is.

So before concluding that this add-on is expensive, it helps to know the perks you can enjoy when you avail insurance.

How does car insurance work in the Philippines?

Usually, when you buy a car from the dealership, insurance is already included. But if you choose to do it your way, you can always buy your insurance at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or from your preferred provider (comprehensive plan provider).

A comprehensive plan is more helpful, yet a little more expensive. It could cover collision and upset, physical damage other than collision, loss by theft, fire, flood and in most cases, extended liability.

In addition, most of the car insurance companies cover all kinds of vehicles in the Philippines. It is, however, their discretion whether it’s worth to insure or not, especially, if the car is already old and dilapidated. In fact, Moneymax says car insurance companies can accommodate cars in good working condition, and with a market value of not less than P250,000.00.

Aside from expenses for maintenance and gasoline, driving your own car also has its dangers, so there is one important factor that you must keep in mind – insurance. You may be a good driver but what about the drivers around you? Vice versa, mistakes happen when you least expect it.

However, car insurance doesn’t only cover vehicular accidents. Ideally, it also covers damages caused by acts of nature such as floods or a tree falling on your car. Of course, having the problem fixed out of your own pocket may require you to pay exorbitant amounts.

Luckily,there are insurance companies that cover these incidents. One of them is Moneymax. Therefore, it is a salient feature to have.

So while you are thinking for more reasons to avail your own car insurance, you might want to consider the following as good reasons to do so:

  • It serves as protection                                                                                                                                                                                            Your car may be one of the biggest investments you will make aside from your home. So you definitely want to protect it from damages. Depending on your coverage, your insurance can provide financial protection in the event of your vehicle being damaged. It will also provide cover for injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians, and their property.
  • It gives you peace of mind                                                                                                                                                                                     Nothing beats convenience and peace of mind. No matter how defensive you are, you can never be too sure about other drivers on the road when it comes to good driving. It can be comforting to know that you are protected out there with your car registered under an insurance policy.
  • Medical Expenses                                                                                                                                                                                                     Good car insurance coverage can also save you from financial impact. Your coverage can cover payment for medical bills of other parties and damage to non-moving objects.
  • Protection of your asset                                                                                                                                                                                         Aside from the legal requirements, if you are in an accident and you are at fault you can be held liable for the costs of bills if a person is injured or killed. A lawsuit may result to you selling your assets if you’re unable to pay the costs. If you have car insurance, it could also be covered. Depending on the terms you’re getting, this is possible.

There are heaps of car insurance companies out there. Be meticulous. Choose wisely. Moneymax is located at 15/F Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila, Philippines. Or  visit to find the best insurance deals made especially for you. For updates, follow on Instagram and Facebook, alongside @moneymaxph on Twitter.



Smart Furniture Celebrates 20th Anniversary With a Grand Opening Event and New Partnerships

During the past two decades of business, Smart Furniture, a house of ergonomic furniture concepts that carries international brands, has been turning houses into comfortable homes. And its thrust of catering to every family will just continue to be stronger in the coming years here in the Philippines.

While it is the 20th anniversary of Smart Furniture Group, it also held its grand opening at its big showroom in Araneta Avenue, Quezon City last July 18, 2019. Smart Furniture CEO, Mr. Alex Chen ,led the celebratory cake slicing ceremony and ribbon cutting, then followed by the traditional dragon dance to bring good luck to the company.

Mr. Chen recalled in his speech how Smart Furniture was founded 20 years ago. Now, in their aim to expand their business and deliver up-to-date designs of furniture, he introduced the audience to their newest brand called Teaklife and announced its partnership with the Bedding Industry of America (BIA).  Also announced alongside these brands is Dr. Sleep, which is a mattress brand that’s now officially distributed by Smart Furniture.

Special guest and clinical psychologist Dr. Philip discussed the importance of having a good mattress to improve our quality of life. He shared the 3 promises of Dr. Sleep mattresses which are Comfort, Health, and Sleep.

Meanwhile, from Taiwan Embassy, Ambassador Peiyung Hsu congratulated Smart Furniture for successfully shopping the world to find quality pieces for great value.

But Smart Furniture is no longer a mere distributor as its Teaklife brand is 100% their own. The group founded Teaklife to manufacture their own collection of teak furniture which is locally and internationally loved by furniture collectors. And while it is known to be an extravagant choice, Smart Furniture promises to offer their pieces at competitive rates.

20 Years of Selling Timeless Furniture

Smart Furniture is a house of lifestyle furniture concepts that helps Filipinos transform their houses into their own personalized homes. They carry international brands that offer everything from sofas and dining sets, beds and mattresses, recliner and accent chairs.


Smart Furniture now provides classic teakwood furniture imported and built in its production facility in Indonesia.

Adding teak furniture is a classic way to fill your home seating and dining needs. Apart from being the most durable kind of wood, another great thing about teak is that it mixes and matches so well with other materials like aluminum, steel, wicker, etc. Smart Furniture also lets designers and architects run their creativity as it gives them a chance to collaborate with them in creating teak furniture.

Bed Industries of America

BIA has more than 600 different mattress designs featuring innerspring, hybrid, foam and latex constructions as well as one and two-sided configurations. It maintains seven mattress technology patents and has the endorsement of the Congress of Chiropractic State Association.

Philippines is the newest addition to BIA’s selling countries and Smart Furniture won the rights to distribute the brand in the country.

Dr. Sleep

The opening event featured mattress show where the audience had a first-hand experience of the brand’s best mattresses like the Cooling Memory Foam Mattress selections, Orthopedic Mattresses and Marble Foam Mattresses.

The pieces feature hybrid foam technology and a variety of luxury materials to deliver perfect, bespoke sleeping experience.

The Smart Furniture showroom is located at 1619 G. ARANETA AVE., SGT. RIVERA ST. MANRESA Quezon City, Philippines.




Rock Space Officially Launches in the Philippines with 3 Hi-Tech Mobile Accessory Offerings

The Chinese digital life brand Rock Space officially launched business in the Philippines yesterday, June 18, 2019.

The mobile accessory designer and retailer promises to bring Pinoys their most wanted mobile tech needs and aesthetics. Not only will it offer stylish products but it will make sure to deliver innovative and user-friendly mobile solutions at competitive prices.

And to celebrate its new milestone in the country, Rock Space introduced newest lineup of mobile accessories in a press event yesterday.

Rock Space in the Philippines

Rock Space was founded in Shenzhen in 2009 and since inauguration the company already established 6 brands that cater to different nations.

In the Philippines, it only started selling products 9 months ago. Ever since, it always aimed to provide the best value for money in their products – something that every frugal Pinoy wants.

But worry not.

The brand is nothing like the “cheap” mobile accessories you can buy from the streets and has a lifespan of only one month. It is more like a cost-effective alternative to the costly Japanese and American brands that we were all accustomed to.

Rock Space teased the audience at the press event yesterday with a few new products that can keep up with their competitors. From earphones to charging solutions, these items are surely refreshing and useful for your everyday routine.

  1. Rock Space EB70


The Rock Space EB70 is the brand’s latest audio tech offering. It serves as a set of wireless stereo speakers that can cater to a variety of lifestyles. It is ideal for those who are on the go and has a lot of things on their plate as there are no more wires to limit them from their activities.

These IEMs boast HiFi Speakers and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), creating clearer audio reproduction.

Additionally, the EB70s uses Bluetooth 5.0, securing better connectivity to your devices and ensures longer battery life. The brand estimates the earphones to last up to 17 hours on standby or 4 hours of continuous use.

And the better news is…you can use the earphone even when you are working out as the Rock Space EB70 is rated at IPX45 waterproof.

This pair of earphones is priced at PhP 3,990.

  1. Rock Space P66 Power Bank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Credits:

A phone is useless without a battery charge. And a power bank is your best tool to make your smartphone always alive and kicking.

The new models of smartphones today have large battery packs that can carry up to 4000mah. But when you are someone who depends on it for your daily transactions, no matter how large your smartphone’s battery is, it will die out on you so it’s always smart to pack a power bank in your bag.

The Rock Space P66 Power Bank has a power capacity of up to 10,000mAh. And it isn’t annoyingly heavy. It is comes in just measly 182g package.

To keep you updated of the power bank’s status, the device comes with an LED display at the top to indicate its current level of power. And to keep you safe, the power bank also comes with protective features that prevent the device from overheating and short circuiting.

You can buy this Rock Space P66 Power Bank for only PhP 1,299.

  1. Rock Space W23 Wireless Car Charger                                                                   

Rock Space also offers the new W23 Wireless Car Charger. Setting it apart from other devices, it is equipped with a smart chip phone protection which automatically identifies the charging current of the devices. It also sports the same protection as the P66 Power Bank, avoiding incidents of overcharging and short-circuits. This device is supported by 7.5W/10W for a convenient fast-charging experience. Its slim and compact design makes it easy to be installed over your car’s AC vent, allowing you to power up your phone even while on the road. The W23 Wireless Car Charger is priced at Php 1,899.00 SRP.

Apart from these new devices, Rock Space also has a variety of smartphone accessories you can find useful like chargers, cables, and screen protectors among many others.

Across the country, Rock Space already has over 27 concept kiosks, 3 concept stores, and 1,377 retail stores you can visit.


And when you’d rather shop online, Rock Space products can be bought from Lazada and Shopee.

To treat all the online shoppers, Lazada is offering 25% discount for all Rock Space products from June 19 until June 21, 2019.

Rock Space has also partnered with OPPO Philippines, which allows their products to be displayed in all OPPO concept stores. For more freshest news on Rock Space go to