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McDonald’s Philippines is prepared for growth following a successful 2022

McDonald’s Philippines outperformed its pre-pandemic (2019) sales performance in 2022, setting new records for sales.

The quick service restaurant (QSR) giant, which is owned and run by its Chairman and Owner Dr. George T. Yang and President and CEO Kenneth Yang, credits its performance to its ongoing commitment to offering customers value for money, exciting limited-time menu offers, and an elevated omnichannel customer experience.

“McDonald’s Philippines’ strong performance in 2022 wouldn’t have been possible if not for the trust and continuous support of our customers all over the country. As we aim to consistently improve how we serve McDonald’s favorites to every Filipino, we are equally committed to providing feel-good experiences to our people [crew and managers] who make it all happen in our stores, and in communities where we operate for many years to come,” said Kenneth Yang, President and CEO of McDonald’s Philippines. 

Feeling good, feeling safe

Since the establishment of its first location in Morayta, Manila, in 1981, McDonald’s Philippines has upheld international standards for food safety and quality in the production and delivery of its meals, whether customers eat in, carry out, use the drive-thru, or get McDelivery.

As part of its M Safe program, which was launched in 2020, this was further improved during the pandemic. In order to improve its third-party food safety audit findings and customer perception scores on safety and trust, the company doubled down on its efforts in food safety and quality through ongoing monitoring, crew and manager training, and other means.

Since the launch of M Safe, the company’s findings on ‘brand trust’ increased by 5.4% which contributed to increased dine-in guest count, lifting market share for McDonald’s in 2022.

Setting the standard for doing good 

McDonald’s takes pride in its global learning and development programs from Crew Training to Restaurant Leadership courses to its Digital Academy. As one of the biggest employers in the country, McDonald’s Philippines believes that everyone has the opportunity to grow and succeed in the company which starts by first having job security. McDonald’s is the first quick-service restaurant in the country to practice a direct hiring policy, providing regular employment to all its crew members. In 2022, McDonald’s Philippines hired more than 17,000 new employees in support of its new store openings—employing working students regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

To date, the company has close to 60,000 employees in over 700 stores across the Philippines— with over 47,000 employees in Luzon, close to 6,000 employees in Visayas, and 5,000 employees in Mindanao.  

Serving meals with kindness 

McDonald’s also prioritizes its commitment to the communities where it operates. To serve meals to underserved families without access to food, McDonald’s Philippines launched the Kindness Kitchen, a flagship program of its charity of choice, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). 

In December 2022, Kindness Kitchen has served over 800,000 meals, a 33% increase from 600,000 meals served in May. The initiative aims to serve 1 million meals by the end of 2023. 

McDonald’s is an example of constantly moving one step ahead in upholding its dedication to world-class excellence because it continuously improves the quality of the food, offers career possibilities to its employees, and has a beneficial impact on communities.

Yang reiterates, “It is these customers we serve, the people working in our restaurants and communities that we help that inspire and motivate us to be and do better. As many Filipinos continue to face challenges and recover from the pandemic, we want to be a place where they can experience feel-good moments. We want to be a company that Filipinos today and the future can trust.” 


Choosing to give a voice amidst the silence

Teaching is more than just a job or a career; it is also a vocation and a life purpose.

Millions of Filipino instructors who act as pupils’ second mothers are proof of this day and night. Rosalie Macaspac, a former SM scholar who decided to work in special education, is one of them (SPED).

Life’s work

It’s a less common path to choose to become a teacher, and especially to take SPED. Only 4,000 of the more than 800,000 public school teachers are in SPED, and Rosalie is one of the few who chose the path. The SM scholar alumna has made it her life’s work to instruct SPED pupils for the past 21 years. She spoke out for the rights of deaf students because she wanted to empower and give special kids a voice.

She obtained doctoral degrees in special education and Filipino sign language at the Philippine National University and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, respectively, with a great deal of commitment and drive to have the necessary skills for her students.

She is currently a teacher at the only government-run school for the deaf in the nation, the Philippine School for the Deaf in Pasay. She oversaw the deaf students’ training program for numeracy skills here.

Embedding grit, greatness

Her journey to becoming an educator was not easy. Her parents separated when she was three years old, and her mother became the breadwinner.

“In the early years of my life as a three year old, awareness of how hard life is became a part of my growing up. I grew up with a mindset that whatever happens, I will not abandon my studies. Sensing my determination, my mother earned a living by washing and ironing clothes of our neighbors. I came to realize my mom had to wash and press thousands and thousands of clothes so I could finish my studies. But I did not pity myself. Instead, I kept a strong determination to battle on and promised my mother that she will not grow old and die as a laundry woman,” she said.

The weight on their shoulder became heavier when her mother became bedridden for half a year. Instead of slowing her down, it did the opposite. She continued her studies with much determination. With the help of her uncle, the Missionaries of Charity, and the puto bigas she sold, they could get by.

She finished primary school with good grades, and was a consistent honor student in high school, despite having one centavo allowance and rice and coffee as meals. With good standing, she had her mind set on her next goal: going to college.

“Giving up or surrendering wasn’t in my vocabulary. The strong heart of my mother was passed on to me as she was my inspiration to strive to get us out of the predicament we were in,” she stressed.

“When I was in fourth year high school, I was deep in thought of what to do to support my college education.  Then, God in all His goodness, stepped in again. The Guidance Office in our school announced that the SM Foundation was offering scholarships for qualified students. I knew at that very moment that He was with me. All I had to do is to apply for the scholarship,” she recalled.

She vividly remembers sending her SM College Scholarship program application at the Customer Service of the SM in Quiapo and how she learned on May 9, 1995 that she would be interviewed for the scholarship in room 214 of the MSE Bldg. The three-digit number has since become unforgettable for her. By June 1995, Macaspac was among the SM scholars who had started their college education under the scholarship program.

According to her, the scholarship helped her become a well-rounded individual. It was the key to the realization of her dreams and paved the way to success. The activities provided by SM Foundation, such as the scholars’ assembly, the orientation, leadership training, sports fest and annual retreat, were very memorable for her.

“Looking back, the retreats, monthly meetings and being able to work in SM as an employee, followed up by our project director boosted my self-esteem and opened my world to service,” she said.

Before teaching, she first worked as a Merchandise and Planning Control-Clerk at the SM Head Office, which was then located in Calle Echague, Manila. She was hired immediately after college.

Working in DepEd has always been her dream, and she is proud of where she is today: “Since day one of my college days, I aimed to be a public-school teacher. I am happy with my work now as a High School Teacher for Deaf learners. I am so privileged that I am in this community and my heart is entwined with my students.” 

“I am not ashamed to tell my colleagues that I had a humble beginning and I thank SM Foundation for putting me where I am now. I owe these blessings to SM, Henry “Tatang” Sy, SM Foundation, Ma’am Nilda Bernaldez, and my fellow SM-Scholars, most especially, my mother. They are all the instruments to why I chose to give back to a special community and dedicate my life to being an effective SPED teacher.”


A bright life is enjoyed by the former flower farmer’s daughter thanks to the SM Scholarship award

The basis of a life well lived is stability. People may grow, explore other areas of life, and contribute to the well-being of the community when their basic needs are met.

Young people who want to succeed seize the opportunity to stand on firm ground, especially those from low-income households. They use it as a place where they can plant the seeds of their hopes and dreams.

Jonnah Jane Sacamay, a former SM scholar who grew in an environment where stability seemed to be unknown territory, is one example of this. Back in the day, flower cultivation was the main source of income for Jonnah’s family. This forced them to tread carefully because the market for flowers fluctuate seasonally, and they were often impacted by unusual weather changes.

But while they had journeyed through life with uncertainty, they had always planted in her mind the power of education.

“Given that the nature of farming is very seasonal, our income is not stable. Aside from augmenting our daily needs, we also had to ensure that my education is secured,” Jonnah recalled. 

Holding on to the power of education

And so, to help her family, she studied hard in grade school as soon as she learned about others who had the opportunity to pursue college through the SM College Scholarship Program. With her whole heart dedicated to learning and her eyes set on the SM scholarship, she finished high school as the class valedictorian. Once the forms were available, she immediately processed her application at the SM Store in Cebu.

“I was informed that I got accepted as an SM Scholar. From then on, a huge weight was lifted off my parents’ shoulders. I could pursue my chosen degree in my chosen university,” she added.

Through the scholarship offered by the SM group through SM Foundation, she was able to focus on the development of her skills and knowledge not only in accountancy but especially in life. She became a Magna Cum Laude graduate of BS Accountancy at the University of San Carlos.

“The SM Scholarship helped me reach my dream of becoming a CPA, and this opened doors for me, enabling me to land a job that empowered me to help my family,” she said. 

“My experience in retail has given me wide knowledge in different areas. With this, I always make sure that my family makes informed decisions in all aspects of life. One thing that has become a tradition among SM Cebu scholars during my time was to have an outreach program. In our own way, we were able to pay forward the help that we received from SM. It was a fulfilling experience that we could share our blessings in our own little way,” she added.

Jonnah currently serves as a Senior Accounting Manager at the SM Store, Cebu. Aside from financial security, she currently takes care of her parents’ medical expenses and lets them enjoy vibrant life experiences after retiring as flower farmers.

“Having a degree enabled me and my family to experience more in life. It paved the way for me to secure a stable job, which allowed me to travel, treat my family to a nice meal, take them shopping on special occasions, and most importantly, support my parents and their medical expenses. Aside from providing me with a scholarship grant, working in SM has provided a sense of security for me and my family,” she shared.

Opening doors to more

SM Foundation made it its goal to help create an environment where low-income families can thrive and achieve stability, just like how the SM College Scholarship Program paved ways for Jonnah and her family.[

The application period is open from February 1 to March 31, 2023, for the academic year 2023–2024. The chosen scholars may choose to focus on accounting, information technology, engineering, or education, and they will receive a monthly stipend that includes enrichment activities in addition to their full tuition.

Visit for additional details on the SM College Scholarship program.

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Earth Hour 2023 will be supported by SM Supermalls and SM Cares

As the company reaffirms its dedication to environmental stewardship, SM Supermalls and its corporate social responsibility arm SM Cares will join the rest of the world in honoring Earth Hour on March 25.

The theme of this year’s Earth Hour is “creating the Biggest Hour for Earth,” and individuals who wish to take part in the worldwide event are urged to do more than simply turn off their lights for one hour.

Ever since the inaugural Earth Hour event took place in the Philippines in 2008, SM Supermalls has backed the WWF and the organization. Customers, renters, and staff at SM malls across the country are once again urged to “Give an Hour for Earth” as SM Supermalls participates in the annual World Lights Turn Down on March 25 from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

This day also marks the start of the World Wildlife Fund’s Virtual Earth Hour Run, a self-paced run supported by SM Cares, to be held from March 25 to April 30, 2023. The run aligns with SM Supermalls’ bid to make “Earth Hour, Any Hour” as participants are encouraged to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle by running and win prizes along the way. Joiners may register here and tag SM Cares and WWF as they post their stopovers at SM malls with hashtag #BiggestHourForEarth and #EarthHourVirtualRun.

Aside from these, SM Supermalls has been pushing to minimize its carbon footprint in support of the global green movement through various programs ranging from responsible energy consumption to investing in renewable energy.

For instance, more than 50 percent of the energy consumed by SM malls all over the country now come from renewable sources. In terms of solar energy usage, SM now has 12 malls equipped with energized solar panels, with SM Mall of Asia as the latest mall to receive a solar panel installation, which has a capacity of 2.003 MWp.

SM has also been recognized for exceeding compliance with RA7920 or the New Electrical Engineering Law, which regulates the practice, licensing, and registration of electrical engineers and electricians. This is proof that SM is operated and maintained only by highly qualified engineers.

SM Cares’ sustainability initiatives include the Trash-To-Cash Market and the Plastic Waste Collection program, which encourage responsible solid waste disposal among Filipinos; the annual Green Film Festival which promotes environmental awareness among students and the youth; and the International Coastal Cleanup which encourages stakeholders to do their part in keeping our seas and oceans clean.

The corporate social responsibility division of SM Supermalls, the largest mall chain in the nation and one of Southeast Asia’s top real estate developers, SM Prime Holdings, is called SM Cares. In addition to its activities on the environment, it is in charge of initiatives that support sustainability and the growth of the community, such as the Bike-Friendly SM initiative and programs for women and nursing mothers, people with disabilities, senior citizens, children, and youth.

Visit for more information.

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Syria and Turkey are receiving aid from the SM Foundation

On February 27, 2023, SM Foundation Inc. (SMFI) sent aid to Turkey and Syria, two countries that had recently experienced earthquakes, through the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). 200 gasoline generators were donated to PRC by SMFI on behalf of Connie Angeles, Executive Director of SM Foundation Health and Medical Programs, to provide electricity to earthquake-devastated Turkey and Syria.

Moreover, SM’s social good branch contributed Php5 million to help earthquake victims.

The assistance follows an earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude that struck southeast Turkey and northwest Syria. A magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck southern Turkiye shortly after the catastrophe caused further casualties and damage.

To know more about SM Foundation’s social good programs, visit or follow its social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube): @SMFoundationInc.

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This March, Toyota is offering family-friendly specials so you can get the party started!

Do you know what it signifies that summer is just around the corner? Now is the ideal time to begin making arrangements for your upcoming family vacation! Your next road trip with the family is guaranteed to be more enjoyable thanks to Toyota Motor Philippines’ March promotions.

More fun with Toyota’s flexible options

With a brand-new Innova, create fresh memories with the family. With the Pay Low option, you may purchase the 2.8 J DSL M/T model for just PHP178,650 as a down payment. Customers have the choice to use this option to buy a new car with as little as a 15% down payment, free insurance for the first year, free LTO registration for three years, and no chattel mortgage at 60 months to pay via all-in cash out.

Other models available under the Pay Low option are the Wigo 1.0 G AT at PHP101,100 downpayment, the Rush 1.5 GR-S A/T at PHP176,400, the Fortuner 4×2 G A/T at PHP274,200 and more! With Toyota, there’s sure to be a model that fits your fam.

With the Avanza, everyone can join in the fun! You can get the 1.3 J M/T variant for a monthly payment of PHP9,147 under the Pay Light option. Through this option, customers can enjoy low monthly plans with 50% downpayment at 60 months to pay.

For the families who find fun in adventure, the Hilux 4×2 J M/T is available for PHP10,662 per month under the Pay Light option, while those running a business may find the Hiace Commuter Deluxe M/T or Lite Ace 1.5 Pickup M/T the fun choice for their venture. These vehicles are available under the Pay Light option for PHP18,930 and PHP6,865 monthly, respectively.

Those who pay in cash also get a discount for every purchase of a brand-new Toyota! Save PHP50,000 for the Corolla Altis V HV and V variants under the Cash Savings option, up to PHP30,000 for the Vios, depending on the variant, and PHP20,000 for the Veloz G CVT.

Keep safe and drive on!

Ensure safe drives by regularly bringing in your vehicle for maintenance! Every purchase of a brand-new Corolla Altis, Raize, Veloz, Rush, Fortuner, and selected variants of the Vios, Avanza, Innova and Hilux are entitled to a FREE Basic Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) during the promo period, given that they are purchased from an authorized Toyota Dealer nationwide.

Customers may avail of the free PMS package up to the 20,000KM check-up within 18 months from the release date of the vehicle.

New owners of the Lite Ace are also in for a fun treat! All variants of the Lite Ace sold and released within the promo period quality for a fixed 1,000KM to 40,00KM PMS. Customers will only need to pay PHP1,999 (VAT inclusive) per PMS until the 40,000KM check-up. This fixed PMS promo can be availed within 24 months from the release of the vehicle.

Enjoy rebates, insurance and warranty

Level up the fun when you upgrade your Toyota this month! Customers who trade in their Wigo for a Vios during the promo period will get PHP35,000 in rebate, while Vios owners who upgrade to the Raize G CVT will receive a PHP30,000 rebate. Avanza owners who will trade in their unit for a Veloz also get a PHP20,000 rebate.

The trade-in rebate can be used as cash discount or to buy accessories when you purchase the participating model during the promo duration.

Additionally, all brand-new Wigo, Veloz, and selected models of the Vios, Corolla Altis, Innova, Hilux, Avanza, Rush, and Fortuner come with a FREE one-year insurance provided by Toyota Insure. The one-year comprehensive insurance covers 24/7 personal accident, passenger auto personal accident, three-year CPTL, own damage (OD), loss/theft, excess bodily injury (EBI), property damage (PD), acts of nature (AON), and includes emergency roadside assistance.

All brand-new G, E and XLE variants of the Vios bought from authorized Toyota dealerships nationwide also have a warranty coverage of five years or 150,000KM, whichever comes first.

The fun never ends with Toyota! Promo runs from March 11-31, 2023 only. Check out the full mechanics, offers and participating models here:

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-162931 Series of 2023

For current information on goods and services, dealer operations, announcements, and events, follow Toyota Motor Philippines’ official pages on   Facebook and Instagram,, ToyotaMotorPH on Twitter, and Toyota PH on Viber.

Visit your preferred Toyota dealership for more details on a car you’re interested in. Visit to discover a local dealer.

For all your Toyota needs, from car selection to auto care, maintenance, and upgrades, download the myTOYOTA PH APP for Android and iOS.


The Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. reiterates its dedication to responsible water management

Since industry and society benefit from having access to a clean, sustainable supply, water continues to be the most valuable resource on earth. Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI), the sole producer of PepsiCo products in the nation, is committed to protecting the environment. One of these obligations is using ethical, responsible practices to manage its water consumption in cooperation with its many partners.

World Water Day is observed on March 22nd, and in addition to putting industry best practices and rules into place, PCPPI promotes process improvement to further optimize how water is used throughout all aspects of operations. “Maintaining our dedication to responsible water stewardship extends beyond having the procedures and guidelines necessary for our personnel to perform their duties successfully. As part of our advocacy, we urge our staff to embrace innovation,” said Frederick D. Ong, president and CEO of PCPPI.

Strategic plans supported by strong partnerships The water resource management policies of PCCPI are embodied in the Luntiang Yaman program, which covers the organization’s sustainability efforts.

These include the 3Rs approach to manage water consumption: reduce, re-use, and recycle. Other than reducing water use,

PCPPI also has protocols in place to optimize electricity use, optimize fuel yield, manage solid waste output, and community engagement. PCCPI also works with government authorities in the communities where it operates. For example, the organization actively works with the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) to periodically assess the health of the waterways in the communities they operate alongside multi-sectoral groups.

Sto. Tomas: Shifting the traditional mindset PCPPI’s commitment to responsible water management is demonstrated in its manufacturing facilities, particularly in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. The plant has twice-received PCPPI’s Galing at Sikap Plant Excellence Award in Sustainability in 2021 and 2022. This recognition is given to the business units with the highest performance ratings on key focus areas of operations, including environmental resource management.

“The Sto. Tomas facility was lauded for its efforts in consuming water and energy in the most economical way, thereby minimizing environmental impact,” Ong added. According to Plant Manager Chrysler Salcedo, one of the best practices at work at the Sto. Tomas plant includes setting definitive operating hours for optimum target volume of water required, both for the products to be manufactured and for its manpower’s daily water consumption. This encourages all employees to become more mindful in their water use in daily operations. Regular training sessions on resource conservation are also scheduled, and serve as checkpoint meetings where employees can proactively address potential areas of concern.

“Open communication and collaboration make even the most complex policies work. In Sto. Tomas, it remains important for our team to engage in discussions about how we can best manage the resources we look after: water, electricity, and oil, among others,” said Salcedo. “To become more effective in our industry, we recognize the value of implementing more creative, cost-efficient policies so that we can better serve our communities,” he added. Strategic and planned updates in the Sto. Tomas plant have also been implemented to further manage how the facility consumes water, one of which involves decreasing the frequency of production line Clean-in-Place (CIP) procedures. These pertain to the overall cleaning of equipment used after continuous production.

“We shifted to a 72-hour cycle, which will allow us to save 780 liters of water a week. Combined with our stringent sanitation protocols, we are confident that our operations will continue to meet internal and industry standards while maximizing financial and resource savings,” Salcedo explained.

In this nation, PCPPI is the sole maker of PepsiCo beverages. Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Sting, Tropicana, Lipton Iced Tea, Milkis, Chum Churum Soonhari, and Premier are just a few of the well-known brands that are distributed by this company. Visit for more details on PCPPI and its products.


PCPPI presents Gold Crown Awards to deserving employees

Where it is persistently practiced, excellence flourishes. The nation’s sole manufacturer of PepsiCo products, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI), recently presented this year’s Gold Crown Awards to three deserving personnel. Employees who exhibit professional commitment in keeping with PCPPI’s ICARE Values—Integrity and Innovation, Caring and Respect, Empowerment and Excellence—are given this distinction.

Frederick D. Ong, president and chief executive officer of PCPPI, said of the honorees: “Our people continue to be at the heart of what makes us happy to be a member of PCPPI. He continued, “Jona, Lucky, and Faith are among the many talented team members that exemplify how true PCPPI Bravehearts are. The Gold Crown Awards allow us as a team to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of our employees. We are eager to develop more motivating professionals in the future. “

Visit for more information about PCPPI and the company’s ICARE principles.


BPI provides attendees of the Art in the Park 2023 fair with numerous payment choices

You want to amass your art collection, but on a tight budget. Don’t pass up this opportunity to attend the annual Art in the Park, known as the most awaited affordable art festival in the country, which returns outdoors on March 19 at Jaime Velazquez Park in Makati City to celebrate and advocate Filipino art in its 17th year.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Art in the Park 2023 have partnered once more to provide fairgoers with BPI Cards with flexible payment choices for purchasing art at the exhibit-sale, which is open for one full day starting at 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“BPI has been supporting Art in the Park for continuously uplifting the vibrant Filipino art scene and for providing a platform for our valuable contributors of art whose works truly merit more support and respect. It also makes art accessible to Filipinos, helping them learn more about art and Filipino artists,” said Jenny Lacerna, BPI Product and Sales Head for Unsecured Lending and Cards.

This year’s edition will feature 60 exhibit booths from galleries, art collectives, independent art spaces, and student organizations, all of which will be displaying and selling a variety of extraordinary works by known and rising artists.

One of the galleries that will be participating is Art Cube Gallery featuring Isko Andrade for special exhibits. “Art Cube Gallery has been a backbone of the Philippine contemporary art scene since it was established in 2012 for helping Filipino artists get their well-deserved spotlight,” said Lacerna. The said Gallery provides a platform for talented young artists to showcase their works before an extensive roster of art collectors, as well as help promote the careers of seasoned artists by giving art aficionados a broad access to their work in international art exhibitions. The gallery has so far mounted over 100 art exhibitions here and abroad involving award-winning and seasoned artists, as well as promising young painters and sculptors.

Francis Eugene E. Andrade, also known as Isko Andrade, is a young artist based in Bulacan who has been known for sharing his stories through his artworks that evoke a sense of nostalgia. He received several awards and citations such as Shell National Student Art Competition and Metrobank Art Design Excellence Competition. He is a graduate of fine arts with a major in visual communication at Bulacan State University.

For his show titled Intersections II, Andrade uses knots as his art subject to depict his own impression of ‘persevering’ by utilizing oil paint on canvas. Lacerna said art as an asset remains an auspicious investment as it tends to hold its value over time in contrast with other asset classes whose value has the propensity to decline sharply when the market crashes. “What’s really enticing about collecting and investing in art is that aside from having a potential lucrative return in the long-term, they can also make stunning display pieces at home,” she said.

BPI Cardholders can use their BPI credit cards to buy now and pay three months later on an exclusive Real 0% Special Installment Plan for up to six months.

The National Museum of the Philippines and its network are served by the initiatives and programs of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, which is financed by BPI and organized by Filipino Art Events, Inc.

Follow and www.facebook/artinthepark on Facebook for more details about Art in the Park and BPI’s promotional offers, or visit and


Summeryenda! Enjoy the summertime with refreshing tropical gulaman flavors

Greet the warm weather with gulaman, a delicious delight from the tropics and our collective childhood! With the uniquely Filipino flavors of buko pandan and mango from Mr. Hat Gulaman, make Summeryenda times more memorable while remaining cool and hydrated.

Complement your Summeryenda menu by preparing cool, refreshing snacks, desserts, and drinks with various tropical gulaman tastes like orange, lychee, strawberry, grape, and even coffee.

Do you desire additional tastes? Use Mr. Hat Gulaman’s unflavored gulaman, which is available in black, orange, yellow, white, red, and green colors, to indulge and create your own summer concoctions.

Bring the summer vibe with you wherever you are with the versatile gulaman – at the beach, a picnic in the park, on a hiking adventure, or hanging out in each other’s homes. Make jelly drinks or “samalamig”, flans, gulaman desserts, even gummies you can nibble on. The possibilities are endless.

Mr. Hat Gulaman has perfectly captured the Filipino taste. A popular flavor in the Philippines, the mango-flavored Mr. Hat Gulaman powder has a sweet and fruity taste that is perfect for summer desserts.

Buko Pandan is a Filipino dessert that typically features a mix of coconut and pandan flavors. Mr. Hat Gulaman’s buko pandan-flavored jelly powder captures this unique taste and can be used to make buko pandan salad.

Mr. Hat Gulaman’s strawberry-flavored jelly powder has a sweet and tangy taste that is perfect for making strawberry-flavored desserts that kids especially love.

What are you in the mood for? What is your favorite gulaman recipe? Whip it up with Mr. Hat Gulaman!

Mr. Hat Gulaman is a product of Filipino firm Seanluc, Inc. Its jelly powder is made from the finest natural seaweed extract. It is made from a mixture of carrageenan, sugar, flavorings and colorings.

Carrageenan is a type of seaweed-derived ingredient that is commonly used as a gelling agent in food products, while sugar is added for sweetness. Additional ingredients such as fruit flavors and food colorings are added to create unique flavors and colors.

Making jelly using Mr. Hat Gulaman does not require elaborate preparations. This makes drinks and dessert creation quicker, without sacrificing quality and flavor.

Even those on a tight budget can take on Mr. Hat Gulaman. To keep cool and refreshed this summer, stock up with Mr. Hat Gulaman varieties! Grab Mr. Hat Gulaman in all flavors and colors from Lazada, Shopee, and other local retail locations.

Check out the Mr. Hat Gulaman Website for more information and updates. See Mr. Hat Gulaman on TikTok and Facebook.