With this Gayuma-like Fragrance, captivate and awaken the senses

In the dating environment in the Philippines, courting the other person requires putting your best foot forward. You can attract the appropriate folks in any room by dressing to the nines, applying seductive cosmetics, or sporting the hottest hairstyle.

In a post-pandemic world, social withdrawal will make it risky for everyone to flirt and mingle. To draw in the target without their noticing it, however, one requires an alluring aroma to retain a magnetic kind of attraction.

Gayuma-like fragrance with Avon Attraction Sensation

The thrill of the chase and the exhilaration of seduction is no easy feat to achieve. To reel in their person of desire, some have gone as far as resorting to classic folklore in the form of the mystical love potion known as gayuma.

With just a whiff, one can be pulled into an unwavering attraction towards the person using it—a lingering spell that plays to the user’s desires.

In celebration of its 44thanniversary in the Philippines, Avon is bringing in a cult favorite from its world-class fragrance line: Avon Attraction Sensation, the first-ever pair of fragrances that captures the gayuma effect in a scent. Designed by two of the world’s most prestigious perfumers, Laurent Le Guernec (Avon Attraction for Her) and Michelle Defina (Avon Attraction for Him), these sophisticated olfactives are especially made for Her and for Him to awaken the five senses: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, and Smell.

Floral, oriental, and fruity notes embody the Avon Attraction Sensation for Her, and the thrill of irresistible attraction begins when you breathe in this new intoxicating scent. The body reacts instantly to Spicy Ginger and Oriental Mandarin. The heart beats faster with the alluring Jasmine. Orris and Midnight Freesia create a hypnotic feeling. With Bold Leather accord, it connects you to your partner with an intensified and intoxicating scent.

Meanwhile, Avon Attraction Sensation for Him is an Oriental Fougeré that pulls the ladies with the magnetic force of spicy seduction induced with top notes of spicy Black Pepper and Ginger Oil that increases the heart rate. The intoxicating thrill intensifies with sensual Clary Sage and the fresh and robust Lavender Oil. Addictive Patchouli and Vetiver release a high dose of adrenaline.

Both scents are imbued with Bold Leather accord, which helps you instantly connect with your partner through an intensified sensation that is undeniably irresistible. When rubbed against the skin, this special accord is tied to memory and highlights sensuality.

Encourage visitors to return for more by stimulating their senses. It’s time to put yourself out there and attract people by engaging your senses. Every time you apply Avon Attraction Sensation, create the gayuma effect and become seductive.

To purchase the Avon Attraction Sensation, go to or speak with your dependable Avon Representative.



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