Subway bestows on Kimpoy the finest of his B.M.T ™ Moments

At Subway, Kimpoy Feliciano is experiencing his best B.M.T. TM Moments! Every B.M.T TM sandwich that Subway offers is full of fantastic possibilities.

But what  is a B.M.T ™ Moment? A B.M.T ™ Moment happens when life presents you with a host of marvelous choices that deciding which is the best one becomes a challenging task. Sometimes, these moments may even bring about confusion and conflict. But, once you’ve made your decision and discovered that it was, in fact, the ideal one, ta da! There you have it—your very own B.M.T ™ Moment.

The BMT sandwiches from Subway can offer you a fantastic B.M.T. TM Moment! Whether it’s their famous Italian B.M.T TM, the delectable Cheesy B.M.T TM, or their resident heavyweight, the B.M.T TM Plus, their Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest sandwiches are tantalizing and intriguing options.

Italian B.M.T ™s are great for your everyday moments—if you want healthy comfort food, this is the way to go. But if you’re looking for a pick-me-up in between the dull moments, choose our Cheesy B.M.T ™s for a little fun to add to your day! And if you’re roaring for adventure, the B.M.T ™ Plus is up for the challenge! These are sure to satisfy thrillseekers everywhere!

This year, you will come across a lot of B.M.T ™ Moments. Welcome them and embrace them! These experiences will hone you and sharpen your wit. You become a better version of yourself with each wise decision you make. Just like Kimpoy Feliciano, his B.M.T ™ moment taught him to choose what is worthy and of value. And when it comes to choosing what to eat, it is always important to Eat Fresh at Subway!

Go to your preferred Subway location right away to make the most of your B.M.T. TM moments. Give them to us! The hashtags #SubwayBMTMoments #SubwayBiggestMeatiestTastiest #SubwayPH #SubwayBMT #EatFresh are appreciated.

B.M.T Sandwiches at Subway cost the following in-store:

  • B.M.T ™ Classic
  • Ala Carte – P185 (6-inch sub); P360 (footlong sub); P195 (wrap)
  • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P305 (6-inch sub); P480 (footlong sub); P315 (wrap)
  • B.M.T ™ Double Cheese
  • Ala Carte – P195 (6-inch sub); P380 (footlong sub); P205 (wrap)
  • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P315 (6-inch sub); P500 (footlong sub); P325 (wrap)
  • B.M.T ™ Plus
  • Ala Carte – P245 (6-inch sub); P480 (footlong sub); P255 (wrap)
  • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P365 (6-inch sub); P600 (footlong sub); P375 (wrap)

To know more you can check the Subway’s Facebook page at for more interesting news.

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