Sony Music Entertainment signs a record deal with P-Pop girl group YARA, and drops their first single, “ADDA”

Four-member Filipino group YARA has been added to Sony Music Entertainment’s respected roster. Sony Music Entertainment is a reputable record label that has produced some of the biggest artists in P-Pop.

Thanks to the supervision of their record company and their determination to make a name for themselves in the expanding Filipino music scene, the promising rookie sets off on a voyage with a sense of newfound independence. They have showcased their prominence in the field they have chosen during the media conference for their debut and we’ve witnessed the talent they possess and greatly enjoyed their performance.

 “Sony Music PH and YARA are a match made in heaven,” the all-women group shares. “We were surprised that our vision and passion for music are the same. After everything that we’ve gone through, we are very happy that we finally found someone with whom we are confident to work with especially with our music.”

YARA officially marks their debut as a recording artist with the release of their new single “ADDA,” which means ‘Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat.’ Holding merit with a refreshing balance of charisma and edginess, YARA drops a confident piece of pop music that leaves nothing out of the bag.

“We know what we want / we know what we’re capable of,” they open their verse with an assured declaration. Few newcomers can get away with lines that beam with delirious energy and excitement, and YARA does it seamlessly as they navigate an entirely new realm that remains completely uncharted to them.

The Pinoy girl group explains, “The song is about YARA. The story of YARA. The song reflects why YARA works hard to strive beyond their limitations and reach for their dreams. YARA wants their audience to know their story, and draw strength from it to conquer their own fears, and learn from YARA’s experiences. YARA wants their listeners to take control of their own lives and dreams.”

Kim Natividad of YARA wrote and produced YARA’s “ADDA,” which combines dance-pop vitality with hip-hop components and K-Pop sass. Joshua Nase and Michael “Cursebox” Negapatan, another regular collaborator of SB19 and Pablo, produced the song (Alex Bruce).

According to YARA, the empowering mood of the material aims to set the tone of what’s to come for their future releases. “The dynamics of the song radiate confidence and empower our listeners,” the Filipino quartet reveals. “Unison is also present in the song to highlight that behind showcasing our individual talents, the product of our teamwork sets us apart and makes us who we are. The progression of instrumental placements in the song relates to how our passion (to perform) intensifies throughout our journey amidst the unexpected challenges we’ve encountered along the way.”

The four members of the girl group YARA are Kim, Gelou, Rocher, and Christa. They are one of Sony Music Entertainment’s most recent P-Pop acts, which also includes SB19, 4th Impact, and other highly prized artists. Check out their brand-new song, “ADDA,” here.

Follow them on their official social media accounts:

Instagram: official_yara.ph
Twitter: official__yara
Facebook: YARA PH
Youtube: YARA PH
Tiktok: official__yara

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