Pasta dishes for a delicious new year’s beginning

We make the same yearly request for our loved ones’ continued health. Try out new, healthier recipes and share them with them as one fantastic approach to achieve this.

You can feed your family wholesome food without sacrificing pleasure. You can also visit your neighborhood grocery store to buy inexpensive ingredients. Pasta is a quick and simple component you may use to make a substantial dinner for extra variety. Pasta or other “pastabilities,” which you may prepare every day, also offers countless culinary options.

Start 2023 off well with masarap, masustansya, and sulit recipes that use El Real Pasta as a high-quality component. The following recipes are sure to please everyone in the family:

Bet na bet na Pinakbet Pasta

Pinakbet is a Filipino ulam with pork and vegetables like squash, ampalaya, and tomatoes, which are all good sources of vitamins and minerals. You can change it up and make Pinakbet Pasta with El Real Healthy Pasta. The combination of crispy pork belly, hearty vegetables, and flavorful bagoong will give you a burst of flavors.

See the full Pinakbet Pasta recipe here.

Spicy and creamy Healthy Laing Pasta

Add a spicy kick to your El Real Healthy Spaghetti by adding laing and chilis to it. The taro leaves used to make laing are known to be rich in vitamins A and C. For the sauce, it’s made with coconut cream to make it thicker and creamier.

See the full Healthy Laing Pasta recipe here.

Go green with Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni

For a nutritious and filling macaroni dish, you can try making Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni. Made from basil, pesto is said to be a good source of vitamins, calcium, and iron, which makes it a great pasta sauce. Give your dish more flavor with some lemon juice and sour cream in the sauce, and top off your El Real Elbow Macaroni with chili flakes and parmesan cheese.

See the full Pesto and Parmesan Macaroni recipe here.

Healthy Sardine Spaghetti for your dose of seafood

Fish like sardines are an excellent source of vitamins B-12 and D, and other nutrients. Sardines can make a great pasta dish when mixed with oil, garlic, and a little lemon juice on top of El Real Healthy Pasta.

See the full Healthy Sardine Spaghetti recipe here.

Creamy Spinach Pasta for all ages

If you want a dose of iron and vitamins, you can try adding spinach to your meals. A delicious way of incorporating this into a pasta dish is by mixing it with cream and ricotta cheese. You’ll get a nice creamy sauce with hints of spinach with every bite of El Real Healthy Spaghetti or any type of El Real pasta.

See the full Creamy Spinach Pasta recipe here.

Sarap, sulit, and sustansya meals provided by El Real Pasta will help you start the year off well. Now you may treat your loved ones to wholesome pasta recipes on a regular basis or on special occasions.

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