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Bossjob introduces new features in 2024 to give SEA talents a better job-hunting experience

The chat-first platform introduces new features to connect users with global and remote job markets

With the introduction of new features that make it easier for talent to access jobs abroad and remote work chances, Bossjob—the chat-first career platform that is transforming professional hiring in Southeast Asia (SEA)—is putting career prospects even more within reach for talent.

A new element of the employment platform that enables recruiters from all around the world to connect with talent in Asia, including the Philippines, has officially debuted. On the Bossjob website, employers can now post job openings worldwide by choosing the ‘International’ option and focusing on particular nations where they are looking for top talent.

This capability not only makes setting up remote teams and outsourcing easier, but it also lets employers create a presence in previously underserved locations. Bossjob hopes to lower recruitment expenses and improve cross-border hiring procedures for businesses with the new functionality.

Bossjob’s new feature comes particularly timely in helping employers seize opportunities to attract top talent. It is anticipated that individuals will be reassessing their career paths at the start of 2024. The start of a new year typically serves as a period for introspection and the setting of resolutions, leading many to reevaluate their professional aspirations and strive to begin the year on a positive note.

Moreover, Bossjob particularly sees the importance of making these job opportunities more accessible to Filipinos. The Philippines Freelance Market 2022 Report suggested many Filipinos thrive as freelancers, benefitting from overseas freelancing opportunities.

Meanwhile, the platform has also launched the remote jobs section, making it easier for talents to scroll around the opportunities that best suit them. Job seekers can easily go to the “Remote Jobs” section of the Bossjob website and check hundreds of remote job positions across various industries, including information technology, customer service, human resources, sales, finance, manufacturing, banking, and healthcare.

Bossjob CEO Anthony Garcia says the company hopes to bring opportunities not only closer but more accessible to more Filipinos.

“With our new international feature and dedicated remote jobs section, we’re not just expanding horizons, but we’re actively dismantling barriers to global employment and fostering a more inclusive, accessible job market. At Bossjob, we believe that a great career should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and our latest features are a significant step towards making that belief a reality,” Garcia said.

Preference for remote work among job seekers continues to rise

Starting in Q3 of 2023, Bossjob began supporting hybrid and remote job opportunities, leading to a significant increase in such listings. The number of jobs posted in these categories has since doubled, underscoring a growing trend in the employment market.

Key industries embracing this trend include Information Technology (IT), sales, and emerging web3 sectors. Remote roles in high demand range from sales representatives and accountants to administrative assistants and business development managers.

The introduction of these flexible work options has led to a substantial increase in job seeker interest. Bossjob reports a sevenfold rise in the number of candidates seeking remote or hybrid work arrangements, with about 32% of its over 3 million active job seekers exploring these options.

The preference for remote work extends across various job categories, with customer service representatives (CSR), entry-level jobs, and IT roles being particularly sought after.

In addition to increased demand, Bossjob’s data shows salaries for hybrid work arrangements are equally attractive to those opportunities that require people to work on-site. For instance, remote CSR roles offer an average salary of Php 29,000, compared to the Php 27,000 average pay for on-site positions.

Bossjob’s expansion to supporting remote and hybrid work opportunities reflects a broader global trend and demonstrates the platform’s commitment to evolving with the changing job market dynamics.

“In a rapidly evolving job market, Bossjob is at the forefront of the shift towards a project-based economy in the Philippines. Our data shows not just a trend but a reflection of a deeper change in work preferences. As we continue to champion this shift, Bossjob remains committed to connecting talent with forward-thinking employers, reshaping the workforce for a more dynamic and adaptable future,” Garcia said.

Bossjob is a developing company in Asia, with operations in the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. By 2026, the company hopes to have over 30 million customers in the region. This year, it began providing free services as part of its aim to increase its market share internationally.

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