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To empower exporters and get ready for National Exporters Week, In-line Forwarder teams up with the DTI

Usapang Exports goes to Cebu with In-line Forwarder and other government agencies to boost export capability of MSMEs (Photo courtesy of DTI Region 7/Central Visayas

In keeping with its ambitious goal of enabling business owners of all sizes to tap into the worldwide market, the nation’s top logistics company, In-line Forwarder, gathered Cebu exporters last October for the “Usapang Exports: Unlocking Export Opportunities” event, which was sponsored by DTI Region 7 (Central Visayas) and the Department of Trade and Industry’s Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB).

Almost a hundred entrepreneurs and exporters from important sectors like furniture, handicrafts, and agriculture convened at Cebu City’s Golden Prince Hotel. Alongside leading industry experts from the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Forest Management Bureau, Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of International Trade Relations, and Bureau of Customs, In-line Forwarder discussed the nuances of logistics and brokerage solutions for export fulfillment.

“It is a huge honor for us to collaborate with the DTI EMB, as well as key agencies of the Philippine government to take our export sector to the next level,” says Herbert Caragay, Operations Head of In-Line Forwarder. “Helping our community of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across the nation through our strategic expertise in logistics is key for our exporters to navigate the evolving dynamics of global trade and supply chain.”

Usapang Exports is an official DTI-EMB project under its Philippine Export Competitiveness Program which aims to capacitate existing and aspiring exporters through learning sessions on export opportunities, trends, cross-border regulations, and other timely topics.  One-on-one consultation sessions were also conducted in Cebu by In-line Forwarder, Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Plant and Industry, DENR, and the Philippine Exporters Confederation.

According to In-line Forwarder, they now have 6 offices across the country, including Cebu, and is bound to open a new warehouse in the United States for import-export facilitation and cross-border fulfillment operations.

Key preparations are also underway towards the National Exporters Week from December 4 to 7 spearheaded by the DTI-EMB, Export Development Council, and PHILEXPORT. It will be a crucial gathering of large export players, government agencies, and export enablers including In-Line Forwarder who will be part of the enablers exhibit at the Sheraton Hotel on December 7, the same day as the National Exporters Congress. The theme for this year is “Agile Philippines: Empowering Exporters towards Global Excellence.”

MSMEs can register for a free account at to take advantage of In-line Forwarder’s discounted pricing for its export service. Additionally, you can get in touch with them online at, which is their official Facebook page.

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The BNY Mellon Straight-through Processing Award 2022 goes to Sterling Bank of Asia

L-R: Luisito Mayor, SBA Operations Group Head & Senior Vice President; Felisa Alcala, SBA Business Support Services Head & Vice President; Cecilio San Pedro, SBA President & CEO; Jun Cristobal, BNY Mellon Senior Vice President, Global Client Support, Treasury Services, Client Implementation and Philippines Market Manager; Cedric Chong, BNY Mellon Relationship Manager, Treasury Services; and Christopher Rocero, SBA Trade  Services and Remittance Head

The Bank of New York Mellon has awarded Sterling Bank of Asia (SBA) the Straight-Through Processing (STP) Award once more in recognition of the bank’s outstanding payment formatting performance in 2022. The bank has been the recipient of this award for five years running. It is an acknowledgment of SBA’s dedication to quality and its capacity to quickly and accurately complete payment formatting tasks for MT103/MT202 payments in financial operations.

In the banking sector, STP is a crucial performance metric that assesses the effectiveness of payment processing. SBA’s achievement in meeting BNY Mellon’s stringent standards for offshore transaction security, procedural compliance, and processing speed is demonstrated by the STP Award.

This award is a testament to the bank’s unwavering commitment to quality and its commitment to giving its clients smooth, effective financial services. “Recognition of excellence becomes a crucial benchmark for financial institutions in the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of the banking industry,” stated Cecilio San Pedro, president and CEO of the SBA.


With the TECNO PHANTOM V Flip, live in style

TECNO’s first-ever flip phone, the chic, trendsetting PHANTOM V Flip lets you live your dream life and pocket your memories

The first fashionable flip smartphone under PhP30k

With the stylish and innovative PHANTOM V Flip, live the lifestyle of your dreams and cherish every moment. PHANTOM V Flip is the ideal travel companion whether you’re traveling with your pet, enjoying tiny pleasures, discovering new locations, or leading a stylish lifestyle.

The unique, aesthetically pleasing features, design, and seamless performance of the PHANTOM V Flip, the first stylish flip smartphone under PhP30,000, complemented the stylish lifestyle of young fashion trendsetters. It is portable, lightweight, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing. Its superb camera records life events from every angle and in full color. The foldable phone has a high-quality, less-creased hinge and fits well in your pocket.

The newest high-end flagship phone from TECNO, a leading global mobile phone company, is the PHANTOM V Flip. It is the first flip smartphone priced under P30,000, with a price tag of P29,999.

Travelers and trend-setters have been using the PHANTOM V Flip since its release in the Philippines, and they are blown away by its excellent performance.

Elevating stylish living with pet advocacy

Photographer and content creator Mark Kelvin does not just capture and tell stories of strangers. He also shares photos of furry pets, just like the cat Kuring, bringing good vibes into the social media world while advocating for animals. For him, pets bring joy and leave a positive impact on our wellbeing. He is right, and his followers flip over Kuring’s “cuteness overload” images taken from his PHANTOM V Flip smartphone.

Followers of content creator Show Suzuki are familiar with his pet dog Gonta, the star in his many videos. Gonta also plays a leading role in his life. His pet is instrumental to his healing, according to him. A true love story between a pet and his master, perfectly captured and treasured using the PHANTOM V Flip smartphone.

Content creator Jai Asuncion loves to share snapshots and reels of her life with her viewers, and she found a perfect travel companion with the PHANTOM V Flip. Her vlogs feature her passions – travels and the latest trends. She epitomizes the PHANTOM V Flip’s mantra – exploring the best that life could offer, while having fun.

Colz Vidal is deeply and madly in love with traveling and a devotee for endless journeys. Consumed by boundless wanderlust, her PHANTOM V Flip fits perfectly inside her cute, small bag. She generously shares her experiences and adventures with her viewers. She flips over her discoveries. The sheer beauty she sees is preserved in her memories and in her vlogs taken from using PHANTOM V Flip.

An award-winning solo female travel blogger (and also a vlogger) who has been to all seven continents, Aileen Adalid loves that her PHANTOM V Flip lets her seamlessly capture memories and handle work simultaneously. She also loves its stylish design and portability – the chic phone fits in her small shoulder bag, which she brings everywhere she goes. Her videos feature travel guides, resources and tips on traveling the world, as well as a week in her life on the rare occasions she’s home.

Flip over the PHANTOM V Flip’s features

PHANTOM V Flip is the latest innovation from TECNO’s “Go Premium” strategy. This global business strategy sets TECNO apart with its focus on building a product range that integrates the most state-of-the-art technologies with unparalleled stylish designs to deliver uniquely premium devices. It is likewise the latest revolutionary smartphone from TECNO’s premium sub-brand, PHANTOM, a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of creative and innovative smartphone design.

PHANTOM V Flip is a trendy pocket-sized device that integrates an ultra-clear 5-lens photography system into an exceptional foldable form factor with an optimally sized flagship dual screen. It features a 64MP rear camera and a 32MP front camera. Made of aircraft-grade materials, the self-developed drop shaped hinge is a superbly tight fit for seamless closing while providing a larger screen space and a shallower crease.

PHANTOM V Flip 5G features a 6.9” ultra big, ultra flat, versatile immersive AMOLED main screen that displays true-to-life colors and vivid, realistic hues.  

The smartphone also features MediaTek Dimensity 8050, a cutting-edge 6nm 5G chipset that delivers a smooth user experience; an 8GB RAM 256GB ROM that is perfect to fulfill everyday storage needs, while also offering up to 8GB extended memory (RAM).

The Hi-Res Certified Stereo Dual Speakers and improved gaming capabilities round off the excellent performance, making this smartphone a really adaptable and stylish lifestyle choice for gamers, vloggers, and everyday users alike.

The first foldable smartphone available in the Philippine market is the PHANTOM V Flip 5G, which costs PhP29,999. The stylish, innovative foldable gadget is offered at all TECNO Concept Experience Kiosks, TECNO Partner Retail Stores around the country, the TECNO Mobile Store in Lazada, TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee, TECNO Mobile PH  in TikTok Shop, and the TECNO Mobile PH on TikTok Shop. It is also available in Iconic Black and Mystic Dawn hues.

Please send inquiries about connected media to [email protected].


According to a global study, Filipino consumers consistently favor URC brands

Filipinos continue to embrace Universal Robina Corp.’s (URC) market-leading products, as seen by the company’s strong ranking among customers’ top FMCG brands. According to Kantar’s Brand Footprint analysis for 2022, Great Taste coffee was placed ninth among fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and fourth among beverage brands in the Philippines.

The brand was ranked fourth in 2021 as well, however it went up from 15th in 2021 in the FMCG category.

A metric known as a “consumer reach point” (CRP), which gauges a brand’s strength based on how many consumers are buying the brand and how frequently, is used in the study by prestigious consulting firm Kantar Group. From 283 million in 2022 to 424 million in 2023, Great Taste recorded CRPs. 75.8% of all shoppers bought it, and 20 times a year, it was chosen.

The new GT Supreme was just added to the brand’s lineup as it continues to grow.

The top 20 food brands in the Philippines included two more URC products.

For the third consecutive year, Piattos made the list, coming in at number seven with 183 million CRPs. With 74 million CRPs, Nissin, a recent entry, landed in 19th place.

“Piattos continues to grow as it’s able to reach more shoppers, winning 1.2 million more homes in the past year, especially via sari-sari stores where it recruits more than 80 percent of its buyers,” said Pearl Benjamin, Senior Account Manager for Kantar Worldpanel.

The beverage category rating of URC’s C2 ready-to-drink tea increased from 19th in 2022 to 16th in 2023.

Chief Marketing Officer of URC Mian David stated, “This study highlights the sustained quality, cost-effectiveness, and lasting allure of our brands for consumers.” Providing healthy food options to consumers has always been our top priority.

The study’s findings, she continued, “showcase the resilience and adaptability of our brands.” 

In addition to these well-known brands, URC also makes the decades-long favorites Maxx candy and Cream-O cookies. URC, one of the biggest producers of food and drink in the nation, is becoming more and more prominent in ASEAN. Among its top regional brands are Lexus, Tivoli, and Fun-O.

Kantar, which was established in 1992, currently represents 15,300 brands across 43 nations. It is the recognized authority on consumer behavior worldwide. According to Kantar’s Brand Footprint survey, URC’s Great Taste has continuously been rated among the brands that Filipinos choose.

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The ideal presents for oneself this Christmas

Calling in working students to unwrap the gift of education and step up in your career!

Working students are getting ready for a special fusion of joy and academic focus as the Christmas season draws near. These people, who balance work and school, look forward to their Christmas bonus as a well-earned prize for a hard-working year.

The bonus becomes a crucial event for non-graduate employees who are not enrolled in school right now but are thinking about going back to school. This is the ideal moment to use the festivities as an opportunity for introspection and inspiration for future learning.

This bonus offers employees the opportunity to invest in themselves rather than just shop for holiday gifts. In addition to presents and indulgences, this additional money can be a lifesaver for people who are struggling to make ends meet because they lack a college degree. The obstacles of obtaining ideal jobs, getting promotions, and overcoming insecurities can seem overwhelming.

Think about putting your Christmas bonus toward things that can make a real difference. This little financial boost isn’t just for the holidays; it’s a way to make life better and set yourself up for success in the long run. Maybe go back to college, invest, go on a trip, become an entrepreneur, or pursue a new hobby. The possibilities are diverse, providing a chance to invest in your personal and professional growth. Here are ways you can start.

Restart your college education  

In today’s professional landscape, getting a college degree is important. By doing so, you can improve your chances at securing a promotion or make yourself more desirable to potential employers. If the lack of time has always held you back from pursuing further studies, Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC) is the premier digital-first college that delivers an advanced online curriculum designed for modern Filipino working students.

MMDC’s specialized courses in business administration and information technology, crafted by professionals with rich expertise from academia and the workforce, prioritize practical learning to cultivate essential soft and hard skills for workplace success. Notably, the institution stands out by embracing innovation, eliminating traditional exams and tests from its approach.

At the heart of the MMDC digital education experience is its Projects, Problems, and Cases model which emphasizes real-world applications of a student’s learnings. MMDC offers flexible synchronous classes with professors, allowing a maximum of 7.5 hours per week, distributed across Mondays and Tuesdays. These classes are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening, providing students with the flexibility to accommodate their work commitments. Additionally, students have the option to change their schedule midway through the term. This setup is designed to cater to working students, enabling them to pursue education and enhance their career prospects in the long term. Students can enroll for as low as 11,500 pesos per term for three subjects, making quality education accessible and affordable as well.

You can restart your college at any term in MMDC. Application for new students and transferees to join starting the second term of SY 2023-2024 is ongoing. Classes start on December 13, 2023. To apply, visit

Start investing 

Investing is an effective way to build wealth and make your money work for you. If going into the stock market seems like an intimidating prospect, there are many lower-risk options to get started. Mutual funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) can be great sources of passive income, while government-guaranteed savings programs like the Pag-Ibig MP2 allow for people to get started with low amounts to cash out.  

Go on a trip 

Travelling has many benefits. Whether you’re going solo or planning a trip with family and friends, travelling gives you an opportunity to disconnect, to immerse yourself in new experiences and come back with memories that can last a lifetime.  

Become an entrepreneur 

If you’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset, your Christmas bonus could help kickstart the small business you’ve always wanted. As online shopping continues to boom, all it takes is a little capital and a bit of strategizing to turn your groundbreaking idea or your passion project into a sustainable business.    

Pursue a new hobby

Interests can improve your abilities and excite the brain. Taking up a new pastime can improve your problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills—skills that can improve your personal and professional performance.

Make a promise to yourself as the year draws to an end: allow your Christmas bonus to serve as the impetus for a more promising and self-assured future. Set yourself up for a successful and rewarding path ahead by enrolling now, making prudent investments, traveling confidently, innovating without fear, and nurturing your passions.


Ben&Ben’s latest song, “Autumn,” delves into themes of loneliness and desire

 The emotional ballad serves as the first offering off their three-part release

Ben&Ben captures the wave-like loneliness that follows a protracted period of separation from a loved one.

The nine-piece group deals with the emotional challenges that they face in Autumn,” their new single, which is available today via Sony Music Entertainment. The song talks about “the distance that people often unintentionally create with their other half, because of the changes that life throws at us.”

Right in the middle of their North American tour last year, the Paninidigan Kita hitmakers wrote the reflective track in Canada. Paolo Benjamin, the lead singer and guitarist for the band, was suffering from a deep want to be with his partner because they were finding the long distance to be quite difficult.

“A few months later, in early 2023, brother Miguel Benjamin completed the lyrics, also adding a bridge about being in different seasons, which really completed the message of the song,” the folk-pop collective adds. “It speaks about themes of loneliness, yearning, and ultimately, hoping against hope that a new season will come.”

Marking a new chapter for the band, “Autumn” embraces a new direction that reveals subtle details with each listen. Blending rich, acoustic arrangements with lush textures and otherworldly touches, the emotional ballad is meticulously crafted to capture the yearning that comes with being in a long-distance relationship with your other half.

According to a joint statement from the award-winning group, “Autumn is a song where we showcase how we’ve evolved and matured as a band. In terms of writing, we thought the viewpoint offered a more sober and realistic analysis of the issue. We learned a lot of new techniques for producing and arranging sounds that convey the mood we were aiming for.”

Ben&Ben intends to release the music as part of a three-part release in the upcoming weeks. In addition to “Autumn,” the well-known Filipino group will release a special collaboration with another artist on December 8, 2023, and the full-band version of their brand-new song “Courage” the following week.

Ben&Ben’s Autumn is currently available via Sony Music Entertainment on all digital music platforms worldwide.

 Learn more about our creators and labels here.

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Aura is offering Filipino players the chance to win up to P1.1 million during the YGG Web3 Games Summit

The largest decentralized gaming guild network in the world, Yield Guild Games (YGG), and Singapore-based Web3 gaming platform Aura have partnered to host several Web3 gaming tournaments with a combined prize pool of $20,000 or P1.1 million during the YGG Web3 Games Summit in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Popular Web3 games like Zed Run will be available on Aura. Its Wager platform, which enables users to join in or start their own Web3 gaming tournaments, will host the competition.

In addition, Aura is doing a listing campaign called Aura Dollar Deals, during which Aura will buy any Zed Run NFT for $1, up to a maximum of 500 NFTs.

Apart from the competitions, Aura will have an interactive booth that functions as a central meeting point for visitors to discover the cutting-edge elements of the Aura NFT marketplace, peruse more than 250 games on the platform, converse with Aura’s specialists, and acquire knowledge about the exciting realm of Web3 gaming.

“As the platinum sponsor, we’re committed to making the YGG Web3 Games Summit an exciting experience. Our focus on hosting Web3 gaming tournaments is a reflection of our commitment to fostering competition, skill development, and spreading Web3 gaming knowledge within the community. The total prize pool is not just an incentive; it’s a recognition of the talent in the Web3 gaming space,” said Aura Founder Abin Arjun.

A wide range of people are attending the conference, which runs through November 25. These participants include investors, game creators, protocols, players, and exchanges. It offers a thorough investigation of the future of Web3 gaming and includes a conference, game expo, hackathon, and esports competitions.

Aura is a state-of-the-art gaming environment that was created on the Polygon blockchain and offers a variety of tools to improve the gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Renowned for being the biggest decentralized gaming guild network, Yield Guild Games prioritizes Web3 education and blockchain games.


Aura is a state-of-the-art gaming ecosystem built on Polygon blockchain that equips gamers with everything they need to be better at gaming. With 45 million listed NFTs to choose from, Aura offers a unique platform for gamers of all levels. Aura’s commitment to innovation, user-driven experiences, and community engagement cements its status as the ultimate destination for Web3 gaming enthusiasts.






Yield Guild Games (YGG) is the world’s first and biggest web3 gaming guild, where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games, and develop vital skills for web3. As a decentralized network of guilds with a focus on playing blockchain games and onboarding people into web3 ecosystems, YGG is committed to providing opportunities for its members to achieve success in the open Metaverse.


Toyota partners with Santa Rosa and Pasay cities for free community shuttle, eases commuting with an app

In photo (from left) are TMSPH President Cristina Arevalo, TMP Vice Chairman David Go,
TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto, Pasay City Mayor Imelda Calixto-Rubiano, and Pasay City Administrator Atty. Peter Manzano during the memorandum of agreement
signing ceremony held in Pasay City.

The City Governments of Pasay and Santa Rosa have partnered with Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation to offer the free on-demand shared transportation service known as the Toyota Community Shuttle (TCS), which will be provided through a digital interface.

TMP is supplying a fleet of five (5) brand-new, air-conditioned Toyota Lite Ace vehicles to each local government under separate agreements. The vehicles will travel flexible routes inside the boundaries of each city.

In photo (from left) are TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto and Santa Rosa City Mayor Arlene Arcillas during the memorandum of agreement signing ceremony held in Santa Rosa City.

Starting on December 1, 2023 in Santa Rosa City and December 2, 2023 in Pasay City, the TCS plans to offer free trips for a full year.

“TMP is offering the TCS as part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility and in commemoration of TMP’s 35th anniversary. Through TCS, TMP aims to contribute to improving the quality of life in these communities by providing free, easier, smarter and safer mobility,” TMP president Atsuhiro Okamoto said.

The “myToyota Shuttle PH” application, one of the premier mobility solutions offered by TMP’s mobility service division, Toyota Mobility Solutions Philippines, Inc. (TMSPH), would be used to provide the booking service for TCS.

Route planning and seat reservation can be optimized with the use of the “myTOYOTA Shuttle PH,” which enables effective on-demand shuttle management. Commuters can conveniently book their trips using a personal device, track the TCS unit’s real-time location, and see when it will arrive by downloading a smartphone application.

“We want to create positive social value in our beneficiary communities through the provision of free mobility. But the TCS is not only helpful in creating a hassle-free ride experience for commuters. It also complements the current efforts of our project beneficiaries towards becoming a smart city and ‘sustainable eco-city’ through increased connectivity and mobility, among others,” Okamoto added.

A “Next Wave City,” Santa Rosa City is making significant strides toward becoming a “High-level Smart City.” The “Travel City,” Pasay City, is spearheading efforts to become a “Sustainable Eco City.” Both cities are embracing digitalization and innovation to raise the standard of living in all spheres, including transit. This is in line with TMP’s mission to give people safer, smarter, and easier mobility.

August 2023 marked TMP’s 35th anniversary of formation, and the company reiterated its commitment to societal and economic progress through its mobility-related services and automotive manufacturing and distribution operations.

With an emphasis on the “Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electrified,” or “CASE,” concepts of future mobility, Toyota anticipates a variety of creative and inventive solutions available globally.

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Chief Agency Officer and Chief Health and Product Officer are appointed by Manulife Philippines

The executive appointments strengthen Manulife’s focus on agency and distribution transformation, and health and financial protection

Sailesh Nalinakshan

Sailesh Nalinakshan has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Agency Officer (CAO) and Grace Mallabo has been named as the company’s new Chief Health and Product Officer (CHPO). Manulife Philippines is the local branch of the worldwide financial services provider Manulife.

Sailesh Nalinakshan, who was previously Manulife Philippines’ Head of Agency Transformation and Strategy, is expanding his responsibilities as CAO. In this capacity, he oversaw the creation and implementation of the company’s new agency operating model. With an emphasis on tactics that support initiatives on digitalization, sales and productivity, talent recruitment and development, training, and data analytics-based planning and decision-making, he will continue to empower Manulife’s thousands-strong agency force in his new position. Nalinakshan served as a member of Manulife’s Asia Distribution Team and was located in Hong Kong before joining the Philippine leadership team.

“We are happy to welcome Sailesh as he brings his extensive experience in distribution management into his new role, leading our Philippines agency team and bringing our distribution network to the next level,” said Rahul Hora, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Philippines. “As depth, expansion, and quality continue to be key enablers for our bigger and bolder growth ambitions, his strategic vision and leadership will play a pivotal role in strengthening our agency distribution channels and driving our growth trajectory for years ahead.”

Grace Mallabo

Meanwhile, Grace Mallabo will spearhead Manulife Philippines’ health strategy, product development and management, and in-force management to help meet the growing demand among Filipinos for life insurance solutions that can support their health and wellness journey, while providing them protection and financial security in the future. With Mallabo at the helm, Manulife Philippines aims to create more innovative, accessible, and relevant products and maximize customer lifetime value through effective in-force management and product innovations that are tailor-fit to Filipinos’ evolving behavior and priorities. Prior to joining Manulife, she had nearly two decades of professional experience in the insurance industry, with a strong track record in strategy, product management, and health business leadership.

“Grace’s leadership will be crucial in driving Manulife Philippines’ goals to bridge the country’s protection gap. Given her vast experience developing innovative life and health solutions that can help enrich people’s lives, we are excited to welcome her to our growing winning team as we deliver on our goals for our customers and the communities we serve,” said Hora.

You can visit Manulife Philippines’ website at and following them on Facebook (, Twitter (@ManulifePH), and Instagram (@manulifeph).for additional details.


Release of a new song and video for “exes” by Tate MCRAE





(Download Album Artwork & Press Photo 

Tate McRae, a multi-platinum singer-songwriter, releases the official music video for her new song “exes” along with it via RCA Records. “Exes,” which was co-written and co-produced by hitmakers Ryan Tedder (Taylor Swift, Beyoncé) and Tyler Spry (OneRepublic, Anitta), is driven by Tate’s lively vocals, which are subtly interspersed with synth bursts.

With choreography by Sean Bankhead (Cardi B, Lil Nas X) and direction by Aerin Moreno (Dove Cameron, Madison Beer), the seductive music video shows Tate and her dancers take over a dilapidated rodeo for the evening. The incredibly talented Tate will make you unable to turn away as she soars to pop glory with her captivating visuals and intense choreography.

Tate adds, “We wrote “exes” on the last day of the album making process. It was kind of like the last hurrah that Ryan Tedder and I wrote in legitimately 30 minutes. It talks about my flaws in a relationship, and some of my self-deprecating and self-sabotaging tendencies. The music video was so insane to film — getting to dance that much with such incredible girls was a dream.”

Showing no signs of slowing down, the star is making her musical guest debut on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night with host Jason Momoa. Featured on the cover of Billboard’s November Music Awards Issue, Tate will be performing at the show this Sunday where she’s also nominated for her collaboration with Tiësto on “10:35” in Top Dance/Electronic Song. 

Releasing December 8th, Tate’s highly anticipated sophomore album, THINK LATER, is executive produced by Ryan Tedder. Pre-order HERETHINK LATER and its songs are steeped in pop appeal and infectious toplines. Showcasing Tate’s boundless vocal talent and evolution as a songwriter, this new body of work explores the all-too-relatable feelings of falling in love and embracing the raw emotions that you experience as a result of leading with your intuition and heart.

The first taste of music from the forthcoming album, “greedy”, earned the star her first #1 on the Spotify Global chart and top 10 on the Billboard Global 200 chart hitting #3. The self-assured hypnotic offering has garnered over 394 million streams to date and hit #11 on Hot 100 along with #1 most added at Top 40 and Hot AC radio upon release. Making it her biggest debut to date, “greedy” has been called “an artistic turning point… a propulsive self-empowerment anthem built around a firecracker of a pop hook that finds McRae dipping in and out of a falsetto while exuding unshakeable confidence” by Billboard. Watch her perform the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

She will set off on her first international tour the following year, called the THINK LATER TOUR,” which will take her 53 dates across Europe, the UK, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The tour, which is produced by Live Nation, begins on Wednesday, April 17 at 3Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. It will stop in London, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, and many other cities before concluding on Thursday, November 21 at TSB Arena in Wellington, New Zealand. Charlieonna Friday will accompany on all concerts in Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand as a support act. Tate will be accompanied by Presley Regier on all concerts in North America.

The ‘THINK LATER TOUR’ will see Tate playing the biggest and most historic venues of her career thus far, including her first headline engagement at Madison Square Garden. For additional info and to purchase tickets visit HERE.   


Wed Apr 17 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Olympia Theatre 

Thu Apr 18 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Olympia Theatre 

Sat Apr 20 – Glasgow, UK – Glasgow Academy 

Mon Apr 22 – London, UK – Eventim Apollo

Wed Apr 24 – Manchester, UK – O2 Apollo Manchester 

Fri Apr 26 – Wolverhampton, UK – The Civic At The Halls 

Sun Apr 28 – Cologne, Germany – Palladium 

Mon Apr 29 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – AFAS Live 

Tue Apr 30 – Antwerp, Belgium – Lotto Arena 

Thu May 02 – Stockholm, Sweden – Annexet

Fri May 03 – Oslo, Norway – Spektrum 

Sat May 04 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Falkonersalen 

Mon May 06 – Hamburg, Germany – Sporthalle 

Tue May 07 – Berlin, Germany – Verti Music Hall 

Wed May 08 – Prague, Czech Republic – Forum Karlin 

Fri May 10 – Warsaw, Poland – COS Torwar

Sun May 12 – Zurich, Switzerland – Halle 622 

Mon May 13 – Vienna, Austria – Gasometer 

Tue May 14 – Munich, Germany – Zenith 

Thu May 16 – Milan, Italy – Fabrique

Fri May 17 – Paris, France – Zenith 

Mon May 20 – Barcelona, Spain – Sant Jordi Club 

Tue May 21 – Madrid, Spain – Palacio Vistalegre 

Wed May 22 – Lisbon, Portugal – Coliseu de Lisboa 

Fri Jul 05 – Calgary, AB – Hometown Show*

Sun Jul 07 – Woodinville, WA – Chateau Ste Michelle 

Tue Jul 09 – San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 

Thu Jul 11 – Los Angeles, CA – The Greek Theatre 

Sun Jul 14 – Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Financial Theatre 

Wed Jul 17 – Austin, TX – Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Park

Fri Jul 19 – Houston, TX – 713 Music Hall 

Sat Jul 20 – Irving, TX – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory 

Sun Jul 21 – Rogers, AR – Walmart AMP

Wed Jul 24 – Cincinnati, OH – The Andrew J Brady Music Center

Sat Jul 27 – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage 

Sun Jul 28 – Sterling Heights, MI– Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre

Tue Jul 30 – Saint Louis, MO – Saint Louis Music Park 

Thu Aug 01 – Minneapolis, MN – The Armory 

Tue Aug 06 – Nashville, TN – Ascend Amphitheater 

Wed Aug 07 – Indianapolis, IN – Everwise Amphitheater at White River State Park

Fri Aug 09 – Boston, MA – MGM Music Hall at Fenway 

Tue Aug 13 – Washington, DC – The Anthem 

Wed Aug 14 – Philadelphia, PA – Skyline Stage at Mann 

Fri Aug 16 – Raleigh, NC – Red Hat Amphitheater 

Sat Aug 17 – Atlanta, GA – Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park 

Thu Aug 22 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden**

Fri Nov 08 – Perth, Australia – Red Hill Auditorium

Sun Nov 10 – Brisbane, Australia – Riverstage 

Tue Nov 12 – Sydney, Australia – Hordern Pavilion 

Fri Nov 15 – Adelaide, Australia – AEC Theatre 

Sun Nov 17 – Melbourne, Australia – Margaret Court Arena 

Tue Nov 19 – Auckland, New Zealand – Spark Arena 

Thu Nov 21 – Wellington, New Zealand – TSB Arena

* Venue TBA

** Additional support TBA

Photo Credit: Beth Saravo

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