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September 2022


Sony Music Entertainment Launches New Philippines Office

In order to support the Company’s efforts to identify and nurture the upcoming generation of Filipino artists, Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Philippines today announced the launch of its new office in Manila.

The new Office will be the home of SME Philippines and The Orchard Philippines, housing experts in A&R and digital marketing to support SME Philippine’s roster of more than 70 local artists, discover and develop up-and-coming musical talent, and promote music from the country. Pasig City is a significant business, entertainment, and cultural hub.

SME Philippines is home to some of the most well-known artists and musical groups in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, including Ben&Ben, SB19, NOBITA, Ace Banzuelo, and Clara Benin.

The opening event was attended by Pasig City Deputy Mayor Dodot Jaworski, as well as senior executives from Sony Music Group, artists, and business partners. Guests enjoyed performances by local SME stars Ace Banzuelo, I Belong to The Zoo, Alex Bruce, Clara Benin, Young Cocoa, and Of Mercury.

“The Philippines is a music-loving nation. It is exciting to witness the growth of the local music industry and see local musicians making it big regionally and internationally. We are heartened to see that Sony Music Philippines is calling Pasig City its home,” said Vice Mayor of Pasig City, Dodot Jaworski.

“Here, in the Philippines, the vibrant cultural fabric of the country has given rise to a new generation of artists who are pushing boundaries with their music and showcasing the best of local music,” said Shridhar Subramaniam, President, Corporate Strategy and Market Development, Asia and Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment. “The cultural diversity and creativity in the Philippines coupled with the pace of digital adoption presents enormous opportunities for artists to create and share their music, and we are committed to supporting their efforts.”

“Over the years, we have worked closely with musicians, creators and partners to build an impressive roster of local artists and provide each of them with best-in-class support,” said Roslyn Pineda, General Manager, Philippines, Sony Music Entertainment. “As a result, we’ve created numerous international hits and local favorites, as well as making our mark as the only music company with a Christian music sub label in the country. Looking ahead, we are ready to further our efforts to support Filipino music both in the country and beyond.”

Among the homegrown artists who have made a name for themselves regionally and internationally are Ben&Ben and SB19.

“Sony Music has been a lovely partner in helping us reach out to our fanbase, Liwanag, with our music,” said Ben&Ben. “They have opened so many doors for us, making it possible to bring the emotions and messages of the songs we’ve made to the people who need it. They have constantly given us renewed energy to keep pushing boundaries and keep moving forward, no matter what direction the wind blows. It’s an honor to be working alongside an organization full of passionate and dedicated people. As we embark on a new adventure with our first North American Tour, it’s sad that we’ll miss the opening of the new office, but we’re proud to see how far Sony Music Philippines has come.”

Five-member sensation SB19 debuted in late 2018 and has received widespread recognition with their singles, “What?”, “Alab (Burning)” and “Go Up”. The pop group was nominated for “Top Social Artist” at the 2021 Billboards Music Awards and has the longest-running number one hit in the history of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart for “Bazinga”.

In a statement, SB19 said that “Sony Music has been a critical and essential partner for us over the years, helping us reach our fans and audiences through their large and comprehensive network.” “We couldn’t have asked for a finer team to work with on our first album, support us on our just released international song “WYAT,” and assist us with our impending globe tour. We want to express our sincere congratulations on the launch of their new office.


KAIA, a P-Pop female trio, shifts to a more R&B-oriented style in their new song “Dalawa”

In their latest single, “Dalawa,” published by Sony Music Entertainment, P-Pop girl group KAIA takes a more R&B-leaning turn.The five-member act’s smooth groove stands out in stark contrast to their earlier works and relates to the idea of expressing affection in the most comforting, impressionable manner.

The diverse pop quintet says that “Dalawa is a song that conveys a story familiar to many: catching unrequited feelings for someone close to you.” “This specific material sticks to our strengths as a girl group, even though it deviates from the cheerful, dance-pop melodies that we’ve been giving out since our debut.”

Brimming with 2000s-indebted R&B melodies and whimsical beats, “Dalawa” embraces stylistic adventurousness with effortlessness that doesn’t overwhelm the vocals. The track is written and produced by Jayson Franz, who brings a mellow yet groovy direction to the Filipino group’s sound.

“I wanted a different approach for KAIA this time around, but I made sure to take into consideration their individual and collective personalities,” shares Franz. “I’ve added some string instruments and other sonic elements to help elevate the arrangements. But more importantly, the groove that I was trying to achieve was leaning towards Y2K R&B: simple, yet melodically interesting.”

According to Franz, KAIA was also heavily involved with the demo recording, making sure to relay their own inputs on vocal arrangements and the overall vibe of the song. “One of the memorable moments during the recording of the track was the first run of every member of KAIA,” adds Franz. “It was that moment when everyone knew that the song was really made for them. Each one of them has an own personality or taste in terms of the delivery of their lines.”

Dalawa” by KAIA is currently available on all digital music services in the world thanks to Sony Music Entertainment.




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Shopee unveils the 10.10 Brands Festival, their largest brand sale of the year

With the 10.10 Brands Festival, Shopee is working with the nation’s top brands to offer larger, better, and more affordable discounts on brand favorites to Filipinos. Official brand retailers are partnering with Shopee from October 1 to October 12 to provide enthusiastic customers with 50% off brand offers, 15% off daily discounts, and free shipping vouchers with no minimum purchase. I’m so excited with these 10.10 brands festival sales because I always hoard on the shopee app. I really like how convenient the app is for me and the biggest flash sales in my favorite shops. I really do love shopee and am grateful as I can easily get my favorites.

The second in Shopee’s series of year-end shopping events, the 10.10 Brands Festival offers additional amazing deals for Filipinos to look forward to and a head start on their Christmas shopping. “The 10.10 Brands Festival continues to revive the promise of giving mas mura pricing to Filipino shoppers,” said Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines. To make the year-end shopping experience more fulfilling, we closely collaborated with our partner brands to deliver the greatest brand deals.

Toni Gonzaga joins the Shopee Fam as newest brand ambassador

To drum up anticipation for its 10.10 sale, Shopee welcomes Toni Gonzaga as their newest brand ambassador. Dubbed the Ultimate Multimedia Star, shoppers can look forward to watching the talented performer belt out the “Mas Mura sa Shopee” jingle as she stars in Shopee’s latest TV commercial. Fans will also be treated to entertaining content when they visit the app and Shopee’s official accounts on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Exciting, mas mura brand deals from October 1 to 12

The 10.10 festivities begin as early as October 1, with a wide assortment of official brand stores on Shopee offering exciting discounts for shoppers. The sale kicks off with back-to-back Super Brand Days from October 2 to 9, where users can enjoy up to 50% off on products from leading brands in fashion, electronics, beauty, and home & family essentials.

Unbeatable offers from top brands also await early-bird shoppers with the Big Midnight Sale from 12 midnight to 2 AM on October 10. Users can get a jumpstart on their holiday shopping with limited deals on bestselling wearable devices like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and OPPO Band B1, as well as trendy fashion and lifestyle items such as the Crocs Crocband™ Flip and Insulated Water Bottle from the widely popular brand Aquaflask.

Shoppers can also expect more exciting deals from other leading brands including: Tiny Buds, realme, Platinum Karaoke, INSPI, Johnson & Johnson, Huggies Philippines, Uni-Care, Cetaphil, Garnier, Unilever, Enfagrow, Nestlé, Lovito, SACE LADY, adidas, Infinix, GameXtreme, TP-Link, Ace Hardware, and Huawei.

With offers like 1 on these Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers, new parents can also benefit from significant savings during the Big Midnight Sale. Beauty enthusiasts can purchase well-liked products like this Issy & Co. and the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in the meantime. Both  Brow Refiner are 50% off.

At the 10.10 Brands Festival, use the Shopee app to find the best bargains on top brands. To learn more about the most recent promotions or to share your favorite 10.10 memories, visit  Shopee’s 10.10 page and use the hashtag #ShopeePH1010BrandsFestival.






LifeWave launches a new office in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

LifeWave, an advanced technology company that aims to improve people’s health and wellness through patented wearable technology, recently opened its newest office at the MDI Corporate Center, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

LifeWave President for Global Sales and Marketing, Lori Burgher came all the way from Canada to grace the opening of the new office. Joining her were Dr. Edward Choo, LifeWave Regional Vice President for Asia Pacific; Dang Gilera, LifeWave Philippines General Manager and Dennis Morales, LifeWave Brand Partner – Senior Presidential Director.

According to Burgher, what makes LifeWave stand out from other companies is that it offers products that enhance people’s health, wellness, beauty and longevity without the use of drugs or pills.

“Wearable wellness. That is what LifeWave offers. LifeWave patches boost cellular activity by using light. This technology was developed by David Schmidt, LifeWave’s Founder and CEO,” Burgher said. She was on a four-country LifeWave APAC business tour (Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan), the said region is headed by Dr. Edward Choo.

Schmidt founded LifeWave in 2002 as a research company based on a newly patented technology for enhancing health through a novel form of phototherapy that he had invented.

The United States Navy recognized Schmidt’s innovative work and invited him to join an elite research team developing mini-subs or midget submarines. Schmidt attempted to help the crew of the mini-sub stay awake without drugs. He investigated natural methods for increasing the body’s energy. Three years of research to the creation of the Energy Enhancer Patch, the first LifeWave prototype;

“Stem cells are the foundation of health. If you have less stem cells, you will get sick. It is your primary source of defense mode. As we grow older, the number of stem cells in our body decreases,” Gilera explained.

She added that if a LifeWave X39® patch is placed on your body, it will help grow your own stem cells. What is nice about this product is that you wear it and you do not drink it. This is not a drug, not a pill and not a pain killer. It is a patented product.

LifeWave was launched in August 2004 and was an immediate success, generating US$17 million in sales in its first year. Since then, LifeWave has grown into a multinational corporation with offices in the United States, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and distribution in over 100 countries.

Presently LifeWave has created 12 wellness patches and a skin care line with X39® as its flagship product. For more information about LifeWave, you can visit














Happy clients give their great reviews about Waterless Shampoo

“Happy with this product. It makes my dog smell good in between baths!”

“This is the second time I am ordering this product. It effectively removes dirt and smells good. My dog loves it.”

“Very nice. That’s why we are repeat buyers as always. This is something that we have been using to clean his paws after every walk. It’s mild and nice to use.”

These are only a few of the compliments Happy Life’s Waterless Shampoo has been getting. It is the first item of its sort to be both pet-friendly and entirely natural in the Philippines. It’s a creative and natural substitute for the chemicals that are typically present in pet shampoos. The product requires less time and effort for each bath. Using Happy Life Waterless Shampoo every time reduces bath time by 70%. The item is ideal for individuals who need a quick bath and are often on the go. Even if you’re in a rush, you can still give your pets a bath.

What’s nice about the product is that it helps relieve pets that suffer from skin and fur irritations such as but not limited to wounds, bad odor, itchiness, scaling, manage allergies, dandruff, hotspots, inflammation, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, redness, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The Waterless Shampoo is simple to use. First, shake and spray generously and directly on your pet’s fur and skin from head to paws to tail. Then rub, lather and enjoy this special bonding moment with your furbaby. Wipe dry with a clean towel and be amazed by the benefits you provided and the time that you saved.

The Waterless Shampoo is one of the many products developed by Happy Life Organics Inc., a Philippines based company that promotes innovative and eco-friendly solutions for your home, pets and unwanted pests.

All-natural, long-lasting eco-friendly solutions are offered to homes around the nation by Happy Life Organics. The business promotes a healthier way of life based on a plant-based, organic philosophy and by introducing pet and household product substitutes that are transforming and bettering lives.

Would you mind trying the Waterless Shampoo? Visit for more details on Happy Life’s Waterless Shampoo and their other goods.




Prepare for your trips and exploits during the ‘Ber months

Fa la la la la, it’s once again that time of year! Christmas carols are playing on the radio, the cool holiday breeze starts to caress your skin, and houses and streets are decked out in a vibrant assortment of festive trinkets and decorations. Travel bells are ringing now that travel restrictions have been relaxed! Make sure you have all the necessary travel necessities and equipment for a smoother and more enjoyable holiday trip, whether all you want is a quiet weekend away with family or friends.

Make the most of your vacations by reading up on travel suggestions if you’re looking for your next vacation spot.

Take wonderful selfies in Baguio Christmas Village

Want to head up north? Experience the yuletide spirit of the colorful Christmas village in the City of Pines. Get your camera phones ready for some selfies or strike a pose with the vivid attractions and mesmerizing holiday lights while playing in the snow for that ultimate winter wonderland vibe.

You can also bring out the child in you and take a stroll in the gingerbread houses and candy cane displays and take photos with miniature snowmen while enjoying Baguio’s cool breeze — plus, you can visit the nearby night market and restaurants to complete the experience.

Go hiking in Sagada

Hike your way to the clouds and embrace the ‘ber-month breeze in Sagada, Mountain Province. Get your high-definition cameras ready and some drone action as you explore destinations within the mountain range.

Never miss a moment and get your powerful lenses ready to capture the famous hanging coffins, the picturesque view of Marlboro Hills, and the scenic Mt. Kiltepan viewpoint.

If you are craving more adventure, an additional hour-and-a-half away ride won’t hurt! Get your power banks ready to recharge your gears as you quest the ancient Buscalan Village, where the oldest and last mambabatok or Ifugao tattoo artist, Apo Whang Od, resides.

Hit the road to La Union

Grab your friends and have an awesome ‘ber-month road trip to La Union. Don’t forget to pack a good portable speaker to play your friendship playlists while you exchange amazing stories and share some laughs.

After indulging in San Juan’s famous beaches along with good music and sumptuous food, you can also explore La Union’s other famous destinations like the ancient Ma-Cho Temple, the historical Baluarte Watch Tower, or do some grape picking at Gapuz Grape Farm.

Catch some waves in Siargao

For those who are looking for some action, Siargao is the right travel destination for you. Have the ultimate island experience with your family and friends while immersing in the island with the locals.

If you want to learn the basics of surfing or diving, better grab your waterproof action cameras to capture fun moments beneath the splashes and waves. Ready your selfie sticks and hop on boats as you discover Siargao’s beautiful islands like the famous Naked Island and Sohoton Cove, ride motorcycles and stroll along the iconic palm tree-lined road and finally, join a party at Cloud 9 coast where great food and entertainment awaits. 

Get the full Christmas experience in Pampanga

Witness an awesome showdown of lights this December in the Christmas capital of the Philippines, San Fernando — home to the mesmerizing giant lanterns. Take clear, crisp photos of the giant attractions by bringing your night-powered camera phones with you. Capture every detail and make the vibrant colors of the lanterns pop in every shot.

If you are looking for another exciting Christmas-themed place in the city, worry not because Pampanga’s first Christmas-themed park in Mexico is open for you. After visiting the holiday destinations, satisfy your tastebuds with Kapampangan delicacies like tsokolate de batirol and bibingka at puto bumbong.

Be holiday ready with Home Credit

Take advantage of Home Credit Philippines’ accommodating payment arrangements and inexpensive rates to get ready for your vacation! Home Credit, the lifestyle companion of every Filipino, offers phones, gadgets, and other necessary travel necessities at the most competitive prices with flexible installment plans that suit every traveler’s budget.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).    have properly licensed and overseen the financing firm Home Credit Philippines. Visit the Home Credit Philippines website at to find out more about the most recent news. You may also follow the company’s official profiles on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok. Customers are urged to download the Home Credit App from Google Play in order to learn more about the newest promotions and discover what has recently appeared in the market.





Globe releases a new mobile game to promote eco-friendly behavior one game at a time

In keeping with its pledges to take action on climate change, Globe today unveiled Climate Champions, a brand-new mobile game designed to motivate the company’s millions of customers to choose sustainable methods of consumption. Globe continues to promote climate education and action as a pioneer in sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. The business uses gaming as a platform to encourage climate action through its smartphone game Globe Climate Champions.

Globe Climate Champions is a smartphone game that provides the Filipino population with helpful advice on how to lower their carbon emissions in daily activities. Players are challenged to reach the finish line as quickly as they can while having the opportunity to gain speed boosts by picking up rubbish along the way. I am so happy with this initiative of Globe because I acquired a lot of knowledge about what’s happening today. The discussion they did was such an engaging one and it is so informative, I am delighted with everything I learned. And I also enjoyed the mobile game, it is so fun to play and you can really learn from it.

Players can further shorten their run time if they select eco-friendly choices at the lifestyle quiz at the end of each round. They’ll also learn trivia on how to better care for the environment. More rounds played will unlock assorted prizes that encourage people to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by shifting to digital transactions.

Climate Champion Game interface

The launch of Climate Champions is part of Globe’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), specifically SDG 13 on Climate Action, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Principles, the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) Business Ambition for 1.5°C, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Race to Zero campaign. The Globe Group is also an early participant in the Race to Zero campaign, which drives its Net Zero ambitions.

“Responding to the risks and effects of climate change is a shared responsibility. This game aims to raise awareness on what actions contribute to caring for the environment,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

Meanwhile, as esports continues to grow in the Philippines, Globe ensures that gaming becomes purposeful by matching games and gamers with relevant causes to support.

“We have always believed that gaming in the Philippines goes beyond gameplay. Globe Climate Champions empowers Filipinos to live sustainably by breaking down the long-term aspiration into short-term actions, all through a gamified experience that encourages conscious daily life changes,” said Ralph Aligada, Head of Globe Gamers and Esports.

The new Globe Climate Champions mobile game can be accessed through the New GlobeOne, GCash, and the KonsultaMD apps. Team Globe of Good brand ambassadors June Mar Fajardo and Kuya Kim Atienza are some of the first advocates to invite the public to play the Globe Climate Champions mobile game.

Encouraging the community to commit to sustainability

Coinciding with the Globe Climate Champions’ launch is Globe’s launch of the nationwide search for Globe Kali ‘Kada, which aims to look for citizens championing sustainable practice

“As we launch our nationwide search for Kali ‘Kada, we are sending the message that anyone with a true heart for the environment can be a champion for change. We are excited to help uncover a new breed of changemakers who will inspire others to commit to a more sustainable lifestyle,” said RG Orense, Globe Digital and Social Channel Strategy Head.

To lower its operational emissions, Globe has installed more than 8,500 Green Network Solutions around the country. In addition, it has converted 14 important facilities to renewable energy through Retail Electricity Supply Agreements (RESA) with renewable energy producers. Additionally, it makes investments in climate technology to provide its customers and staff with advancements that will allow them to take climate action. .

“As we continue to operationalize our climate action strategies and aggressively move towards our goal of Net Zero by 2050, we encourage our customers to contribute to caring for the environment in their own way. As part of our commitment to uplift Filipino lives, the Globe Group has committed to operate responsibly and help make the Philippines a livable and sustainable nation for generations to come,” adds Crisanto.

Visit the Globe website at to discover more.





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SM Prime Holdings, SM Cares, and SM By the Bay organize the 2022 International Coastal Cleanup

A large number of volunteers joined SM Prime Holdings, SM Cares, and SM By the Bay for the annual International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), highlighting the significance of safeguarding the world’s oceans, seas, and other bodies of water. The event took place on September 17 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex’s SM By the Bay Central Park in Pasay City.

A total of 2,438 volunteers joined this year’s ICC, composed of students, professionals, and others from different private and public organizations. At the end of the activity, an estimated 12,158 kgs of trash, equivalent to a total of 1,613 trash bags filled, was successfully collected.

Among those who graced the event were Climate Change Commission Vice Chairperson Sec. Robert Borje, Department of Environment and Natural Resources – National Capital Region (DENR-NCR) Regional Executive Director Jacqueline A. Caancan, DENR-NCR Regional Executive Director for Technical Services Engr. Ignacio R. Almira, DENR-NCR Regional Strategic Communication and Initiatives Group Head Chris Villarin, DENR-NCR Communication Development Officer II Ariz Abad, SM Investments President and CEO and 2GO Group President and CEO Frederic DyBuncio, SM Prime Holdings Inc. SVP Glenn Ang, SM Supermalls SAVP for Operations Perkin So, SM By the BAY Mall Manager Marie Charlene Claire K. Canoy-Narvasa and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Philippines’ Markets and Assurance Executive Director Allan Cao.

SM By The Bay and SM Cares’ ICC event for this year was done in collaboration with different private and government agencies

The ICC is a yearly global event that encourages individuals to be part of the movement for cleaner seas and oceans. Every year, thousands of Filipino volunteers from various sectors and communities join the efforts to help ensure the cleanliness of the shorelines and waterways in the country.

“The International Coastal Clean Up is part of the overall SM Green Movement. As a proven responsible property developer and community partner, SM Prime’s various Sustainability programs across its malls, residences, hotels and leisure properties promote resource conservation & environmental protection for an improved quality of life in the communities it serves,” said SM Supermalls SAVP for Operations Perkin So.

This year’s event was made possible by SM Offices, 2GO, PwC, Maynilad, and International Coastal Clean Up Philippines. DENR-NCR, the Climate Change Commission, and the Philippine Coast Guard were also present to provide their support.

Aside from the annual observance of ICC, other sustainability projects of SM Cares include the Trash-To-Cash Recycling Market where individuals can drop off their recyclable waste in exchange for cash; the Plastic Waste and Electronic Waste Collection Programs which promotes responsible plastic and electronic waste management affecting our seas, just to name a few.

The corporate social responsibility division of SM Prime Holdings, known as SM Cares, is in charge of programs that advance sustainability and community growth. In addition to its activities on the environment, SM Cares also advocates for women and breastfeeding mothers, people with disabilities, senior citizens, children, and youth, as well as the Bike-Friendly SM initiative.

Visit for more details.




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SM Prime and UNDRR applaud female leaders in disaster resilience

SM Prime Holdings (SMPHI) recently declared its support for the hunt for female leaders in catastrophe resilience on a worldwide scale.

The Women’s International Network on Disaster Risk Reduction (WIN DRR) Leadership Awards, a flagship initiative of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, are being sponsored by SMPHI for the second year in a row (UNDRR).

SMPHI Vice President for Corporate Compliance Liza B. Silerio said that the support is aligned with the company’s drive to recognize women’s leadership in disaster risk reduction. “This is important in inspiring other women to fully and effectively participate in promoting gender equality and empowerment while building our collective resilience.”

UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction Mami Mizutori expressed gratitude for the support, stating, “The awards highlight the key role of women as leaders and agents of change in building resilience and actively participating in the creation and implementation of DRR strategies, policies, plans and programs in their regions. Their stories reflect the diversity of solutions required to meet the converging challenges of accelerating climate change and disasters in the region.”

“We look forward to continued collaboration with SM in our DRR agenda,” Secretary General Mizutori added.

The WIN DRR Excellence Awards 2022  sponsored by SM Prime has 15 finalists shortlisted from 420 nominations received from across 24 countries in the Asia-Pacific. The winner will be announced at the Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Brisbane on 21 September 2022. US$10,000 will be awarded to an individual woman who has achieved exceptional professional success in DRR.

The WIN DRR partnership is consistent with SM Prime Holdings’ social commitment towards women empowerment, resilience, good health and well-being of women. The company’s corporate social responsibility arm, SM Cares, supports programs that advance these causes.

A professional network for women working in disaster risk reduction, in all their diversity, is called the Women’s International Network on Disaster Risk Reduction (WIN DRR). Its overarching objective is to elevate women’s leadership and decision-making capacities in Asia-Pacific catastrophe risk reduction. The Asia Pacific College and SM Prime networks power the WIN DRR Philippine Network.

Earlier this year, SM Prime and UNDRR teamed up to celebrate women’s empowerment with a webinar on the importance of women in disaster resilience. This was done through SM Prime’s SM CARES program. “Women’s equal involvement and leadership in public life, including disaster risk reduction, is crucial and it is also essential to minimizing disaster risk in meeting the United Nations sustainable development objectives,” Mizutori stressed in her keynote address.

For more information on SM Prime Holdings and its other programs towards disaster preparedness, visit their website at


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The expansion of Investree Philippines to the Visayas and Mindanao contact more SMEs that are underrepresented

In the photo: See More Enterprises, a distributor of industrial safety equipment and essentials, is one of the MSMEs that has secured working capital through Investree Philippines’ crowdfunding platform

The first crowdfunding intermediary and fundraising platform in the nation, Investree Philippines, is growing outside of Luzon, most notably into Central and Western Visayas and the Davao Region in Mindanao. By offering easily accessible and reasonably priced financing options that can support their businesses when the economy picks back up, the company hopes to assist and empower more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the aforementioned locations.

Investree Philippines intends to reach more of the nation’s underserved markets, support them in achieving their business objectives, and thrive in the new normal as the country’s economic prospects remain good despite growing inflation and other pandemic-related issues. In the first semester of 2022, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) recorded 7.8 percent growth as a result of the economy reopening, the start of in-person work and school, the full recovery of tourism, and increased investor confidence. These, according to Investree Philippines, present chances for SMEs, which make up the majority of enterprises in the nation.

“Our mission since day one has been to support SMEs through accessible and secure financing solutions and, in so doing, contribute to the country’s growth one SME at a time. We are broadening our reach outside of Luzon and are now building relationships with more entrepreneurs in Visayas and Mindanao to help more businesses across the country keep up with the changing times. We at Investree Philippines are here to work and grow with them,” shares Investree Co-Founder and CEO Kok Chuan Lim.

Investree Philippines takes its #EveryoneCanGrow mission nationwide. SMEs from Central and Western Visayas and Davao Region will soon have access to innovative, transparent, and viable financing solutions through

Helping boost the PH economy one SME at a time

With its expansion in the Visayas and Mindanao, which began this September, Investree Philippines is now fully equipped to support enterprises in the regions’ various industries, including manpower, security services, F&B, school supplies, pharmaceuticals, and medical sectors.

The company optimizes data and technology to connect businesses with institutional investors that share the same mission of supporting SMEs. Investree Philippines’ SME clients, including new ones in the Visayas and Mindanao, can now fulfill larger order volumes, deploy and train manpower, develop their business to cater to new target markets, and implement geographical expansion. They can likewise look to fast-tracking business growth in terms of product and/or service development.

The company has aggressive growth plans for the near future, to further penetrate other regions in the country.

Building a more financially inclusive Philippines

Investree Philippines, backed by Investree Singapore and local venture builder F(DEV), is the first in the industry to secure a permanent license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It works with public and private partners such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Asian Institute of Management (AIM), and SeekCap to nurture Pinoy SMEs. It also seeks to enter into new partnerships to reach more SMEs and at the same time boost financial inclusion in the country.

To impart industry best practices and share insights on how collaborative endeavors can propel equal growth for businesses and investors, Investree Philippines is joining the 2022 Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) Conference and the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines 2022 this September as a delegate and exhibitor. It will also participate in the 12th PhilSME Business Expo this November as an exhibitor and guest speaker.

“We at F(DEV) take pride in Investree Philippines’ achievements since its local inception in 2020 at the height of the lockdowns. Our main thrust remains bridging the financial gap faced by local businesses and underserved markets through innovative technologies and models,” says F(DEV) Chief Executive Officer Xavier Marzan.

Investree Philippines welcomes interested SMEs, institutional investors, and anchors for partnership opportunities. Visit Investree Philippines’ channels and learn more about its financing options at or contact [email protected]. Follow its social media channels on Instagram and Investree Philippines on Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

The Investree team welcomes new hires who are looking for career advancement, better perks, remuneration, and other incentives as the business upholds its #EveryoneCanGrow goal. To apply, send your resume to [email protected].