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Luminisce introduces new line of skincare products and treatments

A holistic skincare line of goods and services is created by Luminisce in collaboration with the upscale French skincare company Biologique Recherche.

One of the top dermatological practices in the Philippines, Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations, is collaborating with renowned French skincare company Biologique Recherche to bring a variety of skincare services and goods to the nation.

The family of artisanal skincare experts, Biologique Recherche, was established in the late 1970s by biologists and physiotherapists Yvan and Josette Allouche. The approach used by Biologique Recherche, on which their treatments are based and which is founded on the notion of Skin Instants, shows the company’s objective of individualized skincare for every patient.

Biologique Recherche’s skincare products are developed in-house in Suresnes, France, and each year the brand offers over 150 skincare products to match different Skin Instants©

The partnership is a perfect match, complementing Luminisce’s holistic approach to skincare for its patients.

Dr. Kaycee Reyes, founder of Luminisce, tells about the partnership: “I have founded Luminisce with the vision of providing holistic and high-quality skincare to our patients. This means our skincare professionals at Luminisce treat every patient as unique and with the utmost care given to dealing with patients on a bespoke level. This is why I am extremely delighted to collaborate with Biologique Recherche, who share the same vision and approach in skincare as Luminisce.”

Together Luminisce and Biologique Recherche will introduce two new treatments:

VIP O2 Booster Treatment. For a more radiant skin, this treatment detoxifies and stimulates the epidermis, reoxygenating the skin tissue for dull Skin Instants© that are choked by urban pollution. The result is a complexion that is more luminous and bursting with radiance.

Soin Restructurant Et Lissant. For a better toned skin, the reconditioning treatment drains, smoothens, and tones the skin of one’s face necke, and decollete.

Luminisce and Biologique Recherche will also unveil a new line of skincare products formulated with natural and alternative ingredients. These products are designed to address specific skin concerns, such as aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

In addition to products, Luminisce and Biologique Recherche will offer teaching materials that explain the science behind skin care. Soon, these resources will be accessible on their websites and on YouTube.

Call 0977-804-4601 to schedule an appointment with a Luminisce dermatologist right away. Through its locations in BGC, The Podium, Ortigas, and Molito Alabang, Luminisce offers a wide variety of skincare treatments. Visit Luminisce’s website at or follow them on Instagram at or follow for additional information.

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Love Above All Concert: A Celebration of Success

It was a triumph!

Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center can now proudly proclaim the company’s ongoing success after three years in operation. The organization was nevertheless able to function despite the difficulties the epidemic brought about thanks to their unwavering resolve and unwavering faith in the procedure and in our Lord Almighty. I am so fortunate to be invited during their thanksgiving. I enjoyed it a lot and really had a great time especially as I met different artists that were there during the event. I am also looking forward to using their products and services.

Selfie with the Artist

They held a mini Thanksgiving performance on July 24 at the Elements, Centris, Quezon City, called Love Above All: Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic Anniversary performance to commemorate this and to thank everyone who had contributed to the delicious success.

“This event is not just to celebrate Dear Self’s success, but more of, us, giving thanks to everyone who has been an instrument to this success- our employees, our investors, our partners, family, and closed friends,” Madam Krystal Tecson- Garalde, CEO of Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic said in an after event interview.

Moreover, the event also celebrated the International Self- Care Day. An annual opportunity to put a spotlight on self-care and the benefits that effective self-care can bring to both individuals and healthcare systems as a vital foundation of health which has been Dear Self’s advocacy since day 1.

“Self, you must remember the importance of loving yourself, embracing your imperfections, accepting your flaws, and turning them into opportunities to be a better version of yourself are the greatest gift you can give not only to yourself but to a hundred more people around you,” Madam Tecson-Garalde stated in her heart-warming opening message.

“Dear Self Family with you I am truly LOVED,” she ended

The Concert Event

Hosts: Ric Abasola and Allan Dale Alojipan, Guest Performers: Mr. Lucky Robles of Showtime’s TNT Season 1, Showtime Girls- Boom Boom Neri, Grace Abina, Amina Magat, TV and Movie Actress, Singer, and Theatre Idol, Ms. Pinky Marquez, Tawag ng Tanghalan’s newest judge and our country’s Stellar Diva, Ms. Bituin Escalante and one of the country’s music icon, singer and composer, Mr. Ebe Dancel and Directed by: Allan Dale Alojipan

Showtime’s Boom Boom Neri, Gace Abina, and Amina Magat brought the house down with their sizzling hot opening number. This was followed by Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 1’s grand finalist and Star Music Artist, Lucky Robles, who serenaded the crowd while having their sumptuous dinner.

Brand Ambassador Ric Abasola and Theatre Actor and Director Allan Dale Alojipan, event hosts, introduced power women of the music industry: Ms. Pinky Marquez, TV and movie actress, singer, and theatre Idol, amazed the crowd with her rendition of Broadway favorites while Ms. Bituin Escalante, left the audience in awe with her interpretation of Aretha Franklin’s classic, Respect, and Natural Woman.

The audience went wild when Ebe Dancel went up to the stage to perform his band’s classic, Hari ng Sablay, Prom and Wag Ka Nang Umiyak and his very own single Bawat Daan, which lasted for an hour.

“All these songs are meant to promote self-importance and self-love, kaya mas meaningful sa buong team namin. And our guest artists are all the best, we would to thank them from the bottom of our hearts, for responding to our invite, kahit hindi kami one of the top companies,” Mr. Christian Tecson, Dear Self’s Chief Financial Officer said.

Other Event Highlights

The company also awarded loyal employees for Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center.

“Thank you to our very loving EMPLOYEES, such as staff, branch managers, customer service team, hr team, OM team & marketing team. They are too many to mention, but I swear they are the best,” Ms. Vivien Tecson- Cadivida mentioned in her parting speech.

Moreover, Manufast CEO Clarence Cadivida introduces a new product line that will surely contribute to Dear Self’s business landscape in the next coming years.

The all-pink concert event, on the other hand, was inspired by Japan’s Hanami Festival, where people enjoy viewing flowers. Pink is not only the brand’s official hue. an occasion that represents rebirth and fresh starts.

“We chose to have this theme because just like the meaning of Japan’s Hanami Festival, Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center is now on another milestone where it can already stand on its own, operate well with all the training and constant education, unti-unti nakikilala na sa aesthetic and wellness industry, indeed a new beginning for the brand,” Mr. Ric Abasola, Dear Self’s Brand Ambassador, Marketing Consultant and one of the event’s hosts, mentioned.

“Mama, papa Dennis, mga anak, Christian, Kenneth, Clarice, Michelle, Clarence, Mhean,” madam Tecson-Garalde concluded in her expression of gratitude to everyone who helped the business in several ways. Salamat sa lahat ng kasama namin sa buhay at hanapbuhay, sir Ric, ma’am Amy, ma’am Jhezel, sir Wayne, and the Tecson and Garalde family.

Visit their social media pages to know more!

Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center 9  Branches:

Junction, 3/F Jose Margarita Building Ortigas Ave Ext, Cor A Bonifacio Ave, Santo Domingo, Cainta, 1900 Rizal

12 Congressional Ave, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila

362 Alabang–Zapote Rd, Las Piñas, 1747 Metro Manila
09232349681 / 0270052072

St corner, 614 J.P Rizal, J.B. Roxas, St, Makati, 1207 Metro Manila
09772919164 / 0270920384

1928, 1004 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila

284 Samson Rd One Kalayaan Place Bldg Unit 7, 2nd Floor, Caloocan, 1400 Metro Manila

Lot 8 Blk 4 La Forteza Subd., Camarin, Zabarte Rd, Barangay 175, Caloocan, 1422 Metro Manila

789 Quirino Hwy, Novaliches, Quezon City, 1117 Metro Manila

3/F Andoks Waterfun, Cuasay, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila


Regardless of the weather, Paula’s Choice promos will make you shine!

With the Philippines’ unpredictable weather, sunscreen need to do more than just shield your skin from the sun. Indeed, using sunscreen is essential for protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, there aren’t many sunscreen products on the market that offer broad-spectrum defense and keep your skin hydrated.

Here is the greatest sunscreen for all purposes that will make your skin glow like never before! Here in the Philippines, Paula’s Choice has just introduced their newest Advanced Sun Protection Daily Moisturizer SPF 50. What’s even better is that there will be two exclusive sales this July, allowing you to glow all summer long with essential items and potent formulae!

All-around advanced sun protection

Using an innovative blend of five state-of-the-art filters, the Paula’s Choice Advanced Sun Protection Daily Moisturizer has SPF 50 for UVB protection and a grade of PA ++++ for UVA. The sunscreen provides a synthetic-only UV shield, creating a non-greasy, hydrating SPF for daily use that leaves zero white cast. The unique blend of 5 synthetic UVA & UVB filters has a large molecular size which means they stay on the skin’s surface rather than seeping into the pores.

This advanced sunscreen will benefit your skin by shielding it from damaging UVA and UVB rays, preventing premature signs of aging like wrinkles, discoloration, and loss of firmness, in addition to a supportive blend of antioxidants

A new SPF that makes skin glow like never before

The Advanced Sun Protection Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 keeps the skin hydrated, preventing dryness and flaking, which can be exacerbated by sun exposure.

The emollients in the ingredients also ensure that the skin’s uppermost layers are also

thoroughly moisturized, giving it a multi-dimensional silky-soft feel that encourages liberal application to prevent aging and damage caused by UV rays.

With its sheer finish, the Advanced Sun Protection Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 is perfect for reapplying throughout the day. It offers advanced protection in a unique, hydrating formula that doesn’t penetrate pores, making it ideal for acne-prone skin.

Protect your skin and get that glow because the Advanced Sun Protection Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 is available from 7 July on Paula’s Choice Philippines website for ₱2,650 (60ml).

Sale all the way

From July 7 to 16, prepare to glow all out as Paula’s Choice runs its Vacay Sale with up to 25% off on their Summer Must-Haves. With a minimum spend of ₱5,000, you can get a FREE Summer Essentials Kit worth ₱1,825!

Next, from July 19 to July 30, you may take advantage of the Friendship Sale, which provides up to 25% savings on multi-benefit, potent products, offering the chance to double your glow. If you refer a friend, you’ll both receive 2X Rewards and a 400 discount! With a minimum purchase of 5,000, you can also receive a FREE Best Friends & Formulas Kit worth 2,775.

Choose Paula’s Choice this July and go all out on your glow. Visit to get started.

Paula’s Choice Philippines can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Paula’s Choice is a prime instance of Beauty Begins With Truth.

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Paula’s Choice Philippines is hosting an anniversary party for the entire month of June

The official launch of Paula’s Choice in the Philippines thrills the nation’s skin care fans, but it is not the only noteworthy development from the science-backed skin care line. Paula’s Choice Philippines is commemorating their 28th year in business this June 2023 with a month packed with unique promotions, free gifts, and limited-edition Anniversary Kits!

No Fluff, Just Facts. Since 1995, Paula’s Choice has placed a strong priority on using the best ingredients that are very successful in meeting the skin care needs of people of all ages, skin types, and problems. Because Beauty Begins With Truth, the brand always guarantees that its formulae will take excellent care of one’s skin by being non-irritating, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.

You can purchase their greatest formulas in skillfully curated kits at fantastic savings as part of their 28th Anniversary celebrations and special offers!

Celebrating 28 Years of Results with 25% OFF Exclusive Anniversary Kits:

Glowing Essentials Kit, now ₱4,875 (Retail Price ₱6,500)

Struggling with oily to combination skin? Worry no more because the Glowing Essentials Kit is here! Carefully curated to help target oil secretion, clogged and enlarged pores, this kit will help you uncover your skin’s true glow with their best selling glowing essentials!

Dewy Results Kit, now ₱5,625 (Retail Price ₱7,500)

For those who want to boost their skin’s complexion, the Dewy Results Kit is here to dramatically unlock radiant, plump skin with clinically proven ingredients to give moisture-deprived skin a youthful-looking, revitalized dewy appearance. This trio is packed with AHA, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C to combat skin dryness while refining the appearance of fine lines and skin tone and is suitable for those with normal to dry skin.

Pore Refining Kit, now ₱5,525 (Retail Price ₱7.350)

Meanwhile, for those looking to take on enlarged pores and rough bumps, the Pore Refining Kit harnesses the power of the first-ever 20% concentration of Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and ceramides. This antioxidant-packed kit also helps with fine lines and wrinkles, boosting an overall brighter, younger-looking complexion!

Advance Radiance Kit, now ₱6,650 (Retail Price ₱8,850)

For those looking to level up their anti-aging routine, this Advance Radiance Kit brightens, smooths wrinkles and firms skin with Tranexamic Acid, 15% Vitamin C, Bakuchiol, and Niacinamide. Address all of your dull skin woes while providing daily broad-spectrum sun protection, without the heavy feel.

All Stars Sampler Kit, now ₱2,175 (Retail Price ₱2,900)

Last but not least, the All Stars Sampler Kit puts together 4 of their all-time best sellers in travel sizes. It’s perfect for those who want to dip their toes into trying out skin care by Paula’s Choice without taking the full plunge.  

It’s a Skin Care Party for All your Skin Care Needs!

With more 28th Anniversary Promotions, Paula’s Choice Philippines will have discount parties for different skin types!

Oily to Combination Skin Party from June 6 to 13

  • The best formulas for oily to combination skin types are going on sale for up to 25% off!
  • With a minimum spend of ₱5,000, you can get their Oily Skin Heroes Kit worth ₱2,700 for FREE! It contains the CLEAR Regular Strength Exfoliating Solution 2% BHA (30ML), RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 (15ML), and reusable cascading cotton rounds with a mesh bag

Normal to Dry Skin Party from June 19 to 25

  • The best formulas for normal to dry skin types are going on sale for up to 25% off!
  • You can get a FREE Dry Skin Rescue Kit (worth ₱3,350) with a minimum spend of ₱5,000. The kit contains the C5 Super Boost Moisturizer (15ML), Pro-Collagen Multi-Peptide Booster (5ML), and reusable cascading cotton rounds with a mesh bag

On all purchases, you will get 3x Rewards Points plus a free add-on Limited Edition Baseball Cap worth ₱1,500 with a minimum spend of ₱6,500 – perfect for protecting your skin from the Philippines weather!

Oily Skin Heroes Kit, Dry Skin Rescue Kit, Limited Edition Baseball Cap

And because their anniversary is not the only celebration in June, Paula’s Choice Philippines also has a special kit for your special and beloved fathers! From June 14 to 18, you can get a FREE Dad’s Grooming Essentials Kit (worth ₱2,250) with a minimum spend of ₱5,000. This essential kit contains the CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser (30ML), 10% Azelaic Acid Booster (5ML), and CLEAR Ultra-Light Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 30+ (15ML)

Dad’s Grooming Essentials Kit

Paula’s Choice is offering a 25% discount sale on its best-selling items from June 26 to June 30 as a parting gift. With a minimum purchase of 5,000, get a FREE Ultimate Must-Have Skin Care Set (value 2,550)! The 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant (15ML), C5 Super Boost Eye Cream (5ML), and the venerable 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (30ML) make up this outstanding trifecta.

Ultimate Skin Care Must-Haves Set

What are you waiting for? Paula’s Choice Philippines is celebrating its 28th anniversary by offering great deals on skin care products! Visit their website right away at We Know Skin at Paula’s Choice. No Fluff, Just Facts. Since 1995.

Paula’s Choice Philippines can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.  


There are some questions about an OFW entrepreneur’s Miss Derm clinic, but not for the reasons you may imagine

Left to right photo: Miss Derm owner and founder, Marzen Salazar and with the Miss Derm staff

Marzen Salazar, a self-made businesswoman, recalls the several occasions when she would see her grandma filling in her aged eyebrows in front of the mirror.

There are reportedly close to 10,000 different facial expressions that humans can make. The non-verbal cues that make up the everyday unconscious chatter include the smallest twitch of a facial muscle, the direction of the eye, and the movement of the eyebrows.

But as one ages, it gets harder to do so because the muscles start to sag and, most significantly, the lashes and eyebrows start to thin.

“My grandmother always draws about her eyebrows. She would try it but (I) would never be satisfied,” remembers Marzen. “When I was growing up in the ‘90s, eyebrow tattooing was a popular solution to the fading of the brow for the elderly and people with thin strokes – but even tattoos have their limits.”

Today, as Marzen recalls her time growing up in Laguna with her lola, Marzen is gradually and decisively building her own business to provide a better solution for eyebrows, lashes, and other facial care woes.

In 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic, Marzen boldly launched Miss Derm – a clinic specializing in eyebrows, lashes, and facial treatment services, including microblading.

A relatively new technology for Filipinos, microblading uses small needles to create soft and subtle hair-like strokes and deposit pigment on the skin. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing but, unlike the traditional tattoo that embeds pigment deep into the skin, microblading only injects pigment superficially on the body and thus is only semi-permanent.

At Miss Derm, microblading is only done by certified microblading artists. Artists undergo intensive training to provide the highest level of quality and care for customers.

More than just a business

From one clinic in Makati, Marzen expanded Miss Derm to two more locations: Las Pinas and Quezon City – one additional business address each year. Despite travel restrictions, Miss Derm’s number of patrons have grown through word of mouth, attracted by the quality of premium services to help customers with their facial care needs.

“I’ve always been motivated by the fact that the services we do at Miss Derm directly affect our customers’ disposition. If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows and lashes are the frames that help define what you want to express and how you want to be seen. We want to help our customers increase their confidence and wear a brighter face every day,” says Marzen, a former wedding photographer-turned communications manager in Oman.

Aside from its popular Elite Brows/Lips Package, Miss Derm offers a wide range of microblading, microshading, eyeliner, and blading solutions. Customers will also find a menu of no-needle procedures, including Brow Lamination, Lash Lift, Lash Extensions, and HIFU Skin Tightening for the face, neck, and the body.

Miss Derm’s complete facial care and skincare solutions prove to be perfect for customers who desire convenience and a highly personalized level of care. At Miss Derm, artists converse with customers about their needs and suggest ways to achieve how they want to look.

This level of service and hospitality is the product of Marzen’s entrepreneurial instincts, of putting customers at the heart of the process, and ensuring that employees are taken care of.

Marzen, who is based in Oman, has successfully managed Miss Derm’s growth and early success from a distance. She occasionally travels to Manila to check on the clinics, but she also speaks with her clients directly every day. “I always had a love for connecting with customers, especially ladies,” the entrepreneur said. “When customers chat with our social media channels for feedback or bookings, they’re likely talking to me. In my position as a wedding photographer in Laguna and Oman, I frequently interact with women. They know what they want, so one must pay attention. They will return for more and treat you like family if you amaze them with excellent service and develop a good working connection, according to Marzen.

The locations of Miss Derm are at 20 Shorthorn Street in Quezon City, 304 Aurora Bldg. in Las Pinas, and 9/f Centuria Medical Makati in Makati. Follow Miss Derm on Instagram to remain informed.


Precision of a laser in a picosecond:

Luminisce has unveiled a premium line of laser skin care treatments.

One of the top dermatology practices in the Philippines, Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations, recently unveiled the Pico Suite, a new advanced laser technology for skin care that offers a more targeted approach to Filipino pigmentation issues.

Dermatology has undergone a revolution thanks to laser technology, which has made it possible to do a variety of things that were previously only done by hand. Using nanotechnology, current laser technology emits a laser beam at skin flaws in nanoseconds, or a billionth of a second.

Despite the high effectiveness of nanotechnology lasers, patients must endure downtime and issues like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, burns, and blisters. Some of these lasers are less effective for particular skin tones since they have a tendency to be selective with pigments.

Developed by the U.S.-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems manufacturer Cynosure, the Pico Suite line fires laser beam energy in picoseconds, equivalent to a trillionth of a second. This lessens the risk of laser-related complications and speeds up the visibility of results.

“We are extremely happy to finally offer our patients the Pico Suite solution. With three of the most advanced in-clinic devices, the Pico Suite offers safe procedures and accelerated results on pigmentation problems,” says Dr. Kaycee Reyes, founder of Luminisce.

Because these laser beams are shorter in pulse duration, its photo-thermal effect on the skin is lower and therefore is less damaging to the surrounding skin tissue. Additionally, a picosecond laser breaks pigments into much smaller particles, speeding up results.

The Luminisce Pico Suite

The Luminisce Pico Suite is composed of three world-renowned in-clinic gold-standard devices: PicoMajesty, PicoPlus, and PicoSure Pro.

Of all the Pico Lasers in the market, PicoMajesty has the shortest pulse duration in the aesthetics industry with 250ps at 1064 nm and a peak power of 2GW. PicoMajesty is specifically made to address tattoos and treat other pigment-based skin conditions such as acne and scars. Its high peak power and high laser energy shatters pigments much easily.

Meanwhile, PicoPlus is one of the most versatile Pico lasers in the market. It has both nano and picosecond pulse duration at 450ps, 2ns with the peak power of 1.8GW. PicoPlus is an ideal option for gentler treatments.

The third of the Pico Suite is PicoSure Pro, which is the second-generation pico laser created by Cynosure. PicoSure Pro has a wavelength of 755nm Alexandrite, 750ps to 650ps pulse duration, the wavelength that’s considered the “sweet spot” for most pigments. PicoSure Pro is versatile for different skin types and aids in skin revitalization. It is the only FDA-cleared picosecond device to treat melasma pigment, Nevus of Ota, and Hori’s Nevus.

Other than pigments, PicoSure Pro also reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and pore size. Its unique fractionated lens redistributes the picosecond energy into low and high intensities to create elegant injury in the superficial skin layer. Called intra-epidermal Laser Induced Optical Breakdowns, these create pressure waves that expand into the dermis and activate the body’s natural healing response to stimulate collagen and elastin production without thermal side effects (e.g. redness and damages on the surrounding tissue or downtime of other lasers).

Call 0977-804-4601 to schedule a consultation with a Luminisce dermatologist and receive a personalized treatment plan for your pigmentation issue.

Through its locations in BGC, The Podium, Ortigas, and Molito Alabang, Luminisce offers a wide variety of skincare treatments. Visit Luminisce’s website at or follow them on Instagram at for additional information.


These are the top 10 Careline beauty products for 2022

Time passes so quickly! And in 2022, some of the best new beauty products were once again released, according to beauty experts. However, if this is your first time navigating the lengthy list of beauty and makeup must-haves before the year comes to an end, Careline has compiled a list of its best releases this year, including everything from essential skincare products to revolutionary multi-use makeups that enhance your natural glow, and much more!

For beauty regimen must-haves

Careline Skin Acne Gel, which was introduced in January, is just in time to help beauty fans say goodbye to those pesky zits and pimples throughout the dry season. Salicylic acid, which lowers inflammation and redness, and tree tea oil, which calms and repairs dry, irritated skin, are included in the formulation. To ensure that it is secure and ideal for all skin types, it is also free of parabens, alcohol, and cruelty.

Every makeup lover has their own inspiration for looks. Luckily, Careline launched its Stain With Me lip tint – a no-fuss long-lasting lip color that can be applied on the eyes and cheeks that will surely stay and stain to help you pull off your makeup pegs in just a breeze. Its formula is also packed with hydrating Shea Butter that draws moisture to lips and keeps them looking luscious. Say no more to boring and usual makeup look before the year ends – thanks to Careline Magic Serum Stain which is a white-colored balm that magically produces a pink color when applied as it reacts to the skin’s pH level and creates a special shade that’s unique to you, your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. No worries about ruining your look when wearing a facemask outside, this longer-lasting balm is also transfer-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof for a fuss-free look that slays anytime, anywhere!

Eyebrows-on-fleek and bold year-ender look

Your look wouldn’t be complete without scoring those picture-perfect brows. For that, Careline also released its Wow Brow Liner new shades, Caramel and Espresso. These new shades perfectly adapt to Filipina skin. The Wow Brow Liner is a dual-ended eyebrow pencil that features an ultra-fine tip that glides effortlessly through hair and an angled tip to add depth and definition to your arches to expertly frame your face. And then there’s the Careline Lash Boost Mascara that delivers a dramatic length and volume to your lashes without a heavy feel. In addition, its waterproof and smudge-proof formula doesn’t clump, smear, or flake, perfect for building dramatic length and volume, specially made for people with sparse lashes.

This year, Careline also launched its specially curated Blythe Neon or Never collection which includes eyeshadow palettes, eye crayons, colorful eyeliners, brow gels, and lip markers with expressive colors and high-energy finishes. A must-have for creative, and adventurous makeup lovers out there. It has Paint Palette that has subtle, bold, bright, and colorful pigments available in Neon Light and Stop Light versions. There’s also the creamy and pigmented, and easy-to-glide Eye Crayon for that extra more colorful touch to your eyelids. This can be worn alone or as a base for powder eyeshadow. It comes in Gleam-Mate, Glow Apart, and Razzle-Dazzle shades.

The Liner Pen has a colorful wing stamp too that comes in two shades: Red Heart and Blue Moon for a more fun eye makeup look. This collection also has Brow Gel to help you tame, shape, and set your arches in just a few glides. While the easy-to-use Lip Marker gives your lips a pop of color without the sticky feel with its pen-like tip. This lip marker is also pigmented, non-drying, and offers six elegant shades; Retro, Glitzy, Headlight, Lighted, Brilliant, and Sign.

Next is the Careline Fiber Brow which was released in August this year that helps elevate your look while simplifying your brow beauty routine. It is infused with micro-fibers for natural and fuller-looking brows and is also enriched with hyaluronic and glycerin to keep your brows healthier and hydrated. If you’re the type to put on eye makeup that makes a bold statement, there’s also the Careline Colored Ink Liners for you that comes in 5 colorful shades; Mustard Yellow, Rosy Pink, Bloody Red, Olive Green, and Pure White. These smudge-proof and waterproof shades give off a modern dreamy vibe that can help make your enchanting eyes stand out!

For beginners, a subtle and buildable eyebrow pencil is the best eyebrow product to use. Good thing, Careline recently added two new and stunning shade to its Best Brow Liner collection. It’s perfect for natural and subtle brows. It is beginner-friendly, lightweight, and easy to control with an angled tip perfect for expert brow shaping and shading.

This year, Careline significantly boosts the creativity and self-expression of every beauty enthusiast. With its most recent releases, the Blythe Face Party Collection and Eyeliner Duo Stamp, you may display your natural beauty however you like with the Face Party Collection’s 4 blush colours, 2 contour shades, and 2 highlighter hues. Are you in the mood for a fun look? The Blythe Eyeliner Duo Stamp comes to the rescue because it is waterproof and smudge-proof. This series of two-color, dual-ended liquid eyeliners (Soft Brown and Black) has three different types of stamps built right in! Black Magic with a wing stamp, Stained Heart with a heart stamp, and Falling Star with a star stamp are the most recent additions.

With these exclusive Careline beauty launches for 2022, you may end the year on a high note! Watsons, The SM Store, Robinsons Department Store, and other well-known department stores in the country carry Careline products. They are also offered online at Shopee ( and Lazada ( Follow Careline Cosmetics on Facebook (, Instagram (, and TikTok ( for additional information and makeup advice.


Give someone the gift of Glowing Skin with Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance

The best season of the year is here! With festive spirit at an all-time high, Christmas this year is set to be larger and brighter. Parties are in full flow and everyone is in a festive mood for the first time in two years.

Why not celebrate Christmas with the gifts you select to give this year? With the addition of Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance, a new product innovation to its line of mild yet effective brightening solutions, you and everyone you choose to give gifts to will undoubtedly shine more brilliantly than your Christmas tree’s lights. Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Gentle Renewing Cleanser, Perfecting Serum, and Instant Radiance Mask are top-tier brightening products that dermatologists have approved. They noticeably eliminate dark spots, enhance radiant skin, and balance out skin tone in just 14 days.

These hard-working ingredients will keep skin in peak condition despite all the anticipated holiday fun thanks to GentleBright Technology and a combination of potent brightening yet gentle ingredients like Sea Daffodil and the well-known Niacinamide.

The Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Perfecting Serum has key ingredients: Advanced Peptide, Antioxidant C, and Cetaphil’s signature GentleBright Technology with Niacinamide and Sea Daffodil. It has 7 powerful benefits in 1 product: it reduces dark spots, evens skin tone, improves fine lines, boosts skin radiance, improves hydration, illuminates the complexion, and freshens, well-rested skin.

Dermatologist-tested and fragrance-free, the Perfecting Serum is clinically proven to reduce dark spots caused by melasma, sun, aging, and acne scars. It has added protection against blue light & pollution. Perfect for everyday use.

Lastly, the Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Instant Radiance Mask is the first sheet mask in the brand’s lineup. It has 7-in-1 benefits in 1 sheet mask. Giving you an instant cooling effect with 24-hour soothing hydration, it instantly improves skin luminosity, skin tone evenness, skin Radiance, tired skin, fine lines, the appearance of pores, and skin texture. Each mask has 2 weeks’ worth of serum to instantly achieve that healthy, radiant skin.

Formulated with GentleBright Technology and a blend of powerful brightening yet gentle ingredients such as Sea Daffodil and the popular Niacinamide, it also has Vitamin C. These hardworking ingredients will keep skin in tip-top shape despite all the expected holiday fun.

As Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance takes care of your skin and makes everyone glow to ring in the new year, you can let your hair down and enjoy the festivities with friends and family. Give Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance as a gift and start a #RadianceRoutine.

Visit their website to discover more about the assortment of items. Follow Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance on Facebook or Instagram @cetaphilbrighthealthyradiance

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Upgrade Your Defense With Cetaphil Ultra Protect

In order to promote the value of overall wellness, including healthy skin, Cetaphil celebrated the launch of Cetaphil Ultra Protect with the Level-Up Series.

This fitness activity took place at four different boutique fitness studios: Electric Studio to get your cardio fix, ONELIFE Private Studio to lengthen your body, Polecats to learn how to move with confidence, and now Rebel to lean in and find that source of inner power.

Present content producers and media professionals responded to each event with enthusiasm, especially those who had never participated in the selected activities previously. Cetaphil was able to offer a diversity of experiences since there were four different studios, each with a different set of exercises.

Cetaphil encouraged everyone to get fit in the name of holistic health, after which a full wash with Cetaphil Ultra Protect was encouraged because Cetaphil knows that the skin is the first line of defense against germs; hence it is necessary to make it as fit as the body.

Bodies were sweating in full force, muscles were pushed to the limit, and endorphins reached an all-time high, all in time to try Cetaphil Ultra Protect and to see the importance of having a clean, moisturized body.

Cetaphil Ultra Protect

Cetaphil Ultra Protect is a cleansing bar that combines the benefits of wider germ protection with gentle yet intense skin hydration.

There are no compromises with its 3D Derma-Mimic Technology that cleanses the skin at an antimicrobial level with a dermatological tried-and-tested formulation, which repairs the skin barrier’s defense against water loss.

It washes away 99.9% of germs and is specifically designed for frequent daily use, preventing and soothing skin irritation. The skin is now instantly protected and hydrated.

It’s more important than ever to #BeUltraProtected with Cetaphil Ultra Protect since the holidays are drawing near and it’s time to visit friends and family once more.

The new Cetaphil Ultra Protect Antimicrobial Cleansing Bar is offered through the authorized Lazada and Shopee stores for Cetaphil Philippines. Additionally, countrywide supermarkets, Watsons shops, and Mercury Drug carry Cetaphil products.


One of the top-selling lipsticks in the world has received an Ultra Upgrade. Here is all the information you need regarding the new collection

The best-selling lipstick from Avon, the top cosmetics brand in the Philippines, has recently been improved to become not just extra but oh so Ultra!

One Avon lipstick is sold every two seconds worldwide, making them a reliable beauty favorite. With 26 striking colors that can be matched to every mood, event, or style, the new range is now available in two amazing finishes: Ultra Matte and Ultra Creamy.

To keep lips supple and hydrated while maintaining an ultra-rich color payoff, each Ultra lipstick is made with nourishing ingredients mixed with an exclusive and opulent blend of Avocado Oil, Sesame Oil, and Vitamin E. Any kween can swipe with less drama and less mess because to the improved bullet form and precision tip. Every swipe is definitely a royal experience because to its SPF 15 and aroma of mocha crème.

Don’t throw shade, kweens! Wear it loud and proud because the Avon Ultra Lipstick Collection brings #TheUltraEffecta contagious confidence that spreads from one to another. From pageant types to drag, the Avon Ultra Lipstick Collection is made for every kind of kween.

The new Ultra Collection was launched last November 17 at The Kween’s Ball: Experience #TheUltraEffect with Avon held at the Nokal at Makati Cinema Square.

“Every time I put on the Avon Ultra collection, I feel like I have a crown over my head anywhere I go. The feeling is fantastic, and I honestly can’t help but share it with everyone else – that’s #TheUltraEffect!” says Ms. Universe 2015 and Avon Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach, who headlined the event and shared what she liked about the collection.

Pia’s return to Avon is a full-circle moment for the beauty queen, who started as a brochure model when she was 11 years old. “Who would’ve thought that some years later I’ll be back with Avon endorsing their makeup? Eleven-year-old me would be gagged for sure,” exclaims Pia.

General Manager for Avon Philippines and Managing Director for Avon Asia Pacific Razvan Diratian alsoshared during the event that the brand will always stand for every woman because every queen deserves to feel beautiful. “With Avon, you can be confident enough to be in the spotlight and share it with other queens.We want you to appreciate the queen that you are, celebrate each other, and inspire each other with your confidence.”

For more information, like Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, purchase the new Ultra Lipstick Collection, and get in touch with your local Avon representative at