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The Giving Café: UPLB will soon carry award-winning Laguna Liberica Coffee!

Soon, tourists and residents of Lagunan will be able to sample Sta. The Liberica coffee from Maria town, which most recently took home the Silver medal in the Signature Coffee Award: Latte category at the Global Coffee Championship in Korea. The Giving Café (TGC) in UPLB, which just opened yesterday, will serve Santa Maria, Laguna farmers’ world-champion coffee. The store is situated at the soda fountain of the UPLB Student Union.

“The Giving Cafe, a Social Enterprise by Henry & Sons, aims to build a beautiful coffee future by helping coffee farmers through its advocacy arm, The Foundation for sustainable coffee excellence (FSCE),” shares Michael Harris Conlin, 2019 PH Barista Champion and President and CEO of Henry and Sons.

The TGC’s proceeds will go to UPLB’s chosen coffee village in Santa Maria, Barangay Juan Santiago in Laguna. With 38 households and 85,000 Liberica and Excelsa trees, the Barangay Juan Santiago coffee growing community has the highest density of Liberica and Excelsa trees in Laguna and maybe the entire Calabarzon. The money donated by TGC: UPLB will go toward bio-dynamic farming methods, bettering harvesting, processing, and the much-needed coffee drying solutions for the local community.

Henry & Sons, in partnership with UPLB leadership, makes what’s old new again by bringing back the Student Union’s Soda Fountain cafeteria to life with mouthwatering home-cooked meals, ice cream, and coffee. Flank by TGC’s iconic cozy antique furniture, lighting, and books, the space is designed to encourage students, faculty, and visitors to strengthen the community around them and encourage to indulge in giving.

The Giving Café, with over 80 food and beverage offerings, is a hybrid restaurant and coffee shop that aims to contribute to the betterment of the local coffee industry and be part of something beyond the business. A place for comfort, The Giving Café is designed to be a safe haven for people looking to indulge in coffee experiences served with both excellence and compassion. The Giving Cafe focuses on bridging the community around it with the farming communities it adopts.

Beyond the advocacy, The Giving Café also offers guests multi-sensory experiences highlighting Henry& Sons’ F&B expertise. “We want to everyone to enjoy, eat well and indulge in giving by supporting laguna coffee farmers with every cup of coffee you purchase,” Conlin, adds.

TGC will also be showcasing its well-known Bloom Coffee collection, a distinctive range of coffees developed by Henry & Sons to raise money for the following goals:

BEANS FOR THE LITTLE ONES – access to basic health necessities

BEANS WITHIN REACH – access to programs promoting traceability and accessibility

COFFEE FOR GREAT MINDS – access to education

CUP TO SEED – access to livelihood and harvest implements

THE GIVING WELL – access to clean and potable water.

For additional information, visit www.henryandsons and




Subway’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Will Bring You A Holiday Cool Breeze

As Subway® brings back your beloved Mint Choco Chip Cookie, a delightful gift for your loved ones as you enjoy the holidays TOGETHER, spread love this Christmas with your family.

The Mint Choco Chip Cookies from Subway® have been brought back not only owing to popular demand but also because they are cool and make wonderful gifts for close friends and family members. They also enhance the cozy atmosphere of the home.

Experience a joyful night with your family and friends with the fine balance of sweetness and freshness of  Subway®‘s Mint Choco Chip cookies to indulge as a must-have goody in your Noche Buena.

It’s a perfect match to your flavorful dishes like Subway® ‘s much talked about secret recipe—the spicy and tangy Subway® Chicken Mala Sub, filled with unique Asian spices, to finish it up with a cool aftertaste.

The Mint Choco Chip Cookie price starts at Php 35 (1pc), Php 85 (3pcs), Php 175 (6pcs), and Php 350 (12pcs) which can be mixed with other flavors. As a welcome-back treat, you can also benefit from an exclusive promo of 5 pcs for Php 125.

Up through January 31, 2023, visit your nearby Subway® location to experience the cool Christmas wind! Enjoy this opportunity to quench your year-long cravings with the ones you love because you asked for it, and it’s back now (dine-in and take-out transactions only).

On Christmas Eve, don’t forget to set out a cookie for Santa!

Visit for additional details on the most recent Subway® #EatFresh and #BetterChoice promotions.




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2023 Calendar Girl of Ginebra San Miguel is officially launched

Yassi Pressman

Yassi Pressman, a Filipino-British actress known as the Queen of the Dance Floor, was unveiled by Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) as its 2023 Calendar Girl at an event that was attended by brand ambassadors, GSMI dealers, and friends from the media. I am also invited to the joyous event as it is so perfectly nailed by Yassi Pressman as she shows her talent during the launching. She even presented her skills in mixing drinks and I’m so amazed on how versatile she is. Truly she deserved the spotlight for Ginebra San Miguel 2023 Calendar Girl.

When Yassi received the call telling her that she had been selected as the GSMI family’s newest member, she was shocked and honored. Being a part of such a fantastic legacy will mark a significant turning point in Yassi’s life. “It means a lot to me that they chose me to be a part of the brand,” she continued. “It’s really something special to be part of a company that serves world-class quality products.”

It was the first time again, after two years, that the event was held face-to-face. “We are excited to finally hold our Ginebra San Miguel 2023 Calendar Girl launch live again! For us, this launch also signals the atmosphere for next year. The pandemic has affected many Filipinos, but now is the time to recover—armed with Bagong Tapang, to dream and hope again, and to spread that positivity to others,” says Marketing Manager Ron Molina.

With the theme “Queen of the Barangay,” the calendar features Yassi as a modern Filipina that is able to adjust to the new normal with positivity and productivity through her “matapang,” “ganado,” and “never-say-die” attitude.


Yassi show the different cocktail mixes during the event

Yassi prepared herself physically and mentally to be the best representation of what an  ideal Ginebra calendar girl should be. She admits that prior to her selection, she was always trying to keep herself fit. “Of course, there were times that I also had to give in to my cravings, but at the end of the day, I knew my priority was to be stronger, healthier, and happier.”

Preparing for the calendar shoot, Yassi pushed herself to do weight training, boxing, and having a healthy diet. “My fitness journey helped me become a better version of myself.” As for her mental preparation, she just kept in mind Ginebra’s taglines like “Ganado sa Buhay,” and “Never-Say-Die.”

With Yassi’s positivity and optimism in life, her personality shined through the six layouts of the Ginebra San Miguel 2023 calendar. The photo shoot was also done on location after two years, reflecting the relaxed and open atmosphere we anticipate in the coming year.

The six layouts are inspired by different cocktail mixes. The first one is “Ginsu Mix” set in an auto repair shop, reminding the importance of hard work and passion in everything we do. The second layout is “Calamansi Surprise,” showing Yassi amidst greenery and nature.

“Kula-Orange Fizz” is the third layout, featuring a background filled with dried pampas grass with wooden trays where one can display spirits and mix cocktails. According to Yassi, she could relate to this design as she had her dream home renovated recently, which now features a lot of touches of brown wood furniture and neutral shades. “I also have a mini bar in my living room–an open space to bond with my family and friends.”

The fourth layout is the “Velocity Mix,” something that seems like it’s from a blockbuster summer movie complete with a ref full of Ginebra products. While “Sky Prisma” is the fifth layout, also in a beach setting, but this time with a picturesque sunset in the background. Last is the “Mango Daiquiri,” where Yassi is magnified by a bonfire by the beach, the best place to experience Ginebra’s creative cocktails and concoctions. Just don’t forget your coolers and ice boxes for that perfect night!

Personally, it was hard for Yassi to choose a favorite among the six calendar layouts, but she has a bias toward the “Velocity Mix.” “It’s because I always enjoy beach time with family and friends–a ‘ginstronomic’ trip with our favorite food and gin. The drink also has candies and gummies–the perfect combo for me, as it is sweetness with a kick!”


Yassi with the GSM Officers

During the pandemic, the actress and entrepreneur has gained new discoveries about herself–a new purpose, pride, and passion that resonates not only with her family but the whole barangay.

As an empowered Filipina woman, Yassi owns multiple businesses, knows how to tend to her organic garden, fixes things at home, and concocts rejuvenating drinks for herself and her family—all while fulfilling her commitments in the entertainment industry.

With her self-discovery, Yassi also realized to be kinder to herself and has become the “matapang” woman she is by refusing to let difficult circumstances pull her down. “When I was younger, my father always advised me to keep trying because, as he said—if you try and try and you succeed, you’re going to be happy, but if you try and try and you fail, I’ll be there to catch you,” says Yassi. Her family, the source of her “tapang,” made her fearless in the face of whatever trials or tribulations she may face.

Despite her personal struggles, Yassi continues to hone the talents that she already has and allows her inner beauty to radiate, too, in order to inspire others. According to her, she shows her most natural self online and sometimes even reveals some not-so-glamorous side of a celebrity because she believes that it would be healthy for people, especially the youth, to see that genuine side of her.

“I am open to everybody [on social media] about my battles and journey toward being healthier and stronger,” says the 2023 Ginebra calendar girl. “Whenever I get messages from little girls or any netizen saying that I inspire them to dance, act, and to keep moving forward, it gives me the ‘ganado’ feeling and hope and aspiration to empower more women!”

If there are things that the pandemic or the recent months have made women realize, it’s that they can accomplish things that are not expected from them and deliver more than the ordinary. “I think Ginebra San Miguel chose me because I embody courage, passion, and its never-say-die spirit. Growing up in showbusiness, you’d experience a lot of rejections and comments from people, and while we know we should just brush them off—especially the non-constructive criticisms—they sometimes get to you,” adds Yassi.

But amid all these rejections and disappointments in the past, Yassi just soldiered on, keeping a “never say die” attitude. Eventually, she became unstoppable, brimming with positivity and personality, allowing her to rise above the crowd.

As “Queen of the Barangay,” Yassi and her friends know how to have a good time—with good music and drinks, as seen on her social media posts. “We love theme parties; the last one we did was about sunflowers. We also did disco and Coachella.”

The new brand ambassador also shared that her favorite gin drink is the GSM Blue Mojito because of its light taste and her friends can easily enjoy the drink by just simply putting ice or adding any fruits like pineapple for a fruity flavor.

As GSM’s newest brand ambassador, Yassi hopes to spread positivity and continue to inspire and empower women and the youth—sharing the “ganado” spirit with her 28 million followers on social media.


The Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl is a long-held tradition in GSMI and an important part of the brand’s history. Since its inception in 1988, beauty queens, actresses, and models who have made their mark in their respective fields have graced the Ginebra San Miguel calendar. Among them were Marian Rivera (2009 and 2014), Anne Curtis (2011), Solenn Heusaff (2012), Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach (2019), Sanya Lopez (2020), and Chie Filomeno (2022).

According to the top international beverage publication Drinks International, GSMI is the manufacturer of Ginebra San Miguel, the most popular gin in the world in terms of sales. GSM Blue Light Gin, GSM Blue Mojito, GSM Blue Margarita, GSM Blue Gin Pomelo, Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, Antonov Vodka, Aejo Gold Rum, Primera Light Brandy, and Vino Kulafu, the top Chinese wine in the Philippines, are just a few of the premium distilled spirits produced by GSMI.

With Yassi Pressman

Visit or, the official Ginebra San Miguel Facebook page, for more information.









ALL ABOUT BEEF plans to open five franchised stores this month

The All About Beef (main branch) restaurant in San Fernando, Pampanga is gaining recognition for providing genuine Australian beef, despite the abundance of steakhouses serving local steaks in the area. There are a variety of beef-based items on the menu, including beef shawarma, burger patties, nachos, spaghetti, and more. But its main selling point continues to be its infinite supply of Australian steak. Not every steakhouse can lay claim to it, though.

It uses fresh, never frozen, beef. In actuality, the grass-fed cows are fattened and butchered nearby. Furthermore, because Australian beef is among the best in the world, the Australian government closely monitors the entire process.

The restaurant is one of the five corporately owned businesses among the 17 brands owned by the D’ League group of companies. It is such a must try restaurant here in Pampanga for it doesn’t just serve delicious food but it is also authentic. You will surely love all their foods and the playfulness of its taste. It is one of my faves here in the place and it is also enticing to be back and try all their foods, especially their steak. It is so yummy and it has a tempting savory aroma with the touch of natural sweetness from the beef.

“We started last July (2022) but are currently building five branches – in Angeles City, Magalang, Mabalacat, Guagua, and Floridablanca. Our main strength is that we have our own logistics company thus we can expand anywhere in Luzon to provide our distributors and dealers. We have leads for expansion in Metro Manila, Cavite, and Laguna, and more”, CEO of D’ League group of companies Neil Angelo Sicat added.

The Man with a Mission

Before becoming the business giant that he is today, Neil started out as a humble siomai vendor with a three thousand pesos in capital.  In less than a month of studying the franchising business, he launched and franchised a food cart business and soon applied the concept to the milk tea business. He was able to capitalize success upon success until the Covid -19 pandemic disrupted everything.

With a heart to serve his countrymen, he organized CARed Pool Pampanga which mobilized private individuals to provide free transport services and food to frontliners. He also started a program for daily wagers- Pamisaupan Kapampangan, long before the concept of community pantry started.

“I needed a sustainable foundation that is why I launched D’ League group of companies so I don’t have to ask for donations, instead I can provide and sustain the foundation through the income of the different companies that we have.” Neil voiced.

Neil attributes his mental fortitude to being a former seminarian for eleven years. “People think when they enter the seminary it is for a purely spiritual purpose only, but the training is psycho-spiritual. It is more on psychological development, to see things in a positive way combined with spirituality,” he said. This mindset has enabled him to overcome challenges along the way and steer his business to greater heights of success.

Filling a Need in the Market

The CEO had a lightbulb moment after watching the Netflix series Start-Up in 2020. He established the D’ League group of businesses in 2021. It set itself apart from other businesses by offering a variety of services under one roof, including consulting, incubation, building, and marketing. Its objective is to regulate the quality and standards of non-outsourced services. It is essentially a corporation that offers solutions to any problems or potential problems faced by a franchisor.

The owner and distributor of Aussie Beef and a subsidiary of the D’ League group of enterprises, Thinkbizz Trading Corporation, is a member of the Associated of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI). Being an AFFI member has several benefits. The head honcho continued, “We had a bigger network, and via the partners and the tutelage of the founders and board members, we learnt the proper way to do franchising business.”











Balai Palmera Follows His Passion by Supporting Other Businesses in the Community

In 2019, during the height of the restriction caused by the pandemic, Chef Ryan Dimapilis, President of Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center, keeps himself busy by thinking of ways to keep his business afloat as well as his employees employed. “I’m a firm believer that we, Pinoys, are very resilient and at the same time supportive and loyal in many ways. This was strongly proven during the pandemic when many businesses turn online to sell their products. Most of our clients at first were mostly family and friends, which branched out and reached many more people who find our products worth a try,” he shared.

A Eureka Moment!

Balai Palmera, along with his partners and employees, created their take on Calabarzon’s popular Buko Pie, which has resulted in yet another victory for the business. Balai Palmera uses Buko Pie, which is all-fresh and free of preservatives, and sources its ingredients from nearby suppliers in the Cavite towns of Silang and Quezon. Balai Palmera’s kitchen became extremely busy as soon as limitations were relaxed and word got out, with hundreds of requests for this Buko Pie being placed every day.

“As much as we want to concentrate on this success, as a businessman, I know that there other smaller businesses that need help to bounce back from the pandemic. So, as soon as we were able to reopen some of our other businesses, we started reaching out to local manufacturers to promote and even sell their products in our Pasalubong Centers,” he added.

From one Pasalubong Center, Balai Palmera recently expanded its footprint by opening one more Pasalubong Center in Silang providing more choices and convenience to its customers. This extensive and expasive center carries other local brands that made their way to the palette of domestic and international guests of the region.

One-Stop Pinoy Favorite Shop

Balai Palmera takes pride in its merchandise for only being 100% Pinoy-made but also being DTI-approved.

“This goes to show that how dedicated we are in making our customers’ visit to our Pasalubong Centers an experience they would love to do again and again. By having DTI-approved products in shops, we are bringing the best of the region within their arms reach,” Dimapilis happily shared.

Aside from Buko Pie, Balai Palmera guests can also enjoy locally produced Pedro’s Kangkong Chips, J. Fernandez’s Chichapop, Nikimat’s Tahong Chips, Binan’s Okoy, Pastillas De Leche, Banana Chips, Mushroom Cracklings, Calamansito, Basimatsi, Coco Jam, Jacobina, Biscocho, Piaya Ube, and R&l Chicharon.

From healthy snacks to filling and heartwarming pastries and bread, one can also find comfort and enjoyment in Balai Palmera’s version of Chocolate Almond Babka, Raisin Bread as well as Ensyamada which use local ingredients from local manufacturers.

“While we continue to pray for the day to come where we are all safe and free to move around again, we will keep working with various industry leaders to create a collaborative effort that transcends Pinoy pride,” he concluded.

The first location of Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center is in Tagaytay-Sta. Street Bgy. The second is at Aguinaldo Highway, Bypass Road, San Vicente 2, Silang, Cavite, and the first is in Pasong Langka, Silang, Cavite.

You can follow them on their officiall Facebook and Instagram profiles for more details, updates, and news. Also watch their video:


In the intensely competitive Japanese Barista Championship, a Japanese barista finishes third with PH Liberica

Barista Keisuke Honma, representing Saza Coffee, captured 3rd place during the Japanese Barista championship using Henry & Sons’ Liberica Coffee from Sta. Maria, Laguna.

The nation’s Liberica coffee comes from Sta. Maria, Laguna won third place in another worldwide coffee competition by winning the hearts and palate preferences of skilled baristas and judges from all around the world.

For his Milk Course, barista Keisuke Honma of Saza Coffee chose a combination of Laguna Liberica and a Panamanian Gesha. On October 10–13, in Japan, Keisuke finished third in the Japanese Barista Championship.

The Philippine Liberica Coffee is being championed around the world and capturing the hearts and taste preferences of expert baristas and judges around the world by Michael Harris Conlin and Henry and Sons.

Henry and Sons, sourced the Liberica coffee in Laguna, and processed after by applying unique post-harvest methodologies and a proprietary blend of microorganisms that bring out beautiful floral aromas and clean tropical flavor notes from the coffee.

Liberica is a rare and unique species of coffee that is known for its low caffeine content, low bitterness, and high sweetness. Liberica can be considered the future of coffee as it is climate change resistant and has a deep, intricate root system that makes it resistant to storms and drought.

Keisuke Homa’s coffee blend will be available at starting Nov 8th, 2022, at and The Giving Café.

Japanese Barista Championship is a World coffee championship (WCC) sanctioned competition where baristas must create three coffee courses (Espresso, Milk, and Signature) and serve them to an expert panel of judges while delivering a meaningful message that shows their expertise and knowledge in coffee.

In his speech, barista Keisuke discussed how climate change has resulted in a 70% decrease in harvest and how uncommon species like the Laguna Liberica may hold the key to preserving the ability of future generations to enjoy coffee.

Visit and for additional details.


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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Quezon City is full of treat this November

For many of us, November marks the beginning of the year’s busiest and most joyous season. This month, Christmas will be here before we know it, so what better way to enjoy the moment than to indulge in delicious treats from Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, located on Roosevelt Avenue in Quezon City.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar not only transports you back in time to a time that some of you miss, but also includes monthly events that everyone can take advantage of.

Starting October 31, 2022, Las Casas introduces its Happy Hour every day from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. If you just had your dinner at the Kusina ni Nanay or its Italian restaurant, the La Bella Teodora, and can’t get enough of the place, why not stay awhile and enjoy their Buy 2 Get 1 special cocktail of their (Bucket of Beer) Buy 5 + 1 on Beers and Lagers? And perfectly pair them with your favorite mouth-watering dishes specially curated by their able chefs.

Take pleasure in all of these and prepare to be entertained at the Plaza with their in-house violinist, Mr. Marcel Escundo as he serenades you with his R&B music and some new Pop Songs of today. Dance your way to hot Salsa Nights all Wednesday of November (starting November 3) from 7:00 to 11:00 pm at the Garden Area with dance instructors (D.I) at hand, or you may bring your own to fully enjoy the dancefloor together with the rhythm of the music of the DJ.

There is a P500 door charge per person for the Salsa Night that comes with one choice of cocktails. There will also be a mobile bar to provide you with your special mix requests in case you want it done your way!

You also have to fill your tummies with delectable Spanish dishes after all those dancing and grooving on the floor. Can’t get enough of dancing? Here’s more! Every Friday, Las Casas will give you the 80s and 90s vibe with its Disco Fever Nights at the Garden Area from 7:00 to 11:00 pm for P500 per person. Think of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndy Lauper, or Baby One More Time by Britney Spears! Songs we can’t get enough of on the dancefloor simply keep us reeling and grooving.

There will also be D.I.s present and a live DJ will be providing the best musical choices of the era and you can also do ballroom dancing during those nights. Good food as usual will also be ready for you to partake in.

We all love to hear Christmas songs to make us truly feel the holiday spirit is upon us. And for us Filipinos, Christmas comes early. It begins at the stroke of midnight on September 1! With that being said, Las Casas is on the lookout for an angelic rendition of our Christmas tracks through their Christmas Carol Contest which will have auditions officially starting on December 1, 2022, until December 18.  Audition days are every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6:00 pm onwards. The Grand Finals will be on December 23.

However, Las Casas will hold their own Christmas Tree Lighting on November 26, 2022, at 6:00 pm, with special visitors and live performances in addition to cocktails and a buffet for guests. This will take place before the Christmas Carol Contest starts.


At 134 Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City, come see us at Las Casas Quezon City. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 09171366796 or 0933822452 for additional information.

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With Caravan Catering, the pinnacle of excellent customer service, events are now made even better!

Since 2017, Caravan Cuisine Group, which owns the brands Overdoughs, Elait, and RAW All Natural Juice Bar, has been a leader in bringing new food concepts to the Philippine food and beverage sector. By mainstreaming Deaf workers across all branches in the Metro Manila area, it also created a lasting impression on each and every client about its advocacy for deaf inclusivity.

Today, they take the mission of Doing Good through Good Food to the extensive course of social and corporate events and giveaways under the label of Caravan Catering.

Caravan Catering brings the pride of goodness and happiness through event food carts that offer Dessert Bar by Overdoughs and Elait Rolled Ice Cream Carts which are manned by these friendly and capable Deaf Partners.

These extraordinary occasion delights guarantee the best food selection and service, just like it is done in the stores, allowing customers to participate in the culinary adventure and plan memorable events.

You can email Caravan Catering at [email protected] or call Ms. Ara Rabino at 0917 8611 059 for additional information about their event carts.





Chicken Mala Sub from Subway will make you furious!

The much-discussed secret recipe sub from Subway has finally been made public. The precise balance of spice and tang in Subway’s Chicken Mala Sub has ignited our world with a flaming introduction!

As discussed in “Lecheng Pag-ibig To!,” a podcast hosted by Sam YG and DJ Chacha. Trying out new experiences together is one method to keep the spark of relationships alive, according to “, a podcast on love, relationships, and everything in between. A certain method to maintain your enjoyment of eating is to experiment with new flavors!

The new ingredient’s secret ingredient is mala, which was created with a fiery passion that is undeniably tasted in every bite. The mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns are combined with chili peppers, aromatics, and spices like ginger, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom to create one of the most popular flavors in China and many other Asian countries.

Subway’s Chicken Mala sub is available for a limited time and will be made available ‘til 31st of  December 2022 or until supply lasts. Chicken Mala is available in 6-inch & footlong subs, wrap, and salad.

In-restaurant prices for Chicken Mala:

  • Ala Carte – P135 (6-inch sub)
  • P260 (footlong sub)
  • P145 (wrap)
  • P215 (salad)
  • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P220 (6-inch sub), P345 (footlong sub), P230 (wrap), P300 (salad)

Valid for dine-in and takeout transactions.

Please like Subway’s Facebook page at for more interesting news.



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McDonald’s Philippines receives the Future Enterprise Awards 2022’s Digital Resiliency Award

Golden Arches Development Corporation (McDonald’s Philippines) has won the Digital Resiliency award for the Future of Enterprise Awards (FEA) 2022 Philippines, according to a recent announcement from International Data Corporation (IDC) Philippines.

McDonald’s created a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with concurrent workstreams to address urgent business demands and plan for the future when the pandemic struck in 2020. These cross-functional teams put into practice digital and technological solutions that improved operational effectiveness, productivity, user experience, safety, and the welfare of workers and underserved communities.

McDonald’s categorized its measures into 1) Response/Recovery, covering daily operations, and 2) Rebound/Renewal, for business continuity and sustained growth within 2021, McDonald’s pivoted from BCP to digital transformation, growing their digital maturity. By the end of the year, McDonald’s exceeded their system-wide sales target, and achieved 80% of pre-pandemic sales level across all channels.

As early as 2009, McDonald’s already embarked on its digital transformation journey with the launch of, followed by social media presence in 2011, and launch of the McDelivery app in 2014. In 2018, McDonald’s NXTGEN stores were opened and scaled to elevate the in-store customer experience with self-order kiosks and cashless payment. Digital solutions for delivery and drive-thru businesses continued to be updated and implemented for a seamless omni-channel experience.

As the country winner for Digital Resiliency, McDonald’s Philippines will compete against other winners in the same category for the Asia/Pacific winners which will be announced at the IDC DX Summit Asia/Pacific in Singapore on the 26th of October 2022.

The Future Enterprise Awards, now in their sixth year, continue to honor businesses for their tech-enabled resiliency as they face obstacles and upheavals in a quick-paced, more digital environment. The information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets are served best by The International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading global source of industry knowledge, advisory services, and events.

The Future Enterprise Awards by IDC use a two-stage process to choose national and regional winners. IDC’s country and regional analysts review each nomination using a common assessment framework based on IDC’s Future Enterprise taxonomy. All national winners will be eligible for the regional competition, which will be chosen by an international jury of judges made up of IDC analysts, business professionals, thought leaders, and academics.