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Mega Bigay Sustansya has been expanded to provide food for more youngsters nationwide

The core of Mega Global Corporation’s business has always been malasakit. They work to improve the lives of Filipino families in whatever they do, particularly by addressing the issue of malnutrition. The Mega Bigay Sustansya program, which debuted in 2019, is built around this.

Mega has assisted in feeding hundreds of less fortunate Filipino children through the Mega Tiu Lim Foundation (MTLF), enhancing their health through wholesome meals and greater understanding of fundamental nutrition despite the epidemic. It is my great honor to attend this for the 4th time, and I’m so glad that the company still continues to help and sustain its desire to help the people by feeding food and giving meaningful impact to them.

Mega Bigay Sustansya, which is in its fourth year of altering the lives of its beneficiaries around the Philippines, has undergone a significant expansion that promises to benefit many more people. Mega Bigay Sustansya Year 4, which was formally introduced on Tuesday, June 28 at the Prime Hotel in Quezon City, promises more sustainable feeding days, more coverage, more interaction, and more partners. Representatives from partner agencies and groups attended the inaugural ceremony. Influencers and members of the media as well as mother bloggers attended the event.

To achieve its goal of program expansion, MTLF teamed up with the Department of Science and Technology, Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP). Meals and recipes will be co-created and nutrition workshops for the parents will be developed with DOST-FNRI; DSWD will assist in gathering volunteers and identifying areas where help with malnutrition is most needed, and; ROFP will help with meal preparation and distribution, LGU coordination, and beneficiary assessment.

MTLF, along with these partner agencies and organizations, expressed their commitment to helping alleviate malnutrition among Filipino children. The number of feeding days, from 60, has been increased to 120, consisting of two meals a day for six days in a week, for a total of 160,800 meals. Moreover, geographic coverage of the program has been expanded to cover seven locations, namely NCR and Regions 3, 4A, 4B, 6, 8, and 9. Beneficiaries will cover children aged four to 12 years old.

On top of this, nutrition and meal management training for the parents and guardians of the beneficiaries will be conducted by DOST-FNRI, with the objective of program sustainability: health improvement not just through balanced meals, but also through proper knowledge of nutrition.

For MTLF and Mega as a whole, addressing the malnutrition problem in the country can be done by providing high-quality, nutritious, value-for-money products—not only for beneficiaries but for customers as well.

“The pandemic and global economic challenges have made it difficult for families from impoverished communities to provide nutritious meals for their children. We hope that Mega Bigay Sustansya will be of substantial help to Filipino families and will keep children nourished, so that they can attain good health which is so essential for their development,” said Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega’s Chief Growth and Development Officer.

“Mega Global’s relentless efforts to alleviate the malnutrition problem in the country will go a long way in building a generation of healthy Filipinos who can make a difference in their communities and the country,” said Dawn Marie Cabigon of ROFP.

DSWD’s Jason Quejada agrees. “Mega Bigay Sustansya Year 4 is a timely effort to help more families sustain proper nutrition for their children. We commend Mega Global’s efforts to address this important concern,” he said.

Jason Quejada from DSWD concurs. Mega Bigay Sustansya Year 4 is an important initiative to support more families in providing their kids with a healthy diet. We applaud Mega Global’s efforts to solve this crucial issue, the speaker remarked. The DOST-FNRI emphasized the value of educating people about nutrition. Dr. Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa, Director IV and Scientist IV, remarked, “Mega Bigay Sustansya gives us a fantastic opportunity to educate families and teach them about the significance of feeding their children nutritious meals.”

Join the fight against malnutrition. Support Mega Bigay Sustansya Year 4 and continue to spread the malasakit.




McDonald’s PH has national strawless lids as part of a sustainable change

Quick service restaurant giant McDonald’s Philippines, majority owned and operated by its Master Franchise Holders, Chairman & Founder Dr. George T. Yang and President & CEO Kenneth Yang, announces the transition of all of its stores across the Philippines to strawless lids, marking another milestone in the company’s sustainability initiatives.

McDonald’s is the first QSR business to go strawless for its iced beverages, highlighting the company’s commitment to decrease waste by eliminating the need for a separate plastic straw, while keeping sipping convenient for customers whether they’re at home or on-the-go. This is one of McDonald’s most recent initiatives for its Green & Good platform, which demonstrates the company’s dedication to the environment by creating and implementing environmentally friendly dining options in its restaurants.

The strawless lids are designed to complement favorite McDonald’s beverages, continuously giving customers that familiar feel-good experience whenever they enjoy their favorite McCafé Premium Roast Coffee and other cold beverages served without sundae.

“The adoption of strawless lids is part of our commitment to be better for the environment. We recognize the role we play and the impact we can make by committing to innovate and scale initiatives that reduce waste. By making strawless lids permanent, waste reduction, one less straw at a time becomes something that our customers can easily integrate to their experience at McDonald’s,” says McDonald’s Philippines President & CEO Kenneth S. Yang.

The shift to strawless lids comes after McDonald’s first introduced the limited distribution of straws across its branches in 2018. The company is able to take a bigger step towards climate action by going strawless nationwide, now making it a permanent and sustainable solution.

McDonald’s has also implemented other projects under its Green & Good platform. In 2020, McDonald’s opened its first Green & Good flagship store in U.N. Avenue in Manila and in 2021, its second Green and Good store in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Since, the company has expanded Green & Good with the introduction of new solutions in its restaurants like solar rooftop panels.

Through its inclusive eating options, including bike racks and Bike and Dine areas offered in its stores, McDonald’s also empowers the riding community in favor of active sustainable mobility to reduce carbon emissions. In the same branch, McDonald’s, in collaboration with eSakay, is also offering e-charging stations where electric bikes and scooters can be plugged in for just Php1 for a minute’s worth of charge.

By following McDonald’s PH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can stay up to date on the newest Green & Good initiative.





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Subway marks its 26th anniversary with an online learning program

(from left to right) Mr. Joshua Wahiman (Subway’s Marketing Manager), Ms Jean Gagarino (Subway’s Territory Manager), Atty. Rainier Butalid (CEO of e-DRIS Inc.), Syed Darwish Bederi III (Asia Pacific Regional Head of Critical Links based in Princeton, NJ US.)

Over the past two years, the educational sector has struggled with internet connectivity. The issue of sporadic or nonexistent internet access is a serious concern in the remote regions of the nation and even in some districts of Metro Manila.

Despite accessibility concerns, every student should have the chance to use educational resources. It is equally crucial to enhance the nation’s educational system in order to better prepare students for the fiercely competitive job market.

One company that is passionate about education is Subway. Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 34,000 locations around the world. Subway understands that it takes more than just good food to nourish people and build vibrant communities. It starts with taking care of people, the heart and soul of the Subway experience.

Giving the next generation the chance to receive the best education possible is one approach to care for people. Subway will launch the School-in-the-Box program to mark its 26th anniversary in collaboration with Critical Links and e-Dris.


Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative e-Learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools, especially in challenging environments. E-Dris, on the other hand, is a company that offiers online and offline education through Micro-Cloud Architecture, Hybrid Learning or through Instant Access or Content.

“The past two years has shown us how important internet connectivity is for our children. Those with better internet connectivity do much better in school because of better access to online educational resources,” said Mr. Joshua Wahiman, Marketing Manager of Subway.

“Our partnership with Critical Links and e-Dris will be able to benefit more children so that they will have a better opportunity to achieve excellence in education,” he added.

Under the School-in-a-Box initiative, schools that do not have access to the internet will be given an opportunity to optimize technology and allow students to benefit from a 21st century education. The program will be piloted in a school in Metro Manila that has infrastructure limitations such as power outages and fluctuations and is often cut off from the Internet and cloud based resources due to the lack of regular or robust connectivity.

“This will be our way of supporting the Department of Education in the attainment of their goal of bridging the digital divide,”  Mr. Joshua Wahiman said .

Cloud based environment

The program will utilize the C3 Micro-Cloud, a self-contained, cloud-enabled environment that allows the provisioning of content, resources, and management to local students and teachers even if they do not have access to the Internet. The server can support up to 50 devices at a time and is ideal for a library, laboratory or a facility room.

“Content in the form of texts and other resources can be centrally curated in the C3 Cloud Control portal by those responsible for curriculum and distributed to any authorized C3 Micro-Cloud regardless of where it is, whenever a network link becomes available,” Atty. Rainier Butalid (CEO of e-DRIS Inc.) and  Syed Darwish Bederi III , of Critical links explained.

Any school can employ podcasts, e-books, quizzes, and learning games with the C3 Micro-Cloud, allowing students to actively seek out and gather information under the direction of their teachers rather than passively getting simply the hardcopy of material found in books.

“This School-in-the-Box initiative is going to be a game changer in the provinces because even if there is limited or sporadic bandwidth, lack of connectivity, rigid security and usage restrictions, schools can use the C3 Micro-Cloud to bring 21st century learning and discovery to their students,” Mr. Joshua Wahiman   of Subway said.

“Together with our partners, we will be opening a world of learning and opportunity to students in schools anywhere,” he added.






Subway® Celebrates its amazing 26 Years in serving delectable foods in the Philippines

As they commemorate 26 years of serving fresh and delectable food in the Philippines, Subway® has achieved an extraordinary milestone. Their event held at Axis Filinvest Tower 1 in Muntinlupa, attended by members of the media, influencers, and partners. Its location here in the Philippines reinforces its brand promise of supplying only the fresh ingredients to its customers in a small gathering hosted at the largest Subway® Restaurant in the Philippines. I’m so glad to be able to attend the event as it is such a fun-filled experience meeting with people and acquiring new knowledge from them. I, for one, am a huge fan of Subway as it is my comfort food, aside from the taste and flavors they didn’t just stay conventional they uphold to bring the best taste and flavors for us and through innovating they last and expand more for people who love the foods they served.

Penetrating a dominant rice-eating market, Subway® rose to the challenge and established a niche as the “fresher brand for me and thus my #BetterChoice” with its customizable and signature sandwiches, wraps and salads. Subway® continues to offer flavorful better-for-you options that are convenient, affordable and made fresh to order.

Subway® Philippines Territory Manager Jean Gargarino shared in her speech, “Subway® Philippines has come a long way since our first franchise, and it continues to expand to multiple areas in the country thanks to the efforts of our crew, our loyal guests, and to you, our partners in the media.”

Subway® Philippines Marketing Manager Joshua Wahiman shares: “The Subway® brand has earned a global reputation of offering fresher alternatives to traditional fast foods. Subway® has always provided better choices to our guests. We are honored to continue giving the ‘feel good’ food to many Filipinos, especially during the pandemic.”

Wahiman adds, “The search for quality of food is important and critical to us. At Subway® we will uphold our brand promise of becoming the #BetterChoice for our guests.”

Subway® will add more locations as the brand develops across the nation; 40 restaurants are expected to open by year’s end.

For additional information, go to              





Not your typical bakery, Overdoughs

Do you want to do good and at the same time enjoy good food?

You should go to Overdoughs, which serves delicious chunky cookies, also known as Chonky Cookies, brownies, or brookies, as well as pizza and fries.

“I wanted to start a food business and I was looking at trends around and then I realized there were different kinds of donuts that were not being served here. So that is what I wanted to introduce to the market,” related Francis Carl Reyes, CEO and Founder of Caravan Food Group Inc., the company behind Overdoughs and Elait!

“However, there have been a lot of recreations of Overdoughs because we started with donuts, donut holes and then we transitioned to fried cookie dough and then we transitioned to baked cookies. That’s where we are now,” he added.

If you enjoy ice cream, Overdoughs also sells Elait ice cream, which allows consumers to see as their favorite flavors are rolled into the ice cream in front of them.

Deaf partners

That’s the good food part. The doing good part is that customers who buy Overdough’s many products are providing employment and opportunities for most of their employees who are deaf.

“I remember an experience before when I was a teenager visiting a clothing shop. The employees at the shop were all at the cashier talking to each other. And then there was a guy who approached me but he was not talking. He was trying his best to really assist me and it was then that I noticed that there was a name tag and the word deaf was placed there,” related Reyes.

That was Reyes’ first experience with a deaf person who he felt was the “epitome of good customer service. No matter who you are, he is going to assist you. No judgement.” That experience made him decide that he would employ deaf partners for his store.

He tried out the partner program initially with Elait. When he saw that it was doing well, he implemented it at Overdoughs. Initially, Reyes started with two able and two deaf partners and he would be observing how they were doing their jobs.

“I saw that the customers were interacting with them. And we made sure that we put a system in place where the customers and the deaf partners will have an easy time. Then we have LED writing board where people can communicate easily,” Reyes said.

Sign language

He also posted basic sign language in all the branches so that customers can learn how to communicate with them.

“Currently we have around 30 deaf partners. We had more pre-pandemic but we had to retrench because we had to close some of our branches. So far we have 12 branches,” Reyes said.

In the future, Reyes hopes to convert more of their Overdoughs outlets in to cafes so that customers get to savor their other products like pizzas, fried chicken, fries and empanadas.

Overdoughs currently has one such outlet in Greenhills where customers can not only enjoy good food but do good as well.

“We really want to offer the full experience and hopefully, we can also start providing sign language classes so that our customers can eat, can learn and can interact,” he said.

Visit and @overdoughsph on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more details about Overdoughs.







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McDonald’s opens its first green location restaurants with solar power

The newest solar-powered McDonald’s store in Arayat, Pampanga. These solar panels will become a significant source of electricity for the restaurant, providing employees and customers with clean and renewable energy.

McDonald’s Philippines, primarily owned and run by Chairman & Founder Dr. George T. Yang, is ready to deepen its Green & Good initiative, the company’s commitment to the environment, by developing innovative and sustainable restaurant solutions in more of its new outlets around the country.

McDonald’s has been testing and learning green solutions for sustainable restaurant practices at two Green & Good flagship restaurants in Manila and Mandaluyong since 2020. Previously, the business undertook a pilot test to investigate rooftop solar power systems in its Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, and Malasiqui, Pangasinan stores.

McDonald’s pilot test for solar power rooftop in its Malasiqui, Pangasinan store.

Today, McDonald’s is now set to roll out its first batch of new stores in Arayat, Pampanga and Ligao, Albay to be solar-powered. These stores are equipped with grid-tied/on-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) systems connected to the local utility grid and is a cost-effective option to supplement energy requirements. With potentially more than 70,000 KWH in estimated annual power generation, equivalent to approximately less 17,000 kg of CO2 emissions. With the solar rooftop being its significant source of electricity, McDonald’s will be able to power these stores with clean and renewable energy, enhancing its other sustainable solutions for its restaurants.

“McDonald’s Philippines is embarking on our journey towards becoming a better McDonald’s for the environment. We recognize the role we play and the impact we can make by committing to learn and scale initiatives that reduce waste and emissions”, shared McDonald’s Philippines President & CEO Kenneth S. Yang. “Our goal is for our stores to become sustainable developments that feature sustainable restaurant solutions that enable waste reduction, energy conservation, upcycling, and inclusive dining solutions.”

McDonald’s pilot test for solar power rooftop in its Quezon Avenue, Quezon City store.

Similar to its existing branches in U.N. Del Pilar Manila and Shaw Wack-Wack Mandaluyong, the new stores will also feature solar lamp posts, photo and motion sensors, and high-performance glass film as part of its utility efficiency solutions, as well as eco-friendly air conditioning for less energy consumption. Green building solutions such as light gauge steel frames, ecopavers/panels and concrete fiber are incorporated as well. Meanwhile, sustainable packaging, proper waste disposal, and active mobility continue to be part of Green & Good stores’ upcycling and inclusive dining experiences.

This year, the company plans to increase its environmental commitment by constructing more Green & Good flagship stores across the country and converting more of its existing locations to solar power energy.



Cluck Sarap: The Town’s New Roast

Cluck Sarap, a new chicken business in Barangay Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal, opened a few weeks ago. The business sells one of the most delicious and juiciest roasted chickens on the market today. Iloilo is where Cluck Sarap began. Its first store opened four years ago in Villa Arevalo, Iloilo City. It all began with a vision of providing Filipinos with freshly cooked, flavorful, and affordable cuisine. The concept originates from a family-owned broiler-growing enterprise. As one of the largest poultry producers in the Visayas, the firm behind Cluck Sarap decided that offering ready-to-eat items made largely from their own-grown birds would better serve their customers.

Since then, Cluck Sarap has expanded to serve most of the municipalities in Iloilo. Currently, it’s one of the fastest growing chicken rotisserie chains in the region. It also has opened branches in other provinces such as Antique, Capiz, Aklan, Negros Occidental, Leyte and Cebu.  Most recently, it opened its first store in Luzon, the San Mateo, Rizal branch. To date, Cluck Sarap has grown to a total of 40 branches.

Cluck Sarap is known for its perfectly roasted chicken.  Their classsic roasted chicken is made with quality fresh chicken and natural herbs and spices.  Fresh dressed chickens are marinated before roasting in an oven rotiserrie, where the juiciness of the chicken is preserved. The ideal blend of Cluck’s unique marinate, coupled with natural herbs such as rosemary and lemon grass, yields an aromatic and tasty roasted chicken treat that every family will love.  Truly, Cluck Sarap’s Roasted Chicken is worth the price.  As most Ilonggos would say, “Sulit Gid!” #NamitNaPraktipalPa

Cluck outlets are expected to open in Antique, Guimaras, and Cebu this year. Visit us on Facebook at and on Instagram at





McDonald’s has brought back Minion Mischief, but there’s more in store for families than the new Happy Meal collection!

New Minions-themed Happy Meal boxes

The world’s most popular little yellow troublemakers have returned! This time, in the Minions: The Rise of Gru film, to wreck havoc with a young Gru in his 1970s suburban neighborhood. The charming Minions Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and their newest buddy Otto go to great lengths to win back Gru when he gets the chance to join “The Vicious Six,” the world’s worst villains, in this movie episode, which hits Philippine theaters on June 29. Fans of the franchise will be pleased to learn that the Minions will not only return to the big screen in June, but will also be coming to McDonald’s stores with the introduction of the new Minions 2 Happy Meal collection!

With 12 new Minion toys to collect in fresh new Minions-themed Happy Meal boxes, families and friends alike will have new spontaneous mischief and adventure to unlock! Each new toy gives a fun activity to make playtime more exciting— like Gru’s Rocket Rider with a freewheeling rocket bike that zooms forward, Skatin Stuart who gives a surprise jump out of his skates upon the slightest tap, Jackhammer Brian who bounces up and down upon pushing his hard hat, and many more! To collect all of the quirky yellow creatures, customers can order the Minions 2 Happy Meal starting June 10!

If you are craving for something cheesy and delicious, try the NEW Chicken McNuggets 3-Cheese Dip. The triple cheese goodness- oozing cheddar, cream cheese and parmesan- offer an exciting twist to the crowd-favorite Chicken McNuggets! This is available for all 4-pc, 6-pc, or a 10-pc Chicken McNuggets offers.

Minions corner for your family groupfie

The Minions experience does not end there. McDonald’s stores are all dressed-up for this mischievous comeback! Immerse yourself in everything yellow and blue when you visit your favorite McDonald’s store! Add excitement by inviting the whole family to pose for a Minion groupfie!

Inside the house, Minion Mischief Missions await you, allowing you to embark on family adventures! Follow McDonald’s on Facebook for the latest news and announcements. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Order a Minions 2 Happy Meal now for a one-of-a-kind Minions experience.








Strong finish in Q1: McDonald’s Philippines poised for full recovery in 2022

Left photo. (From L-R:) McDonald’s PH President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang, McDonald’s Corporation Chief Executive Officer Chris Kempczinski and McDonald’s PH Master Franchise Holder and Chairman, Dr. George T. Yang at the 2022 McDonald’s Worldwide Convention in Orlando, Florida
Right photo. McDonald’s new store in Hermosa, Bataan

With the Philippine economy on the rise, McDonald’s Philippines, majority owned and controlled by Dr. George T. Yang (Chairman & Founder) and Kenneth Yang (President & CEO), is positioned for sustainable development and recovery in 2022.

Despite the Omicron rise in January, McDonald’s remained resilient and maintained its recovery pace in the first quarter of 2022. With its safe, excellent cuisine, innovative services, focus on assisting its employees and communities in need, and being a partner of the government in navigating through the epidemic, it maintained its commitment to being a trusted partner of the Filipino community.

“We’ve overcome the challenges of the past 2 years because of strategic investments on innovations we made before the pandemic, which enabled us to serve a safe and frictionless omni-channel experience for our customers. We are confident that this will continue to drive our growth in 2022.” says President & CEO Kenneth Yang.

McDonald’s Philippines saw double-digit sales increase of 29 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, thanks to strong same-store sales growth of 22 percent. In comparison to 2019, the company has accomplished 100% of its sales recovery plan.

“With the ease of restrictions that enabled consumer mobility and confidence, we’re very happy to welcome back more of our customers in our stores.” Yang added. Dine-in sales experienced a double-digit increase from February to March of this year and continued to pick up in April as more areas shifted to lower Alert Levels and election campaigns were in full swing.

Drive-thru and delivery continued to perform well in March, with both generating double-digit sales and visitor numbers. The company’s commitment to roll out cashless solutions has facilitated growth across all channels. To far, 86 percent of the company’s stores are cashless.

Robust momentum towards growth

McDonald’s kept its focus on improving the quality and safety of its food and service across all customer channels. It was underscored with initiatives that the company implemented in support of its employees, owner operators and partners.

To ensure safe restaurant operations throughout the pandemic, McDonald’s launched the M Safe program in 2020. According to the company, the principle of M Safe is that if their employees are safe, they will keep customers safe.

Aside from compliance with all government mandated health and safety protocols, McDonald’s rolled out its employee vaccination program with education initiatives and providing access to the vaccines. 100% of its crew and managers have been fully vaccinated, while 70% of NCR employees and 50% of employees outside NCR have already been boosted.

“Nothing is more important to us than people—our customers, our crew, and managers. It is an imperative to have safety programs in place consistently. Keeping our people safe allows us to serve a better customer experience,” said Yang.

McDonald’s has also remained a committed partner in creating a positive difference in communities where they operate.

McDonald’s Philippines through its charity of choice, supports Ronald McDonald House Charities Philippines’ (RMHC) Kindness Kitchen initiative. The Kindness Kitchen began in 2020 where the charity served McDonald’s meals to frontliners and indigent communities. It has served over 700,000 hot meals and continues to do so today.

The company has also been an active partner of the government in navigating the pandemic through a private and public consortium, Task Force T3. It provided support to its Ingat Angat campaigns that aimed to drive awareness on health and safety protocols, importance of vaccination, and building consumer confidence as the country transitions into COVID-19 as an endemic.

Furthermore, McDonald’s takes a step in doing better for the environment with sustainable restaurant innovations through its Green & Good platform. The company opened its first full Green & Good store in the country in 2021, a store designed using green construction and utility efficient solutions with bike-friendly features to meet the needs of cyclists like a Bike & Dine space and a Bike Repair Station.

The company is set to open more new stores this year that are equipped with Green & Good solutions like solar rooftops, and grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which are both cost-effective and efficient in the reduction of emissions.

Another environmentally sustainable initiative McDonald’s Philippines has introduced this year is its use of strawless lids. The strawless lids allow for less waste to be consumed for its iced drinks.

The McDonald’s Flagship Green and Good Store in Mandaluyong is the first McDonald’s store in the country designed using green construction and utility efficient solutions with bike-friendly features to meet the needs of cyclists.

All set for a strong sustainable recovery

McDonald’s ended 2021 with a 671-store base, opening 36 new stores. With every new McDonald’s store that opens, the company provides employment opportunities with its direct hiring practice, which has been in place since 1981. With direct hiring, even part-time students are given equal opportunities because of a flexible work schedule, allowing them to fulfill their academic requirements while earning.

“With over 40,000 employees systemwide, we will remain committed to working with different stakeholders for our shared goal of the country’s full economic recovery. As McDonald’s continues its growth path in 2022, we will be steadfast in our pursuit of sustainable development, employment and community building with even more vigor,” concludes Mr. Yang.




At the Grab Cavite Caravan, Halina’t Magsalo: Grab celebrates wonderful meals with Caviteños.

Filipinos will always be present when there is good cuisine! Grab Caravan, Southeast Asia’s premier superapp, travels to different parts of the Philippines to gather and celebrate the greatest local cuisine options. The Grab Caravan visited Cavite on June 4 after a successful leg in Rizal on May 14! Grab Caravan #CavEATe was an on-the-ground food event that brought together the best foods in Cavite for Cavite’s foodies. I am so grateful that this is my second time to join and attend the event here in Cavite. As usual it never fails to entertain us with their amazing fun filled activities, scrumptious foods and the whole programme. I’m also fortunate that for the second time around I was once again the winner of their game. Indeed it was a great event and the host was very lively and asked the contestant to dance the popular tik tok dance “Paro Paro G,” that entertained us a lot.

I took a picture during the activities while eating the food who participated in the grab food caravanza.

The Grab Caravan’s second leg was held on June 4 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Main Square Mall Activity Center in Bacoor, Cavite. Caviteo foodies were able to sample Korean food, Mozzarella bites, pizza, milk tea, popcorn, and green smoothies from Eomma Korean Foodie, Chizmozza, California Pizza Kitchen, Angel’s Pizza Express, Chachago, Taters, and Go! through the Grab Caravan. Salads!

While enjoying GrabFood’s wide array of food choices, Grab Caravan Cavite gave Caviteños plenty of special offers and activities to be excited about during the day. As they enjoy all their food favorites, Caviteños enjoyed a program filled with music, prizes, games, and more!

  • As they enjoyed their food, Grab Caravan goers were serenaded by the soothing voice of RJ Jimenez, singer and guitarist who gained popularity from reality show Pinoy Dream Academy
  • Games and activities with tons of Grab vouchers and special prizes were also up for grabs from participating food merchants for all attendees!
  • Exclusive Grab discounts and promos were also available all throughout the day for on-ground attendees and nearby customers who wanted to order from the Grab Caravan for delivery.

For a safer and more convenient experience, the Grab Caravan went cashless, accepting payments via GrabPay and Debit/Credit card. With Self Pick-up as the main ordering method for the Grab Caravan, attendees were also encouraged to have their Grab app ready for a more seamless and sulit ordering process.

Grab is spreading the celebration to more cities, bringing more Filipinos together over their love of food! In the next few days, the Grab Caravan will be hitting Visayas and Mindanao, so stay tuned for updates as Grab continues to celebrate Filipinos’ love for food! Follow Grab on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or visit to learn more about the Grab Caravan festivities and to stay up to current on the newest news and promos.