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McDonald’s Philippines strengthen on safety commitment and more accessible to consumers

McDonald Philippines always comply with the government guidelines and very strict to follow their global standard for safety, food quality and cleanliness as the country remains under quarantine. Also their committed to find ways for Filipinos to continue enjoying their McDonald’s favorites, in the restaurant as well as in their homes.

The three Guiding Principles of McDonald’s:

  1. Protecting the PEOPLE – committed to our people
  2. Protecting the BRAND – brand purpose to build trust
  3. Protecting the BUSINESS – prudence in saving/investing

“Quality, service, safety, cleanliness and value have always been part of McDonald’s philosophy when it comes to operating its restaurants. As we continue to bring feel good moments for Filipinos in the new normal. We constantly strengthen all our practices and protocols for our customers, employees and partners” says Mr. Kenneth Yang, President and CEO McDonald Philippines

The company has also released a video on its M Safe Program, featuring their President and CEO, Kenneth Yang. Watch it here:

With the recent resumption of dine-in services, McDonald’s Philippines has shared how they have elevated their commitment to quality, service, safety and cleanliness with stringent policies for both their customers and employees:

Employees also now follow enhanced stringent safety protocols:

  • daily submission of health check forms
  • temperature checks before and after every shift
  • increased hand washing frequency to every 30 minutes
  • provision of M Safe Care kits, including vitamins to help them take better care of their health.

For customers, the number of those entering the stores will be managed:

  • The following are implemented before entering the store: ‘no mask, no entry,’ temperature check, hand and footwear disinfection, and completion of a health check form.
  • In stores, physical distancing in all areas including order queues and dine-in areas willbe observed.
  • Table service is done for dine-in customers to avoid any crowding in the claim area.
  • Counter and table shields are also in place, among many other precautionary measures in-store.
  • More importantly, a dedicated safety manager is assigned in every store to ensure all protocols are followed, and goes the extra mile of  offering hand sanitizer to customers every 30 minutes.
  • To better improve its safety protocols, McDonald’s also encourages customers to send their feedback to [email protected].

“While we have reopened our doors for dine-in, and as we gain the confidence of our consumers with our elevated measures, we also acknowledge that a large population of Filipinos still choose to eat at home. Because of this, the omni channel approach that we have prioritized since 2011 has become very relevant today in making our products more accessible to consumers while ensuring their safety. With the introduction of the M Group Selections and our no touch channels, we are hopeful that our consumers will be able to satisfy their cravings at the comfort and safety of their homes. We will continue to find ways to delight our consumers as we navigate through the new normal,” says Margot B. Torres, Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines.

McDonald introduces more convenient ways to order and enjoy food:

1.More ways to safely enjoy McDonald’s favorites

Committed to ensure the safety of customers while making their meals more accessible, McDonald’s constantly introduces digital innovations to continue providing delicious food and feel-good moments to consumers.

As a forerunner in digital transformation among quick service restaurants, McDonald’s introduces a new ordering channel. With the Facebook Messenger chatbot, consumers can conveniently place their orders online. Through this initiative, McDonald’s allows an enhanced customer experience as they are able to place their orders ahead, schedule delivery or pick up at a designated time and preferred branch that is convenient for them.

The brand has also introduced Park, Order and Pay in some stores wherein customers will just park, order from a McDonald’s crew without leaving the car, pay and wait for their order to be brought to them.

2.M Group Selections

Another new offer which allows small groups to celebrate with McDonald’s food at good value, available via McDelivery, Drive Thru, Pick up or Take Out. With this initiative, customers are able to mix and match from the five (5) Group Selections food products depending on their preference and budget. Included in the offers such as World Famous French Fries, Best Tasting Chicken McDo (original and spicy), Chicken McNuggets, McSpaghetti and plain rice.

At the same time, McDonald’s continues to be available and accessible through platforms such as McDelivery, GrabFood, and FoodPanda. Check out delicious deals and other special offers through its McDonald’s app available on Android and iOS.


Former HSBC Head of Mortgages Backs Philippines’ First Mortgage Broker

Steve Martinelli, the former HSBC Head of Mortgages has backed fintech, Nook, the Philippines’ first mortgage broking firm. Martinelli joins other top banking executives along with Australian entrepreneur, Chris Elder, as the group capitalizes on the growing yet underserved markets of South East Asia.

Nook is streamlining the home loan process in a country that has traditionally been very manual in its loan application process. It’s a throwback to a previous era in countries like Australia. “For board members like me, Nook is an opportunity to bring lessons learned during the growth years of mortgage broking in Australia as it became established as the number one way to apply for a home loan in the country. It’s like a ‘do over’ for us which is a great boost to Nook as it looks set to replicate history and establish mortgage broking in the Philippines”, added Martinelli.

As an emerging market, the Philippines has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the region and strong residential real estate loans growth which makes it the ideal location for the firm to expand from. The fintech has already tapped some of the biggest banks in the country for its lending panel as it moves fast to capture market share and change the way the country applies for home loans.

According to a survey done by New Perspective Media Group in 2019, property assets remain the top investment choice for most Filipinos who are still considering property as an investment in the country, specifically in locations such as Metro Manila, and outer areas such as Cavite and Laguna.

Commenting on the board appointment, Nook Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chris Elder, stated: Having Steve join the firm is a big win for Nook. His distinguished career and seasoned experience will help to accelerate Nook’s growth, as well as secure future investment capital.”

A 25-year veteran of the mortgage lending industry, Martinelli was also a former executive at Aussie Home Loans where he served as GM for Distribution and Operations. Aussie Home Loans, Australia’s largest mortgage broking firm where Steve served was part of the senior team during its fast growth years. He was also a Foundation Director for General Motors’ financial ‘startup’ GMAC-RFC and was COO and Head of New Zealand for Bluestone Asset Management.

Demonstrating the market’s need for alternative housing loan services, Nook saw a large spike in new housing loan applications and inquiries during the pandemic lockdown period. Nook offered one of the very few ways people could still move ahead with a housing loan in the Philippines during the community quarantine, showing how technology can truly be transformative and enabling for consumers. Using Nook, a potential borrower can find a suitable housing loan and receive assistance throughout the application process – all done virtually and for free.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has damaged large parts of economies around the world, the pandemic has actually been ideal timing for Nook as the country quickly moves to adopt technology and looks for easier and safer ways to complete daily life. Although the firm is looking to establish more offline channels through corporate partnerships, the shift to digital in the country has definitely been a boost to the company.

For Nook, the backing of more experienced executives strengthens its future growth plans. The company states that it has grown tremendously since its launch at the beginning of the year, a testament to the conveniences of the home loan service it brings.

“We realized that there is indeed a sizeable number of Filipinos who would pursue their dreams of buying a home if the process were quicker, easier and more simple. This is the problem that Nook solves,” said Martinelli.

For more details, visit Nook’s official website at or advisors Alamat Capital –



Pizza Hut celebrating Riders’ Pizza Day

Mark your calendar on June 30, 2020, Pizza Hut will be celebrating Riders’ Pizza Day. The delivery riders will be given a box of free pizza for every ala carte order of a Large Super Supreme Pan Pizza that they deliver. In this way it’s worth giving back our gratitude and appreciation to delivery riders where they take their risk on the road just to make sure that we get our food orders in time.

Under the promo, Pizza Hut will give a box of Regular Hawaiian Supreme Handstretched Pizza for free to the corresponding delivery rider for every ala carte order of a Large Super Supreme Pan Pizza, one of Pizza Hut’s most beloved pizza flavors made with nine delicious toppings on Pizza Hut’s signature Pan Pizza. Orders can be made through Pizza Hut’s hotline 8911-11-11 for metro manila orders,#11111 for provincial orders, via their website, or through their food delivery partners GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Pizza Hut Marketing Manager, Lorent Adrias said, “Pizza Hut values the everyday modern-day delivery hero, which is why we decided to honor their hard work through this initiative. It’s our own simple way of giving back to our delivery partners for helping us bring food safely to countless Filipino homes.”

Don’t miss out on the latest deals and promos from Pizza Hut by visiting their official Facebook page at





Jollibee Group Foundation Partners with Non-Governmental Organization

Together with the Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilya ng Pantawid (SNPP) the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability-East Asia Pacific (ANSA-EAP), the Jollibee Group has distributed some 215,000 food packs to communities in need as part of its FoodAID Program (Photo credit: SNPP).

Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF) is the social responsibility arm of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), one of the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant companies in the world. JGF implements programs on agriculture, education, and disaster response with partner communities nationwide. The JGF has already donated million-worth of meals for frontliners and families in need from March to May this year.

Many families have been severely affected by the ongoing pandemic, reason that the Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF) partnered with the Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilya ng Pantawid (SNPP) and the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability-East Asia Pacific (ANSA-EAP) to distribute some 215,000 food packs to families in need across 42 cities and municipalities in Luzon and Visayas.

SNPP is an independent organization composed of parent-leaders who are also members of the government’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. It has around 80,000 household-members across the country. ANSA-EAP, on the other hand, is an inter-country resource facility for social accountability, and is SNPP’s institutional partner for providing leadership and skills-building seminars.

SNPP and ANSA-EAP’s established network enabled JGF to systematically identify affected communities that became direct beneficiaries of food packs from Jollibee Group.

“In times of crisis, access to food is always a major concern. During this pandemic, the spirit of bayanihan is very much alive and we are humbled by how Filipinos from all walks of lives came forward to find ways to bring assistance during these uncertain times.” said JGF Executive Director Gisela Tiongson. “Being mindful of social distancing while doing food distribution required new ways of doing things. Our NGO partners, including SNPP and ANSA-EAP, made it possible to deliver food quickly and directly to the homes of those who need it the most.”

“Dahil matibay ang samahan ng SNPP, mahusay ang naging distribution—organized at may social distancing. Natuto ang parent-leaders sa tamang pagdi-distribute,” said SNPP president Jaina Catacio. “Sa mga beneficiary, hindinilaakalainna may ipamimigay talagana Jollibee chicken packs. Naiyak at naluha sila, hindi akalain na matutugunan ang tawag ng tiyan, (Because of the strong structure and relationships within SNPP, the organization was able to help keep the distribution organized while ensuring social distancing. The parent-leaders even learned about how to properly conduct the distributions. The beneficiaries could hardly believe that there were Jollibee chicken packs that would be distributed. There were some in tears because they did not expect that their hunger would be addressed).”

The Jollibee Group Foundation has brought its coin banks online to give the public a convenient way to donate and help feed even more frontliners and families who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jollibee Group FoodAID Program

The food distribution effort is part of Jollibee Group’s FoodAID Program wherein the company earmarked P220 million-worth of food donations. From March 15 to May 10, 2020, the Jollibee Group and its non-government partners have already served over 3.8 million meals to frontliners and families all over the country.

“Even now when the community quarantine restrictions have been eased in many regions, many families are still need our help,” said Tiongson. “Together with our partners, we are exploring more ways to help even more families.”

To give the public a convenient way to actively take part in the Food AID Program, the JGF has recently taken the coin banks that used to be found only on the counters of Jollibee Group stores and made them available online.

Donations to the Jollibee Group’s digital coin bank will be used to bring food packs directly to the doorsteps of families in need through the help of JGF’s partner non-governmental organizations, including SNPP and ANSA-EAP.

For interested donors, they may donate through online bank transfer to the Foundation’s Metrobank (Acct. No: 473-7-473-01406-4; Swift Code: MBTCPHMM) and RCBC (Acct. No: 1253-10519-0) accounts, or via PayMaya (


The Steve McQueens new Single, ‘Firefly’

Singapore nu-jazz band The Steve McQueens have dropped their long-awaited brand new single ‘Firefly’ via Singapore based indie label Umami Records. It is their first release in 143 weeks following their acclaimed full-length album, ‘TERRAЯIUM’ in 2017. The latest song comes fresh off the band’s ‘Nerd Lounge’ tour at the start of the year where they played shows at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Tokyo Big Romantic Jazz Festival and the Esplanade Singapore.

It finds new ways to redefine the band’s signature sound with dynamic arrangements, neo-soul grooves, and daring sonic ideas. The ethereal new track serves as the lead single of The Steve McQueen’s new EP, Tape Ends, scheduled to land on digital and streaming platforms on 7 August 2020.

The band is also currently writing and recording new material for their fifth album, The Observer to be released in 2021. According to the four-piece outfit, “The Observer stands apart as an indifferent spectator at the ongoing culture clash between the jazz traditionalists and the new guard, smiling quietly to himself and making music.”

About The Steve McQueens

The Steve McQueens refuse to be pedestrian; they don’t live in the transient, or the touch-and-go. Swerving between cool seduction and gripping magnetism, they are ambitious to light the world up with their progressive brand of self-titled, neo-vintage soul funk.

They have played to growing attention at festivals like the Tokyo Jazz Festival and Summersonic (Japan), Java Jazz (Indonesia), SingJazz (Singapore), Melbourne International Jazz Fest (Australia) and Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Korea).

The quartet formed in 2013 as a forging of four mercurial talents in Singapore, a small country punching above its weight in Southeast Asia’s music scene. Critically acclaimed, The Steve McQueens will leave an indomitable mark on any listener with their music.



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Ortigas Malls pioneers mall innovations for all mall-goers

Innovation could be the call of the mall during these challenging times. The Ortigas Malls usually first to host of new innovations to ensure that Filipinos enjoy a safe, secure, and convenient trip to the mall.

Alongside their heightened safety protocols, these innovations are just a few of the new services of Ortigas Malls as they continue to provide a unique malling experience for all their patrons:


In an effort to support all tenants as they bounce back from the health crisis, Ortigas Malls is providing an avenue for them to maximize their online presence through the Live Studio  – a content creation hub located inside the mall for all tenants to showcase different products and explain their features in a live feed. A fun and interactive way to learn about what Greenhills, Tiendesitas and Estancia tenants have to offer. Each studio will be equipped with a complete camera and lighting setup for them to shoot their updates, latest deals and newest products that consumers can watch safely at home.


Going beyond the usual shopping experience, Ortigas Malls is enhancing its on-the-ground services to provide an added convenience to shoppers and to maximize their time in Greenhills Mall. With their Shop N Wash initiative, a new Car Wash service that is now available, lets you save precious time by getting a car wash while completing your shopping chores. Shoppers can request for the carwash service upon getting into the Greenhills parking ground.

Through these new malling innovations, Ortigas Malls is reinventing the malling experience for their consumers with safety, efficiency and convenience as their top priority.

For more information you may check their official Facebook pages – Greenhills Mall, Estancia at Capitol Commons and Tiendesitas. Get quick and real time updates by joining their viber community at Join Ortigas Malls Ortigas Malls on Viber.


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Get the germ protection for your sensitive skin with the new Safeguard Gentle Micellar

Since the COVID- 19 pandemic began the world has changed dramatically. Not only our social, occupational and personal lives but several skin conditions have emerged. A lot of people who have this experience reactions such as itching, burning, or redness when it comes into contact with skin care products that trigger their skin’s sensitivities. Antibacterial products may not be the first thing that comes to mind but areas of dry, flaky skin or swollen skin can actually be an entry point for germs.

Given today’s uncertain times, we need to be able to give our skin the germ protection it deserves. Thankfully, the new breakthrough Safeguard Gentle Micellar Face and Body Cleanser is here so we no longer need to compromise between getting gentle skin care and germ protection for our face and body!

The use of precautionary measures, including Safeguard Gentle Micellar series is paraben free, offers 99.9% germ protection and is as gentle as fresh water on the skin with its Micellar technology. It also has three variants:  Unscented, Berries & Pear and Coconut & Peach to suit your sensitive skin needs. Also essential in preventing steps taken during the pandemic.

As we continue to navigate through our new normal, here are simple ways you can keep your sensitive skin happy, germ protected, and functioning at its healthiest according to  board-certified dermatologist, founder of Derm HQ and co-founder of BeautiqueMD Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas.

  1. Less is always more. One of the best ways you can care for your sensitive skin is to make sure you don’t overuse your face and body. Washing or exfoliating it too much may weaken your skin’s barrier, allowing external irritants such as dirt, dust and other bacteria to penetrate the skin easily.
  2. Make sure to read the ingredients in the products you want to try. The best way to manage sensitive skin is to identify and avoid products that contain ingredients that trigger its sensitivity. Products that are paraben free and dermatologically tested can be considered. If you’re experiencing pre-existing skin conditions, it is also important to consult with your doctor or dermatologist.
  3. Strengthen your skin’s first line of defense with Micellar technology. Micellar consists of purified water, hydrating moisturizers and gentle surfactants that amply work on sensitive skin too. One of the most vital ingredients in Micellar water is micelles—these are minuscule concentrated molecules that are both water-loving and oil-loving. These help ensure the skin’s moisture remains intact as it cleanses one’s skin.

Give your skin the #GentleGermProtection it needs today! Check it out in Lazada and supermarkets nationwide.

Find out more on the Safeguard Gentle Micellar series on Safeguard’s Facebook page











“LalabanTayo” , A Special Tribute To Frontliners

UE Jam Sessions (UEJS) pay tribute music video to the frontliners of the country, who are risking their lives amidst the pandemic crisis with original song, “LalabanTayo” is now released via 12 Stone Records. Also the UEJS, the premiere music organization in University of the East.

“LalabanTayo” was written by Jenny Legapi, arranged by Choi Felipe, and executive produced by Tommy Tanchanco. Featuring 34 singers and musicians from UEJS Manila and UE Caloocan, the collaborative effort was recorded and filmed during the lockdown period in the confines of their own homes.

Despite the limited resources and massive challenges that the students have to go through in the recording process, they were able to improvise and produce a studio-recording quality of the uplifting pop-rock anthem that champions the daring and uncompromised sacrifices of our modern day heroes. It’s their contribution for all the hard work that our medical, security and essential frontliners had to endure during these uncertain times.

“As we move forward in these trying times, we put our hopes in one another,” 12 Stone Records CEO Tommy Tanchanco shares. “Reshaping our lives this quarantine can never be easy for all of us, but still, let us not forget those people who risk their own lives on the front line and go beyond their call of duty.”

Its accompanying music video, which was edited by Cher Manulit, interspersed individual recordings from the participating student-musicians with inspiring clips showcasing the acts of kindness and compassion of our frontliners, particularly those in the medical field.






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Profitable HOME Business from your KITCHEN


Are you planning to start a home business or just a working from home. Start new venture especially now that we’re experiencing pandemic and we need to stay at home. And majority of us love food, with that you can start a work from home business from your kitchen.

If you’re looking for ways to augment your income during these challenging times, you don’t need to look farther than your kitchen to start a business. As you may have observed, many Filipinos have already started putting up their own little ventures by offering something that we all love—food.

The Vice President for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Philippines, Ms. Cherish Ong-Chua. Hanabishi is one of the leading home appliances in the country and paved the way for its tagline “Kapartner from Start to Forever.” Ms. Chua graduated with a degree of Marketing at De La Salle University- Taft and being a homemaker she would like to share some tips on how to start your home business in the midst of pandemic. From ube pandesal to baked sushi, to new twists to fries and cheesecakes, our enterprising kababayans have shown their resiliency and inventiveness through these food ventures.

If you’d like to start a home business from your kitchen, here are some tips that may help you in establishing one:

  1. Think of the product you want to offer.

Are you or someone in your family good in baking or cooking? Capitalize on your skill and passion in determining the product you want to offer.

  1. Know your target market.

Ask yourself if the product you’d like to put out there has a market. Food, for one, can have an immediate market—your family, colleagues, and friends.

  1. Make your product worth your customers’ money.

Of course it goes without saying that you have to ensure that the items you sell should satisfy your customers. Offer products that they will like so that they can tell their other friends and relatives about it. This way, more people will be interested in your products.

  1. Invest in good equipment.

If you’re going to pursue a business in food, make sure that you have quality equipment. At Hanabishi, we have a range of products that can help you with your cooking and baking needs. broilers, grillers, fryers, and electric cookers. For those who are into baking, we have our mixers, food processors, ovens, and more.

  1. Make it more convenient for customers to purchase your products.

For example, most businesses have gone online these days and customers can easily buy the product of their choice and have it delivered safely and securely to their home. We have been running our e-commerce site for about two years now and with the new conditions dictated by the pandemic, we had to review its system and implement the necessary updates in its features to address the anticipated influx of online shoppers. Our customers can now easily place an order with just a few clicks and taps on their computers and mobile devices. Likewise, we are now offering them the option to have their products delivered or picked up from our warehouse.

  1. Set up a Facebook or Instagram account.

Most Filipinos are social media users and being on FB and IG makes you more visible to them. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen Home panel Tack-on survey, 49 percent of Filipinos who shop groceries online prefer Facebook. In making your goods available through these social media apps, make sure that you take good photos. Food, most especially, need to look delicious and enticing to attract customers.

  1. Be forward-looking.

Expect challenges to come your way and make sure you keep up with consumers’ changing behavior. It’s not easy, but with hard work and foresight, success will come your way.

For more information about Hanabishi, please visit and like them on Facebook:


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The Top Nutrition Myths Commonly Believed and the Facts That You Must Know

It’s hard to know where to start with so many nutrition myths that we gather and with all the information at our fingertips today. Even internet is rife with misinformation, we need to gather the evidence based by reading the original research. Since myths can be spread like a wildfire through social media, blogs and even print media. Then we seldom think to verify it but we treat it as fact. In my opinion, common nutrition myths gives more harm, rather than help your health.

“The prevalence of nutrition myths on the Internet has led to widespread confusion over nutrition facts versus fiction. Not only do the majority of consumers believe that consuming carbohydrates alone will result in weight gain, many of them also believe that less protein is required as they grow older – which is far from the truth. To help address these nutrition information gaps, we have been working with leading health and nutrition experts to make accurate nutritional knowledge widely available for Asia Pacific’s consumers.We believe a collective effort by governments, healthcare institutions and the nutrition industry would be more effective in keeping consumers better informed in the long run, and hope more can partner with us on this journey to help people lead healthier lives,”  said Stephen Conchie, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Herbalife Nutrition.

Premier global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, today released additional findings from its Asia Pacific Nutrition Myths Survey 2020, uncovering that 60 percent of consumers were confused about nutrition facts. The survey was conducted with 5,500 respondents from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,Thailand and Vietnam in March 2020.

In a general nutrition knowledge quiz administered together with the survey, a total of 48 “True or False” questions spanning nine nutrition areas – general nutrition, protein, carbohydrates, fats,vitamins, minerals, caffeine, weight management and breakfast – were presented to survey participants. The results revealed that less than a quarter (23%) of the respondents scored passing marks (answered half or more of the questions correctly).

The quiz also found that the top three areas with the biggest nutrition knowledge gaps were:

  • Minerals: only 28% of respondents answered the questions in the category correctly
  • Caffeine: only 33% of respondents answered the questions in the category correctly
  • Protein: only 34% of respondents answered the questions in the category correctly

Based on the results from the quiz, Herbalife Nutrition also uncovered a list of the top nutrition myths commonly believed by Asia Pacific consumers, with more than six in 10 consumers providing incorrect answers or said that they are unsure of the right answers to the nutrition statements presented to them.

Top Nutrition Myths in Asia Pacific Uncovered by the Survey

Myth #1: Carbohydrates make you gain weight

Fact: Carbohydrates alone don’t cause weight gain; consuming excess calories do. The Herbalife Nutrition Philosophy recommends that carbohydrates form 40 percent of daily calorie intake. Healthy sources of carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains also provide important nutrients like calcium, iron and B vitamins.

Myth #2: Less protein is required as we grow older

Fact: Starting in our early 40s, we may experience a gradual, progressive loss of muscle mass and function known as sarcopenia. This process can be mitigated by boosting protein intake and incorporating resistance exercise as we age.

Myth #3: Caffeine causes dehydration

Fact: While caffeine has diuretic properties, moderate intake of between 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day is unlikely to cause dehydration. A study by Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee also found that coffee can be as hydrating as water.

Myth #4: Peak bone mass can be optimized at any age with sufficient calcium intake

Fact: Our peak bone mass (max bone size and strength) is dependent on calcium intake and reaches its peak by age 30. However, sufficient calcium intake throughout life can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.Calcium supplementation can protect against bone loss at older ages, especially for post-menopausal women who have higher calcium needs.

Myth #5: A ketogenic diet is a healthy way to lose weight

Fact: Very low in carbohydrate, moderate in protein and very high in fat, the ketogenic diet forces the body to rely on body fat for fuel, resulting in weight loss. However, healthy carbohydrates are beneficial to the body, supplying energy, vitamins and minerals. To lose weight sustainably, adopt a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Myth #6: A very low-fat diet is the best way to lose weight

Fact: Studies have shown minimal reductions in weight after the first year from very low-fat diets, making it an ineffective long-term weight loss strategy. In fact, our bodies need some fat to stay healthy, as it helps to build cell membranes and hormones, and aids the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Myth #7: The Glycemic Index is a good tool for choosing the healthiest carbohydrates

Fact: The Glycemic Index measures how the carbohydrate in a food impacts blood sugar levels but cannot be relied on alone for choosing a healthy diet. The amount of carbohydrates you consume as well as what the food is being eaten with also needs to be considered in totality.

Myth #8: Protein powder is not a healthy source of protein as compared to protein from natural foods

Fact: Protein powder can be as good as protein from natural foods if derived from high-quality sources.For instance, soy protein from soybeans is a complete protein, providing a full range of nine essential amino acids for the body’s nutrition requirements.

For more information, please visit

Herbalife Nutrition also encourages investors to visit its investor relations website at as financial and other information is updated and new information is posted.