To become successful, whatever you do, give it 100%

…That is my mantra!

Hello! I’m Maria Victoria Bautista, otherwise known as Vicvic .

I am an expert marketer. For the past 30 years, I’ve been working as the Assistant Advertising Manager of the Journal Group. But right now, I am happily enjoying my retirement but out of great passion, I am continuously serving brands and enterprises as a freelance special projects assistant, still for the Journal Group.

Advertising can be difficult – oh just imagine how hard it is to captivate the consumers. But with marketers like me, businesses are able to run their ads more effectively, leading them to earn bigger profits.

I serve visionary businesses and entrepreneurs who have something of value to share with their audience—people who are focused on delivering value and making a difference in their world.

If you have a service, a message, or a product that is potentially life-changing and if you have a genuine desire to help others with your gifts and unique voice, I can be that person you can tap anytime. I’d love to work with you!

The best thing in doing an effective ad is to make it consumer-oriented. You aren’t in business just for the money—though profits are still important to you. Understand that people drive profits—so you strive to keep people first. In short, be an audience business, and you can achieve that through advertising.

You also might be interested to know . . .

I’m originally from Ilocos Norte. Being the youngest among 5 other siblings (perfectly divided into 3 boys and 3 girls), I became my Daddy’s favorite… Call me spoiled brat but I see it as a precious connection with my Dad up there in heaven. And it was special!

My dad was a mayor for 20 years. I know you get the idea from telenovelas on how busy they can be, but my Dad was different when it comes to tending to family matters.

This Ilocana señorita was born on Aug. 19 (never ask a woman her age, they said :)). I used to be perceived as snobbish – oh no, I wasn’t disposed to friendliness. But my career led me to the warm and welcoming person that I am today. And even if I came from a family full of lawyers – my dad and 2 brothers – and a politician, I can’t say I am into politics.

But enough with the more dramatic part of my life…I want to share with you a few interests we might have in common.

I love to travel – well who doesn’t? I may not be too young anymore, but mind you…I have an adventurous persona in me.

At times, I am a typical woman too who loves shopping and watching movies. Going to the SPA is something I can’t skip every week. But sometimes, I can also be an introvert. I’d stay in my room to watch TV shows or work on my computer the whole day. But when I am back in my trips, I get the best of the place; never ceasing to explore and take on the excitement of visiting new towns and countries.

And for my special skills and talents, I love dancing and fortunately, it loves me too! I’ll have to boast a little too, I am good in Science and Math (and I have awards to prove it!).

And if there’s one secret you should know… I was a frustrated model. I’d love to be on the ramp but my 5’2.5” height didn’t want me up on stage!

Time is Gold

Let me know about you too! Message me and let’s connect!