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Santé Shares Announce Plans to Improve and Invent

Fueled by the company’s desire to grow and expand, Santé celebrates Salvo 2024 with the goal of becoming the innovative leader in the health and wellness industry

Santé, one of the world’s fastest-growing direct-selling and distribution businesses committed to enhancing people’s lives, recently commemorated their Salvo week with two grand events: Sizzle Night at the SMX Convention Center and Salvo 2024 Gala Night at Okada Manila.

One of their greatest events, Salvo 2024 Sizzle Night, drew together over 6,000 company owners, partners, and stakeholders from throughout the nation.

The event, which had the topic “Santé AI: Accelerate, Innovate,” emphasized the company’s dedication to investigating novel approaches to accelerate and innovate not just on their goods and services but also on their entrepreneurs, who consistently set new standards for themselves in the industry.

Santé CEO Joey Marcelo emphasized acceleration and innovation as the company’s key to expanding its mission. This mission centers on making people live better lives by empowering both business owners and Santé itself to explore new opportunities. Their commitment is evident not only with their health and wellness products but also various businesses from services to food and beverage. Santé continues to adapt and explore different verticals for a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

“For the past 17 years, Santé has been a constant advocate for health and wellness, pioneering innovative products and services that empower people to transform their lives. Together with our business owners and stakeholders, we’re poised to accelerate, innovate, and evolve beyond our current definition,” said Marcelo.

Santé New Zealand Managing Director, Peter Hope, shared exciting news about breakthrough increases in yield. Santé barley certified organic by BioGro and grown in the pristine grasslands of New Zealand, has seen production soar from a mere 50kg per hectare to a staggering 1,000 to 1,200kg per hectare.

“This breakthrough solidifies Santé’s position as a global barley authority, not just in the Philippines. It underscores our commitment to continuous acceleration, innovation, and delivering the highest quality health and wellness products and services,” Hope added.

Santé Managing Director for Philippines and Asia 1, Mr. Paul Caluag emphasized the importance of their business owners. “Our Salvo celebration is a way to thank them for their tireless efforts in propelling Santé to new heights. That’s why our message of acceleration and innovation includes them on this journey,” said Caluag.

Santé Brand Ambassador and TV Personality, Kuya Kim Atienza, who attended the Sizzle Night, echoed this sentiment. He highlighted the reason behind why Santé continues to be number one in the health and wellness industry.

“Santé is number one because they stay true to their mission while remaining humble and continuously working hard for acceleration and innovation. Without a doubt, Santé will continue to grow bigger globally because it offers a product that works and it’s a company that everyone can believe in,” Atienza reiterated.

This year’s Salvo celebration included the presentation of prizes and incentives. Santé even raffled off a brand-new automobile to one lucky winner on Sizzle Night.

The purpose of these awards was to acknowledge and pay tribute to the people who were essential to Santé’s success. They became prosperous business owners who still serve as an inspiration to others thanks to their inventiveness and zeal, which drove the company’s acceleration.

Visit the mySanté.com website to find out more about Santé and its offerings in health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellness

Experts Advise Filipinos to Take Caution Against Shingles

(L-R): Archana Rajan, GSK Philippines Adult Vaccines Business Unit Director; Dr. Gio Barangan, GSK Philippines Country Medical Director; So Young Seo, GSK Philippines General Manager; Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, Dermatologist; Dr. Rontgene Solante, Infectious Diseases Specialist; Richard Arboleda, GSK Philippines Communications and Government Affairs Head; Rachel Tongson, Adult Vaccines Marketing Manager, GSK Philippines

Together with the multinational biopharmaceutical company GSK, health specialists launched a national awareness campaign to inform people about the severe viral disease known as shingles and its dangers, impacts, and prevention. Shingles are often disregarded, but if left untreated, they can cause major difficulties, especially in elderly persons. At age 50.1, the likelihood of developing shingles increases significantly. After attending their event, we acquired a lot of information about shingles and how it affects people who have this kind. It is such an informed move for them to educate people and to take such measures to prevent its spread.

The varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox, is the cause of shingles, commonly referred to as Herpes Zoster.2 Anyone who has been exposed to the chickenpox virus may acquire shingles because the virus lays dormant in nerve tissue and can reactivate years later.

The campaign seeks to increase public knowledge of the illness, its effects on quality of life, and the significance of seeking medical advice in order to prevent disease. Additionally, the project aims to dispel myths and offer reliable data directly from medical experts and individuals who have personally experienced the illness.

Shingles causes a painful skin rash that often blisters and scabs over in 10 – 15 days.4-5 According to dermatologist Dr. Irene Robredo-Vitas “karamihan talaga ng may shingles ang unang una talagang nakakakita ay mga dermatologist”.

Beyond a rash, there is a significant chance that shingles can lead to serious complications.6 About 30% of patients with shingles will experience long-term nerve pain.6 One out of four patients with shingles can get infected near the eye which may lead to blindness in some cases.7

Infectious Diseases Specialist, Dr. Rontgene Solante, discussed the burden of the disease.

According to an infectious diseases specialist, Dr. Rontgene Solante, “shingles is not just an ordinary rash. It has complications that can lead to higher morbidity. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and it can also affect your vision. He further added “a characteristic of shingles is that may tumutubo na mga rashes in one side of the body lang, but the more important characteristic is — ito ay napakasakit. It’s very uncomfortable to the point na yung iba, nahirapan silang mag damit, nahihirapan sila gawin housework nila, daily chores nila because of the severe pain.”

One of the guest panelists, Karen Davila, a renowned journalist and shingles sufferer, shared her story to stress the importance of shingles awareness “I have had it twice. I felt depressed, scared, and honestly ashamed. I would not want anybody to experience that.” 

(L-R): Host, Issa Litton; Infectious Diseases Specialist, Dr. Rontgene Solante; Dermatologist, Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas; and Geenette Garcia, Suffered from Shingles 4-times; during the panel discussion of “Sabi Nila: The Truth About Shingles” media launch.

There are myths and misconceptions surrounding shingles, and one of them is that it is a sexually transmitted disease. According to Dr. Rontgene Solante, “hindi sexually transmitted ang shingles. because the shingles virus is the same virus that causes chickenpox. When you get older, your immune system goes down and that’s when the chickenpox virus reactivates and can become shingles.”

No matter how healthy an individual feels, when age 50 or older, one is at risk because the immune system declines with age. Thus, it is crucial to consult a healthcare professional about shingles prevention today.

Some shingles rash pictures

Through educational materials written by medical professionals, the shingles awareness campaign aims to educate people everywhere. In addition, this endeavor seeks to debunk misconceptions and offer precise, trustworthy information so that Filipinos can make knowledgeable decisions regarding their health.

For additional information about shingles, see and speak with your physician.

Find out more at

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Paula’s Choice has fantastic promotions this month that will make you feel good about February!

This February, Paula’s Choice Philippines is here to help you feel great in your own skin with its proven formulas and trusted ingredients

Paula’s Choice Philippines February 2024 Feel Good Event

Several factors can help us feel good about our bodies, including a satisfying night’s sleep, a tasty dinner, a vigorous workout, a nice hair day, fashionable clothing, and more. But wouldn’t it be preferable if our skin served as a physical manifestation of our positive self-esteem?

Feel good with science-backed formulas that work!

The Feel Good Event by Paula’s Choice Philippines will take place from February 13 to February 29, 2024! Get 20% off everything in the store, including best-selling items like the C5 Super Boost Eye Cream, SKIN BALANCING Pore-Reducing Toner, calming body care products, and much more. With these incredible formulas, you may look and feel beautiful since effective skincare makes you smile.

Paula’s Choice Philippines Feel Good Event Products

Get a Feel Good Set worth ₱2,650 for free when you spend a minimum of ₱5,000! Together with travel-sized versions of the 5% Niacinamide Body Serum, Super Hydrate Overnight Mask, and Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA, the Feel Good bundle includes three premium samples of the Skin Revealing Body Lotion 10% AHA.

FREE Feel Good Set

Don’t pass up the opportunity to get these incredible discounts! This February, the time has come to feel fantastic, and that moment is now.

The aforementioned promos are only available at Paula’s Choice Philippines is available on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Aesthetic and Wellness Center Gains Notoriety with Grand Opening of 11th Clinic and First Mall Branch

Passion and dreams fuel endless progress.

Ms. Krystal Tecson- Garalde, Dear Self CEO and Ms. Sai Evangelista, leads the new clinic’s ribbon-cutting event at SM MarketMall Dasmarinas

This dedication is continuously displayed by Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center, which opened its 11th clinic in Dasmarinas, Cavite, and, most significantly, opened its first location inside SM Market Mall.

The Tecson Siblings, the family behind this chain of wellness and aesthetic centers, are excited to open their first clinic and provide affordable, high-quality treatments and services to all Caviteños.

“We are thrilled that the best is yet to come. For we believe that nothing is more surprising than bringing out the best version of ourselves. Join us in this unfolding- to be bold, beautiful and best. Thank you for sharing this momentous event with us,” Krystal Tecson-Garalde, Chief Executive Officer of Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center mentioned in her speech during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

 Family, friends and the brand’s top management attends the opening of the first branch at SM MarketMall

The majority of those in attendance agreed that this historic event on January 13 was a milestone, and it was attended by top brand management, clinic employees, family, and friends.

Ms. Tecson-Garalde emphasized the significance of teamwork, enthusiasm, and commitment in reaching this goal. She also emphasized how crucial it is to establish a secure environment for both customers and staff, as this contributes to Dear Self’s rise to prominence in the metro area as a reliable name in beauty and wellness.

“We also take a beautiful walk through our next pages of success for we see the beauty in helping and making our employees and clients realize the path not only to self-care but also to self-love,” Ms, Tecson-Garalde mentioned.

In the afternoon, the ceremonial ribbon-cutting commenced with a heartfelt prayer. After the top management delivered their meanigful speeches, snacks were served to all attendees.

Unbelievable Journey

Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center is, relatively, one of the newest players in the industry. They will celebrate their fourth year this 2024 but the achievement they constantly get is something incredible to the branch owners and top management.

Mr. Wayne Bramida, Dear Self’s Operations Manager hosts the intimate event at the launch of the newest Dear Aesthetic and Wellnes Center’s branch at SM MarketMall Dasmarinas

They took a major risk when they started running the brand during the pandemic. As the saying goes, only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. What Dear Self has achieved now and continuously attains is definitely the result of them taking the first step during one of the riskiest times to start a business.

Mr. Kenneth Tecson, Chief Marketing Officer of Dear Self, strongly believes that the brand’s business values and the people who started it created a wide chance to achieve this success.

“At the core of Dear Self Aesthetic Center lies a dedication to encouraging self-love, with a firm belief in the unique individuality of each person. Our aim at Dear Self is to instill in all of you the confidence to recognize and appreciate the incredible individuals you are, encouraging the embrace of your beauty from the inside out,” Mr. Kenneth Tecson said.

On the other hand, brand optimization has been part of their brand 2023 that according to Dear Self’s Chief Financial Officer was a really difficult business instance.

“Last year was a difficult one for us. It was two months ago nung inopen ni Dear Self ang next chapter ng journey niya. No one knows kung ano yung ibig sabihin nun that time na nirelaunch natin ang isa sa mga old brands natin. Pero today I am very proud that Dear Self is going inside SM, level up na tayo!” he proudly expressed.

The entire team also discussed the various plans they have for this year and the upcoming years. Among the objectives stated were expanding Visayas, gaining more success through neighboring provinces, and providing new treatments and services using the newest and best equipment.

“New milestones and new successes, these are our continous goals for the brand,” Mr. Christian Tecson ended.

The new Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center branch is located inside the new SM Market Mall, first public-private partnership between a City Government and SM Prime Holdings that features a vertical wet and dry market development complemented by mall facilities.

Visit their social media pages to know more!

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In Calatagan, Batangas, Nawa Wellness Unveils Premier Wellness Sanctuary—Your Path to Wellness Begins Here.

The much awaited wellness resort Nawa Wellness, which draws its inspiration from traditional Filipino wellness knowledge, is happy to announce that it will begin accepting visitors on January 24, 2024. With its remarkable array of amenities and distinctively Filipino rejuvenating experiences, Nawa Wellness, which is tucked away in the picturesque hamlet of Calatagan, Batangas, is poised to completely transform the wellness landscape in the Philippines.

Nestled in the splendor of the natural world, Nawa Wellness provides a comprehensive approach to well-being by merging age-old wisdom with modern amenities. Among the health activities available to visitors is a large pickleball court, which offers the ideal setting for combining exercise, enjoyment, and friendly rivalry.

Designed to inspire tranquility and relaxation, Nawa Wellness presents an array of wellness facilities that are sure to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Guests can bask in the healing properties of the Himalayan Salt Room, where the unique salt-infused air promotes respiratory health and skin rejuvenation. For an authentically Filipino experience, the traditional Kawa Bath is available, offering a therapeutic soak amidst the calming sounds of nature.

As a treat to pioneer guests during this soft opening phase, Nawa Wellness is pleased to offer an introductory rate of up to 30% off on published rates for a limited time. This exclusive offer invites guests to embark on a truly transformative wellness journey at an exceptional value. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an active getaway, Nawa Wellness promises an unforgettable experience tailored to individual needs.

Please visit to reserve your wellness retreat and for additional information. To receive updates on the newest information, deals, and wellness advice, follow Nawa Wellness on Facebook at and Instagram at

The health arm of Araw Hospitality Group, an innovative newcomer to the hospitality sector dedicated to crafting remarkable experiences that captivate and motivate visitors, is called Nawa health. With a diverse portfolio of prosperous hospitality endeavors that includes UNWND Boutique Hotels and Lihim Resorts in El Nido, the firm is always pushing the envelope of what constitutes extraordinary hospitality.

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With the KonsultaMD Partnership, Allianz PNB Life Supports Your Health and Wellness Objectives

Allianz PNB Life and Konsulta MD MOA Signing at Allianz PNB Life Head Office in Makati represented by (from left to right): Marjowyn Vito (Head of Business Development, Allianz PNB Life), Leonardo Tan Jr. (Chief Product Provider Officer, Allianz PNB Life), Joseph Gross (President and Chief Executive Officer, Allianz PNB Life),  Cholo Tagaysay (Chief Executive Officer, KonsultaMD),
Dr. Chelsea Elizabeth Samson (Chief Business and Medical Affairs Officer, KonsultaMD)

Maintaining a worry-free, health-conscious lifestyle is still crucial, proving the saying “health is wealth” to be true. Acknowledging this necessity, Allianz PNB Life (AZPNBL) forged a strategic alliance with KonsultaMD to provide free medical teleconsultations to Filipinos.

Through this collaboration, more Filipinos will have access to the cutting-edge telemedicine service offered by KonsultaMD, which provides professional guidance and diagnosis from recognized medical specialists anytime, anywhere. This innovative healthcare solution is designed to satisfy the changing needs of contemporary consumers.

This ground-breaking partnership demonstrates AZPNBL’s commitment to implementing cutting-edge healthcare solutions for its clients. Their goal is to make Filipinos aware of the importance of health insurance and teleconsultation, as well as the advantages of having access to healthcare for their mental well-being.

“By integrating advanced telemedicine solutions into our programs, Allianz demonstrates a commitment to providing not only financial security but also leveraging technology to enhance the overall well-being of customers. It aligns with the company’s goal of delivering innovative solutions and services that cater to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Through our partnership with KonsultaMD, clients can have access to expert medical care even in the comfort of their homes. With convenient access to healthcare, they will have fewer worries, so they can focus on living their lives to the fullest. With expert advice, they will better manage their lifestyles and practice mindfulness in caring for themselves. This will also help them better plan their future with their families,” says Leo Tan, Jr., Allianz’s Chief Product Provider Officer.

Additionally, KonsultaMD is a component of Allianz Healthbox, a program created especially for AZPNBL clients that fulfills all of their demands in terms of lifestyle, wellness, and healthcare at one convenient location. Customers of Allianz PNB Life are eligible to receive exclusive benefits and freebies from Allianz Healthbox partners. These partners include FREE in-clinic consultations from MyHealth, FREE gym access from Anytime Fitness, FREE nutrition counseling from Daily’s Diet, FREE optical care from Vision Express and Asian Eye Institute, and many more.

Visit or get in touch with your Life Changer for additional information about Allianz Healthbox.

Find out more at or @allianzpnblifeofficial on Facebook.

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United by Blood: Support One Another and Shine a Light on Blood Cancer Awareness Month

It might be claimed that, similar to the original adage “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a village to fight and defeat cancer. Even though just one body is engaged in physical conflict, the encouragement of friends and family matters greatly on the emotional and mental fronts.

This year’s World Lymphoma and Blood Cancer Awareness Month sees the community join together to commemorate the survivors, fighters, and their families.

The most prevalent types of blood cancers include lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. Blood cancers are caused by DNA abnormalities in blood cells. The World Health Organization’s Global Cancer Observatory estimates that every year in the Philippines, 5,000 cases of lymphoma, 6,000 cases of leukemia, and 800 cases of myeloma are diagnosed. That amounts to about 12,000 Filipinos a year receiving a blood cancer diagnosis. It is more than simply a number; it also represents 12,000 affected families, 12,000 interrupted lives, and 12,000 struggles for a better tomorrow.

Unknown to many, Lymphoma is a cancer that starts in the immune system’s infection-fighting cells called lymphocytes. The lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and other areas of the body contain these cells, and Lymphoma leads lymphocytes to change and increase out of control. Common symptoms include enlarged lymph nodes, chills, weight loss, fatigue– all of which are more likely to be caused by, or confused with other conditions, which is why getting checked by a doctor is important for proper diagnosis, and education about blood cancers needs to be reinforced. Lymphoma Philippines aims to make this happen.

Lymphoma Philippines is a non-profit organization for Lymphoma patients, survivors, and caregivers aiming to spread awareness and education on Lymphoma, and connect the community through medically-approved Lymphoma-related campaigns in the country. The lack of information is what inspired cancer survivor Jheric Delos Angeles, after his recovery from Stage 4 Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, and his wife Anna Tapel-Delos Angeles to create a community of Filipino patients and their family members in order to educate more people and provide much needed support to those in need, including fighting for better healthcare.

As part of these efforts, Jheric and Anna unveil The LymphomaQR Project, an initiative that aims to make information accessible to the general public through an easy-to-use and familiar tool. With the goal of helping Filipinos have access to relevant information all throughout their Lymphoma journey, the LymphomaQR chatbot hopes to lessen the burden that they face. With LymphomaQR, anyone can:

  • Know more about Lymphoma, its symptoms
  • Possible treatment options
  • Available financial assistance programs

“We looked back at our personal journey in the fight against Lymphoma, and saw the gaps to be filled– one of which is quick access to reliable information. With LymphomaQR, we’re simply taking queues from technological trends readily accepted by people to be able to make the experience easier for them, lessening the burden in whatever way we can,” says Lymphoma Philippines co-founder Jheric Delos Angeles.

Jheric and Anna also recognize that there is a bigger battle to be fought and more people willing to support the cause, all united by blood. In line with this, Lymphoma Philippines officially launches the Blood Cancer Alliance of the Philippines this World Lymphoma Awareness Month. Joining forces with EPCALM Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines, Kanser sa Adolescents and Young Adults Community / KAYA Community, The Carewell Community Foundation, Touched by Max Inc, Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations, UST Hospital Hematology Department, Philippine College of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, and Takeda Healthcare Philippines Inc., the alliance aims to shed light on the issues faced by Filipino blood cancer patients, increase efficiency to access information and support, and overall improve the experience and outcomes of all those living with blood cancer.

“We can never truly know the gravity of the battle of our survivors, warriors, and their families. Nevertheless, let us continue offering our support even by simply clicking the share button. It only takes a second. A nugget of vital information when shared with many can make a difference. Let’s make it happen with the help of Lymphoma Philippines and the Blood Cancer Alliance of the Philippines,” urges Dr. Clarito Cairo, Department of Health, Disease Prevention and Control Management Bureau, Cancer Control Division, Program Manager. “We at the Department of Health thank you for this, and lend our full support.”

Visit Lymphoma Philippines’ website at or its Facebook page at for additional information.

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A Fresh Look for Tired, Aging Eyes with Restylane® Bright Eyes

Photo shows (L-R): Galderma Aesthetics Marketing and CET Manager Christine Legaspi, Galderma Philippines General Manager Ferdinand Roxas, Founder and Medical Director of the Asian Stem Cell Institute, Inc., Ma. Cristina Puyat, MD, FPDS, FPADSFI, World Renowned Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon Jason Li Chien-Nien, MD, Head Dermatologist of Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines Karen Gavino-Dionisio, MD, FPDS, and Galderma Aesthetics Business Unit Head Michelle de Jesus.

Concerns about tired eyes are common and transcend age and gender. Even after a restful night’s sleep, loss of volume and under-eye shadow can create the appearance of ongoing weariness.

Everyone might experience the effects of fatigued eyes, which is why Restylane® Bright Eyes is the solution. Restylane® Bright Eyes is a personalized treatment plan that reduces wrinkles and tears through distortion around the eyes. It is one of the brand’s cutting-edge Holistic personalized Treatment (HITTM) techniques.

For a brighter appearance, Restylane® Bright Eyes HITTM recommends using Restylane in conjunction with Lidocaine and Restylane® VOLYMETM in the periorbital region.

Restylane with Lidocaine emerges as the revolutionary answer to rejuvenate and brighten up those captivating eyes backed by extensive clinical journals. Dark shadows, under-eye hollows, and a fatigued appearance are no longer a challenge thanks to the groundbreaking filler, Restylane with Lidocaine.

Meanwhile, Restylane® VOLYME ™ is an aesthetic innovation that addresses mid-face volume loss, offering a non-surgical solution that restores natural-looking, youthful fullness. Through state-of-the-art technology, Restylane® VOLYME™ empowers individuals to regain their vitality and self-assured glow.

Restylane® Bright Eyes HIT™ emerges as a game-changer in the field of aesthetics, designed to address the concerns of those seeking to brighten up their eyes and achieve a more youthful, vibrant look.

“Restylane® Bright Eyes HIT™ represents a significant advancement in the world of aesthetic enhancements,” says Dr. Jason Li Chien-Nien MD., a renowned expert in dermatology from Taiwan, “Its unique formulation allows for precise and controlled volume restoration, resulting in a balanced appearance. The results are truly remarkable, and I’m thrilled to be part of an era where such innovative solutions are accessible to individuals seeking a refreshed and rejuvenated look”

The effectiveness of Restylane® Bright Eyes HIT™ is underscored by its ability to deliver results that go beyond expectations and its longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance sessions.

“Restylane® Bright Eyes HIT™ exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty innovation. We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, with the diverse portfolio of Restylane®, we are providing a transformative solution that empowers individuals to embrace the ageless natural look they deserve,” says Christine Legaspi, Marketing and CET Manager of Galderma.

This extraordinary filler targets the tear trough region, delivering the ideal touch of volume where it counts most thanks to its cutting-edge formulation and professional precision. has been the subject of extensive study and clinical testing, making it a dependable and secure solution for improving the under-eye region.

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Throughout its 45 years in the country, Yakult Philippines, Inc., has exercised its muscles to reach as many customers as possible and promote good health through probiotic products built in 1978. Indeed, it has become entrenched as part of the Filipino consumers daily health regimen.

After several decades, the Shirota-ism movement, which got its start in Japan, has spread throughout the world. As its flagship product, Yakult’s Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) has attracted a loyal following as a significant development in preventive medicine, promoting the significant health benefits of Probiotics globally. The foundation of this movement is the idea that “a healthy intestinal tract leads to a long life”. The intestines, where nutrients are absorbed into the body, are strengthened with Yakult Probiotics. The result is that Yakult’s devoted customers live long, healthy lives.

The Shirota-ism movement has become such a far reaching breakthrough. The father of Shirota-ism himself, Dr. Minoru Shirota of Japan, has long perfected the product that promotes disease prevention the “Probiotics way’, reach the intestine alive, safe, affordable price, produce a reliable effect and can be ingested as food. The probiotic product carrying the Yakult brand is made up to 8 billion beneficial bacteria of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) alive and fresh in every bottle, ready to fight bacteria that trigger intestine-bred diseases. This health drink, taken in adequate amounts, maintains intestinal health and helps to prevent disease. The Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) suppresses harmful bacteria in the intestines and improves the immune system of the individual.  Affordably priced so every consumer whatever of age and income bracket can afford to partake at least a bottle a day.

Probiotics are live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts, confer great health benefits to the consumers.  This is why, one bottle of Yakult taken every day at any given time will help improve one’s immunity and digestive system. They are safe at any age, preferably from the onset of the pre-school age.  They can actually be ingested as food or wholesome tasting drink with reliable effects on health.

A third party conducted and assessed several studies and research projects on Yakult and the theories that went into its development in Japan and other nations across the world. In reality, numerous research was carried out to demonstrate Yakult’s effectiveness as a probiotic and to confirm the soundness of the foundation upon which Yakult’s R&D endeavors were based. There have been over 1,005 research studies on Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS), in addition to 129 studies on Yakult’s “intestinal function,” 177 on “immunomodulation,” and 107 on “defense mechanism against infection.”

Products from Yakult are sold in 40 nations and areas, including Japan and 27 factories abroad. Each Yakult bottle sold in the Philippines contains exactly the same amount of probiotics as bottles packaged and sold in other nations.

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The SM Foundation introduces rainwater collection for long-term benefit

SMFI Health and Medical Programs Senior Project Manager Albert Uy inspects the water catchment to ensure it reliability.

The SM group, through the SM Foundation, recently installed a rainwater collection system at the Brgy in keeping with the SM Green Movement. Palawan’s Puerto Princesa City is home to the Irawan Birthing Facility. The project strives to strengthen their mission of safeguarding future generations’ health and well-being while protecting the environment.

The system collects rainwater from the roof and gutter and passes it through vinyl-coated mesh filters to assure water purity in order to improve water conservation and management in the building. The facility uses the gathered water for non-potable purposes including toilet flushing, cleaning, and watering plants. It has an 800-liter storage capacity.

Faucets connected to the rainwater catchment are duly marked to help guide the community.

The equipment for collecting rainwater runs without electricity and has faucets with labels for simple recycling of water.

The facility will enable them to lessen their dependency on the city’s water supply systems, according to the institution’s midwife Narcisa Jagmis.

Midwife Narcisa Jagmis observes as the system collects rainwater from the gutters.

“Mahalagang hindi kami nawawalan ng tubig sa center, lalo na po pag nagsimula kaming magoperate bilang birthing clinic. Ngunit minsan po, walang dumadaloy na tubig at wala kaming mapagkukunan,” Jagmis shared.  

“Kaya napaka laking tulog po ng natural na tubig mula sa rainwater catchment system na. Madali namin itong naaccess upang gamiting panglinis o pandilig dahil konektado ito sa mga gripo. Ang tubig naman mula sa main line ay maitatabi namin para sa aming sterile operations,” she said.