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Puerto Princesa: The Return of Paradise

The Royal Treatment at Puerto Princesa

With strict safety standards in place, Puerto Princesa is ready to welcome visitors once more. The Covid-19 pandemic has paralyzed the highly urbanized city and tourist haven in recent years, followed by Typhoon Odette. However, it is on the mend—-as gloriously as its beautiful, romantic, and gastronomic attractions.

“The tourism industry is the lifeblood of Puerto Princesa, along with agriculture. Almost 15,000 people directly or indirectly benefit from tourism. In varying degrees, most of the recent construction and development projects are related to tourism: hotel-building, parks, cruise-ship ports, street lights, roads and many more. Unfortunately, some of these have been on hold since the onset of the pandemic,” discloses Demetrio “Toto” Alvior Jr., the city tourism officer.

The Royal Connection

Puerto Princesa, the capital of picture-perfect Palawan, stretches for 106 kilometers along 253,982 hectares of stunning coasts. Because of its strategic geographic location, it has enough depth to accommodate ships of all sizes, earning it the title of “Princess of Ports,” or “Puerto Princesa” in Spanish.

Puerto Princesa is without a doubt one of the country’s most enjoyable destinations. A popular vacation spot for tourists, beachgoers, and hikers; a thriving business center with a rural allure; a provincial ambiance with modern conveniences; and a clean and green city known for its beautiful forests, pure air, and frontier character.

Rising Above Covid-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, the city of Puerto Princesa has been fighting to get back on its feet. Hundreds of tourism-related firms have closed due to a shortage of tourists, leaving thousands of people unemployed.

“The public-health crisis forced them to find alternative sources of income, which was made more difficult because of the restrictions of movement due to several lockdowns,” Mr. Alvior reveals. “One factor of low tourist arrivals is the fluctuating number of Covid cases, which in turn affects the determination of quarantine requirements and national government intervention policies.”

Today, Puerto Princesa is experiencing record lows in terms of economic losses, losing around P5 billion a year for the past two years from potential tourist receipts.

“The City Tourism Department has been strengthening its social media campaigns to encourage local tourists to visit local attractions, in a bid to boost much-needed revenues to the ailing tourism sector,” a cautiously optimistic Mr. Alvior says. “We have one important wish in the City Tourism Department, and that is to prioritize the aids for the Typhoon Odette-affected tourism industry here.”

The goal is to regain the city’s glory as an eco-tourism capital. “Our 2022 goals are full restoration of all the tourist attractions affected by Typhoon Odette such as the completion of the construction of the cruise-ship port and other man-made tourist attractions. There will be wide, extensive and aggressive promotions of Puerto Princesa to the local and international market.”

The Last Frontier

There are numerous tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa. However, many visitors to the city prioritize the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the New7Wonders of Nature. The city attracts a considerable number of travelers as the starting point for visiting the world-famous Tubbataha Reef.

“Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have never ceased to hope that the future will be better. This year 2022 is no different. And while what we want is a full recovery, we cannot afford to be careless when taking big steps. As we begin to truly understand the gravity of the situation, we also come to realize that our moves must be consistent with the bigger picture such as the national situation,” Mr. Alvior says.

Since February 10, the city has been happily welcoming more visitors once again, hoping that the arrival numbers will soon be back to pre-pandemic levels. In this initiative, the tourism department shares the privilege on with the private sector.

“While the government is the administrator of the State, the private sector is the bloodline. The government and the private sector are two inseparable factors for Puerto Princesa to prosper, and more importantly, to recover,” Mr. Alvior says. “The key to recovery is to enable and support the private sector to keep or resume their business operations. When it comes to the city’s biggest partners, apart from government agencies, it is the collective impact of small-business operations.”

Although Puerto Princesa is known as “The Last Frontier,” the city’s tourism department is certain that it will always be a top destination for visitors.



Alviera in Pampanga is the ideal summer getaway for those who want to enjoy the wonderful outdoors

Unique facilities and activated spaces are launching this month in Porac, Pampanga’s Alviera, to allow outdoor enthusiasts to experience the region’s natural riches.

The estate’s EXPLORAC campaign, which gives guests unique outdoor experiences for all ages in the 1,800-hectare Alviera estate, one of the country’s largest integrated mixed-use estates by Ayala Land and Leonio Land, is beginning out with its EXPLORAC promotion. The view and spots there are such a relief for your stress. You can greatly enjoy everything as you choose this place to have your vacation escapade. I for one was greatly impressed by the splendid view of the place. I was greatly delighted to look around and just enjoy what it has to offer. It caters a lot of exciting fun filled activities that are as if you’re one with nature.

Get your adrenaline racing by participating in this activity

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Sandbox, a 2-hectare, one-of-a-kind adventure park with a variety of activities. Experience the 10-meter Giant Swing, which launches guests on a thrilling flight into the sky, as well as the core-engaging Aerial Walk, where groups can set a fun race challenge with friends or family, or solo visitors can set a personal test in endurance.

The Adventure Tower has even more amazing features. The Sandbox complex also includes the country’s first roller coaster zipline, a Free Fall jump, and climbing and rappel walls, in addition to the Aerial Walk.

The Sandbox also houses the Splash Tub, which features 11 water-themed obstacle courses such the Ball Traverse, Over-and-Under, and Wreckers that will test anyone’s balancing abilities as they walk on the slick surfaces. A lounge pool with Instagram-worthy inflatables is located within the facility and is ideal for shooting selfies or taking breaks after a long marathon.

Seek adventure in the great outdoors

Alviera also includes activities for those who want to experience Pampanga’s natural beauty. The Alviera Bike Trails, which are available to the public and feature scenic routes intended for trail and gravel bikes, promise to provide enjoyment and adventure to cyclists of all ages and abilities. This 5-kilometer track features multi-terrain routes ranging from leisure to more difficult cycling challenges, making it ideal for weekend ride-outs.

In Alviera, motorists have something to look forward to as well. The KTM Off Road Track, a 3-hectare motocross circuit that hosts off-road competitions and offers training programs complete with obstacle courses and facilities, is now located on the estate.

Alviera is poised to build its first camp site, W camp, soon for travelers who want to fully immerse themselves in the refreshing Porac environment. Car campers, as well as regular campers and glampers, are welcome at the W Camp. The rich foliage, clear, wide skies, and surrounding streams provide a pleasant relief from the city’s hustle and bustle. On April 30, mark your calendars for the site’s first family camping event.

I also enjoy very much all the amazing outdoor activities Alviera has to offer. You can experience a one of a kind adventure here in their place, as you try to take the different outdoor fun like rope climbing, aerial walk, wall climbing and many more different activities and challenges. Be also thrilled with their giant swing, where you can shout with joy or release all your stress. These all you can enjoy and experience in Alviera’s sandbox.

Take a deep breath and relax

For those looking to simply relax and unwind for the weekend, Alviera boasts a number of attractions where they may simply enjoy nature. Greenscapes, which includes a blooming field, vetiver and tree farms, and a decorative plant nursery, allows visitors to enjoy the sight of greens. A large open lawn, a lounge area, and picnic areas provide plenty of space for family and friends to relax. Everything you are looking for is here, you can enjoy and have such a great time adoring the nature around you and at the same time be thrilled with so much outdoor fun and activities.

Are you planning a more formal get-together? The Alviera Country Club, a world-class facility with multi-purpose function and meeting spaces for meetings and special events, is also located on the estate. The Club is designed to make any gathering feel like an intimate visit with Mother Nature herself, with lush open spaces and spectacular mountain vistas.

EXPLORAC’s diverse programs bring you closer to the beauty and wonder of the local surroundings the Alviera way—through urban living in nature. EXPLORAC offers the thrill of reconnecting with nature, whether to slow down or amp up the energy, all while energizing the local community of Pampanga.



Hamilo Coast is dedicated on its endeavor to safeguard our Nature

Hamilo Coast, through its developer, SM Prime’s Costa Del Hamilo, Inc., protects a 20-hectare mangrove forest in Nasugbu, Batangas, which is the largest of its kind in the Philippines. Hamilo Coast continues to work with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) to protect over 50,000 mangrove trees as part of its advocacy for environmental and social sustainability.





Guests seeking solitude, quiet, and calm in nature can finally embark on their long-awaited vacation plans to Banwa Private Island, the ultimate exclusive resort. There’s no better time than now to explore a magnificent hideaway gem situated in north-eastern Palawan, one of the world’s remaining natural biodiversity frontiers. Banwa Private Island, albeit remote, offers breathtaking views, abundant flora and animals, and powder-white sands in the blue Sulu Sea.

Take a plunge in the colorful marine life, go snorkeling or fun dive into the iridescent coral reefs.  Walk on the wild side in the lush, verdant nature trails.

Guests can choose to stay in any of the contemporary-designed villas or decide on an exclusive island charter and craft a dream holiday masterpiece.

Start making plans today to visit the world once more. At Banwa Private Island, you can renew your bucket list, travel across oceans, and enjoy an escape unlike any other.

Please contact the Reservations staff by mobile/WhatsApp: +639178882864, email [email protected], or visit for further information and inquiries.


Experience an early Yuletide spirit in SM Supermalls in Batangas

SM City Batangas

SM malls never fail to give us the warm spirit of Christmas with their gigantic displays and exquisite decorations all over their place. SM Supermalls in Batangas, celebrates Christmas early this year, with the three malls lighting up the season on October 28 and 29. It’s time to enjoy joyful events, holiday feasts, and fantastic holiday offers till January 6 to genuinely feel the #ChristmaSayaAtSM feelings!

A Blooming Christmas in SM City Lipa

Be transported to a whimsical holiday realm as enchanted reindeers greet you at the entrance of the mall’s Event Center located at the second level.  Fix your gaze on awe-inspiring Christmas trees over 20 feet high, decked with holiday blooms and angel wings.   It’s the perfect backdrop for your fun and youthful holiday social media content while enjoying the #DineInSM experience in our dining pods!

Dreamy Holiday Avenue in SM City Batangas

All roads lead to home every Christmas season.  Walking along the well-lit path at the mall’s Atrium 2 at the ground level evokes the warm feeling of togetherness.  Adorned with the classic colors of Christmas, the towering trees lining the avenue bring to mind unforgettable holiday memories.  Get together with the fam and #DineInSM under a canopy of lights, or round up the gang and smile for that picture perfect moments that’ll surely last a lifetime!

Holiday Melody in SM Center Lemery

SM Center Lemery

A fancy holiday is in store for those living in Western Batangas, as a golden nutcracker and ballerina stand tall at the mall’s Activity Area at the ground level.  Housed in an ornate music box, these classic characters lend a sense of calm to the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  Bring the entire family dressed-up in stylish holiday OOTDs.  It’s the perfect match to the timeless holiday tunes that fill the air!

#ChristmaSayaAtSM Activities

Aside from the spectacular Christmas Displays, the malls have prepared fun activities to provide a complete and merry holiday shopping experience.  Choose from a wide array of Christmas Feasts prepared by their restaurants, or go on a gastronomic journey through food products from various parts of the country available at their Christmas Markets.  Delight in Christmas Shows that are sure to bring fond memories and share the love by donating a bear to charity though the SM Bears of Joy program.

The most joyous Christmas season may alter with the passing of time, yet many wonderful things stay. At your favorite SM mall in Batangas, shop, dine, and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas: the love of friends and family in the face of adversity. Merry SM Christmas, everyone.


Espacio A new Leisure Place in Lumina Homes

It is such a great pleasure to visit this new pride in Lumina Homes, Espacio. A new place that will surely be enjoyed by many people because of its features. I also like the place because it’s far from the city and it will soothe you with their exclusive scenery. Inside your Lumina Homes subdivisions, you’ll find Espacio, your new living, leisure, and recreation place. There’s also the multi-purpose hall, a distinctive Lumina Homes facility that may be used for sports tournaments as well as regular community activities like general meetings.

Espacio will also be accompanied by open areas set aside for little gardens, a play area that your children will undoubtedly enjoy, and a jogging trail that will have specific advantages to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  Because Espacio is outfitted with facilities for these vital offices, residents will no longer need to travel to the barangay or city hall, or send their children to daycare outside of the Lumina Homes community. A Health Center, a Day Care Center, a Senior Citizen Center, and a Barangay Center will be located in Espacio.

And not just that — Espacio also has your favorite hangout place. The “Tambayan ni Juan” which takes after the idea of a night market.

Tambayan ni Juan consists of an al fresco dining area and a dedicated space for kiosks where homeowners can sell food and other items. Once it’s safe to conduct gatherings, this area will be open for live gigs and exhibitions.

A shuttle terminal with transportation service and more parking spaces will also be available in Espacio.

Residents of Lumina Homes may expect a more secure, fun-filled, and fascinating life with Espacio, which is just a few steps away from their Lumina home!

Me at the Espacio in Lumina Homes

Kabarangays! I’m encouraging each one of you to watch out for this amazing feature Espacio in Lumina Homes, which will be offered in new projects and stages for established neighborhoods soon. Espacio, strategically located in the heart of Lumina Homes subdivisions, aims to breathe new life into inexpensive rewarding—housing communities like Lumina Homes.



Food, Travel

In the midst of the pandemic, Balamban’s best restaurant: Nang Linda’s officially reopens

Stores and Restaurants in Balamban, Cebu. It’s time for a local cuisine legend to open Northwestern Cebu’s first Filipino Family Restaurant. Erlinda “Nang Linda” Villanueva-Sangre decided to make a braver move by launching a full-service restaurant in her name, with the support of her children, to commemorate her 75th birthday. .

Last July 28th, NANG LINDA’S opened to the public to cater the growing demand for well-loved comfort food homemade dishes such as: Hamonada, Humba, Balamban Liempo, Manok Bisaya Inasal, Sisig and a lot more.

Balamban Mayor Alex Binghay, together with Balamban Vice Mayor Alfie Binghay and property owner Concepcion Yu were the guests of honor of the “Liempo and Inasal Chopping” opening ceremony.

“I am personally attending this because Kumare [Nang] Linda is close to my heart. I can still recall the first carinderia in front of the old Municipal Hall because it was my first term as a Mayor of this town,” recalls Mayor Binghay.

When it first debuted in 1988, it was called as “Balamban Chikaan,” but it has since been renamed NANG LINDA’S. It is now a full-fledged restaurant brand that gives diners an al-fresco dining experience. TAKE OUT and ONLINE DELIVERY are also available at and

Entrepreneur at 75

Nang Linda is a Balamban, Cebu native. At 12, she became the family breadwinner after their parents abandoned them to the care of their relatives. She worked as house help to an aunt to be able to continue her studies and at the same time support her other two sisters. It is also where Nang Linda first learned how to cook dishes for the whole family.

At 18, she fell in love with a young debutant Balambanon, Jacinto Sangre. With a fast growing family of 7 children, Jacinto’s poultry work can no longer suffice the growing needs of the family. Looking for alternatives, Nang Linda started a carenderia beside the old Municipal Hall of Balamban.

But it was not always that way for the then aspiring cook. Nang Linda herself recalls, “I think the informal training I had in appreciating ingredients and actual experience with these ingredients had allowed me to understand each of its unique flavors and characters,” recalls Nang Linda.

From every food she tasted and loved, Nang Linda slowly built her own repertoire of local Filipino dishes, mastered and perfected in Nang Linda’s.

Since then, Nang Linda has been the go-to lady for quality home cooked meals. Her “suki” will always order her Hamonada Espesyal, Balamban Liempo, Manok Bisaya Inasal, Sisig, Pinakupsan and a lot more.

One of its re-opening guests Concepcion Yu recalls, “Nang Linda has become a well-known name synonymous with good food here in Balamban.”

Her carinderia became a must-dine food stall  every Balambanon’s came to know about.

Carinderia to Restaurant

Today, standing proudly along the busy thoroughfare of the National Highway, Pondol, Balamban, Cebu, is a native bungalow alfresco restaurant of Nang Linda’s.

“We decided to open a native al-fresco restaurant in tribute to my mother’s passion for good food. It is her legacy to us and the people of Balamban. Nang Linda’s has already touched so many and different types of people from Balamban. The legacy and passion needs to continue,” says Nang Linda’s Chief Executive Officer Iren Sangre-Licera.

With Nang Linda’s youngest son Chef Jojo Sangre manning the kitchen, Nang Linda’s completes its full-circle of providing local diners sumptuous dining experience that is affordable on the family’s pocket.

Nang Linda’s Expansion

CEO Iren Sagre-Licera confirms more openings and expansion plans are in order.

“We believe in the brand NANG LINDA’s stand for. More than food, it emphasizes close knit family values,” adds the CEO.

CEO Licera adds, “Entrepreneurs and investors are contacting us for possible franchising and co-ownership opportunities. And we are already opening our doors to that.”

If you are interested in any of the NangLindas Franchising or Co-Ownership Programs, please visit















Banwa Private Island is thrilled to confirm a partnership with Ascent Aviation

Beginning September 1, 2021, a strong alliance between Banwa Private Island and Ascent Flights Global (“Ascent”) will provide a completely customized experience of personal safety and privacy via sustainable chartered air travel. From on-demand private flights to the opulent island hideaway, Banwa Private Island and Ascent are now offering an exclusive, smooth, and highly personalized travel bubble experience.

Located in North-eastern Palawan and nestled in Sulu Sea, Banwa Private Island is set amidst one of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty imaginable. The glistening island of lush, verdant landscaping and pristine white sands is the ultimate in luxury, tranquility and infinite privacy.

With Ascent, the exclusive island is still remote, but not removed.

A chosen 8-seater seaplane directly from Manila on a 1 hour-45 minute scenic journey, arriving on the doorstep of the exclusive island, is easily and discreetly accessible by air from Manila. Helicopters for up to ten passengers are also accessible from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport or The Peninsula Manila’s helipad. The Ascent’s fleet also includes larger fixed-wing aircraft that can fly to any destination in the Philippines.

Alternatively, guests can choose any commercial airline to any of Palawan’s three commercial airports, San Vicente, Puerto Princesa or El Nido, followed by a short helicopter flight across the Sulu Sea and land on Banwa Private Island’s own heli-lawn.

For a more cost-effective option, guests can opt for onward travel to the island by a premium Sports Utility Vehicle from either San Vicente or Puerto Princesa airports in Palawan, followed by a short boat transfer to the island.

Ascent also offers to service both domestic and international arrivals by private jets, be it in Manila or Clark for onward journey with any of their varying type of aircraft, or directly to either San Vicente or Puerto Princesa airports in Palawan.

Part of Ascent’s bespoke services is ground handling arrangements with meet and greet arrangements, inter-airport transfers, exclusive lounge service and immigration fast track.

Peter Nilsson, CEO of Banwa Private Island, greeted this new dynamic partnership with a comment: “We found a great partner in Ascent with our shared goal to deliver exceptional, personalised and intimate guest experiences to our affluent clientele. Our utmost priority is the genuine care and well-being of our guests from their chartered flight to their holiday experience in our informal and intimate island sanctuary. Personal safety and hand-crafted travel experiences have become even more important in the luxury travel landscape nowadays. Ascent’s long-term approach and commitment to a decarbonized world is well aligned with Banwa Private Island’s continuous dedication to sustainability”.

Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, founder and CEO of Ascent added: “Banwa Private Island’s vision of an enhanced experience by air between Banwa Private Island’s guests’ home, and its remote delicate environment, is dear to us. With this partnership, guests’ experience now starts with a seamless and private bubble. Ascent’s dedicated solution for Banwa Private Island, brings a holistic journey by air, like no other, beyond motion. With best-in-class air operations on fuel-efficient aircraft, Banwa Private Island’s guests elevate their journey with peace of mind”.

[email protected] or are available for exclusive island or individual villa reservations. You can also email [email protected] or visit for air and land transfer inquiries or bookings.

About Banwa Private Island
Banwa Private Island is Palawan’s most talked about new all-villa holiday destination for discerning guests seeking the ultimate in contemporary luxury, privacy and bespoke service.
Located within a marine protected area and home to an abundance of rare and vivid flora and fauna, Banwa Private Island has six magnificent beach-front villas, each with their own infinity pool providing the utmost in privacy and tranquility. World-class amenities include a stunning open kitchen restaurant and terrace bar, a spa pavilion featuring floodlit tennis court, gym, massage suite, Pilates/yoga studio and juice bar. There’s a dive centre and short-game golf course too.
Remote, yet not removed, the 6.5-hectare island is accessible via helicopter or seaplane direct to the island from Manila, or via private jet to San Vicente or Puerto Princesa. Furthermore, short-hop heli transfers from San Vicente, Puerto Princesa or El Nido make for a stunning guest arrival experience on the Banwa Private Island’s heli-lawn, after a 1-hour commercial flight from Manila.
Recently voted ‘Private Island of the Year’ in the Destination Deluxe Awards, Banwa Private Island’s sought-after exclusivity is more timely and important than ever before. Guests can opt to stay in any one of Banwa Private Island’s six beach-front villas or, for the ultimate friends and family escape, the entire island can be chartered on an ‘exclusively yours’ basis.
For more information, please visit
About Ascent
Ascent is Asia’s Air Mobility leading company, powering air taxi, experiential, medical and cargo services. With Ascent people and businesses can avail of on-demand flights on helicopter, jets and seaplanes across cities and regions. Ascent ambitions to democratize Air Mobility, as a convenient, reliable mode of mobility that addresses congestion, connectivity, environmental sustainability and health issues generated by rapid urbanization and the pandemic. Ascent operates across the Philippines with hubs in major locations such as airports, central business districts, and popular leisure destinations. Users can complement their journey by availing of value-added services including luggage transport, first and last-mile ground transport amongst other services. In addition, passengers fly on curated aircraft in accordance with COVID-19 related safety protocols such as enhanced aircraft cleaning and frequent health checks on crew.
With Ascent, passengers regain control of their time, and move in safe, crowd-free and controlled environments, with flights operated by best-in-class operators such as INAEC Aviation Corp. and AirTrav in the Philippines ensuring the highest operational and safety standards. Ascent is committed to Climate Neutrality and is endorsed by governments. Awaiting all electric aircraft, Ascent makes use of helicopters and planes today.
For more information, please visit

Lumina Homes to develop another big project in Sto. Tomas, Batangas


Calabarzon is the country’s largest industrial hub, according to Colliers International Philippines, with an economy that has risen sharply than the country’s average over the past two years. As a result, the locality has become a hotbed for real estate development, spanning from significant market such as malls and businesses to residential complexes varying from opulent estates to public residential units.

Eight years ago, Lumina Homes — Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.’s affordable housing arm — anticipated this growth as it launched its flagship project, Lumina Batangas, in Barangay San Vicente, town of Sto. Tomas.

With a total development area of 32 hectares, Lumina Batangas had eight phases, with over 4,500 house-and-lot units and total actual move-ins of 4,100. The said project has officially been sold out as of December 2019.

Since the launch of Lumina Batangas in 2012, the company has since developed in other nearby progressive towns, including Tanauan, Lipa, Bauan, Rosario, and San Pascual.

This year, Lumina goes back to where its ongoing success started, as it launches another signature development right at the heart of Sto. Tomas.

The 27-hectare development will offer a roster of rowhouses, townhomes, duplexes, and single-firewall homes, with amenities such as shuttle service, mini gardens and playground covered multi-purpose hall, and provision for commercial area.

Like all other Lumina house and lot projects, the new development pushes for ease and convenience in terms of transportation and logistics. It is located only 1.3 kilometers away from the National Highway and has an access road going to Tanauan and Lipa in Batangas, and San Pablo in Laguna. Via Star Tollway and South Luzon Expressway, it is only 45 minutes away from Alabang in Metro Manila.

Also intended for the working class, the housing project will rise about nine kilometers away from one of the country’s fastest-growing industrial parks, the First Philippine Industrial Park, and other technoparks and manufacturing companies in the Batangas-Laguna corridor.

More significantly, the proposed site is located only 100 meters away from the Parish and National Shrine of St. Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas, a known pilgrimage site and a significant landmark that attracts thousands of visitors from the neighboring towns and provinces.

More than just a sensible affordable housing for young beginning families or low wage earners, the new Lumina initiative pledged to keep one in line with Calabarzon’s ongoing progress, rendering one’s own personal successes more visible over time.

For further details, call 0999.886.4156, visit Lumina Homes’ official website at, or follow them on Facebook at @luminahomesofficial.





Travel to many places and make new Experiences

As we face this new year we have a lot of things that we want to shade in our bucket list and one of these is traveling and experience new site. However in our new normal is it possible for us to do it? While certain areas are approved for travel, always make sure you have your travel documentation with you and ensure that safety procedures are followed so that you can make your 2021 “Ride to New Places” resolution a reality! 2021 is about choosing the correct way to be happy and to live.

As the pandemic presented us with lessons to remember, it also gave us the chance to live beyond what we used to do. The complacency of living the normal way of doing things was detached from it. And it also encouraged the ladies to discover the leisure of motorcycle riding beyond the normal way of spending their weekend!

Last January 24, the OMG Lady Squad Riders explored another town in Batangas after their last ride in December at The Old Grove in Lipa.   These Lady Riders’desire to relax, rode around 100km travelling the roads of Batangas to Agoncillo. This is quite a long ride, especially for ladies who are mostly afraid to face large vehicles and highways.  And since going to Bali isn’t too possible yet, these ladies discovered a new site in Batangas known as the “Bali of Batangas” located in Villa Jovita in Agoncillo, Batangas.

Long ride need lots of confidence, when asked what makes her confident in riding a motorcycle, Carol said, “I am confident because I was taught to practice road courtesy and discipline. I always bear this in mind, because I want to enjoy travelling alone and with friends.”

Elvie, a rider for 5 months, also shared her interest in riding. “I want to inspire those ladies who are afraid to ride and tell them, kung kaya ko, kaya morin! You just have to have the confidence in riding with a great partner on the road. That is why I bought Genio as my first bike, and this buddy already took me to Bicol safe and sound.”

The visit to Villa Jovita makes you one with nature. It has the relaxing view of the bamboos and spring, while you also feel the Balinese touch of the resort.  Krizel, a single rider who started to ride a motorcycle for 1 year, shared  “My Genio gave me the freedom to ride everywhere with the looks that I love. Mahiligakosa classic look na motor, kaya inabangan ko naagad ang paglabasnitongGenio. This ride to Agoncillo will be an addition to my bucket list in exploring nature with my Genio.”

Group rides can also be an alternative to enjoy nature with friends in a more interesting way.  Madonna, another Genio rider, says  “Iba ang sayanakasama ang grupo.  I can explore with my Genio everywhere and every placenahindi ko pa napupuntahan.   Yung height and its comfort is perfect for my daily and long ride.”

These OMG Lady Squad took off at Honda’s 3s Shop in Motortrade Topline, Inc., Tanauan and made a stop-over in Elite Motorbikes Corp in Taal, and Honda Prestige Traders, Inc. in Lemeryas they traverse the roads of Batangas to take pride of their Genio motorcycles.

The Honda Genio is another motorcycle of Honda Philippines, Inc. that has qualities perfect for lady riders especially for beginners, because of its light weight and safety features.  Fulfilling a dream for the riders is in line with the Honda’s “ONE DREAM” campaign.

There’s more to explore from Honda and its wide array of motorcycles. For more details about Honda products, promos and dealers around your area, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Honda Philippines, Inc. and Instagram, @hondaph_mc.

Watch out for the next Leg of the OMG Lady Riders Squad! Stay tuned in the next article as they drove for their ONE DREAM Ride.