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The Philippine Sports Expo will be held in Okada Manila from June 30 to July 2, 2023

The Philippine Sports Expo, which takes place in the venerable Crystal Pavilion from June 30 to July 2, 2023, is slated to be the most eagerly awaited event of the year and the largest sports gathering in the nation. Sports stakeholders and fans from across the nation will assemble for this big festival of athleticism, tenacity, and skill to watch the spectacle of talents, teams, associations and federations, and sports brands.

The Philippine Sports Expo is an annual celebration of the important contributions that our nation’s sports athletes and stakeholders have made to the sports world. Over 20 associations and federations, teams, icons, and celebrities are expected to attend the three-day event, which will also feature the most recent developments in sports science and technology as well as extensive collections of well-known sports brands for clothes, shoes, wearables, gadgets, and equipment.

The expo was set to take place at the sprawling Crystal Corridor Okada Manila, which had been transformed into a vibrant sports paradise. The venue was adorned with colorful banners, showcasing the various sports disciplines that would be featured during the event. Inside, there are multiple brands and booths of sports associations and federations, each dedicated to a specific sport.

As the day of the expo arrived, the doors swung open, and a wave of energy swept through the crowd. Athletes, coaches, sports enthusiasts, and families will flood into the Crystal Corridor, ready to experience the thrilling world of sports.

In one section, basketball courts were set up with hoops of different heights. Budding young basketball players dribbled and shot, emulating their favorite Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) stars. Coaches from renowned basketball academies offered tips and guidance to aspiring players, nurturing the next generation of Filipino basketball talent. Across the way is a stage where our official national sports and martial arts of the Philippines, also known as “Kali” or “Eskrima,” are situated to create buzz and intensity in the venue. Children of all ages are welcome to join the demo and learn about sports from renowned coaches and players from the Philippine national team. Special appearances by gold medalists in the sports are also planned to inspire young players as well as aspirants and enthusiasts.

Martial arts took center stage in another room. As onlookers crowded around the elevated stage where local and foreign martial artists exhibited their knowledge of several disciplines, the air fizzed with excitement. The audience watched a captivating display of the Philippines’ rich martial arts tradition, from the lightning-quick blows of Arnis to the strong kicks of Taekwondo. The expo featured more than simply traditional sports; it also showcased new sports and leisure pursuits. A rock climbing wall stood over the crowd in one of the halls. Young and seasoned climbers will put their talents to the test and scale new heights.

Amid all the activity, there will be booths promoting health and wellness and emphasizing the value of appropriate diet, exercise routines, and sports-related products. Display the newest sports gear, apparel, and technology, luring customers with their cutting-edge goods. There will be interactive sessions spread throughout the show where visitors may take part in workshops and try out various sports. The expo offered a venue for participants to explore their sporting potential and find new loves in anything from badminton to volleyball.

Health and Wellness

Rising Aesthetic and Wellness Brand Celebrates Another Milestone in 2023 with the Debut of New Set of Brand Ambassadors and the Three Year Anniversary

“Overwhelmed, happy, and proud!”

When asked how she felt following the anniversary and contract signing event, Ms. Krystal Tecson-Garalde, CEO and Founder of Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center, responded as follows.

“As I always say, we at Dear Self aspire for greatness in the field of beauty and wellness, that’s why when I see things unfold and as we reach our goals, kahit paunti-unti, napakasaya sa feeling, this is unbelievable,” Ms. Tecson- Garalde continued.

The RENEW event intended to inspire love for others that starts with love from within and to appreciate individuality.

“Dear Self Aesthetics and Wellness Center believes in taking action to love oneself. The inner voice that reminds us to accept flaws and imperfections while advocating self-improvement keeps us grounded and near to our goals,” Mr. Kenneth Tecson, the brand’s VP for Marketing said in his message.

This was also their first year of being independent and making a name for themselves in the health and beauty field.

“This Renew event, as a core message this year, denotes more than just renewing contracts, as the brand starts operating independently- introducing Dear Self as everyone’s Dear Brand to the market,” Mr. Ric Abasola, the event host, brand ambassador, and Marketing and PR consultant pointed out as he opened the event.

The intimate small meeting took place at Limbaga 77 Restaurant in Quezon City and was attended by brand executives, administrative officers, media professionals, and the new batch of brand ambassadors.

I’m so honored to witness this event, as it implies that we should love and embrace our flaws and imperfections, but moreover, how we can help ourselves to even love our bodies more by taking care of it. I’m so excited to explore their products and use them, as I am also an enthusiast for products that would help me take care of my skin. They gave us a glimpse of what their product has to offer and how effective it is. We’re also glad to meet the new ambassadors and to know their secrets to having fair and glowing skin.

The new set of brand ambassadors was introduced one by one. They were asked to give their short message to Dear Self and also the experiences of the services provided to them.

“Sobrang thankful ako sa Dear Self, kasi sobrang big opputunity to sa akin, sa amin, sa buhay ko. Hindi lang dahil sa body ko, para din sa confidence na na-boost while inaalagaan ako ng Dear Self,” Boom Boom Neri emotionally mentioned when asked about her experience with the center and as she celebrates her second year with the brand.

Gusto kong magpasalamat kay ma’am Krystal, sa Tecson family na lagi pong and’yan, iniintindi po yunng schedule namin dalawa ni Neri. Sa ikalawang taon po namin sa Dear Self marami pong nabago sa buhay namin, of course mas dumami po yung oppurtunities, as in,” Grace Abina, a Showtime Dancer mainstay said as she give her heartfelt message to the brand.

Furthermore, the media people were also given a chance to raise their questions to the executives of Dear Self and the new brand ambassadors.

Meanwhile, Coach Lucky Robles, Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 1 contender, and now one of the brand ambassadors of Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center serenaded the audience while they munch on their sumptuous early dinner treat.

Lastly, Mr. Christian Tecson stressed how the company values its people, their actions to create their own brand identity and other future goals which left everyone curious and excited at the same time.

“We will be having our mini anniversary concert and I would like to invite all of you there. As for the new clinics, marami kaming plano this year, kung saan, secret muna,” Mr. Tecson added.

Ms. Clarice Vivien Tecson- Cadavida, the brand COO also mentioned the three main goals of the company that include (1)  investing further to employees, (2) redefining the beauty and wellness industry with love, harmonious relationship and peace of mind when inside the clinic, and (3) nourish the culture that mainly focuses on self love.

“We would like to thank all of you for coming here today as we celebrate our contract signing with beautiful brand ambassadors Ms. Neri and Ms. Grace. They have been the trustworthy faces of dear self since day one and to Ms. Amina, and Mr. Nonong and the rest of the new members of the family, welcome po and thank you so much po sa inyo,” Ms. Tecson- Cadavida ended.

The Dear Self Locations

Building a place of comfort for communities across the NCR, we started the Manila Branch in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, paving the way for Manilenos to take a step towards nurturing self-esteem and self-confidence.

This was followed by Makati, Camarin, Taguig, Congressional, Las Piñas, Monumento, Novaliches, and Cainta-  9 branches and counting. It is our utmost dream to further reach the ends of the Philippines to bring joy in beauty at its best.

The New Brand Ambassadors

As we cater to the growing community of Dear Self, it is with great honor to present the personalities who embody Dear Self as Dearly, Energetic, Aspiring, Radiant, Sophisticated, Empowered, Loveable, and Friendly.

  • Nerijay ‘Boom Boom Neri’ Lopera and Mary Grace Abina Energizing everyone with their talent as Showtime Dancers
  • Amina Magat, with her pleasantry, is PBA’s half-time court dancer and a former Showtime dancer.
  • Coach Lucky Robles, the voice that relaxes and also sizzles, is a TNT Season 1 finalist, TNT duet, and singer. He is also the amazing vocal coach of TNT Boys, Idol Philippines, and a member of Dad’s Circle.
  • Direk Allan Dale Alojipan is a regular entertainment live streamer on Tiktok, captivating audiences nightly. He started as a passionate home cook, creating an online business under #LutoNiDAD. Prior to that, he excelled as an events director and worked with top celebrities. With international exposure, he showcased his talents in musical theater, collaborating with renowned production outfits.
  • Yzabel Reonal, ramping its way with grace and sophistication; a freelance model; a dentistry student; Ms. Posture Philippines 2022; Showtime Sexy Babe Weekly Finalist 2022; Runway Queen 2022, among others
  • Walter Mark “Nonong” Ballinan, known as the “Kanto Komikero ng Novaliches,” has captivated audiences with his hilarious stand-up comedy routines. With his usual comedic antics, he effortlessly charms the crowd. Moreover, Nonong Ballinan is also a proud member of Koolpals, further solidifying his presence in the comedy scene.
  • Jean Claude Catacutan, also known as Bogs Cy, is a Tiktok Beauty Content Creator with 175,000 followers and an advocate of self-care.

As the faces of Dear Self, they uphold the same principles that the business hopes its customers will respect and trust—to promote our purpose by offering strategies for embracing the significance of self-love and self-care.

In order to create a future where everyone can experience the transformative power of a warm and nurturing environment where beauty and well-being are the priorities, Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center wishes to expand its reach, guarantee affordable quality self-care practices for all, and embrace diversity.

Visit and
their social media page
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on Dear Self.


Symph is ready to help us and make our everyday use of technology fun and easier

On May 23, 2023, Symph, a dynamic software development consulting company in the Philippines, conducted their #SymphAI30x30 Media Party at BGC. On May 18, 2023, a news conference was held at The Company Cebu just a few days previously. It was now Manila’s turn to host this amazing occasion.
Symph is committed to empowering people and advancing knowledge of the place of AI in society. An important step in achieving these goals was marked by the event. Symph expresses its sincere gratitude to the media representatives who enthusiastically supported the occasion, helping to inform the public about the effects of AI on society and addressing potential issues.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Jarrhey dela Peña stated during the event, “We have this theme, Build Openly with AI. We share our AI apps as work-in-progress. More importantly, we invite the community to try the apps and we listen to their feedback. Together, we are building the future we want to create.”

During the press conference, Symph showcased the AI apps developed by its talented team based in Manila. Edson Carreon, our full-stack developer, introduced Grognak, an AI Caveman app that simplifies complex topics for better understanding. This app holds great potential for museums and tech or science-related events, making learning a fun and effortless experience for kids.

Ragan Lamoc, our full-stack developer, demonstrated Fitplanr. It is an AI-powered personal trainer app that generates custom gym programs. By seamlessly integrating with gyms and fitness amenities, Fitplanr empowers both gym-goers and beginners to kickstart their workouts with confidence.

In addition, Michael Suarez, our AI and Fullstack engineer stationed in Cebu, presented a Prompeteer, which Jarrhey dela Pea built. Jarrhey himself makes daily use of the tool that enables users to make chatbots powered by AI without knowing any programming. After Jarrhey demonstrated the app, media members were able to quickly construct their own AI apps. With the use of an AI tool from Prompeteer, companies can present their brand identity to customers while guiding them through interesting conversations about purchases.
With its future AI events and projects, Symph is eager to enthrall audiences. The business is committed to altering the AI environment and is always looking for new opportunities and pushing the limits of technological development. Symph welcomes everyone to embark on this thrilling adventure with them as they remain steadfast in their mission to #BuildOpenlyWithAI. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!

Want to see the cool AI apps we’ve built so far? Check out Keep an eye out for more of our AI apps we will continue to build! Know more about Symph here:


An agreement is signed between Sterling Bank of Asia and Santos Land Development Corporation

In order to increase the home loan options available to its present and potential customers in Davao, Sterling Bank of Asia inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Santos Land Development Corporation (SLDC). The official cooperation between SBA and SLDC was established at the MOA signing at The Ivory Residences.

The deal was negotiated by the Chairman of SLDC, Ms. Nora Morada, and the Chief Finance Officer of SLDC, Ms. Maria Lourdes Estanislao, along with SBA’s First Vice President for Vismin Consumer Lending, Ms. Leila Amante, and Senior Vice President for Consumer Lending Group, Ms. Mary Rose Mendez.

“We are excited about the recent expansion of partnerships in the Davao region,” said Ms. Amante. “ This partnership with SLDC will allow SBA to offer our current and future clients more home ownership options,” she added.

The Ivory Residences is the most recent addition to Sterling Bank of Asia’s current selection of home loans offered for SLDC properties. The 18-story residential condominium is a great option for local professionals, businesspeople, and tourists because it is close to shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. A small number of individual homes on the land have some of Davao City’s largest floor designs.

Visit the nearby Sterling Bank of Asia branches or go to for further offers and details on house loans.


Damosa Land Inc. and Sterling Bank of Asia sign a partnership agreement

One of the top thrift banks in the nation, Sterling Bank of Asia (SBA), joins forces with Damosa Land Inc. (DLI), a company in the ANFLO Group of Companies, to finance buyers of the company’s houses and condos who have good credit.  

“We are happy to partner with the leading and one of the region’s trusted developers, Damosa Land Inc.,” said Leila Amante, SBA’s First Vice President for Vismin Consumer Lending. “We are in one goal with DLI in giving access to eco-friendly housing and support uplifting the lives of our fellow Davaoeños,” Ms. Amante added.

For the Ameria and Seawind Condominium complexes, Sterling Bank of Asia will, in accordance with the MOA, offer home loans to eligible customers through its retail mortgage financing program.  

“At Damosa Land, we have always wanted to give our clients as many options for financing assistance as possible. So we welcome this recent move as an opportunity to help them get their dream home with us,” said Ricardo F. Lagdameo, President of Damosa Land Inc.

The first elite subdivision in Davao del Norte, the DLI Ameria project is an award-winning development. In addition to its advantageous location, it has generous lot sizes and open areas, which inspire potential inhabitants to start farming in their backyards. However, for young families or single professionals who enjoy waking up to a resort-like setting in the center of Davao City’s next boom area, Seawind Condominium is the ideal choice. It features one of the most open living spaces on the real estate market and provides an amazing view of the Davao Gulf.

“We are looking forward to making more strategic partnerships and extending easily accessible, value-adding loan services in the region,” said Ms. Amante.

Visit the local SBA branch in your area or go to to learn more about the most recent products and services offered by Sterling Bank of Asia.

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Presenting Binibining Pilipinas 2023 is BingoPlus

By endorsing the 59th Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant, scheduled for May 28, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater, BingoPlus once more reaffirmed its commitment to supporting projects and endeavors that highlight Filipino culture, Filipino pastimes, and Filipino spirit.

The first live-streaming bingo in the Philippines is the competition’s presenter, and by including viewers and pageant enthusiasts in the voting process, they have increased the contest’s excitement. The public can vote for their favorite candidates on a voting page that BingoPlus has set up on its official website. The candidate who receives the most votes will immediately go up to the Top 12 of Binibining Pilipinas 2023 and win a P100,000 cash reward from BingoPlus.

Forty lovely ladies from all over the country will vie for the four prestigious titles of Binibining Pilipinas International, Binibining Pilipinas Grand and Binibining Pilipinas Globe at the pageant.

All that beauty contest fans have to do is register and log in on the BingoPlus website ( and cast their votes. When they do, they get the chance to win BingoPlus credits and tickets to witness the Binibining Pilipinas coronation night live. The more votes cast, the more chances of winning in the lucky draw. Voting started April 29 and will run through May 26. Lucky draw winners will be announced every Friday up to May 28.

The Binibining Pilipinas candidates recently visited and toured the newly built and biggest studio of BingoPlus in Quezon City where many of the grand, star-studded BingoPlus Nights are held. The lovely ladies gave a glimpse of what audiences can expect on finals night by putting on a mini show, introducing themselves per province, greeting audiences via livestream and inviting them to cast their votes for their candidates on the BingoPlus website.

Since its debut in January 2022, BingoPlus has been fervently promoting businesses and initiatives that share its goal of giving Filipinos access to high-quality entertainment. In addition to aggressively promoting Filipino festivities including Sinulog in Cebu, Dinagyang and Pintados de Pasi in Iloilo, and MassKara in Bacolod, BingoPlus served as the presenter of Ms. Philippines Earth 2022. Along with sporting leagues, teams, and special events, BingoPlus is a fervent supporter of musical performances and concerts.

“BingoPlus will continue to support activities that showcase our Filipino tradition and culture. As a promoter of leisure and quality entertainment, we will be part of many more initiatives that express our Pinoy love of merriment and recreation,” said Jasper Vicencio, AB Leisure Exponent, Inc. President, the company that introduced the BingoPlus brand.

Visit for more details on BingoPlus.

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Local farmers in Calabarzon will be trained in cutting-edge farming methods

In furtherance of its goal to improve farmers’ agricultural and entrepreneurial abilities, SM Foundation, Inc. The Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan on Sustainable Agriculture Program (KSK-SAP) was recently introduced by the organization in several Calabarzon locales.

The initiative was first introduced on April 13, 2023, in Padre Garcia, Batangas, and has since been expanded to Silang, Cavite, Batangas City, San Pablo, Laguna, and Calamba City. In order to assist other recipients in improving their families and communities, SMFI is also planning to offer free agri-skills training to local farmers in other areas of the region.

Empowering local farmers

The local farmer-beneficiaries will undergo a two-phased program, spearheaded by its partner school Moca Family Farm RLearning Center, Inc.  

The said program kicked off with an immersive 14-week training program, designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge in agriculture. The modular training curriculum covers topics on the latest agri-technology updates, capacity building, financial literacy, product development, and market opportunities. Through these comprehensive modules, KSK-SAP aims to empower and enhance farmers’ agricultural practices and explore avenues for sustainable growth.

As a highlight of the program’s first phase, KSK-SAP farmers will join the SM Sunday Market, a collaborative initiative between SM Foundation and SM Supermalls. This platform offers trainees a valuable opportunity to showcase their agricultural produce and gain firsthand experience in institutional selling. Through this market opportunity, participants can not only generate income but also cultivate their expertise and experience in the sales and marketing aspects of their agri-businesses.

To prepare for the second phase of the program, SMFI will also assist the farmers in formalizing their respective groups. To boost their earning capactiy and contribution to economic growth, the foundation will support them in creating a sustainable and profitable farming community through the assistance of its partner agencies.

Henry “Tatang” Sy Sr., the creator of SMFI, had a goal for KSK-SAP to be a sustainable effort that would improve the farming abilities, food security, and livelihood knowledge of low-income Filipino farmers. The program has grown over time into a thorough training program that creates chances for skill development, employment, and subsistence.

More than 28,000 marginalized farmers from rural and urban areas around the nation have benefited from KSK-SAP since its founding in 2007, enhancing their capacity for farming and entrepreneurship. Some program graduates have consequently evolved into seasonal vendors for the SM group and other neighborhood markets.

KSK-SAP is carried out by the SM Foundation in collaboration with partner agricultural schools, SM Supermalls, TESDA, DA, DSWD, DOST, DTI, and DOT.

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Multiple worldwide organizations honor SM Prime’s second annual integrated report

Three international award-giving organizations have recognized SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), one of the top integrated property developers in Southeast Asia, for excellence in transparent Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting for its 2021 Annual Integrated Report titled “Together, We Rise.”

Even before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines made sustainability reporting mandatory, SM began publishing its sustainability reports in 2013. By alerting investors and other stakeholders on its ESG performance and impacts, decision-making procedures, and competitive positioning value in the industry, SM Prime further encourages transparency and accountability.

“We are honored to receive these awards as a recognition of our commitment to provide transparent reporting in our sustainable practices. We value all our stakeholders, and we strive to enrich the quality of life of the Filipino people,” SM Prime President Mr. Jeffrey Lim said.

At the summit of international recognitions, SM Prime bagged accolades from the biggest and most coveted awards competition in the business world called Stevie® Awards. The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards recognizes business innovation across the entire Asia-Pacific region, whereas IBAs is one of the first and most highly anticipated awards programs of the Stevie Awards that features a wide variety of categories relevant to every facet of the workplace that is open to all kinds and sizes of organizations globally. SM Prime was awarded the Bronze Stevie® Winner at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards program and Silver Stevie® Winner in the 2022 International Business Awards (IBAs).

Additionally, the business received a Silver Rank in the National Center for Sustainability Reporting’s (NCSR) 2022 Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT), a ranking system for sustainability reports. The GRI Standards compliance, GHG disclosure transparency, alignment with and support of the UN SDGs are just a few of the criteria used in the ASRRAT rating system.

The awards and recognition from other countries are proof of SM Prime’s active engagement in promoting sustainability throughout its activities. SM Prime continues to be a driving force behind economic growth by creating sustainable lifestyle cities that improve the quality of life for millions of people.

Health and Wellness

A surge in providing high-quality healthcare

The Community Health Organization Program was established in the Philippines in 1971 with the goal of classifying health services into primary, intermediate, and tertiary levels. Barangay health stations were established as a part of this project to make sure that primary healthcare enhances the general health and wellbeing of people, families, and communities.

Since that time, these neighborhood clinics have been extremely important in helping Filipinos achieve better health. They have aided with the vaccination campaign in addition to offering normal healthcare services and acting as agents during the COVID-19 a pandemic Additionally, they continue to encourage illness prevention and healthy lifestyles, especially among vulnerable populations.

Adequate facilities for improved healthcare

SM Foundation (SMFI) has made it its mission to provide adequate facilities and upgraded equipment to boost health centers as they fulfill their mandate of delivering quality health care, even amid the pandemic.

Pursuing its mission, SMFI and UNIQLO Philippines traveled to the cities of Tuguegarao and Cauayan in Cagayan Valley and upgraded two health facilities serving thousands of Filipinos. Beyond the new infrastructure, health workers see it as a chance to put forth the services they have always drawn from the heart.

In Brgy. District 1, Cauayan, Midwife Tarita Ann Ballasteros has tended to patients from low-income households, who barely have money to spare for the fare going to the facility and to buy medicine. She would then give the best care she can offer to compensate for the limitations of their center.

“Nakikita ko ang sitwasyon nila na ultimo pamasahe, wala sila. Iniisip ko, wala man lang akong maibigay na gamot sa kanila. Para sa akin, hindi ko man sila lubos na mapagaling, lalabas sila sa facility na magaan ang pakiram dahil sa tinatawag nating TLC (tender loving care),” she said.

Before, they had to use curtains as improvised medical partitions or lock the health center’s door to provide comfort to women seeking reproductive health care or pregnant mothers coming in for prenatal checkups.

“It takes time to prepare and attend to the next patient. Kailangan pa namin takpan ng kumot o ilock ang pinto ng center para magkaroon ng privacy ang mga pasyente. Dahil dito, isa lang ang naaaccommodate namin. Minsan, hindi sila komportable dahil nakikita ng iba yung procedure na ginagawa namin sa kanila,” she said.

Through the upgrade, the Brgy. District 1 Health Center had its own room for maternal and child health services, equipped with necessary medical tools. It was also fitted with a breastfeeding area and a designated space for immunization.

The upgrade served as the boost they needed to complement the TLC they have always given their community.

“Malaki ang connection ng renovation ng center sa pagsasaayos ng kalusugan ng aming komunidad. Kaming mga health workers ay mas eager na sa pag-pasok sa trabaho at mas marami na kaming pasyenteng mabibigyan ng serbisyo at matutulungan,” she said.

“Dahil maganda na at maaliwalas, nakakatulong ito para gumaan ang pakiramdam ng pasyente bago pa man sila gamutin,” she added.

A change for the better

Sharing the same passion for health care service is Corazon Tanguilan, a Barangay Health Worker from Brgy. Cataggaman Pardo Health Center in Tuguegarao City.

“As a healthcare provider, hindi po namin gaano iniisip ang kalakihan ng aming health center. Ang importante po ay taos pusong pagbibigay ng serbisyo sa patients namin. Nasa kalooban po namin kung paano namin gagawing maayos pagpapatakbo ng aming operasyon,” she said.

Through their dedication, they strived to accommodate the healthcare needs of their patients despite unfortunate working conditions–from broken tiles, cracked wall paint, and damaged cabinets to limited electric fans for ventilation.

“Sira po ang aming mga tiles. Mahirap po ito dahil baka madulas o mapaano ang aming mga pasyente na kadalasan ay buntis at mga bata. Kaya nilagyan na lang po namin ito ng masking tape para makaiwas sa aksidente,” she recalled.

Due to the center’s layout and space limitations, it became even more difficult for them during the pandemic. With sick children, pregnant women, and TB-DOTs patients, it felt like a weight was pressed against their chests as they hoped to safely accommodate all patients while implementing social distancing.

“During immunization days, may mga pregnant mothers na darating for prenatal check-up. Ine-entertain namin sila dahil hindi namin puwedeng pauwiin ulit at pabalikin pa. Mahalaga po ang sapat na espasyo para maisagawa ang infection prevention and control measures. Kaya mainam po ang ginawa ng SM Foundation na pagpapalawak ng health center namin para sa kaligtasan ng patients namin,” she explained.

As their center was rebuilt from the ground up, they felt relief and gained renewed optimism to improve their operations.

The updated health centers now include specific rooms for maternal care, medical check-ups, and TB-DOTs treatment, in addition to the installation of new equipment and facilities, as well as cosmetic enhancements such as fresh paint and tiles. The spacious and well-ventilated lobby greets Tuguegaraonos with a warm welcome, urging them to seek healthy living and become great contributors to the progress of their city.

“27 years na po ako sa serbisyo at bihira po ang health center na naka-aircon at well-ventilated. Kaya ngayon pong naisaayos na po ito, tiyak po ako na mas maeengganyo ang constituents ng  namin na pumunta sa aming Center,” she said.

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The SM Group will construct new school buildings in Laguna, Batangas

SM Foundation, Inc. (SMFI), in collaboration with SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPHI), and the Department of Education (DepEd), has recently worked to construct two new school buildings in Laguna and Batangas, as part of its commitment to helping upgrade the country’s education system.

Two two-story four-classroom school buildings will be donated to the Laguna Resettlement Community School in San Pedro City, Laguna, and the San Antonio Elementary School in Sto. Tomas City is located in Batangas.

To ensure that children, particularly from low-income neighborhoods, have access to contemporary, secure, and conducive learning environments, each of the school buildings is planned to be furnished with instructional materials, chairs, handwashing facilities, emergency equipment, and PWD-friendly amenities.

At the signing of the memorandum of understanding on April 28, 2023, at the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) in Malvar, Batangas, representatives from the SMFI, DepEd, and the local government units of the aforementioned provinces formalized the collaboration.

SM Foundation, through its School Building Program, is an active partner of DepEd in various educational programs. This social good initiative aims to promote quality public education by building classrooms nationwide. To date, it has turned over more than 100 school buildings to grassroots communities.