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On May 23, 2023, Symph, a dynamic software development consulting company in the Philippines, conducted their #SymphAI30x30 Media Party at BGC. On May 18, 2023, a news conference was held at The Company Cebu just a few days previously. It was now Manila’s turn to host this amazing occasion.
Symph is committed to empowering people and advancing knowledge of the place of AI in society. An important step in achieving these goals was marked by the event. Symph expresses its sincere gratitude to the media representatives who enthusiastically supported the occasion, helping to inform the public about the effects of AI on society and addressing potential issues.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Jarrhey dela Peña stated during the event, “We have this theme, Build Openly with AI. We share our AI apps as work-in-progress. More importantly, we invite the community to try the apps and we listen to their feedback. Together, we are building the future we want to create.”

During the press conference, Symph showcased the AI apps developed by its talented team based in Manila. Edson Carreon, our full-stack developer, introduced Grognak, an AI Caveman app that simplifies complex topics for better understanding. This app holds great potential for museums and tech or science-related events, making learning a fun and effortless experience for kids.

Ragan Lamoc, our full-stack developer, demonstrated Fitplanr. It is an AI-powered personal trainer app that generates custom gym programs. By seamlessly integrating with gyms and fitness amenities, Fitplanr empowers both gym-goers and beginners to kickstart their workouts with confidence.

In addition, Michael Suarez, our AI and Fullstack engineer stationed in Cebu, presented a Prompeteer, which Jarrhey dela Pea built. Jarrhey himself makes daily use of the tool that enables users to make chatbots powered by AI without knowing any programming. After Jarrhey demonstrated the app, media members were able to quickly construct their own AI apps. With the use of an AI tool from Prompeteer, companies can present their brand identity to customers while guiding them through interesting conversations about purchases.
With its future AI events and projects, Symph is eager to enthrall audiences. The business is committed to altering the AI environment and is always looking for new opportunities and pushing the limits of technological development. Symph welcomes everyone to embark on this thrilling adventure with them as they remain steadfast in their mission to #BuildOpenlyWithAI. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!

Want to see the cool AI apps we’ve built so far? Check out Keep an eye out for more of our AI apps we will continue to build! Know more about Symph here:

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