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United City Football Club is excited to begin its strategic cooperation with Blocksport, a forward-thinking Swiss company created in 2019, following the success of the launch of its dedicated Fan App. United City FC has reached a major milestone with this partnership, which harnesses the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology to boost fan engagement and open up new revenue streams.

About Blocksport: Unlocking Limitless Revenue Streams with Web3

Leading sports teams in Europe and Africa, including OH Leuven, Empoli FC, Partizan BC, Kaizer Chiefs FC, Salford Red Devils Rugby Club, and Belgium Cycling, have worked with Blocksport, a leader in the sports technology space. The business focuses in assisting professional sports organizations in developing digital infrastructure, which in turn produces effective community centers and makes use of Web3 and blockchain technologies to increase revenue and fan interaction.

“At Blocksport, we are committed to empowering sports clubs with innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. Our collaboration with United City FC signifies a bold step towards the future of fan engagement. Furthermore, my trip to Manila a few months ago to participate in the Business of Football conference confirmed to us that the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, are markets with huge potential; hence this partnership marks the start of the Blocksport footprint in this part of the world. By combining the power of Web3 and blockchain, we aim to create a digital ecosystem that meets and exceeds the expectations of the modern fan. Together with United City FC, we are paving the way for a new era in sports technology not just in the Philippines but beyond.” – Samir Ceric, COO of Blocksport.

The partnership between United City FC and Blocksport opens the door to various fan engagement activities, including but not limited to:

– NFT Games, Fan Points Booster, Digital Memberships, Premium Content, online ticketing, Exclusive Club content, Digital Collectibles, E-commerce, community chats, news updates, predictor games, live streaming, and much more.

Why Web3?

Gen Z Engagement: The next generation of fans, Gen Z, demands high digital and Web3 engagement levels from their favorite clubs. Embracing these technologies is crucial in attracting and retaining this tech-savvy audience.

Absolute Ownership: In Web3, fans have the exclusive ability to own, trade, and monetize their digital assets, fostering a sense of absolute ownership and connection with the club.

Transparency: Web3 technology ensures transparency in all transactions and relationships between clubs and fans. This transparency is essential for building trust and accountability within the fan community.

Security: Recognizing the value of fan data, Blocksport employs blockchain technology to uphold the highest security standards. This approach safeguards the privacy and integrity of fan data, treating it as the club’s most valuable asset.

“We are excited about the endless possibilities our partnership with Blocksport brings. As we step into Web3 and blockchain, we are not just transforming the fan experience; we are revolutionizing how clubs interact with their supporters. This is a game-changer not only for United City FC but also for Philippine Football, and we are proud to lead the way in embracing the future of sports technology.” – Eric Gottschalk, President of United City Football Club

Blocksport and United City FC are thrilled about the relationship’s potential to change the sports and technology industries. Together, we will develop a state-of-the-art fan experience and put the team at the forefront of these changes.

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Esti Lestari Named United City FC’s Chairman

With immediate effect, United City FC (UCFC) is pleased to announce Esti Puji Lestari’s appointment as the club’s chairman. As the UCFC begins an exciting new chapter in its history, Esti’s confirmation of her commitment in the club is an important milestone.

Esti Puji Lestari, an Indonesian native, brings a plethora of experience and knowledge to her new position at United City FC (UCFC). Throughout her distinguished career in the sports sector, Esti has occupied pivotal leadership roles—including majority ownership—in her capacities as CEO of QD Red Lions China and president of Persijap Jepara. In these capacities, she has contributed significantly to the expansion and prosperity of her organizations.

“Reviving United City FC is my mission. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of a club with such a great tradition and long history, and my aim is to match the outstanding achievements of the past with similar ones in the future.

I feel I have unfinished business in football, and as an esports owner, I intend to add value to the club off the field as well as on it.

I am grateful for this opportunity and know that the Philippines football landscape is very supportive of not only the men’s game but also the women’s with their participation in the recent World Cup.

In the spirit of ASEAN cooperation, I would also like this to be a pathway for both men and women from Indonesia as well as Philippines to gain valuable experience and benefit from the synergy between two nations.” states Esti Lestari.

In Indonesia, as the only female owner of a Football Club that has a 63-year history, Esti led strategic initiatives to enhance the club’s brand visibility, optimize revenue streams, and foster community engagement, solidifying its position as a sustainable football club in Indonesia that continues to exist. Additionally, she has been a prominent advocate for women’s football, championing initiatives to support and develop women’s football at all levels.

In China, as Red Lions’ CEO, Esti brought her dynamic leadership and strategic acumen to oversee the club’s administration and development. Her visionary approach and dedication contributed to the growth and success of QD Red Lions during her tenure.

“We are privileged and proud to have such an esteemed investor and seasoned football expert join our Club to catapult the development of UCFC forward. Esti has been a long-time personal friend, and I am pleased to work alongside her as I know what she will bring to the Club. Our project and mission of UCFC have never changed, even when we took a break from football in 2023, but now we are back, and with Esti’s support, we will continue the legacy of the club and raise the bar once again for the gold standard of Philippines football.” – Eric Gottschalk, President of United City FC.

As UCFC enters this new era under Esti’s leadership, the club reaffirms its commitment to excellence both on and off the field. UCFC’s goals include:

  1. Achieving Sporting Success: United City FC aims to compete at the highest level of Philippine football, striving for championships and representing the country internationally.

2. Community Engagement: United City FC is dedicated to fostering strong connections with its fans and the local community, organizing outreach programs and initiatives to promote the growth of football at the grassroots level.

3. Youth Development: United City FC recognizes the importance of nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for aspiring footballers to develop their skills within a professional environment.

4. Commercial Growth: United City FC seeks to maximize commercial opportunities, leveraging Esti’s expertise to enhance revenue streams, attract sponsors, and expand the club’s global brand presence.

5. Women’s Team Establishment: United City FC is committed to promoting women’s football by establishing a dedicated team, providing opportunities for female athletes to compete at the highest level, and inspiring the next generation of women footballers.

With Esti Puji Lestari’s appointment, UCFC enters an exciting new chapter in its history. The team is eager to use her experience and vision to reach new heights of success on and off the field.


Allianz Liga Eskwela Kaagapay: Using Futsal to Teach Technical Skills and Financial Literacy

Allianz PNB Life’s Grace Dar Santos, Head of Corporate Communications and CSR Lead; Jesus Dennis Montealto, Henry V. Moran Foundation, Program Coordinator; Gino Riola, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sustainability, Allianz PNB Life; Kevin Goco, Philippine Football Federation and Fang Siong Chong, Chief Financial Officer, Allianz PNB Life

Recently, the Henry V. Moran Foundation (Moran Foundation) and Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc. (Allianz) launched the Allianz Liga Eskwela Kaagapay futsal for development program. This grassroots initiative uses futsal to teach technical skills and foster financial literacy in Department of Education (DepEd) public schools.

“The program innovatively uses futsal, an indoor small-sided version of football, widely played in Philippine grassroots communities. Allianz Liga Eskwela Kaagapay aims to teach public school children technical skills in football as well as basic financial literacy through capacity building trainings for teachers, training sessions with students, and competitions,” said Gino Riola, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Sustainability in Allianz. “Teachers who attend the training receive balls to be used in their schools, and also have the chance to be seconded to further coaching and official development programs under the Philippine Football Federation (PFF).”

Danny Moran, Chairman, The Henry V. Moran Foundation

“Since 2008, the Moran Foundation has been supporting football for development programs in public schools, orphanages, and NGOs across the country,” said Danny Moran, Chairman of the Moran Foundation. “But we realized that a major difficulty in promoting field football in most Filipino communities and schools is the lack of access to pitches. However, all these schools have access to covered basketball courts so it was natural to use futsal (indoor 5-aside football) for the kids as it is a game that has been proven to be an excellent formator of one’s technique, skill, and game awareness.”

Because of the Moran Foundation’s strong connections to the PFF and its relationship with DepEd, the Liga Eskwela Kaagapay Program fosters the growth of futsal. The Moran Foundation, in partnership with the PFF, organizes futsal competitions to complement the program’s training for PE instructors, which teaches them the fundamentals of futsal coaching, refereeing, and tournament organization. As of 2024, the program is operational in 12 school divisions/cities within DepEd Region 7 and all 16 school divisions/cities within the DepEd National Capital Region. Mindanao will soon adopt the program as well.

Along with teaching public school instructors how to use futsal skills and games to teach public school students basic financial literacy concepts like goal setting, saving, and budgeting, the program also highlights the use of futsal for the development of financial values. In 2023, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released a report indicating that the Philippines’ financial literacy rank is third from last in ASEAN, with only 25% of the population possessing this knowledge.

For the win: Pasig U18 celebrate their U18 championship win

“Football and futsal in schools are fun for both the teachers and the students. Thus, through our partnership with the Moran Foundation, Allianz PNB Life hopes to address the financial literacy gap in the Philippines by using an attractive medium like futsal to get basic concepts across to public school teachers and students,” added Riola. “Liga Eskwela Kaagapay helps achieves Allianz PNB Life’s sustainability agenda in the country since it directly helps us address the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 – Better Education.”

 Game time: U18 girls defending champion Valenzuela (maroon) vs Manila

Liga Eskwela Kaagapay aims to work with at least 100 public school teachers to reach 10,000 public school children in collaboration with DepEd Regions in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The winners of the one-day Liga Eskwela Futsal Festival 2024 in La Salle Greenhills last Jan. 21 are as follows:

● 12U Boys: Champion – Mandaluyong; 2nd Place – Caloocan; 3rd Place – Valenzuela.

● 12U Girls: Champion – Manila; 2nd Place – Muntinlupa; 3rd Place – Valenzuela.

● 16U Boys: Champion – Pasig; 2nd Place – Caloocan; 3rd Place – Valenzuela.

● 16U Girls: Champion – Malabon; 2nd Place – Muntinlupa; 3rd Place – Parañaque.

● 18U Boys: Champion – Pasig; 2nd Place – Manila; 3rd Place – Quezon City.

● 18U Girls: Champion – Valenzuela; 2nd Place – Pasig; and 3rd Place – Caloocan.


A significant part of the 52nd Golden Tee Invitational Tournament is played by ArenaPlus

Your go-to sports betting app, ArenaPlus, did not hold back in supporting Philippine sports entertainment as it participated in the 52nd Golden Tee Invitational Tournament, which was held at the Manila Golf and Country Club from February 5–10, 2024.

ArenaPlus assumed the position of major sponsor for the event, also known as a Platinum Sponsor, and contributed Php 1,000,000.00 as the cash prize for the winner of the tournament. The brand feels that this sum is akin to the value that golf provides to the Filipino people in terms of both amusement and livelihood.

Notably, ArenaPlus’ participation also included being counted among the tournament players. The Golden Tee Sponsors Tournament portion of the event saw 10 representatives from the brand join in as they too worked to secure their own victories.

Event goers, from players to spectators, were given the additional treat of visiting ArenaPlus’ booth, which gave away goodies to its visitors.  

ArenaPlus wants to continue its involvement in the local sports and leisure scenes because it is committed to fostering the growth and development of Philippine sports and culture. They keep creating new channels and chances to increase the accessibility and relevance of sports and leisure for Filipinos. Through its collaboration with the 52nd Golden Tee Invitational Tournament, ArenaPlus makes esoteric sports accessible to a wider audience.

Digiplus Interactive Corp. is a leading provider of gaming and leisure services in the nation, and BingoPlus and ArenaPlus are two of its proud flagship brands. Visit and for additional updates, or get the apps right now from Google Play and the App Store.

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The UP Maroons are adoring dog fathers outside the court

 UP Maroon’s Aldous Torculas (left) and Sean Alter spending time with their fur babies

There is nothing better than returning home to a happy dog. Your pets will always be happy to see you when you arrive at the door, no matter how the day goes. When you become comfortable, they will be eager to play and relax with you. Some UP Maroons players get this feeling after practice and important game days.

A lot of sports fans watch UAAP Basketball to witness the UP Maroons stomp all over the court. Students and alumni from all throughout the nation rejoiced as the UP team won the championship during Season 84. They made it to the finals once more this year, carrying on their winning streak. The UP Maroons demonstrated their fervor and will to win even though they finished second.

The UP Maroons are devoted pet fathers who enjoy spending their free time with their dogs when they’re not giving it their all on the court.

Maroon’s best friend

CJ Casino with his fur baby, Milo

For UP Maroons team captain CJ Cansino, walking and playing with his Corgi, Milo, re-energizes him whenever he’s back home in Laguna. “I make sure na ako nag-aalaga sa kanya, ako nag-iikot sa kanya, ako nagpapakain sa kanya,” he says.

When Aldous Torculas got his American Bulldog, Zion, during the pandemic, he spent a lot of time with him to feel relaxed. “Best memory ko yung nakuha ko si Zion nung pandemic. Tuwang-tuwa ako everytime na gigising ako, siya agad yung pinupuntahan ko,” he says.

Loyal family members

More than anything, dogs are important members of the family. They are like children and siblings you take good care of, even spoiling them with yummy food and cute toys. At the same time, they repay the love you give with loyalty and companionship.

UAAP Season 85 MVP Malick Diouf with his pet

UAAP Season 85 MVP Malick Diouf considers his two dogs, Emma and Bellie, as great company. They’re always there for him whenever he feels down, so he can count on them whenever he needs a pick-me-up.

Meanwhile, Fil-Am player Sean Alter shares that he can’t wait to see his dog Wicky when he goes home to the US. The small white Maltese-Poodle is “always happy” to see Sean, and always cuddles with him. “It’s a lot of responsibility to take care of a dog, but having [a dog] to cuddle when you are feeling lonely or down, it’s the best feeling,” he says.

The UP Maroons always make sure to dedicate time and energy to their pet babies, regardless of whether they live with or without them. They may not always be present due to their demanding schedules, but they are aware of what is best for them, which includes providing them with nutrient-rich TopBreed dog food on a daily basis.

All athletes, UP Maroons included, are deeply committed to their sport. The UP Maroons, however, aren’t afraid to display their caring side with their cherished canines in the midst of pictures and videos of basketball moments. Their dogs and loved ones will be there to welcome them home whether they win or lose games.


Puerto Princesa: A Paradise and Sports Hub

Puerto Princesa City, which forms part of the Philippines’ Last Frontier, is first on the list of ideal destinations of travelers, adventure-seekers, and nature lovers. With a good number of sports tournaments being held in the city, it is now solidifying its status as the “Sports Capital of the Philippines.”

Unstoppable. Phenomenal. Unbreakable. That’s what Puerto Princesa is as it plays host to world-class sports activities such as marine events like kite-boarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, banana-boat ride, tube riding and hookah diving. The city also regularly hosts the “Motocross Masters of Asia.” the Philippine leg of the FIM UAM Asian Motocross Series, Puerto Princesa International Motocross Grand Prix, Thai Riders, Pinoy Riders, Mountain Bike XC Challenge, and Boxing Eve “Hamon sa Puerto Princesa”

Puerto Princesa understands that sports and tourism are interrelated and complementary driving forces for the promotion and sustainable economic development of the city as an attractive tourism destination. It continues to boost its tourist arrivals by hosting and organizing more sporting events.

The city is blessed with natural resources and landscape to hold excellent mass-participation events such as triathlons and marathons, mountain bike and motor cross races, beach volleyball, and other water sports competitions.

Talagang naka-project na ang Puerto Princesa sa sports tourism. Syempre yung hinahabol nating sports tourism yung mayroong international flavor,” City Mayor Lucilo Rodriguez Bayron said.

Mega sports events such as Ironman and dragon boat festival can be catalysts for tourism development in Puerto Princesa if successfully leveraged in terms of destination branding, infrastructure development and other economic, cultural, and social benefits.


The second year of the IRONMAN 70.3 Puerto Princesa – Asia Tri-Club Championship, the ultimate test of endurance, strategy, and strength, capped off the Philippines’ triathlon season. It was successfully held in Puerto Princesa on November 12.

A total of 523 foreign and Filipino triathletes from 38 countries participated in the amazing race. Satar Salem (4 hours, 22 minutes, and 25 seconds) and Leyann Ramo (5 hours, 2 minutes, and 56 seconds) both of Tri SND Barracuda dominated the top overall age group for the male and female categories, respectively.

China’s Junyu Cao finished the race in second place at 4:23.13 while Dutch Olympian Eric Van der Linden rounded off the top three finishers in the male category with 4:24.41. Ramo’s teammate Lyllian Grace Banzon trailed her at second place in 5:29.23 while American Catherine Wood completed the top three in the women’s side with the time of 5:36.26.

Tri SND Barracuda of Lanao del Norte netted the country’s top triathlon squad a whopping P500,000 purse put up by Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo Bayron.

The competition was divided into three segments: a 1.9-kilometer swim in Puerto Princesa Baywalk, a 90-kilometer bike ride through the city’s southern part, and a 21.1-kilometer run. The grueling course covered 113.0 kilometers, or 70.3 miles.

City Mayor Lucilo Rodriguez Bayron expressed his gratitude to the organizers, participants, and spectators for their support for Ironman 70.3. He also showed confidence that the competition will be successfully held again in the city next year as more local and foreign delegates are expected to attend.


The city understands that one of the most popular ways to experience a destination is through a sports event. It allows sports enthusiasts as well as tourists to better engage with local people, nature, and culture.

That happened when about 200 local and visiting riders participated in the 3rd Legends Ride 2023 held on November 18 in Puerto Princesa. The sports activity is part of the successful Subaraw Biodiversity Festival 2023.

From the starting point at Caltex Junction 3, the riders of different groups from all over the country, led by the Tamilok Motorcycle Group, marched together. The other participants were the Big Bikes, Palawan Street Monkeys, Himass Motorcycle Group/Hijos, United Sports Bike of Palawan (USP) and others on small bikes.

The route took the legend riders to Puerto Princesa landmarks such as the Montible Junction, Napsan at the Villa Francesca Resort in Simpocan, the Tala Beach Resort and straight to the Tennis Covered Court of the Ramon V. Mitra Sports Complex, inside Balayong People’s Park.

“Thank you very much for bringing the Legends Ride to our city. Because you enjoyed it, you will definitely come back here. You are always welcome here in Puerto Princesa City,” said City Mayor Bayron at the fellowship dinner at the Tennis Covered Court as he congratulated the organizers, riders, guests, and sponsors for the successful holding of the Legends Ride 2023.

Jun Diagono, president of the National Federation of Motorcycles said they are very happy with the success of Legends Ride 2023. He set two goals in going to Puerto Princesa City: first was to unite all the big bikes clubs in the Philippines; and second, to invite various groups to the National Motorcycle Convention on April 26-27, 2024, at the Subic Bay Convention Center.

Diagono also convinced Puerto Princesa City bike legend Edward Butch Chase to hold the national convention in the city next year. He also promised to bring LMFI’s 54-member bike clubs to participate in the upcoming event, including the Federation of Bikes Club based in Mindanao.

At the awarding, the youngest rider was Blu Andre Rausa, 19 years old; and the oldest rider was Bob Del Rosario, 74 years old. The Most Organized Group is Evo Riders Club Philippines and Biggest Group is Palawan Street Monkeys. A Special Citation was given to Philip Dulatas as the overall chair of the event, and a Certificate of Greatest Appreciation for the support of William Genato, Naj Abdul, and Elroy John “Clink: Hagedorn. The Living legend award was given to Edward Butch Chase.

The other participating groups were the Legends Ride are Binuang, GBC, Bandits, Baghawi Rider Club, Bundakan Motorcycle Club and Widows Son Masonic Riders Association.


The 2nd International Dragon Boat Festival 2023, held on November 19, attracted teams from Chinese Taipei, Manila, Cebu and Siargao which competed in the just-concluded 200-meter event. From this series of international activities, it has been proven that it is possible to raise the level of programs and activities in Puerto Princesa.

Strength, strategy, paddling speed, and teamwork were the advantages of the ‘paddlers’ who won the championship in the final competition. They showed the audience a breath-taking fight. Everyone wants to get away and no one wants to be left behind. So even on a sunny day, the applause and screams from the audience were loud and clear.

In the Women’s Category, the Alliance of Masters from Manila won the championship; 1st runner-up is the Philippine Titans – Manila; Fire Dragons A is 2nd runner-up – Manila; and Rampage is 3rd runner-up – Manila.

In the Men’s Category, Mr. Canoe from Chinese Taipei won the championship. Followed by Philippine Titans in second place, Dagun Pilipinas A in third place and Alliance of Masters in fourth place.

The battle in the Mixed Category was also uneventful where the Siargao Dragons from Surigao del Norte proved that they deserve to be champions. The Alliance of Masters placed second; Hongkong China Canoe took third place followed by SAG-1 from Manila in fourth place.

In the Masters Category where those aged 40 and above were given the opportunity to show their skills, the Sugbo Mighty Dragons from Cebu became champions; followed in second place by the Alliance of Masters; Rampage in third place; and Blue Phoenix from Manila in fourth place.

Praise and admiration were showered on the leadership of the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragon Boat Federation, or PCKDF, for taking the lead in organizing the international sports event in the city.

Also heavily praised were the efforts shown by Mayor Lucilo Rodriguez Bayron in the tremendous success achieved by the municipal government for the competition.

“It was not easy but we know that we can win these big international events of ours. Of course with the support of department heads, city hall employees and the citizens who are there to support what we do. And even the organizations that trust us for big events. I am very grateful,” said City Mayor Bayron. “Please also expect that there are many more activities to look forward to that will definitely make the city recognized by the whole world not only for its eco-tourism wealth but also to become famous as the Sports Tourism Capital of the Philippines!”


B.LEAGUE’s All-Star Game Weekend in Okinawa causes a global explosion

Photo provided by JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization)

This January, ballers and hoops enthusiasts of all ages should head to Okinawa! The B.LEAGUE All-Star Game Weekend 2024 in Okinawa is scheduled to convene elite players from throughout Asia! Don’t pass on this amazing opportunity! Proceed there and take part in the activity!

On January 12–14, 2024, in Okinawa, the B.LEAGUE All-Star Game Weekend 2024 will begin. You won’t want to miss it—it will take place at the Okinawa Arena!

International basketball fans will travel from all around the world to witness their favorite B.LEAGUE players compete for the championship victory. All-Stars and elite Asian players will be showcasing their skills on the court.

The B.LEAGUE has expanded since its founding in 2016. It is currently a well-known and fiercely competitive Japanese league recognized by FIBA, serving as a feeder to some of the most difficult international basketball championships. This is an opportunity for Filipino basketball fans to witness Japanese basketball up close and personal! Enter the game to see your top players in real time! all the while taking in Japan’s sights, sounds, and sensations.

To ensure that fans get the most out of their journeys to Japan, the league has put together a number of tour packages. They are designed with ardent admirers and dedicated followers in mind. They offer some amazing experiences like first floor seats and suite rooms, unique entrances, meet and greets only available to them, and mementos.

If your excitement about seeing your favorite players in Japan is strong enough, why not seize the chance to obtain amazing seats and exclusive access? Visit the website provided below! The Meet & Greet Package is offered from November 22, 2023, through December 15, 2023.

Please visit the following website for information and pricing:

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Aura is offering Filipino players the chance to win up to P1.1 million during the YGG Web3 Games Summit

The largest decentralized gaming guild network in the world, Yield Guild Games (YGG), and Singapore-based Web3 gaming platform Aura have partnered to host several Web3 gaming tournaments with a combined prize pool of $20,000 or P1.1 million during the YGG Web3 Games Summit in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Popular Web3 games like Zed Run will be available on Aura. Its Wager platform, which enables users to join in or start their own Web3 gaming tournaments, will host the competition.

In addition, Aura is doing a listing campaign called Aura Dollar Deals, during which Aura will buy any Zed Run NFT for $1, up to a maximum of 500 NFTs.

Apart from the competitions, Aura will have an interactive booth that functions as a central meeting point for visitors to discover the cutting-edge elements of the Aura NFT marketplace, peruse more than 250 games on the platform, converse with Aura’s specialists, and acquire knowledge about the exciting realm of Web3 gaming.

“As the platinum sponsor, we’re committed to making the YGG Web3 Games Summit an exciting experience. Our focus on hosting Web3 gaming tournaments is a reflection of our commitment to fostering competition, skill development, and spreading Web3 gaming knowledge within the community. The total prize pool is not just an incentive; it’s a recognition of the talent in the Web3 gaming space,” said Aura Founder Abin Arjun.

A wide range of people are attending the conference, which runs through November 25. These participants include investors, game creators, protocols, players, and exchanges. It offers a thorough investigation of the future of Web3 gaming and includes a conference, game expo, hackathon, and esports competitions.

Aura is a state-of-the-art gaming environment that was created on the Polygon blockchain and offers a variety of tools to improve the gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Renowned for being the biggest decentralized gaming guild network, Yield Guild Games prioritizes Web3 education and blockchain games.


Aura is a state-of-the-art gaming ecosystem built on Polygon blockchain that equips gamers with everything they need to be better at gaming. With 45 million listed NFTs to choose from, Aura offers a unique platform for gamers of all levels. Aura’s commitment to innovation, user-driven experiences, and community engagement cements its status as the ultimate destination for Web3 gaming enthusiasts.






Yield Guild Games (YGG) is the world’s first and biggest web3 gaming guild, where players can enrich themselves as they find their community, discover games, and develop vital skills for web3. As a decentralized network of guilds with a focus on playing blockchain games and onboarding people into web3 ecosystems, YGG is committed to providing opportunities for its members to achieve success in the open Metaverse.

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Run to raise awareness of breast cancer with Pia Wurtzbach, Enchong Dee, Kyline Alcantara, and a number of celebrities

On October 21 at the CCP Complex in Pasay City, wear your jogging shoes and join the campaign to honor every woman’s breast health journey.

Everyone is invited to join Fun Run to Boob Love by Avon, the nation’s top manufacturer of intimate apparel, and run alongside the 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, actor and model Enchong Dee, Sparkle GMA actress Kyline Alcantara, 2023 Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee, 2023 Miss Supranational 1st Runner Up Pauline Amelinckx, and a host of other celebrities from the worlds of fashion, fitness, and wellness.

The celebration of every woman’s breast health journey is organized by the community. Fun race to Boob Love, which consists of a 3KM/5KM race and a fair focused on breast health and education, aims to generate money for the Philippine Cancer Society, a longtime Avon partner organization.

Avon’s dedication to maintaining women’s breast health reaches another milestone with the educational campaign. Avon encourages people to feel the boob love, be aware of the warning signs, understand the risks, and know what they can do to combat breast cancer. This includes promoting the value of self-care practices that save lives.

Visit to sign up for the Fun Run to Boob Love if you’re prepared to run for a good cause. Avon is part of the Natura &Co Group. *Learn more at

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Top Sporting Class Qualifiers for TGR GT Cup PH 2023 Finish Local Rounds and Advance to Nationals

With the broadcast of the third and final local round on August 4, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) concluded the local rounds of the 2023 season of its TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Gran Turismo Cup (TGR GT Cup).

The National Finals’ successful qualifiers will then compete against one another live in e-racing on August 24 at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila as part of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival (TGR Festival).

On the virtual Nürburgring GP track, e-racers who took part in the third and final round drove the Toyota GR010 Hybrid. The GR010 Hybrid, with its potent four-wheel-drive racing hybrid powertrain, proved to be a difficult vehicle for the e-racers.

Meanwhile, the Nürburgring GP offered broadcast viewers stunning views of the real-life track in Germany through the crisp visuals of the Gran Turismo 7 game.

David Enzo Ison once again conquered the Junior Class, coming out on top for the third round in a row. Russo Gabriel Formoso and Satoshi Jacobo Taguchi Paredes followed behind in second and third place, respectively.

In the Promotional Class, Stanley Theodore Golez emerged as champion, with Jan Rene Cortez Aldiosa in second and Benedict Salido in third.

Russel Reyes defended his first-place finish in the Sporting Class, with Jether Lugo Miole coming in second and Matthew Spencer Ang in third.

With the culmination of the local rounds, the Top 8 Sporting Class e-racers who will be competing at the National Finals was determined. Based on overall points from the three local rounds, the players who will be racing for a chance to represent the Philippines at the Asia Regional are:

1.       Russel Reyes

2.      Jether Miole

3.      Matthew Ang

4.      Mark Elman

5.      Luis Moreno

6.      Topher Tejada

7.      Estefano Rivera

8.      Bob Villangca

The winners of the National Finals will represent the Philippines in the Asia Regional happening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At the National Finals at the Quirino Grandstand, fans of e-motorsports may watch live support for their favorite e-racers. Along with the thrilling sim racing competition, attendees may enjoy spectacular entertainment from visiting bands as well as drifting and gymkhana exhibitions by professional drivers from across the world and their hometown.

On the official social media accounts of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Philippines, additional information on the TGR Festival will be shared. For the most recent motorsports news, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or go to