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The Final Goodbye: And here is an exclusive look back at the Kardashian-Jenner family’s craziest fun times.

The iconic reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, like all good things, must come to an end. We shall truly miss a show with 20 fascinating, interesting, and heartwarming seasons where we got a glimpse into their daily life. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, this is your last chance to catch up with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kylie, and Kendal. hayu got down with executive producer Farnaz Farjam to talk about memorable experiences and moments from the show.

Most epic moment

For the past 14 years, Farjam shared that his favorite and most memorable moment was still Kris Jenner’s lip moment—she didn’t want to film because of her swollen lip, but decided to carry on with it anyway as they were on a family vacation. A totally relatable episode as it gave us a lot of laughs!

The Kardashian-Jenners IRL

While the whole world sees them cry, laugh, and get crazy on TV, Farjam shared how some of the siblings have been lately in real life, especially now that the show’s about to end. Get to know more about the Kar-Jenner family behind the scenes:

  • Kim always comes with the most thoughtful gifts for the family. She’s the Kardashian who, according to Farjam, loves being in front of the camera the most. Kim is also the most fun to film thanks to her playful nature—during a time after her divorce, she would go crazy wearing all the funny wigs.
  • Kourtney is commendable for the strength she showed as she went on an emotional ride working through her emotions from Season 19 through 20. Amazingly, she emerged with a new and fresh attitude during Season 20, radiating positivity and just wanting to live her best life.
  • One of the most appreciative of and caring for the crew is Khloe. “One of our film producers, after filming in South Africa, had to go to hospital and he got hit with a $15,000 medical bill and he was stressing out,” Farjam said. “Khloe just wrote him a cheque.
  • Opposite of camera-loving Kim, Kylie is the one who actually likes filming the least. But on a brighter note, Kylie was much present in Season 20—perhaps due to it being the final one. It can be seen that she made an effort to be visible and felt for this last season.
  • Kendall, despite not being a parent yet, shows how much love she has in her by being a cool aunt to her nieces and nephews.

For the past decade, the Kardashians have been in the spotlight revealing their everyday life—happy moments and struggles combined, from failed relationships and sibling fights to family disputes. The show highlighted how even though they are celebrities, they are just as normal—they still experience the same challenges and conquer them in their own creative ways.

Prepare your tissues because this last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this June will surely be emotional as the family will close this chapter of their lives.

Catch the final episodes drop every Friday on hayu on the same day as its U.S. premiere. Get your Kardashian fix plus access to unlimited shows by signing up via You may also download the app to keep keeping up with the Kardashians! Subscribe to a weekly plan for only Php 49 or a monthly plan of Php 149 along with a FREE TRIAL. Or get hayu prepaid pass and save on your weekly, monthly, or quarterly pass to never miss out on your favorite TV shows!



How about a spa day at home? Here’s how Speaks G can help you make it extraordinary

Beauty and wellness services may not be high on your priority list right now, but we could all need a break from the stress of the pandemic. It is more important than ever for us to engage in self-pampering on a daily basis. It is not only enjoyable, but it is also incredibly helpful to your health, particularly given that we spend so much of our day indoors.

This might appear like going to the spa is a form of luxury that is difficult to fit into your weekly budget, but trust us when we say that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to treat yourself to some fancy self-care time—and you can totally DIY it from the comfort of your own home!

As a skincare brand that makes every user experience the power of healthy and flawless skin, Speaks G is the perfect partner to recreate an at-home spa day session you long deserve to have.

Here’s how you can have a simple, stress-relieving spa day at home with Speaks G:

Jump in the shower and give yourself a good rejuvenating scrub                                                                         Dead cells can sometimes accumulate on the surface of your skin and lead to dull and dry skin. That’s why regular exfoliation is important to nourish the skin. Speaks G’s Whipp Relief Soap helps in eliminating dead cells and deeply cleanses the skin. You will feel instantly refreshed and lighter after scrubbing away those skin impurities.

Remove breakouts with a face peel                                                                                                                           
Acnes can be caused by many factors including stress, lifestyle, the food you eat, and having dry skin. Treat breakouts with facial peels that slough off the top layers of your skin, leaving the surface smooth and clear. Speaks G’s Ultra Peel Soap revives your skin’s elasticity and can take off dark spots, whiteheads, blackheads, and other facial blemishes. Face peels will surely tighten your pores while keeping them soft and supple.

Let your nails breathe with moisturizing gel                                                                                                             Manicure is not the only spa treatment you can have for your nails, give them extra TLC by keeping your cuticles healthy and hydrated for good nail growth. Speaks G’s Aloe Vera Gel is a versatile product that can be used not only on your hair, face, and body; it also has moisturizing and nourishing properties to strengthen your nails, prevent brittleness, and helps in the regeneration of damaged nails. Just apply a proper amount of gel to your hands, gently massaging your fingers and nails until the gel is completely absorbed.

Level up your skincare routine with a gentle cream                                                                                                Keep dry skin and acne growth at bay by applying lotion or cream right after your shower routine. Speaks G’s Opulent Tawas Cream is an all-in-one cream that whitens dark spots, eliminates body odor, and minimizes pores—great with quick body massage and an easy way to add gentle care to your skin. Aside from its beneficial nutrients, it is also an antioxidant that protects your skin and calms skin inflammations. Creams can condition your skin and will surely give you a moist and bouncy look.

Try new beauty products and find the best one for your skin                                                                              There are so many products available in the market and often times we lean on products that are popular or those that you already tried. But as the world around us keeps on changing, so our skincare should, too. Speaks G’s newly launched product, the Sunflower Beauty Oil, can be considered as a beauty breakthrough and a holy grail for skincare that you deserve to try. This beauty oil can intensely moisturize your skin and address every skin problem with a single drop. With a gentle application of Speaks G Sunflower Beauty Oil, it can soften and soothe dry and irritated skin. Include it in your routine and experience youthful and glowing skin! And there you have it, an easy spa day at home tips we hope you’d try! Give yourself some ‘me’ time to be refreshed, recharged, and revitalized. To order Speaks G products, send them a message through their Facebook page or you may reach them at 0917 118 5363.

For more information, please follow Speaks G on their social media accounts: on Facebook, on Instagram, and official website at

About Speaks G
Speaks G Skin Essential Products Enterprise was established in 2013, a skincare company that aims to provide excellent and affordable products by using top-of-the-line materials and innovation that will change the customers’ perspective in beauty and wellness. Speaks G is a brand of all skin types, bringing products that renew, restore, and heal—keeping the skin young and healthy.




The Rosie Posie Kit is a truly must have skin care

All you go-getters out there, listen up! Rosie Posie is the skincare brand for women with great goals, who get up every day with the purpose of making their visions a reality. It’s a straightforward four-step skincare kit for busy female bosses who want to spend less time pampering and more time powering through life!

The last several months have been a rollercoaster. With all of the unpleasant things going on in the world and issues that arise in both our work and personal lives, it’s critical that we take the time to pamper ourselves and practice self-care. Rosie Posie is releasing the perfect package to take the worry out of putting together your skincare or self-care routine. After all, you may already have a lot on your plate.

Rosie Posie has a gentle whitening skin kit that includes everything you’ll need on a regular basis. Not to mention, Rosie Posie uses only natural ingredients to achieve the highest level of skin whitening effectiveness without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s also Halal-certified, free of cruelty, non-GMO, and parabens.

The Rosie Posie Kit includes the following products:

Bubble Belle Face and Body Soap

Allow yourself to indulge in some nice me-time while bathing. While the Bubble Belle suds clean your skin and bad energy, sing a little. With Kojic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil, Bubble Belle Soap is a brightening antibacterial face and body soap.

Misty Miss Toner

Misty Miss Toner hydrates and refreshes the skin. After this toner removes all of the debris from the day’s filth and hydrates your skin, it will look glowing. This antimicrobial toner hydrates your skin with potent actives including Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Niacinamide. Do you yearn for that youthful radiance? You have to give it a shot!

Sunrise Gel Moisturizing Sunblock

Sunscreen is a must-have in any skincare regimen. When applying the Sunrise Gel Moisturizing Sunblock, there’s no need to be afraid of being in the sun. This is an SPF 50 whitening antibacterial sunblock! It will protect your skin from harmful UV radiation while also providing you with a healthy rosy white complexion. This beauty, like you, is a multitasker. It performs two things at once: it whitens and protects your skin, allowing you to age gracefully.

Glitter Goddess Signature Night Serum

After a long shift, put a small amount of the Glitter Goddess Night Serum onto your skin to nourish it. Pentavitin, a revolutionary ingredient shown to provide your skin 72 hours of skin hydration, Niacinamide, and Tea tree oil are all found in Rosie Posie’s GlitterGoddess Signature Night Serum. This will undoubtedly make your skin look healthy and bright.

Take care of yourself by purchasing the entire kit (Rosie Posie Kit), which includes all products! It’s now available for purchase on Shopee.

For more information, follow Rosie Posie on Instagram: and Facebook:


The Secret Has Been Revealed!

Beauty products are so hype now in the market and a lot of people are looking for a soap that will truly give enhancement and glow to their skin and that is what Kawaii Whitening Soap was created for. To give that whitening needs that every Filipinos must have. I’ve tried and tested this soap, and all I can say is that it effectively whitens and brightens my complexion. I’m really into those products that really give benefits to me and I was amazed by this product most especially since it comes with different variants that will suit well to our preference.

Kawaii Whitening Soap, which was launched virtually on Facebook, was favorably greeted by its thousands of fans. Global Care Cosmetics Corporation’s Kawaii Whitening Soap is the newest soap on the market. The firm is dedicated to providing globally competitive products that cater to the demands of millions of Filipinos.

Why Kawaii? is a campaign that asks why people like Kawaii. The company’s virtual launch, which included trade partners, media, and customers, aimed to show every Filipina why Kawaii is the greatest option for her skin whitening needs. Kawaii Whitening Soap claims to give you a soft glow and whiter skin after just five days of continuous use.

According to Mr. Leonardo Aquino, vice president for Sales, “Our initial challenge during the product’s development was to meticulously choose the active ingredients to ensure the whitening effectiveness of Kawaii Whitening Soap.” He added, “We chose the most effective active ingredients, which is the reason why Kawaii has triple whitening action and can deliver faster results. Every Filipina will get better and faster whitening action compared to higher-priced options.”

Papaya, green papaya, kojic, and glutathione are the four variants of Kawaii Whitening Soap. The proteolytic enzyme papain, found in papaya, is well known for its ability to reduce skin darkening and discolouration. It even eliminates dark circles under the eyes. On the other hand, Kojic inhibits the creation of an amino acid required for the production of melanin, a pigment that influences skin color. Furthermore, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that aids in skin lightening.

Because of the variety, everyone can find one that is right for their skin type and whitening needs. It has been dermatologically tested, Halal certified, and FDA approved, ensuring that it is safe and effective for every Filipina to use.

Why Kawaii? Ms. Sue Ramirez, a Kawaii Whitening Soap endorser, sang a Keiko Necesario original While We Are Young, which gave Virtual Launch a boost. “Ms. Sue is a perfect fit with Kawaii, not only does she is personally kawaii but also, what she represents as an individual, a celebrity, and a performer, appeals to the potential users of Kawaii Whitening Soap,” says Mr. Leonardo Aquino.

All who tuned in to the live stream were treated to a fashion display featuring Kawaii models, each with a bar of Kawaii Whitening Soap in their hands, all set to the music of Ms. Sue Ramirez. Kawaii Whitening Soap also gave away goodies to the spectators.

The truth is now out! Kawaii Whitening Soap can now be found at a variety of supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores. If you want to learn more about Kawaii Whitening Soap and join in future promotions, like and follow KawaiiSkincarePh on Facebook and Instagram. Why is Kawaii so popular? If you missed the Virtual Launch, you can still watch it on the KawaiiSkincarePh Facebook page.

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It’s my great pride to witness a great event wherein we give honor and importance to our beloved fishermen. I don’t usually attend physical events especially on this time of pandemic but this one is an exception, since I was invited by my former client Mr. Lemuel Buenaflor, Director for Sales and Dealer Development of JGO Ventures Corporation, to witness the first ever Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Competition. He even asked me to be one of the presenters for the 3rd winner.

Mr. Lemuel Buenaflor

Mr. Joseph Santiago,, President of JGO Ventures Corp.

The authorized distributor of Kress Elektrowerkzeuge in the Philippines, JGO Ventures Corporation, has made it a priority to assist Filipino development projects. Through the Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Search 2021, the company, in collaboration with Kress, pays tribute to the valor and significant accomplishments of Filipino fishermen.

The Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Search 2021 aspires to acknowledge the noble contributions of fishermen for others to emulate and draw inspiration from. Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Search 2021, which began in October 2021, is by far the most comprehensive competition for Filipino fishermen in the country.

Pictures during the event

Some of the Kress products

Mr. Dante Noces of Balaoan, La Union, was named the inaugural Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Grand Winner on May 25, 2021, after defeating more than 50 nominees from across the country.

First Runner-Up was Bonifacio Mengullo of Rosario, Cavite. Rolando Pablo of Navotas, Manila, came in second place. Mr. Rolando Casipit of Luna, La Union, and Armando Bibat of Calamba, Laguna, were the third and fourth runners-up, respectively. The awarding event took place at Caloocan City’s Sobel Hotel.

Mr. Noces received P50,000 in cash (tax-free), a P50,000 fishing boat, a P30,000 Kress Nautica engine, a Kress Ambassadorship, a trophy, and a certificate.

The People’s Choice Award went to Mr. Noces as well. The online audience gave him the most video shares and votes.

Mr. Noces conceived and supervised the successful reproduction of the “maritangtang” or sea urchin to their place as an active leader of fishermen in Balaoan, La Union.

Miss Leony Gagni, Mr. Noces’ nominator, will be awarded a Honda TMX125 Alpha motorcycle with sidecar, a Kress generator set, and a certificate.

Ms Belle Santiago

Miss Belle Santiago, Vice President of JGO Ventures Corporation, expressed her gratitude for the competition’s positive turnout, saying, “we owe the success of this program to our Filipino fishermen. We will continue to support our fishermen. Expect a better, more dynamic and more enriching Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda program in its second year. A grand salute to all our bayaningmangingisda.” And in the next months, the Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Search 2022 (Year 2) will be launched.

To obtain more information on the Kapitan Kress BayaningMangingisda Search 2021, kindly watch the video:

And to know more about  about  KressElektrowerkzeuge visit their Website:




Creators Make Their #DreamCelebrityDate a Reality, On TikTok, Then Possibly in Real Life!

We’ve all had celebrity crushes at some point in our lives. It’s only natural for us to appreciate these well-known people for their abilities, their appearances, the roles they play, and even the causes they support. It’s not a bad idea to fantasize about meeting your celebrity crush and even going on a date with them in the hopes of getting to know them better in real life.

Users on TikTok have found a creative way to show love for their favorite stars and celebrity crushes, using the trending #DreamCelebrityDate hashtag, which now has over 16M views on the app. When taking part in this trend, users record a video of themselves with a photo of their celebrity crush, usually with local hip-hop group Ex-Battalion’s “Makukuha Rin Kita” as soundtrack. The twist at the end of each post is an image of that user’s close encounter with his or her celebrity crush.

Take a look at these #DreamCelebrityDate videos from different creators on the app.

While his buddies said that meeting actress and singer Nadine Lustre was impossible, this guy found a way to make his dream come true by finally meeting his celebrity crush. They even high-five at the end!

She is one of millions of Filipinas whose #DreamCelebrityDate is Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. Check out how she uses TikTok’s Green Screen Scan to transform herself into the leading lady of his “Hello, Love, Goodbye” movie poster.

Take a look at this user who fangirls over the beautiful “Queen Cat”, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

He daydreams about going on a #DreamCelebrityDate with actress Liza Soberano, and shares not just one, but two photos of them together at the end of this video!

This creator will never get tired of seeing handsome actor Gerald Anderson.

Who is your #DreamCelebrityDate? Tell the world by sharing a video on TikTok! Download the app on your iOS and Android devices today to get started.





Summertime, we’re sure you’ll agree, usually entails sipping delicious cocktails, lounging on the beach with your shades on, or even getting your groove on at a music festival. However, due to continuous societal limitations, the summer season this year appears to be a little different than usual.

Summertime Drinks but #makeitmonkey, the latest campaign from Monkey Shoulder, the unlimited, enjoyable blended malt whisky brand owned by William Grant & Sons, is the perfect antidote to summertime sadness, motivating everyone to kick-back with a bottle of whisky, uplifting cocktails, and tired outdoes to celebrate summer season from the safety of home #monkeystyle. The campaign is part of Monkey Shoulder’s #makeitmonkey campaign, which emphasizes on highlighting the brand’s quirky personality and encourages everybody to join the brand in some summertime pleasure, beginning with the Summertime Drinks event.

Here to mix up summertime as we know it, merrymakers are encouraged to liberate themselves and unwind from the grind with the new limited edition Monkey Shoulder Summertime Packs and the Monkey Shoulder: digital party guide. Containing all the essentials for an unmissable summertime shindig, the digital pack is perfect for those looking to kick back, relax, and let their hair down. From hump-day to Fri-yay, good times are guaranteed every day of the week this summer season with the cheekiest brand in the world of whisky.

Monkey Shoulder’s Recipe for a Cheeky Summer Night

Of course, an amazing summer get-together starts with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder, so don’t forget to pick up one of two new limited edition Summertime Packs via Monkey Shoulders retail partners and even have them delivered straight to your doorstep fuss-free. While you wait for your pack to arrive, access the Monkey Shoulder: digital party guide to get the party started, and tune in to Monkey Shoulder’s Hosting Guide but #makeitmonkey video here to really nail your role as at-home host.

The digital party guide contains all the ingredients for a cheeky summertime soiree, including recipes for nine #MadeforMixing cocktails, tips and tricks on hosting a games night, card games aplenty, and not forgetting the Monkey Shoulder Mixcloud playlists with infectious beats to amplify your summer nights. Featuring everything from Father Funk to Cut La Vis, Quantic, and more, it’s sure to set all the right tones for an unforgettable bash.

“The pandemic may have changed our lifestyles, but we know that consumers are still looking to indulge in a little summertime fun this season,” says Samuel Ng, Regional Brand Ambassador for Monkey Shoulder. “As a whisky that’s made for mixing, we want to encourage people to get playful and mix things up using Monkey Shoulder as a base for their at-home cocktail concoctions. Go wild, get creative, and don’t forget to crack out the party games and funky playlists for an elevated experience throughout these summer months!” he added.

A 100% malt whisky that’s made for mixing year-round

Looking for some summertime drinkspiration? Try your hand at mixing up a Monkey Colada, a crowd-pleasing cocktail that goes down super easy. All you’ll need is 40ml Monkey Shoulder, 20ml Koko Kanu (Coconut Rum), 60ml Coconut Water, 10ml Fresh Lime Juice, 2 Fresh cut pineapple rings, and a dash of sugar syrup. To mix, simply add all ingredients to a blender, blend till smooth and add a dash of sugar syrup to taste. Pour into your favorite glass and garnish it with a pineapple leaf and pineapple chunk. Voila, summertime in a glass!

If you’re after a refreshing summer drink that tickles your taste buds, try your hand at a Ginger Monkey! For this, you’ll only need 50ml Monkey Shoulder, 120ml Ginger Ale, and 1 Orange wedge. Flex your bartending skills by filling a long glass with ice and adding Monkey Shoulder and Ginger Ale. Then, simply garnish with the orange wedge. This is one of the easiest mixes out there but effortlessly steals the show and tastes delicious!

The two limited edition Monkey Shoulder Summertime Packs are available now until end-June 2021, while stocks last, so don’t delay on getting summer ready –

To know more information about Monkey Shoulder, visit:

*Available at all S&T stores except those within liquor ban areas.

About Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder was first released in the UK in 2005 to a big collective raising of thumbs from bartenders, media and drinkers. Industry gurus Whisky Magazine reached into their bag of superlatives and picked “outstanding”.
Not that we like to brag, but Monkey Shoulder’s mantelpiece is resplendent with numerous awards – some will be impressed by our Gold award at the 2012 International Wine & Spirit Competition.
About William Grant & Sons
Monkey Shoulder is produced by William Grant & Sons, an independent family-owned distiller headquartered in the United Kingdom and founded by William Grant in 1887.
Today, the global premium spirits company is run by the fifth generation of his family and distils some of the world’s leading brands of Scotch whisky, including the world’s most awarded single malt Glenfiddich, The Balvenie range of handcrafted single malts and the world’s third-largest blended Scotch, Grant’s as well as other iconic spirits brands such as Hendrick’s Gin, Sailor Jerry, and Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey.



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VALUEPLUS with the partnership of Jandusay & Sons launched the VPX Batangas City

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is attended by (from left to right) Mr. Normann Chiu, President of ValuePlus, Mr. Jett Martel Jandusay, Operations Manager of VPX Batangas City, Mrs. Menjie Jandusay, Treasurer of VPX Batangas City, Mr. John Alvin Jandusay, Branch Manager of VPX Batangas City, Mr. Mark Saberola, General Manager of ValuePlus and Mr. Richmann Uy, Chief Financial Officer of ValuePlus.

Value Plus Auto Service Express (VPX), the franchising brand of Value Plus Auto Services Philippines Inc., goes ahead with its latest franchise expansion in Batangas City, with high aspirations for the rest of the year as the economy recovers from the epidemic.

VPX is an aftermarket auto service that was founded in 2013 with the goal of assisting millions of people around the metro with their automobile difficulties. VPX officially welcomes Jandusay and Sons, its newest ValuePlus franchisee-partners, to its family with the official launch of VPX Batangas City.

Brothers John Alvin Jandusay and Jet Martel Jandusay, along with their father Hanniel, had first started thinking about putting up a business in 2018 and came across Value Plus online. “We were considering several different types of businesses. But we got to thinking, ‘Why should we go for the common? Let’s be different!” shares John Alvin, the 24-year-old branch manager of VPX Batangas City.As car enthusiasts themselves, the family decided to partner with VPX and franchise their own“casa alternative.”

With the opening of VPX Batangas City, last May 26, 2021, ValuePlus now has 4 branches in its franchising program, two of which are in Metro Manila.

The VPX franchise is one of the most competitive businesses in the industry, shares VPX General Manager Mark Saberola. “ValuePlus is founded on a sound business model that’s been proven to be crisis-proof. Despite the pandemic, all our branches have thrived.With our newly introduced Starter Package, ranging from P4.5M-P7M, franchisees can have their very own auto repair shop up and running in 2 to 3 months’ time. We assure our partners that ValuePlus will guide them every step of the way,” he adds.

The newly built facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Wheel Alignment system from Hunter Engineering, Lifters, Computer scanner and operates with a world-class shop management system from Canada.

The family-owned VPX Batangas City branch, located along Batangas-Tabangao-Lobo Road in Barangay Libjo, officially opened its 300-sqm repair shopthis second quarter and is ready to cater to the needs of drivers in this part of South Luzon. VPX Batangas City enters the market at the most opportune time, with more Filipinos relying on private transportation to stay safe from COVID-19.

To date, according to Saberola, around 3.5 million cars are no longer covered by their manufacturer’s warranty. And thus, car owners seek trusted auto repair service providers for their vehicles’ needs. “While there may be many other auto repair shop franchises, the unique advantage of ValuePlus is the quality of their work and the expertise of the personnel. From the managers to the technicians, they are all very professional and skilled. They know exactly how to fix your cars,” shares Jet.

Jandusay and Sons established full confidence in VPX as first-time franchisees, especially after being helped by management through multiple trainings to understand the fundamentals of the business. “The training was very thorough, and the management was very hands on during the training. All our questions and concerns were addressed, so now we’re more knowledgeable about the workflow,” says Jet. “You can’t learn a business in just 30 days, but with the help of VPX management, we felt more secure and confident. Partnering up with them was definitely the best decision!”

Batangueños come out in full support of the opening of the first “Casa Alternative” in the city with local government officials and eminent members of the community throwing their weights behind this new venture.

“Though we are an almost decade-old brand and our systems are well-established, we still work closely with our franchisees to ensure that we provide the direction and assistance they need in building up their business,” says Saberola. “We want to help them achieve their dream; their success is our success, too.” Saberola encourages other entrepreneurs who have long desired to establish their own business to look into franchising programs like theirs.

If you want to begin your own casa and would need a foolproof method to do so, VPX is here to assist you! ValuePlus is a full-service business solutions provider, not just an auto repair shop. Make a request right now.

For more information about VPX and ValuePlus’s franchise opportunity, contact them at [email protected] or call 0917-637-2085, or visit their Facebook page at





Season 2 of MIND S-COOL TV is now available having the issues of climate change and biodiversity at the spotlight

In the midst of the outbreak, the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc (BAFI), a non-stock, non-profit foundation, was the first to establish MIND S-COOL TV (MSC TV), a new educational program. MSC TV has found a new broadcast home in Cignal, which has the largest subscriber base in the country.

Season 1 of MSC TV focused on the most fundamental questions about nature. When it first aired in Cignal, the response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating that MSC TV had reached thousands of families from all walks of life across the country!

MIND S-COOL TV features “connected learning” – cutting across content in the sciences and the arts and relates concepts, framing it as genuine adventures to help us have an even better normal.  They strongly resonate with lessons in the K-12 curriculum but even more, they are updated and delivered in ways using techniques that have been tried and tested in “inspired learning” which museums and performing centers work on and master, to deliver to its audiences.

For Season 2, with the wondrous space in The Mind Museum as the base, MSC T Season 2 also made full use of digitally enhanced graphics to reinforce the power of our minds to travel across time and places around the world!

Season 2 will focus on the only home we all share, nature and what it brings us – life, and how it relates to time, place, our genes, the built-up environment, and technology! For Season 2, we will of course be led by Mikee and Pecier, the 2 main questers of MSC TV, but it will have the entry of new characters that viewers will definitely love and be able to relate to, such as Manong Genius Guard or “Manong G”, as the questers fondly refer to him.

The Season 2 episodes features natural life and how they relate to our real-world settings, particularly two of the most fundamental issues of our time which the Philippines is at the center of: the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. Viewers will find themselves watching it with their families and learning together and most of all, being inspired to act because of what they have learned.

The power of “shared viewing” in Cignal, the largest cable network in the country, safely with your family, where learning is not just easily accessible but supported by other members of your family is a big gain for education not just in pandemic times but beyond. Like the favorite educational TV programs of your childhood that you watched with your families, MIND S-COOL promises the viewers the same lasting gift.

The Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc (BAFI), a non-stock, non-profit foundation, has always championed science and art in education, beginning with The Mind Museum that opened in 2012, and the BGC Arts Center in 2017. Carrying on with the same vision and determination, BAFI now brings you MIND S-COOL TV, to re-imagine learning for Filipino students to enrich and expand learning which every Filipino, especially the young, deserves.

BAFI was able to do this because of the support of partners and for Season 2, it had the support of Fluor, an engineering firm that strongly advocates for STEM education and who saw the power of “shared viewing on TV” in learning. Season 2 was also supported by 3M through Global Giving.


MIND S-COOL TV Season 2 will show up for the Filipino learner in Colours and One PH Channels on Cignal TV starting June 5:

SATURDAYS 9:00 a.m. | Colours TV Ch. 202 HD and 60 SD

SUNDAYS, 11:00 a.m. | One PH Ch. 1

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Watch Season 1 on Mind S-Cool YouTube <>

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Grab, Southeast Asia’s most popular everyday superapp, has teamed up with SM Supermalls to make shopping safer for mall visitors while also providing additional discounts through amazing discounts.

From May 15 to June 30, shoppers at SM Supermalls and Markets can take advantage of the following perks.


Ride safer with GrabCar and enjoy PHP 100 off on your rides with promo code: SHOPSMMALLS. Promo code is valid at SM City North EDSA, SM City Fairview, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM Aura Premier.


Pay cashless for your parking fee with GrabPay and get a PHP 50 cashback voucher that can be used to pay for your next parking. Promo valid at Pay Parking in SM Supermalls and SM Markets nationwide.


Make the most out of your shopping at The SM Store and SM Markets and get PHP 100 off on GrabCar ride or PHP 100 cashback shopping voucher for every *qualified purchase via GrabPay. Promo valid at over 400 participating The SM Store and SM Markets branches nationwide.


While in SM Supermalls, don’t forget to cash-in your GrabPay wallet by simply heading over to any SM Business Center or Mall Information Booth for a safe and hassle-free experience. Best of all, it’s instant and free.

Mall goers paying with their GrabPay wallet can earn GrabRewards points for their purchases, which they can use to save more on their GrabFood orders, Grab rides, or on their next visit to SM or choose from a wide catalogue of vouchers to enjoy more savings from.

Paying for your parking and shopping transactions is safer and much more convenient with QR codes available at the payment booths. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Grab app and tap the Payment tab
  • Tap on “Scan to Pay”
  • Scan the QR code
  • Just swipe to pay!
Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for the complete promo mechanics. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit Nos. FTEB-118800 and FTEB-119276 Series of 2021.

In compliance with safety protocols, mall goers are always advised to wear a face mask and face shield upon riding GrabCar and going to SM Supermalls.

Download Grab PH app for free at Google Play, App Store, and App Gallery.

*Purchases made in areas with GrabCar service will be awarded a P100 GrabCar voucher. Purchases made outside GrabCar service areas will be awarded a P100 cashback voucher.