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December 2020


“Siguro Nga”: Sponge Cola new single inspired by K-drama series, Start-up

Filipino indie-rock band Sponge Cola is no stranger to writing music inspired by their love for cinema and pop culture. The band released “Siguro Nga” as a song born out of vocalist and guitarist Yael Yuzon’s love for Han Ji-Pyeong, a prominent character whose unconventional upbringing and misfortunes in life enabled him to become a principled, self-made man with a tough exterior and unbeknownst to everyone—a tender heart. “Siguro Nga” is out now on all digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

With this creative pursuit comes a tribute to the blockbuster K-drama series, Start-Up, which is currently heaping praises all around the world for its gripping story on young entrepreneurs aspiring to make it big in the competitive world of Korean high-tech industry. “Immediately after the shock of episode 9, I literally picked up a guitar and began writing the song,” Yuzons hares in a statement. “I didn’t know how the story was going to unfold, but at that point, I felt like it wasn’t going to work out for Han Ji Pyeong’s character. And while heartbreak wouldn’t ravage him, it leaves him with an undulating kind of pain.”

“Siguro Nga” builds on this nuanced character study of a man realizing that he’s lost the love of his life,after spending a great deal of time living a lie to protect the person he’s pining for, from emotional harm and trauma. It’s a soaring acoustic number that is propelled by a genuine reverence for empathy and romantic yearning, but never quite reaches a climatic run arrangements-wise, as it ends on a miserable note, with the subject of the song stuck in a rut, hoping to relive his past to undo his mistakes.

According to Yuzon, the song arrived in the middle of recording phase for their forthcoming album to be released next year. “The process was a bit more theatrical than what we’re accustomed to,” he admits. “As a singer, I had to be in character, which made the recording process a bit grueling.” In order to capture the very essence of the song, Yuzon had to experience some of Han Ji Pyeong’scrucial scenes in the series, including having to bask in the rain for minutes and reliving the memories of standing next to a corn dog stall. “I also had to face someone looking at me with ‘those eyes’ while pretending to be fine. Couple that with the idea of multiple takes, it was tiring but ultimately fulfilling.”

ArmoArmovit, the band’s lead guitarist explains how the arrangements for “Siguro Nga” came to play. “Like most of our songs from the previous albums, we started by recording a very basic acoustic guitar as a foundation. Yael himself played the rhythm to make it consistent with how he initially wrote the song and his melody. Everything else on top of that are layers of sound to decorate and enhance the song’s emotional content.” Bassist Gosh Dilay adds, “We tried some experimentation in terms of overall sound– but we reserved a version specifically for future live performances of the song.”

“Siguro Nga” was recorded at Love One Another studios, and was mixed and mastered by Joey Santos. Armovit, who praised Santos for doing an excellent job in designing sounds and layering them to tell a story, was very much happy with the final product. “His familiarity with a wide range of music, and ability to create the appropriate textures for the song was a very welcome and refreshing addition to the production process. Everything you hear that isn’t the usual drums, bass, vocals, and guitar are all him.”


BYE2020: International acts Jeremy Zucker, Tate McRae, Maximillian and more artists joining the lineup to perform

In its debut offering, the online concert welcomes critically acclaimed artists from different parts of the world to stand up for solidarity and deliver inspiring performances to help fellow Filipino people cope with the ongoing pandemic.

“It was initially just a pipe dream having international acts perform in BYE2020, but now that it’s happening we couldn’t be happier,” the team behind BYE2020 shares in a statement. “Sincethis is a virtual event, we wanted to leverage on the uniqueness of the execution and have international artists be part of the event without ever having to step in the Philippines.”

Chart-topping singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker (US), global hitmaker Maximillian (DK), soul pop outfit Peach Tree Rascals (US), rising alt-pop artist Tate McRae (CA), and eclectic pop/R&B singer Conor Matthews (US) are set to take the BYE2020 virtual stage, along with more than 30 artists from the Philippines and abroad.

The organizing committee headed by MCA Music is grateful for the support of their peers in the recording industry such as Sony Music Philippines and Warner Music Philippines for including Tate McRae and Conor Matthews in the lineup, respectively, and other record labels for taking part of this unprecedented music feat. “As much as BYE2020 is an initiative of MCA Music Philippines – BYE2020 would not be what it is now without the support of Sony Music Entertainment Philippines, Warner Music Philippines, Star Music, Universal Records, OC Records, and Mida$ Records. This is just our first effort to do something like this, and we only have dreams to do it bigger, and better.”

In terms of curation, the handpicked international artists represent of the success and endurance stories of 2020. As the organizing team points out, “Despite all of the difficulties in 2020, music is a fundamental way to inspire hope and build strength in people. We felt that blast hits like ‘Mariposa’ by Peach Tree Rascals, the ‘love is not dying’ album by Jeremy Zucker, and ‘Beautiful Scars’ by Maximillian really helped embody the essence of what BYE2020 is all about.”

BYE2020 is a massive cross-label initiative that will be streamed live on multiple platforms such as Kumu, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and will also air on Sky Cable (Ch 955 HD and 155 SD) this December 31, 2020, from 7pm onwards.

Headlining artists in the lineup include Ben&Ben, Darren Espanto, Moira, SB19, Matthaios, The Itchyworms, Leanne & Naara, Glaiza de Castro, Kean Cipriano, Lala Vizon, Zack Tabudlo, Keiko Necessario, Fern., Elha Nympha, Autotelic, Sud, Miguel Odron, VVS Collective, Ace Banzuelo, Paolo Sandejas, Earl Generao, FANA, TALA, J-Nine and Dia Mate.

Exclusive concert privileges are available via The special package includes access to zoom pits, backstage content with the artists, and other surprises. “The paid concert experience gives a chance for those who opt in to be part of the virtual stage itself for BYE2020,” said the organizing team. “In addition to that, they can choose to upgrade their ticket to include our BYE2020 merch, swag, and goodies package. The paid experience also provides for some exclusive backstage content which will only be available to them.”

BYE2020 is presented by MCA Music, Sony Music Philippines, Warner Music Philippines, O/C Records, Star Music, Universal Records, and Midas Records; co-presented by Kumu, Closeup, Sunsilk, Dove, Dove Men + Care, Cream Silk, Tresemme, and Clear; and brought to you by Pepsi, Tinder, and Its More Fun in the Philippines.

Follow @bye2020ph on Kumu, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and BYE 2020 on YouTube for updates and more details.


Danny Kingad Wants Winner of Demetrious Johnson – Adriano Moraes Clash in 2021

Former ONE World Title challenger and current #2 ranked flyweight Danny “The King” Kingad of the Philippines looks back on a tough year filled with uncertainty. 

Like everyone else in the country, Kingad retreated indoors at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in early March. The experience, Kingad says, is one that has challenged him as a martial artist and as a human being.

“2020 was a really peculiar year. There were a lot of restrictions imposed at the start of the pandemic. We’ve never really experienced anything like that before. As athletes, it was difficult to adjust to training. As a normal person, it was very difficult coping with so much uncertainty. Mentally, it has been very exhausting,” said Kingad.

“However, we’ve been able to adjust to the ‘New Normal’ since then, and we’ve since gotten back to training. I’m looking forward to a better year next year.”

Team Lakay has since returned to action, unfortunately suffering a string of heartbreaking setbacks in recent months. Although he wasn’t able to return to action, Kingad has been hit hard by the ramifications of COVID-19, and the effect it has had on his career.

Kingad was scheduled to face former ONE World Champion Kairat Akhmetov in early December, when he was pulled from the card after he had been exposed to a Team Lakay cornerman who had tested positive for the virus.

This has effectively kept Kingad sidelined since his January victory over Xie Wei.

“The King,” however, says he’s learned some incredibly valuable lessons over the past 12 months that will help him in his career moving forward.

“The biggest lesson I learned this year had to do with time management. Suddenly, we had all this free time on our hands, and there was definitely an adjustment period. Before, we would spend entire days training at the gym. Now, we’re spending more time at home, which has its advantages and disadvantages,” said Kingad.

“One, we get to spend more time with family. However, it also requires much more focus and dedication to be able to stay in shape and train my skills.”

Kingad plans to spend the holidays with his family in Baguio City, afterwards reconvening with Team Lakay in the first week of the new year to resume training. If you ask Kingad what his goals are, it’s evident there’s only one thing on his mind.

“I’m looking to earn another long-awaited shot at the ONE World Title. I think I’m ready. I’m one big win away from getting to the top,” said Kingad.

“I have only one goal on my mind, and that’s making a run at ONE gold. I want to bring honor and glory to the Philippines. I know there’s a big matchup soon between Demetrious Johnson and Adriano Moraes. I would love to fight the winner of that fight some time in the near future.

“I believe I’ve changed a lot since facing either of them, and they will be surprised,” he concluded.

Next, ONE Championship returns with ONE: COLLISION COURSE II, a previously recorded event from the Singapore Indoor Stadium scheduled for broadcast on Friday, 25 December. 

In the main event, #2-ranked featherweight Muay Thai contender Jamal “Kherow” Yusupov of Russia takes on #4-ranked contender Samy “AK47” Sana of France and Algeria in a ONE Super Series Muay Thai showdown. 

In the co-main event, former ONE Flyweight World Champion and #3-ranked flyweight contender Kairat “The Kazakh” Akhmetov faces “Ottogi” Dae Hwan Kim of South Korea in a catch weight  mixed martial arts contest.

Watch the event on One Sports or One Sports+ at 8:30 p.m. Philippine Standard Time (PHT). Also, TV5 will air the action on a next-day delay at 11 p.m. PHT on Saturday, 26 December.


Honorio Banario Working on Explosiveness and Power for Return to ONE Circle in 2021

Former ONE Featherweight World Champion Honorio “The Rock” Banario was among the very few bright spots for Team Lakay this year, as the 31-year-old veteran was able to return to his winning capacity with a victory back in February, just before COVID-19 hit.

After the Philippines announced a series of Community Quarantine measures that kept gyms closed and people locked away inside their homes, Banario and the rest of Team Lakay were able to spend some good quality time with their families.

One positive Banario took away from the experience was being able to send more time with his son, Stone.

“My biggest accomplishment this year is returning to the winning track in my career, also, watching my son grow. Just seeing him crawl and seeing him start to walk and speak, it’s a great feeling and it makes me happy,” said Banario.

“I think the biggest lesson I learned, especially in this pandemic, is to stay healthy — physically, mentally, and spiritually. Watching out for your family’s health and staying positive in times of crisis.”

Banario was last seen inside the ONE Circle last February, when he took apart highly-regarded featherweight contender, Thailand’s Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai to win by a narrow split decision.

When lockdowns and travel restrictions were eased months later, and ONE was able to resume holding events in Bangkok and Singapore, Team Lakay was one of the first groups to be given fights. Unfortunately, many of the athletes including former ONE Lightweight World Champion Eduard Folayang, former ONE Bantamweight World Champion Kevin Belingon, and rising star Lito Adiwang, suffered heartbreaking setbacks.

Banario wants to remind fans of Team Lakay’s resilience, and promises them something to look forward to in the new year.

“Next year, I want to be more productive, continue winning, and stay strong. There are a lot of tough challenges waiting for me in my career, a lot of strong opponents. I want to be ready to face them and keep coming out on the winning end,” said Banario.

“I think the string of losses for our team is just another roadblock to greatness. We always learn from our mistakes and come back stronger. I’m very proud of our team. We may not have the best gym, the best equipment, but we have each other. I think that’s more than enough.

“We’re going to bounce back in a big way next year,” he added.

After a short stint at lightweight, Banario has since returned to featherweight, where many stark challengers await. Possible matchups include showdowns with Martin Nguyen, Sage Northcutt, and Koyomi Matsushima.

Banario maintains that he never picks and chooses his opponents, but that he can promise to be ready for whoever stands across from him in the Circle. He tells fans he has something special planned for his return in 2021, and that everyone should pay attention to what he will bring to the cage.

“For me, I don’t have any expected opponent to face next year. I’ll be ready for who is in front of me. My goal is to get the belt so I’ll be ready for anyone,” said Banario.

“I’m working on a few things, adding a few skills and techniques, and working on my power. I want to end fights quicker. I want to bring back my fire. Fans can expect a more explosive and exciting Honorio Banario next year.”

Next, ONE Championship returns with ONE: COLLISION COURSE II, a previously recorded event from the Singapore Indoor Stadium scheduled for broadcast on Friday, 25 December. 

In the main event, #2-ranked featherweight Muay Thai contender Jamal “Kherow” Yusupov of Russia takes on #4-ranked contender Samy “AK47” Sana of France and Algeria in a ONE Super Series Muay Thai showdown. 

In the co-main event, former ONE Flyweight World Champion and #3-ranked flyweight contender Kairat “The Kazakh” Akhmetov faces “Ottogi” Dae Hwan Kim of South Korea in a catch weight  mixed martial arts contest.

Watch the event on One Sports or One Sports+ at 8:30 p.m. Philippine Standard Time (PHT). Also, TV5 will air the action on a next-day delay at 11 p.m. PHT on Saturday, 26 December.

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Boost your wellness and Get in Shape just follow on TikTok Top Fitness Creators

Almost 10 months now that we still under the pandemic and we cannot still go to our favorite gym or fitness centers around the country. But people had to find alternative ways to keep fit while staying at home. This resulted in a boost in following for fitness creators and influencers, including those on TikTok.

Many fitness trainers, health enthusiasts, and even athletes and celebrities have consistently posted their home workout routines on TikTok. Other users followed along from their homes, with some even posting duets as they took on various exercise challenges shared by these fitness creators.

In the recently released list of the top 100 accounts, hashtags and trends on TikTok for 2020, 10 creators were named the most-followed in the fitness category. Fitness coach, Anne Aniag took the top spot on the list of most popular fitness creators. Second to her was AR Resurreccion, and third was Camille Medina.

Here’s Coach Anne Aniag with a quick abs challenge.

AR Resurreccion shares some fitness motivation in this post. 

Here’s another abs challenge you can take on, shared by Camille Medina.

Do you want to see who else made the 2020 list of most-followed fitness creators on TikTok? Here they are:

Get started on your own exercise routine, and join fun workout challenges together with these top fitness creators on TikTok. Download the app on your iOS and Android devices today.


Sydhrtha, She’s only Sixteen, KRNA to perform at Music Lane Okinawa 2021

Music Lane Festival Okinawa in Japan at select venues in the cities of Okinawa and Naha will take palce from January 16 and 17, 2021. The foreign lineup and its international conference program—the annual Trans Asia Music Meeting (TAMM)—will stream online for free. Represent the Philippines in the Trans Asia Music Meeting “TAMM” Selection Artists showcase are marking their Japanese debut, Manila-based alternative-folk singer-songwriter sydhartha, alternative/indie rock band She’s Only Sixteen and Cagayan De Oro dream pop outfit KRNA.

More than 33 Asian music acts will showcase at the festival weekend, with local artists performing in front of live audiences at Sakurazaka Theater, Sakurazaka Central, and other venues in Naha; and Music Town Oto-Ichiba, 7th Heaven Koza, Remy’s, and more venues to be announced in Okinawa City—all of which will implement strict prevention measures against COVID-19. The festival will stream pre-recorded live sets from international artists curated by its partner music organizations from seven countries.

 “The Japanese market is one of the most sought-after in Asia and having this platform, this opportunity to have our artists who are primed for a breakthrough is momentous. It allows them to put one foot on the door, so to speak,” The Rest Is Noise (TRIN) co-founder and creative director MC Galang shares. “We are very grateful to collaborate again with our friends and colleagues in Naha in this capacity.” TRIN is a music events producer-slash-online publication and the festival’s partner in the Philippines.

They will be joining a stellar Japanese lineup, headlined by no less than alternative rock legends Shonen Knife, other veteran acts such as rock trio Sunny Day Service, jazz band element of the moment, punk rock act eastern youth, Miyuki Hatakeyamaof Double Famous, male-and-female duo Port of Notes, funk and D&B trio THE BASSONS, and fast-rising shoegaze-dream pop act Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall, along withselected acts from the open call abukutatta, SOLVALS, Naomitsu Shinohara, ecole, and viridian.Okinawan music acts KeizouMikata, TOSH, caino, Home Party People, Funnynoise, AKKANBABYS, Hanako Kimura, Takako Tate, THE SAKASHIMA meeting, KACHIMBA 4, HARAHELLS, and ALKDO-Turtle Island Acoustic will be representing the tropical, jazz-oriented city. More Japanese artists are set to be announced soon.

Through the newly formed Music Lane Festival Okinawa, the organizers of Trans Asia Music Meeting are steadfastly committed to bridging Okinawa and other Asian cities and creating a sustainable music network. The 2021 edition will feature an musically and culturally diverse lineup comprised mostly of indie up-and-comers, such as YONLAPA, H3F, and My Life As Ali Thomas from Thailand (curated by Bangkok Music City showcase festival and Warner Music Thailand); Skits, The Golden Mammoth, Jemson, Court 10, FAZZ, Capt Trips n The Kid, and The Filters from Malaysia (curated by CITY ROARS music festival); Tanayu, Prince Hussein, Pretty Rico, Bedchamber, Jeslla, and Iris Bev from Indonesia (curated by Fungjai Indonesia in partnership with featured artist lightcraft); Shye, Woes, YAØ, HubbaBubbas, Shak’thiya, and Shirly Temple from Singapore (curated by music website Bandwagon Asia); Cotoba, No.1 Korean, and The Sound from South Korea (curated by music showcase and conference festival, Zandari Festa); and Mohanik, The Colors, Nisvanis, and Magnolianfrom Mongolia (curated by Playtime Festival).

Music Lane from Okinawa and Trans Asia Music Meeting are organized and produced by Music from Okinawa, Music Town Oto-Ichiba, and Sakurazaka Theater. For Japan-based music fans who wish to attend the live shows, you can purchase tickets from their website.


Spread and make your child happy this holiday season for every McDonald’s happy meal

Donations of books and toys to typhoon-affected areas

Christmas is the spirit of giving and every year the preparations for the holidays are on its peak, with many of us looking forward to a time of rest and celebration, eager to leave behind the year that was and start anew. But despite of the stressful in all this holiday hustle, let’s not forget that the holiday designed to celebrate God’s love and sacrifice

With 2020 coming to an end, it’s time to sit back and be grateful for coming this far. Quite a year indeed, it has shown us it takes a united community to overcome these challenges. And that is why McDonald’s has invited the Filipinos to come together and mark the end of the year with bright smiles on everyone’s faces.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Buy 1 Share 1 Program that launched last November 27 aims to help spread happiness to Filipino children this holiday season. Making the smallest of things count, every Happy Meal purchase that goes for as low as Php90 can make not just one, but two children happier as McDonald’s matches each purchase by gifting a toy or a book to kids from partner beneficiaries.

Turnover ceremony in Rizal Province with Governor Rebecca A. Ynares and Vice Governor Reynaldo H. San Juan, Jr
Turnover ceremony in Marikina City with Mayor Marcelino “Marcy” Teodoro
Donations made through Philippine Red Cross

With the community’s support, McDonald’s has already distributed books and toys with the help of partner organizations such as the Philippine Red Cross, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Manila Water Foundation and Makati Med Foundation. Beneficiaries of the Happy Meal Buy 1 Share 1 program include children from areas affected by typhoons Rolly and Ulysses such as those in Rizal, Marikina, Albay, Batangas, Quezon, Catanduanes, Camarines Sur, Pampanga, and Sorsogon, as well a number of local government units and non-government organizations and all Bahay Bulilit communities.

Make the few days before the year ends count— it doesn’t take much to make someone smile this season, and McDonald’s is here to make it easier for you. Running until December 31, drop by your nearest McDonald’s via Dine In, Take Out, or Drive Thru, or order via McDelivery, to participate in the Happy Meal Buy 1 Share 1 Program.

For more information, follow McDonald’s Philippines official Facebook at, Twitter at, Instagram at, join the McDo PH Viber Community, as well as the following link for store updates:


Bilingual pop anthem “Suyo” wins PhilPop 2020 Songwriting Festival

The week-long celebration culminated with podcast documentaries, a series of radio guesting, music video premieres, and the annual finals night.

Noah Alejandre and Reanna Borela’s “Suyo” baggedthe top prize of the PhilPop2020 Songwriting Festival.

Conveying the intricacies of romantic relationships amidst language and cultural differences, “Suyo” bested 14 entries from Metro Manila, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao clusters on the PhilPop Finals Night held online last Sunday, December 20, 2020. The winning song also walked away with the grand prize of P1 million, tax free.

Alejandre and Borela, the composer behind “Suyo,” served as interpreters for their own track under the moniker, reon.

Aikee’s “Bestiny” and Sherwin Fugoso’s “Pahuway” emerged as first and second place, winning P500,000 and P250,000, respectively.

The former entry was interpreted by Kevin Yadao and Jr. Crown, while the latter was sung by Ferdinand Aragon, who composed the PhilPop 2018 runner-up song, “Di Ko Man.”

Breaking Borders

With #MusicBreakingBorders as its newest tagline, PhilPop 2020 is committed to championing the diversity and global appeal of Filipino music across the country. All entries were chosen for their outstanding contribution to the contemporary Pinoy pop canon and its potential in bringing the unique value of Filipino culture and experience to the international music arena.

Despite the challenges of the new normal, the country’s premier songwriting competition managed to step up its game by mounting a virtual Finals Night that honors the finest in homegrown pop songwriting this year.

Smart People’s Choice

A special award called Smart People’s Choice, which was determined based on the cumulative number of streams and views via Spotify and YouTube, was also handed out to the standouts in every cluster: “Kasadya,” composed and interpreted by XT on Sax with Jay-arVaño for Mindanao;“Suyo,” composed and interpreted by reon for Visayas; “Para Kay Catriona,” composed by Kulas Basilonia and interpreted by I Belong to the Zoo for South Luzon; “Balikan,” composed by Lolito Go and interpreted by Benj Manalo for North Luzon; and “HulingSayaw,” composed by Kian Dionisio and interpreted by Nyoy Volante for Metro Manila.

Week-long celebration

PhilPop Songwriting Festival 2020 kicked off its celebration with a week-long series of online events featuring the 15 finalists.

Connect, a digital media agency based in the Philippines, produced a 5-part series called “PhilPop 2020 Podcast.” The digital documentary put a spotlight on the finalists per cluster and the stories behind every song.

The episodes run for 5 days, from December 12 – 18:

Episode 1 for Mindanao: New Voices, New Stories

Episode 2 for Visayas: Feelings and Songwriting

Episode 3 for North Luzon: Songs for the Voiceless

Episode 4 for South Luzon: Bitter and Sweet Music

Episode 5 for Metro Manila: Breaking Our Borders

During the week-long promo spot, the finalists also guested at Wish 107.5’s Connect to talk about their respective entries in the competition.

A day before the Finals Night, PhilPop 2020 also debuted the music videos of the PhilPop finalists. The visuals for each song are now available on Warner Music Philippines’ official YouTube account.

PhilPop 2020 Songwriting Festival is an initiative of the PhilPop Music Foundation, chaired by Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan. This year’s PhilPop is co-presented by SMART, MERALCO, MAYNILAD, WARNER MUSIC PHILIPPINES, MULTISYS, and CONNECT PRODUCTIONS.

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Here’s how you helped spread cheer this Chistmas with Grab

This year has certainly been a unique year for all of us. The onslaught of the pandemic, the rise of activities like working and learning from home, and the lessened contact with our loved ones, among other adjustments, have invited many to sit back and value the small joys and bits of happiness just a little bit more this year.

The call to remain united and finish 2020 on an optimistic note is stronger than ever. From medical frontliners to delivery riders, there have been many members of our community who deserve thanks and appreciation for helping us make it through to the end of this year. Luckily, Grab has made spreading the holiday cheer and Christmas spirit easier for everyone with Ituloy Ang PassKo – Ipasa ang saya at biyaya sa bawat pa-Grab!

Grab made your transactions count and helped turn them into meaningful ways to share happiness with others this Christmas. Watch how you helped here!

Partner-Drivers and Partner-Merchants Take Home Big Prizes

Through the 24 Days of Christmas with Grab, helping the community was made even more fun and exciting through weekly raffles which have brought smiles and passed on happiness to Grab users and even Grab’s own community of partner-drivers, riders, and partner-merchants.

Grab partner-driver Diosdado Belo and Grab user Thomas Camacho were the lucky winners of an Apple Bundle thanks to the 24 Days of Christmas raffle!

From December 1-24, 24 Days of Christmas qualifies Grab users to enter weekly raffles simply from transactions made on the Grab app. From these raffles, delight and cheer are doubled as prizes such as a Sony Playstation 5, Cebu Pacific flights and accommodations from Agoda and, Apple Macbook Airs and AirPods Pros, and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Z Flip phones and other Samsung gadgets not only go to Grab users, but also to a very lucky Grab driver or store partner!

In a heartwarming example of Grab spreading joy to the community, lucky user Thomas Camacho was able to snag an Apple MacBook Air and AirPods Pros during the second week of the raffle. Thomas was able to share the good news with Grab partner-driver Diosdado Belo, who also got the chance to win the same big prize!

Now on its third week of giving away prizes, Grab continues to spread happiness and the holiday spirit among their community.

Consolation prizes were also given to lucky winners by Unilever, Coke, GOMO, Century Pacific Food Inc., Coke, Nestle, Purefoods and 88tuition.

P2 million donation collected through Grab Christmas Factory

Grab’s commitment in sharing the holiday spirit in these unprecedented times does not end there; and as different as Christmas would be this year, Grab ensured that no one gets left behind with the Grab Christmas Factory. Together with the Tanging Yaman Foundation, donations to Grab’s beneficiaries became possible for all Grab users from November 27 to December 18 by simply clicking on the Grab Christmas Factory tile on the Grab app.

With the help of the Grab community, Grab was able to donate P2 million to the following hospitals:

  • Philippine General Hospital
  • Philippine Children’s Medical Center
  • Philippine Heart Center

Donations were also made possible with Grab’s partners: Century Pacific Food, Inc., Purefoods, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, Coke, Smart, and Unilever.

Though Christmas may not be the same this year, Grab shows that happy and meaningful memories can still be made with our loved ones. Their commitment in serving Filipinos remains, helping the community feel the Christmas spirit and being one with the community every step of the way. Truly, with Grab, tuloy ang saya at biyaya, at tuloy ang PassKo.

24 Days of Christmas is still ongoing! To continue spreading the holiday cheer with Grab, check out the Grab app where all transactions you make until December 24 will entitle you to weekly raffles, and get the chance to win big prizes! For more information, head on over to


Truth x Lakay Gaming Smashes Php 50,000 Donation Drive Goal to Raise Financial Aid for Those Affected by Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses

Since officially launching the “Truth x Lakay Gaming” official Facebook Gaming page of ONE Championship Filipino mixed martial arts heroes and World Champions, the following has grown immensely with thousands of fans wanting to witness their favorite stars play the most popular games of today.

It’s been a tremendous platform so far, and one that has been recently mobilized to raise funds for charity.

Launched on 2 December, ONE Championship and ONE Esports (who manages the page) partnered with Save the Children Philippines in a fundraising activity to help victims of the recent string of typhoons that ravaged parts of the country.

An official message on the page wrote:

“We are absolutely heartbroken to see the devastation brought about by Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses. That’s why we are joining Save the Children Philippines to raise funds for aid and relief. Join us on Sat, 5 Dec with two charity streams and stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise from ONE Esports when you make a donation! We will also be giving away 20% discount codes for to all donors. Watch us stream, and make a donation at Let us help where we can.”

Stars such as ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera, ONE Strawweight World Champion Joshua “The Passion” Pacio, former champions Eduard Folayang and Kevin Belingon came together to live steam to raise funds to aid those affected by Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses that hit the Philippines in late 2020.

The country, which lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is subject to numerous natural disasters, including powerful typhoons, multiple times every year. The country welcomes support through all means, and this latest campaign has certainly leveraged its athlete star power.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity to give back to the people and the fans who have supported our careers,” said the 24-year-old World Champion Pacio.

“We are glad to be able to help where we can, even in our own small way. I’m sure the funds we’ve raised here will be of great use, and we’re looking forward to participating in more of these campaigns in the future. It’s important that we give each other a helping hand, especially in these difficult times. We’re willing to do what we can do for our fellow Filipinos.”

The campaign ( has since shattered its Php 50,000 goal, raising over Php 55,541 currently with two days remaining in the two week donation drive.

Info about TruthXLakayGaming

Truth x Lakay Gaming is the official Facebook Gaming page of ONE Championship Filipino mixed martial arts heroes and World Champions Brandon “The Truth” Vera, Joshua “The Passion” Pacio, Eduard “Landslide” Folayang and Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon. Tune-in for the ultimate Mobile Legends showdown. Savage plays, legendary takedowns, unstoppable combos – you want it, they’ve got it. Brought to you by ONE Championship and ONE Esports, join the athletes as they #GameAsONE.

Save the Children #GamingTuesday:

#GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, as the International Day of Giving Back.  The day has gone global, with more than 200 community campaigns across the United States and national movements in more than 60 countries. It has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

#GamingTuesday is an initiative created to unify the gaming community and celebrate the International day of giving back by coming together to fundraise and help Save the Children give kids across the world a brighter future.

Videos streams from the Campaign: