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BingoPlus and Miss Universe Philippines 2024 have a fruitful collaboration

President Rafael Jasper Vicencio awarded BingoPlus’ Miss BingoPlus Universe 2024 to Miss Nueva Ecija Maica Martinez with a cash prize of PHP 250,000.00.

Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) 2024 was successfully presented by BingoPlus, your go-to entertainment platform in the nation and supplier of your favorite online tongits, bingo, and perya games. The event made for an exciting and thoroughly entertaining year for the pageant scene in the nation.

As the MUPH primary presenter this year, BingoPlus has the chance to introduce noteworthy events for the pageant during the entire competition, enhancing the experience for all participants—including the organizations and the queens—as well as for all Filipino communities.

The MUPH house visit to BingoPlus at Bonifacio Global City and BingoPlus Studio in Quezon City, the Sponsors Night and the Preliminary Night at the Manila Hotel, and the Grand Coronation Night at the Mall of Asia Arena were a few of these events. The press conference was also held at the LimaPark Hotel Batangas City.

For BingoPlus, the partnership with Empireph Holdings Inc. has been monumental in promoting its advocacies in nurturing culture and communities, expanding efforts in the protection of rich biodiversity, and creating safe spaces and opportunities for wellness. The brand also ensured that its programs empowered women by launching its #GandaPlus campaign, which aimed to provide a platform for queens and fans to express their definition of beauty and purpose, ensuring a diverse and limitless meaning of beauty.

BingoPlus in the Grand Coronation Night

BingoPlus and MUPH made this year’s competition more fun and exciting with the titles and special awards given to the queens, while recognizing their pillars above to advocate social and community growth.

Joining the panel of judges this year was DigiPlus Interactive Corporation Chairman Eusebio Tanco. Meanwhile, DigiPlus Interactive Corporation President Andy Tsui and AB Leisure Exponent Inc.

The night also highlighted the works and programs of the BingoPlus Foundation, providing significant insight into the pivotal impact of the foundation on communities through its programs in education and technology, access to healthcare, community safety and resilience, and responsible digitalization.

Winning the night was Miss Bulacan Chelsea Anne Manalo who was crowned Miss Universe 2024, followed by 1st runner-up Miss Cainta Stacey Daniella Gabriel, 2nd runner-up Miss Quezon Province Maria Ahtisa Manalo, who was also crowned Miss Philippines Cosmo International 2024, 3rd runner-up and Miss Philippines Supranational 2025 Justine Tarah Marie Valencia from Baguio, and 4th runner-up Christi Lynn McGarry from Taguig.

Additionally, Alexie Mae Brooks of Iloilo City was appointed as Miss Philippines Eco International 2025, while Miss Pampanga Cyrille Payumo was named Miss Philippines Charm 2025.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Chelsea Manalo

In an exclusive interview, Miss Universe 2024 Chelsea Manalo shared her excitement after winning the title.

“Right now, I feel really ecstatic; it’s still surreal to me that I have actually won Miss Universe Philippines 2024. But I know that there are so many great things that will come my way. And because of this, I’m ready to take the opportunity to work well with the organization and, of course, to better work with the purpose that is really close to my heart.”

Manalo also shared the importance of the Miss Universe Philippines platform in pursuit of her advocacy for youth empowerment and education.

“It’s really important to be Miss Universe Philippines 2024 because this will open so many opportunities for me to work with the purpose that is close to my heart, which is youth empowerment through education of the indigenous people. And I know I can better help them reach a little bit closer to their dreams.”

She also shared her fond memory with BingoPlus, “This was when we went to shoot in Batangas. It was a little bit of a time to get away as a candidate, but you know, to be with my sisters and to shoot with the brand.”

Manalo also described her BingoPlus journey with 3-bingo letters.

“B, beautiful. You know that experience is really, really beautiful. I don’t think there’s anything else I would ever trade at this moment right now. I, I know I have come a long way through so many things that have happened in my life, and because of that, I can really see how independent I have become to be where I am right now. And O, because I know that this is the opportunity that I am waiting for in my life.”

Meanwhile, Miss Universe Philippines 1st runner-up Stacey Gabriel gave advice to the aspiring queens. “Know that you have everything that you need within you to conquer the universe. I believe in you, so I hope you believe in you too.” 

Miss Universe 2nd runner-up Maria Ahtisa Manalo added that knowing your purpose is your core to surviving the competition.

“I think you know the purpose of why you are joining a beauty pageant. It is very important for you to know your purpose and the reason why you are doing it. It is very important to know your core so that you’d be able to stick by that and survive the pageant world.”

Manalo ended the interview after expressing her gratitude to BingoPlus and said, “Thank you so much BingoPlus for bringing this opportunity. I know that this will commend me and all of the other ladies here. It doesn’t stop here. Thank you so much!”

Miss BingoPlus Universe 2024

BingoPlus ensures a fun-filled and truly entertaining experience for MUPH. This year, BingoPlus awarded the title of Miss Universe BingoPlus 2024, a special title given to the queen with the most online votes an express ticket to the final 20 and a cash prize of Php250,000.00. The title was given to Miss Universe Nueva Ecija Maica Martinez.

In an exclusive interview, Martinez expressed her gratitude after knowing she had won the award. “I am so grateful because, technically, I won the first title tonight, and I’m so proud to be Miss BingoPlus Universe 2024. And I’m so grateful to all who supported me all throughout this year.”

Martinez also recalled her experience with BingoPlus, “My memorable experience with BingoPlus was when we visited the BingoPlus office. I’m so happy because I received so much love and support from my BingoPlus family. We received flowers and messages from them that helped us boost our morale and really pump up our journey to the universe.”

In addition, Martinez described her MUPH journey as inspiring, empowering, and transformational. Her journey with MUPH made her realize that dreaming is limitless, and so we must continue to dream bigger.

She also expressed her gratitude for the support from her hometown and to BingoPlus.

“To my family and friends all around the world, thank you very much! This is not only my success; this is the success of the entire Nueva Ecija.

To BingoPlus, thank you so much for this wonderful title. I can’t wait to contribute to the BingoPlus family and, at the same time, to work hand-in-hand, especially with the BingoPlus foundation. Laging panalo at masaya sa BingoPlus! ”

BingoPlus #PurpleLuckPurpleLove and #GandaPlus

The MUPH excitement extended not only to the candidates but also to everyone. BingoPlus launched the #PurpleLuckPurleLove summer campaign, wherein the brand gave away prizes like MUPH VIP tickets, an iPhone 15 Plus, and cash prizes. This is to ensure that, aside from quality and top-tier entertainment, the brand provides everyone with a chance to win prizes that add fun and enjoyment anytime and anywhere.

Along with this, BingoPlus launched the #GandaPlus online campaign, which aimed to provide a platform for queens and fans to express their definition of beauty and purpose, ensuring a diverse and limitless meaning of beauty. Fans were encouraged to share their #GandaPlus stories through video stitching and uploads posted to their social media accounts on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Netizens were also encouraged to mark their #GandaPlus traits on our customized #GandaPlus bingo card. Ten (10) winners of Php 20,000.00 were given away, plus an exclusive dinner with Miss Universe winners.

BingoPlus’s dedication to the Philippine entertainment and leisure sector, which embraces all types of enjoyment that have grown to be significant fixtures in Philippine culture, is reflected in the success of Miss Universe Philippines 2024. Through its collaboration with MUPH, the brand will be able to operate at a level that more fully captures the Filipino definition of “leisure and enjoyment,” guaranteeing that the experience is both memorable and accessible.

The nation’s fastest-growing provider of digital entertainment is DigiPlus. With more to come, it runs the top digital platforms in the nation, including BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, PeryaGame, Tongits+, and BingoPlus Poker. Filipinos may enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options on BingoPlus, including tongits, bingo, perya games, and many more games they can play at home. Visit for additional information, or get the app right now from Google Play and the App Store.


Listen to the emotional ballad “Hurt Me Too” by James Reid

The stripped-down track serves as his first release under Sony Music Entertainment

Superstar James Reid of the Filipino music industry has joined the expanding Sony Music Entertainment family, which already has an impressive roster that includes SB19, Ben&Ben, Denise Julia, O SIDE MAFIA, and Clara Benin.

James Reid has been a major player in modern pop and R&B music in the Philippines for over ten years, and he has given music lovers all over the world catchy hits that cut across genres and time periods. The music mogul, actor, and singer-songwriter continues to strike a balance between commercial viability and artistic independence, ensuring that there is a place for artists like him in the mainstream music scene who don’t need to pander to existing trends for a hit. He has achieved chart-topping records, sold-out tours, and well-received brand campaigns.

For his first project under Sony Music Entertainment, James Reid explores the theme of being heartbroken in the new single “Hurt Me Too.” A stripped-down ballad that packs an emotional punch, “Hurt Me Too” finds him grappling with the realities of a heartbreak.

The Tim Marquez-produced track shows James at his most vulnerable, looking back at the ghost of his past with equal moments of fondness and pain.

“I wrote the song three years ago together with Seth Reger, an artist from LA,” the talented multi-hyphenate shares. “He really helped me tap into these emotions that I didn’t even know I was feeling at that moment.”

According to the Randomantic act, “Hurt Me Too” marks a significant shift in his sonic and lyrical direction—a crucial decision that he admits, would define the next phase of his music era. This time around, the focus is more on the storytelling aspect of his music-making: unearthing old wounds and memories, and turning them into an inspiring piece of work.

He says, “I wanted to concentrate on the heart of who I am as a composer with minimal but intentional music production for my next album that I’m working on. For me, Hurt Me Too acts as a palette cleanser by introducing a shift in tone and direction.”

A moving music video directed by James’s close friend Elena Virata will accompany the release of the song. The Grammy-winning musical artist continues, “The concept was simple but powerful, focusing on unreleased emotions and frustrations.”

James Reid’s Hurt Me Too is currently available via Sony Music Entertainment on all digital music platforms worldwide.


Ben&Ben is in charge of the endearing Robinsons Malls video campaign, which included the popular song “Araw-Araw”

To commemorate the great inauguration of Robinsons Malls, Ben&Ben and the company have produced a video campaign.

This is the newest concept store, Liwanag House. The video, which is set to the upbeat melody of Ben&Ben’s popular song “Araw-Araw,” follows the award-winning band members as they discover different areas of the shopping center and discover love, pleasure, and happiness every day in the cozy confines of #OurFavoritePlace.

From enjoying delectable meals to indulging in retail therapy, the ad showcases the wide range of options that make Robinsons Malls the ideal location for crafting unforgettable daily experiences.

Liwanag House’s current home base is Robinsons Galleria, where the nine-piece band intends to host unique events and fan-specific experiences in addition to hosting exclusive product launches and limited-edition merchandise launches. Liwanag House should serve as a venue for community-driven events where everyone is made to feel appreciated, heard, and welcomed, according to Ben & Ben.

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, Ben&Ben delighted music enthusiasts with an exciting performance in Robinsons Galleria’s atrium. The group played some of their most well-known, chart-topping hits, such as the recently released, widely available digital single “COMETS,” and the now-viral “Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay.”

The YouTube video campaign is currently accessible. Watch it right here.


KAIA chronicles personal rise to fame in the music video for “You Did It”

The official music video for KAIA’s latest single, “You Did It,” has been made available.

Under the direction of Raymond “Pabi” Fabian and Francis “Kiko” Magundayao, the five-piece band’s transition from their early years to their more assured and polished stage is shown in the pictures. It also tells the origin tale of the dragonfly, which serves as a symbolic representation of their journey as a Filipino female group attempting to succeed in the cutthroat world of the music industry.

According to the MV, KAIA is now traveling farther to investigate new areas with its wings expanded.

The P-Pop trio admits that they were more active in the music video’s concept, even going so far as to incorporate concepts drawn from their own experiences and embrace darker themes.

“We really like being involved because it helps us interpret our songs better and perform with more passion,” shares the Dalawa act in a press statement. “We made sure that everything, from outfits to the set design and even our facial expressions, aligned with the music’s theme. The goal was really to elevate the message of the song through visuals, so we put in extra effort for this MV.”

KAIA also credited their two MV directors, “Pabi” and “Kiko,” for bringing immense creativity to the project and being highly collaborative with the visual storytelling.

The acclaimed pop act explains, “They were able to translate what we envisioned, making the whole process smooth and enjoyable. Their direction made us feel comfortable and confident on the set. Because of this experience, we were able to focus on our performances while they take care of the bigger picture. Overall, it was a collaborative effort that we are very proud of.”

“You Did It” is a dance-pop track that brims with Persian-style instrumentation and modern pop sensibilities. The song was produced by Oh-won Lee, Michael James Down, Will Taylor, and Primoz Poglajen, with lyrics by Jonell “J.O” Sarmiento, a former Z2Z member. KAIA also contributed to the overall concept and narrative of the track.

With this song, KAIA hopes to represent those who lack the bravery to speak up for themselves and who are unable to speak for themselves. The fierce five-piece group continues, “so that when they listen to the song, they’ll feel more confident and empowered.”

The song “You Did It Here  by KAIA is currently available via Sony Music Entertainment on all digital music platforms worldwide. Go here to view the music video.


Liwanag House, a new concept store, will be introduced by Ben&Ben with a concert at Robinsons Galleria

The award-winning band will be performing at the atrium on May 18, 2024

Take note! Joining forces for the Grand Opening of the Liwanag House, the band’s newest concept store designed especially for its expanding fan base, partners, and supporters are Ben&Ben and Robinsons Galleria.

In addition to offering unique experiences and exclusive releases to their fan base, Liwanag House will be the headquarters for Ben&Ben’s limited-edition merchandise and exclusive releases.

The small venue will also serve as a venue for community-driven events that seek to draw a wide range of participants and initiatives. Ben&Ben’s goal is to establish a space where everyone is respected, heard, and made to feel at home.

To mark the official launch of the Liwanag House, Ben&Ben will be performing at the atrium of Robinsons Galleria on May 18, 2024. The nine-piece band is set to perform some of their biggest and most acclaimed hits, including the viral smash “Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay” and their new single “COMETS,” which dropped a few days ago on all digital music platforms.

With these easy steps, everyone will have the chance to score exclusive passes and watch them live:

1. Download the RMalls+ app (if you haven’t already).

2. Visit any Robinsons Galleria from May 14-17, 2024 (Tuesday to Friday).

3. Enjoy shopping and dining at your favorite stores, and keep your receipts.

4. Present your RMalls+ app voucher and a purchase receipt at the Guest Services Booth of Robinsons Galleria (from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

On May 18, Robinsons Galleria is also giving fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with the band at the Grand Opening of Liwanag House at Level 4, ADB Wing of Robinsons Galleria. Everyone may get exclusive merchandise here and snap selfies with band memorabilia. As a bonus, attendees will be able to witness Ben&Ben staffing the store just prior to the event and catch a peek of the award-winning ensemble during rehearsals.

Aside from the Liwanag House, Robinsons Galleria provides a unique assortment of unique finds like Flying Tiger, first-in-the-metro dining concepts like the recently launched Don Don Tei, Fat Daddy, and Palgakdo, and other hang-out activities to enjoy the ideal weekend at the mall. PlayLab, Winter Magic, and Timezone are just a few of the family-friendly amusement park locations located in Robinsons Galleria.


Enchanted Kingdom is having the most AMAZING Mother’s Day celebration

With Eldar

During its Enchanting Mother’s Day event on Sunday, May 12, Enchanted Kingdom (EK), the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines, once again made unforgettable memories for everyone.

AGILA the EKsperience, the first and only flying theater in the Philippines, was among the over thirty rides and attractions that customers may enjoy for free with the introduction of the park’s Ilaw ng Tahanan Promo. For just Php 1,200, Mother’s Day at EK featured a plethora of exclusive deals, sweets, and events that showcased the enchantment of a mother’s love for her children and family. A Smart Wifi Portable Air Conditioner and a chance to win one (1) Firefly e-gift card worth PhP 200 were also included in this special EK online shop promotion.

EK Mother’s Day Concert

Moms were also serenaded by mother-daughter tandem Pinky and Karel Marquez with An Enchanting Mother’s Day Concert, joined by the Women of Song and Music Making Company as they paid tribute to all the mothers with a night of music, dance and entertainment. EK’s very own Circle of Artists, SMS, Victoria’s Way and the Kingsmen also spiced up the Mother’s Day concert with a series of heartwarming musical performances to remember.

Enchanted Kingdom shared more magic through unique offerings for Mother’s Day around the park. Kindermagic, EK’s indoor play area, gave fun passes to moms accompanying their children. EK’s award-winning merchandise stores created Mother’s Day Corners, where guests can take their instagrammable photos while they shop for selected EK merchandise.

EK’s very own restaurants LaunchTime and Amazon Grill offered a special Mother’s Day Group Meals for a magical dining experience. Selected EK tenant partners also joined the fun with discounted treats and freebies. Lastly, EK’s Laser Mission and EKaleidoscope provided group discounts for moms to create more magical adventures at the park.

Baby Dove, Surf, Dove Deo, Rexona, Snailwhite, Snake Brand, Oxecure, Beauty Dream Hall, Pastel, Sparkle, Krunnnch, Piattos, Dewberry, Cloud9 Chocolate Milk Drink, Cream O, Nissin Ramen, Great Taste Iced Coffee, Koreanna, Nutri10excel, Lightskin, Landers, Cher-Aim Thai Herbal, McCormick, Nido, Zim, and Nurture were among the sponsors that contributed to the celebration’s fantastical atmosphere. In addition, the following tenant partners offered their assistance for this unique day: Teho, Angel’s Corn, Dash Premium Ice Scramble, Dairy Queen, Subarashii Manju, Lil’ Orbits Mini-Donuts, Tater Tots, and Sigue Trading.

Visit and EK’s official social media pages @ek_philippines on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook and Tiktok for additional details and updates on this event and EK’s other forthcoming events and offers.


This Friday, Ben&Ben will release their new track, “COMETS”

Photos are available here

COMETS,” Ben&Ben’s first official single of 2024, will be released.

The song, which was written by Paolo and Miguel Benjamin, addresses how ephemeral love is.

In addition, “COMETS” is the first song that Ben&Ben co-produced with renowned producer Petra Sihombing, whose work the band has quickly grown to appreciate.

“He flew in to help us bring the song to the next level, with his own additions in both the arrangement and post production of the track,” shares the nine-piece collective. “The band probably had about 90% of the song down, but it was Petra’s very weighty 10% that really helped make the song what it is now.”

Sihombing is a singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist from Indonesia. In addition, he is well-known for his work as a music producer, having collaborated with numerous international artists from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

Teaser and Cover Art

The teaser of “COMETS” is making the rounds on several digital billboards across Metro Manila, hinting at how the visual representation evokes a spectrum of emotions.

Ben&Ben reveals, “COMETS is a song that we’ve had and performed a few times since 2021 but haven’t officially released yet, it’s been shrouded in quite a bit of mystery and intrigue. The teasers are meant to slowly raise the curtains and give our keen listeners what they’ve been waiting for.”

This also explains why the band claims that the cover art “encapsulates the essence of the song with how it likens people in our lives to these bright, beautiful yet fleeting flashes of light,” appearing to have caused a burst of light at a snapped photograph. This was designed as a collaborative project by our very own talented group of artists.

This Friday, May 10, 2024, “COMETS” will be made available on all digital music platforms globally by Sony Music Entertainment, here, pre-save the music.


The most AMAZING Mother’s Day Celebration for all Queens has been unveiled by Enchanted Kingdom

The first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom (EK), is hosting the most enchanting Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday, May 12.

Take advantage of captivating events, exclusive deals, and complimentary gifts that are ideal for all royal mothers and their families.

At 6 p.m., take in “An Enchanting Mother’s Day Concert,” which will feature the mother-daughter duo Pinky and Karel Marquez. at the Spaceport Grounds to end this momentous day with entertainment and music. Along for the ride will be the Women of Song and Music Making Company, who will serenade the crowd and honor all moms with a series of unforgettable, stunning performances.

“Here at Enchanted Kingdom, we appreciate and salute these wonderful women who make our lives magical through their unconditional love, care and support for their families. Hopefully through this experience, we would also be able to make Mother’s Day more enchanting,” said EK’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon.

With EK’s Ilaw ng Tahanan – A Magical Mother’s Day Promo, which is a partnership with Firefly Electronic and Lighting Corporation (FELCO), guests can also make the most of the entire month of May. Take advantage of this special offer to purchase a standard day pass and a seat at the “An Enchanting Mother’s Day Concert” on May 12 for only Php 1200. In addition to one (1) Firefly e-gift card worth PhP 200 (with a minimum purchase) and the opportunity to win a Smart Wifi Portable Air Conditioner upon activating your FELCO shop account and subscribing to their mailing list, this unique EK online shop promotion also includes a chance to win. Promotion period: May 4–May 30, 2024.

Visit and EK’s official social media pages on Facebook and Tiktok and @ek_philippines on Twitter and Instagram for additional details and updates about these events and promotions.


Joining Kitchie Nadal for his 20th anniversary concert are Barbie Almalbis, Aia de Leon, Acel Bisa, Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise, and more

Check out the “first batch” of music guests for Kitchie’s homecoming concert

The first group of attendees for SAME GROUND: Kitchie Nadal’s 20th Anniversary Concert will include Barbie Almalbis, Aia de Leon, Lougee Basabas, Hannah Romawac, Acel Bisa, and Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise. The event will take place on June 2, 2024 (Sunday), at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City.

In a show of support for the sold-out TANAW event at the Solaire Theater in 2022, Kitchie Nadal’s peers in the local music industry recently banded together with her. However, Monty will also share a stage with the Y2K alt-rock aristocracy for a unique performance.

“We’ve prepared a showstopping collaboration with musicians who also happen to be good friends of mine,” said the Bulong hitmaker. “I look up to these artists whose work resonates with me on an intimate level. It doesn’t feel like work at all when you’re surrounded with likeminded individuals who share the same goals in life and career.”

Aside from the inclusion of TANAW girls and Monty, Kitchie Nadal will soon announce the final group of guest acts for her 20th anniversary concert, which includes some of the biggest artists of the current generation.

“I can’t reveal anything at the moment, but I’m excited to explore other possibilities other than the usual,” shares Nadal.

Aside from guest artists from various generations, SAME GROUND: Kitchie Nadal’s 20th Anniversary Concert will also feature several surprises that fans of the pop-rock icon would surely love.

“Expect quality music, surprise OPM artists, and most of all, a Filipino-led world-class production that will bring back memories of Kitchie Nadal’s classic hit music,” Rolando Garcia Jr., Chairman/Founder of Rolling Gum and the Executive Producer of Kitchie Nadal’s upcoming concert, explains. “We’ve realized the importance of working with artists who match our values and goals, especially producing quality music that Filipinos deserve. And Kitchie is one. Her unwavering passion for music has brought her to the OPM pedestal and to these 20 years of giving music hits.”

SAME GROUND: In collaboration with GNN Entertainment Productions, Big Brew and Rolling Gum are hosting Kitchie Nadal’s 20th Anniversary Concert. Supporters of this event include Southbay Studios, JB Music, and B Hotel.

Tickets can be purchased via their website at every Ticketnet location across the country. View the ticket costs listed below:

SVIP – ₱4,000.00 (with Meet and Greet + signed poster)

VIP – ₱3,500.00 (with signed poster)


ORCHESTRA L&R – ₱2,500.00

LOGE – ₱2,000.00

BALCONY – ₱1,200.00


SB19 releases “Moonlight,” a summer anthem featuring renowned producers Terry Zhong and Ian Asher

The catchy dance track is SB19’s first release since 2023’s global smash “Gento”

New club anthem from SB19 just in time for summer!

The P-Pop powerhouse collaborates with Chinese electronic producer Terry Zhong and US-based producer/DJ Ian Asher on their new song, “Moonlight,” which was released today via Liquid State/Sony Music Philippines.

The dance-pop hit, which combines deep, catchy grooves with sweat-splattered sounds, perfectly captures love emotions. The award-winning pop quintet masterfully captures the sexual longing of the song in the chorus, “Doing what we do in the moonlight / I’ll be loving you, baby all night,” as they revel in the glorious moment of the night.

According to the P-Pop kings, working with Ian Asher and Terry Zhong was truly an inspiring experience, and it gave them an entirely different perspective when it comes to music-making.

“We’ve met Ian Asher during our tour in the US, and we were surprised at how talented and prolific he is at such a young age,” SB19 shares in a press statement. “This kind of music is new to us. The production is very current yet experimental, but it also gives us room to explore and expand our horizons as artists. The collaboration really brought out the best of all worlds, and being part of the process, really opened our creative realm to exciting new possibilities.”

“Moonlight” was produced by Ian Asher, Terry Zhong, and Lenno Linjama, with mixing by Serge Courtois, who has worked with some of the biggest music stars, including Carly Rae Jepsen, Alessia Cara, Nick Jonas, LANY, Madison Beer, and more.

The release of “Moonlight” comes with a music video conceptualized and directed by SB19’s Justin De Dios. The minimalist vibe of the MV is paired with slick choreography that finds the multi-talented boyband embracing a fun but eclectic persona in all their ‘poker face’ glory.

Justin explains, “The song has euphoric undertones lyrics-wise, so I wanted to play around with that concept and inject a little bit of craziness and out-of-this-world treatment. It’s a very simple but minimalist take, but the dance choreography really elevates the visuals to a different level. I can’t really explain the concept without revealing too much. I’m just excited that this MV is in a totally different lane from anything that we’ve done in the past.”

After 2023’s “GENTO,” which went viral on TikTok and other comparable platforms in the Philippines and Asia, “Moonlight” is SB19’s first release since then. The P-Pop group just completed their highly successful “PAGTATAG!”World Tour” in Japan on April 29 and are currently preparing for a two-day performance at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila on May 18 and 19.

SB19’s Moonlight which features Ian Asher and Terry Zhong, is currently available via Liquid State/Sony Music Philippines on all digital music platforms globally. Tonight, May 3 at 7 p.m., the official music video will be released.

Other photos:


Ian Asher:

Terry Zhong: