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The new song “Panic In My Head” by The Itchyworms is dedicated to Chino Singson

The retro-pop band The Itchyworms are back with a cheerful song about the anxiety of learning that a loved one would be leaving for good and moving to a new place.

Their new single, “Panic In My Mind” was composed especially for Chino Singson, a bandmate who went to Canada with his family to start a new life.

But according to Jazz Nicolas (lead vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, and keytar), who wrote the song based on a real-life event, the meaning behind “Panic In My Mind” can be taken in multiple ways. “The second half of the song shifts the narrative to a bitter person whose ex-partner in now with someone else, and is having a jealous existential crisis because of that.”

“Panic in My Mind” carries on The Itchyworms’ distinctive sound by fusing complex vocal harmonies and vibrant melodies with ’60s-style pop. The arrangement ups the thrill a notch or two with its subtle musicality, the ideal complement to its lyrics, which talk of longing over someone in a world where they are the outlier. Less theatrics and more effortless grace are being used.

“We were going for a more organic sound with acoustic instruments as opposed to our previous album, Waiting For The End To Start, which had a lot of electronic elements,” Nicolas explains. “It also has a ‘60s vibe due to the jangly guitars and three-part harmonies.”

“Panic In My Mind” is produced by Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso. The latter is a long-time friend and collaborator, who is now officially part of the band.
“He co-produced the song with us, played various instruments, and sang harmonies,” Nicolas adds.

The Itchyworms are set to embark on their first US tour, dubbed “Akin Ka Na Lang, Amerika.”

The multi-city concert kicks off on March 24 in New York City, New York and will wrap up on April 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the official dates and venues:

March 24 – New York (D’Haven),

March 25 – Fort Worth (Ridglea Theater)

March 26 – San Antonio (The Grand Event Center),

March 29 – Houston (Gerry’s Grill),

March 31 – San Francisco (Bal Theater):

April 1 – Los Angeles (The Noypitz DTLA)

April 2 – San Diego (Lola Happy Bistro)

April 5 – Chicago (Michella Terrace)

April 7 – Las Vegas (Diversion Amusements)

Visit the band’s official social media accounts and newly updated website at for additional details about the tour.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Panic In My Mindby The Itchyworms is currently available on all digital music services around the world thanks to Sony Music Entertainment.

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At Full Volume: Over the entire year, support the songs and experiences of Spotify’s Filipino creators

Spotify has teamed up with prominent Filipina creators to promote their voices and stories in honor of Women’s Month. These Filipinas produce sophisticated and bright music, lyrics, and vocals; Spotify supports women in audio through its playlists and programs all year round.

Female musicians have together gotten close to half a billion streams through Spotify’s EQUAL, a year-round effort devoted to women in music, during their first month of joining the program. While Pinay Voices highlights podcasts from producers like  Paano Kung…, Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM, and Free Yourself Podcast, ed nearly half a billion streams within their first month of joining the program. EQUAL Philippines promotes musicians like the top-charting singer-songwriter mrld  and the Cebuana rapper Karencitta. These pioneering Filipina audio makers’ opinions are exclusively revealed by Spotify.

Breaking Boundaries through Audio

Filipino women’s bravery and tenacity have helped to diversify the creative environment. For some people, following their dreams entails motivating others to improve upon themselves. Meriel de Jesus, better known as mrld and the voice of popular songs like “Ligaya” and “Ikaw Pa Rin,” discussed how perseverance was a need in her journey as a developing artist. “I remember sitting up late, researching how I might convey my skill to the world,” she said.

Being a creator required Ria Ramirez of Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM to overcome her self-doubt. “I thought about starting a podcast, but I was hesitant to take the plunge. Yet the people around me helped me to see that I had a voice that needed to be heard.

Other voices in the field are driven by passion and purpose to inspire others. “It’s a powerful feeling because you can make a huge imprint onto someone’s life instantly,” said EQUAL ambassador Karen Ann “Karencitta” Cabrera-Caballero, who famously made waves with the release of her debut song “Cebuana” which proudly champions her Bisaya roots.

Gayle de Chavez of Free Yourself Podcast creates content with the hope of inspiring others. “I enjoy being a creator, pursuing the things that I love, and at the same time helping people love themselves.”

Technology Powering Gender Equity

Beyond the drive to thrive, these inspiring Filipinas leveraged technology as a partner in their creative journey.

Spotify EQUAL artist Karencitta, who started recording her own music at the age of 13 and now has over 220,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, shared that she learned through exploring tech with many trials and errors. Radio DJ and Creator of Paano Kung… podcast Joelle shared, “I am grateful that technology and a platform as special as Spotify enables us to share our stories more openly and find other people who inspire us!”

mrld highlighted how Spotify helped her flourish on the local and global stage. “Through Spotify, a lot of people were able to discover my craft, and it paved the way for me as a female artist. EQUAL is very uplifting as it gives the spotlight to female artists.”

Although platforms and initiatives have unlocked a wealth of opportunities, the journey for female creators is not without its challenges.

Joelle opens up. “I feel the challenge when I have to double or triple check what I say just to make sure it’s right. I’ve been afraid to speak up because people would talk over me, or make me feel like my feelings and thoughts weren’t valid.” mrld also noted how there is room to give more visibility for women in the creative field.

At the same time, creators express their optimism and appreciation for the positive changes in the industry. “Nowadays, I think there is a space for both men and women to create freely,” Ria points out.

Unlocking the Creator in Everyone

Spotify Creators, Joelle, Ria, and Gayle, mrld and Karencitta, share their advice with the hopes of inspiring young Filipinos out there.

  1. Celebrate Individuality and Authenticity
  2. EQUAL ambassadormrld: “Always believe in yourself. No one is going to be there for you till the end except yourself. So don’t be too hard on yourself and continue to trust the process.”
  3. EQUAL ambassador Karencitta: “Kung bisag asa pa ta e butang sa kalibutan, di gyud natu malimtan ang Filipino traditions and values. Ayaw kalimot kung asa ka gikan. E taas gyud na ang bandila.”
  1. Embrace Vulnerability
  2. Ria of Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM: “There’s no need to hide the broken parts of yourself because it is in this brokenness that you have grown to be who you are. Let that process not only inspire you but others too.”
  3. Joelle of Paano Kung…: “It can be scary for anyone to be vulnerable, but the exciting possibilities in opening up and connecting with others outweigh the fear. I get to do this now, because the younger me took a chance, opened her heart, continued to hope and try, despite the uncertainty, fear, and worries.”
  1. Invest in Oneself
  2. Gayle of Free Yourself Podcast: “Continue investing in yourself and being curious about everything. Don’t seek validation in the form of other people’s opinions, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind and your truth.”
  3. EQUAL ambassador Karencitta: “Embrace learning”

Keen to discover and support female creators? Tune in to Spotify’s EQUAL hub and Pinay Voices.


With the release of her most recent album, Endless Summer Vacation, Miley Cyrus continues to rule the Filipino music charts

Endless Summer Vacation, Miley Cyrus’ eagerly awaited eighth studio album, is expected to have one of the highest digital sales and streaming figures this week in the Philippines. The critically lauded album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Philippines list on its first day of release, and its lead song “Flowers” most recently peaked at No. 1 and No. 2 on the respective Spotify Philippines and iTunes Philippines charts.

Miley debuted the official music video for the new song “River,” off the album, which was helmed by Jacob Bixenman.

The hit song “Flowers” by Miley is one of twelve songs on Endless Summer Vacation. A genuine global hit, “Flowers” spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, which was a record for Miley. The fastest song in over a decade to reach that position is “Flowers,” which is currently number one on US Pop Radio. In addition, it received 500 million Spotify streams in the fastest time ever. Officially, “Flowers” has held the top spot as long as any female solo artist in the UK.

In a recently shared clip, Miley gave insight into Endless Summer Vacation.. She notes, “When it comes to the sequencing of Endless Summer Vacation, I divided it by two parts: AM and PM – to kind of represent almost like an act. The AM to me is representing the morning time, where there is a buzz and an energy and a there’s potential of new possibilities. It’s a new day. And in the nighttime, it feels like there is a slinky, seediness and kind of a grime, but a glamour at the same time. In the evening, it’s a great time for rest, a time to recover – or it’s a time to go out and experience the wild side. Los Angeles, there is a certain energy to the night that you can kind of feel trouble boil up to the surface, and it is very inspiring to me.”

Endless Summer Vacation tracklist:

1. Flowers 

2. Jaded

3. Rose Colored Lenses 

4. Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile)

5. You

6. Handstand 

7. River 

8. Violet Chemistry 

9. Muddy Feet (feat. Sia)

10. Wildcard 

11. Island

12. Wonder Woman 

13. Flowers (Demo)

Fans can also watch “Miley Cyrus ‒ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)” on Disney+. With this special, Miley, who also serves as executive producer, opens the door to audiences around the world, providing insight into her new album and the person she is today. For the first time ever, Miley performs songs from Endless Summer Vacation, including “Flowers,” seven additional tracks from the album, one of her chart-topping classic hits and a special performance with Rufus Wainwright. The “Backyard Sessions” are a series that Miley began in 2012 for her fans. Viewers were quickly taken with the experience of watching Miley and her band perform in an intimate, outdoor setting, and the “Backyard Sessions” became a benchmark series. “Miley Cyrus ‒ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)” serves as a continuation.

Miley refers to the album as her “love letter to LA.” It was recorded there and produced by Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson, Greg Kurstin, Mike WiLL Made-It, and Grammy Award-winning Album of the Year producers Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson. Fans can find a variety of physical configurations on as well as a special all-white vinyl, available only at Target. Endless Summer Vacation is available both digitally and physically.

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A second “Sa Wakas: 20th Anniversary” concert will be presented by Ebe Dancel

Filipino singer-songwriter Ebe Dancel will perform Sa Wakas: 20th Anniversary Celebration once more on March 31, 2023 (Friday), starting at 6 p.m., at Mandala Park’s 123 Block due to persistent public demand.

Sa Wakas The Repeat: 20th Anniversary Celebration, honoring the enduring legacy of Sugarfree’s famous debut album, will include an extended, full-length concert by Ebe Dancel and drummer Mitch Singson, as well as guest appearances and surprises.

The headline performance, which is being put on by GNN Entertainment Productions and Backspacer Records in collaboration with 123 Block and Balcony Entertainment, will have extra space available due to fan requests from those who were unable to attend the first one, which sold out in less than a day.

The hospital and medical bills of Parokya Ni Edgar guitarist Gab Chee Kee will be covered in part by the proceeds. Sa Wakas: official merchandise will also be offered for sale at the event and on the Backspacer Records website.

Sa Wakas by Sugarfree, released in 2003, raised the bar for confessional songwriting with songs that share experiences and events that are too humiliatingly terrible to discuss in public. The groundbreaking album, which was widely praised when it was released in the early 2000s, eventually gained a sizable fan base and inspired a supporter to create and produce a rock musical that won an award.

From March 13 (Monday) at 6 p.m., tickets for Sa Wakas The Repeat: 20th Anniversary Celebration can be purchased online at

Ticket Packages Available:

Regular Admissions (P1,500) – entrance to the event grounds VIP (P2,200) – entrance to the event grounds, plus meet and greet with Ebe Dancel before the show, and a signed event poster. VIP + Vinyl Bundle (P3,500) – entrance to the event grounds, a Habangbuhay 10-inch signed silver vinyl, plus meet and greet with Ebe Dancel before the show and a signed event poster.


Sony Music Entertainment signs a record deal with P-Pop girl group YARA, and drops their first single, “ADDA”

Four-member Filipino group YARA has been added to Sony Music Entertainment’s respected roster. Sony Music Entertainment is a reputable record label that has produced some of the biggest artists in P-Pop.

Thanks to the supervision of their record company and their determination to make a name for themselves in the expanding Filipino music scene, the promising rookie sets off on a voyage with a sense of newfound independence. They have showcased their prominence in the field they have chosen during the media conference for their debut and we’ve witnessed the talent they possess and greatly enjoyed their performance.

 “Sony Music PH and YARA are a match made in heaven,” the all-women group shares. “We were surprised that our vision and passion for music are the same. After everything that we’ve gone through, we are very happy that we finally found someone with whom we are confident to work with especially with our music.”

YARA officially marks their debut as a recording artist with the release of their new single “ADDA,” which means ‘Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat.’ Holding merit with a refreshing balance of charisma and edginess, YARA drops a confident piece of pop music that leaves nothing out of the bag.

“We know what we want / we know what we’re capable of,” they open their verse with an assured declaration. Few newcomers can get away with lines that beam with delirious energy and excitement, and YARA does it seamlessly as they navigate an entirely new realm that remains completely uncharted to them.

The Pinoy girl group explains, “The song is about YARA. The story of YARA. The song reflects why YARA works hard to strive beyond their limitations and reach for their dreams. YARA wants their audience to know their story, and draw strength from it to conquer their own fears, and learn from YARA’s experiences. YARA wants their listeners to take control of their own lives and dreams.”

Kim Natividad of YARA wrote and produced YARA’s “ADDA,” which combines dance-pop vitality with hip-hop components and K-Pop sass. Joshua Nase and Michael “Cursebox” Negapatan, another regular collaborator of SB19 and Pablo, produced the song (Alex Bruce).

According to YARA, the empowering mood of the material aims to set the tone of what’s to come for their future releases. “The dynamics of the song radiate confidence and empower our listeners,” the Filipino quartet reveals. “Unison is also present in the song to highlight that behind showcasing our individual talents, the product of our teamwork sets us apart and makes us who we are. The progression of instrumental placements in the song relates to how our passion (to perform) intensifies throughout our journey amidst the unexpected challenges we’ve encountered along the way.”

The four members of the girl group YARA are Kim, Gelou, Rocher, and Christa. They are one of Sony Music Entertainment’s most recent P-Pop acts, which also includes SB19, 4th Impact, and other highly prized artists. Check out their brand-new song, “ADDA,” here.

Follow them on their official social media accounts:

Twitter: official__yara
Facebook: YARA PH
Youtube: YARA PH
Tiktok: official__yara

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With American R&B superstar Jordin Sparks, FOR KING + COUNTRY’s “Love Me Like I Am” becomes a multi-format hit

The crossover success of FOR KING + COUNTRY’s latest hit, “Love Me Like I Am,” which features American R&B diva Jordin Sparks, has put the multi-GRAMMY® award-winning team on the map.

The multi-format smash has recently entered Billboard’s Adult Top 40 charts at No. 31 and Billboard’s Adult Contemporary charts at No. 17, becoming one of the biggest songs in the US by an Australian act this year in addition to topping Billboard’s Christian Airplay charts (dated February 25, 2023). The sultry tune has received over 30 million streams on Spotify alone as of this writing.

The Christian pop duo recently performed as the festival’s headliners at Circuit Makati in Manila and stated that they would return to the country in the future.

“You know, we hope to always come back to the places that we’ve been, because every country has its own individual culture—taking part in that was a thrill for us,” says Luke Smallbone, one-half of the award-winning music act. “By visiting different cultures around the world, you can learn something from each of them. We just enjoyed being able to spend time with our Filipino friends.”

Their song “Love Me Like I Am” will be serviced in Philippine radio soon, thanks to its crossover appeal and inspiring universality that resonate to fans all over the world. A soaring pop tune that recognizes the fact that we all make mistakes, “Love Me Like I Am” highlights the importance of seeking and practicing forgiveness.

Luke Smallbone reflects, “I think, sometimes in today’s society, we feel like if we make a mistake, that puts us at odds, and we can’t be loved anymore.  The truth is if we all made mistakes, that means all of us would never be able to accept this wonderful gift called love. I think ‘Love Me Like I Am’ is obviously talking about heavenly love but I think it’s also a challenge for us to love our families that way. The gift of practicing forgiveness is probably the most important attribute of the world. And, I think, for us, that is what this song is talking about. Is love for people, mistakes, and all. And, look, people will live very differently when they recognize how deeply loved they really are.”

The fifth studio album by FOR KING + COUNTRY, What Are We Waiting For?, has the number-one single “Love Me Like I Am,” which features Jordin Sparks. released last year through Curb | Global Entertainment. The album opened at No. 2 on Billboard US’s Top Albums, No. 1 on Billboard US’s Top Christian Albums, and No. 7 on Billboard US Albums Chart before reaching No. 1 on iTunes in a number of different nations.

“Love Me Like I Am,” featuring Jordin Sparks, is part of FOR KING + COUNTRY’s chart-topping fifth studio album, What Are We Waiting For?, released via Curb | World Entertainment last year. The album reached No. 1 on iTunes in multiple countries, and debuted at No. 2 Billboard US’s Top Albums, No. 1 on Billboard US Top Christian Albums, and No. 7 on Billboard US Albums Chart.

Featured on major networks including MTV, BBC2, ABC and more, the global hitmakers have collaborated with a diverse list of artists including Dolly Parton, NEEDTOBREATHE, R3HAB, Hillary Scott and Timbaland, amongst others.


With their latest song, “Kalangitan,” the Filipino alt-rock band NOBITA expresses their vulnerable side

With the release of “Kalangitan,” NOBITA reaches a new career high after surpassing worldwide hits with “Ikaw Lang,” the most downloaded song in the Philippines on Spotify in 2022.

The pop-rock ballad reveals the band’s vulnerability while providing a catchy sing-along in a seductively recognizable style. “Kalangitan,” a motivational song about friendship through good times and bad, was written by Jaeson, Mark, and Richmond and co-produced with their dependable partner Isagani Palabyab.

“Just when you think that you have reached rock bottom, remember that there is always someone with you who will help you reach for the heavens,” the band shares in a collective statement. “With an arrangement that stays true to our sound and a melody that transcends emotions, this is the type of material that we’d love to explore over and over. Dredging up emotions to the surface and turning them into a song that everyone loves are both gifts that we’re honored to share with our fans.”

When it comes to honing the art of writing emotive pop tunes, NOBITA never fails to miss the mark. This may be heard in the soaring anthem “Kalangitan,” which takes the word “hugot” in a shockingly familiar direction.

The number-one quintent continues, “We’re simply trying to keep it simple and straightforward, so that it’s palatable to the general audience.”

A John Selirio-directed music video is released along with the song. The music video, which also serves as a critique on bullying and the high school clique structure, features up-and-coming actors Joao Constancia and Queenay Mercado.

Kalangitanby NOBITA is currently available on all digital music services in the world thanks to Sony Music Entertainment.

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To carry out its aim of supporting Filipino sports and other leisure pursuits, BingoPlus promotes the sport golf

In keeping with its promise to support Filipino sporting events and other popular Pinoy activities, BingoPlus, the country’s first and only live-streaming bingo site, now sponsors golf competitions.

BingoPlus has made golf its top priority for the month of February. The brand has been an active sponsor of professional basketball conferences, sports teams, beauty pageants, musical performances, and performers as well as traditional Filipino cultural festivals like the Sinulog in Cebu and MassKara in Bacolod.

BingoPlus is one of the Platinum sponsors of the 51st Golden Tee Invitational Tournament at Manila Golf and Country Club, which took place on February 9. This tournament aims to develop new collaborations. BingoPlus will also be one of the Titanium Sponsors of the Third Zamora Cup Invitational Tournament at the Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club on February 23 as a mark of commitment.

AB Leisure Exponent Inc. President Jasper Vicencio said BingoPlus is really trying its best to fulfill its mission of promoting the country’s different types of leisure activities because it wants to contribute to a society with a good work-life balance.

“The nature of our business is leisure and offering the Filipino ways to live a relaxed, well-balanced life gives us fulfillment in what we do. Golf is about the three C’s of camaraderie, connections, and charity. It is a strategic game as well as a game of skill, accuracy, and concentration that imparts many values. We want to give back to the community by participating in this mental, high-level game that allows us to contribute to charitable causes.”

Vicencio went on to say that BingoPlus is proud to be supporting the two elite golf competitions because it would enable the brand to connect with privileged groups and the causes they want to promote.

“Being part of these prestigious golf tournaments allows our brand to participate in the worthy causes that organizers contribute to. We look forward to further collaborating with them and fellow sponsors to promote the sport and align with their respective business inclinations as well. We see leisure fulfilling a deeper mission for the country. As a leisure company we strongly believe that creating a society of relaxed, happy individuals will ultimately result in a productive citizenry, ” Vicencio concluded.


See the sci-fi-themed music video for “Palibot libot” by Rico Blanco

The music video for Rico Blanco’s current single, “Palibot libot,” released under Sony Music Entertainment, tackles science fiction themes.

The images, directed by Cris Escolano and Rico Blanco himself, tell a tale of humanity in a hopeless miserable world. Model Tuti Pon, robotic character “The Entity,” and actor Rico Blanco all appear in the music video.

Pon claims that she enjoyed portraying the female protagonist and embraced the nuances required to successfully portray her character. “I would do it again if I had the chance. It was definitely a new experience for me.”

Production Designer Justine Arcega-Bumanlag expressed enthusiasm in working with the team and conveying the fantastically imaginative vision of the material. She shares, “For this, Rico Blanco was aiming for a classic-looking music video that stands the test of time. He wanted to veer away from CGIs, so we started building a set that looks like a wreckage from an unknown planet, and using it all throughout the time.”

The character from a series that he filmed in La Union last year served as the inspiration for the song, which examines the ambiguity that exists between friendship and relationship. The narrative of the song, however one-sided, is “anchored precariously on someone’s steadfast loyalty,” and it is blunt about the fact that love is not always synchronized. It has drawbacks, but that is part of its allure.

The song “Palibot libot” will be on Rico Blanco’s upcoming fourth studio album, which Sony Music Entertainment will distribute.

Watch the music video of “Palibot libot” here.


A “reunion” performance and the release of the Tower Sessions Live record are also part of Barbie Almalbis’ 25th anniversary celebrations

With the official release of her Tower Sessions Live CD through Sony Music Entertainment and a reunion event involving her legendary bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle, Filipino singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis marks a significant milestone in music.

Both events commemorate her 25th anniversary in the Philippine music industry as a lady who effectively mastered Pinoy rock through emotionally stirring composition and uncompromising artistic freedom. It is indeed a wonderful event as we witnessed a great milestone that is full of love and light. She delivered all her songs with a grateful heart and we enjoyed it so well.

The Tower of Doom members Eric and Carlo Perlas produced Barbie Almalbis’ Best Hits live album, which has a fresh arrangement of her classic and contemporary songs. Kyle Cayton recorded the album, while Simon Durias mixed and mastered it. Along with more recent songs like “Days Are Long,” “Silaw,” “Tigre,” and “Kumpas,” the album’s first single, it will also include classics that defined careers, including “Firewoman,” “Torpe,” “Tabing Ilog,” “The Dance,” “Goodnight,” and “Just A Smile.”

“It’s always been a dream of mine to record our songs live, because we’re always rearranging songs as a band, and I think there’s something special that gets captured when the we play live together,” Almalbis shares. “My producers and collaborators did such a great job of making you feel like you’re at the gig. You can feel the power of the kick drum and the bass, and then have guitars blasting in your ear — in a pleasant way, of course.”

Aside from the release of Tower Sessions Live on digital platforms, Barbie Almalbis is set to headline her 25th Anniversary concert at 123 Block, Mandala Park on March 11 (Saturday), from 2pm onwards. Celebrating the impact of her music as a guide to many people’s journey in life, the show will reunite her with former bandmates in Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle.

Aptly titled Firewoman:25 Years of Barbie Almalbis, the mini-music fest will also feature sets by some of the country’s finest acts, including Sandwich, Gab Alipe of Urbandub, Clara Benin, I Belong To The Zoo, Kai del Rio, and Bird.

Reflecting on her career as an artist, Almalbis expressed gratitude to her fans who have been supportive of her endeavors through the years. “I didn’t have so many plans growing up, but always just dreamt of playing music. I’m so grateful that I get to do this and share the experience with others too. I’m always touched by the support of my fans and friends, and really humbled and encouraged by their words and stories about how these songs have also become part of their journey.”

Under Sony Music Entertainment, Barbie Almalbis’ Tower Sessions Live is now accessible on all digital platforms throughout the world.

You may get tickets for her forthcoming performance, Firewoman:25 Years of Barbie Almalbis, on TicketMelon. In collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, Backspacer Records, JB Music, Nova Health Shop, D&D, Smirnoff Mule, and 123 Block, the event is hosted by GNN Entertainment Productions.

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