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The official ambassadors of the F11 Series: Issa Pressman, Laureen Uy, Marga Bermudez, Rosenthal Tee, Luke Landrigan, and Magic Liwanag with Grethen Ho, host. Selected with utmost criteria, these individuals’ unique stories embody what the F11 Series stands for: the ability to shine in the dark, no matter the circumstance.

Everytime I buy a new smartphone I always consider the camera since taking pictures is very important to a blogger like me. One thing more I don’t need to bring big camera’s to take a good shot and  establishing the F series as the Selfie Expert, the F11 series showcases the upgrade from selfies to brilliant portraits by featuring a 48MP image sensor.  Because of this innovation will provide users with an unprecedented night photography experience. The software and hardware upgrades combine to improve battery life, gaming performance, and user experience. In addition, the F11 Pro boasts an uninterrupted full screen display made possible by a hidden front camera module. So, I’m very happy that OPPO Philippines launches OPPO F11 Pro.


“With every launch, OPPO ensures that we put to heart the needs of our Filipino market. Every innovation is made to uplift the consumer experience and that is what we have made with the F11 Series. Through the shift in focus from selfie expert to brilliant portraits, we provide our users the opportunity to shine in the dark, to tell their untold stories through stunning portraits, and ultimately inspire others. That is what OPPO is all about,” shared Jane Wan, Vice President of Marketing for OPPO Philippines.

Here are the features of OPPO F11 Pro:

1) From Selfie Expert to Brilliant Portrait

OPPO has worked for years to advance the field of selfie photography, and through the F11 series has taken the next step to propel users to capturing brilliant portraits. The F11 series is equipped with a 48 MP image sensor and F1.79 large aperture together with a 6P lens, the camera can sense more light when shooting in low light conditions, ensuring more details are captured. When capturing a night portrait, the included Tetracell technology analyzes and combines data from four adjacent pixels to achieve the equivalent of a single 1.6μm pixel. Twice the number of photosensitive pixels improves light sensitivity and allows users to capture clearer night portraits.

The F11 series also employs Ultra Night Mode and Dazzle Color Mode technologies. These technologies leverage AI and multi-frame noise reduction to achieve less noise, handheld stabilization, highlight suppression, and enhanced dynamic range. These all combine to enable users to capture levels of brightness and detail that normally exceed the limits of the human eye. When capturing a night portrait, the F11 series automatically distinguishes between a human face and the background, ensuring the human is the focus of the scene.

The F11 series not only captures excellent portraits with its rear camera, but also continues the “Selfie Expert” tradition of the F-series. Selfies taken with the F11 series are as natural and beautiful as ever.

2) A New Design Experience: From Trend to Art

OPPO advocates an aesthetic of “natural creation” and has captured the beauty of nature in the F11 Pro via breakthroughs in both materials and workmanship. OPPO is also the first smartphone manufacturer to create the first triple-color gradient design, Thunder Black. This unique design blends red and blue into classic black, akin to a meteor streaking across the night sky. OPPO also created a unique double-color gradient design, Aurora Green, which draws inspiration from vibrant blue oceans interwoven with lush green continents.

The F11 Pro comes equipped with a 6.5-inch full HD+ screen, featuring an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and a screen-to-body ratio of 90.9%. In particular, the F11 Pro features a hidden front camera module to free up space for its full screen display. The motor on the front camera modules has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can operate 100 times usage per day for 6 years without fail, thus ensuring a positive user experience.

The F11 series features a much more elaborate design, retaining the experience-optimized crescent design from the previous generation, but also adding a transparent, amber-colored hidden camera module. When the camera rises up, users are treated to a stunning visual experience.

3) All around Powerhouse with VOOC 3.0 and Hyper Boost Technology

The F11 series also succeeds in upgrading the overall user experience.

First, the F11 series comes equipped with a 4,000mAh battery which is 500 mAh higher than the previous F series smartphone. The brand new VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology is further improved to shorten charging time by 20 minutes. This means the F11 series can be charged within 80 minutes. Now, VOOC has over 90,000,000 users around the world.

The F11 series also reduces power consumption through optimized hardware and software technology. The F11 series contains a low-power MTK P70 CPU and ram-equipped display. Through this, the F11 series achieves a longer battery life via faster charging technology, a larger-capacity battery, and lower power consumption.

With regards to gaming, OPPO has independently developed its own performance acceleration engine called Hyper Boost, optimized for 11 popular mobile games, including PUBG and AOV. By optimizing the system resource mobilization plan, hardware resources can be utilized more effectively, resulting in faster game response, no disconnections, and no dropped frames. Meanwhile, OPPO has introduced two useful tools—Game Space and Game Assistant, providing gamers with a more immersive gaming experience.

The OPPO F11 Pro is also equipped with the new ColorOS 6 system, specially designed for full-screen smartphones. The innovative borderless design further increases ease of use. In addition, ColorOS 6 has multiple functions, including OPPO Cloud Service, Smart Assistant, and Gesture Navigation, allowing users to experience a smarter lifestyle.

With all  the OPPO F11 Pro’s features that I mentioned above, it surely is irresistible given its great price of P18,990. And the pre-orders starts last March 28 with a free rock space MUSE Bluetooth speaker which is worth P2,499 It will be available for claiming at all OPPO stores and authorized dealers nationwide starting April 6, and it comes with a free screen warranty if claimed within the day.

Their  making it even more accessible through Home Credit, where customers can pre-order the F11 Pro at 0% interest, with 9 months and 12 months to pay. Customers can also avail the product at 0% interest and 12 months to pay with BDO and Metrobank credit cards as well. The OPPO F11 Pro will also be available under Globe via Plan 1499 with no cash out, and Smart exclusive Plan 1099.

OPPO Officers with the Official F11 Series Ambassadors and host Gretchen Ho.

Head on to the nearest OPPO store and be one of the first to take brilliant portraits with the F11 Pro! For more information, please visit



Sarah Geronimo as the newest face of Fruitas

Since Fruitas was introduced in 2002 it’s been my favorite and almost everyday I drink my favorite mango banana shake especially now it’s summer again. And if you want to feel and look like a pop star, Sarah Geronimo this summer? Shake off all your stresses and beat the summer heat by dancing them away with Fruitas’ shakes! As she is the newest Fruitas brand ambassador, Sarah embodies the freshness and energy that comes with being healthy and happy. She makes it a habit to take fruits everyday, knowing that a fruit a day is a great way to prevent a lot of diseases. Also to meet the daily fruit requirement and easy way to consume the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

Last March 22, Fruitas launched their latest “Fresh Ka Pa Ba?” campaign through a grand launch held at the Le Village Food Park in Quezon City. Along with the official introduction of Sarah Geronimo as the newest face of Fruitas, a Fruitas dance and jingle was also showcased. Guests had the chance to participate in lots of fun and activities, including a booth that let them show off their #FruitasShakeMuna dance moves. To get things shaking, Fruitas kicked-off the #FruitasShakeMuna dance contest to get everyone on the road to health and wellness! I enjoyed so much this portion and join the fruitas shake dance moves.

“This year, we want to make every Filipino’s summer fresh despite the heat. And what better way to do it than with a fresh Fruitas shake and dancing! It can make you healthy and make you feel great all the time. I really hope everyone can join the #FruitasShakeMuna dance contest and experience how the refreshing goodness of Fruitas juices can help you achieve good health,” said Fruitas Holdings Inc. President and CEO Lester Yu.

You may also join in on the summer fun with Fruitas today! All you have to do is upload your own #FruitasShakeMuna dance cover with a caption on why you choose Fruitas as your ultimate refresher on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Who knows, you may be one of the five lucky winners to get the chance to win P20,000 and a one year’s supply of Fruitas! Promo Duration from March 22 to April 22, 2019 and announcement of winners on May 6, 2019.

You too can say no to stress and yes to fresh. Look good and feel good with Fruitas this summer! For more information about the #FruitasShakeMuna dance contest, you may visit Fruitas on and Also for more information, you may visit:



The Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo

How did you learned how to cook? Just like Sarah Geronimo reveals that she ha also learned how to cook. According  to her, “I really wanted to learn how to cook. It feels good to be able to cook for your family and friends.” Because of this, Sarah even took culinary classes to further her newfound passion. She started with little experiments from whipping eggs correctly, to cooking simple dishes. Eventually, Sarah learned to make Filipino favorites such as adobo and sinigang. “Marunong na rin po akong gumawa ng iba’t ibang sauces (I also know how to make different sauces)”, Sarah quipped in between laughter.

She even reveal her secret for success that whatever she chooses to do, she emphasized the importance of having help or assistance available whenever needed. For this, she counts on her mentors who help bring out her best, whether she’s performning on-stage or acting on-screen. Even when it comes to cooking, Sarah admits to getting some assistance. She admitted the she really need a safe and simple tool to help her, especially when she was just starting and she really nervous.

Sarah discovering more joys in using Phoenix SUPER LPG  that makes her feel more at ease because it’s so easy to use in making cooking even more enjoyable and hassle-free. She realized how much it feels great to cook. With features that highlight safety, certainty, and simplicity, Phoenix SUPER LPG helps Sarah pursue her new passion and discover the joys of cooking.

“We are happy to be partners with Sarah as she expands her passion from the stage to the kitche. Just like anyone who cooks, she needs a reliable partner to make this experience more enjoyable. With Phoenix SUPER LPG, she’s sure to find more joy in cooking,” Phoenix Petroleum Assistant Vice President for Brand & Marketing Celina Matias said.

With Chef JM Sunglao

Also during the press launch, the media attendees including me were taught by Chef JM Sunglao a simple, five-minute, easy-to-make meals that we can make our own dishes using the all-new Phoenix SUPER LPG. Here I realized that “ang sarap pala magluto.”

Phoenix SUPER LPG Various Sizes

Lastly, I learned also that Phoenix SUPER LPG uses German-made SRG regulator that makes cooking experience safe (it has an inlet safety valve that automatically stops LPG flow in case of leakage), sigurado (it offers a Reserve indicator which indicates cylinder content) and simple (it has a Snap-on mechanism that makes it easy to install. And it comes in various sizes: 11kg POL valve, 50kg POL valve, 22kg POL valve and 11kg compact valve.

For deliveries and inquiries, dial #SUPER (#78737). Phoenix SUPER LPG is available in all Phoenix Superhubs and LPG dealers nationwide. For complete list of dealers, visit:



Pure Magic: The Brightest night of the year yet.

Wilkins Pure is one party essential you must not forget and while partying can be pure fun, it can also take out of you. Dancing all night, toasting to the good times, munching on party chow, and catching up and laughing with friends old and new do add up to a roaring good time, and the good energy and adrenaline can make you feel invincible.  But you’re expending energy and taking in toxins.  Constant hydration is the key to dancing till dawn and keeping yourself nice and ready for a whole night of partying.

But it’s not just for partying nights, Wilkins Pure keeps you fresh, well-hydrated and flushes out whatever toxins you may ingest, so that you’ve got the fuel to dance all night (or even longer)!  While all waters might be clear, not all are pure.  So not all waters can deliver the same quality of hydration. On your down time, if you’re chilling with chips or after a workout, pure water will flush out the toxins and replenish what you’ve lost.

Here are some of the celebrities who attended the party: 

Wilkins Pure Star of the night, Kim Chiu


Maris Racal

Kristel Fulgar

Marco Gallo

Philippe Magalona

Sofia Andres

Enchong Dee

Zanjoe Marudo

Sue Ramirez

Kisses Delavin


Gulu Gulu is now in the Philippines

Everyone I know they like milk tea and takoyaki so much. Honestly, I don’t drink milk tea but when I taste the Gulu Gulu milk tea I began to like it. Their takoyaki is also different because of the toppings which is with the pork floss or tuna floss.

Gulu Gulu Officers

I would like also to share how Gulu Gulu started, Mr. Guo Weixiong, a Guangzhou-born man, had in1997. The dream was simple – he wanted to spread the Guanzhou tea culture in his own country with the help of his Taiwanese friends. And he discovered that young people love to eat while walking. Since then, he spent his time researching on the eating habits of the young ones, even until midnight.

Until one night, he found himself hungry. He then took a milk tea and as he gulped, he heard a lovely sound of “Gülü gülü”. This sound made him feel excited. With his dream in mind, he decided to create a food brand that belongs to him and also belongs to young people. Thus, this brand of milk tea and octopus balls, Gülü gülü was born.

Since its opening in 1997, the footprints have been spread across 15 provinces across the country. More than 50 cities, with many outstanding employees and more than 500 chain stores.The tea culture has now reached the Philippines. Gülü gülü’s first store in the Philippines is located at Savemore Nagtahan, Santa Mesa, Manila.

Yes, milk tea shops and takoyaki (octopus balls) stores have been popping out like mushrooms everywhere here in the Philippines, but Gülü gülü is now here to set the difference and you will taste the difference! Spread the good news and they have other drinks that they serve not only milk tea.

Don’t miss to visit Gulu Gulu and you can see the difference!