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Natural Health Supplement, that helps us keep up with the world at present

With the world today, people are very dependent with everything Instant, everything comes handy and everything is fast paced. Almost everything available in the market should be on-the-go and ready for easy access, remember how the regular cellular phones would work before? From making Phone Calls and sending Text Messages to the Cellular Phones with radios then games, camera, now the internet and the never ending improvement and with the new models released each month, if not each week, we can truly say that the people of today has changed. People are looking after products that are efficient, giving them more than what they want and providing them what they thought are not necessary and this need does not only apply with our need for gadgets and technology, there are Fastfood everywhere, Instant coffee, Instant noodles, bottled Juice and everything that we need everyday comes in an instant.

Photo shows from left: Dr. Jaime Galveztan, Former Department of Health Secretary; Mr. Mark Lopez, President of Nutra Berde Inc.; Ms. Genebebs Hollesca, Pharmacist of Nutra Berde Inc. and Mr. Robi Domingo, host.

Lucky for us people on-the-go Nutra Berde Inc. officially launched a product that can cope up with our modern fast paced lifestyle, a 4-in-1 All natural supplement that is not only affordable but is also guaranteed effective, BIOHERB is a natural supplement that helps deal with medical cases like Diabetes. BIOHERB is made with Ampalaya leaves, Banaba leaves, Camote leaves and Duhat leaves that are all known for their healing effects especially with Diabetes, but Bioherb is not only recommended for those already battling Diabetes, it will also be a very useful preventive supplemenet for those people that are most likely to develop it, Bioherb is also rich with Anti-oxidants that is also a great help when it comes to maintaining the body’s overall health and for a fast metabolism, keeping us in shape. But cannot be taken alongside another supplement with a hypoglycemic effect and not intended for children.

“We at Nutra Berde Inc. wants to provide Filipinos an all-natural way to manage diabetes. It is a disease that is a growing cause of morbidity in the country” Said Mark Lopez President of Nutra Berde Inc. said, Diabetes is undeniably one of the biggest cause of death in the country and every Filipino is deserving of a preventive medicine like Bioherb and just like the popular line in social media goes “Advance ako mag-isip” “advance thinking” should be applied to every aspect of our lives, we would’nt want to wait until we’re sick before we take medications that is why there are varieties of vitamins and other medicines available in the market but a Natural option is now available in the market and as the saying would say “health is wealth” but I believe that to be healthy, does not mean to spend, we look for products that are inexpensive and impressively effective and a factor we all should consider when looking for medications is for a product to be “Natural” with all the preservatives there are in the food we eat, we can only try and be wise in choosing our allies, chosing only those that are Organic and Natural, as the Former Department of Health secretary Dr.Jaime Galveztan said, “What is nice about the effects of the Naturals (Bioherb), we have also shown in the laboratory that they can go so much, the difference is in the U.S., (Medicines are) Anti, kontra here, its about harmony, equilibrium, balance is restored. Once balance is restored with Ampalaya, Banaba, Duhat and Camote its already done, the body is already in balance in terms of blood sugar”

Truly, the world today is so much different from that in the past. Funny how things can change in a year and how things happen with a snap of a finger, with all these changes and with all the unwanted substances that gets into our body, we need help to cope up and keep us on the game and on-the-go to face our daily challenges, there are products within our reach that can do so, we only have to be wise in choosing which product can help us.

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