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DIANA STALDER goes beyond not only for Skin care but for business opportunity via “Beauty Biz”

DINA STALDER, Diana Stalder’s President & CEO

Every time I hear DIANA STALDER, the first thing it came to my my mind is a Dermatologist and Skin care. But I found someone to teach me how to improve my lifestyle not only for skin care but to have a beautiful body and better life. Honestly, when I turn 30 years old, I had a hard time to improve my body weight. I tried everything to go back to my beautiful body but it only satisfied me in a very short period of time. Now with Coach Dina, I will have a better result.

DINA STALDER, Diana Stalder’s President & CEO, established the DS Cafe to serve a nutritional diet where you can find the healthy food, beverage hub, variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, mainly of organic green, rich in protein dishes with fibrous brown rice, healthy sandwiches and fresh fruit juices. Since DS partnership with Cebu’s famed Healing Present & Wellness Center, nature’s organic produce in preparing healthy juices that detoxify and cleanse the body. It was proven to have cured numerous people suffering from various health disorders like cancer and kidney diseases, and also help to eliminate the need for maintenance medication. Actually, DS the only skincare Center in the country that offers a distinctive health refreshment lounge for their clients to have a comfort and skincare boost.

Since Ms Stalder’s exclusive IP Weight Loss Program, which combines methods from the Ideal Protein products of Canada. She developed diet regimen that utilizes precisely measured alternative food sources and customized their client’s profiles and lifestyles. As I told you earlier Coach Dina will help me to shed unwanted pounds in just a few days or weeks for healthier skin and body for not a short time but living up for a better me.

DS also recognize the importance of the housewives and launched the “Beauty-Biz Momma” resseller program. Where an ordinary mom can start their own business and very easy to do it with a very minimal investment. Also Mom can teach their children to earn not only spending time on social media or playing games online. Together as a family you can become an entrepreneur with just a small start-up capital. Just follow these simple mechanics:

For more inquiries: membership, skin care and wellness services just visit their website: Also follow and like on Facebook: @dianastalderbydermaline  Instagram: @dianastalder  and Twitter: @diana_stalder.

 With Coach Dina

Visit them also of their following branches: Book an appointment


5th Floor, SM Megamall

EDSA Corner J. Vargas Avenue

Tel No:   531-5644

Mobile No.:   +639176265362


Quezon City

Basement 2, Gateway Mall

Araneta Center, Cubao

Tel No.:   (02) 351-0299

Mobile No.:   +639176218468



3rd Floor SM City Calamba

Tel No.:   (049) 306-0602

Mobile No.:   +639176276523

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