The new song “Panic In My Head” by The Itchyworms is dedicated to Chino Singson

The retro-pop band The Itchyworms are back with a cheerful song about the anxiety of learning that a loved one would be leaving for good and moving to a new place.

Their new single, “Panic In My Mind” was composed especially for Chino Singson, a bandmate who went to Canada with his family to start a new life.

But according to Jazz Nicolas (lead vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, and keytar), who wrote the song based on a real-life event, the meaning behind “Panic In My Mind” can be taken in multiple ways. “The second half of the song shifts the narrative to a bitter person whose ex-partner in now with someone else, and is having a jealous existential crisis because of that.”

“Panic in My Mind” carries on The Itchyworms’ distinctive sound by fusing complex vocal harmonies and vibrant melodies with ’60s-style pop. The arrangement ups the thrill a notch or two with its subtle musicality, the ideal complement to its lyrics, which talk of longing over someone in a world where they are the outlier. Less theatrics and more effortless grace are being used.

“We were going for a more organic sound with acoustic instruments as opposed to our previous album, Waiting For The End To Start, which had a lot of electronic elements,” Nicolas explains. “It also has a ‘60s vibe due to the jangly guitars and three-part harmonies.”

“Panic In My Mind” is produced by Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso. The latter is a long-time friend and collaborator, who is now officially part of the band.
“He co-produced the song with us, played various instruments, and sang harmonies,” Nicolas adds.

The Itchyworms are set to embark on their first US tour, dubbed “Akin Ka Na Lang, Amerika.”

The multi-city concert kicks off on March 24 in New York City, New York and will wrap up on April 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the official dates and venues:

March 24 – New York (D’Haven),

March 25 – Fort Worth (Ridglea Theater)

March 26 – San Antonio (The Grand Event Center),

March 29 – Houston (Gerry’s Grill),

March 31 – San Francisco (Bal Theater):

April 1 – Los Angeles (The Noypitz DTLA)

April 2 – San Diego (Lola Happy Bistro)

April 5 – Chicago (Michella Terrace)

April 7 – Las Vegas (Diversion Amusements)

Visit the band’s official social media accounts and newly updated website at www.itchyworms.com for additional details about the tour.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Panic In My Mindby The Itchyworms is currently available on all digital music services around the world thanks to Sony Music Entertainment.

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