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BingoPlus completes its first cleanup effort along the coasts of Anilao

In support of the 1st Saksi Ngayon Bouyanihan and Coastal Clean-up Drive, BingoPlus, your go-to entertainment platform in the nation and provider of your favorite online tongits, bingo, and perya games, searched the shores of Villa Estelita’s beachfront in Anilao, Batangas alongside a number of organizations.

The event organizer, Saksi Ngayon, came up with the Bouyanihan event name to unite people in the shared spirit of environmental stewardship and support. The word “bouya,” which is the Filipino word for buoy, is combined with the word “bayanihan” to refer to the clean-up drive. BingoPlus, Saksi Ngayon, Hotel Sogo, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, independent professional divers, and community members came together for this event.

BingoPlus began cleanup mid-morning, meeting up with other participants at the beachfront. Several trash bags were gathered at the meet-up area by the one-hour mark, where attendees meticulously decided on which was the oddest item in the pile. During the cleanup, BingoPlus also gave out merchandise to event-goers who were taking a break from the summer sun.

Once the shores of Villa Estelita were cleaned up, BingoPlus and Hotel Sogo were invited to take a speedboat out into the waters where buoys with their respective brand logos were going to be set up by professional divers. These buoys are meant to provide boats with a place to moor as an alternative to using anchors that have a possibility of destroying corals and disturbing the local aquatic life.

Saksi Ngayon recognized BingoPlus’ support and participation at the end of the cleanup with certificates of participation and acknowledgement, thanking the brand for its partnership.

Despite its reputation as an advocate for Philippine amusement and leisure, BingoPlus makes sure to uphold its environmental and community obligations. The brand’s investment in culture also encompasses the flora and fauna that contribute to the distinctive and internationally renowned biodiversity of the Philippines. BingoPlus viewed the clean-up campaign as a chance to demonstrate environmental responsibility and community cooperation.

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