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Nestlé NANKID helps parents get medical consultation online for free

In today’s situation and the battle against COVID-19 is a difficult one, but parents trying to keep their household together and that Nestlé NANKID is with them in ensuring that they keep nourishing their child’s every possible. Nestlé NANKID pooled together a team of Pediatricians that can help answer frequently asked questions of moms and dads who would like to seek consultation and medical assistance for their children during this challenging time. They understand the difficult to visit your doctor, so their looking for ways to continue nourishing your child’s every possible.

To answer frequently asked medical questions for your children, they will be hosting a team of pediatricians online.

  • Available times are MONDAY to FRIDAY:
    10:00am to 12:00nn
    1:00pm to   7:00pm

Best to share your queries during this time so the doctors can easily respond. Otherwise, expect responses during times the doctors are available. See photos below for the mechanics:

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