Mona Gonzales, a P-Pop artist, exhibits international potential in her first song, “Always Remember”

Another P-Pop talent with enormous worldwide potential is about to be introduced by Sony Music Entertainment and ShowBT Philippines Corp., the entertainment company behind the breakthrough of award-winning boyband SB19.

Novice Mona Gonzales is one of the industry’s newest crop of megastar aspirants, boasting more than 17 million followers on TikTok alone and a remarkable list of viral anime soundtracks.

The promising solo act marks her debut as a recording artist with “Always Remember,” an effervescent cut that champions the value of self-worth and preservation in an attempt to bravely face the world and conquer everything. Capturing the unabashedly colorful spirit of K-Pop and J-Pop with commanding confidence, Mona Gonzales aims to uplift listeners with her anthemic and captivating delivery—doing it like a seasoned pro.

“The way I personally describe it is something like a soft pop rock for me,” says the promising TikTok sensation turned P-Pop star. “The sound of electric guitar with a pop style beat is dominating through the whole song. The style is not really new, but the sound is unique in its own way. It’s a little different from the OPM that we’re used to. I think that makes it interesting.”

Produced by Oh Won Lee, an industry veteran who has helmed tracks by K-Pop icons Stray Kids, SHINee’s Taemin, and Wanna One, and the country’s very own SB19, “Always Remember” is an inspirational track that pushes the envelope of modern pop production with breezy, summer hooks and a minimalist instrumentation. The end product is a mesmerizing take on P-Pop, one that is creatively boundless and flows with so much effortlessness.

As Mona Gonzales puts it, “Pinoy Pop Music doesn’t really have a certain and specific style and sound. Most of us new artists want to be unique. That’s true for me, but I want to add a new flavor and variety along with the existing Pinoy pop music right now. And with every Pinoy music artists, we will prove that P-POP can expand. And then people will talk about how the Pinoy pop music has evolved, its potential and where it can go.”

A vibrant music video that figuratively depicts Mona Gonzales’ path as a budding artist is released along with the song’s release. Mona Gonzales dances, sings, bounces, and walks with the zest of someone ready to explore the world on her own terms in this video, which was filmed in several locations that highlight the stunning nature of the Philippines.

Always Rememberby Mona Gonzales is currently available on all digital music services in the world thanks to Sony Music Entertainment and ShowBT Philippines Corp.,  here is the music video.

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