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LBC Gets Closer to 100 Percent Inoculation Among Its Employees Booster Shots Have Been Fired

LBC’s objective of achieving perfect herd immunity among their ranks is nearing completion, as they proudly announce that 98 percent of their workforce has already received COVID-19 vaccination. This comes at a time when, in Metro Manila and adjacent provinces, tighter safety standards have been reactivated in response to a large increase in COVID cases following the holiday season and the spread of Omicron.

The LBC’s statewide “Bakuna sa Lahat” program, which began in August 2021 and ended in August 2022, has produced amazing results. The effort vaccinated 6,452 employees, their dependents, and truckers in the NCR, while 1,798 were vaccinated through their respective local government units (LGU), resulting in a 98 percent vaccination rate.

For provincial areas, spanning North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, an overwhelming 9,589 employees, dependents, and truckers were vaccinated-  giving LBC a 97% rate for all regions.

Apart from ensuring the health and well-being of their employees, LBC was also able to help the communities by making a donation of  498 vials covering 4,980 doses of vaccines to various LGUs in NCR and other nearby provinces.

To ensure that the program ran seamlessly and complied with the  Department of Health’s standards and step-by-step inoculation process,  LBC partnered with no less than 75 accredited hospital service providers to carry out the step by step inoculation process- from registration, to counselling, screening of a medical physician, immunization and monitoring.

LBC’s vaccine drive elicited positive response from its workforce-  owing to its comprehensive three-step process of Education, Encouragement and Engagement.

Initially, LBC tapped their  officers to disseminate relevant information to all their teams in huddles and meetings. According to Jhayner Bufi, LBC’s Chief People Officer, they engaged the company’s managers to be the spokespersons on the safety and effectivity of the vaccines -given their sphere of influence over their employees.

What followed were poster statements—with LBC President Miguel Camahort and other officers as main influencers. Organic HR and Admin employees were also tasked to organize, campaign, communicate, mobilize and roll-out the vaccine campaign seamlessly. To make the sign-ups easy, an in-house registration e-link was also established.

And while they are close to attaining 100% vaccination among their ranks, LBC continues to implement strict safety protocols in all their work spaces- specially in their branches which have remained open and operational without pause. In addition, Bufi reveals that booster shots for employees and their dependents are already underway amidst the Omicron spread. According to Bufi: “The way LBC has been servicing and moving commerce around, we’d like it to be handled by safe, healthy people”.

LBC feels that by stepping up their “Bakuna sa Lahat” campaign, they will be able to continue on with their aim of providing outstanding and safe service to Filipinos in the fields of express courier, cargo, and money remittance.






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