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An exciting news for everyone as Mr. Cool will provide a dealership package for only PHP 6,050

Mr. Cool Family

Many companies worldwide have been forced to develop novel strategies as a result of the pandemic’s hurdles in order to gain market share. While COVID-19 is becoming manageable in many countries, such as the Philippines, where eCommerce is still thriving, this has made it possible for certain other start-up firms to get recognition and build a brand that meets the needs of the new normal.

With the Mr. Cool products

The local brand Mr. Cool of Mr. Zolutions, Inc. continues to expand with the expansion of its brand not only in the Philippines but also internationally, notably in the United States of America, as health and safety remain a top priority among homes and businesses. With its in-demand products, such as automotive aromas and disinfectants, Mr. Cool Aromas has demonstrated a solid presence in the market since its launch in 2018. I really love this product because it is so helpful to me especially in my car needs. I’m so delighted at how effective it is in my space and its fragrance is indeed so satisfying. Mr. Cool is a car spa fragrance in the market, something that will make you cool with the heavy traffic in the metro. The market’s first and only SPA for cars! Your car’s interior will soon be filled with your new favorite scent: Mr. Cool. Will undoubtedly calm me during long rides or periods of traffic.

Seizing Every Opportunity

Mr. Vinson Perea

“We want our products to be a part of every vehicle not only here in the Philippines, but also abroad. We believe that through this Dealership Package, we will be to help aspiring business minded Filipinos to start their journey with us while we keep to strengthen our presence in the market, and continuously providing our customers with quality products that will keep them safe and happy anytime, anywhere,” Mr. Zolutions, Inc.’s Founder and CEO Mr. Vinson Perea said.

With over half a million bottles already sold in the market since 2018, Mr. Cool is set to achieve its vision of being a major brand offering unique, relevant, value for money, and high-quality products that have great benefits and satisfaction to customers. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines, Mr. Cool’s products are currently available through different
physical stores such as Unimart, FamiliyMart, Rapide Auto Service Experts, Total, Petron, and Shell, as well as in popular online channels among Filipinos, Shopee and Lazada.

Mr. Cool also partnered with public and private organizations to provide additional safety and quality scents to their daily operations. These include the Cities of Manila and San Juan, Honda Philippines, and NLEX.

Getting Bigger

According to Ms. Ma Concepcion Tejada, founder and chief operating officer of Mr. Zolutions, Inc., “We believe that our products have a great potential to capture the international market, so this year, we are bullish that we will be able to establish our presence in the US, while our footprint in the Philippines expands through various distributorship programs.”

Mr. Cool now offers its Distributor’s Package, which serves as an entry level to start earning through well-liked Mr. Cool products. Customers have been the brand’s greatest ally since its launch. Aspiring business owners can purchase Mr. Cool’s Dealership Package, which contains top-selling premium products from Mr. Cool and Mr. Fresh Helmet Freshener, for just PHP6,050. Aside from that, those who want to use this package will also receive training, product expertise, and salesmanship. To help its new partners better build the brand, marketing materials like testers and tarps are also given.

Mr. Cool of Mr. Zolutions, Inc offices at #54 J. Perez St., Project 4, Quezon City, with a production
facility in Cupang, Antipolo City, Philippines. You can reach them at 0917-3181-715 to learn more about Mr. Cool’s Dealership Package. You can also visit their social media pages at and







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